Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VII Section IX

TCF 843-844 : S7S9 Part II


It might be of value here if we temporarily stopped our consideration of the egoic groups and briefly tabulated the evolutions, remembering that in this tabulation, the planes of differentiation alone are concerned; on the plane of the unmanifest or of the subjective, only unity is known.


1.                  The consciousness of the occultist must ever be aware of the great unity, even on the “planes of differentiation”.

2.                  Tabulation VI will include some of the most significant evolutions, but certainly not all. Still, if these are borne in mind, the progression of evolutionary development on our planet and in our solar system will be better understood.


It must again be remembered that the term "unmanifest" is one of relative importance only, and concerns man's apprehension of all that is.  To the solar Logos the planes of the unmanifest are objective.


3.                  The Solar Logos, too, is limited in His perception. There are many areas within the Cosmic Whole which, to Him, are unmanifest (i.e., unperceivable), though objective to still greater Beings.

4.                  To the Ultimate Universal Logos, the SOURCE OF ALL is unmanifest.


Man has not as yet achieved etheric vision, and the etheric [Page 844 Tabulation VI] [Page 845] subplanes are to him as yet unmanifest.


5.                  They exist but they are not perceived. We believe that they exist based upon the assertions of trusted sources.

6.                  Sensitive human beings, however, are penetrating into areas of the cosmic physical plane which to the great majority remain apparently unmanifest.


 The solar Logos has cosmic etheric vision fully developed, and because He is on the cosmic Path all is known and fully revealed to Him within the solar System.


7.                  This means that the Solar Logos perceives easily and completely the happenings upon the systemic buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes. Whether He perceives quite so consciously on the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic mental plane remains in question.

8.                  In this regard, we might base an analogy upon the life of a human being. The sensitive human being is beginning to be aware of the phenomena of the etheric plane. He also has some knowledge of the phenomena of the astral plane but few human beings are fully conscious on that plane or on the mental plane. Thus it may be for the Solar Logos on His own correspondingly higher levels.

9.                  We note that the cosmic etheric planes are linked to the solar system. It is being suggested that the Logos’ knowledge of these planes is equivalent to His knowledge of the solar system. As has often been stated, that part of our Solar Logos’ energy system which lies beyond the cosmic ethers is not considered to be part of our system.

10.             Below is a very important tabulation. It is at first presented without commentary so that its general structure can be taken in. Commentary follows.





1.  Planetary Logoi; The major Three.

Cosmic liberation; the final cosmic Initiations.


2. The minor four planetary Logoi  

Cosmic Initiation, or the first four Initiations.

3. The informing Lives of a planetary globe

Manus of a cosmic chain.  Not a seed manu, but a periodical manu of lesser degree.  This involves an unrevealable mystery, connected with certain Hierarchies of color.

4. The informing life of a kingdom in nature

Transference in one of three directions:

a.  To the line of the solar Pitris.

b.  To Sirius, as a karmic adjuster.

c.  To the solar system of the next order to work in connection with the planetary Logos of his own line as ruler of a kingdom or life wave in the system, and not just in a scheme.

5.  The solar Pitris.

The highest three groups will become major planetary Logoi; the lower four groups will become minor planetary Logoi.

6.  The human evolution.

To become the solar Pitris of another cycle.  To follow any of the paths earlier enumerated.  Those who become solar Pitris, being the bulk of humanity, return to Sirius to be breathed out again into activity.

7.  The lunar Pitris         

To become men. They will in their higher grades pass directly into the animal evolution of the next cycle and so eventually individualise. Their three higher grades will become animal-men, and the lower four will contribute to the quaternic forms of the men of the next creation.

8.  The animal evolution   

Human kingdom.

9.  The vegetable evolution   

The animal kingdom.

10.  The mineral evolution   

The vegetable kingdom.

11.  The four higher grades of lesser Builders on all planes

They will form the manifested double or form of that mysterious third evolution of the next system; that is, the etheric body of the planetary entity. This mysterious life is as yet an unfathomable mystery and one which will not be revealed till the final one of the triplicity of solar systems of our solar Logos.

12.  The three lower grades of the lesser builders.

The physical body in its densest form of the planetary entity.


11.             Below is the table above, with commentary included.

12.             As we consider the goals of these many types of L/lives, it is important to determine the distinction between “goal” and “objective”, as these terms are used on TCF 384 when discussing the initiatory programs of the Solar Logos, our Planetary Logos and the human being.

