Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VII Section IX

TCF 849-853 : S7S9 Part IV

18 July – 1 August 2008

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It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph. So please read an entire paragraph and then study the Commentary

We will now proceed with our enumeration of the groups of Egos according to their characteristics, but it might be wise to deal first with a problem which may be in some minds and see if it is not capable of solution.

1.                  DK frequently works to solve problems which may have arisen in the minds of students. When doing so, He seems to work together with the students.

2.                  Of course, many of us may find that the problems which He raises have never occurred to us. Thus we may gauge the depth of our penetration into the subjects presented.

3.                  We may question ourselves, therefore—“are we really thoughtful students”?

Two problems come before the mind of the thoughtful student; one concerns the position (in connection with any particular planetary scheme) of those vast groups of Egos, which are embodied by Lives, emanating from any one of the seven Rays, and associated with any of the various schemes.

4.                  We learn that the vast groups of Egos are all embodied by Lives—Ray Lives which we call the Ray Lords.

5.                  From what spiritual ‘altitude’ do these emanations begin? We could reach as high as the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear (or higher) or settle for emanations from sources much closer at hand.

6.                  There is, we may suppose, egoic-group embodiment by the Ray Lords within the Council of any particular Planetary Logos. This is an intra-planetary embodiment.

7.                  There is also, we may suppose, a vaster embodiment (or, at least, pervasive influence within every planetary scheme) by the systemic Ray Lords (Who stand before the Throne of the Solar Logos).

8.                  Within any planetary scheme, different groups of Egos have different functions. These functions are differentiated largely by ray quality.

9.                  There are also larger groupings: for instance, all ray two Egos not only within the Earth-scheme, but within the Venus-scheme, the Mercury-scheme, the Mars-scheme, etc., etc. Groupings of Egos on the same ray, no matter what their host scheme, are all related and play a particular role within the expression of the Solar Logos and, presumably, in greatest relation to that sacred Planetary Logos which expresses principally along the same ray line as the group of Egos concerned.

10.             Because every Planetary Logos expresses all seven rays (minimally through globes and chains) every systemic Ray Lord (i.e., Planetary Logos) participates intimately in the life expression of every other systemic Ray Lord. This is group consciousness at a solar systemic level.

11.             It is also implied that lesser Ray Lords emanate from greater Ray Lords, and that these lesser Ray Lords (all of them qualified by a certain ray) embody lesser groupings of Egos.

12.             For instance, a line of emanation might be conceived as follows:

a.                  A constellational chakra within the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said"—such, for instance, as the great chakra knowns as the GB

b.                  One of the seven major stars within the Great Bear

c.                  One of the seven major stars within the lesser constellational chakra within the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said"—the chakra which is our local Cosmic Logos

d.                  Our particular Solar Logos, Sol or Helios

e.                  A particular Planetary Logos within our solar system—Who is a systemic Ray Lord

f.                    One of the Kumaras within the Earth-scheme, Who is an intra-planetary Ray Lord

g.                  A large group of Egos within our planetary ring-pass-not

h.                  A smaller group of Egos within our planetary ring-pass-not

i.                    A small group of Egos within our planetary ring-pass-not

j.                     An individual Ego among all the individual Egos

13.             While a number of potential steps have been omitted, the sequence of descent can suggest important relationships in the emanation process.

The other deals with the effect produced by the "coming-in" of Egos on the mental plane which are not "bud" Egos, but are possibly very fully developed, such as disciples and initiates.

14.             Presumably, one type of this “coming in” is happening all the time due to the process of progressive evolutionary development through the taking of repeated incarnations.

15.             What DK may also be talking about, however, is the coming in of Egos on the mental plane (and in a developed state) from the Moon-chain or from other planetary schemes.

These thoughts may be clarified if certain statements are made relating to the mental plane, and which will serve as indications as to the direction in which the solution of these problems may be sought.

16.             For human beings at humanity’s present stage of development, the mental plane is all important—especially, and increasingly, the higher mental plane.

The mental plane is, as H. P. B. has pointed out, the vastest of all the planes with which we are concerned.

17.             Certainly is it is the most complexly subdivided:

a.                  The lower four subplanes (home of the concrete mind)

b.                  The second and third subplanes (home of man’s Ego during the human phase of development)

c.                  The highest or atomic subplane (home of the lowest aspect of the spiritual triad)

  It is the key plane of the solar system.

18.             Presumably, it is because the Solar Logos is attempting to achieve cosmic mental polarization that the fifth plane on the cosmic physical plane (the systemic mental plane) is of such great importance.

  It is the pivotal plane upon which the great Wheel turns.

19.             Lines of evolution are as “great Wheels”.

20.             From a solar systemic perspective, the entire solar system is the “great Wheel”. It is as if our solar systemic process depends upon the communication of all its parts via the systemic mental plane.

