Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VIII Section III

TCF 947-958 : S8S3

   13 – 28 November 2008

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1. The Creation of Thought Forms.

The subject we are now to deal with cannot be handled too explicitly on account of the attendant dangers.


1.            We are entering the study of the magical work. If thoughtforms can be easily materialized, the quality of the thoughtforms had better be constructive.


  In the creative pro­cesses man is dealing with electrical phenomena of some kind,


2.            Electrical phenomena on all three levels of the three lower worlds…

3.            All acts of aggregation and de-aggregation are, at root, electrical.


 with that which is vitally affected by each thought emanating from him,


4.            Namely, the mental field and by extension, all the lower energy fields.


and with those lesser lives who (aggregated together) form, from certain angles of vision, a source of very real danger to man.


5.            The magician can suffocate, drown or burn—each of these undesirable outcomes having a very specific meaning in the world of occultism.


We might embody that which can be said in certain statements.

a.    Much that is to be seen now of a distressing nature in the world can be directly traced to the wrong manipulation of mental matter by man;


6.            It is difficult for man (esoterically uninformed as he is) to take responsibility for the quality of his thoughts.

7.            Evil thought creates evil circumstance.


to erroneous conceptions as to the nature of matter itself, and to dangerous conditions brought about by the united creative attempts of human beings down the centuries.


8.            For the sake of impact let us list the causes of distress and danger:

a.            The wrong manipulation of mental matter. This occurs under the influence of glamor and illusion. Modern man is largely kama-manasic and cannot think clearly.

b.            Erroneous conceptions regarding the nature of matter

c.            United creative attempts (down the centuries) which have been misguided or misdirected.


Misunderstandings have arisen as to the purpose of the vital fluids of the universe and this has added to the distress, as have certain distortions of the astral light, producing a subsidiary or secondary glamour, or reflected [Page 948] light which intensifies the maya already created.


9.            We are looking at the united effect of illusion, glamor and maya.

10.         The vital fluids of the universe are, in this context, etheric in nature and misunderstanding concerning them produces maya.

11.         Distortions of the astral light (glamor is equivalent to distortion) occur in relation to the astral plane.

12.         Misunderstanding of the vital fluids has created a maya (which seems to be called a kind of glamor here) and the further distortion of the astral light produces an additional glamor which DK calls “a subsidiary or secondary glamor”.

13.         Man is often ignorant of what sorts of forms shall be vitalized by the vital fluids of the universe. That which should not be vitalized is vitalized and that which should be vitalized is not.


This secondary reflection has been produced by man himself in the evolutionary attempt to balance the pairs of opposites,


14.         Man has to come to terms with the great pairs of opposites which confront all who live upon and within the planet.

15.         If values were true and just, essentially spiritual and in line with the great Law, then the pairs of opposites could be balanced without the production of the “secondary reflection” or the “secondary glamour”. But the desire nature of man has been misguided (and still, largely, is). This being the case, when man attempts to handle Spirit and Matter, soul and personality, good and evil, high and low, progressive and regressive, the group and the individual, etc. etc., he chooses wrongly and does not give each of the opposites its proper due nor does he put them in their proper place. He does not see or understand them in just relation. Hence, the glamor.


 and has produced a condition which must be surmounted before the true occult balancing begins.


16.         More enlightened individuals can approach the rectification of imbalances in an intelligent manner. The average human being is not ready for such “occult balancing”. He must simply purify and refine his desire nature.

17.         As well, there are many factors of a hidden nature which must be balanced, eventually. First, however, the more obvious pairs of opposites must be balanced.


It might be regarded as the sumtotal of that great manifestation (created only by man) called "The Dweller on the Threshold."


18.         DK seems to be speaking of the “secondary reflection” and calls this creation “The Dweller on the Threshold”.’

19.         The general problem, we see, is mis-creation. The word “miscreant” suggests this.


One of the greatest impediments upon the Path of Return and one for which man is distinctly responsible within occult limits are those animated forms which he has produced ever since the middle of the Atlantean root race when the mind factor began slowly to assume increasing importance.


20.         Here DK is, in other words, describing “The Dweller on the Threshold”

21.         While this creation was driven by glamor and maya, it required the use of the mind—the incorrect use.

22.         We note that the evil forms created are “animated forms”—they have been endowed with livingness and activity.

23.         We also note that the production of the "Dweller" dates from the middle of the Atlantean rootrace, presumably from the time of the fourth sub-race when the greatest of the Atlantean wars was fought. It is also possible that the latter part of the third sub-race could be considered the “middle” of the Atlantean root race.

24.         Man is responsible for the production of this phantasm, but only “within occult limits”. This means that other agencies were also responsible for its production and maintenance.


The selfishness, the sordid motives, the prompt response to evil impulses for which the human race has been distinguished has brought about a condition of affairs unparalleled in the system.


25.         This is a most sobering thought and suggests the extent of the danger in which humanity presently finds itself. Today we are closer to this danger than ever before and its outline is clearly to be seen.

26.         From the planetary perspective, we are the “sick man” of the solar system.


  A gigantic thought form hovers over the entire human family, built by men everywhere during the ages,


27.         It is evident, then, that we all are responsible for building this thoughtform.


energised by the insane desires and evil inclinations of all that is worst in man's nature, and kept alive by the promptings of his lower desires.


28.         The Tibetan paints a very ugly picture of the origin of this thoughtform. It can be questioned whether humanity is (even at this time) truly sane in its psychological nature. Surely there have times when it was not. Yet we have been told that “The heart of man is sound, but oft asleep.” (EP II 158)

29.         That which is worst in human nature is truly horrific and it has not yet been purged.

30.         The important thing to notice is that desire is a feeding faculty. If men did not desire or ‘love’ the kind of thing this thoughtform promises to deliver, the thoughtform could not survive. 


This thought form has to be broken up


31.         The first and fifth rays are required for this breaking up.


and dissipated by man himself during the latter part of this round before the conclusion of the cycle,


32.         This may mean the fourth round of this chain, but might it also mean the fourth scheme round?

33.         If DK is speaking only of the chain round, then the thoughtform should be dissipated during the sixth and seventh rootraces of this world period, unless he is looking towards future globe period of this round for its dissipation, for we are only in the fourth globe of the present fourth chain round.

34.         With respect to that the Black Lodge will not be defeated until the fifth round, presumably at the "Judgment Day".


 and its dissipation will be one of the forces tending to the production of interplanetary pralaya.


35.         We can understand the nature if planetary pralaya, but what is “interplanetary pralaya”?

36.         Is DK calling our globe a planet and suggesting that the pralaya of our globe will occur giving way to emphasis upon the fifth globe?

37.         Or might He be speaking of the pralaya of our chain before emphasis upon the fifth chain?

38.         The term “planet” is one of those blinding terms which can mean a globe, a chain or an entire planetary scheme.


It is this piece of creative bungling, if so it might be called, which the Great Ones are occupied in destroying.


39.         What we may assume is that the "Dweller on the Threshold" is no part of the Divine Plan and was never meant to be.

40.         It is interesting to note that the Great Ones are also involved in the destruction of this thoughtform. The responsibility also belongs to man, but the Great Ones are lending their assistance in a manner sanctioned by occult law.


