Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,  

In the commentary for Semester 8 Section 3, we enter a very interesting and important subject--thoughtform creation, as a prelude to our studies of White Magic.   The commentary begins with a discussion of 'mis-creation'--the production of the Dweller on the Threshold which originated in middle Atlantean times. We are told of the origin of the Dweller, of its dire dangers and how man, responsible for creating the Dweller, must also take responsibility for its dissipation. The Hierarchy, we are told, assists man in this task, though does not relieve him of the responsibility. Hierarchical and human methods for dissipation are offered.  

Later in the commentary, there is a focus on the proper methods for correct thought-form building. This entire commentary is filled with very useful tabulations instructing us in a step by step manner. The requirements for proper mental creativity are carefully and clearly presented. The result is the inculcation of a much more definite sense of responsibility for the exercise of our creative faculties.   This entire commentary is a necessary preparation for our impending study of White Magic as presented in TCF.  

In Light, Love and Power,