  It is the meeting place of the three lines of evolution and has been for this reason esoterically termed "the council chamber of the Three Divinities."

21.             The Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara may be inferred to be on the highest subplane of the cosmic physical plane.

22.             The systemic mental plane is a kind of reflection of this higher “Council Chamber”.

23.             VSK notes that the phrase “the council chamber of the Three Divinities” is echoed in the Word of Power of the fifth ray: “Three Minds Unite”.

24.             When we think of the necessary union of three types of mind, we may reasonably think that the magnetic power of Venus (Whose soul is focussed upon the fifth ray) is necessarily involved in bringing about this union.

On this plane, the three Persons of the logoic Trinity meet in united work.

25.             What is the “logoic Trinity”? There are three great Logoi (lesser in power than the Solar Logos, Himself, but greater in power than any of the Planetary Logoi). They are diagrammatically pictured in TCF, 1238 as three circles near the circle of the Solar Logos.

26.             We may think of the Third Logos as associated with the four lower subplanes of the mental plane; the Second Logos with the third and second subplanes; the First Logos with the first or atomic subplane.

 Below two Persons may be seen associated;

27.             Presumably, the second and third Persons.

 above another duality functions,

28.             Presumably, the first and second Persons.

 but only on this plane do the Three make an at-one-ment.   [Page 849]

29.             Here we have a most interesting statement. Three aspects of divinity meet on the systemic mental plane. May we suppose that in the next solar system, these three aspects will meet on the monadic or logoic subplanes of the cosmic physical plane?

30.             Perhaps we can see why the mantram “Three Minds Unite” is so especially important in this particular solar system. Ours is a second ray solar system striving to incorporate the influence of the cosmic fifth ray in order to achieve cosmic mental polarization.

All the Logoi of the differing schemes are expressing Them­selves upon this plane.

31.             DK is telling us that there is no Planetary Logos in this solar system which is not expressing itself upon the systemic mental plane.

 There are certain schemes in the system which find their lowest manifestation on this plane, and have no physical body such as the Earth, and the other dense planets.

32.             DK is informing us of certain planetary schemes which are not represented by any etheric-physical or astral vehicles. Naturally, the lowest globes in such schemes will have vehicles of systemic mental matter. As for the highest globes in such schemes, one can imagine that, for some, the buddhic vehicle will be the lowest and most external vehicle and for others perhaps the atmic.

33.             In theosophical writings, the possibility of the existence of such schemes was not discussed nor the existence of very subtle globes. Perhaps there were hints given.

They exist through the medium of gaseous matter, and their spheres of manifestation are simply composed of the four cosmic ethers and the cosmic gaseous.

34.             This is really a very important statement. DK is telling us of globes, the matter of which, goes no lower than the systemic mental plane.

35.             While some might think that He suggests globes which are homogeneously mental, homogeneously buddhic or atmic or monadic, the theory of one homogeneous vehicle per globe does not, ultimately, make sense. All Globe-Lords are Monads and Monads have a number of principles through which they express. They cannot express exclusively through a lower principle if the principles (and the vehicles necessary for the expression of these principles) intervening between the lowest sphere of expression and the Monad itself are missing.

36.             In any case, we are speaking of planetary globes of higher and finer construction. There is no reason to believe that such subtler globes are any less important than globes which additionally have lower and dense vehicles.

  But all the great Lives of the solar system do possess bodies of our systemic mental matter, and therefore on that plane communication between all these Entities becomes a possibility.

37.             This is the point. In order to communicate entities must share at least one medium of communication. For all Planetary Logoi, the body of systemic mental matter is such a vehicle.

38.             It is the “great Lives” Who possess such vehicles, and not all lives within the solar system.

This fact is the basis of occult realisation, and the true ground for the at-one-ment.

39.             The first level of occult realization occurs on the systemic mental plane. A later stage of realization occurs on the systemic atmic plane which, in its own way is a plane of mentality (the third subplane of the cosmic physical plane).

40.             The mental plane is the plane of vision, and “occult realization” is based upon occult vision.

41.             While the buddhic plane may be considered the first true plane of at-one-ment (since mental obstructions no longer exist and one has entered the cosmic etheric body) a form of at-one-ment can be supposed to exist on the systemic mental plane. The art of contemplation under Venus reveals this type of at-one-ment.

42.             Egoic groups on the higher mental plane realize the Egoic-unity of which they are a part. While a higher type of dense physical form still conditions the Egos manifesting through Egoic groups on the higher mental plane, awareness of that form does not prevent the awareness of a fundamental unity—shall we call it the type of unity which the vibration of Venus can inspire?

43.             On the higher mental plane unity is perceived in a mediated manner. On the buddhic plane, unity is perceived directly through the intuition.