  Under the Law of Karma it has to be dissipated by those who have created it;


41.         In the Universe all creators are responsible for their creations. This could be another way of stating the Law of Karma. If you created it, you have to deal with its effects.

42.         Yet, the Great Ones are assisting—however indirectly.


 the work of the Masters has to be carried on, therefore, indirectly, and must take the form of illuminating the sons of men in gradually increasing degree, so that they can see clearly this "Dweller on the Threshold" of the new life, and the antagonist who stands between the fourth kingdom of nature and the fifth.


43.         DK is explaining why the Masters may not dissipate the thoughtform themselves. They could of course, but under Law, they are not allowed to do so.

44.         DK offers a further definition of the “Dweller”—it dwells on the threshold of new life. It stands between the fourth and fifth kingdom of nature, and prevents passage from the lower to the higher kingdom. This is why it must be dissipated.


Every time a son of man stands upon the Probationary Path [Page 949] Their work is facilitated,


45.         It is, then, the objective of the Spiritual Hierarchy to lead human beings towards the Path of Probation. At such a time a man becomes, to a degree, spiritually self-directing, having thrown the weight of his life energy on the side of the good.


 for it means that one small stream of life-energy is directed into new channels, and away from the old stream,


46.         And this is the case even though vacillation and relapses may from time to time occur.


 which tends to vitalise and feed the evil form, and one more conscious assailant can be trained to co-operate in the work of destruction.


47.         What a dramatic way of describing one who treads the Path of Probation!—a “conscious assailant”, and we note that the word “conscious” is italicized!

48.         Those who tread the Path of Probation have adjusted their sense of values to reflect reality—at least to some measure.

49.         What this means is that every probationary disciple is, to a greater or lesser extent, deliberately wielding the spiritual forces of destruction against maya, glamour and illusion.


Every time an initiate is admitted to the Lodge degrees,


50.         We may assume that Master DK is referencing principally the true initiate of the third degree, because, while an initiate of the first degree is a new agent, he is not yet a powerful agent in the spiritual work.

51.         Yet, the “Lodge degrees” include the first and second degrees as well as the third and those beyond.


 it means that a new and powerful agent is available for the bringing down of force from higher levels to aid in the work of disintegration.


52.         Further, an initiate of the third degree will necessarily be more powerful than an initiate or the first or second degrees because he has made conscious contact with the Monad and thus with the first aspect of divinity. For this reason the work of disintegration could be carried on effectively.


In the comprehension of these two methods of aggressive work (that of the aspirant and the initiate)


53.         In a way, initiates of the first and second degrees are still “aspirant(s)” to the state of consciousness of the true initiate of the third degree.

54.         That “aggressive work” is involved signals the need for the spiritual use of the planet Mars, a planet of great importance at the first three initiations in which the sign Scorpio is prominent.

55.         We note that the term “disciple” is not used—only the terms “aspirant” and “initiate”. May this mean that until one is a true initiate, one is considered an “aspirant”. It is the task of Master DK to train “aspirants” for initiation, and this training extended to training for the third degree.


 will come much of vital interest to the careful student of analogy.


56.         This is an interesting phrase—“the careful students of analogy”. Usually analogy is seen as a method of interpretation, but the method, itself, can be studied and its use improved.

57.         We may infer that the aspirant when assailing the "Dweller" is more prompted by the desire to do so. The initiate is increasingly prompted by the will.


 Here lies the clue to the present problem of evil, and to the vitality of the hold which the matter aspect has on the spiritual.


58.         DK is summarising. Every human being must, at length, remove himself from the habitual inclinations which support the sustainment and growth of evil.  Every man removed from his previous evil inclinations signifies a tiny victory for the Forces of Light.

59.         The hold of matter upon the Spirit is still far from negated.


This gigantic thought form, the product of man's ignorance and selfishness, is kept alive and vitalised in three ways:


60.         Two factors—ignorance and selfishness—have produced the gigantic "Dweller on the Threshold" which hovers over humanity. At least this is the case where man, per se, is concerned.


First, by the aggregate of the evil desires, wicked intentions, and selfish purposes of each individual man.  Every wrong thought, when embodied in speech or manifested in action on the physical plane, goes to swell the proportions of this evil entity.


61.         DK is realistic in realizing that man cannot avoid wrong thoughts. It is the rendering of these wrong thoughts into speech and action on the physical plane which swells the proportions of “this giant evil entity”:

62.         Let us list the factors involved in the vitalizing this giant “Dweller”

a.            Evil desires

b.            Wicked intentions

c.            Selfish purposes

d.            Wrong thoughts (especially when rendered into speech and action, thus becoming wrong speech and wrong action).

63.         It is clear that one must dismiss wrong thoughts, warding them off if they seek entry. If they enter, they must be expelled. They cannot be entertained or nurtured.


Second, by the fostering care of the brothers of the shadow, and those representatives of what may be called "cosmic evil" who (under the karma of the fourth or human family, in this fourth round), assume stupendous responsibilities, make possible the secondary vitalisation of the thought form and produce conditions of such a dire description that under law rapid crystallisation supervenes, and ultimate destruction becomes possible.  Students would do well to broaden their concept as to the purpose of evil and the place the evil forces play in the general scheme.


64.         Here we have a profound description of the work of the “brothers of the shadow”: The Black Lodge, functioning largely within the three lower worlds of our solar system,  represents “cosmic evil”, even though the true sources of cosmic evil is upon the cosmic planes.

65.         It would seem that the karma of the fourth kingdom has called them in. A choice must be made between cosmic good and cosmic evil and that choice is presented when the fourth period of seven is reached.

66.         The idea that the members of the Black Lodge “assume tremendous responsibilities” is a most interesting one. Usually those who assume responsibilities are performing some good act or service. The implication is that these representatives of evil have a purpose within the general scheme and that good will come out of evil. Yet, for all that, it does not seem that the deliberate embrace of cosmic evil by human beings in this series of solar system was ever a necessity.

67.         DK may be differentiating the "brothers of the shadow" from representatives of “cosmic evil”. Perhaps these “representatives” are still more evil than the "brothers of the shadow". In any case, the "brothers of the shadow" fall under the influence of true "cosmic evil".

68.         In any case, the effect of these “brothers of the shadow” is dire, calamitous and leads to their crystallization and destruction. They cannot escape the working of the Law which requires their ultimate undoing.

69.         DK is linking the “brothers of the shadow” to the tendency towards crystallization and destruction of that which must be destroyed. It would seem that they somehow contribute to the hastening of the destruction of that which must be destroyed.

70.         DK invites us to contemplate the purpose and place of evil in the general scheme. It would seem that ignorance produces much that must be destroyed and that the effects of conscious evil hastens this destruction.

71.         The primary vitalization of the great thoughtform is the responsibility of man. The secondary vitalization is in the ‘care’ of the “brothers of the shadow”.


Third, by the energy still extant and the vibration still to be felt which is the persistence of force from [Page 950] an earlier solar system, and an emanation from that which is no longer considered in this solar system to be a principle.


