Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VIII Section VII

TCF 1021-1026:

S8S7 Part II

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        c. Four Rules for the Physical Plane.  In the magical work of form creation, we have carried the thought form down from the mental plane where the solar Angel initiated the work,


1.                  This is to be remembered. Even when it seems that the white magician initiates the work, it is actually under the impulse of the Solar Angel.

2.                  Obviously the personality must be in a certain fit condition if this is to occur. The Solar Angel, however, is the best judge of the timing.

3.                  As for the magical work of creation (another and higher category of magic) it is obvious that the Solar Angel initiates the work. It is not so obvious with regard to the white magician’s thoughtform building.


through the astral, where the equilibrising work was done,


4.                  This equilibrizing is the balancing of the forces of will and desire upon the astral plane. This balancing makes possible the correct guidance of the thoughtform and ensures that it will not become a servant of the energies of the left hand path.


 to the physical plane, or to the etheric levels. 


5.                  First to the etheric plane and thence to the dense physical plane.

6.                  We remember that the etheric levels are part of the systemic physical plane and, from one perspective, constitute the true physical plane.


Here the work of producing objectivity is carried forward, and here the worker in magic is in critical danger of failure should he not be cognisant of the forms and mantrams by which the new group of builders can be reached, and the gap between the astral plane and the gaseous subplane of the physical be bridged. 


7.                  DK extends what He did not discuss in the previous chapter. He mentioned the critical danger of failure and the necessity of using certain mantrams to prevent this failure, but he did not mention “the new group of builders” and the bridging of the gap (presumably via the etheric subplanes) between the astral plane and the gaseous subplane of the dense physical plane.

8.                  The fires of the gaseous subplane are of critical importance in the final processes of manifesting a dense physical form.

9.                  DK remarked that these particular mantrams were “of exceeding interest”, very effective and powerful.


It might be useful here to remember that in the work of creation [Page 1022] the white magician avails himself of the current Ray influence. 


10.             Hence the need of the magician to understand the larger context within which he works and the various ray cycles which manifest in that context.


When the third, fifth and seventh rays are in power, either coming in, at full meridian,


11.             Note here the astrological reference to the Midheaven.

12.             Every ray in manifestation waxes, reaches the height of its power, and then wanes.


or passing out, the work is much easier than when the second, sixth or fourth are dominant.


13.             This is very interesting. The soft-line rays do not concern manifestation but, rather, the life within the form. They are, from one perspective, the abstract rays.

14.             The seventh ray, of course, is on the hard-line and so that other hard line rays, because related to it, have direct access to it.


At the present time, the seventh Ray, as we know, is rapidly domi­na­ting, and it is one of the easiest of the forces with which man has to work. 


15.             One reason why it is easiest for man to work with is because it is in power. It has been in power since 1675.

16.             Another reason why it is one of the easiest forces with which man has to work is that the seventh ray governs the systemic physical plane on which man is presently more conscious (and relatively more effective) than on any other plane.

17.             Cycles of seven years, seventy years, seven hundred years, seven thousand years, etc. are ruled by the seventh ray. When speaking of the racial ray cycles (those which pertain closely to the life of humanity) the cycle is expressed in hundreds of years. We could ask then, if we are in the midst of a seven hundred ray cycle? If so, the peak of this cycle or its meridian will occur in 2025—the year at which a very great decision will be made by the assembled Hierarchy regarding the plan for its externalization and the Reappearance of the Christ.

18.             Yet, from another perspective, the seventh ray is expressing in an approximately 2500 year cycle which parallels that of the energy of the sign Aquarius. Technically the Aquarian Age begins in the year 2117, so are we to expect this longer seventh ray cycle to begin at that time?

19.             Probably it began earlier, because the true duration of a precessional age is 2160 years. There are said to be overlap periods of about 500 years found in relation to every precessional age, so it is probable that the seventh ray will have entered into this longer cycle about two hundred and fifty years before the actual beginning of the Age of Aquarius. If this is the case it would be startlingly close to the year 1875 which saw the beginning of the Theosophical Society and the Initiation of Mastership for the Master DK.


Under this Ray it will be possible to build a new structure for the rapidly decaying civilisation,


20.             We must be prepared for the unhappy experiences which accompany decay. This decay is equivalent to that “withering of the law” which occurs just before the appearance of the Bodhisattva or a redeeming Avatar on some other ray than the second.

