Here is the final installment, Part IV, of Commentary S7S9.

In this section of text we find the mental plane emphasized as that plane which is active in the constitutions of all great Beings within our solar system--including man.

Thus, the importance of achieving causal consciousness if there is to be conscious communication between Egos, groups of Egos within the same planetary scheme and even between Egos and groups of Egos from different planetary schemes.

Additional stanzas from the Old Commentary describe life within the Three Halls--of Ignorance, of Learning and of Wisdom. The pictorial language of the Old Commentary vividly represents these processes through which all of us have passed o must pass.

One of the principal subjects discussed is that of "egoic transfer". We discover that such transference of Egos from one scheme to another is a far larger matter than individual egoic decision. Planetary Logoi are involved, and certain "custodians of the inner circle" related to the inner round. We also discover that balance must be preserved. As some Egos graduate to higher spheres, other Egos must take their place.

We learn to think of all this egoic interplay in terms of the Language of Energy, thus avoiding personalization and anthormophization.

We also focus again on the Ah-hi (derived from a Senzar work meaning "serpents"). Are they to be considered, exclusively, as Solar Angels, or are still higher builders to be found among them. In fact, can the Planetary Logoi, Who are Dragons of Wisdom, be known as Ah-hi?

Master DK has, it appears, taken another of his necessary digressions, preparing us to continue our discussion of the types of Egos and egoic groups expressing upon our planet.