Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VII Section IX

TCF 844-849 : S7S9 Part III

18 July – 1 August 2008

It might here be noted that the planetary Entity [see #11, above] is the sumtotal of all the elemental lives of the lesser Builders function­ing as, or forming, the substance of any particular globe in phy­sical objectivity.

1.                  The “planetary Entity” is a massive but low order of life.

2.                  Within any planetary scheme there are, therefore, many planetary Entities, yet it may be presumed that (as regards the process occurring within any planetary scheme) all of these may be viewed together as one “planetary Entity”.

3.                  Elemental lives are not only physical (i.e., to be found upon the systemic physical plane), but are found on all the planes with the physical body of a Planetary Logos (or Solar Logos).

4.                  When DK speaks of “physical objectivity” we must decide whether He is speaking of what the human being calls “objective” or what a Planetary Logos (or Solar Logos) deems as “objective”. There is certainly elemental life upon the astral and mental planes, but from the human perspective, such life is not “objective” in the customary sense..

5.                  Further, which globes are in “physical objectivity”? Within our Earth-scheme, for instance, only the fourth globe of the fourth chain is in systemic-physical objectivity, but from the perspective of the Planetary Logos (or Solar Logos), perhaps there are at least some aspects of all globes which are in physical objectivity. (We leave out of this consideration the thought that there may be globes the lowest stratum of which is found on the cosmic etheric planes.)

6.                  From what is said below, it appears that, from the solar logoic perspective, the lesser lives to be found upon the higher mental plane must also be considered as “elemental”.

7.                  One wonders about the further development of this massive form of elemental life. Below, DK extends our vision towards the next solar system when the “planetary Entity”, the ‘planetary Entities’ and the still more encompassing ‘solar Entity’ will emerge into cons as a third form of life accompanying--

a.                  Devic life

b.                  Human and subhuman life

The mystery of the whole subject lies hidden in three things:

        First, the fact that our three planes, physical, astral, and mental, form the dense body of the solar Logos, and are therefore not considered as forming principles.

8.                  This includes the devic lives to be found upon the higher mental plane—a plane which, technically, is within the dense physical body of the Solar Logos, though, from one perspective, not in the dense physical body of the Planetary Logos.

9.                  It is impossible to consider the Solar Pitris as unprincipled solar logoic substance, yet such Pitris are often spoken of in terms of substance. It would seem important, therefore, to differentiate the unprincipled substance to be found on the systemic higher mental plane from that type of solar logoic substance which we think of as ‘solar pitric’ substance.

10.             We must remember that “energy”, “force”, “substance” and “matter” can, from one perspective, be considered identical.

It was the result of the internal decision on the part of the planetary Logos to turn His attention away from the act of creation on the systemic mental plane to the work of progressive evolution.  This caused a cessation of certain types of activity, producing a quiescence in certain of His centres, and an increased activity in others.  It also had an effect upon the solar Angels, and consequently upon the Heart of the solar system from whence they are drawn.  Floods of energy or streams of force from the heart of the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrested and directed elsewhere, while the Pitris already active began to centre their attention upon the work begun, and temporarily new beginnings were out of order.  It must not be forgotten here that the work of the solar Pitris from their point of view, is not primarily the evolution of man, but is the process of their own development within the plan of the solar Logos.  The evolution of the human race is, for them, but a method. (TCF 843)

        The second fact is that the lesser "lives" or the elemental essence are the "refuse" of an earlier system, and react to inher­ent impulses so powerfully that it was only possible to control them through the dynamic will of the Logos, con­scious­ly applied.

11.             Here we have a very important section of text. The elemental “refuse” of an earlier solar system (and note that DK does not necessarily indicate the immediately previous solar system), must be associated with those forms of human life who are called the “failures” of the previous solar system.

12.             A number of subjects are to be considered in relation as follows:

a.                  The quality of energy-substance/force-matter of the previous major and minor solar systems.

b.                  The “planetary Entity”, the ‘planetary Entities’ and the composite ‘solar Entity’ made of all the ‘planetary Entities’.

c.                  The role of the Lives which inform the aggregate of the lowest grade involutionary lives of any particular globe, grouping of globes within a planetary scheme, and the total grouping of globes within our solar system.

d.                  The discrimination of the nature of these informing Lives from the aggregates of involutionary lives they inform.

e.                  The failures of the previous solar system

f.                    The quality of energy-substance/force-matter which characterized life upon the Moon-chain.

g.                  The human beings who migrated from the Moon-chain to the Earth-chain just as certain human beings migrated from the previous solar system to the present one.

h.                  The nature, role and function of the lunar lords within the Earth-chain, and the Earth-globe.

i.                    The place of the “lesser Builders” in relation to the energy-substance/force-matter of the previous solar system, of the Moon-chain, and in relation to the processes intended to occur within the present solar system and the Earth-chain/Earth-globe.