  Matter of the abstract levels of the mental plane enters into the composition of the vehicles for all these greater Existences and through the medium of this energised substance each can get en rapport with each, no matter what Their individual goal of attainment may be.

44.             The “at-one-ment” mentioned above takes place upon the higher mental plane rather than the lower. The higher mental plane, while still related to the world of form from the solar logoic angle, contains, nevertheless, (through its highest subplane) the lowest plane of the true Ego or spiritual triad. It is the least obstructed level of form in the dense physical body of the Solar Logos.

45.             We note that DK did not say that matter of the lower mental plane enters into though composition of the vehicles for all these greater Existences.

46.             So we find the mental plane as the basis of inter-planetary rapport.

47.             We also learn that “energised substance” is the basis of inter-planetary communication.

The units, therefore, in Their bodies can equally get in touch with all other Egos and groups once they have achieved the con­scious­ness of the mental plane (causal consciousness) and know the varying group "keys," the group tones and colors.

48.             What an extraordinary statement promising a form of inter-Egoic communication extending beyond planetary ring-pass-nots!

49.             Probably the first kind of egoic communication to be achieved once causal consciousness is achieved, is communication between members of one’s own egoic group. This type of communication will naturally expand to include different types of Egos within one’s own globe or chain or planetary scheme. Eventually, it will be possible, provided the right “keys”, group tones and colors are known, to communicate with egoic groups beyond the planetary ring-pass-not.

50.             One impressive fact emerges here: “keys”, group tones and colors are means of communication. When a tone is sounded in a certain “key” (musically considered) a resonance is set up with those egoic units which are conditioned primarily by that tone and its key. The same is true of the ‘color resonance’ which is induced in other and various egoic units and groups which respond primarily to the color which is sent forth through visualization or imagination (or physical representation).

51.             An intricate and potent science is here revealed, and one which will gain in power throughout the impending seventh ray/fourth ray period, during which time the fifth ray of practical and precise physical application will be in power through Aquarius.

It will consequently be apparent to the careful student that in this fact lies the true relationship between the various groups of Egos, no matter what degree of evolution, or what ray and in which scheme they may be.

52.             Relationship between groups of Egos occurs via the higher subplanes of the systemic mental plane.

53.             We are given a terrific inducement for achieving causal consciousness. One is offered the possibility of entering gradually into a type of universal consciousness—the consciousness embraced by the universal mind within the Solar Logos.

54.             Usually, degree of evolution, difference in ray and difference in scheme would be impediments to communication between human beings, but once causal consciousness is achieved and with it the necessary knowledge of “keys”, group tones and colors, then inter-egoic communication will become increasingly unimpeded.

The basic truth here involved may be better grasped if the following occult phrases are studied:

55.             This is what we seek—an increasingly better grasp of the truth—first through the mind, then through the abstract mind and finally through the intuition.

"Within the Hall of Ignorance kama-manas rules.

56.             This points to the united power of the astral and mental bodies. It is not that there is no mind within the Hall of Ignorance; it is simply that the type of mind there found is unenlightened mind, and it is inextricably bound up with physical sensation and astral reaction.

  The man, weighed down by much misplaced desire,

57.             Misplaced, misdirected, wrongly oriented…

58.             A true sense of spiritual values has not been established.

59.             It is interesting that, occultly, desire has “weight”, is ponderous and holds one “down to earth”.

 seeks for the object of his heart's attention within the murky halls of densest maya.

60.             It is ultimately the heart which motivates desire. The astrally polarized man is strongly conditioned by the heart center as well as by the solar plexus center.

61.             The man in the Hall of Ignorance is blinded and driven hither and thither by the mayavic forces.

 He finds it there but dies ere garnering all the longed-for fruit.

62.             Man does find that which he desires, only to find its acquisition wanting.

63.             But desire is ceaseless and cannot easily be satisfied; hence the impulsion towards repeated incarnations in the attempt to fulfill unfulfilled desire within the lower three worlds.

  The serpent stings him,

64.             This is the “sting of the Scorpion” painfully awakening man to unsuspected levels of reality and disabusing him of the glamors and illusions in which he as sheltered.

65.             The sting of the serpent reveals the relative worthlessness of that which has hitherto been sought.

 and the joy desired recedes from out his grasp.

66.             We are dealing with the polarity between Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus is the paramount sign of desire and acquisition. The detaching power of Scorpio removes that which was ignorantly grasped, thus, progressively, instilling a higher sense of values.

67.             In a larger sense, there is a constant interplay between Taurus and Scorpio, for each, in its own way, is both acquisitive and inclined to attachment.

All seeking thus the selfish fruits of karma must each despise each other;

68.             Hatred exists in the lower three worlds. We are in the world of lower Mars and Pluto (considered from its basest angle).

69.             Division and cleavage rule. Under the principle of separation, scarcity is sensed, sharing is seen as foolish. One grasps for oneself alone.

