Dear Fellow Students,

It is approximately the time of the New Moon again, and so the time for another TCF Commentary--we have an approximately twice-monthly rhythm.

In the section of text covered by this commentary, the Tibetan offers some very clear thoughts concerning the interplay between the Ego and its personality. There is very little that is abstract about the information, and much that, thank goodness, is readily assimilable.

Egoic energy has to make its way to the physical brain and control the life of man from that point. The dynamics of this interplay is precisely what the average disciple must understand, and his understanding will offset the dangerous conditions caused by the almost premature development of the Science of Electricity and the wrongly directed vision of modern, materialistic psychoanalytic theory.

DK deals with how the life of man and the functioning of society may be improved. In every instance, an understanding of the true nature of the Ego is shown as outstandingly valuable. And we are, are we not, participating in the pursuit of such an understanding and its dissemination throughout society.

There are simply Great Truths of which the majority of human beings are astonishingly ignorant. Their ignorance must be alleviated or the human condition will not improve (as it is now poised to do).

Every aspect of the human energy system can be improved and the Tibetan offers very direct and practical ways in which this improvement may proceed.

Man is a great Cross, and both the dimensions of his life-the vertical and the horizontal--must be improved in quality.

Ultimately the Solar Lords must triumph over the lunar lords, at the same time redeeming this. This is the fundamental theme of fall progress.

We find ourselves in a very practical section of TCF, and one which is of immediate importance to all struggling disciples.

Many Blessings to All,