Preamble for S8S10


Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,


We have entered that portion of the book in which truly vast considerations are found on nearly every page. We are engaged in a study of motion with all its differentiations—motion both in the microcosm and the macrocosm. DK has given us a truly abstract and impersonal way of viewing the process and progress of all atoms, great and small. As well, we ill find many illuminating notes from H.P.B. and The Secret Doctrine.


In this commentary we will study the Law of Expansion which related to the process by means of which great Beings undergo an expansion of consciousness, and the "Law of Monadic Return" which is the analogue to the Law of Expansion as applied to the microcosm whose field of experience is the monadic auric egg.


The monadic pilgrimage is our main focus and all the many energies and forces to which the Monad is subject during that pilgrimage. The number of energy and forces are of great variety and their sources extend ‘upwards’ to the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said" and ‘downwards’ to the tiny atoms of substance.


All of us will have to work very carefully as we study this abstruse section of the book. I would recommend that you have your TCF book open before you as you read this commentary, the text of which is necessarily divided into relatively small sections. The open book will help you preserve continuity as you study.


We will have to bring our powers of abstract thinking to this study. We are talking about things which we can only visualize and, even then, only dimly. But a sense of our monadic ‘place’ within the ‘Grand Scheme’ will surely begin to dawn in our consciousness and our occult understanding of planetary, systemic, cosmic logoic and super-cosmic logoic processes will be significantly stimulated.


It’s summer now up here, so you can bring this commentary to the beach! J


Love and Many Blessings,