70.             Eventually the power of Scorpio helps the grasping individual overcome selfishness (initially at the second initiation).

71.             This despising reminds one of a similar phrase regarding the Ray Lords:

"The seven Brothers love each other, yet each seeketh for many aeons the path of hatredThey hate and kill each other until they find that which dieth not and is not hurt.  Together then they stand and serve and through their service the seven suns burn up." (TCF 1249)

 hence strife and greed, ill-will and hatred, death and retribution, karmic invocation and the thunderbolt of vengeance characterise this Hall.  [Page 850]

72.             Not a very pretty picture but inescapable for all. In the Hall of Ignorance it is finally learned that desire and love are not the same energies. By the time there is a concerted focus upon the second tier of petals, the rising soul is slowly learning the meaning of love, even if relatively selfish at first.

Within the Hall of Learning intellect rules and seeks to guide.

73.             The Hall of Learning is loosely associated with the second tier of petals which are love petals.  Desire is still strong, yet it is a more selfless type of desire beginning to approximate love.

74.             Awareness of a subjective point within the consciousness arises and man can begin his inward search for the source of that subjectivity—the soul.

  Desire of a higher kind, the fruit of manas and its use, supplants the lower kamic urge.

75.             The lower karmic urge is based entirely on low desire and selfishness.

76.             Increased use of manas helps one discriminate between the pairs of opposites and, as a result, a higher sense of values emerges. The mind has discriminated between that which is of greater value and that which is lesser in value.

  Man weighs and balances,

77.             The power of Libra is obviously strong. Even from the description of the first petal in the Hall of Learning (the fourth petal) we see this to be the case.

1.    The Petal of Knowledge, for the astral plane; unfoldment is brought about by the conscious balancing of the pairs of opposites, and the gradual utilisation of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  The man passes out of the Hall of Ignorance where, from the egoic point of view, he works blindly and begins to appreciate the effects of his physical plane life; by a realisation of his essential duality he begins to comprehend causes. (TCF 540)

 and in the twilight Halls of Intellection seeks for the fruit of knowledge.

78.             There is a kind of light to be found in the Hall of Learning (the Halls of Intellection) but it is a twilight rather than the light of full day (the intuition).

79.             Mediated knowledge is found in the Halls of Intellection, rather than “straight knowledge”, “direct knowledge”.

Then the second series of petals are opened, during a period of time covering his participation intelligently in world affairs until he enters the spiritual kingdom at the first Initiation; (TCF 543)

80.             This is the period found as the man seeks to participate intelligently in the affairs of every day.

He finds it but to realise that knowledge is not all; he dies upon the open field of knowledge, hearing a cry beat on his dying ears:  Know that the knower greater is than knowledge; the One who seeks is greater than the sought.

81.             Here we have another vivid image of unrequited desire. The man experiences futility realizing that knowledge alone can never satisfy his deeper quest.

82.             Knowledge is related to the lower mind. The fruits of the lower mind can never satisfy. The Knower, however, is seated within the planes of higher mind.

83.             The man now seeks Himself as the soul. He seeks to transcend the concrete mind in search of the Thinker.

Within the Hall of Wisdom the Spirit rules;

84.             From one perspective, the Hall of Wisdom begins when the first initiation is taken. Some see entrance into this Hall somewhat before the first initiation and some consider that full entry does not occur until the third initiation has been taken.

85.             But it could hardly be said that before the first initiation (or even at the first initiation) “Spirit rules”.

86.             Yet, increasingly the Spirit is having its impact directly upon the soul (on its own plane—the higher mental) and the soul is making its presence felt in the life of the personality (thus mediating the Spirit to the personality).

the One within the lesser ones assumes supreme control.

87.             We can call this “One” either the soul or the Spirit. The Hall of Wisdom is a lengthy experience including full soul expression and the increasing expression of the Spirit.

  Death is not known within these halls, for its two great gates are passed.

88.             Presumably, we are still speaking of the experience of the Hall of Wisdom even though the plural “halls” is used.

89.             The Capricornian gate or door—the “doorway into life of those who know not death” is passed at true initiation. Similarly, the man begins to pass far more consciously through the lower gate, “the doorway into life of those who must know death”.

90.             From another perspective, the lower doorway is “passed” when man no longer has any need for incarnation in the lower three worlds.

Discord and strife both disappear and only harmony is seen.

91.             Wisdom is buddhi and the man is entering the “circle of buddhic life”. The buddhic plane is the plane of harmony.

 The knowers see themselves as One;

92.             One becomes a “knower” on the buddhic plane, which is the first true plane of at-one-ment. Buddhic sight is unitive sight promoted through pure reason and love.