13.             It is clear that we are taking on a vast and obscure subject.

14.             We see that our Solar Logos has a difficult task in controlling the involutionary through which the ‘solar Entity’ is expressing, just as our Planetary Logos has a very difficult task controlling the aggregate of involutionary lives through which our particular “planetary Entity” is expressing.

15.             The difficulty of these tasks is analogous to the task which faces every human being when he tries to control his lunar vehicles and the tiny elemental lives composing them.

16.             We are learning something about the initiatory task facing both our Solar Logos and our Planetary Logos: We are also learning that the human being must utilize (on his own tiny scaled) “the dynamic will…consciously applied”. It appears from what is said that some degree of control has been exerted by our Solar Logos, as the past tense “it was” is used.

17.             We are discussing the principle of inertia on a systemic, planetary and human scale. By inference we can extend the discussion to a cosmic scale.

The word "refuse" must be interpreted analogically, and as is under­stood when it is said that man gathers to himself in each fresh incarnation matter to form his dense physical body which is tinged with the earlier vibrations of preceding incarnations.

18.             DK offers a clarification. The term “refuse” seems to indicate matter which was not successfully integrated into the plans and purposes of the Solar Logos as He expressed through previous solar systems (and especially, through the major solar system immediately preceding our own).

19.             The matter to be gathered has not yet achieved the initiatory vibrational level which will be achieved when the indwelling Life (in this case our Solar Logos) has taken its fourth initiation.

20.             At the onset of our particular solar system, the Solar Logos had not yet completed His task of transforming the lower type of matter in question. Complete redemption of this earlier energy-substance/force-matter will, we gather, be completed during the next and final solar system in this series of solar systems.

21.             When a human being has not yet achieved the fourth initiation, he still has much to do to redeem the matter through which he expresses in the three lower worlds. Once he has taken this initiation, he no longer incarnates in the usual way and, thus, no longer re-gathers for his vehicles of expression unredeemed (or insufficiently redeemed) matter or the “refuse” of his previous incarnations.

22.             We can see how the study of this particular analogy can clarify our minds regarding the regathering process for both the Solar Logos and human being. Of course, we must include the various Planetary Logoi in our consideration.

These "lives"

23.             The “lesser lives”, the involutionary lives—the “lesser Builders”.

have been gradually drawn in during the entire mahaman­vantara as it became safe and possible to control and bend them to the will of the greater Builders.

24.             This is an interesting statement. It seems to suggest that, perhaps, not all the residual lesser lives from the previous solar system were simultaneously gathered into the structure of the present solar system. There seems to be a phased ingathering of such lives, building them into the present system only as it becomes possible for the higher forms of devic Lives (the “greater Builders”) within the present solar system to control them.

25.             It can be inferred that the lives under discussion are retained within a “reservoir of life” until they can be drawn in.

26.             There is probably an analogy relating to the manner in which a human being re-gathers previously utilized lesser lives during the incarnation though which he is presently passing.

27.             Perhaps the dynamics of the life cycle of the human being (from birth to youth to maturity and on into old age) may tell us something about the phased appropriation and utilization of previously tinged lesser lives.

28.             Just as the Solar Logos apparently does not gather all previously tinged lesser lives into His present incarnational expression, so it may be for the human being, gathering more and more of such substance as he grows towards maturity and greater control.

Much of the earlier energy-substance in systemic construct­ion has been passed on into that force-matter which we call that of the lunar Pitris, and its place has gradually been taken by this type of energy, gathered in from the greater sphere in which our Logos has place.

29.             We seem to be dealing here with a replacement of substances.

30.             The “lunar Pitris” (we again see) are referred to as a particular type of force-matter”. We note, in this instance, the order of the words, with the term “force” preceding that of matter.

31.             The lunar pitris seem to be those forms of lesser lives through which the “earlier energy-substance” (again note the order of the words) is being built-up, elevated or transformed (in this solar system). The earlier energy-substance is thus being incorporated into certain forms within the present solar system. Incorporation results in elevation through exposure to systemically sanctioned patterns.

32.             As replacement of “earlier energy-substance” by what we might call ‘present energy-substance’ is needed, there must be an ingathering of such substance from the reservoir of life to which our Solar Logos has access by right of His participation in the “greater sphere” (probably of the Cosmic Logos in which our Logos holds place).