13.             Is a “goal” an immediate “objective”? Perhaps.

With Commentary



1.  Planetary Logoi; The major Three.

Cosmic liberation; the final cosmic Initiations.


14.             The major three planetary Logoi are the Logoi of Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.

15.             Their monadic rays are the third, second and first respectively. (cf. EPI, 420)

16.             We note that this tabulation does not include our Solar Logos or any Beings of still greater scope. Thus, all L/lives mentioned below live and move and have their being with our Solar Logos.

17.             The Planetary Logoi are undergoing a series of initiations which, from all evidence, are not identical with the series undergone by Solar Logoi.

18.             The Solar Logos also has for His goal certain “final cosmic initiations” (if the fourth, fifth and sixth cosmic initiations can be called “final”), but we must not conclude that the major three Planetary Logoi are to undergo initiations identical with that of the Logos.

19.             Our Planetary Logos (a non-sacred Planetary Logos) has before Him His second “cosmic initiation”. This is His “goal” (TCF 384).

20.             We might presume that the Logoi of the synthesizing planets have taken the third cosmic initiation and are preparing to take the fourth and fifth cosmic initiations—along the planetary logoic line. Probably, for them, the sixth cosmic initiation lies ahead in the next solar system, as is the case for the Solar Logos. Whether or not the Solar Logos will take the fifth cosmic initiation in this incarnation (i.e., solar system) remains to be seen and perhaps it is so for the Logoi of the synthesizing planets with respect to the fifth cosmic initiation in their particular series of cosmic initiations.

21.             A “goal” seems to be a major objective. When the term “liberation” is used in relation to a human being, it usually means the fourth initiation. We are presuming that the Logoi of the synthesizing planets have taken the third cosmic initiation (a feat which the Logoi of the normal sacred planets have probably not accomplished). Perhaps, then, it is the fourth cosmic initiation which lies immediately before them as their next goal.

22.             Had these Logoi already taken the fourth cosmic initiation, they would not be in the developmental stages in which they now find themselves. Their physical bodies would be in process of destruction or already destroyed. But, instead, if we may judge from the evolution of Saturn, they are earlier in Their developmental process than some of the lesser (though still sacred) planets. Though Jupiter is not a synthesizing planet, it is still a great planet and demonstrates how the more spiritually developed planets are passing through their earlier rather than later developmental phases. Thus, they have not yet taken their fourth initiation.


"The Dense Physical Planets:


Earth               4th Chain        4th Globe

Jupiter            3rd Chain       4th Globe

Saturn             3rd Chain       4th Globe

Mars               4th Chain        4th Globe

Vulcan            3rd Chain       4th Globe

Venus             5th Chain        5th Globe

Mercury          4th Chain        5th Globe"


(Cosmic Fire, p. 373.)

23.             Further, it would be unlikely that the Logoi of the synthesizing planets would be ahead of the Solar Logos in Their initiatory schedule, for He is, to them, a still greater God.

24.             The Planetary Logos of our Earth has for objective seven initiations which, on the basis of the evidence found on TCF 384, we are presuming to be lesser initiations than cosmic initiations, per se. The Logos of the Earth-scheme, for instance, is passing through a fourth initiation (of seven), but has as its goal the second cosmic initiation.

25.             We cannot be sure whether the Logoi of the synthesizing planets also have seven such lesser initiations, but it is not a bad supposition. For a Planetary Logos, such lesser initiations would be taken through planetary chains, whether manifest or unmanifest. Our Planetary Logos, for instance, is taking a type of fourth initiation through our fourth chain and particularly through that chain’s fourth globe.


2. The minor four planetary Logoi  

Cosmic Initiation, or the first four Initiations.

26.             The hypothesis now being advanced is that “four minor planetary Logoi” are the Logoi of those four sacred planets which are not synthesizing planets.

27.             The four minor Planetary Logoi are, therefore, being considered as the systemic Lords of the four Rays of Attribute—the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rays.

28.             When we consider the number of Planetary Logoi in our solar system, there are far more than seven—over 115 we are told. Even among the planets and their Logoi which we usually consider, there are more than seven. If we include Vulcan, we usually consider ten, and DK says there is evidence for considering twelve.

29.             The Logoi of the non-sacred planets are also “minor” Planetary Logoi, but are probably not the ones included under point “2”.

