Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Here is the Commentary for TCF Semester 7, Section 13, Part II. We continue our discussion of the watery devas of the systemic liquid subplane and their relation to the watery devas of the cosmic watery subplane, the systemic astral plane, and to planes above.

One of the very interesting aspects of this discussion concerns the evolution of the devas of earth, water and fire. Earth devas become water devas and water devas fire devas. The devas of fire eventually become devas of air.

DK demonstrates the movement from the systemic subplanes, eventually, to the cosmic subplanes. Once the system of devic evolution is elucidated, analogies are drawn to the evolution of man. There are a number of illuminating parallels.

One of the most important discussions concerns evaporation, condensation and precipitation of the water element. This is analogized to the human condition and there emerge the correspondences known as individualization, initiation and identification/sacrifice. It is illuminating to consider individualization as evaporation; initiation as condensation; and identificatory sacrifice as precipitation.

The close parallels between devic and human processes are illuminating.

In Light, Love and Power,