Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VIII Section IV

TCF 969 - 974 : S8S4 Part IV

28 November – 13 December 2008


 Having grasped the idea, and having with care discriminated the motive underlying the idea, thus ascertaining its utilitarian purposes, and its value to the group in the service of humanity, the man has certain things to do which, for the sake of clarity, we might sum up in certain state­ments:


1.            We continue to describe the process of building thoughtforms. We are dealing with the white magical process.

a.            The idea is grasped

b.            The motive is discriminated—

c.            The purpose of the idea is discerned

d.            The service value of the idea is registered


He has, first of all, to hold the idea sufficiently long for it to be faithfully registered in the physical brain.


2.            This necessity is often overlooked. Registration is not instantaneous. Perhaps we can see the reason for stilling the mind and holding the mind steady in the light.

3.            Great stillness, the integration technique for those upon the third ray, is required for faithful registration. We can understand the mental activity is a deterrent to faithful registration of an egoically impulsed idea.


 Frequently the Ego will "get through" to the brain some concept, some portion of the plan, and yet will have to repeat the process continuously over quite a long period before the physical response is such that the solar Angel can rest assured that it is intelligently registered and recorded.


4.            This is so important. Can we see the need for steady and repeated meditation?

5.            When group work is involved, some enhancement of the process may be expected. The partial registration of several group participants may equate to the registration of the whole idea.

6.            Note the Solar Angel’s attentiveness. The Solar Angel wishes to be assured that the descending idea is intelligently and faithfully registered.

7.            We see then that the Solar Angel is definitely involved, at least in a supervisory role, in the process of thoughtform building. Further the Solar Angel may be involved in communicating the idea to the brain of man.

8.            The element of time is under discussion, and it is of importance.

9.            Saturn, the planet which rules the physical brain is also the Lord of Time. The implications should be clear.


It is perhaps unnecessary to say that the entire process is greatly facilitated if the "shadow," or the man, pursues regular meditation,


10.         As stated. We often do not realize how very important this is.

11.         The “shadow”, in this context, is really the soul-in-incarnation working through the personality. Recall the lines from A Treatise on White Magic regarding the relation of the Solar Angel with the reflection or shadow.



The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force, but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection.


When the shadow hath responded, in meditation deep the work proceedeth.  The lower light is thrown upward; the greater light illuminates the three, and the work of the four proceedeth. (TWM xii)


cultivates the habit of a daily and hourly recollectedness of the higher Self,


12.         Even hourly! In fact, a constant and continuous recollectedness is the eventual goal. We speak of “continuity of consciousness”. It has its greatest application to continuity of soul-consciousness.


and before retiring at night endeavours to "hold the thought" of bringing through at the time of awakening as much as possible of any egoic impress.


13.         We are told of the act of setting a definite intention before retiring. To do so is a stabilization of a focussed receptivity to higher impression. The Ego is at work at night. There is much value in “sleeping on” any important matter (for this opens the door to egoic impression) and, in general, of remaining receptive to the flow of egoic influence.

14.         I suppose it must be faced that for many of us, our alignment is weak and our physical brain resistant to impress from the higher dimensions. If this is the case, we must reverse the condition.


When the reaction between the two factors, the Ego and the recep­tive physical brain, is established,


15.         This is the interplay which Master DK has been discussing for many pages. There is a definite link to be made between the higher mental plane and the physical brain.


 the interplay is reciprocal,


16.         We are dealing with a dynamic ruled by both Mercury and Gemini.


 and the two are keyed or tuned to each other, the second stage is entered upon.


17.         We are dealing not only with contact, impress and interplay, but with attunement. This is a conscious harmonization and must be felt.


  The idea is conceived. [Page 971]


18.         We note that before such conception can occur there must be an attunement between the Ego and the physical brain.

19.         The idea is represents the masculine pole. The brain in this instance is the feminine receiver.

20.         Note that the idea is not yet born but only “conceived”. This is a Uranian process. Uranus is the idea. Mercury is the transmission of the idea. Saturn is the receptive physical brain.


A period of gestation is then pursued, itself divided into various stages.


21.         The period of gestation occurs within the personality vehicles.


 The man broods over the idea; he ponders upon it, there­by setting up activity in mental matter, and attracting to his germ thought the material necessary for its clothing.


22.         This process is simply the higher analogue of the birth process.

23.         The implanted idea is called the “germ thought”. It is that concentrated energy implanted upon the mental plane, from which the full blown thoughtform will germinate.