30.             Even human beings undergo in their series of initiations what DK calls “cosmic initiations”.

31.             It is clear that the four minor Planetary Logoi (which are the Logoi of sacred planets) are already in process of undergoing cosmic initiation.

32.             We can hypothesize that the non-sacred Planetary Logoi have not yet taken the second cosmic initiation. Such a one is our Earth. We further hypothesize that the sacred Planetary Logoi which are not synthesizing planets have taken the second cosmic initiation and are applying to take the third cosmic initiation; and that the Logoi of the synthesizing planets have already taken the third cosmic initiation and are applying to the liberation which the fourth cosmic initiation represents.

33.             There is not way we can prove this conclusively, but it may be a good place to start.

34.             If the only cosmic initiations which are possible for the Logoi of the four sacred non-synthesizing planets are the first through fourth, then, in this solar system at least, the fifth is not available to Them. This suggests that the fifth cosmic initiation is also not available to our Planetary Logos in this solar system. But our Planetary Logos is associated with the base of the spine center of our Solar Logos—a center which must be fully activated at the fifth initiation. In other words, if our Solar Logos is to take the fifth cosmic initiation in this solar system (which is sometimes offered as a possibility) it would seem that our Planetary Logos would also have to take the fifth in His series of cosmic initiations so that He could play the necessary role in the fifth initiation of the Solar Logos.

35.             The solution of these matters lie beyond us. Obviously, the extent of the progress of our Solar Logos and the Planetary Logoi is not rigidly determined just as it is not in the life of tiny man. In any one incarnation in the life of man, a particular initiation may be possible but it may or may not be achieved. So we will have to leave this question of whether sacred and non-sacred Planetary Logoi can achieve anything more than the fourth cosmic initiation in this particular solar system. What they can achieve however will have a great effect upon what the Solar Logos can achieve.


3. The informing Lives of a planetary globe

Manus of a cosmic chain.  Not a seed manu, but a periodical manu of lesser degree.  This involves an unrevealable mystery, connected with certain Hierarchies of color.

36.             If we think carefully, we will see that DK has apparently skipped over discussing the informing Lives of a planetary chain! At least this appears to be the case.

37.             This also happened in a significant tabulation (TCF, 331). The planes to be associated with vibration, light, sound and color were given for a Solar Logos, a Planetary Logos, and man, but not for the Life or Lives positioned between the Planetary Logos and man.

38.             What becomes apparent is that not all L/lives which could be listed on this large and significant tabulation (844) are listed.

39.             What is a “cosmic chain”? From a certain perspective, the planetary schemes are cosmic chains—at least they are solar systemic chains.

40.             Maybe solar systems themselves are “cosmic chains”—at least this would fit analogically.

41.             If we are in the presence of “an unrevealable mystery” the matter is certainly impenetrable to us. We might ask, “Unrevealable to whom? To what types of Lives can this mystery revealed?” Apparently, we do not have the mental/intuitive equipment to grasp it.

42.             Can a Planetary Logos be called a “Manu”? Perhaps in a cosmic sense, He can be. The term “Manu” must be relative. It essentially refers to one who is the Director of an organized energy-field of a certain scope.

43.             Perhaps a Planetary Logos is already the Manu of a systemic chain (i.e., of a planetary scheme). Perhaps, on the way to becoming a Solar Logos Who supervises a Planetary Logos must become something less, but still more than a Planetary Logos?

44.             It would seem the normal goal of a “Globe-Lord” would be to become a “Chain-Lord”.

45.             Planetary Logoi, it seems, are to become Solar Logoi, so “Globe-Lords” must have more modest goals.

46.             Just as there are certain types of Manus to be found within a planetary scheme, so there must be certain types of Manus to be found within a solar systemic scheme and solar systemic schemes are as chains to a Cosmic Logos.

47.             We cannot know whether planetary schemes are, in this context, being called “cosmic chains” (since the Solar Logos is often regarded by DK as a cosmic Being) or whether solar systems, themselves, are really “cosmic chains”. In this latter case, we would be reserving the term “cosmic” for Cosmic Logoi (Beings Who include Solar Logoi and Their systems as chakras).

48.             If a “cosmic chain” is, in fact, a planetary scheme, then we can think that a Globe-Lord, Who is already a kind of Manu (or Ruler) within a planetary scheme will be attempting to become a higher type of Manu (a Chain-Lord) within a planetary scheme and, eventually, a Planetary Logos.