72.         There is one other factor which tends to keep this gigantic thoughtform alive.

73.         The influence of the first solar system, expressed through the dense material vehicle of the Solar Logos and Planetary Logoi, also sustains this thoughtform. This type of energy-force has nothing really to do with the spiritual objectives of our present solar system. It is from the past and of the past, and tends to work against that which the Solar Logos seeks to evolve in the present solar system.

74.         As the energy of dense physical matter (and etheric subplane the matter of the densest three etheric subplanes) weakens, the hold which the gigantic “Dweller” has over humanity will also weaken.

75.         The implications for man is that he must subdue the influence of his dense physical body and, thus, succeed in overcoming the grossest aspects of materialism in his life.

76.         Let us tabulate the three factors which sustain the gigantic, nefarious thoughtform called the "Dweller on the Threshold":

a.            Human ignorance

b.            The fostering care of the "brothers of the shadow"

c.            The ancient vibration originating in the previous solar system


These three factors are the main ones to be considered by the Great Ones in Their work of enabling men to break loose from the influence of this self-imposed form, to destroy that which they have themselves constructed, and to shake themselves free from the illusion cast by the persistent vampire which they have nourish­ed and strengthened for millennia of years.


77.         DK uses dramatic words to speak of the actions which must be taken both by the Spiritual Hierarchy and by man.

78.         Man must “break loose”, “destroy”, shake free of the “persistent vampire” whose very existence means for them spiritual devitalization.

79.         Can we see how the first ray potencies of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus can be employed in this act of liberation?

80.         Think of your own life. By what means have you attempted to break free of your own small self-created vampire, and to what degree have you succeeded? It is a formidable and unavoidable task.

81.         Interesting descriptions are used. The vampire casts illusion. Thus, the vampire not only is illusion (and glamor) but affects thought and perception in such a way as to cast illusion, just as a shadow is cast.


This work of destruction the Great Ones are bringing about in four main ways:


82.         We have seen the cause of the great thoughtform and what sustains it, and also our obligation in breaking free from it as we tread the various sections of the Path.

83.         There follows a description of how the Great Ones seek to destroy the thoughtform remembering that the Great Ones are not allowed to attack the thoughtform directly as its destruction is the responsibility of those who created it.


(1)        By the strength of Their united thoughts and meditations.


84.         Attack is made through thought and meditation. This way is open to us as well.

85.         When fighting that which is subjective or, at least, subtle, the methods used must be subjective or subtle.


(2)        By the work of the Hierarchy in training and teaching indi­viduals, who thus break away from blind group activity, and become conscious centres of force and co-operators in the work of destruction.  This work has to be carried on from mental levels.  Hence the training of disciples to med­i­tate and work in mental matter.


86.         Disciples are, essentially, “warriors”.

87.         The task of training for discipleship becomes, we see, of very great importance. It may seem like more or less an academic discipline to some, but it is so much more than this.

88.         We see how important is the attainment of mental polarization, far more difficult to achieve than the words themselves indicate to most who consider them.

89.         Just as individualizing souls must break away from the group soul, so must conscious disciples break away from “blind group activity”, which we may call the “mass consciousness”.

90.         We must remember that only the mentally focused (and, even better, mentally polarized) individual can fight this battle, carrying on he work of destruction from mental levels.

91.         This is an argument to put before those who do not want to engage in the labor of achieving mental polarization.


(3)        By the use of certain mantrams and words which bring in interplanetary force of the fourth order.


92.         We may assume that interplanetary force of the fourth order is to be involved because we are working within the fourth planetary scheme, in its fourth scheme round, and within the fourth chain experiencing its fourth chain round, and, further, upon the fourth globe.

93.         Such force seems to be existent between planetary schemes or, at the very least, between planetary chains.

94.         Such mantrams and words of power are beyond the ken of average well-intended disciples, but the closer comes their affiliation with the Hierarchy, the more such mantrams will be made available to them.

95.         Are we to assume that “interplanetary force of the fourth order” is buddhic? We must remember that it is buddhic or intuitional force which dispels illusion.


 This force is then directed towards this distorted creation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy (the fourth or human kingdom) and tends to augment the work of destruction.


96.         Force may be invoked, but how will it be directed? Here we are told that that which is invoked through the use of appropriate mantrams and words is directed towards the gigantic “Dweller”.

97.         Who performs this act of directing? Very high initiates, it seems.


  Much of this work is carried on by the Nirmanakayas.


99.         Nirmanakayas are initiates of the sixth degree, minimally. The work of directing this force must be very responsible if it requires such high agencies to be involved.

100.      We can see that this third method of destruction is highly occult in nature as is the next.


(4)        By stimulating the egoic bodies of men so that the solar Angels may carry on with greater precision and force their conflict with the lunar gods.


101.      This is a divine and necessary conflict. The battle is always on, but the Solar Angels fight it scientifically. As the Masters and other Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy stimulate the egoic bodies of men, the Solar Pitris who substand the egoic lotus are strengthened to better and more precisely perform their scientific warfare.


 This is the true war in heaven.


102.      This “war” has been described in various ways, microcosmic and macrocosmic. Here we have the microcosmic explanation, but we can imagine that there is also a battle royal occurring between the cosmic Solar Angels and the cosmic lunar lords.


 As the solar Gods87 descend ever [Page 951] nearer to the physical plane, and in their descent assume a steadily increasing control of the lunar natures, the thoughts and desires of men are consequently purified and refined.


103.      In a way, the Solar Angels descend no lower than the higher mental plane, and yet their influence extends through the various lower vehicles as the man works upon the purification of those vehicles. The descent of influence is, itself, a means of purification.


The solar fires put out the lunar light, and the lower nature is eventually purified and transmuted.


104.      The Solar Angels are animated by solar fire and the lunar angels by fire by friction. The lesser light is “put out” by the greater. The lunar vehicles shine, eventually by reflected light, the solar light of the Solar Angels.


 In time the solar Angels blaze forth in all their glory through the medium of the lower nature on the physical plane, that lower nature providing fuel to the flames.


105.      The lower nature provides the three or four “wicks” for the solar flame.

106.      It is interesting to note that this blaze of glory will occur “on the physical plane”. This will take place, presumably, through the etheric body which, in a way, reflects the egoic body.


  The hated "Dweller on the Threshold" thus gradually dies for lack of sustenance, and disintegrates for lack of vitality, and man is set free.


107.      The mode of attack upon the "Dweller on the Threshold" must be carefully analyzed. One cannot forever use the Martian method although it has some value in the initial stages of confrontation.

108.      The power of substitution of a new and vitally absorbing interest contributes to the vitiation of the “Dweller”. Freedom from the “Dweller” occurs through its devitalization.

109.      We note that the "Dweller on the Threshold" is “hated”. One is repelled by the unredeemed past which bars the way to fuller life and consciousness. But hate will not suffice to banish patterns of negative energy. One must see through this ancient relic and refuse to be swayed by its promptings.


Footnote 87:
The Solar Gods are the "Fallen Angels."—S. D., II, 287.


110.      They have fallen from the cosmic etheric planes into the dense physical body of the Solar Logos.

111.      There is no opprobrium attached to their “fall”. The fall was an act of selfless service.


a.   They warm the shadows...the human bodies.


112.      Notice that they “warm” the shadows rather than “heat” the shadows. Solar fire conveys warmth rather than heat, per se.

