Preamble Letter FCF Semester VII, Section 4


Dear Fellow Students,

We have been examining the work on the Solar Angel/solar angels in relation to the development of the human beings in the three worlds. We have seen that many technical actions are involve in this work.

In the section of text to which this Commentary pertains, we take up three important tasks undertaken by the Solar Angel/solar angels. (You may notice that I use both the singular and the plural when denoting these great Beings (all of whom have been ‘men’ in a previous cycle.

(1.) Directing the vibration towards the atomic triangle.

(2.) Pronouncing the mantram which will make possible the 777 incarnations.

(3.) Building into the causal body that which is required for its completion.


There are many very interesting occult methods used in these processes and we will think about them in some detail, according to the information which Master DK gives us.

We recall from our last Commentary that the externalization of the Ego in the lower three worlds occurred through:

1. The pronunciation of a Word of Power

2. The creation of an egoic Mantram or Mantrams

3. The working out of a “Formula” (ever growing in its complexity) by the lunar pitris.

Now, focussing in on the Solar Angel/solar angels, we learn of their particular methods.

Some items of interest which emerge concern:

1. The position of the units within the atomic triangle. Their position within the causal body or, perhaps, position-in-time relative to their stimulation varies according the degree of the evolution of the personality being stimulated.

2. The first permanent atom to be stimulated is the physical permanent atom; at a higher stage of evolution the first atom to be stimulated is the astral permanent atom; finally at a much higher stage, it is the mental unit which first receives impression.

3. Eventually, we are told, all three members of the atomic triangle receive stimulation simultaneously


We also learn some very interesting information concerning when we can expect the full stimulation of the mental unit; we learn that only when the seventh petal is unfolded can this stimulation be expected. This has important implications for the unfoldment of the egoic lotus.

Questions of the timing of egoic lotus unfoldment are also (again) undertaken. Always new pieces of information are given which shed greater light on the sequence of this process—the nature of which (given our stage of evolution) we cannot be certain.

What really is the action of the Solar Pitris in relation to the unfoldment of the lotus. The exact process will have to remain a mystery, but enough clues are given to help us feel that we are gaining an insight in the dynamics of the process.

We also continue to explore the meaning of the 777—a highly symbolic number and very important in relation to the planetary Earth (the planet which this number represents, just as 666 represents Mars, etc.)

The 777 refers to the petals of the egoic lotus, but to how many does it really refer? This we take up, showing that it is unlikely that the sacrifice petals are included within the number.

It is the interplay between the lower self and the Solar Angel/solar angels which builds the causal body, and the mode of this interplay is hinted.

The Agnishvattas are graded, the highest of them becoming involved in the human process only when a high stage of evolution is reached.

These are also the pages on which the “exoteric Saturn scheme” is mentioned, thus inferring the existence of an esoteric Saturn-scheme.

It seems that Agnishvattas are differently active on the various schemes according the degree of development of the scheme. This entire theme leads to some very interesting speculations.

The relationship between the radioactivity of the humanity of a scheme and the obscuration of that scheme is taken up. We also touch on human “transmutation” in various schemes and the relation of transmutation to radioactivity.

We also come to learn that there are three categories of lunar pitris, but that the lowest category should not properly be called “lunar pitris”. Really, they are the elemental builders—more unconsciously acted upon than acting.

As always the terminology in the Ageless Wisdom must be carefully analyzed so that we can keep our thought clear.

One of the most important themes in this section of text concerns the functions of the three types of lunar pitris:

1. The first working through the spirillae of the permanent atoms or mental unit

2. The second utilizing the substance of the permanent atom or unit to attract the substance for a vehicle

3. The third, the substance built into the vehicle attracted.


The technical information given here is far more than had been previously been given out.

The role of music in the building of the lower vehicles is also hinted. It is obvious that music plays a great part in constructing the thoughtform called “man” and also those greater Thoughtforms known as Planetary Logoi and Solar Logoi. Eventually, man will use music to construct his own lesser thoughtforms

I will not belabor the point. This Commentary is a long one (about 112 pages) For sheer wealth of information concerning the modus operandi of the Solar Angel/solar angels and the lunar pitris, the section of text on which it is based is astonishing.

Certainly, we gather new respect for the intricate beauty of God’s Design and the beautiful complexity of the unit, man, in all his many parts.

Please read carefully and examine thoroughly the material presented to you. It should help to enhance your understanding of these matters to an considerable extent. It certainly did so for me.

Light, Love and Power,