Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VIII Section VI

TCF 996-1002: S8S6

Section VI, Part I.1

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3. Fifteen Rules for Magic.

These rules will necessarily be of an esoteric nature, and the student will need to remember that the terminology is in the nature of a blind, which ever carries [Page 997] revelation to those who have the clue, but tends to perplex and to bewilder the student who as yet is unready for the truth.

1.            Here we have a foundational principle. Those who have eyes to see will see. Those who have ears to hear will hear.

2.            Through deliberate blinding Master DK will protect the unready from the truth while simultaneously bringing revelation to those who have a sufficient clue and are, thus, ready to receive the truth.

I would also remind the student to bear in mind that all that is here imparted concerns "white magic," and is given from the standpoint of the solar Angel, and of solar Fire.

3.            Some might begin reading such a book in the hope of acquiring magical methods for selfish purposes. They will find no satisfaction in the Tibetan’s writings.

4.            The fire used in white magic is solar fire. The Agent of white magic is the Solar Angel.

  Bearing these two points in mind the student will find much in these rules to produce eventual internal illumination.

5.            DK does not promise immediate illumination but rather “eventual illumination”

6.            Why does He add the word “internal”? Perhaps, because He is working with the second aspect of divinity rather than the third. He seeks the improvement of the consciousness.

We will divide them into three groups of aphorisms or occult phrases;

7.            The personality is threefold.

 of these, the first will concern itself with the work of the magician on the mental plane, with his manipulation of solar energy, and his ability to sweep the Builders into co-operation with his purposes.

8.            Upon the mental plane, the work of the magician is to—

a.            Manipulate solar energy

b.            To sweep the Builders into cooperation with his purposes.

9.            Presumably, the “Builders” are deva lives and not only elemental lives, though the term “builders” is often used in connection with both. The elemental lives, however, are more built than building.

The second group will carry the work on down to the plane of desire, and of vitalisation, and will convey information as to the balancing of the pairs of opposites, and their equilibrising, so that eventual manifestation becomes possible.

10.         Upon the astral plane, the work of the magician is to—

a.            Work with the factors of desire and vitalization

b.            To balance the pairs of opposites

c.            To equilibrize the pairs of opposites

d.            To condition the “waters” so that manifestation eventually becomes possible

11.         Do we find it interesting that the astral plane is called the “plane…of vitalisation”? We often hear of being animated by desire. Certainly the factors of desire, vitalization, animation and inspiration are all related. A man is moved or activated by these factors.

The third group of rules will deal with the physical plane, with the transmission of force:

a. Through the centres,

b. Through the brain,

c. Through the physical plane itself.

12.         Upon the physical plane, the work of the magician is to deal with the transmission of force through the magician and into the surrounding physical environment.

13.         We must not forget that the centers are found on the astral and mental planes as well.

a. Six Rules for the Mental Plane.  Certain of the laws of speech will be given, and the significance of colour and of sound will appear beneath the exoteric form of the phrasing to those whose perception suffices.

14.         The Tibetan intends to convey certain laws of speech and to inform the perceptive student regarding the significance of color and sound. Obviously, then, the instruction has to be read with the aid of the intuition.

15.         He is asking us to sharpen our perception as we read. Perhaps this suffice to reveal to us more than the words seem to convey.

RULE IThe Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force, but in meditation deep communicates with his reflection.

16.         In this case the Solar Angel is a high being working through the egoic lotus of man.

17.         Before the time when an evolving human being is ready for specific cultivation, the Solar Angel has been involved with many pursuits of its own.

18.         When the time comes that a man is capable of profiting from the Solar Angel’s direct supervision, the Angel collects His forces prior to a renewed focus upon its projection—the soul-in-incarnation.

19.         The Solar Angel meditates sending streams of meditatively generated energy towards the soul-in-incarnation.

It may be of use to the student if he here remembers that the ego (as well as the Logos) is in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation.  This meditation is cyclic in nature, the pitri involved sending out to his "reflection" rhythmic streams of energy, which streams are recognised by the man concerned as his "high impulses," his dreams and aspirations. (TWM 61)

20.         To what extent and how is the soul-in-incarnation (the disciple) the “reflection” of the Solar Angel? May we say that the lower man is threefold (or fourfold) as is the Solar Angel within the egoic lotus? Every aspect of the man in the three lower worlds bears a similarity in quality to an aspect of the higher Ego.