113.      The “human bodies” include all the lunar vehicles.



b.   They in their turn are warmed by the Monad, or Atma.—S. D., II, 116, 117, 284.


114.      The Solar Pitris within the causal body are animated by the Monad. Atma in this context is not the spiritual will but is related to the Spirit. As the human principle closest to the Monad it is often identified with the major quality of the Monad—that of will.

115.      The word “warmed”, in this context, seems to mean energized or animated.


c.   They are the Serpents of Wisdom.—S. D., II, 240.


116.      It was they who whispered to the more receptive Eve of the possibilities of true knowledge—individualized life.


d.   Their nature is Knowledge and Love.—S. D., II, 527.


117.      Knowledge and love are the qualities of Venus, the planet which most represents their nature.


e.   They come in from the cosmic mental plane.—S. D., III, 540.


118.      They are an emanated aspect of the far greater Solar Angels of the cosmic mental plane.

119.      As they emanate, minimally, from the “Heart of God”, they emanate from the causal body of the Solar Logos on the cosmic mental plane.


The Ego, or Solar Angel is imprisoned.--S. D., I, 621.


120.      This seems only true to an extent. It seems that part of their nature is imprisoned within the causal body but only part. A certain part of their nature is free upon the plane which is their own plane—perhaps the buddhic plane. And yet when we think of the true plane of the Solar Angels, we must not forget that they “come in from the cosmic mental plane”.

121.      The extent of the imprisonment (or of the attentiveness required of them) increases as the personality becomes increasingly responsive to the Solar Angel.

122.      It seems incorrect to equate the Ego with the Solar Angel in its fulness. The Ego on the higher mental plane is infused by an aspect of the consciousness of the Solar Angel, but the Solar Angel is more than the Ego.

123.      When we think of what is stated immediately below, we should have this reservation in mind.


a.   It has to liberate itself from the thraldom of sensuous perception.


124.      That part of the Ego which is invested in personality consciousness has to liberate itself from the thralldom of sensuous perception, but this is not true of the Solar Angel on its own plane.


b.   It has to see in the light of the one Reality.


125.      The Solar Angel on its own plane does see in the light of the one Reality, but that part of the Ego which expresses as personality consciousness does not do so until the later initiations are realized.


c.   See S. D., II, 578.

d.   To redeem humanity.—S. D., II, 257.


126.      The human being is the Ego. The Ego, per se, does not redeem humanity, but the Solar Angel and Solar Angels (invested within the Ego) do.


e.   To endow him with human affections and aspirations.—S. D., II, 257.


127.      These are the gifts of Venus. The lunar nature, per se, is not endowed with these responses unless properly cultivated by the Solar Angel.


f.     They give to men intelligence and consciousness.—S. D., I, 204


128.      They give to man self-conscious intelligence. Within the lunar vehicles there is already a type of consciousness related to the third aspect of divinity.


b.  At present much of the manipulation of mental matter and its direction into forms of some kind or another emanates from lower levels, and is the result of powerful desire based on physical attraction.


129.      The magical process is dependent upon thoughtform building. How are these forms presently built? DK is telling us that they are not built from above but most often under the impulsion of lower desire based on physical attraction.

130.      In other words, must human beings build thoughts which will fulfill their lower desire nature.


The desire bodies, and not the mental bodies of the majority of men are the most powerful, and set up such a strong vibration (due to the force of two groups of lunar lords) that the third group of lunar entities who construct the mental body are swept into a willing response, and the whole threefold lower nature is immedi­ately engaged in the dire process of feeding the dreaded "Dweller." 


131.      There is great clarity in what DK has just stated.

132.      Humanity is not mentally polarized and does not create the majority of its thoughtforms under the influence of the lunar lords of the mental plane.

133.      We note that that the lunar lords of the mental plane are “swept into a willing response”. This means that they offer no resistance to the overwhelming power of the lunar lords of the astral plane (who are strengthened by the lunar lords of the systemic physical plane).

134.      Under such an influence, the “Dweller” is constantly fed. We gather then, that low desire feeds the “Dweller” and is powerful enough to compel the other two groups of lunar lords to do the same.


This direction of energy follows the line of least resistance.


135.      We live in an astral-buddhic solar system, the astral body of which is the most potent vehicle. As well, humanity as a whole is astrally polarized, and this polarization reinforces the triumph of the astral body in the case of the individual human being.

136.      The man who deliberately and effectively works as a mentally polarized consciousness is rare at this time in human history.


 One of the primary works of the Ego, as we well know, is to impose a new rhythm upon his shadow and reflection, the lower man, and it is this imposition which in time deflects energy away from man's distorted creation, [the “Dweller”] and brings his vibration into tune with that of his solar Angel.


137.      We can see that the Solar Angel opposes the usual lower tendencies of the astral body, but not its aspiration.

138.      From the planetary perspective, Venus is at war with Mars.

139.      Note carefully that it is the Ego which imposes the new rhythm. The Ego is partly the extension of the Monad and partly the infusion of the Solar Angel.

140.      The Ego’s success reconditions the man so that his vibration comes into attunement with his Solar Angel. The Solar Angel is even more than the Ego.

141.      In this important section of text, the Ego is discriminated from the Solar Angel.


The devas who are the sumtotal of the energy of substance itself care not what form they build.  They are [Page 952] irresponsibly responsive to energy currents, and theirs is not the problem of dealing with sources of energy.


142.      When DK speaks of “the energy of substance” He is not speaking only of “building essence”, for He speaks of those who “build”—i.e., of the “irresponsibly responsive” builders.

143.      It goes without saying that “building essence “ cares not what forms it is built into, but also elemental lives of the lower orders—those manipulating devas who are not self-conscious also do not care about what forms they build. They simply follow ‘orders’.

144.      When man mindlessly follows orders, he relinquishes his nature as man (the one who, through self-knowledge, rebels) and, instead, falls into the pattern of deva behavior.

145.      The lower devas, therefore, do not discriminate regarding the source of energy currents which impel them. They simply respond. They have no responsibility for the impulsion of the building process and, therefore, respond irresponsibly.

146.      The phrase “irresponsibly responsive” is arresting and tells us much about our responsibility to the deva kingdom.


Therefore, the place of man in the cosmic plan becomes more vital and apparent when it is realised that one of his main respon­sibilities is the direction of energy currents from the mental plane, and the creation of that which is desired on higher levels.


147.      One of the main responsibilities of man is here outlined.

148.      Countering the human tendency of astral impulsion, it is the role of the enlightened man to direct energy currents from the mental plane.

149.      Desire does exist upon the higher planes. God also desires. Such desire, cosmically, emanates from the cosmic astral plane.

150.      It is man’s task to respond mentally and with intelligent directiveness to the desires of the "One in Whom he lives and moves and has his being".

151.      Man frees himself from the deva kingdom by learning mental polarization and with it, the ability to direct energy currents from the mental plane.


Men, as a whole, are undergoing evolutionary development in order that they may become conscious creators in matter. This involves


152.      The human being is meant to be  self-consciously creative. We are intended to mirror the creative function of the Planetary Logos.

153.       So far, we are mostly unconsciously creative and the products of our creativity is not in line with that which is desired from ‘above’.