49.             But if a “cosmic chain” is actually a solar system, then a Globe-Lord has a more solar goal, and is attempting to become some sort of Manu within the solar system proper. Is such a Manu actually a Heavenly Man or Planetary Logos? Or are there Manus within a solar system which are still greater than Planetary Logoi?

50.             About this it would be difficult to speculate and, really, speculation could be considered unwarranted. Lesser and more reasonable goals seem to lie before a “Globe-Lord”—i.e., to become, minimally, a Lord of a Chain, or a Planetary Logos.

51.             Sometimes DK uses unexpected terminology to describe a Being with which we are familiar under a different name. For instance, let us suppose that the real goal of a Globe-Lord is to become a Chain-Lord. Is another name for a Chain-Lord “a periodical Manu of lesser degree”?

52.             We know that each globe in a planetary scheme has its two kinds of major Manus—a “Root Manu” and a “Seed Manu” as well as lesser Manus for the various rootraces occurring upon and within that globe.  We may infer that each Chain has a similar (though higher) grouping of Manus (for instance, a Root Man and Seed Man for the entire chain), and it would seem the natural objective of a Globe-Lord to become such a Manu in relation to a chain? Such a Manu might be something a little less than a Chain-Lord, per se?

53.             We could extend that analogy in relation to a Planetary Logos. Perhaps such a Logos has a similar though still higher grouping of Manus, for a planetary scheme is as a chain to the Solar Logos. Could there be such Beings as the Root Manu and Seed Manu of an entire planetary scheme? Such a Being would be solar systemic in nature.

54.             Connected with every globe then, would be three Begins—the Globe-Lord and the Root and Seed Manus. Connected with every chain there would be three similar though higher Beings. And connected with every planetary scheme, there would also be three such Beings.

55.             The number of Beings involved in the functioning of higher structures and Their relationships with each other is unknown to us, but when some hints are revealed, we find the structuring to be far more complex and mathematically precise than we might have expected.

56.             DK’s suggestion about “Hierarchies of colour” is impenetrable at this point. Perhaps all Hierarchies can be identified in terms of their colour. Color functions as a veil, so perhaps DK is telling us that there are certain unknown and intervening Hierarchies of Beings within a planetary or solar system (the identity of which is veiled) which, if Their colors were known and their ‘position’ within the planetary or solar Hierarchy of Lives understood, would reveal the type of Being which a Chain-Lord is seeking to become. This is another way of saying that if we know that meaning of the color, we will know the B/being with which it is associated.

57.             There is one more point to consider. DK speaks of the “informing Lives” (plural) of a planetary globe. We have been thinking in terms of a Globe-Lord, but perhaps He is thinking of a Hierarchy of Lives upon and within a globe. It is simple to think in terms of one Globe-Lord, but not so simple to think of a number of lives which inform a planetary globe. Of course, a Globe-Lord would be a group Entity just as a Planetary Logos is. So perhaps DK is considering a Globe-Lord as both a unity and a multiplicity.

58.             There is also another problem. A Planetary Logos, also, is referred to frequently as a cosmic Being. So when we are speaking of a “cosmic chain”, the word “cosmic” remains ambiguous. This means that a “cosmic chain” could mean:

a.                  A solar system considered as a “cosmic chain” in the life of a Cosmic Logos

b.                  A planetary scheme, since a Solar Logos is a cosmic Being.

c.                  A normal planetary chain since a Planetary Logos is also a cosmic Being!

59.             The most rational solution is to consider that a Globe-Lord (or the composite lives which together constitute a Globe-Lord) have for an immediate goal a position which is still within a planetary scheme. In other words, the destiny of a Globe-Lord would lie within a planetary chain, and such a Lord might become a Root Chain Manu, a Seed Chain Manu or, eventually a Chain-Lord, per se.

60.             In the future, each of the entries in this tabulation will admit of extensive elaboration—when more is known. For the moment, reasoned speculation is all that is possible.


4. The informing life of a kingdom in nature

Transference in one of three directions:

a.  To the line of the solar Pitris.

b.  To Sirius, as a karmic adjuster.

c.  To the solar system of the next order to work in connection with the planetary Logos of his own line as ruler of a kingdom or life wave in the system, and not just in a scheme.

61.             We are given seven kingdoms of nature:

a.                  Mineral

b.                  Vegetable

c.                  Animal

d.                  Human

e.                  Spiritual

f.                    Planetary Lives

g.                  Solar

62.             Kingdoms of nature are found throughout the solar system (as we discover when considering the meaning of point “3.” Above). At first, however, we seem to be speaking of the Lives which inform kingdoms of nature as they are found within a planetary scheme.