33.             Thus, the older, “earlier energy-substance” is built into lunar pitric forms, and is replaced by energy-substance drawn from the great reservoir of life associated with the sphere of the Cosmic Logos.

The twelve evolutions

34.             By the “twelve evolutions” DK seems to be indicating the Twelve Creative Hierarchies.

35.             Given that life is all-pervasive and must necessarily be found expressing through all cosmic planes and subplanes, there must necessarily be far more than twelve evolutions. It can be supposed, however, that the twelve mentioned are those about which human being can know even a little.

 are after all but the twelve types of energy,

36.             DK has often told us that He wishes us to think in terms of energies and forces and not so much in terms of entities and personalities.

manifesting ever in three groups of forces,

37.             We are dealing with the principle of the trinity. Each energy expresses through three groups of forces. On the human level, the soul expresses itself through the three personality vehicles which are three groups of forces.

38.             We understand that the important number forty-nine is involved in these groupings. Twelve types, each expressing as three, make forty-eight. When all twelve and their expression are taken as a whole, the forty-nine is produced.

 and again as one group when synthesised during the process of manifest­ation.

39.             It seems that the twelve are to be considered as one, just as the twelvefold zodiac is to be considered (at its final stage of development) as a synthesized unity.

 They are fourfold in interaction, and have a systemic ebb and flow about which little is known.

40.             VSK queries: “These three groups would be analogous to cardinal, fixed, and mutable? And, fourfold in interaction relating to fire earth air and water?”

41.             May it be suggested that astrological analogies can be related to what is said. While the Twelve Creative Hierarchies can be directly related to the twelve zodiacal signs, they are certainly not identical.

42.             It is not immediately apparent what DK means by the term “interaction”. Is He saying that the twelve (as a twelvefold unit) have four modes of interaction amongst themselves, or that each of the twelve expresses (in totality) as a quadruplicity? Each of the twelve, as well, having a “systemic ebb and flow”.

43.             If we focus on the twelve (taken together) as having four modes of interaction, then, naturally, such modes of interaction could be related to those four modes of energy-force expression we call the “four elements”.

44.             DK is speaking of the ways in which the twelve groupings of lives emerge into prominence and then subside during distinct cyclic periods, this emergence and subsiding due to a flowing and ebbing of solar logoic energy.

        Third, the fact of the coming into incarnation of the [Page 846] informing "life" of this low grade substance, who is an entity from a point in the Heavens which may not be mentioned:

45.             We are being given another perspective upon the planetary Entity (or perhaps, as well, upon its higher counterpart on a solar systemic level, which we have been calling the ‘solar Entity’).

46.             We see we must differentiate between the “low grade substanceitself and the “informing life” within this low grade substance.

47.             When DK speaks of “a point in the Heavens”, we do not know whether He is speaking cosmically (i.e., extra-systemically) or systemically.

48.             It could be that He is speaking of the “comic Moon” (a decaying solar system or constellation) which stands in relation to our present solar system as Earth’s Moon stands in relation to the Earth-chain.

49.             If we are speaking of an Entity associated with our solar system’s cosmic Moon, is it important for the safe development of the human race that humanity not know where it is located? Perhaps.

50.             The Entity of which we are speaking, therefore, could be intra-systemic, or if not an integral part of the present solar system, at least directly related to the Solar Logos Who expressed both through the previous solar system and the present one. Many great Entities have originated and are evolving intra-systemically—the Planetary Logoi and the three Logoi subsidiary to the Solar Logos are among them.

51.             On the other hand, we could be speaking of an extra-systemic Entity altogether—one which did not originate within the life expression of our Solar Logos, and which was drawn in to inform residual solar logoic substance. Later, however, there emerges a reason for us not to hold the extra-systemic option to firmly. (The discussion on the “beast” and its origin in relation to the dense physical globe of the Moon-chain is to be considered in this regard.)

 He embod­ies influences of a manasic nature, but manas at its very lowest vibration.

52.             We are perhaps dealing with two types of Entities. There is the composite “planetary Entity” which embodies the elemental substance of our Earth-scheme expression, but on solar logoic levels, there may also be a ‘solar Entity’, which embodies such substance throughout the solar system and not only in relation to our planet or some other planet.

53.             One must attempt to follow DK as He moves, apparently unannounced, from the globe level, to chain and scheme levels and thence to the solar systemic level.

54.             The Moon-chain analogies are further reinforced by the statement about the manasic nature of this Entity. The informing Life of the Moon-chain was of a manasic nature. The informing Life or Entity of the low grade substance under discussion is also “of a manasic nature”.

