Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,


In Commentary S7S14 Part II, we continue our exploration of the devas of the systemic ethers, but the subject becomes much more expansive as DK begins discussing the Raja Deva Lords, the seven "Transmitters of the Word" (to be found on each systemic plane), the "Transmitters of Prana" and the devas which provide all etheric forms.


The cosmic origin of the transmitting devas is explored. It seems that they originate emanatively from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the "three great constellations", from the seven major stars of the Great Bear as well as from our own Sun. They are great Beings especially connected with electric fire and the Will of God.


As well these great devas of high initiatory rank go to the formation of the throat, heart and head centers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (the Three Logoi subsidiary to the Solar Logos).


As one studies this material, one is impressed by the tremendous organization and division of labor which characterizes the deva kingdom. The degree of group consciousness is very high.


DK opens for us vast ranges of thought and speculation. In fact, He tells us that He is doing so. We are invited to contemplate the systemic and cosmic structure from the perspective of devic interaction.


At certain points the occultism seems about as deep as it could possibly be. We have to approach understanding in a state of mind to which we may not be accustomed. We are dealing with a kingdom parallel to the human kingdom and its modus operandi is simply different.


If we could but understand more accurately and comprehensively the material here presented, our view of solar systemic process would be greatly altered, and our view of our own process also.


So go into this Commentary really ready to think deeply about the activity and functions of forms of life about which we would have had no notion had Master DK not taken the time to inform us of their existence and functions. If we do so, I think we will feel our knowledge of occultism deepening considerably.


In Light, Love and Power,