21.         We may, thus, say that the Solar Angel creates its “shadow” in its own image.

The significance of this rule is easily to be seen.  The white magi­cian is ever one who, through conscious alignment with his Ego, with his "Angel," is receptive to his plans and purposes, and therefore capable of receiving the higher impression.

22.         We have established that the true white magician is a highly developed human being.

23.         Are the “Ego” and the “Angel” identical? Probably the correct answer to this question must be subtle.

24.         The true higher Ego of man is his spiritual triad.

25.         The Solar Angel, per se, was once a human being in a previous mahamanvantara and now is one of a host of “returning nirvanis” from that mahamanvantara.

26.         Yet the Ego of man upon the higher mental plane would not exist if the matter of that plane were not suffused by the presence and consciousness of the Solar Angel.

27.         We might say that the Solar Angel substanding the egoic lotus of the human being is the Ego on the higher mental plane. When the Solar Angel returns to its source, the Ego on the higher mental plane will exist no longer. The consciousness of the Ego will ‘relocate’ itself upon the planes of the spiritual triad. Man will be in full consciousness a higher Ego and the Solar Angel will no longer substand (or participate in) egoic consciousness.

We must remember that [Page 998] white magic works from above downwards, and is the result of solar vibration, and not of the heating impulses emanating from one or other of the lunar Pitris;

28.         The lunar Pitris are ruled by Mars. At least the lunar lords (when the meaning of “lunar lords” is “lunar Pitris” instead of lunar elementals) are ruled by Mars.

29.         Mars is the planet most directly associated with “heat”.

30.         Occult process proceeds from above to below. White magic, as an aspect of occult process, likewise proceeds from above to below.

31.         True “solar vibration” ultimately emanates from the cosmic mental plane and from the far greater Solar Angels there found.

32.         It is vitally important to distinguish between fire by friction and solar fire, between the heat of fire by friction and the warmth of solar fire.

33.         The sub-diaphragmatic centers are associated with heat and with fire by friction. The super-diaphragmatic centers are associated with solar fire and fire electric.

34.         Have we managed in our own consciousness to distinguish between solar vibration and fire by friction? At the present point of our evolution, such a distinction is vital.

 the downflow of the impressing energy from the solar Pitri is the result of his internal recollectedness,

35.         The Solar Angel is, in this context, the same as the “solar Pitri”.

36.         Is the Solar Pitri a one or a group? Probably both. It is one which emanates as a group while still retaining its oneness.

37.         To remind ourselves of the exalted nature of a “solar Pitri” and to distinguish it from man’s Ego per se, the following sentence is of importance:

Perfected men are in the councils of the planetary Logos of their particular ray; the solar Pitris are in the council of the solar Logos.69 (TCF 843)

38.         We must find a way to avoid confusing the Solar Angel or Solar Pitri with the human Ego or Higher Self, and yet realize that this Ego, as it manifests on the higher mental plane is substanded by the Angel or Pitri, and represents the influence of that Angel or Pitri in man’s constitution.

 his indrawing of his forces prior to sending them out concentratedly to his shadow, man, and his steady meditation upon the purpose and the plan.

39.         The Solar Angel can impress His shadow man. Why it his possible?

a.            Because He has achieved internal recollectedness

b.            Because He has indrawn His forces

c.            Because He has sent out His indrawn forces in a concentrated manner to his shadow, man.

d.            Because He pursues steady meditation upon the Divine Purpose and Divine Plan, and impresses man with the results of His meditation.

40.         We are being told that knowledge of the Divine Plan and Divine Purpose can be derived from communion with the Solar Angel Who substands our Ego. This provides a strong incentive for occult meditation.

It may be of use to the student if he here remembers that the Ego (as well as the Logos) is in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation.