55.             The simple point to be derived is that there is a older type of energy-substance expressing as force-matter which (whether in relation to a human being, a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos) must be redeemed or ‘made present’—i.e., brought up to present standards. This is an immense evolutionary task for all three—the human being, the Planetary Logos or the Solar Logos.

Perhaps some idea of this may be gathered if it is stated that there is a resemblance between this vibration, or this energising life, and the basic vibration of the solar system preceding this one.

56.             The vibration of our planetary Entity or (on an expanded scale) of the ‘solar Entity’ is being compared to the basic or fundamental vibration of the solar system preceding this solar system.

57.             The planetary Entity (or corresponding ‘solar Entity’) as an “energising life” is being call, alternatively a “vibration”.

58.             It appears that these low-grade Entities (whether on a planetary or solar systemic level) carry the basic vibration of the previous major solar system into our present solar system.

 We must remember that our basic vibration was the result of the evolutionary process of the entire earlier system.

59.             We are speaking of the “Primordial Ray” (the third) or, in another sense, of the fundamental vibration on which our entire solar system is built. We are speaking of a great vibration FA or F, and all vibrations within the Solar Logos which correlate with this great fundamental tone.

This entity has the same analogous relation to the deva evolution as the mysterious "bridges" which baffle scientists, and which are found between the vegetable and the animal kingdom, and the mineral and the vegetable; they are neither the one nor the other.

60.             Here DK speaks of transitional forms of life which belong neither entirely to one kingdom of nature not to another. Presumably, there are bridges which unite each kingdom to the next higher kingdom.

61.             This bridging function, presumably, does not concern only the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom. Domesticated animals nearly ready for individualization could be considered animal-bridges toward the human kingdom. Aspirants and disciples could be considered as bridges into the fifth kingdom of nature—the Kingdom of Souls.

62.             By analogy, there would necessarily be still higher bridges but we are in no position to do more than suppose their existence.

63.             In general, we could say that elemental lives bridge towards the deva kingdom. Devas have their ‘wings’. Elementals do not—yet.

64.             The planetary Entity (or larger ‘solar Entity’) under discussion is, therefore, to be considered as a “bridge” towards the Deva Kingdom as a whole. It is apparently on the deva line of evolution. Would it, eventually, work itself towards the status of a Raja Deva Lord?

65.             There are some statements below, however, which lead us to believe that the Entity/Entities concerned are on their own line of evolution, which is neither devic nor human/subhuman. So we must proceed carefully.

On a large scale, this "life" or the informing entity of the lower life of the physical plane of the solar system

66.             Here we are definitely speaking on a solar systemic level and not only a “planetary Entity” or ‘planetary Entities’.

67.             We began this larger section of text by speaking of the “planetary Entity” but, it is certainly clear, are also speaking of its solar systemic counterpart, which we are calling the ‘solar Entity’.

68.             The etheric plane of our solar system consists in the four higher subplanes of the systemic physical plane—the cosmic ethers.

69.             DK seems to infer that the physical plane of the solar system also has a higher life, or higher lives.

70.             The higher lives of the physical plane of the solar system can be considered devic. The lower lives of the “physical plane of our solar system” are more related elemental life, but, perhaps, not entirely so, as we see below.

 is neither a full exponent of the subconscious life of the earlier system, nor of the elemental life of this;

71.             DK continues to emphasize the bridging nature of this (solar systemic) Entity and how the bridging should be understood.

72.             The Entity in question has moved beyond the “subconscious life of the earlier system”, but the elemental life of the present system seems to be in advance of the Entity’s form of expression.

73.             The whole matter is extremely mysterious.

74.             Are we to differentiate between the quality of the elemental lives of the previous solar system and the quality of the elemental lives in this solar system?

75.             Perhaps, the term “full exponent” is to be emphasized, as this type of life may an exponent of the elemental life of this solar system but not a full exponent.

only in the next system will be seen the manifestation of a form of consciousness of a type at present inconceivable to man.

76.             It is clear that the form of consciousness of which this Entity is meant to be the expression will only come into expression during the next and final solar system.

77.             While the Entity under discussion is linked to the lower grades of manas, it may reasonably be thought that such an Entity is also closely linked to the energy of Will.

Esoterically he is stated to have "neither sight nor hearing"; he is neither deva nor human in essence.  He is occultly "blind," utterly unaware; he is capable only of movement, and resembles the foetus in the womb; that which is coming to the birth only the next greater cycle will reveal.

78.             The systemically undeveloped nature of this Entity is emphasized.

79.             The senses it does not possessed are mentioned—it possess “neither sight nor hearing”, yet (in this solar system, at least) hearing is the very first sense to be developed.