63.             Can we hierarchicalize the three goals listed above? This is not easy to do. The goals seem very different and may not admit of ranking. If anything, the third goal seems the highest.

64.             The first goal is “transference to the line of the solar Pitris”. One could assume that “solar Pitris” are beings greater than the “informing lives of a kingdom of nature”, but we see that the order of lives (listed below in this tabulation as the fifth group of lives) is a lesser category. The tabulation we are working with seems to arrange the L/lives it describes in descending order of power and position.

65.             Of course, each of the groupings of L/lives examined is, itself, a Hierarchy and so, within itself, covers a vast range of power and consciousness.

66.             For the time being, it seems best to regard with simplicity the tabulation structure with which we are presented. If we do this, we will assume that the “informing lives of a kingdom of nature” are greater Lives than the “solar Pitris” (though possible contradictions may appear to those who read with attention).

67.             If we wish to know the meaning of “the line of the solar Pitris”, we will have to know the spiritual destination of “solar Pitris”. At length they can become (in group formation) a Planetary Logos or even a Solar Logos. So, a Life (such as the Life informing a kingdom of nature) could also achieve such a destiny, but apparently it would be starting on such a path from a more advanced position than would a member of the Creative Hierarchy of Solar Pitris.

68.             The next goal offered to the “informing life of a kingdom in nature” is to be transferred to Sirius and there to become a “karmic adjuster”. This is interesting because “solar Pitris”, themselves, are, as it were, lesser “karmic adjusters”.

69.             Perhaps there are some “solar Pitris” who, originating from Sirius (or, at least trained there) might eventually become greater “karmic adjusters” (just as the “informing life of a kingdom in nature” can become).

70.             What is apparent is that there is a connection between “solar Pitris”, the informing lives of the kingdoms in nature, and Sirius.

71.             We know that the various kingdoms of nature have their own karma. Apparently the informing L/life of any such kingdom is not the Intelligence which administers the karma of that kingdom. Just as man, the human being, does not administer his own karma but finds it adjusted by a Solar Angel, so an informing L/life of a kingdom in nature does not administer the karma of the kingdom it informs, but finds that karma adjusted by the type of superior Life which it (the L/life of a kingdom) can become.

72.             Would the responsibility of a “karmic adjuster” operate on a solar systemic level or a scheme level? We are not told, but the implication is that a “karmic adjuster” would first work in relation to a kingdom-L/life expressing within a planetary scheme.

73.             The third goal of an “informing life of a kingdom in nature” is to focus within the solar system of the next order to work in connection with the planetary Logos of his own line as Ruler of a kingdom or life wave in the system, and not just in a planetary scheme.

74.             Here we find the scope of expression of such an evolving Life expanding beyond the scheme level. This seems to suggest that the earlier two goals were contained within the scheme level and, thus, offered less expansive possibilities.

75.             Two types of future rulership are offered in relation to a solar system of the next order. Given the position of our present solar system (the second major solar system of five), this would mean work within the coming third (or sixth) solar system. The present “informing life of a kingdom in nature” could work as the Ruler of a “life wave” or as the Ruler of kingdom in nature throughout the solar system. Kingdoms of nature are, we realize, expressing through all planetary schemes. For instance, the mineral kingdom is to be found expressing through all planetary schemes in a solar system, and thus for the remaining kingdoms.

76.             A “life wave” is a group of Monads passing cyclically through various kingdoms of nature. Life waves are of different orders. Some are operative at the scheme level and some, far greater, at the systemic level.

77.             We are somewhat familiar with the function of life waves at a chain level, but how they would function at a scheme level or solar systemic level leaves much room for careful thought and speculation.

78.             From what is said, is would appear that an earlier option (for the type of life which informs a kingdom in nature at the scheme level) would have been to rule a life wave focussed within a scheme, but of this lesser possibility nothing is mentioned. If ruling a kingdom of nature and ruling a life wave are considered parallel possibilities at a systemic level, there is no reason why such possibilities should not exist at both the scheme level and systemic level (the wider level mentioned in the section of text under discussion).

79.             It becomes clear that an “informing life of a kingdom in nature”, working presently at the scheme level of expression is eventually given the opportunity (as a composite Being, no doubt) to work at the solar systemic level, with powers and with a consciousness which extends throughout the solar system and through all planetary schemes within that solar system.