41.         This is another way of saying that each of us, in our higher nature, is in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physical incarnation. This suggests the reality of simultaneous multi-dimensional consciousness.

42.         Our requirement is to synchronize our meditation ‘below’ (within the lower nature) with our meditation ‘above’.

43.         White it may be the case that the Ego is in deep meditation throughout the cycle of physical incarnation (especially as the personality becomes more advanced—so one would think), the personality of man is not at all times in its developmental cycle in a position to receive and profit by the results of the Ego’s meditation.

44.         The cycle of physical incarnation is a much larger process than the cycle of a single physical incarnation and in early incarnational days, the personality simply has no notion of the existence of the Ego.

45.         Even later and during a cycle when the personality is relatively advanced, it may fail to sustain a continuity of awareness of the Ego. Rhythmic occult meditation is one of the methods of sustaining continuity of awareness.

  This solar meditation is cyclic in nature, the Pitri involved sending out to his "reflection" rhythmic streams of energy, which streams are recognised by the man concerned as his "higher impulses," his dreams and aspirations.

46.         This is one of the most important statements regarding the relationship between the Solar Pitri and the human being.

47.         Perhaps meditation at sunrise is particularly propitious for receiving the streams of energy send forth by the Solar Pitri.

48.         It would be of value for every disciple to determine the rhythm or cycle of these rhythmic streams of energy.

49.         When we have received higher impulses; when our dreams have been stimulated and aspirations have arisen, have we thought of their source as the Solar Angel or Solar Pitri?

Therefore, it will be apparent why workers in white magic are ever advanced, and spiritual men, for the "reflection" is seldom res­pon­sive to the Ego or the solar Angel until many cycles of incarnation have transpired.

50.         It would seem useless to begin the study of white magic until the first initiation had been passed.

51.         In this case the term “advanced” must mean more than the term “advanced man” (when designating an intelligent though not necessarily spiritual human being).

52.         It may be thought that, in some manner, the human personality reflects the structure of the Solar Angel and not just the structure of the egoic lotus.

53.         The Solar Angel is as being which, like man, has a chakric system. In fact, is there any living thing which does not have a correspondence to a chakric system?

 The solar Pitri communicates with his "shadow" or reflection by means of the sutratma, which passes down through the bodies to a point of entrance in the physical brain.

54.         The sutratma is usually considered a channel for the impartation of vital energy, per se, and not for the communication of consciousness. Yet we understand that the streams of energy coming forth from the Solar Angel also relate to high ideals and impulses and, thus, to consciousness.

55.         The very physical point of communication is to be noted. In one way then, the influence of the Solar Angel reaches into the very lowest aspect of man---his dense physical aspect.

RULE II.  When the shadow hath responded, in meditation deep the work proceedeth.

56.         This response, as we have learned, arises only in the case of advanced or spiritually inclined human beings.

57.         After the response of the shadow, the proceeding meditative work is dual. The Ego/Solar Angel continues its meditation which is now joined by the rhythmic meditation of the shadow—the disciple, the soul-in-incarnation.

58.         The personality elementals, per se, do not meditate.

 The lower light is thrown upward;

59.         This is the light arising within the energy system of the shadow and specifically in two of its vehicles.

 the greater light illuminates the three,

60.         The three are the three personality aspects and the greater light is the light of the Ego or soul.

 and the work of the four proceedeth.

61.         The Ego/Solar Angel is the fourth when the three aspects of the disciple are considered.

62.         There is also a chakric significance to the four as we will see below.

63.         There is more to this phrase “the lower light is thrown upward”. In two other references in TWM, DK gives some more specific understanding of its meaning:

The significance of the words, "the lower light is thrown upward."  These deal with the centers and the Kundalini Fire. (TWM 766)

64.         The next quotation is very long, but gives a much fuller interpretation of its meaning.

Let us now consider the words at the end of the previous rule:  "The lower light is thrown upward and the greater light illuminates the three; the work of the four proceedeth."