24.         To brood is to focus, warm and hold contained. To ponder has the same effect. We see that brooding is also a magnetic process. The warming of the germ of the idea in mental matter is magnetic in relation to the thought material necessary for clothing the implanted idea with the proper mental material.

25.         It is important to stay with the implanted idea, otherwise we emerge with thoughts which are “half baked”—we see the analogy to the brooding process. Pondering and brooding are not rapid processes. So patience is required.


He pictures to him­self the contour of the thought form, clothing it with colour, and painting in its details.


26.         VSK suggests: “This may include a hint about why colour is one of the most obscure and potent of the keys, due to the fact that we live ‘in colour’, and the visualization (mayavirupa-making) process involves fleshing out an idea in colour. It is the final step in magic making; the precipitation of the form.”

27.         Little devas help with the painting as DK has suggested in other contexts.


Under group 2 work the fairies of plant life, the elves who build and paint the flowers, the radiant little beings who inhabit the woods and the fields, the elementals who work with the fruits, vegetables, and with all that leads to the covering of the earth's surface with verdure. (TCF 913)


28.         We can see introduced into the thoughtform construction a visual/spatial dimension.

29.         The visualizing mind must be held very steady during this process, otherwise purposeful construction cannot proceed.

30.         We can see, therefore, that the imagination has entered. This is process different from brooding or pondering upon the implanted idea.


Hence will be seen the great value of a true imagination, and its ordered scientific use.


31.         We are moving into a fifth ray/seventh ray age, in which the fourth ray of imagination will be prominently expressive. Can we not see that the scientific and ordered use of the imagination will certainly grow? Due to emerging ray combinations, we are entering highly creative age.


 Imagination is kama-manasic in origin, being neither pure desire nor pure mind,


32.         Since imagination originates on the second subplane of the astral plane, can we identify this plane with kama-manas or (shall we say) especially with the kama aspect of kama-manas?

33.         We can think of the creative imagination as image plus purpose mentally applied to the image. The goal-creating aspect of the mind is at work and directs and regulates that which imagination produces.

34.         There is probably also an expression of the imagination which displays much less mental content. This expression can be associated with memory, as when we spontaneously imagine that which has happened, or when we allow fantasy to flow freely without any mental regulation. In psychology, this latter expression is called “active imagination”.

35.         We remember that the mind is the organ of the will within the personality and possesses a regulatory faculty.


and is a purely human product,


36.         We could say that kama-manas is “a purely human product” but, then, both Venus and Sirius can be associated with kama-manas in a larger sense.

37.         If we think of imagination as a purely human product then, presumably, we are referring to imagination as the human being understand that faculty. One would suspect that the power to purposefully create images is the possession of all the great Creators as well as of human beings. God’s Creation is a reflection of this power.


 being superseded by the intuition in perfected men, and in the higher Intelligences of Nature.


38.         The intuition connects the consciousness directly with the archetype to be materialized. Yet the picture-forming power must in some way be present or the formation would not occur in the lower worlds.

39.         The ideas which the intuition touches are, we usually say, “formless” (at least when compared to the form in the lower worlds), yet from a higher perspective, they have cosmic etheric form, analogous to the much more tangible forms to be found on the systemic etheric subplanes.

40.         It must be the case that the intuition can be wielded in such a manner as to produce the precipitation of the lower images which correspond to the archetypal forms of ideas which intuition accesses. God can dream.

41.         Normal psychism is close to imagination. Higher psychism engages the intuition. Intuition is a higher psychic power whether for man of a god.


When his will, or the initial impulse is sufficiently strong, and when the imagination, or power of visualisation, is adequately vivid, the second part of the gestation period is entered upon, and the vital­isation by desire is begun.


42.         We have been speaking only of the first part of the gestation process. In includes:

a.            The implantation of the idea

b.            The brooding and pondering on the germ idea and gathering of mental substance around that germ

c.            The kama-manasic use of the imagination to visualize the form which the implanted idea is to take

43.         Students of Psychosynthesis will begin to recognize something very close to Roberto Assagioli’s Act of Will. He was, as we know, a deep student of the Tibetan.


The interplay of mental impulse and desire produce what might be called a pulsation in the organising form of the idea, and it be­comes alive. 


44.         This is an important stage. We have moved—

a.            From idea

b.            To the implantation of the idea

c.            To brooding over and pondering on the implanted idea—this is a mental activity

d.            To the visualization of the form to be taken by the idea—this is a kama-manasic activity

e.            To vitalization of the implanted visualized idea. It becomes alive.