93.             From the time the second initiation is passed, buddhic influence is penetrating the consciousness and the human energy system increasingly.

they recognise the field wherein knowledge grows as Brahmic dissonance and differentiation.

94.             Such would be the concrete worlds. The realm of Vishnu is the realm of harmony, though the energy of Vishnu applied to the world of Brahma may initially cause “dissonance”. Because of love, battles are fought.

 Know­ledge they know as method, an instrument of purpose utilised by all and just a germ of eventual recognition.

95.             The true value and place of knowledge is understood by those in the Hall of Wisdom.

96.             Knowledge becomes recognition (which is another way of saying “straight knowledge”). The one who knows, in a outward sense, becomes the one who inwardly knows as the Knower.

Within this hall union of each with each, blending of one and all, and unity of action, goal and skill marks every high endeavor."

97.             We might say that within the Hall of Wisdom, buddhi-manas is cultivated. We can see in the consummation just mentioned above that manasic achievements are not missing. The Hall of Wisdom blends mind and heart, practicality and high unitive motive.

If these words are pondered on, it will be realised that true union exists in the realisation that the greater life ever includes the lesser, and that each expansion of consciousness brings man closer to this realised Oneness.

98.             We find that the principle of “holism” is not simply some satisfying theory with no practical application.

99.             There is a specific realization to be achieved, and, if achieved, true union will also be achieved. In short, union is achieved through realization. The disciplines of realization must, therefore, become our objective.

Therefore, if one might venture to express an abstraction and a state of consciousness in terms of time and space, and through the limitation of language, it might be stated that on egoic levels, or on the three higher subplanes of the mental plane, there exists a channel of communication, based on similarity of vibration and oneness of endeavour, between every one of the planetary schemes, within the solar ring-pass-not.

100.         We are in a second ray solar system in which those Lives known as Solar Angels play a very important bridging and fusing role. The way to bring our planet into a state of unity is, initially, via the higher mental plane. Eventually, the way to bring the entire solar system, with all its planetary schemes, into unity is, again, via the higher mental plane.

101.         We see the imperative that humanity learn the meaning of occult meditation which ensures the transfer of consciousness to the higher mental plane and its polarization at a point of tension representative of the higher mental plane.

102.         The higher mental plane (and especially the second subplane of the higher mental plane) is a plane of cooperation and realized group endeavor. The siddhi, “Response to Group Vibration” is there found. Our planet has a second ray soul and that soul is meant to induce harmonious cooperation between all conscious participants in any group. Our solar system has a second ray soul, and so we see that this induction of a cooperative attitude is also on the solar systemic agenda—the Divine Plan for our solar system.

103.         To teach occult meditation, and to see that it is correctly utilized by a significant number of people, is a worthy objective both upon our planet and within the solar system as a whole.

Here, and here alone (as regards the three worlds and the human kingdom), becomes possible the establishing of egoic relation­ships

104.         According to the Law of Magnetic Impulse, the relations between human beings are to become conscious, egoic relationships. Right now, human relations are mostly focussed on the personality level. This type of fractious interaction cannot be sustained indefinitely and can only lead to disaster.

105.         The achievement of causal consciousness is a most necessary objective to be held before the intelligentsia of the human race and the men and women of goodwill.

 and the transmission of thought substance between

a. Units and egoic groups.

b. Groups and other groups.  [Page 851]

c. Greater groups with still greater or with lesser ones.

d. Egos in one planetary scheme with those in another.

106.         We see how the transmission of thought substance takes on increasingly greater scope. Egoic relationships are increasingly vertical but expansive horizontally as well.

The Ah-hi, the greater Builders,71 [From a Sensa word meaning "serpents."

107.         We are offered an important clarification. The Ah-hi are “greater Builders” and “serpents” as well. They are those in whom the “serpent power” has worked its complete transformation (with respect to the human kingdom). In them and through them, man has become the Angel.

108.         Of course, there is a number of kinds of Ah-hi and of “greater Builders”, so discrimination is needed to determine exactly what type of Being is under discussion.

 These are the Dragons of Wisdom.  See S. D., I, 55, 69, 70Who are the Lords working out the will of the solar Logos,

109.         From a certain perspective, Solar Angels (in higher and lower groupings) are “Ah-hi”. From another perspective, the Planetary Logoi are Ah-hi and the name “Dragon of Wisdom” is always used with respect to Them.

mainly use two planes for communication with each other and with Their cohorts:

110.         When discussing devic life, the term “cohorts” is frequently used. Cohorts share many qualities in common. In the case of the devas, such qualities would be determined by ray, key, tone, pitch, color, etc.

First, the second plane, where They communicate by means of a spiritual medium incomprehensible to man at present.

111.         It is obvious that the Ah-hi cannot be exclusively those who work through the higher mental plane—i.e., the Solar Pitris as usually considered.