What of this lower light?  The student should remember that for the present purposes he has three bodies of light to consider:

There is the radiant body of the soul itself, found on its own plane, and called, frequently, the Karana Sarira or the causal body.

There is the vital or etheric body, the vehicle of prana which is the body of golden light, or rather the flame coloured vehicle.

There is the body of "dark light", which is the occult way of referring to the hidden light of the physical body, and to the light latent in the atom itself.

These three types of energy are referred to in the Old Commentary under the following symbolic terms:

"When the radiant light of the Solar Angel is fused with the golden light of the cosmic intermediary, it awakens from darkness the rush light of anu, the speck."

The "cosmic intermediary" is the term given to the etheric body, which is part and parcel of the universal ether.  It is through the etheric body that all the energies flow, whether emanating from the soul, or from the sun, or from a planet.  Along those living lines of fiery essence pass all the contacts that do not emanate specifically from the tangible world.

The dark light of the tiny atoms of which the physical vehicle is constructed is responsive to the stimulation passing down from the soul into its vehicle, and, when the man is under control of the soul, there eventuates the shining forth of the light throughout the body.  This [shows as the radiance emanating from the bodies of adepts and saints, giving the effect of bright and shining light.

When the radiant light of the soul is blended with the magnetic light of the vital body, it stimulates the atoms of the physical body to such an extent that each atom becomes in turn a tiny radiant centre.  This only becomes possible when the head, heart, the solar plexus and the centre at the base of the spine are connected in a peculiar fashion, which is one of the secrets of the first initiation.  When these four are in close cooperation the "floor of the triangle" as it is symbolically called, is prepared for the magical work.  In other words—these can be enumerated as follows:

a. The physical material form with its centre at the base of the spine.

b. The vital body working through the heart centre where the life principle has its seat.  The activities of the body which are due to this stimulation are carried through the circulation of the blood.

c. The emotional body, working through the solar plexus centre.

d. The head centre, the direct agent of the soul and its interpreter, the mind.  These four are in complete accord and alignment. (TWM 105-106)

65.         Here we have another interpretation of the “work of the four”—meaning the head, heart, solar plexus and base of the spine, i.e., the “floor of the triangle”.

Here the work of the two, the Ego on its own plane, and its instrument in the three worlds, is shown as linked and co-ordinated.

66.         The plane of the Ego is the higher mental plane. The instrument of the Ego in the three lower worlds is threefold.

67.         Linking is the first stage; communication is established. Coordination follows upon the linking and requires practice.

As we well know, the main function of meditation is to bring the lower instrument into such a condition of receptivity and vibratory response that the Ego, or solar Angel, can use it, and produce specific results.

68.         DK continues to equate the Ego and Solar Angel. We understand, now, the manner in which they can be considered equivalent and the manner in which they cannot.

69.         The threefold lower instrument is to be used by the Ego. The more the disciple identifies as the Ego, the more successful the production of specific results.

70.         It is clear that the threefold instrument is not immediately responsive to the Ego. As the practice of occult meditation proceeds, receptivity and responsiveness grow.

 This involves, therefore, a downflow of force from the upper levels of the mental plane [Page 999] (the habitat of the real Man)

71.         By the time this type of interplay between Ego and personality is possible, the Ego is focussed on the second subplane of the mental plane. This refocussing of the Ego, we are told in a number of references, occurs around the time of the first initiation.

72.         DK names that which flows down “force” rather than energy. Perhaps this is so because that which flows has a targeted purpose and point of application.

73.         The Ego is considered the “real man”. As disciples we are to consider our egoic nature more real than our personality nature.

 and a reciprocal vibration, emanating from Man, the Reflection.

74.         What is being described is a Mercurian, Geminian process involving reciprocity. A stage of increasingly productive interplay has been reached by the Ego and its reflection in the three lower worlds.

