Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VIII Section XI

TCF 1060-1062: S8S11 Part II


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1.  The Law of Radiation.


It will be found that more time will be given to this expression of divine activity than to any other in this section, as it is the one of the most practical utility.


1.            It is wonderful to allow thought to range to the ‘boundary’ of the Universe (if such exists) but Master DK is nothing if not practical. Even discussion of “wild speculation” has a practical objective—the induction of humility in the reader.


 This Law of Radiation is one that is begin­ning to be recognised by scientists since their acceptation of the radioactivity of certain substances, and when they are willing to approximate the occult conception of the radiatory, or emanatory condition, of all substances at a specific point in evolution, then they will very definitely approach Reality.


2.            The appearance of radiation depends upon the point in evolution reached by any substance or atom.

3.            The Age of Aquarius will be an ‘Age of Radiation’ as the foremost ruler of Aquarius (Uranus—the planet of radioactivity) suggests.


Radiation is the outer effect produced by all forms in all kingdoms when their internal activity has reached such a stage of vibratory activity that the confining walls of the form no longer form a prison, but permit of the escape of the subjective essence.


4.            It is clear that the concept of “radiation” is inescapably united to the concept of “liberation”.

5.            Uranus, the planet of radiation is also the planet of liberation.

6.            A wild speculative thought enters the mind: what will happen when the entire Universe becomes radioactive? Will not the final Universal Pralaya be with us? And, of course, we will be ‘there’.


It marks a specific point of attainment in the evolutionary process, and this is equally true of the atom of substance with which the chemist and physicist deal, when working with the elements, as it is of the forms in the vegetable kingdom, the [Page 1061] forms in the animal kingdom, in the human, and, likewise, in the divine.


7.            We are to expect, then, the appearance not only of radioactive atoms, but of radioactive plants, animals, human beings, and many greater Beings.

8.            The higher initiates and Masters are, from this perspective, radioactive human beings.

9.            Radioactivity is always a stage occurring prior to liberation and indicates the onset of the process of liberation.


From some angles of vision, it might be regarded as the "true form" (which is to be understood occultly as the etheric form of energy)


10.         Always this must be emphasized…


making its presence felt in such a way that it becomes apparent even to the scientist.


11.         DK seems to suggest that the “scientist” is presently not too capable of really deep penetration! There are apparently others to whom the revelation will come much more easily but, before long, the it will be necessary that scientists, too, validate that radioactivity has a deeper significance than they had thought.


Students should here remember two things:

First, that in all occult conclusions, it is the body of energy which is dealt with and the subjective life back of the form which is recognised as being of supreme importance.


12.         The occultist deals always with causes and not with effects. Relative to the dense physical plane, the etheric plane is considered causal and substantial.


Second, that the dense objective manifestation, as has been reiterated frequently, is not regarded as a principle at all; the occultist deals with principles alone.


13.         If we fail to deal with principles but literally engross ourselves in that which is not a principle, we do not deserve the name “occultists”. Are members of the Black Lodge, then, true “occultists”? For they are deeply engrossed in all that is densely material, though their power in the three lower worlds—etheric, astral and lower mental, is also appreciable.


It might be of value here to remind the student also that three things have to be recognised in all manifestation:

First, that the tangible objective exterior, negative, receptive, and occultly unorganised, is without form and usefulness apart from the inner energy.


14.         This level of nature will automatically mould itself according the pattern produced in principled substance.

15.         We cling to that which is densely material, forgetting that it has no real form at all, and no real or lasting value. It is but a means to an end.


Second, that the "true form" or the force-vehicle energises and produces the cohesion of that which is unorganised.


16.         Principles produce their own form of cohesion. That which is unprincipled has no form of its own.

17.         In this respect, form production at its lowest level demonstrates on the systemic etheric plane.


Third, that the "volatile essence," or the spiritual essential Life, focuses itself in some one point within the "true form."10  [Page 1062]


18.         The volatile essence is the Monad itself—or, shall we say, that part or emanation of the Monad which has descended into the five lower worlds.

19.         The monadic vehicle per se should not be included when seeking to understand the essential nature of the volatile essence. It is pure being itself.


Footnote 10: 

Form:  "The model according to which nature does its external work.—S. D., II, 107; see S. D., I, 619.


20.         This has been called in scientific terminology, the “morphogenic field”. “Morpho” suggests “form”, and “genic” suggests ‘the generation of’. In the morphogenic field we have the form-producing field.


1. Divine ideation passes from the abstract to the concrete or visible form.


21.         Divine ideas take their origin (as far as man is concerned) within the cosmic ethers. Their true origin is really much higher—the cosmic mental plane and on still higher planes. It is utterly impossible for man to determine the origin of Ideas. Ultimately they would have to be traced to Divine Cosmic Ideation on the very highest possible planes of cosmos or ‘BEYOND’.


a. The objective is an emanation of the subjective.—S. D., I, 407.


22.         This, every true occultist knows. That which is objective to him is always an effect of something still more subjective.


b. Impulse is Spirit energy causing objectivity.—S. D., I, 349, 683.