(1) A realisation of the archetypal plan,


154.      The first expression of the archetypal plan with which we as human beings may be in contact is that which is found upon the higher mental plane.

155.      As we learn to touch one cosmic ether after another, our apprehension of the archetypal plan grows in clarity and detail.

156.      The ultimate archetypal plane on the cosmic physical plane (that cosmic physical subplane on which the archetypal plan can be known in greatest fulness) is the logoic plane. Of course, there is an “archetypal plan” as it is known on the cosmic mental plane. About such Archetypes we can know absolutely nothing.


(2) An understanding of the laws governing the building processes of nature,


157.      One who understands such laws and can execute them is a white magician.


(3) A conscious process of willing creation, so that man co-operates with the ideal, works under law, and produces that which is in line with the planetary plan, and which tends to further the best interests of the race,


158.      Those who can perform in this manner are members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.

159.      It is important to note the term “willing creation”. In all acts of sanctioned creation the will must be combined with the creative faculties.

160.      We see that such a man is a spiritual idealist who conforms to spiritual law. He also serve the Divine Plan as it is expressed upon the cosmic ethers of our planet.


(4) A comprehension as to the nature of energy, and an ability to direct energy currents, to disintegrate (or withdraw energy from) all forms in the three worlds,


161.      This is certainly occult work. The occultist is one who has mastered energy. This requires the application of the first and fifth rays.

162.      The human being who has mastered energy must—

a.            Direct energy currents

b.            Withdraw energy from forms in the three worlds

c.            Disintegrate forms in the three worlds—through the process of withdrawal

d.            And, presumably, infuse with life energy forms in the three worlds.


163.      There is an occult formula here. The one who works to disintegrate form works through the process of withdrawal.

164.      This suggests a magnetic ability which serves the process of abstraction. Presumably one can envision embodied energy returning to the source of supply.


(5) An appreciation of the nature of the devas, their constitution and place as builders, and of the words and sounds whereby they are directed and controlled.


165.      In this simple sentence, lifetimes of work are contained. There are many, many varieties of devas, each with their own task. Each type of devic group is controlled by different words and sounds. The learning involved is most exacting. Error cannot be allowed.


When the energy currents of the human family are directed from egoic levels only, when desire is transmuted, and the fifth princi­ple awakened and finally illuminated by the sixth, then and only then will the strength of the impulse emanating from lower levels die out and the "Dweller on the Threshold" (who now haunts the human family) likewise die.


166.      The "Dweller on the Threshold" is, indeed, a phantasm as the word “haunts” suggests.

167.      Let us tabulate those conditions necessary for the dying out of the “Dweller”.

a.            Energy currents must be directed from egoic levels only

b.            Desire must be transmuted

c.            The fifth principle must be awakened

d.            The awakened fifth principle must be illuminated by the sixth (buddhi)

168.      With these requirements fulfilled, lower impulses will die out and the “Dweller” will die of attrition.


In other words, when the dense physical body of the planetary Logos (composed of matter of the three worlds of human endeavour) is completely purified and vitalised by the force of the life flowing from etheric levels, and when all His centres (formed of human units) are fully awakened,


169.      The Planetary Logos has various centers on various of the cosmic ethers. The groups of causal bodies on the higher mental plane can also be considered as planetary logoic centers.

170.      There are groupings of human units on planes higher than the higher mental plane as well.

171.      We are speaking of the awakening of the egoic groups on the higher mental plane and, presumably, of the awakening of still higher centers formed of human units.

172.      Etheric substitution is necessary to complete the redemptive process which sees the elimination of the "Dweller". The centers of the human being which are found within the dense physical body of the Planetary Logos must be purified and vitalized by the energy flowing in from the planetary logoic centers upon the cosmic ethers and, to a lesser extent, from egoic groups upon the higher mental plane.


 then will [Page 953] those centres be channels for pure force, and such an entity as the "Dweller" be an impossibility.


173.      We seem to be speaking of the etheric centers of the Planetary Logos and their purification. Some degree of advancement of the Planetary Logos is necessary before the "Dweller" (found within the dense physical body of the Planetary Logos) can be expiated.

174.      The egoic groups upon the higher mental plane are also centers of force within the Planetary Logos and these centers, too, must be awakened.


All that I have here said anent this "Dweller on the Threshold" of the Path between the two great kingdoms, the fourth and the fifth, can be studied by the student with a personal application.


175.      Indeed, it must be studied in this manner as without many instances of ‘personal conquest’, the greater "Dweller" cannot be vanquished. Every disciple/initiate is obliged to conquer his own personal version of the ‘Great Impediment” between the fourth and fifth kingdoms.


Facing each earnest aspirant to the Mysteries is that vitalised form which he has himself constructed and nourished during the course of his previous incarnations, and which represents the sum total of his evil desires, motives and thoughts.


176.      This is the great sumtotal of negativity we all must confront—individually, and later, when possible, collectively.

177.      We pause to realize that each of us has “constructed” and “nourished” a great phantasm which blocks our way. As knowledge of our previous incarnations is clarified, we will see how we have done this. For the moment we have the effect though few of us perceive this effect in its fulness.

178.      This thoughtform becomes a deadly opponent every time we seek to penetrate further into the light. It ‘kills’ the possibility for the higher livingness and consciousness to enter and pervade the lower form.


For ages it has vampirised him, and for ages it has represented that which he has failed to achieve.  It affects not only himself but also all those units whom he contacts and meets.


179.      The description of the activities of the individual "Dweller" is not pleasant. We are told a story of vampirism (of energy theft). The energy we need for achievement is occultly ‘stolen’ by a grotesque form we ourselves have created.

180.      The individual "Dweller" is also a constant reminder of our failures. This, in itself, is depressing and devitalizing unless faced with the spiritual will.

181.      The individual "Dweller" mars not only the life of the individual human being but has a very negative effect upon all he contacts. Thus, when we fail to conquer our "Dweller", we harm others.

182.      We all must confront this great menace and, truth to tell, most of us have no idea how bad the situation really is. Master DK told some of those who had failed to fulfill the requirements of group life that, while they knew they had certain problems, they did not know how deep-seated and difficult these problems were.


In its destruction he has to pursue methods similar to those fol­low­ed by the Great Ones,


183.      And this will require approach to the Great Ones, so that Their methods can be learned…

184.      The approaches used by the Great Ones in assisting humanity to conquer its "Dweller" are given above.


 and through the increasing power of his solar Angel,


185.      The Solar Angel is a very powerful being and is not the Ego. This is important to note.


 through the force of his Ego,


186.      The Solar Angel is differentiated from the Ego.


 and through a study of law, the knowledge of the power of sound, and the control of speech, he will eventually bring about its disintegration.


187.      The methods of destroying the vampire are so important that we must tabulate them:

a.            Disintegration by similar methods used by the Great Ones. Briefly—

                                          i.    Through meditation

                                        ii.    Through teaching and training

                                       iii.    Through mantrams

                                       iv.    Through stimulating the Ego

b.            Disintegration through the increasing power of the Solar Angel

c.            Disintegration through the force of the Ego

d.            Disintegration through the power of sound

e.            Disintegration through the control of speech

188.      It seems particularly important to note the distinction between the Solar Angel and the Ego, as sometimes that distinction is not emphasized and the two terms are used almost interchangeably.