When these two vibrations are attuned,

75.         Attunement is a process of harmonization. The sense of ‘clash’ between the quality of the Ego and the qualities of the personality vehicles must be reduced until the inner sense of harmony supervenes. Probably no one can tell the meditator when this has been achieved. He will simply have to know it.

and the interplay is rhythmic,

76.         This will result if occult meditation is practiced with regularity. Again, morning meditation presents the best opportunity to establish the necessary rhythm.

 then the two meditations proceed synchronously,

77.         The two meditations proceed simultaneously and there is mutual interplay.

 and the work of magic and of creation can proceed unimpeded.

78.         The magical process is a creative process. Unimpeded flow is the optimal condition and is achieved only after much meditative practice.

 It will, therefore, be apparent that the brain is the physical correspondence to the force centres upon the mental plane, and that the vibration has to be consciously set up by the man when meditating.

79.         Here we have a very interesting statement. Perhaps it would be more likely to read that within the brain are to be found correspondences to the force centers upon the mental plane.

80.         As there are only four force centers, per se, to be found upon mental plane, the brain is the correspondence of all four. The other three force centers are, during the human stage of development, replaced by the three tiers of petals of the egoic lotus.

81.         The meditating disciple must know exactly what he is doing. The link between the mental centers and the physical brain is to be consciously established during meditation.

82.         Probably at a certain point of mental tension, this link with the mental force centers is appreciated in the physical brain.

83.         Although the physical brain is part of that which is not a principle, it is not an apparatus that can be ignored by the occultist.

When this is effected, the man can be a conscious creator,

84.         We hardly realize to what an extent we are unconscious creators.

85.         We also realize that creativity is largely a mental process and depends very much upon the force centers upon the mental plane and their vibratory linking with the physical brain.

86.         The egoic lotus cannot be excluded from the creative process. It is even more important than the force emanating from the force centers upon the lower mental plane.

 and the work proceeds therefore in a triple manner; the force circulates freely via three points of centralised activity:

87.         The three centers listed below are perhaps not exactly the three centers we might anticipate.

First.  From that circle of petals in the egoic lotus which the Ego chooses to use, or is in a position to use.

88.         The white magician is ever an advanced or spiritual man. Such a man would be in a position to use both the knowledge petals and the love petals but the number of sacrifice petals he might be able to use would be limited according to his initiatory degree.

89.         We must not consider the tiers of petals to be passive repositories of quality. They are dynamic in relation to the personality vehicles.

  This is conditioned by the objective in view, and the state of egoic unfoldment.

90.         The man as Solar Angel/Ego is at work in this magical process.

91.         Perhaps the different phases of the magical process will determine which of the tiers of petals (or individual petals) are put into use by the Solar Angel/Ego.

92.         One must be an initiate of the second degree before the love tier is completely unfolded and, thus, before its complete powers are at the disposal of magician/Ego.

Secondly.  The centre in the physical brain which is active in meditation.

93.         We must bear firmly in mind that within the physical brain there are physical centers which are activated during the meditation process. These will naturally correspond to certain of the etheric head centers.

94.         As there are a group of seven etheric head centers, will there also be seven correspondences to them within the physical brain?

95.         Three major physical centers in the physical brain are the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the carotid gland(s).

 This is also conditioned by the man's point in evolution, and the particular goal in mind.

96.         We learn that according to a man’s point of evolution, so will be the centers in the physical brain which are available for use.

97.         We do not know yet whether the man is to work etherically and thus automatically activate the centers in the physical brain or whether he is to concentrate upon a given center in the physical brain per se.

Thirdly.  The centre of force generated by the man upon the lower mental plane, as he proceeds to form the necessitated thought form, and to sweep into activity those builders who can respond to the vibration sent forth.

98.         Upon the lower mental plane the magician does two major things:

a.            He forms the necessitated thoughtform

b.            He sweeps into activity those builders who can respond to the vibration sent forth

99.         In this triangle of force we have an alignment between soul, mind and brain (presumably, both etheric brain and physical brain).

100.      Let us recapitulate:

a.            Petals and tiers of petals in the egoic lotus. One tier will be singled out and perhaps one petal in that tier, especially.

b.            The physical and etheric brains and their centers. One center will be singled out particularly

c.            The center of force generated by man upon the lower mental plane

This is likewise conditioned by the strength of his meditation,

101.      Only a strong meditator will be able to create and see built the necessitated thoughtform. Only a strong meditator will be able to command the necessary builders.

the fullness of the note sent forth by him, and the strength of his initiated vibration.