45.         As we will see below, although kama-manas is involved and although desire impulse is applied to vivify the germ idea, this idea is still to be found on the lower mental plane and has not yet descended to the astral plane.

46.         Note how the interplay between mind and desire lead to vivification. The implanted, visualized idea becomes vibrant.

47.         From the astrological angle, mind is Mercury, kama-manas is Venus and desire is Mars—thus bringing into focus three closely related planet commonly associated with each other.


It is yet but nebulous and its tenuosity is great, but it shows signs of organi­sation and the outline of its form.


48.         The process of the creation of planets and stars—from the nebular stage to a stage of greater formation—is analogous.

49.         We see that with regard to form, there is no full formal articulation at the outset of the creative process.


Students must remember that this entire pro­cess is being carried on now during this stage which we are con­sidering from within the brain.


50.         The physical brain is definitely involved in this creative process. We remember that the process began as the Ego impressed the physical brain with its idea followed by the establishing of attuned rapport between the Ego and the physical brain.


There is thus a definite corres­pond­ence to the work of the nine Sephiroth:


51.         The final or 10th Sephira is Malkuth and represents the physical brain, per se, and the Earth.


The initial three correspond to the egoic impulse with which we have earlier dealt.


52.         DK is linking the configuration of the Tree of Life to the creative process.

53.         He seems to be saying that Kether, Chochma and Binah relate to the egoic impulse, which apparently is threefold.

54.         The Ego is thus represented by the transcendent Kabalistic Triad.


The secondary group of Sephiroth find their analogy in the work pursued in the stage we are now dealing with, or the impulse of mind-desire, emanating consciously from man's brain.

55.         The secondary group of Sephiroth is involved with the process of the formulation of the germ idea by clothing it in mental and astral matter. This process is represented by the constructive interplay of:

a.            Mind

b.            Kama-manas

c.            Desire

56.         We are dealing with the manner in which these three are registered and expressed within the physical brain, but we have not come to that aspect of the Tree of Life which, per se, represents the physical brain.

57.         The three Sephiroth involved in this clothing process are Chesed (Mercy—Jupiter), Geburah (Severity—Mars) and Tiphereth (Harmony—Sun).


The work of the final three is accomplished when the thought form, being clothed in mental and astral matter, passes into objectivity on the physical plane.  [Page 972]


58.         Here we have Netzach (Victory—Venus), Hod (Splendor—Mercury) and Yesod (Formation—Moon).

59.         The analogies to the Tree of Life are found in The Secret Doctrine and Master DK, Who is obviously schooled in that tradition, continues them here.

60.         The Tree of Life is really a magical system and, therefore, has an important place in this type of discussion on thoughtform precipitation.


A later stage in the gestation period is pursued when the thought form, being clothed in mental matter, and having become vitalised by desire, takes to itself a layer of substance of astral matter, and is consequently enabled to function on the astral plane as well as the mental.  Here its growth is rapid.


61.         Even though we have discussed the influence of imagination and of desire upon the developing thoughtform (both of which have roots on the astral plane), we see that the stage of gestation in which the thoughtform actually descends to the astral plane is only now reached.

62.         What do we have for a sequence?

a.            The egoic impulse

b.            The implantation of the egoic impulse in physical brain as a germ idea. Obviously, the lower mind must also be involved.

c.            The registration of mental, kama-manasic and desire energies in the physical brain, the processes of which always remain active in the procedure we are discussing

d.            The brooding and gathering—a mental activity

e.            The visualization—a kama-manasic activity

f.             The vitalization involving desire

g.            YET, the thoughtform has not yet really descended onto the astral plane

h.            Now we have that descent, and with it a very rapid growth of the thoughtform. The second major stage of the gestation process has been reached.


63.         If we look carefully at the process we will see several stages of the gestation process some of them major and some minor. Movement from plane to plane are major stages.

64.         Birth, when it finally occurs, is upon the dense physical plane.


It should be carefully borne in mind that the process of building in mental matter proceeds simultaneously, and that the development is now twofold.


65.         We see that the process is not strictly sequential but overlapping. When the second major stage of the gestation process begins the first stage continues in its development.

66.         This overlapping process is so much typical of nature. We should get used to its presence.


 Here the conscious builder must be careful to hold the balance, and not to let imagination unduly assume too large proportions.


67.         We are on the astral plane and the sign of equilibrium, Libra, must emerge in strength, helping the builder to “hold the balance”. The dynamic is described by Saturn in Libra.

68.         The astral plane is, in its own right, the plane whereon the dual forces may be found. Again Libra is required for equilibrizing.