80.             We also note that such a life is to work in conjunction with “a Planetary Logos of his own line” when ruling a systemic life wave or systemic kingdom. Presumably, the “line” involved is a ray line, and the “informing life” concerned has a ray structure just as all E/entities do.

81.             When thinking of planetary or systemic life waves, we are thinking of groups of Monads. Large aggregations of Monads are, in fact, Creative Hierarchies, and Creative Hierarchies are qualified by certain rays and astrological factors.

82.             The Creative Hierarchy of Human Monads can be considered a system-wide life wave and is qualified by the energies of the fourth ray (among others) and by the energy of Scorpio. The Planetary Logos concerned could be Mercury (in its soul aspect) or some hidden planet veiled by the Moon. Vulcan (as, hypothetically, a fourth ray Monad) could also be involved.


5.  The solar Pitris.

The highest three groups will become major planetary Logoi; the lower four groups will become minor planetary Logoi.

83.             Now we are entering more familiar ‘territory’, but it is useful to think of the continuum of Lives which is found between “solar Pitris”, for instance, and Planetary Logoi of different kinds. The informing Lives of the various kingdoms in nature could be considered such intervening Lives.

84.             From the division into three and four, we learn that there are seven groups of “solar Pitris”. This is a considerable number—more than have been discussed in any detail.

85.             We have been told of Solar Angels which are related to the manasic permanent atom; of those which are related to each tier of petals of the egoic lotus and, as well, to every petal; of those which are related to the units in the atomic triangle; and of those who incarnated and moulded the human type long ago in ancient Lemuria. We have also been told of a differentiation between those which implanted the spark of mind in animal man and those who simply “fanned the flame” of the mental unit. From these different categories of solar angelic function, however, it would not be easy to discern seven distinct categories. Rather, there are both more and less.

86.             The “solar Pitris” do not, themselves, become Planetary Logoi. They do so in groups.


The student must bear in mind that [Page 879] in thinking of the Pitris, he must ever think in group terms.  The Pitris who formed the egoic body of a human being do not—alone and isolated—form planetary Logoi.  The forty-nine groups of solar fires concerned in the great work are those spoken of, and they become the forty-nine planetary Logoi in connexion with seven solar systems. (TCF 878-879)


87.             The same idea is expressed in this tabulation. The three higher groups will become major Planetary Logoi. The four lower groups will become minor Planetary Logoi.

88.             This is not necessarily to say that “major Planetary Logoi” are Logoi of synthesizing planets. Perhaps the Logoi of synthesizing, sacred and non-sacred planets are all “major” Planetary Logoi.

89.             In our solar system, there are many minor planets and planetoids. Chain-Lords and Globe-Lords may also be considered “minor” Planetary Logoi. There are also, so it seems, the Logoi are asteroids.

90.             We will know more when we understand the exact planetary constitution of our solar system. For now, the number of planets (dense, etheric, astral or otherwise unmanifested) is not known by humanity (but is by those Masters Who specialize in such information). Further the, number of planetoids (manifested and unmanifested) is also unknown and, thus, for the asteroids.

91.             When the number of such Entities is known, the destination of the different types of Solar Angels or “solar Pitris” will be better understood.

92.             “Solar Pitris”, we are told, are also destined to become Solar Logoi. This will obviously be accomplished in groups. This is, perhaps, another way of saying that Planetary Logoi are destined to become Solar Logoi, for Solar Angels/“solar Pitris” are destined to become Planetary Logoi Who are, subsequently, destined to become Solar Logoi.


Perfected men are in the councils of the planetary Logos of their particular ray; the solar Pitris are in the council of the solar Logos.69 [All these will become solar Logoi of varying grades.] (TCF 843)

93.             It is clear that in this tabulation we are presented with destined transformations. Some transformations represent the next immediate developmental step forward for the E/entity concerned. Some transformations indicate a goal several developmental steps ahead.

94.             If Solar Angels/“solar Pitris” are to become “solar Logoi of varying grades”, the goal presented is several developmental steps ahead and indicates will very long developmental period.

95.             Now let us reflect upon the developmental step or steps ahead of “an informing life of a kingdom in nature”. The goal for such a Life was to transfer to the line of Solar Pitris (which could seem a backward step) or to go to Sirius to become a “karmic adjuster”, or to direct a life-wave or systemic kingdom in cooperation with a Planetary Logos “along his line” (i.e., the line of the “informing life”). These goals do not seem as exalted as the goal of becoming a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos (goals held out to “solar Pitris”).