102.      Three factors are to be taken into consideration upon the lower mental plane:

a.            The magician’s meditative strength

b.            The fulness of the note sent forth by the magician

c.            The strength of the magician’s initiated vibration

103.      It is apparent that the initial note which starts the magical process must be both strong and full. The magician’s alignment with the soul will determine whether these prerequisites can be met.

Hence, the first thing the solar Angel does is to form a triangle, consisting of himself, the man on the physical plane, and the tiny point of force which is the result of their united endeavour.

104.      The tiny point of light is found upon the lower mental plane.

105.      The Solar Angel pervades the egoic lotus and works through various aspects of the egoic lotus.

106.      It is interesting to consider who or what is active from the plane of soul:

a.            The Solar Angel

b.            The Ego

c.            The man as Ego infused by the presence and power of the Solar Angel 

107.      When considering the Solar Angel it is necessary to consider it both as the Ego and yet not the Ego. It is far more.

It will be of value to students of meditation to ponder upon this procedure, and to study the correspondence between it and the work of the solar Logos as He created "the Heavens and the Earth."

108.      We are speaking of the “Heavens” as they exist within this solar system. We are also speaking of the “Heavens” as the higher planes or dimensions (as found upon the cosmic physical plane).

The [Page 1000] Highest and the lowest aspects met, spirit and matter were brought into contact with each other; the consequence of this interplay was the birth of the Son, or the great solar thought form.

109.      DK is speaking of the creative process initiated by the Solar Logos as He creates His solar system, both objective and subtle.

110.      From one perspective, the solar system is the Divine Son. It is the form created by the soul aspect of the Solar Logos. This soul aspect is the true “Son of God”. The solar system might be considered the “Son of Necessity”.

111.      It is obvious that this greater creative process is cosmic in scope and involves work upon the various cosmic planes—especially the cosmic mental plane and the cosmic physical plane. The cosmic astral plane is naturally involved in relation to the desire of the Solar Logos for a physical-etheric solar system.

In the three worlds, man, the lesser Deity, within his limits,

112.      The true human being is a god as St. Paul has informed us.

pro­ceeds along analogous lines.  The three who are illumined by the light of the One are the three persons of the lower Triad, the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body.

113.      The “One” is the soul/Ego/project of the Solar Angel.

114.      We have been told above that “the greater Light illumines the three”.

 They, with the Illuminator,

115.      The Illuminator is the Ego/Solar Angel/soul

 make the "Four" referred to, and thus becomes apparent the microcosmic Tetraktys.

116.      The Tetraktys is the ten and yet the four.

117.      The ‘macrocosmic Tetraktys’ consists of the cosmic Soul of the Solar Logos and the three vehicles of the solar logoic personality upon the lower three cosmic planes.

118.      We have been given one view of the “work of the four”—the soul and its three vehicles.

119.      The other perspective involves the lower four which are the “floor of the triangle”.

The two rules above form the esoteric basis of all meditation, and need to be carefully studied if results are to be achieved.

120.      DK is suggesting that the meditative process is a magical process. Thus the foundational rules for magic are also the esoteric basis of all meditation.

121.      We as human beings are learning to create as the Planetary Logos and Solar Logos create. One day we (in collective form) shall be as They are.

RULE III.  The Energy circulates.  The point of light, the product of the labours of the Four, waxeth and groweth.

122.      The point of light is upon the lower mental plane and has been created by the work of the Four.

123.      This point cannot remain only a point but must be developed into the requisite thoughtform.

124.      In this case shall we say that “the Four” are the Ego and the energies of the three vehicles? The three persons of the lower triad?

  The myriads gather round its glowing warmth until its light recedes.  Its fire grows dim.

125.      The “myriads’ are the builders who (in response to the originating impulse and the note sounding) will build themselves into the thoughtform to be materialized.

 Then shall the second sound go forth.