23.         We are not speaking of lower impulses to which all human beings are subject. We are speaking of “spiritual impulse” again emanating (as far as man can determine) from within the cosmic ethers.


b.   The Logos renders objective a concealed thought.—S. D., II, 28.


24.         Here is a beautiful idea. We do not know what lies hidden in the “Mind of God” but we do know that the deepest purposes and intentions are certainly hidden to man. Think of the first Purpose of Sanat Kumara!


a. The unknown, unseen and unheard purpose of Sanat Kumara.  It is the secret of life itself and is known only to Him alone.  In its initial phase of this new expression, it works through the Manu and the Master Morya; it is that which veils the central mystery which all esoteric schools—if true to their inaugurating impulse—will eventually reveal.  What that is we do not yet know, but it is hinted at in Rule XIII. (R&I 241)


2. Three things required before any form of energy can become objective:—S. D., I, 89.

1. Privation                Separation    Initial impulse.          Energy. Will.


25.         These four all pertain to the first divine aspect.

26.         Privation suggests the absence of any impurity or encumbrance. Privation represents complete abstraction of cause from effect.


2. Form                Quality or shape          Nature.       Love.


27.         These four all pertain to the second aspect of divinity.


3. Matter                     Objective sphere                  Intelligent activity.


28.         These all pertain to the third aspect of divinity.


See S. D., III, 561.


3. Life precedes form.—S. D., I, 242.


29.         Yet certain strictly physical psychologists think that mind is a by-product of chemical reactions within the brain!


a. The Thinker ever remains.—S. D., II, 28.


30.         In this case, the true Thinker is the Monad—certainly not an abstract or passive spirit.


a.           Force of life is the transformation into energy of the thought of the Logos.—See S. D., III, 179.


31.         This is a more abstract statement. In this instance, “energy” represents a lower form of expression than logoic “thought”.

32.         We are speaking of the energizing of logoic thought so that it can be manifested.

33.         We understand from this statement that thought is energy.


4. Spirit evolves through form and out of form.—S. D., I, 680.


34.         Spirit does not allow itself to remain forever free of form. Spirit descends through form. Form is its tool, even though it is Spirit’s intention to return to its own “high place” enriched by the gifts conferred by form experience.


a. Spirit has to acquire full self-consciousness.—S. D., I, 215


35.         This is an enigmatic statement. Full Self-consciousness exists on the highest planes, yet Spirit has deliberately incapacitated itself in its ‘Self-attenuating descent’. It is the attenuated emanation of true Spirit which must acquire full S/self-consciousness—again!—only to realize that it has always had full Self-consciousness.


b. Form imprisons Spirit.—S. D., II, 775.


36.         And Spirit will not tolerate this. This imprisonment—really a form of Self-imprisonment, is the root of “divine discontent”. There is none other than Spirit, itself, to cause this imprisonment.

37.         This is an interesting term because it shows the Will of Spirit to be rid of all “content”—i.e., of anything other than itself!


c. The principle of limitation is form.—S. D., III, 561.


38.         Matter, per se, is not the principle of limitation. Matter, in its pure essence, is as formless as Spirit. (We should ponder this.) But here we are speaking of Mulaprakriti before Fohat has caused its subdivision.

39.         Within our spheres of activity, Saturn, the ‘planet of limitation’ is also the ‘planet of form’.


d. Spirit informs all sheaths.—S. D., I, 669, note.


40.         There is nothing that is “Spiritless”. This is also true of soul—there is nothing that is “Soul-less”—even “lost souls” have, ultimately, soul if by soul we mean consciousness. Some form of consciousness is always present even in the lowest state of existence.


b.           Spirit passes through the cycle of Being.—S. D., I, 160.


41.         And Spirit determines this cycle. Ultimately, it is the One and Ultimate Spirit which determines all cycles through which emanated aspects of itself pass.


5. The devas are the origin of form.—S. D., I, 488.


42.         Is Mulaprakriti, then, the greatest or all Devas?


They exist in two great groups:

a. The Ahhi are the vehicle of divine thought.—S. D., I, 70.


43.         The Ah-hi operate minimally within the cosmic ethers.

44.         There are probably Ah-hi which are operative within the super-cosmic ethers—the cosmic buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes.

45.         Are the Ah-hi, the “Sounders of the Word”?


b. The Army of the Voice.—S. D., I, 124.


46.         These beings are closer to physicality. Their highest representatives are found upon the higher reaches of the cosmic physical plane. There is a higher and a lower Army of the Voice.


They are the sum-total of the substance of the four higher planes and of the three lower.


47.         This is an expanded definition of the Army of the Voice. DK specifies, that they are active only upon the systemic and cosmic etheric planes (excluding for the most part, the logoic plane, whereon they are latent). He seems to omit the systemic astral and mental planes—though I believe He leaves room for some of their activity on those levels.