80.             Does this Entity possess the sense of touch, interestingly not mentioned in the description? Perhaps not.

81.             We see that it is unwise to draw analogies between this Entity and any other E/entity of which we may be presently aware. There are, so it is hinted, fundamental differences .

82.             The Entity is not a deva and not human in nature. The “essence” of this Entity is different from the essence of either deva or human.

83.             In our present solar system (being a second ray system and thus dual) there is an emphasis upon the parallel deva and human evolutions. In the next solar system (the third major solar system in a series of six minor and major systems) however, there is, occultly ‘room’ for the emergence of yet another expression of life.

84.             The consciousness of this Entity has obviously not awakened in the least. “He is occultly “blind”, utterly unaware”. In our solar system, even elemental lives are said to be responsive. The term “Army of the Voice” suggests that the elemental lives of our solar system are responsive to sound and that, occultly, they “hear”. The Entity under discussion does not even hear.

85.             As we study more, the mystery deepens.

The mystery of the moon70  [S. D., I, 172, see footnote] or of the "divine lunatic"

86.             An extraordinary concept for romantic ‘moon gazers’…

 is connected somewhat with the revelation (through the premature compassion of our planetary Logos) of the life of this nature, informing the dense globe of the moon chain.

87.             We have an amazing piece of occultism with deep implications.

88.             It was the “premature compassion” of our Planetary Logos which revealed, obviously prematurely, the “life of this nature”.

89.             Had our Planetary Logos not been possessed of “premature compassion”, the life of the “planetary Entity” would not have been revealed and its detected presence would not have complicated the life of evolving kingdoms (especially the human kingdom) upon the Moon-chain.

90.             This was the life informing the dense globe of our Moon-chain. We are speaking now from a planetary perspective.

91.             Could the Entity (considered more broadly, i.e., solar systemically, as the ‘solar Entity’) be that which informed the dense nature of our “cosmic Moon”? This is a potentially rich analogy.

92.             Obviously, though the Moon-chain ‘died’, the “planetary Entity” (working through the globes of that chain—especially the “dense globe of the moon chain”) still remains and is slowly being brought into expression through our Earth-scheme.

93.             And could we say, by analogy, that, although the Life-expression which became our “cosmic Moon” apparently ‘died’, it too, still remains—present, though, mercifully, incompletely “revealed” in the present solar system?

94.             In all processes of evolutionary unfoldment, there is a proper schedule to be maintained. The consequences of altering this schedule (whether the schedule pertains to the human being, the Planetary Logos or the Solar Logos) can be dire.

 On His high level, pity awoke in the heart of the planetary Logos for certain involutionary existences within the moon chain,

95.             We are speaking of that which, in sum, is known today as the “planetary Entity” and was, in that far-off time, the Entity “informing the dense globe of the moon chain”.

96.             It is clear that our Planetary Logos sought to hasten the evolution of these “involutionary existences”, which in their aggregate belonged to the “planetary Entity”.

97.             We note the activation of the heart nature of our Planetary Logos.

 and (like the Buddha on a lesser scale and at a much later date)

98.             The Buddha, though a great Being from the human perspective, is a Being of far lesser scope than our Planetary Logos.

99.             The so-called “sin of the Buddha” occurred within our present chain, the Earth-chain. The ‘sin’ (if we can call it that) of the Planetary Logos, occurred within the chain preceding our own—the Moon-chain

compassionate zeal brought the karmic results with which we are still concerned.

100.         The term “compassionate zeal” applies to both the Planetary Logos and the Buddha and is the quality of energy which motivated their ‘mistakes’.

101.         When we study the combination of these two words (“compassionate” and “zeal”), we may with reason infer that both the second and sixth rays were highly influential in allowing to emerge forms of life which should not (yet) have emerged.

102.         The “sin of the Buddha” involved, it has been suggested, choosing a Cosmic Path which, for Him, was not the correct one. He was not destined for the Path of Earth Service and remained with humanity too long following the time of His Enlightenment.

103.         Is it possible that, by doing so, He caused something to emerge within humanity which should not have emerged? The whole matter is most mysterious, because we human beings think that the ongoing presence of the Buddha has had only a good effect on human and planetary evolution.

104.         Yet, an incorrect decision by a Being as great as the Buddha can upset the planetary balance—in this case, especially in relation to the human kingdom.

The "beast" must be driven back [Page 847] for his own good to run his cycle, hidden in his den and confined within safe limits until the dawning of a new system brings him conscious opportunity.

105.         A “beast” has been prematurely released into a planetary system (and perhaps, into a solar logoic system). We do not know, with certainty, whether our Solar Logos is, correspondingly, in a difficulty comparable to the difficulty in which our Planetary Logos finds Himself.