21.             The worst thing we could do when faced with this inevitable decay is to attempt to reconstitute the decaying forms, restoring them to their former structure. Rather, the new emerging forms must be emphasized and it is towards them we must train the feeding power of the attention.


and to erect the new temple desired for the religious impulse.


22.             In this sentence is embodied the transition in the field of religion which must occur within the church; for those upon the seventh ray, this impulse is the temple.

23.             The religious impulse in man never dies, but the forms through which it expresses change with every cycle.

24.             The methods of the New World Religion in the Aquarian Age will be invocation, ritual and ceremony executed intelligently according to the availability of subtle energies.

25.             Some may think that the church will die during the Aquarian Age. This is not necessarily true,  but in order to survive and be effective, it must be reformed to align more closely with the prevailing seventh ray impulse. The church considered as a center of worship, per se, will likely subside.


Under its [the seventh ray’s] influence the work of the numerous unconscious magicians will be much facilitated.


26.             Presumably this will bring about a rather dangerous situation.


  This will eventuate in the rapid growth of unconscious psychic phenomena, in the spread of mental science, and the consequent ability of thinkers to acquire and to create those tangible benefits they desire.


27.             Let us tabulate for emphasis some of the consequences of the presence of a strong seventh ray:

a.                  The rapid growth of unconscious psychic phenomena. We can expect one layer of civilization during the Aquarian Age to have considerable psychic sensitivity though not necessarily of a high quality.

b.                  The spread of mental science. We have seen the teaching of “mind over matter” (another form of magic) strongly emphasized in mental science groups. For what purposes, however, is the mind cultivated?

c.                  The ability to acquire and create tangible benefits desired. We see that selfish motives as well as selfless motives will be fulfilled. We see why the establishment of true spiritual values will be so important in an Age when values in general can be more easily materialized.


28.             Perhaps some of the dangers with which we will be presented become evident in this description of future trends.


Nevertheless, this magic of the unconscious or selfish kind leads to karmic results of a deplorable nature, for only those who work with the law and who control the lesser lives through knowledge, love and will, evade the consequences entailed on those who manipulate living matter for selfish ends.


29.             It is quite clear that DK is speaking of the results of following the left hand path and eventually, in the worst cases, of becoming a black magician.

30.             If the lunar vehicles find their involutionary tendencies magically fulfilled, the patterns or tendencies of the soul cannot manifest.

31.             We realize that in magic of the deliberately selfish kind the lesser lives are not controlled through knowledge, love and will. They may be, to a degree, controlled but not for the sake of the expression of higher lives through them. In fact the involutionary tendencies of the lesser lives are strengthened through the kind of control exerted by the Brother of the left hand path.

32.             In selfish magic of the unconscious kind (as is expressed by ignorant individuals who are not deliberately selfish), the lesser lives will be far less controlled, but the consequences will also be less dire.

33.             When will and deliberation reinforce selfishness, we have the brother of the left hand path.


The white magician utilises solar forces.


34.             In definite contradistinction to the forces of decay arising from the effluvia of the Moon---


 As the planet passes around the sun different types of solar energy are contacted,


35.             Among these energies, of course, are the energies of the zodiac of twelve constellations.


and expert knowledge is required to utilise the influences in due time,


36.             Although there are many more such energies than we understand or can utilize, we are, at least, being trained in the use of some of them. Our Full Moon meditations and observances are part of this training.

37.             Expert knowledge is enhanced by the contribution of the fifth ray.

38.             We notice that there is a time limit on the effective use of these energies.


and to have the form so constituted that it can respond at the needed hour to the differentiated energy.


39.             This is not an idle statement. It would seem that Master DK may not only be referencing the exact moment of the different Full Moons, but also hinting at the importance of the various “planetary hours” of each day, during which a particular planet’s power is in power.

40.             Apparently certain adjustments in the form are needed if there is to be proper response to the various zodiacal energies. Our task, then, is not only to be aware of the energy or force of the moment but to be able to receive it and express it correctly, of course in a timely manner.

41.             All of this will be part of the magical process to be mastered during the Aquarian Age.


He manipulates planetary force of a triple nature:


42.             Again we find reference to a triplicity of planets of which ours is one. This particular triangle is mentioned in several places throughout the books.


a.   That which is the product of his own planet, and the most easily available.


43.             Are we aware of when we are exposed to the planetary force of our Earth?

44.             In one way we are speaking of the devic forces which specifically represent the vibrations of the Earth.

45.             Perhaps we are so totally enveloped by it that we do not differentiate it from other forces.


b.    That which emanates from the polar opposite of our planet.