69.         Saturn regulates the scope of the imagination. Only those who are intelligent and mentally focussed can work in this way, but, then, the true white magician is ever so.

70.         The task, then, is to ensure that the imagination does not “run away with” the creator. An appropriate symbol would be the ‘run-away horse’


 The manasic element and the kamic element must be justly proportioned, or else will be seen that too common manifestation, an idea wrongly conceived and nurtured, and there­fore impossible of playing its just part in the evolutionary plan, being but a grotesque distortion.


71.         DK is warning us against the distortion which arises when the manasic and kamic elements are not kept justly proportioned.

72.         The word “just” is important as, again, it suggest Libra.

73.         The word “grotesque” is strong, but indicates what may eventuate if the balance is not held. Unless the balance is held, monstrosities can be created.

74.         If there is too much mind and not enough of the kamic element, the implanted idea, good as it may be, may lack appeal.

75.         If there is too much imagination and the manasic element weak, the implanted idea may have an appeal it does not deserve or may appeal only to those who are unbalanced in their nature. In any case, the form will not fit justly into the Plan which is a beautiful and well-proportioned Plan.

76.         We have all witnessed emerging thoughtforms which are simply missing something or distorted. We are repelled by such forms or simply not interested (i.e., attracted to them) and either do not want them to come to birth or are indifferent.


The idea now is reaching a critical stage, and should be ready for the assumption of physical matter and to take to itself an etheric form.


77.         This is really the third major phase of the gestation process. As we have seen, each phase of the gestation process has had subdivisions, especially the mental phase.

78.         Notice the word “critical”, with the implication that something could go drastically wrong at this point. We are entering a stage of crisis in the process of precipitating a thoughtform.


 When on etheric levels, it receives that final impulse which will lead to what may be called its "actuating,"


79.         We noted that the implanted idea has received an impulse on each level. Here we are dealing with the “actuating” or “actualization” of the implanted idea.

80.         Will the idea actually be born onto the dense physical plane? This is the issue.


or its reception of that motivating impulse which will lead to its dissociation from its originator,


81.         DK has defined “actuation” as the reception of that motivating impulse which will lead to its [the thoughtform’s] dissociation from its originator”.

82.         This is one of the key impulses in the creative process. The thoughtform, in order to be birthed, must become dissociated from its originator, just as the child become dissociated from the mother at birth. We can develop the analogy and understand the unhealthy or fatal implications if dissociation is not achieved.


and the sending out [i.e., onto the dense physical plane] to assume

1. A dense form.

2. A separate existence.


83.         The planet Saturn is at work. Saturn, the planet of density. Saturn the planet of separation.

84.         The sending forth is impulsed from the etheric plane.

85.         Those who are familiar with A Treatise on White Magic realize how thoroughly Master DK developed these ideas in that later book.


It should be remembered that the thought form has now passed from the mental plane, taken to itself an astral sheath, and like­wise is gathering to itself a body of etheric matter. 


86.         DK continues to summarize the process so that we may be clear.

87.         And all these processes continue to overlap.


When it has reached this stage its vitalisation is proceeding apace, and the hour of its separated existence is drawing near.


88.         VSK suggests: “This echoes back to the opening statement in this section about the forming of the mayavirupa?” [Top of page 960]

89.         One type of vitalization, we remember, depends upon the astral plane and the activation of the factor of desire. There seems to be an etheric component to vitalization and this would, of course, make sense.


This vitalisation is consciously carried out by the man who—according to the original intent or initial impulse—directs to the thought form energy of some kind. 


90.         We see that the vitalization of which DK is speaking is not an unconscious process but, rather, is a deliberate process carried out by the man focussed in his brain consciousness.

91.         Do we know how to vitalize a thoughtform? The conscious use of the desire body and the breath are certainly involved as will be the imagination.


This energy is directed from one or other of the three higher centres, according to the quality of the embodied idea, [Page 973] and will be seen pouring to­wards the rapidly objectivising idea from the particular centre involved.


92.         Here we have a most valuable occult hint. It requires that we understand the quality of the thoughtform we are creating and then consciously use one of the three higher chakras (perhaps with the accompanied use of the ajna center) to vitalize that thoughtform or “objectivising idea”.

93.         We will, therefore, be dealing with thoughts imbued with intelligence, those imbued with love-wisdom and those imbued with will.

94.         A most significant method of vitalization has been given.

95.         Obviously, it is the true clairvoyant who sees this vitalization in process.


We must not forget that we are considering the thought form of the conscious builder.