106.         We see here the union of such topics as premature revelation, over-stimulation, rampant instinctuality, etc.

107.         When, in the Great Invocation, we are asked to participate in sealing the “door where evil dwells” (which the Divine “Plan” must accomplish), and when we are asked in the potent meditation found under Rule X in The Rays and the Initiations, to assist in forcing streams of evil back onto the astral plane, we see that we are being asked participate in this process of ‘driving back’ which the Planetary Logos must now undertake as a result the His premature compassion He expressed on the Moon-chain. This same process may also be occurring at a solar systemic level. Our Solar Logos is not yet a sacred Solar Logos.

108.         Much is being revealed here about the nature of evil. We hear of the “dens of evil” (on the astral plane, particularly). The use of the word “den” in relation to the “planetary Entity” (and, perhaps, its higher and solar counterpart) is not accidental.

109.         The role of Saturn as guardian and ‘jailor’ is not to be overlooked. Saturn, in relation to, a human being, works to confine those aspects of life which cannot yet be correctly and successfully handled by the incarnating human being. We must not suppose that we human beings can manage all forces to which we may be exposed.

110.         The use of the word “beast” suggest Mars (the number of which may be presumed as 666). Mars is the planet ruling the Creative Hierarchy of Lunar Lords and is, thus, intimately related to our Moon. This Martian function probably also has application throughout the solar system, as the Creative Hierarchies tabulated in Esoteric Astrology, 35, are not only planetary in nature, but occur throughout the solar system.

111.         Right now the “beast” (in relation to our planetary scheme) has no consciousness, no awareness. His release has meant the introduction of chaos into the life of the Earth-scheme and, perhaps, within the entire solar system. We do not know whether the Solar Logos was afflicted with “premature compassion” (as our Planetary Logos was), but we do know that the Solar Logos has struggles which are comparable to those of our Planetary Logos.

112.         Conscious opportunity comes for the “beast” in the next solar system. It (the “beast”) is a Life which is neither deva nor human and will only find rightful expression in the Will System, at which time this third form of Life can safely emerge.

113.         It is interesting to realize that mistakes can be made by such high Beings as a Planetary Logos or a Buddha.

114.         The Universe itself, on all levels, is in a state of profound ignorance when compared to the ABSOLUTE (even though the ABSOLUTE is, technically speaking the INCOMPARALE). The density of ignorance only lessens as we ascend the Ladder of Being. Ignorance does not vanish until ABSOLUTENESS prevails ABSOLUTELY.

115.         As human beings, we must ask, whether there is something in us which must be “driven back” until it is safe to have it emerge?

116.         Probably the answer is, “Yes”. Each of us has the “beast” within, and only when we have entered those series of incarnations in which the Monad is released into the soul-infused personality life, it is safe to see the “beast” emerge. Then the “beast” can be subdued and managed.

117.         Such as series of lives (and they will not be many) is the analogy in the human developmental process to the onset of the third major solar system in the developmental process of our Solar Logos.

More we may not say.

118.         We can see why this must be the case. These are profound mysteries dealing with dangerous matters. Humanity has, at times, almost become the “beast”. This we see in times of war—ruled, interestingly, by Mars, the number of which is 666, the “Number of the Beast”.

 It must be remembered that the mysteries of existence are as yet but little cognised by man.

119.         Continued close study of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire reveals this to be the case. We awaken to the fact that we know virtually nothing of Reality and of the any types of L/lives which express this Reality.

 In cases where profound mysteries lie, man is often totally unaware of it; and frequently man remains blind and deaf where no mystery is but only revelation for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

120.         We human beings customarily live in a state of profound ignorance. There is nothing we can do about this (at least not all at once) except slowly to lift the veil which conceals ever-deeper layers of reality from our consciousness.

121.         DK is distinguishing between “profound mysteries” and those states of potential consciousness which only seem to be mysteries but are, in fact, revealed “for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear”.

122.         Relief from the latter type of ignorance is imminently possible. We can train ourselves in occultism (which, in many respects, is equivalent to training ourselves in ever-deepening perception). Tried and true methods have been given to us.

123.         With respect to the “profound mysteries” only time and much evolutionary development will make revelation possible.

124.         Incidentally, we can see DK telling us that we must cultivate our senses—especially the subtle senses of sight and hearing.

When man has penetrated to those secrets which lie behind the lower kingdoms in nature, when he has solved the problem of the constitution of the interior of the Earth, and has from there worked his way back to knowledge of the working of the involutionary path and the lives which tread that path, then and then only will he begin to realise the strangeness of that which lies beyond his ken.

