Preamble to S7S5

May 2008

Dear Fellow Students

This commentary deals with many matters cosmological, astrological and astronomical. There are so many mysteries surrounding these matters, and much of it is given to us to work out for ourselves--for the time being, at least.

I have never been satisfied with the usual theosophical descriptions of rounds--their scope and their duration. By comparing globes, chains and schemes to chakras and chakric systems, I have come up with some other alternatives, offering many possibilities, not all of which can be simultaneously true! It will be for us to discern what is reasonable, probable and improbable.

I have presented a number of theories and several apparently contradictory possibilities are among them, but I thought these speculations would give us some food for thought when considering the probably intricate mathematics and algorithms of the round process and its relation to petal unfoldment process. I just am as interested in what is unreasonable as what is reasonable. By pointing out the flaws of the various systems proposed, and which I also, propose, we can perhaps get closer to the truth.

The commentary focuses mainly on karma and the more remote sources of the karmic conditions we experience. We cannot possibly trace to their sources the karmic factors impacting our lives. But we can, intelligently, make the best of them so that we may function as constructive factors within the expression of the Divine Plan.

If we wish to understand karma (and it is a vast study) we shall have to understand cycles. The true figures for the occult cycles discussed in this section of text are not give to us, but enough is given to enable us to utilize the Law of Analogy to clarify the relationship existing between certain large and even vast time periods.

We an enmeshed in all these karmic, cyclic processes. Over some of them we have absolutely no control. DK speaks of our "helplessness" with regard to them. Yet, we can command our own destiny within a limited sphere, and it is up to us to learn the difference between those karmic conditions we can affect through choice, and those over which we have absolutely no control.

It is a humbling study and an abstruse one. DK explains certain ideas with which we may have thought ourselves familiar, from a completely different angle, shedding new light and forcing us to re-conceptualize.

Wade in fearlessly and see what illumination comes! Today is, after all, the second Taurus Full Moon, and so the light pouring upon the subjects we are studying can be unusually intense.