96.         This means that we are not considering the thoughtforms-building process of the average man.


 The thought forms of the majority of human beings are energised from no such high source, but find their active impulse emanating from either the solar plexus, or the still lower organs of generation.


97.         DK is speaking of the normal processes of fantasy—of the wishes, longings and sexual fantasies of the average human being.

98.         It is important to realize that thoughtforms can be energised from any chakric source. We can see why the influence of the lower chakras must be held in check during consciously creative thoughtform-building.


It is this constant stream of emotional or sexual energy which is responsible for the chaotic conditions of the present; the balance is not preserved,


99.         Saturn in Libra does not control.

100.      Such is the stage of development of the average human being that the stream is “constant”.

101.      The influence of the lower chakras, in this instance, tends towards chaos. The Moon is, in a sense, the “Mother of Chaos” and the lower chakras are, all of them, lunar.

102.      Obviously, correct education would assist in the elevation of these energies. In the correctly educated person, the higher centers draw upon the lower, and the influence of the lower centers is regulated. The rational, Apollonian or solar factor subdues the chaotic lunar factor.


 the interaction between the two,


103.      We are speaking of the interaction between the sacral and solar plexus centers.


and the myriads of thought forms consequently produced of a low order and vibra­tion are producing a condition which is going to require all the efforts of mental workers eventually to negate, offset, and trans­mute.


104.      DK is speaking of a task which lies ahead for all of us. In fact, we may be in the midst of it right now. The sacral and solar plexus centers of mankind are enflamed.

105.      DK has spoken of a great miasma which vampirizes humanity. To this vampiristic thoughtform average human beings are contributing constantly. In truth the conscious workers of the world have much to dispel.


A gigantic thought form hovers over the entire human family, built by men everywhere during the ages, energised by the insane desires and evil inclinations of all that is worst in man's nature, and kept alive by the promptings of his lower desires. (TCF 948)


These forms, which scarce merit the prefix "thought," being largely kamic with an admixture of the lowest grade of mental matter, are responsible for the heavy, slow vibrating or pulsating fog or cloak which envelops the human family, and which pro­duces much of the present evil, crime and mental lethargy.


106.      This is a very repulsive picture. We would probably be horrified if we could see it with clarity.

107.      We do understand the very material nature of such thoughtforms as they can be composed of admixtures of different types of matter. According to the quality of the subtle matter composing them, so will be their general level of usefulness or deterrence to the Plan.

108.      Note that these demi-thoughts not only incline to evil but to ignorance by promoting mental lethargy. To the Buddha, ignorance was the great sin.


People are mainly polarised in the astral body, as we know, and the lower centres are the most active; when an atmosphere or environment of thought-forms of a low key


109.      Notice here the musical reference—“key”.


 and vitalised by all the baser forms of astral energy is coupled to this,


110.      Presumably this vitalization may occur from levels of the astral plane with which the human being is to have nothing to do--the sixth and seventh subplanes.


 it will become ap­parent how stupendous is the task of lifting humanity to a clearer, purer and better atmosphere,


111.      We are thinking of the quality of the “air” to be found upon the astral plane. When the term “air” is used, the redeeming quality of buddhic energy (the buddhic plane is the plane of “air”) is suggested.

112.      We live in several kinds of ‘atmospheres’ simultaneously—physical, etheric, astral and lower mental.

113.      DK is painting no rosy picture. We live and ‘breathe’ within heavy pollution. Pollution is not only of the physical plane. The etheric, astral and mental miasms are the cause of our physical plane pollution.

114.      Hercules, the world disciple, must lift. And Hercules in Aquarius must cleanse the mired stables of King Augeus.


 and how easy it is for the lower aspects and appetites to flourish and to grow.


115.      Humanity lives in a fetid atmosphere promotive of disease on all levels of the personality. We are spared the full realization of this because we cannot yet see with entire clarity on the etheric, astral and lower mental planes.


As the vitalisation is pursued and the energy is poured from one or other of the centres into the thought-form,


116.      Yes, this is a tremendous occult hint…


the conscious builder begins to extend this influence in order to send it forth from him to perform its mission,


117.      The created thoughtform is like the “jiva” sent forth from the Monad on a “mission” into the lower worlds.


whatever that may be, to make it occultly "radiant" so that its vibrations will emanate, and make themselves felt, and finally to make it magnetic, so that something [Page 974] in the thought form will call forth response from other thought forms or from the minds it may contact.