125.         DK is hinting at types of knowledge which man (at his present level of ignorance) must necessarily consider very strange.

126.         DK is telling us that, for humanity, reality is inconceivably strange. When studying occultism, we often are prompted to realize that “truth is [indeed] stranger than fiction”.

127.         Let us tabulate what man must do to realize the strangeness with which he is surrounded:

a.                  He must penetrate those secrets which lie behind the lower kingdoms of nature.

b.                  He must solve the problem of the interior of the Earth

c.                  He must, knowing something of the nature of the interior of the Earth, more fully understand the involutionary path and the lives which tread that path.

128.         A number of hints are given by DK as He tells us how to proceed. May we infer that

a.                  the expression of the lower kingdoms of nature, are closely related to the expression of the lives upon the involutionary path?

b.                  the true nature of the “interior of the Earth” is presently unknown to man? The “hollow Earth theory” comes to mind in this respect.

As said above, the aggregate of these lives is greater than the aggregate of those lives which form the sum total of solid earth as we understand the term, even though they do not exceed the number of lives which form the gaseous portion of manifestation; this gaseous portion is found in the atmosphere, interpenetrating dense matter, and filling in a large degree the interior caverns of the planet.  The microcosmic resemblance to the great Life of the planet is seen in the fact that both forms are but outer sheaths or frameworks, sheltering an inner "vault"; both forms are hollow, both have their negative and positive extremities, their poles, so to speak, and internally much proceeds affecting the outer evolutions. (TCF 897)

c.                  the lives which tread the involutionary path are closely connected with the interior caverns of the planet?

d.                  the evolutionary path is based upon the foundation of the involutionary path?

129.         For the human mind, as presently conditioned, it seems that the mysteries of the involutionary path are far greater than the mysteries concerning those lives who are presently treading that part of the evolutionary path which is more or less cognizable.

130.         An important point to be gathered from the foregoing section is that ‘familiarity is not reality’—that with which we are familiar is usually a poor representation of that which is real.

One further hint may be given, which will serve to throw a beam of light upon the problem for those who are ready, and will add to the confusion of the non-intuitive:

131.         We note how DK works when seeking to shed more light on certain mysteries which must, necessarily, remain profound and unrevealed to any but those who are ready to understand them.

132.         The problem with which we are concerned is to understand more of the nature of the “planetary Entity” (and ‘planetary Entities’) and of the ‘solar systemic Entity’ which is the systemic counterpart of the planetary Entity.

                —From the standpoint of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, to Whom our solar system is but a centre (which centre being one of the three truths revealed at the seventh Initiation)

133.         DK seems to be speaking in terms of the Cosmic Logos in which our solar system forms a center—namely the heart center.

134.         We remember that the term "One About Whom Naught May Be Said" may have multiple meanings—the most familiar of which, for us, concern the levels of Cosmic Logos and Super-Cosmic Logos (a Being which has constellations of stars as its chakras). (cf. TCF 293)

135.         We have also discussed the manner in which the term “solar system” can mean a sun surrounded by planets (or, perhaps, not surrounded by planets, or even a dual-sun system), OR a system of seven major suns (really, a constellation). Both are systems and the main unit or units in both are solar.

136.         Presumably, however, the Tibetan is discussing our immediate solar system consisting of our Sun, Helios, and His seven major and many more minor planets and planetoids.

137.         We learn that there are three truths revealed at the seventh initiation. We could wonder why DK speaks of the revelations conferred at such a high initiation.

138.         We could also wonder at the idea that the revelation of which center our solar system represents is, thus far, unrevealed. At various points throughout the Teaching, DK seems to tell us that our solar system is a heart center within the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said"—the lesser One About Whom, so it seems.

139.         Of course, He does not explicitly tell us which center in the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said" is represented by our Cosmic Logos in which our Solar Logos (and His solar system) is the heart center. We have reasoned that our local Cosmic Logos represents the solar plexus center of that Great Entity.

140.         The seventh initiation is a highly solar initiation. In the scheme of solar initiations, it represents Mastership, and in the scheme of Sirian initiations, Transfiguration. It is fitting, then, that deep secrets about the Solar Logos and His place and position in the larger scheme of things would be revealed at this initiation.

141.         Below we are speaking of the organization of a center (a chakra) from which the “mysterious life” under discussion, emerged.

a. System I...... was characterised by the organisation of a centre, and the mysterious life we have been speaking about was produced by the "lowest vibration of the centre."