46.             We may infer that the polar opposite of our planet is Venus. When we attempt to contact the energy of the soul and of the Solar Angel, we are invoking this particular type of force. Of course, Venusian energy is also manifested in many other ways as well—some of them expressive upon the lower planes.


c.    That which can be felt originating from that planet which forms, with our earth and its opposite, the esoteric triangle. [Page 1023]


47.             This we presume to be the energy of Mars, very expressive upon our planet at this time though probably in the process of being transcended if humanity chooses correctly at this decisive time.

48.             Recently Mars came closer to our planet than it has been in 70,000 years.

49.             It is as if it is as if Venus occultly pulls upon the Earth from one direction and Mars, occultly, from an opposite direction.

50.             Why is it called an “esoteric triangle” rather than an ‘exoteric triangle’? Perhaps because many of the energies pertaining to this triangle are unknown or undetected. As well, the effects between them are largely etheric.


Students need here to remember that we are now dealing with etheric matter and vital energy, and are therefore concerning ourselves with the physical plane and all that is included in that term.


51.             We remember that the etheric plane is definitely a part of the systemic physical plane.

52.             DK often refers to the idea that the true physical plane is the etheric plane.

53.             Shall we consider the energies from these three planets as solar forces? Since each of them is as a petal in the twelve-petalled lotus of the Solar Logos, it becomes apparent that they musts be so considered.


They need likewise to remember that the magician (as he is working on the plane of objectivity) is in a position to use his own vital forces in the work of thought form creation, but this is only possible and permissible when he has reached the point in evolution where he is a channel for force and knows how to draw it within himself, transmute it, or combine it with the forces of his own body, and then transmit it to the thought form which he is in process of constructing.


54.             Here we have a fascinating piece of occultism on the use of the magician’s own energy system in the magical process.

55.             The time will come when we can use our own etheric energies in the process of thoughtform building.

56.             The following requirements will be necessary however:

a.                  We as the magician will have to be sufficiently spiritually developed to be a channel for force

b.                  We will have to have the ability to draw that force within ourselves

c.                  We will have to be able to transmute that force

d.                  We will have to be able to combine that force with the energies of our own body

e.                  We will have to be able to transmit this force to the thoughtform we are in process of constructing

57.             The art and science of astrological invocation enters here and in the New Age, when much more will be known about the Science of Cycles, this type of invocation will be performed with scientific accuracy—by some.


 Much of interest will open up before the thinker who extends this idea to the planetary Logos and His work of form creating.


58.             DK offers us an analogical extension. Of what (we must ask ourselves) must our Planetary Logos become the conduit, the One who indraws, the Transmuter, the Combiner, and the Transmitter?

59.             If the human being is to appropriate planetary forces, it seems clear that the Planetary Logos will be appropriating stellar and constellational forces.

60.             All this will be done within the etheric body of the Planetary Logos and, thus, upon what we usually call the cosmic ethers.


With these few preliminary remarks, we can now continue with the Rules of Magic for the physical plane.


RULE XII.  The web pulsates.


61.             This is the etheric web and presumably the etheric body of the magician.


 It contracts and expands.


62.             A dual movement is seen here just as it was upon the astral plane.


 Let the magician seize the midway point


63.             This is that etheric point of tension between the top of the head and the pituitary gland. We may think of it as associated with the pineal gland.

64.             The soul on its own plane must be brought into relation with the midway point.


 and thus release those "prisoners of the planet"


65.             From one perspective, there are certain “lesser builders”. From another perspective, all unenlightened men and members of the lower kingdoms are “prisoners of the planet”.


 whose note is right and justly tuned to that which must be made.


66.             These particular “prisoners” are found upon the etheric plane and are to be built into the etheric form which the magician is in process of building.


It is necessary for the magician here to remember that all that takes place upon the earth is to be found within the planetary etheric web.


67.             DK is telling us that there are no dense physical forms which are not substanded by etheric forms or patterns.

68.             Is there an atom for-atom-correspondence? This remains to be seen but, certainly, anything appearing in dense physical form has a corresponding etheric pattern behind and ‘substanding’ it.


The worker in white magic, being an occultist,


69.             This may indicate that he often works upon the hard-line rays—the rays of the occultist. Workers on all rays can be occultists but the hard-line rays are particularly concerned with the mastery of form and this is the province of the occultist.


 deals in universals, and starts his magical work on the confines of the physical etheric sphere.