118.      Let us tabulate the tasks of the conscious builder:

a.            The conscious builder extends the influence of the energy coming forth from one of the three higher centers and into the thoughtform’

b.            The conscious builder makes the thoughtform occultly “radiant” so that it may impact the environment

c.            The conscious builder renders the thoughtform magnetic and hence attractive.

d.            So we have empowerment, radiance and magnetism.


119.      Note that thoughtforms are magnetic between themselves. A magnetic thoughtform magnetizes and attracts other thoughtforms.


When these three objectives have been reached, the life of the form itself is now so strong that it can pursue its own little life cycle and fulfil its work,


120.      Just as can a human child who has been born…

121.      Though the human child does seem to need much more tending than a thoughtform recently released from its originator.

122.      Perhaps, the released thoughtform also needs a degree of tending or supervision after is separation from its creator, its release.


        being only linked to its creator by a tiny thread of radiant substance, which is a correspondence to the sutratma.


123.      Let us observe closely. Is this thread ever snapped? Ideas live on well after their originator has departed incarnation. Are such ideas still linked to the originator?


All forms have such a sutratma.


124.      Sustaining life must flow.


 It links a man's bodies to the inner Identity,


125.      In this instance, that “inner identity”, as far as man is concerned, is his Monad.


 or to that magnetic current which, emanating from the true Identity, the solar Logos, connects the Creator of the solar system with His great thought form by a stream of energy from the central Spiritual Sun to a point in the centre of the physical Sun.


126.      More occult hints of real magnitude. The sutratma comes from the monadic nature of any Entity.

127.      We, as human beings, are thoughtforms of the Solar Logos.

128.      The Central Spiritual Sun is the monadic nature of the Solar Logos.

129.      We note that the Monad of the Solar Logos is connected to His physical nature (the Sun and its system of planets) via a sutratma. We also note that the point of connection is the center of the physical Sun. This tells us much about how the human Monad is connected to the human physical body.


As long as the attention of the creator of any thought form, great or small, is turned towards it, that magnetic link persists, the thought form is vitalised, and its work carried on. 


130.      Practical experience has shown us that this is true. When we take our eye off the progressive development of our thoughtforms, those thoughtforms fall apart. A supervisor must supervise.

131.      We gather then, that even in the release of the thoughtform, the magnetic link is preserved.


When the work has been accomplished, and the thought-form has served its purpose, every creator, consciously or unconsciously, turns his attention elsewhere, and his thought form disintegrates.


132.      This is the point…the dissolving the magnetic link occurs with the removal of attention. This is why every creator must keep his eye on that which he has created.

133.      We see that attention is the great life-giving power.

134.      Of course the human creator can, at a certain point, release the thoughtform from his attention, because it is otherwise vitalized—i.e., by the attention of those whom the thoughtform serves. What keeps great works of art alive long after the creator has departed this plane? Is it not the life energy of those who support the thoughtform and wish for it to remain ‘alive’? It would seem so.


Hence the occult significance of all the processes occultly invol­ved in sight, can be seen.


135.      The eye is a life-giving organ.


 As long as the eye of the Creator is upon that which is created, just so long does it persist;


136.      Yes, unless and until the sustaining of the form is taken over by others.

137.      We begin to think that the physical death by natural causes of man upon the physical plane comes when the Ego averts its eye from its physical expression. The same is to be inferred by so-called death upon the astral plane and upon the lower mental plane.


 let the Creator withdraw "the light of his countenance"


138.      It is, then, a life-giving light.


 and the death of the thought form ensues, for vitality or energy follows the line of the eye.


139.      In general we find this to be the case. DK is offering is sound advice for all creators, especially during the period that they are the major supporting influence for the created form.

140.      There would seem to occur, however, a transfer of responsibility for sustenance. For instance, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is vitally alive in the consciousness of humanity, yet it is not Beethoven who is presently keeping it alive!

141.      We often say that “energy follows thought”. We should also say that ‘life-giving energy follows the focus of the eye’.


When, therefore, a man, in meditation, considers his work and builds his thought form for service, he is occultly looking, and consequently energising; he begins to use the third eye in its secondary aspect.


142.      A primary function of the eye is imaginative formation—the third eye searches the world of the Ego and faithfully registers the pattern of egoic intent.

143.      The secondary function of the third eye is to occultly energize thoughtforms in process of creation.

144.      Can we see, by implication, why it is so important for people to be seen for who they are? Can we see that seeing another person in his or her soul identity keeps that person ‘alive’? Discerning vision vitalizes the soul expression of the one who is seen—spiritually.