126.      This is a “secondary note” emanating from that which is built on the mental plane.

The white magician, having, through meditation and conscious purpose, formed a focal point of energy upon the mental plane, increases the vibration through strenuous concentration;

127.      We learn of the ‘feeding power’ of concentration. Concentration is an energy conduit. The strength of the point of light must be augmented, its vibration increased. Concentration is necessitated to accomplish this.

he begins then to visualise in detail the form he is seeking to build; he pictures it with all its component parts, and sees "before his mind's eye" the consummated product of the egoic meditation as he has succeeded in bringing it through.

128.      From this description, we understand visualization to be a mental activity. It is an activity involving the manipulation of the form provided by the astral imagination.

129.      We see that visualization is not a vague process but requires detailed work in the formulation of the required image.

130.      Without sufficient contact with the Ego, that which must be imagined in detail will not be known. The Ego provides the template for that which must first be ‘seen’ in clarity and built in detail and then brought through onto the lower planes.


131.      The magician’s labors…

 produces what is here called "the secondary note," the first being the note emanating from the Ego on its own plane,

132.      The labors of man, the magician, produce the “secondary note”.

133.       “The secondary note”, through the labors of the magician, sounds forth, apparently, on the lower mental plane (after ascending there) because the magician in creating his thoughtform is working on the lower mental plane via the physical brain, just as the primary note sounds forth from the higher.

134.      We have been studying the role of transmitting devas who convey the primary note to the builders of the form.

which awakened the "reflection" and called forth response.

135.      The “primary note” sounded by the Ego on its own plane awakened the “reflection”—the reflection, we remember, being the lower man—really the soul-in-incarnation.

  The vibration becomes stronger, and the note sounded by the man on the physical plane

136.      The man on the physical plane is the creator and the original sounder of the “secondary note” which arises in response to the “primary note”. It is his labors upon the mental plane which lead to the sounding of the “secondary note”.

 ascends and is heard upon the mental plane. 

137.      The “secondary note” arises in response to the “primary note” of the Ego. It begins with an activity of the magician involving the physical brain and mental concentration. This note “ascends” to the mental plane and is there heard.

138.      If this note ascends, one wonders whether it must not also ascend through the astral plane. If this is the case, the limpidity of the astral plane would be important in the initial phases of the creative process.

139.      If the “secondary note” is heard upon the mental plane, is it heard by the builders, who, it seems, are already gathering in response to the primary note of the Ego.

140.      Let us keep clearly in mind the sequence involved in the generation of “notes”:

a.            From the Ego on the higher mental plane…

b.            To man the magician on the physical plane laboring through the physical brain and through the mind…

c.            To the lower mental plane itself, where the ascending note gains in fulness and volume.

Hence, in all meditation that is [Page 1001] of occult value, the man has to do certain things in order to aid in bringing about the results.

141.      We note there can be meditation which is not of “occult value”. Perhaps it is of mystical value or of no value at all.

He tranquilises his bodies in order that there be no impediment to the egoic intent, and listens for the "Voice of the Silence."

142.      Without tranquility the “still small voice” cannot be heard.

143.      A fundamental principle in all meditative practice is that vibration within the lunar vehicles inhibits impression from the soul.

He responds then to that Voice consciously, and broods over the imparted plans.

144.      The magician ‘hears’ the “Voice of the Soul” the “Voice of the Silence” because the ‘noise’ in his lower vehicles has abated sufficiently for this Voice to be heard.

145.      He registers the soul’s ‘message’ and then ponders or broods. We can see that time is required and that instantaneous action taken by the lower man is likely to militate against understanding and expressing the soul’s plans with accuracy.

He then sounds the Sacred Word, taking up the note of the Ego as he believes he hears it,

146.      The Sacred Word (taken to be the OM) is not the same as the note of the Ego (the “primary note”), though it reinforces the note of the Ego.

147.      By sounding the Sacred Word the magician is reproducing within the lower worlds the Word as the soul sounds it.

148.      We see that the magician cannot be sure that he is hearing the “note of the Ego” with complete accuracy, but he must act as if he does.