70.             “On’ the confines or “within” the confines? DK seems to be indicating that such a worker does not start within the dense physical vehicle per se, but more within the etheric sphere, or perhaps where the physical sphere through its gaseous envelope meets the fourth ether.

71.             From another perspective, the magician is working at first within his own etheric body attempting to work through and beyond that body until he can engage with the planetary vital body.

72.             We can judge that the dense physical sphere is not the realm of universals.


His problem is to locate those lesser lives, within the web, who are of the right order to be built into the proposed thought vehicle.


73.             This is one of the meanings of releasing the “prisoners of the planet”.

74.             Can the magician discover the “right order” of lesser lives consciously?

75.             In this instance it seems that the etheric body is being called a web, and that we are not dealing with those protective layers of ether which prevent the man’s escape onto the astral plane. These protective layers also have the name “web”.


  Such work can necessarily only be done by the man who, through the severance of the confining web of his own etheric web, can reach out to that which is consciously recognised by him as the planetary vital body.


76.             We note that the term “web” is here being used in two ways: as the etheric body itself; and as that which prevents the magician’s etheric body from interacting effectively with the etheric plane. There are also “etheric webs” surrounding every chakra.

77.             The magician who will be successful in this work has reached managed to penetrate the boundary which separates his own etheric body from the etheric body of the planet.

78.             Further, it is apparent that this type of magician is consciously aware not only of his own etheric body but of the body of the planet.


Only he who is free can control and utilise those who are prisoners.  This is an occult axiom [Page 1024] of real moment,


79.             So, prior to being able to work successfully with this law, the magician must achieve etheric freedom.

80.             We can also see that the applications of the axiom above are many and do not apply only to the etheric-physical plane.


and much of the failure undergone by would-be workers in magic is to be traced to the fact that they themselves are not free.


81.             Ambition always has a man attempting to work beyond his real capacity. He may in fact learn thereby, but he must not expect immediate success. His reach exceeds his grasp.

82.             We should assess the conditions of freedom as they occur on every plane: freedom on the mental plane, freedom on the astral plane and freedom on the etheric plane, leading automatically to freedom on the dense physical plane.

83.             In general, for the free magician, the lesser lives are responsive according to his will. These lesser lives are not in danger of overcoming the free magician.


 The "pri­son­ers of the planet" are those myriads of deva lives who form the planetary pranic body, and are swept in on the floods of vital force emanating from the physical sun.


84.             It would seem that they are under a kind of planetary and solar compulsion.

85.             The physical sun apparently has its etheric aspect. So the word “physical” does not, in this context, mean dense physical. In fact, it can be questioned whether the physical sun can be considered dense physical matter at all.

86.             The magician, at this stage, is learning how to control many etheric devas.


RULE XIII.  The magician must recognise the four; note in his work the shade of violet which they evidence, and thus construct the shadow.


87.             There are four orders of devas on the systemic etheric plane, one order for each of the subplanes. Each order is of a different color. From the fourth subplane to the first: purple, violet, light violet and lavender.


 When this is so, the shadow clothes itself, and the four become the seven.


88.             The “shadow” is the etheric vehicle of the thoughtform under construction (whether that thoughtform is created by man or is the human personality created by the Solar Angel). The clothing of this shadow is of a dense physical nature and is threefold. These three with the etheric four make the seven.


This means literally that the magician must be in a position to discriminate between the different ethers,


89.             This is done with conscious, sentient, intelligence.


 and to note the special hue of the different levels, thereby ensuring a balanced building of the "shadow."


90.             It seems apparent that there must be balance amongst the etheric constituents. Must all ethers be equally represented no matter what the quality of the thoughtform? Upon this we will have to reserve judgment.


He "recognises" them in the occult sense; that is, he knows their note and key, and is aware of the particular type of energy they embody.


91.             To this we should add the recognition of color. So with the aid of etheric vision and sentiency, he recognizes their note, key, color and energy.

92.             We can see what skillful perception and building is required of the true white magician.


Enough emphasis has not been laid upon the fact that the three higher levels of the etheric planes are in vibratory communication with the three higher planes of the cosmic physical plane,


93.             The logoic monadic and atmic planes are in communication with the atomic, sub-atomic and super-etheric subplanes of the etheric-physical plane respectively.