112.         There are, we are told, Ah-hi on the monadic plane, and they communicate in exalted ways beyond the ken of man.

113.         Does this mean that the “Greater Builders” of the second subplane of the cosmic physical plane are to be considered as Ah-hi?

114.         What is the relation of Solar Angels to the monadic plane? There are certain deva Monads which, with human Monads, go to the formation of the centers of a Planetary Logos—some of those centers being found on the systemic monadic plane.

115.         The true plane of the Solar Angels is a open to discussion. It cannot be only the higher mental plane. The buddhic plane is a candidate as is the monadic plane. There may also be ways in which the Solar Angels relate to the cosmic astral plane.

116.         When speaking of communication involving the monadic plane, Planetary Logoi (strongly expressive on that plane) are also involved. A review of Chart V in TCF (344) will reveal this.

117.         We see that the term Ah-hi can be considered generic, and can apply at the angelic level as well as at the planetary level.

118.         On the monadic plane, it appears that the Ah-hi are communicating amongst themselves.

Second, the mental plane, where They communicate with all lesser lives by means of a type of mental telepathy.

119.         We find Ah-hi on the mental plane—actually the higher mental plane. These are the Solar Angels and Solar Pitris as usually considered.

120.         We see that the term “Ah-hi” like the term “Dhyan-Chohan” must be generic.

121.         We note that that the type of communication mentioned is “with all lesser lives”. It seems that communication amongst themselves is not the main objective of their work on the mental plane.

The "coming-in" of advanced Egos from the inner round, or from other planetary schemes, or from subtler spheres where they have been in pralaya awaiting opportunity is produced in a triple manner and is the result of a triple activity.

122.         We now discuss a very abstruse point. DK is bringing to our attention the sources of appearance within our planetary scheme of “advanced Egos”.

a.                  They come in “from the inner round”

b.                  They come in from other planetary schemes

c.                  They come in from “subtler spheres”—i.e., from pralaya

123.         The reason and method of the “coming in” of advanced Egos is now described.

[Firstly]: It is caused by an understanding between the planetary Logos of a scheme, and a brother planetary Logos whereby an exchange is effected.

124.         The first cause relates to various understandings between various Planetary Logoi. They decide upon an exchange of substances. It is a form of mutual supplementation.

The student must here think in terms of force and energy, of mag­netic interaction and the conscious transmission of energy out of the body of the planetary Logos, via centres or a centre, into the body of another planetary Logos.

125.         DK seeks us to avoid anthropomorphizing. We are to think in terms of force and energy, of transmission between chakras consciously undertaken.

126.         When human beings relate to each other, they also engage in magnetic interaction and in the consciousness transmission from one energy system to the other via certain centers or chakras. Let us ponder this type of inter-individual and inter-group transmission.

The cause here is the will or purpose, the object is sensation, and the method is force transference.

127.         We have an italicized sentence which summarizes the entire process. Only the second statement needs interpretation—“the object is sensation”.

128.         We might say that the object is an increased sensitizing or an enhancement of sentiency. The achievement of evolutionary objectives demands increasing sensitivity.

 [Secondly] Exactly the same understand­ing lies back of the coming in of egos from the inner round,

129.         Now another method of the “coming in” of advanced Egos is described.

 only this time the energy is sent forth by certain existences

130.         These “existences” are not Planetary Logoi.

 (working in connection with any planetary Logos) who are the "custodians of the inner circle."

131.         The “inner round”, however, can be associated with certain planets such as Mercury and, so it appears, a few other planets.

132.         It seems that this mode of transference, originating with the inner round, depends upon an understanding between a Being Who is one of the “custodians of the inner circle” and another Planetary Logos.

133.         When one speaks of the “inner circle” it is impossible not to think of a relation to the inner circle of sacrifice petals or to a still more recessed circle where the synthesizing petals are to be found.

This touches upon a mystery and deals with the coming-in of high Egos, of Avatars, of Buddhas, [Page 852] of masters, of initiates, and of disciples, and of all who have to wait for group, and not individual, urge for the fulfillment of cyclic karma on a large scale, and whose "wheels" are controlled by cosmic forces and not by purely systemic forces.

134.         DK is discussing the “coming in” of very high Beings. Such Beings (at least a significant number of those listed above), it would seem, have long ago relinquished the causal body. They can still be called “Egos” because the home of the true Ego is on triadal levels.

135.         How is DK differentiating between systemic forces and cosmic forces? And what is the meaning of the term “wheel”, as here used?

136.         From one perspective, we could think of such “wheels” as Egoic-lotuses, except for the fact that many of those special ones who await have already relinquished the causal body.

137.         From another perspective, even very high Beings are possessed of chakras functioning through the cosmic etheric planes. These chakras are not shown on our charts, but they are mentioned obliquely.