149.      The Ego has its own ray which expresses as a note, but it is probably not to this ray note that this text is referring.

 and sending it [presumably, the OM or Sacred Word] forth to swell the egoic sound, and to set in motion matter on the mental plane.

150.      The egoic sound or note is swelled by the OM which the magician sounds.

151.      In this way the magician consciously participates in the building process which must take place on the lower mental plane.

He (synchronously with this sounding) visualises the proposed thought form which is to embody egoic purposes, and pictures it in detail.

152.      DK has added some important details concerning the construction of the thoughtform to be materialized.

153.      Earlier we learned of the act of visualization to be accomplished by the magician. Now we learn that the sounding of the OM (which is swelling the egoic sound) must be sounded synchronously with the detailed visualization of the thoughtform to be built—this thoughtform arising from concentration upon the point of light created by the united labors of the Ego on the higher mental plane and of the magician upon the physical plane.

We must not forget that we are here dealing with those conscious meditations, based on knowledge and long experience, which produce magical results on the physical plane.  We are not dealing here with those meditations which have for their purpose the revelation of the inner God, and the bringing in of the illuminating fire of the Ego.

154.      DK discriminates between two types of meditation. Magical meditation is only undertaken successfully by experienced meditators.

155.      There are also meditations the purpose of which is to reveal the “inner God” or soul, thus invoking the light of the soul.

156.      Proficiency with the first type of meditation presupposes the ability to engage in the second. If one wants to meditate occultly and magically, he must have contacted the “inner god” mystically.

When this process is proceeding under rule and order,

157.      The rhythmic seventh ray is necessary to this approach.

 the focal point of energy on the lower mental plane gains in strength;

158.      The point of light on the lower mental plane is strengthened through the magician’s concentration, through the magician’s sounding of the Sacred Word which augments the egoic note (which contains the originating impulse of the thoughtform to be manifested).

its light or fire makes itself felt;

159.      Concentration and the OM augments the light and fire of the point of light.

it becomes, in the occult sense, visually objective,

160.      To those with clairvoyant vision upon the lower mental plane…

 and attracts the attention of the lesser builders through

161.      Light and fire are ‘noticed’ by the lesser builders.

162.      We must see to what extent these builders are intelligent, evolutionary builders and not simply elemental lives.

a. Its radiation or warmth,

b. Its active vibration,

c. Its sound or note,

d. Its light.

163.      These are the details concerning the intensification of the original point of light created by the dual work of the Ego and the lower man upon the physical plane.

The elemental workers of responsive capacity are gathered and swept into the radius of the force, and begin to gather around.

164.      According to the statement given, those who are gathered around the intensified point of light are elemental workers or builders and not, apparently, more conscious manipulating devas. Yet, we must not jump to conclusions. Members of the Army of the Voice must also necessarily respond to the augmented egoic note.

 The intended form begins to be apparent,

165.      We can imagine that the outlines of the form are at first dim.

 and tiny life after tiny life takes its place in its construction.

166.      The tiny elemental lives are built into the growing form in an orderly manner.

167.      One wonders if manipulating and building devas are required if the tiny lives are to take their proper place in the structure.

168.      Much concerning this building will depend upon the accuracy of the required detailed visualization.

 The result of this "coherency"

169.      By “coherency” is meant the gathering together of many elemental lives and their building into the visualized thoughtform.

 is that the inner light becomes veiled, its brilliancy dimmed,

170.      We are dealing with a somewhat second ray process operative also in relation to the Monad (as discussed below).

"The Blessed One built him an ark.  Stage by stage he built it, and floated upon the bosom of the waters.  Deeply he hid himself, and his light was no more seen,—only his floating ark. (EP II 36)

just as the inner light of the Ego in its shadow, or thought form, man, is similarly dimmed and hidden.  [Page 1002]

171.      Man in the lower worlds is to be considered a thoughtform and a veiling thoughtform at that.

172.      Within each of us is the luminous Ego hidden to a certain degree by the opacity of our lunar vehicles.