94.             We may ask that the fourth or etheric level is in communication with the buddhic plane.

95.             This type of contact ensures etheric substitution—the substitution of the higher etheric energies for the lower.


and they (with their ensphering fourth level) have been called in the occult books "the inverted Tetraktys."


96.             Why inverted, we might ask? Should not the four be found upon the logoic plane, the three upon the monadic, the two upon the atmic plane and the one upon the buddhic? It would seem that it would be justifiable to note these four simply as “the Tetraktys”—without inversion.

97.             And yet, the buddhic plane is the most concrete of the four and, hence, justifiably related to the point or the pyramid as a ‘point of concretion’.

98.             We note the word “ensphering”? There is always something spherical about any field with which Jupiter is associated, and Jupiter, with its strong second ray, is closely associated with the buddhic plane.

99.             These four cosmic ethers can be seen as a triangle within a sphere. This structure is a higher correspondence to the causal body. The buddhic plane is the most material of the four and serves as the relatively dense vehicle—the outer sphere.


It is this knowledge which puts the magician in possession of the three types of planetary force and their combination, or the fourth type,


100.         The buddhic energy is a ‘combinatory’ energy. In a way the three are summed together as the fourth.

101.         Even when we are dealing with the cosmic ethers we may still use the term “force”.

102.         We can see that the ‘reach’ of the white magician is quite high, quite expansive.


and thus releases for him that vital energy which will drive this idea into objectivity.


103.         We see that vital energy is needed to drive the idea into objectivity. This need must be applied to the appearance of a human being (himself a ‘greater idea’) as well.

104.         Unless the magician can break through the confines of his own etheric web and contact the various layers of the ethers beyond his own etheric ring-pass-not he cannot generate the vital energy which will drive his idea into objectivity.

105.         In other words, it seems that we are saying that the energies of the cosmic ethers (immense energies, really) are required to help the magician achieve the necessary vital energy to drive his thoughtform into objectivity.


As the different types of forces meet and coalesce, a dim shadowy form clothes itself upon the vibrating astral and mental sheath, and the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definite concretion.


106.         The dim shadowy form is obviously the etheric form.

107.         We note that both the mental and astral sheaths are vibrating as the etheric forces clothe these subjective forms.

108.         Again DK emphasizes that it is the Solar Angel who is really responsible for producing the descending idea. Every white magician should give credit to the Entity who is ultimately responsible for the idea which animates him.


RULE XIV.  The sound swells out.  The hour of danger to the soul courageous draweth near.


109.         The implication is clear. The white magician is a courageous soul.

110.         His confrontation with the “ancient fires” draws nigh. The danger presented is the abortion of the prepared thoughtform, and, perhaps, even the death of its creator.


 The waters have not hurt the white creator and naught could drown nor drench him.


111.         He has passed through the perils of creation upon the astral plane. We have learned what it means to “drown”. We may assume that to be “drenched” is to be overcome by astral energies but not to be subject to the complete ‘draining’ of the astral body as in drowning.


  Danger from fire and flame [Page 1025] menaces now,


112.         The ethers are a sphere more fiery than the astral sphere. This is the sphere of vital energy or prana.

113.         If the mental plane is associated with fire, then that subplane of the etheric-physical plane which corresponds to the mental plane must also be associated with fire. This is the gaseous subplane.


 and dimly yet the rising smoke is seen.


114.         The magician is at that point in the process which is only incipient. The full effect of the fires is not yet in expression.


 Let him again, after the cycle of peace, call on the solar Angel.


115.         We have been told of the mantrams which are necessary at this point in the process. The energy of the Solar Angel may be needed for various reasons. The magician alone and unaided cannot carry through at this particular phase of the magical process.


The work of creation assumes now serious proportions, and for the final time the body of the magician is menaced by destruction.


116.         We see that there are two kinds of danger: the thoughtform which the magician is creating may be threatened. Further, the life of the magician, himself, may be threatened—which is a far greater threat.

117.         We saw that the life of the magician was menaced during the work of astral construction, and now again. Was the life of the magician menaced during the creative process upon the lower mental plane? We have no indication that it was.


 The "shadow" having been formed,


118.         This is the etheric vehicle of the descending thoughtform.


 it is now ready to take to itself a "fiery" or gaseous body,


119.         This represents the first stage of descent onto the dense physical plane. The gaseous body or sheath, though relatively subtle, is still a part of the dense physical vehicle.


 and it is these fire builders who menace the life of the magician, and this for the following reasons.