96.             Also, the goal held out to a Globe-Lord is to become the Manu of a “cosmic chain” which, depending upon how we interpret the rank of such a Manu, may be less exalted than a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos.

97.             We have in this tabulation, therefore, some possible ‘status discrepancies’ which have to be clarified.

98.             Of one thing we can be certain—the destiny lying before “solar Pitris” is a high one. Perhaps this is why it is said that the Path to Sirius offers those who tread it unusual opportunity, for when the human being (once He becomes a Chohan) treads the Path to Sirius, He is destined to become a Solar Angel after sufficient training within the “sunshine of the major Sun”.


6.  The human evolution.

To become the solar Pitris of another cycle.  To follow any of the paths earlier enumerated.  Those who become solar Pitris, being the bulk of humanity, return to Sirius to be breathed out again into activity.

99.             The bulk of humanity will become Solar Angels, and eventually, either minor or major Planetary Logoi, though there are other Paths open to them, as we have been told.

100.         Since Solar Angels become Planetary Logos in groups we might wonder whether human beings become Solar Angels in groups.

101.         Each ascent along the line of the Creative Hierarchies may be a group ascent. Let us ponder on this for it may indicate the manner in which the ‘Universal Pyramid’ may be ascended.

102.         The “cycle” concerned is probably a subsequent mahamanvantara or occult century. Since we are only half way through our present mahamanvantara, we can understand that it may be a very long while before those who are presently the bulk of humanity are ”breathed out again into activity” from Sirius.

103.         The bulk of humanity is not mentally polarized and needs the manasic development which experience on Sirius will offer.

104.         As for the human beings not contained in the majority, the six other (now, in fact, eight other) cosmic paths offer the possibility for further training.

105.         Just as there are many possible cosmic Paths which can be followed by a human being, we should not suppose that a variety of Paths do not confront other types of Beings, such as Globe-Lords, the informing lives of kingdoms in nature and Solar Angels. Each Creative Hierarchy is sevenfold and the lines of possible improvement offered to each Hierarchy should give scope for the different types within that Hierarchy.


7.  The lunar Pitris         

To become men. They will in their higher grades pass directly into the animal evolution of the next cycle and so eventually individualise. Their three higher grades will become animal-men, and the lower four will con­tribute to the quaternic forms of the men of the next creation.

106.         Again, we are faced with a sevenfold division. Each Creative Hierarchy is sevenfold.

107.         When examining such septenates, we find that they are divided into a three and a four—the three (in this instance) being higher.

108.         We must ask about the meaning of “the next cycle”. Is the next mahamanvantara meant?

109.         If the higher groups of lunar lords enter directly into the animal evolution of the next mahamanvantara, they should not have to wait until a succeeding mahamanvantara to become human beings. Animals on our chain became human beings within the chain and certainly do not have to wait until the onset of another occult century to make the necessary transition into a higher kingdom.

110.         We see, when comparing the status of those lunar lords who comprise the quaternic forms of men and those entities who are animals, that the animals are higher in evolutionary development. We are not sure what kinds of animals are meant. All kinds? Or only the higher forms of animals?

111.         In any case, we see that the higher forms of lunar lords are already quite close to the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is ruled by Mars and so are the lunar lords (EA, 35, Creative Hierarchy VI).

112.         Interestingly, the lunar lords, apparently, do not enter the plant kingdom. This is probably the case because their origin is lunar—the third chain, correlating with the third kingdom, the animal kingdom.

113.         Lunar lives are transplants from the Moon-chain and, in a way, do not belong to the evolution of the fourth chain at all. They are currently in process of redemption and are being integrated into (grafted into or upon) the life expression of the Earth-chain.

114.         Perhaps we can form an analogy between:

a.                  The destiny of the three synthesizing planets and that of the other four sacred planets.

b.                  The destiny of the three Lives informing the three highest kingdoms and the four Lives informing the four lowest.

c.                  The three higher types of Solar Angels and the four lower

d.                  The three higher types of lunar lords and the four lower

115.         Perhaps, there is even a division in the types of human beings, such that there are three higher and four lower. This, however, is not so easy to see.


8.  The animal evolution   

Human kingdom.

116.         We are assuming that Tabulation VI is organized such that the higher the number, the lower the B/being represented.