These particular devas in "their serried ranks" are the directive agents of the divine energy which implements the purposes of Deity upon the physical plane.  They work only on etheric levels—either upon our [systemic physical plane or on the cosmic etheric levels.  They are therefore active in the realm of maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understand it, or upon the planes of the Spiritual Triad.  They are not active on the three gross physical levels or upon the astral or mental planes, nor are they active upon the highest or logoic plane.  There they are implicit or latent but not active.  They are the great "impulsive factors" in manifestation, organising substance, directing the multiplicity of lives and beings who constitute the forms through which God expresses divinity.  In a peculiar sense, they are the embodiment of the divine purpose upon the planes of the Monad and of the Triad, just as the aggregate of energies in man's etheric body is the result of his inner direction and the cause of his outer manifestation.  To understand more fully the function of the deva forces, a man must arrive at some understanding of the forces in his etheric body which, in their turn, are the consequence of his point of attainment—an attainment demonstrated by his astral (emotional) and mental natures and activities.  These indicate his point of development. (R&I 179)



6. There is a form which combines all forms.—S. D., I, 77, 118.


48.         Would this not be the form of the Universe?

49.         If we think only in terms of that which is the immediately macrocosm for man, that form will be the ‘Solar Atom’.


In studying the subject of radiatory activity, we are dealing with the effect produced by the inner essence


50.         The volatile essence…


 as it makes its presence felt through the form, when the form has been brought to a stage of such refinement that it becomes possible.


51.         There will be no radioactivity unless the form is a refined form. Thus, purification leads to radioactivity. At this point in our studies, this seems obvious.


When this realisation is applied to all the forms in all the king­doms, it will be found possible to bridge the gaps existing between the different forms of life,


52.         Radioactivity occurs in those forms within any kingdom which are on verge of entry into the next and highest kingdom.


and the "elements" in every kingdom, and those unifying radiating centres will be found.


53.         Unifying radiating centers are those centers which are responsible for the unification of kingdoms. They are the most advanced lives in any kingdom.

54.         When dealing with the mineral kingdom we seem to know how to designate the “elements” but we shall have to designate them differently when dealing with kingdoms higher than the mineral.


The word "element" is yet confined to the basic substances in what is called essential matter, and the chemist and physicist are busy with such lives;


55.         DK seeks to broaden our understanding of the term “element”. Certainly the study of astrology has already done this.


 but their correspondence (in the occult sense of the term) is to be found in every kingdom in nature,


56.         We can see that the “elements” in progressively higher kingdoms are progressively more complex.

57.         May we think of them as the essential building blocks of the forms found in every kingdom? In this case the least of the plants (bacteria? Viruses?) and the least of the animals (amoeba?) would be considered elemental to their particular kingdom. What of the least of the human beings?


 and there are forms of life in the vegetable kingdom which are occultly regarded as "radioactive," the eucalyptus tree being one such form.


58.         Perhaps the flammability of the eucalyptus and its powerful perfume are indications of its radioactive nature.


There are forms of animal life equally at an analogous stage


59.         Are these the domesticated animals of the highest kind---the dog, horse, cat, and elephant?

60.         These would be the “unifying radiating centres” of the animal kingdom.

61.         The eucalyptus would be one of the “unifying radiating centres” in the plant kingdom.


 and the human unit (as it approaches "liberation") demonstrates a similar phenomenon.


62.         The radioactive human being is also to be considered a “unifying radiating center”. Those who are passing through the first three initiations are, then, “unifying radiating centres”. Arhats and Masters are already full members of the kingdom above the human kingdom—the Kingdom of Souls. As for Masters, They are “unifying radiating centres” in relation to the Kingdom of Planetary Lives, which begins with Chohanship.

63.         But what specifically are the elements in any kingdom?

64.         Might we find the simplest form of elemental life in any kingdom, and view the other forms within that kingdom as combinations of the most fundamental element? This is true of the chemical elements but will require must patient thought before we discover how it is true of the “elements” of the vegetable kingdom and the animal kingdom, and also the human kingdom. The matter is obscure to our usual trend of thought.


Again, as a planetary scheme nears its consummation, it be­comes "radioactive," and through radiation transfers its essence to another "absorbent planet," or planets, as is the case with a solar system also.


65.         Radioactivity precedes synthesis. Is Venus already radioactive? It is approaching synthetic absorption into its destined synthesizing planet—Neptune?

66.         Something very subtle is here stated—that a planet may be absorbed by more than one planet. This will offer us an entirely new line of thought.

67.         Would this absorption occur sequentially or simultaneously? Another important consideration.

68.         I have speculated upon this earlier. If for instance, if the radioactive essence of the Earth were to be absorbed into Venus, could it eventually be transferred to Saturn even though Venus is destined to be absorbed by Neptune?

69.         Or if Earth is destined to be absorbed by Saturn, will its essence eventually be transferred to Uranus when Saturn is absorbed by Uranus?

70.         Or could Venus and Mercury both be absorbed by Saturn first (as indicated by the configuration on TCF 373) eventually, then, to be absorbed by Neptune and Uranus respectively?

71.         Many are the mysteries.


Its essence, or true Life, is absorbed by a receiving constellation, and the outer "case" returns to its original unorganised condition.


72.         This is so vitally important. Only the essence of any unit is received by the greater unit which acts to it as a synthesizer.  

73.         But what does that essence include? All principled substance? Perhaps?

74.         Certainly the outer “case” or dense physical plane returns to its material and hence unorganized state.