120.         We are speaking of gaseous elementals and gaseous devas.


Firstly, because the fires of the human body are closely allied to the fires with which the magician seeks to work, and should these latent fires of the body and the latent fires of the planet be brought into too close juxtaposition, the creator is in danger of burning and destruction.


121.         A type of occult ignition is here discussed. We have read of “spontaneous human combustion”. Though it seems like a bizarre phenomenon, we can see here some of its possible causes.

122.         We run the risk, at this point in the process, of an excessive augmentation of the fires—based upon the degree to which the general fires (with which the magician seeks to work) and the fires of the body are brought into juxtaposition.

123.         Much of the trouble which disciples and aspirants experience with fiery energies can be traced exactly to this type of contact.


Secondly, the Agnichaitans, being allied to the "fire devas" of the mental plane, have much power, and can only be controlled properly by the solar Angel Himself.


124.         Upon what planes do the Agnichaitans express? In fact, upon all etheric levels and upon the three dense subplanes as well.

125.         The alliance here discussed occurs along the hard-line relating the devas of the seventh order with those of the fifth.

126.         We can see the reason why the Solar Angel is again summoned at this point in the process. In a way, a Solar Angel is a fire deva of the mental plane. Control of the Agnichaitans is needed and the Solar Angels, allied to the Agnichaitans, can serve in this respect.


Thirdly, on this planet the planetary fires are not as yet dominated by solar fire, and are very easily driven into the work of destruction.


127.         When the magician comes in contact with the gaseous fires, they are not yet (due to the insufficient level of evolution of our Planetary Deity), in a state of regulation. Eventually, as the Planetary Logos progresses in His evolutionary process, these fires of the lower eighteen subplanes will be controlled by solar fire.

128.         This presumes a closer and more merging relationship between the Planetary Logos of Venus and the Planetary Logos and the Earth.


The solar Angel must, therefore, now again be invoked.


129.         When was the last time in this process that the Solar Angel was invoked? Was it at the very outset of the process?


 This means that the magician (when his "shadow" is completed, and prior to the final stages of concretion) must see to it that his align­ment with the Ego is just and unimpeded, and the communicating currents in full play.


130.         We have a clear and direct statement. The Solar Angel is invoked and alignment with the Ego is to be assured at that point in the creative process when the etheric “shadow” is completed but prior to the final stages of concretization upon the dense physical subplanes.


He must literally "renew his meditation," and make direct contact afresh before proceeding with the work. 


131.         Here is a phrase of the work which the magician cannot ignore if he wishes to ensure the successful emergence of his thoughtform and his own safety.


Otherwise, the fires of his own body may get out of control,


132.         These are the latent fires and would refer to the fires on all levels of the dense physical body. This loss of control is augmented but the unregulated application of somewhat chaotic planetary fires, as yet unregulated by solar fire.


 and his etheric body suffer in consequence.


133.         This tells us of a mutual interplay. It is not only the subtle sphere which affects the grosser sphere. The grosser sphere can also affect the subtler. Ill-regulated fires of the dense physical body can damage etheric structure—this is what we are being told.


 He, therefore, fights fire with fire, and draws down solar fire for his protection.


134.         Solar fire is combating fire by friction. This is one of the clearest examples of what it means to fight fire with fire.

135.         It is amazing how this really occult injunction has made its way into the popular mind.


This was not necessary on the astral plane.


136.         So it was not at that point (work upon the astral plane) that the Solar Angel was previously invoked.

137.         It seems that on the astral plane, certain mantrams were sufficient to guard the magician and his creation—these and both love and equilibrizing power.


  For the magician, the moments of the greatest danger in the work of creating are at certain junctures on the astral plane, where he is in danger of occult drowning, and at the transition from etheric levels [Page 1026] to the planes of tangible concretion, when he is menaced by "occult burning."


138.         There is great danger to the magician on both the astral plane and at the point of transition from the etheric plane to the dense physical plane—but on the astral plane there is not the same necessity invoking the Solar Angel.

139.         The two dire fates are “occult drowning” and “occult burning”. We are being warned of them perhaps centuries ahead of the time when we may be exposed to similar dangers.


In the one case, he does not call on the Ego, but stems the tide by love and the equilibrising powers of his own nature.


140.         We are speaking of danger upon the astral plane, and so the word “tide” is very appropriate. The energy akin to soul energy—i.e., the energy of love—must be called in and also the equilibrizing power about which we have been speaking in some detail in the previous commentaries.

