Preamble Letter for Semester 8 Section Seven Part II

Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

We now come to the completion of the section on A Treatise on White Magic as found in TCF. We are dealing with the four rules of magic for the physical plane. It would be ideal to provide commentaries on these Rules as they appear in A Treatise on White Magic for more complete understanding. I have worked in a few amplifications from that book where necessary. This, however, involves a large additional project which may be eventually possible—let us see.

At this juncture, the magician again faces danger—this time, the danger of occult burning. The fiery lives of the etheric plane must be kept at an appropriate distance from fiery lives within his own etheric body or a conflagration will ensure and the magician will die by fire. There is also danger to the thoughtform he is attempting to create but this occurs more acutely slightly later in the process.

The magician must learn to use his own vital forces in the magical process but can only do so safely when he can relate to extraneous etheric energies in a transmutative manner. He must learn to negate the barrier of his own etheric web, overcoming its confining influence.

DK continues to offer us a deepening understanding of the differences between white and black magic, and of the deplorable karmic consequences of the latter.

The magician must learn to use a variety of forces, a number of them from our Earth and two other planets which with it form a triangle. Timing is very important for the white magician and it is hinted that a knowledge of what are technically called “planetary hours” must be understood by the one who would work magic effectively.

DK elaborates a little on the relationship between the magician and the “prisoners of the planet”—the etheric lives required by the magician if he is to build his thoughtform properly.

We become aware that the magician must possess the ability to discriminate between the four ethers if he is to work successfully. This naturally requires etheric vision which should be in his possession by the time he has achieved the use of the third eye.

Throughout this text, DK relates the cosmic ethers to the systemic ethers and the planetary macrocosm to the more localized work of the human magician.

The specific moments in the process when the influence of the Solar Angel is required are also noted. The Solar Angel impulses the entire magical process. The intervention of the Angel is also required when the magician is about to prepare the “gaseous body” for his thoughtform. Without the protection of the Solar Angel, all will be lost, including, potentially, the life of the magician. The Agnichaitans with whom the magician seeks to work as he arrives at the final stages in the materialization of his thoughtform, can only be controlled by the Solar Angel, to Whom they are allied. In this explanation there is given a new understanding of fighting fire with fire.

DK reminds us of the two major dangers which menace the magician—“occult drowning” and “occult burning”. The influence of the Solar Angel is only required to stave off the latter danger.

DK deals with the interesting fact of the enmity which exists between fire devas and water devas. This enmity endangers the emergence of the thoughtform during the point when the fiery gaseous envelope the thoughtform must be blended with the waters of the dense physical plane.

DK assures us that we are not yet in any position to become true workers in the magical art, but that we can study effectively and prepare for the time when practical work in magic will be possible.

If some of us have not yet read A Treatise on White Magic, we will now probably be inspired to do so.

In Light, Love and Power,