138.         From yet another perspective, the monadic vehicle, itself, is certainly a “wheel”, and it is possible for the Monad to attune to and be influenced by “cosmic forces”. The force emanating from a Solar Logos may be considered a cosmic force and as expressing through the Monad which has its home within the Sun.

139.         Some of the kinds of Beings listed above are, consciously and in terms of their awareness, Monads.

Another factor might be termed the karmic results of seeds sown in days long past, and hidden in the mysteries of the earlier system, scheme, or chain as the case may be.  All these three groups of manifestation [one yet to be mentioned] follow karmic impulse, and this impulse it is which controls the time period, and method of the appearance in any group of planetary egos, of newly born lotus buds, or of lotuses which are termed "mystically transplanted."

140.         We continue to discuss the ways and means of “coming in”.

141.          “Coming in” is most often a karmic result of seeds sown long ago. Such karmic seeds may have been sown within various spheres of activity:

a.                  In a previous solar system

b.                  Within the scheme

c.                  Within a chain

142.         We have, therefore, “coming in” due to agreement between Planetary Logoi, or between a Planetary Logos and certain “custodians of the inner circle” and both of these conditioned by karmic impulses generated long ago and related to certain sources—a solar system, a scheme, a chain.

143.         We now come to an important point. We may remember our discussion of Egos coming in from other planetary schemes. We wondered whether these “Egos” came in as Monads, in order to be individualized within the Earth-scheme, or whether they came in as already created lotuses.

144.         Here we learn that already formed Egos can enter another planetary scheme through ‘mystical transplantation’. It may be possible that even “newly born lotus buds” may be created within other planetary spheres and transferred to, for instance, the Earth-scheme, though we cannot be sure.

145.         We have learned of the presence of Egos from Venus and Jupiter among the “Lotuses of Brahman” in whom the second petal is showing signs of opening. Through an understanding of ‘mystical transplantation’ we may imagine that such lotuses were already formed (and perhaps slightly open) when they were transferred to our Earth-scheme and to our Earth-chain and globe in particular.

146.         The other option, of course, is that only the Monads were transferred and that the individualization of these Monads occurred within the sphere of the Earth-scheme.

These latter are probably of a high degree of unfoldment.

147.         It is possible, we hypothesize, that mystical transplantation can refer to relatively undeveloped Egos from such sources as Venus, Jupiter and let us include Vulcan in relation to “Primary Lotuses”.

148.         However, DK tells us that the mystical transplantation of Egos which are highly developed is not only a possibility but a probability.

149.         Here we can see the intricacy of the subject to which DK shortly refers.

150.         We gather that all ‘comings in’ (and ‘goings out’) are cyclically controlled and foremost among the relevant controlling cycles may be karmic cycles.

  This is possible in individual cases and in the case of entire groups.

151.         It has been a tendency to think of “coming in” (especially into incarnation) as a strictly individual, self-determined process. This is hardly true in itself, as the group factor is even more determining.

152.         The lotuses which are “mystically transplanted” may, however, enter as individuals but they also enter as “entire groups”. Can we consider the entry of Moon-chain Egos as a ‘mystical transplantation’? Certainly many of them were significantly unfolded lotuses.

153.         We now discuss the third factor which impulsed the “coming in” of Egos, of which the first two were inter-planetary agreement, and agreement between a Planetary Logos and a “custodian of the inner circle”.

[Thirdly] A third factor has to do with the transference of Egos or lotuses from one sphere of activity to another and this necessarily pro­duces conditions calling for the appearance of similar centres to take their place.

154.         The third factor is related to what we might call “egoic graduation”. When some Egos are transferred out of a scheme, chain or globe because they have completed their task within that particular sphere, they must be replaced to preserve the balance.

155.         The Law of Balance must ever be preserved.

Energy transmitted must be supplied from elsewhere, and this is another predisposing factor for the appearance of egoic lotuses in any scheme.  The law of the conservation of force holds good on any plane.

156.         We are dealing, then, with a variation of the “law of the conservation of energy” with which we are familiar through the study of exoteric chemistry and physics.

157.         We are researching the “predisposing factors” which induce the appearance of egoic lotuses in any scheme. So far we have three, all which transferences or appearances can most probably be considered related to karmic cycles.

This whole question of the transference of egoic lotuses from any one scheme to another, or from chain to chain, on the mental plane is one of very real intricacy,

158.         Even a little thought on the matter will reveal the truth of DK’s statement.

159.         Often, when we get into a subject, we do not realize how may constituents it has. We can easily become overwhelmed by complexity because our minds are not sufficiently structured and sensitive to interacting multiplicities to avoid confusion.

 and cannot be elucidated to the unpledged disciple.

160.         What does DK mean by the “unpledged disciple”? It is possible to be a pledged disciple even before being an accepted disciple, as an accepted disciple need certainly be no more than a probationary initiate.