142.         By “System I” is meant the previous solar system, the first of the major solar systems.

143.         If this “centre” was organized within the ring-pass-not of the Solar Logos, then the Entity concerned is intra-systemic, and the “point in the Heavens” from which it originates may be considered an intra-systemic point.

144.         The “centre” concerned is the origin, apparently, of the ‘solar Entity’ (the higher analogue of the “planetary Entity”. It can be reasoned that the “planetary Entity” is an aspect of the larger ‘solar Entity’.

145.         We are presented with a picture of Entities emerging from solar centers or chakras.

146.         We remember that planets, themselves, are centers within a Solar Logos, and so it could be inferred that there is a certain planet from which the Entity under discussion emerged.

147.         We must also remember that chakras/centers are E/entities in themselves.

b. System II..... is characterised by the activity in three di­men­sions of this centre,

148.         The “centre”, we see, persists from one major solar system to the next. We might inquire whether anything resembling this centre existed in the three minor solar systems preceding the previous solar system for certainly there was elemental substance in those systems. Yet, perhaps, that substance was not then “informed” by such an Entity.

 and the evolution of three types of consciousness, deva, human and subhuman, in all their many grades and hierarch­ies.

149.         The three lower kingdoms of nature are considered “subhuman” but not devic.

150.         The “hierarchies” here mentioned are other than the Twelve Creative Hierarchies. The term “hierarchies” is used in a general sense.

151.         We may infer that every center has a number of dimensions. In the previous solar system, only one (the very lowest) dimension was active—at least as regards the center under discussion.

152.         In the second solar system, three dimensions of the center in question became active. It appears as if the lowest dimension active in the previous solar system is one of the three active in the second.

 It is the period of the balancing of the forces in the centre.

153.         Our solar system is apparently not meant to be the period of the emergence and release of the forces in this centre.

154.         In a second ray solar system, balance can easily be achieved. We think of Libra, the third ray, and karmic balancing in relation to the matter of the dense physical plane of the Solar Logos.

c. System III.... will be characterised by the fourth dimen­sional activity of the centre, and the twelve types of evolution will become four types of force.  [Page 848]

155.         We know that fourth dimensional activity immediately precedes the process of initiation. For instance, as the first initiation is approached, certain of the etheric chakras of man become fourth dimensional. As the second initiation is approached, this becomes so for certain of the astral chakras, etc. We cannot say that all etheric chakras become fourth dimensional in their rotation before the first initiation, and likewise of the astral chakras in relation to the second.

156.         The activity of the Entity under discussion, will be truly conscious during the next solar system, “System III”. Presumably, the development of the “centre” in question has much to do with the emerging consciousness of the Entity in question. The “centre” and the “Entity” appear not to be the same, the first being the source of the second.

157.         When energies become forces they are concretized. Since we will be entering a solar system of synthesis, the ingathering of three into one will be occurring. Perhaps among the “twelve types of evolution” there are four which are to be considered synthetic. If each of these major four ingathers a lesser three, then four major types of force will remain.

158.         In relation to the kingdom of “Man” (Planetary Man, Solar Man, etc.) there are three Beings which are synthetic. Perhaps, in relation to the devic kingdom, towards which the Entity under discussion appears to be bridging, the number of synthetic Beings is four and not three.

This is next to impossible for man to understand and will seem inexplicable,

159.         Does it not?

 but this hint is imparted in order that man may real­ise the interdependence of the various systems,

160.         In this case, the interdependence of the three major solar systems.

and the place they hold in a greater scheme;

161.         By “the greater scheme” is meant the full evolutionary process of our Solar Logos.

 the intent is not to give the student uncorrelated facts of no apparent use to him.

162.         The amassing of uncorrelated facts is a menace to the enlightenment of the student. When presented with a mass of detail (at first seemingly uncorrelated) our task is to begin the process of correlation. This we are attempting to do in these commentaries on A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In relation to any fact, its meaning or place within the pattern of the whole is to be discovered.

163.         The use of the word “apparent” is important. The facts presented may, in fact, be of some use to the recipient of the facts, even if the necessary correlation has not yet been performed.

 Without the pre­mise of our position within a vaster scheme, man's deductions will remain inaccurate.

164.         The Earth has its place within the solar systemic scheme. Of this we are customarily aware.

165.         But we are far from accurately aware of the position of our solar system within a still larger system of seven major suns (including, as well, additional minor suns).

166.         We are also totally unaware of the position of the body of manifestation of this Cosmic Logos within a still greater system expressing the synthetic Life of the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said".

167.         The principle emerges: when we search for meaning, we must always do so in relation to a vaster scheme, system or whole. Meaning is derived by relating the part to the whole, and in occultism, there are ever grater wholes to contend with.