189.      The Solar Angel is far greater than the Ego. The Solar Angel participates in the consciousness of the Ego, sustaining its integrity.

190.      The manner in which the two are listed shows the Solar Angel to be preeminent over the Ego. Even if the Ego were considered to be the spiritual triad, the Solar Angel would still be a far more advanced entity.


The old Commentary says:

"The solar Angel must put out the light of the lunar angels and then for lack of warmth and light, that which has served to hinder no longer is."


191.      The warmth and light of the lunar angels are obstructive. They must be removed.                                         

192.      The Ego also has a part in this process, but it is the presence of the Solar Angel within the Ego on the higher mental plane which makes this possible.


c. As yet but few of the human family work deliberately and con­sciously in mental matter only.  The energy exerted by men is mostly kama-manasic or desire coupled with lower mind, with a preponderance, as might be expected, of desire force.


193.      As we can see this does not represent a very high level of development.

194.      It appears to be desirable to work consciously is mental matter only or at least to have the capability to do so.

195.      The word “coupled” is of importance, for kama-manas represents the coupling o two functions—the mental and the emotional.


  This is to be inferred from the second statement.


196.      So many of humanity’s problems come simply from the relatively low level of evolution thus far achieved within the human race.

197.      If the majority of human beings is kama-manasic, that majority cannot yet work strictly in mental matter.


The whole trend of evolu­tion is to bring about ability to build in mental matter, and two things lie ahead of the race:


198.      This is one of the major goals of the Aryan civilization, which is meant to be a mentally focussed civilization.


        First.  The gradual dissipation of the indefinite masses of kama-manasic matter which surround practically every unit of the human family, producing a condition of murkiness and fog within, and around, each aura.


199.      Here we have one of those graphic insights into the true condition of the human being. To the true seer, the aura of the average individual must present no pretty picture.

200.      DK is telling us that we, almost inevitably, live within a condition of murkiness and fog. Our attempt to be clear is no small matter and the difficulty of the process has a subtle, material basis.


Gradually [Page 954] this will clear away, and men will be seen surrounded by clear-cut thought forms, characterised by a distinc­tive vibration and distinguished by a particular quality incident to a man's ray and therefore to his type of mind.


201.      What is desirable is a clarification of the psycho-mental condition of the race.

202.      A seer will be able to ‘read’ the thoughtforms of the ‘clarified’ individual and the forms will represent the major rays in expression. Perhaps this is one way that a seer can immediately determine which, in fact, are the major rays—by the form and vibration of the thoughtforms to be found within the aura.

203.      We are not necessarily speaking of the ray of the mind, but it becomes apparent that the type of a man’s mind is “incident to a man’s ray”.


        Second.  The aggregate of human thought forms which now are of a personal character, vibrating around each human being as the planets vibrate around the sun, will tend to approximate a group centre.


204.      Putting this in other terms, the average human being thinks far too much of himself as an isolated person. This will change as individual consciousness is reconditioned to become group consciousness.

205.      So, two developments can be expected: the dissipation of auric unclarity in the field of thought, and the reconditioning of human thought through the process of personality decentralization, producing thought induced by a growing group consciousness.


Thought energy, which now emanates from each human being as a comparatively weak stream of an indefinite conglomeration of mental matter, of no particular character, forming no particularly distinct forms and persisting in animating those forms for but a brief period, will be directed towards the creation of that desired by the group, and not solely towards that desired by the unit.


206.      The picture presented of the human thinking process is one of weakness and vagueness. For the moment, this conglomeration of amorphous thought is impulsed by personal desire. Later thought will clarify, take more definite form and be impulsed by group desire and later, presumably, by group will and intention.

207.      Before one thinks, one will ask, “What does the group need or desire at this moment?” One will think in line with what is best for the group.


This is the basis, very largely, for the antagonism that all con­structive thinkers and group workers encounter.  The stream of energy which they emanate, and which constructs vital thought forms, runs counter to that of the masses of men, awakens opposition, and produces temporary chaos.


208.      Whenever an established trend is opposed or disrupted, antagonism will arise in those who feel disrupted. We guard well our various forms of comfort.

209.      We are dealing with a war between the well-formed and the formless, and it is occurring always and everywhere. At least it is good for disciples to know the kind of opposition they will inevitably meet as they think in line with group good.


The prominent workers and thinkers of the human family, under the direction of the Lodge, are engaged in three things:


210.      Here are presented three great tasks of prominent workers and thinkers who work under the direction of the Lodge:


a.  The imposition of the newer and higher rhythm upon men.


211.      This imposition is a most important task in the New Age. Disjointed rhythms or arrhythmia leads to disintegration. Right rhythm leads to coherence.

212.      One should pay attention to the rhythms occurring in the environment (including the rhythm of the words and acts of others). These rhythms can be very influential either for good or ill.


b.  The dissipation of the murky clouds of half-vitalised indefinite thought forms which surround our planet, thus permitting the entry of interplanetary force, and of force from the higher mental levels.


213.      Here we have it clearly stated; these clouds really do “shut out the sun” of higher mind. Clouds of indefinite thoughtforms are obstructive to the entrance of higher energies. We as aspirants and disciples have much clearing to do if, on our own little microcosmic levels, we are to bring the higher aspects of our nature into expression.

214.      The dissipation here required is very much the dissipation of maya, glamor and illusion. It is a ‘tangible something’ to be dispelled, dissipated and dispersed.


c.   The awakening within men of the power to think clearly, to energise their thought forms accurately, and to hold in vital form those thought constructions whereby they may attain their objective, and [Page 955] bring about desired condi­tions upon the physical plane.


215.      The Great Ones are working with the power to energize and vitalize man’s ability to think.

216.      Let us tabulate:

a.            The Great Ones awaken within men the power to think clearly

b.            The Great Ones awaken in men the power to energize their thoughtforms accurately

c.            The Great Ones awaken in men the ability to hold thoughtforms in vital form long enough for objectives to be attained.

217.      In short, the Great Ones are teaching men to become white magicians.

218.      Let us emphasize through tabulation that which the Great Ones are attempting to do

a.            To impose a new and higher rhythm upon men

b.            To dissipate clouds of obstructive thoughtforms

c.            To awaken in men certain abilities connected with the creation of thought


These three objectives [listed above] necessitate a clear comprehension among such vital thinkers and workers, of the power of thought; of the direction of thought currents, of the science of thought building, of the manipulation under law and order of mental matter, and of the process of thought manifestation through the two factors of sound and vitalisation. 


219.      What is said is of such importance that we must tabulate for emphasis. If the three objectives of the Great Ones are to be achieved, certain things will be necessitated among vital thinkers and workers:

a.            Clear comprehension of the power of thought

b.            Clear comprehension of the direction of thought currents

c.            Clear comprehension of the science of thought building

d.            Clear comprehension of the methods of manipulating mental matter under law and order

e.            Clear comprehension of the process of thought manifestation utilizing sound and vitalization

f.             Additionally (see below) the ability to negate strictly personal impulses

g.            The faculty of working in group form (see below)

h.            Clear directing of thoughtforms upon a specific mission (see below)

220.      Let us ponder on these important requirements and see to what extent we have the required clear comprehension


It involves likewise the ability to negate or render futile all impul­ses arising from the lower self which are of a centralised and purely personal aspect, and the faculty of working in group form, each thought being sent upon the definite mission of adding its quota of energy and matter to some one stream which is specific and known.