161.         One would think that these questions could only be elucidated only to an accepted disciple--minimally!

 Only these general indications are in any way possible.

162.         The book we are dealing with, although complex, is still written to be read by members of the general public. Thus much caution and reservation are required.

It must also be remembered in connection with our planet that Egos appear in those groups whose lotuses are not produced as the result of the Law of Attraction working between the animal kingdom of the globe and the higher Triads,

163.         DK seems to be saying that Egos which were formed on the Earth-chain and Earth-globe were formed through the Law of Attraction operating in relation to the animal kingdom and the higher Triads.

164.         It would seem that when there is sufficient attraction between the qualified members of the animal kingdom and the Triads, the Solar Angels will be called in to created the link. It would seem correct to say that the Solar Angels cannot and will not appear unless there is such an attraction.

165.         In what follows below DK seems to be discussing the formation of such Egos as Moon-chain Egos.

 but which are Egos who have individualised elsewhere, and who therefore come in with their petals already organised, and perhaps with several [Page 853] petals unfolded

166.         It is clear that “organization” and “unfoldment” are to be distinguished.

167.         It is likely that Moon-chain Egos came into the Earth-chain with the first tier of petals, minimally, organized, and some such Egos with some of these petals unfolded.

168.         The method of individualization on the Moon-chain (as discussed elsewhere and earlier) did not occur specifically as a result of the Law of Attraction between opposites, but through ‘animal aspiration’ and response from the Triadal level. There was more a ‘growing into’ the state of individualization than a interventional bridging progress impulses by the sacrifice of Solar Angels.

This has necessarily a profound effect both upon the groups in which they appear, and upon the type of man who will make his appearance subsequently in physical plane incarnation.

169.         Moon-chain Egos, for instance, appeared in the midst of millions of Egos who had been individualized on the Earth-chain. The contrast was immediately apparent, the Moon-chain Egos being, in the vast majority of cases, far more highly developed.

170.         When the Moon-chain Egos made their appearance, they also conditioned the racial forms which would be procreated following their arrival. A confluence of two types of energy—one earthly and the other lunar—greatly complicated human development upon our globe, but the infusion and merging was necessary if the plans of the Planetary Logos were to be carried to success throughout our scheme.

This is touched upon in the Secret Doctrine when the question of the early teachers and divine kings who occupied the ill-favoured bodies of the early humanity, is broached.72  [See the early part of the Secret Doctrine, V. II.]  73

171.         During the process of individualization on the Earth-chain (either immediately as the individualization process began, some twenty-one million years ago or, perhaps, rather later), certain Solar Angels chose to incarnate directly into the “ill-favoured bodies of early humanity”. We are told that they greatly affected the racial form as a result of their sacrifice.

172.         This was a definitely positive intervention and over time greatly enhanced the quality of the mechanism through which early man manifested. The descendant of such Solar Angels working through human forms (we are told) are to be detected in the highest type of Earth-chain beings presently found upon our planet. Their heredity, we are told, is peculiar.

First, They themselves took bodies and thus energised certain of the higher forms of the animal kingdom, so that they appeared as man, and thus initiated a particular group.  Their descendants can be seen in the highest [Page 1147] specimens of the earth humanity now on earth.  They are not even now, however, as far advanced as the groups of units from the moon chain who came in in Atlantean days.  Their heredity is peculiar. (TCF 1146-1147)

Footnote 73:
C. W. Leadbeater had a dim apprehension of this idea when he referred to those boat loads of Egos from the moon chain.

173.         If Leadbeater, a noted psychic and presumably a third degree initiate, had only a “dim apprehension”, we can begin to understand the impenetrability of the subject.

 He has of course materialised the idea far too much;

174.         This seemed to be his tendency, perhaps exacerbated by what appears to have been a fifth ray mind.

 if the same fundamental idea is expressed in terms of force and of the appearance of force centres within the earth chain, which force centres are the result of energy emanating from an earlier chain and producing whorls in the ether or substance of the mental plane, then the true significance may be more easily grasped.

175.         We can see that DK expresses the same idea in an entirely different type of language—much more modern, less concrete, and in terms of energies and forces. He speaks in the ‘Language of Energy’.

176.         The incoming Egos from the Moon-chain were, actually, streams of energy which induced “whorls in the ether or substance of the mental plane”.

177.         We note the use of the term “ether”. The higher mental subplane where these whorls made their appearance is located within that portion of the systemic mental plane which, relatively, can be considered etheric—i.e., within the higher four subplanes of the mental plane.

178.         The movement of Egos from one sphere of activity to another proceeds according to the dynamics of energy/force-transference.

179.         If the Aquarian Age is to teach us one thing, it is to think of all ‘things’ in terms of energies and forces. Thus will come an end to benighted materialism and obstructive mental concretion.