141.         Perhaps we can see that Venus is Libra would be a valuable energy to see the magician through this astral process—Venus a planet conveying the energy of love and Libra, the sign of equilibrium.

142.         Notice the phrase, “stems the tide”. It speaks worlds of the process of combating unregulated elemental hosts and also ill-regulated devic agencies.

143.         One way or another, the magician must avoid becoming overwhelmed.


 In the latter case, he must call in that which represents the will aspect in the three worlds, the impulsive, dynamic thinker or solar Angel.


144.         Will is then needed to combat the gaseous elementals and the Agnichaitans.

145.         We see here that (in this context) the Solar Angel is not considered the source of love so much as the source of will. Perhaps it is important to consider the Solar Angel as much in relation to will as in relation to the energy of love—as is done by so many. It is, indeed, a powerful agent of the will and also of karma.

146.         The Solar Angel is certainly not a passive agency. DK calls it “the impulsive, dynamic thinker”—the originator of the entire process of creation.


 He accomplishes this by means of a mantram.  No clue can be given to this, owing to the powers it confers.


147.         This is the mantram which summons solar fire and which allows the magician to “stem the tide”—the elemental and devic tide.

148.         We note that this mantram pertains to work upon the etheric-physical plane and should not confuse it with other powerful (and also inaccessible mantrams) previously discussed. We have discussed a few types of mantrams related to successful and safe work upon the astral plane. This mantram is different.

149.         Notice that DK will not give even a clue to this mantram. Knowledge of this mantram must be dangerous indeed if He is so reserved about the matter.


RULE XV.  The fires approach the shadow, yet burn it not. 


150.         The shadow has been protected now through solar angelic intervention and through the use of a powerful protective mantram.

151.         Were the fires to burn the shadow, the magical work would come immediately to an end.


The fire sheath is completed.


152.         This is the gaseous sheath, not the sheath which has been called the “shadow”.


  Let the magician chant the words that blend the fire and water.


153.         Now we are speaking of the actual waters in the dense physical body and within the physical environment.

154.         “Water” is also “matter” and so we have reached that part of the process which affects the lowest two subplanes of the etheric-physical plane.


Little can here be said in interpretation of these words, beyond a reference to the general sense.  The gaseous sheath is created, and the hour for the formation of the sheath for the sixth sub­plane, the liquid, is near.  The two must blend.


155.         Every subplane, it seems, has its sheath. The fiery sheath is the gaseous sheath. There is also a watery sheath consisting of the densest types of waters—the liquid element of the systemic dense physical plane.


This is the moment of the greatest danger, as far as the thought form itself is concerned.  Earlier dangers have menaced the magician.  


156.         Danger to the magician occurred at the transition from the etheric subplanes to the dense physical subplanes.


Now the form he is creating must be protected.


  DK emphasizes danger to the magician’s creation. At this point we are reminded of the dangers incident to birth as a human being on the dense physical plane.

The nature of the danger is hinted at in the words:  "Where fire and water meet apart from chanted sound, all dissipates in steam.  The fire ceases to be."


157.         Hence the value of the mantram used at this point in the process.

158.         If “fire ceases to be”, the thoughtform and its fiery envelope are destroyed.


 This danger is hid in the karmic enmity existing between the two great groups of devas.  These groups can only be united by the mediator, man.


159.         Again a hint of great occult importance. Conditions in the deva and elemental kingdoms are the source of the danger here confronted. How interesting that only man can serve as the “mediator” between these two antagonistic groups. Hence the need to a mantram to be sounded the point of juncture between fire and water.


It might be asked of what use the fifteen rules for magic communicated above may be.  Naught, as yet, as far as practical work is concerned,


160.         This is a sobering statement.


 but much where inner intellectual development is desired. 


161.         This is simply where we are. Our minds need to be well-trained before it is safe to engage in the practical aspects of the magical process.


He who meditates and broods over these rules in the light of what has been earlier communicated anent the devas and building forces, will arrive at an understanding of the Laws of Construction in the macrocosm, which will avail him much, and save him much time when the magical work and formulas are put in his hands.


162.         Yes, we are in training for eventualities which will emerge in a number of centuries. Does it seem too long a wait? Or has our general training in occultism served, at last, to make us patient.

163.         Master DK writes of the long term, for the centuries to come. We had best take a deep breath, realize what we can and cannot do, and set about accomplishing that which is truly within our power.