221.      It is obvious that the thoughtless creation of thoughtforms must end.

222.      These negative impulses will arise in the case of most individuals, but there are methods of ensuring they do not interfere with the power to create constructive thought for the advancement of group purpose.

223.      The astral body is often at war with the well-directed mental body. The advancing disciple understands how to win this war. Mental concentration and eventual polarization are deflective of these lower, personal impulses.


This last is of importance, for no worker for humanity becomes of real assistance until he (consciously and with full knowledge of his work) definitely directs his thought energy towards some partic­ular channel of service to the race.


224.      Here we have a Sagittarian dynamic—the purposeful direction of thought. Sagittarius is the sign of one-pointed discipleship.

225.      Thought is as an arrow, as a stream of energy to be directed towards a certain target. The purpose of thought is to change undesirable patterns into desirable ones.


d.          In all thought building, therefore, of a high order, men have several things to do, which might be enumerated as follows:


226.      We are being given important directives upon which we can take practical action.

227.      We note that we are not interested merely in thoughtform building, but in “thoughtform building of a high order”.


[Point One] First, to purify their lower desires so that they are enabled to see clearly in the occult sense.  No man has clear vision who is ob­ses­sed with his own needs, actions, and interests, and uncon­scious of that which is higher and of group activity.


228.      Lower desire blinds one to truth and reality. An assessment must be made by each disciple of the quality of his desires. If desire swirls around the little, personal self, vision of greater and deeper things is blocked.


        [Point One—Part Two] This clear vision brings about an ability to read, even if uncon­scious­ly at first, the akashic records, and thus ascertain the point of depart­ure for the new and incoming thought impulses, an ability to lose sight of self interest in group interest, and thus co-operate with the plan, and a faculty that enables him to become aware of the keynote of the race, and aware of the "cry of humanity."


229.      DK speaks of the beneficent results of the clarification of vision:

230.      Let us tabulate for emphasis:

a.            Clear vision brings the ability to read the akashic records

b.            Clear vision brings an ability to lose sight of self interest in group interest

c.            Thus, clear vision brings the ability to cooperate wit the Plan

d.            Clear vision brings an ability to become aware of the keynote of the race

e.            Clear vision brings an ability to become aware of the “cry of humanity”.


231.      We see great advantages, do we not, to purifying our desire nature from obsessive personalism.


[Point Two] Next, to secure control over the mind.  This involves [Page 956] certain important things:  A realisation of the nature of the mind and brain through concentration, an understanding of the relation which should exist between the physical brain and Man, the real Thinker on the physical plane, an ability, gradually developed once the mind is brought under control through concentration, to meditate in the occult sense, and thus bring through the plan from higher levels, ascertain his individual share in the plan, and then co-operate in the work of some particular group of Nirmanakayas.


232.      This section of text is so amazingly practical. If we are to be impressed rightly by these requirements, tabulation serves us.

233.      The following are involved in the second task of securing control over the mind:

a.            A realization of the mind and brain through concentration

b.            An understanding of the relation which should exist between the physical brain and Man, the real Thinker on the physical plane

c.            An ability to meditate in this occult sense. This is gradually developed once the mind is brought under control through concentration

d.            An ability, through meditation, to bring through the plan from higher levels

e.            An ability, through meditation, to ascertain one’s individual share in the Plan

f.             An ability, through meditation, and action on behalf of the Plan, to cooperate in the work of some particular group of Nirmanakayas. (This last point is of great interest and demonstrates the high origin of the impulse with which a true cooperator with the Plan is in touch.)


[Point Three] This is succeeded by a consideration of the laws of energy.  A man discovers how to build a thought form of a particular quality and tone, to energise it with his own life, and thus have—on mental levels—a small creation, the child of his will, which he can use as a messenger, or as a means for the manifestation of an idea.  Students will do well to consider these points with care, if they seek to become conscious operators.


234.      The next point for those of high nature who would build thoughtforms successfully is “a consideration of the laws of energy”.

235.      Let us tabulate what is required:

a.            The magician must build a thoughtform of a particular quality

b.            The magician must build a thoughtform of a particular tone

c.            The magician must energize that thoughtform with his own life

d.            The magician having created the thoughtform, a child of his will, must use the thoughtform as a messenger

e.            The magician must use the thoughtform for the purpose of manifesting some idea


236.      DK is dealing with amazing practicality. He is trying to teach us how to become “conscious operators”. This would mean that we would become practical magicians.


[Point Four] Finally, having constructed a thought form, the next thing the servant of humanity has to learn is how to send it on its mission, whatever that may be, holding it through his own vital energy in its due form, keeping it vibrating to its own measure, and eventually bringing about its destruction when it has fulfilled its mission.


237.      The final stage of the task (and in DK’s instructions here we can see that He is preparing us for the forthcoming section on White Magic) has to do with sending the thoughtform on its mission:

a.            The magician must send the thoughtform on its mission

b.            To send the thoughtform on its mission, he must hold the thoughtform in due form using his own vital energy to do so

c.            The magician must keep the thoughtform vibrating to its own measure

d.            The magician, eventually, must bring about the destruction of the thoughtform when it has fulfilled its mission.

238.      Let us review the main categories of all the magician or worker in mental matter must do if he is to create the type of thoughtforms necessary to serve the Plan:

a.            The would-be magician must purify his desires (Scorpio)

b.            The magician must achieve clear vision (Sagittarius)

c.            The magician must secure control over his mind (Capricorn)

d.            The magician must consider the laws of energy (Aquarius)

e.            The magician must send the thoughtform on its mission in the proper manner and then, later, destroy the thoughtform once the mission is achieved. (Aquarius and Pisces)


The average man is often the victim of his own thought forms.  He constructs them, but is neither strong enough to send them out to do their work, nor wise enough to dissipate them when required.


239.      DK is telling us how we create our own prison of thought.

240.      We create, but cannot rid ourselves of what we have created. We can neither send nor destroy.

241.      Note that wisdom is required for the dissipation of thoughtforms.


  This has brought about the thick swirling fog of half-formed, semi-vitalised forms in which eighty five percent of the human race is surrounded.


242.      DK could be giving us quite an important hint. Is this another way of telling us that eighty-five percent of humanity is kama-manasic in consciousness?

243.      There are different classifications of human beings. Those who individualized on the Earth-chain are still largely kama-manasic in their consciousness. While many of those who individualized on the Moon-chain are also kama-manasic, a fair number of them will be mentally polarized. Is DK subtly hinting at the numbers of those who are Earth-chain humanity compared with those who individualized on the Moon-chain?

244.      When we think of half-formed, semi-vitalised forms we are given a strong incentive to think things through to conclusion. One does not want to swell the proportion of vague, half-formed thoughts. This incentive will also apply to the production of speech.


In his work as thought builder, man has to show forth the char­acter­istics of the Logos, the great Architect or Builder of the universe.


