Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

Please find attached a Commentary for Semester 7 Section 11 Part 2. Our subject is very largely that of Cosmic Electricity in its three aspects. As well, there is a deeply esoteric presentation on the Three Mysteries expressing through our solar system:

The Mystery of Electricity
The Mystery of Polarity
The Mystery of Fire.

Naturally, these relate to three aspects of divinity.

We are taught when we may approach penetration of these mysteries. As each of the three divine aspects is, itself, threefold, we have the necessity of ninefold penetration and understanding.

It is not until the third, fourth and fifth initiations that we are given the keys, progressively, to the Mystery of Electricity. By inference we may assume that the Mystery of Polarity begins to be solved at the fourth initiation. Perhaps the Mystery of Fire is conferred, but only in part, at the fifth initiation.

In this section of text, DK deals very much with the Mystery of Sex, its real nature and its solution. We will come to understand sex in its universal meaning under the Law of Attraction and may find ourselves inspired towards participation in the higher type of process indicated.

In Light, Love and Power,