245.      In this case, the “universe” means our solar system.

246.      The Solar Logos, it appears, is both the Architect and the Builder of our solar system.

247.      Man is to model himself on far higher Examples.


 He has to parallel His work as:


The one who conceives the idea.


248.      Conception of the idea is achieved under the impulse of Aries.


The one who clothes the idea in matter.  [Page 957]


249.      Clothing the idea with matter is achieved in Taurus and relates to the plane of desire over which Taurus has an important influence.


The one who energises the idea, and thus enables the form to preserve its outline and perform its mission.


250.      The energizing of the idea is an etheric process and occurs under the influence of Gemini. The idea achieves a vital coherence.


The one who—in time and space—through desire and love, directs that thought form, vitalises it continuously, until the objective is attained.


251.      Here many astrological influences are involved. All three major rays play their part. Directing the thoughtform occurs under the first ray. Continuous vitalization occurs under the third ray, and desire and love (under the second ray) sustains the entire process.

252.      The persistent energy of Cancer helps see the entire process through into manifestation.


The one who, when the desired end has been accomplished, destroys or disintegrates the thought form by with­draw­ing his energy (occultly, the "attention is withdrawn," or "the eye is no longer upon" it), so that the lesser lives (which had been built into the desired form) fall away and return to the general reservoir of deva substance.


253.      We note that there is no deliberate attempt to smash the thoughtform or apply psychic brute force. Rather, the method of destruction is far more subtle.

254.      What we might call the ‘Eye of Cohesion’ is averted. The holding, cohering power of the second ray no longer holds in cohesion the substances which comprised the thoughtform. A new and absorbing interest has taken the place of interest in the thoughtform. Left without the sustaining, integrating power of the eye, the thoughtform falls apart.

255.      From this perspective, to ignore is to kill. The ‘Eye’ enlivens.

256.      Withdrawal of energy and subsequent devitalization can be associated with Pluto and with the signs which Pluto rules—namely Scorpio and Pisces (both signs of death).

257.      Let us tabulate the five steps which reflect the work of the Logos:

a.            Conceiving

b.            Clothing

c.            Energizing

d.            Directing and Vitalizing

e.            Destroying through Energy Abstraction


Thus, in all creative work in mental matter, man is likewise to be seen as a Trinity at work; he is the creator, preserver, and destroyer.


258.      In this way we are all Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and should be more aware of these functions within us.


e. In all occult work in mental matter which has to manifest upon the physical plane, and thus achieve objectivity, man has to work as a unit. 


259.      A “unit” is an integrated wholeness. Only an integrated human being, infused by the presence of the soul, dares undertake magical creation and become a conscious operator.


This infers the ability, therefore, of the threefold lower man to be subordinated to the Ego, so that the dynamic will of the Ego may be imposed upon the physical brain.


260.      The energy of the Ego, the will of the Ego, must reach all the way ‘down’ to the physical brain of man.

261.      White magic is the magic of the soul. It is originated and enacted by man-as-soul. Unless a man is quite fully soul-conscious, he cannot become an operator in white magic.


The method of the man on the physical plane who is engaged in conscious work in mental matter is to be considered in two divi­sions:


        first, the initial process of alignment with the Ego, so that the plan, purpose and method of achievement may be impressed upon the physical brain,


262.      There can be no white magic unless there is a spiritual impulse. For practical purposes, this impulse emanates from the Ego (the Higher Self upon the higher mental plane).

263.      We see how important is alignment, without which there is no clear channel for the necessary impression.


        and then a secondary process in which the man, using the physical brain consciously, proceeds to carry out the plan, con­struct through will and purpose the necessitated form, and then, having built and energised the form, to "keep his eye upon it."


264.      Man institutes alignment with the Ego and identifies as the Ego. The Solar Angel in its own right has much to contribute to this process of initial impression.

265.      The next stage is almost entirely in the care of the man on the physical plane.

266.      He must.

a.            Use the physical brain consciously

b.            Carry out the plan

c.            Construct, using will and purpose, the necessary form

d.            Energize the form

e.            Keep an eye on the form.


This is stating occultly the great truth back of all processes of energising.  "The eye of the Lord" is much referred to in the Christian Bible, and occultly understood, the eye is that which brings power to its servant, the thought form.


267.      The “Lord”, in this instance, is the Ego.

268.      Man-as-Ego-in-extension, keeps his eye on the created thoughtform.

269.      The thoughtform is the “servant” of the “Lord”.

270.      We are being given some very practical advice. If we wish to energize any creation, we have to “keep our eye upon it”.

271.      From another perspective, if we manage to capture the “Eye” or attention of the Solar Angel, that which we propose to do (if in alignment with the intentions of the Angel) will be energized.

272.      If the “eye of the Lord” is upon one, an abundant source of sustaining energy flows.


Scientists [Page 958] are becoming interested in the power of the human eye, and that faculty of control and of recognition [i.e., sight] which is everywhere seen as existing will have its scientific and occult explanation when it is studied as an instrument of initiatory energy.


273.      The eye has many faculties. It not only registers but it is an instrument of control.

274.      The eye is also an initiator—a transmitter and conveyer of energy. A practical example of this is the “Eye” which is seen regarding the initiate at the time of the fourth initiation.

275.      If a “word to the wise is sufficient”, a look or a glance can also convey illumination and power.

276.      By the ‘looks’ we give we can either open or close doors. The right kind of look can confer upon another than which one sees. The recipient is allowed to look through the ‘Eye’ of one greater than himself.

277.      Really, the eye has the power of all the first three aspects of divinity. It can direct according to the first ray. It can register and “take in” according to the second ray. It can manipulate, rearrange and reconfigure according to the third ray.


Therefore, it will be apparent that a thought form is the result of two types of energy:


That emanating in the first instance from the Ego on abstract levels.


278.      We are speaking principally of the higher mental plane, but the Ego as the spiritual triad, is also the source of ideas from within the cosmic ethers.


That originating in a secondary sense from the man on the physical plane through the medium of the brain.


279.      The man on the physical plane also energizes the thoughtform. The brain is involved in this energizing.

280.      So thoughtforms have a spiritual and a human origin. Unless the spiritual origin is there, however, the thoughtform is likely to be selfish and not useful in the execution of the Divine Plan.


That men do not recognise the first factor as a general rule is that which is responsible for much that is evil.


281.      They do not know how to create thoughtforms with spiritual content because they are not aligned and linked, during the act of creation, to a spiritual source.


 When the "Science of the Self"


282.      This, in a way, is the Science of Esoteric Psychology.

283.      There are so many generally unsuspected aspects to the “Self” of man. Knowledge of the constitution of man is indispensable for the next steps to be taken by evolving humanity.


has assumed due proportions men will be careful to ascertain the egoic impulses in all thought process, and to utilise true egoic energy before they begin manipulating deva substance, and building forms of deva lives.


284.      Men will be so wisely trained that unless the Ego is involved in the creative process, men will not create thought.

285.      Therefore alignment with the Ego will be a paramount requirement before creation is undertaken.

286.      This will reduce hasty, ill-considered and often selfish creation of thought and word.

287.      We have spoken much of the manipulating devas. We see, however, that man is, himself, on the way to becoming a manipulator of deva substance.

288.      It is just that he must follow certain rules if he is to do so successfully and in line with the Plan.