117.         In this case, however, we can question such an arrangement, as above we have read that the higher types of lunar lords were destined to enter the animal evolution, and here, the animal evolution is listed below the “lunar Pitris”.

118.         Again, we must question whether the advanced lunar lords enter only certain types of animal forms or whether they will express themselves through all types of animal forms.

119.         In any case, animals are destined to enter the human kingdom. This is their natural line of evolution. The lunar lords, on the other hand, are, as it were, being grafted onto the evolution proceeding through the Earth-chain.

120.         Do distinct animal units become separate human beings or do more than one animal enter into the formation of the individual human being? This is not as strange a question as may at first appear. There is a pyramidal structure to the Creative Hierarchies, there being far more distinct units lower in the structure of the pyramid and far fewer as we rise. Thus, the phenomenon of ‘group coalescence’ is to be seen as lesser forms of life aggregate to constitute greater forms. An example of this is the manner in which groups of Solar Angels become Planetary Logoi and, eventually, Solar Logoi.

121.         VSK inquires: “What is the difference in point “7”, “to become men”, and point “8”, the goal being the “human kingdom”? Same, or what is the difference?

122.         May it be suggested that there is no difference? The higher types of lunar lords will eventually become human beings as will animals. It is simply that animals will achieve before the lunar lords.


9.  The vegetable evolution   

The animal kingdom.


123.         VSK states: “This somehow seems odd, since we hear that the vegetable kingdom is more advanced than the animal. Somehow it must seem like a backwards step”.

124.         May it be suggested that the animal kingdom is, indeed, more advanced than the vegetable kingdom, but that the vegetable kingdom (in its place and given its spiritual status) is relatively more advanced than the animal kingdom (in its place and given its particular spiritual status).

125.         Another way of saying this is that the vegetable kingdom (given its intended schedule of spiritual evolution) has kept pace with expectations and (like Venus, which ruled the vegetable kingdom) has even outstripped expectation. When it comes to the animal kingdom (associated as it is with the Moon-chain failure) it has not kept pace with its intended schedule of spiritual evolution. It is still, relatively, more advanced that its progressive younger Brother, the vegetable kingdom.

126.         Does DK have a reason for differentiating between the term “evolution” as in “the animal evolution” and the word “kingdom”, as in the “animal kingdom”? It would seem that they are the same, but some important distinction may here be hidden.


10.  The mineral evolution   

The vegetable kingdom.

127.         We continue to deal with forms of life with which we feel more familiar. Our supposed familiarity does not compensate for the great mystery that lies at the heart of each of these kingdoms.

128.         In TCF DK has discussed the manner in which the members of one kingdom transition to the next higher. The process is (for us) mysterious in the extreme. There are, we are told, transitional forms of life which belong neither to one kingdom or the next. Clearly a mystery is present.


11.  The four higher grades of lesser Builders on all planes

They will form the manifested double or form of that mysterious third evolution of the next system; that is, the etheric body of the planetary entity. This mysterious life is as yet an unfathomable mystery and one which will not be revealed till the final one of the triplicity of solar systems of our solar Logos.


129.         Here we find a most interesting reversal. In most of the life groupings above there were a superior three and an inferior four. Here the opposite is the case.

130.         May it be so that when dealing with “M/men”, we find a superior three and that, when dealing with devic lives, we find a superior four.

131.         A term like “lesser Builders” is very protean. The eighth (third) Creative Hierarchy is the Hierarchy of Lesser Builders (cf. EA, 35). Lesser Builders, however, are also unconscious lives which are directed rather than directing.

132.         DK speaks of a destiny within the forthcoming solar system for the four higher grades of lesser Builders. Their four grades will form the four ‘layers’ of the etheric body of the “Planetary Entity”.

133.         The lesser builders may be involutionary (in fact, mostly so) and, sometimes, evolutionary lives—at least certain evolutionary devas are referred to as “lesser builders”. The “Planetary Entity” is, presently, a great involutionary Life, but all this may change in the next solar system and it may a probably will step upon the evolutionary path.


12.  The three lower grades of the lesser builders.

The physical body in its densest form of the planetary entity.


134.         Such lesser builders must definitely be involutionary at the present time in the process of our second solar system.

135.         One might think that a body of dense physical matter might not be necessary or even possible in the next solar system. DK does not tell us what type of dense matter will exist at that time or whether it will be comparable to the dense matter of our present, second major, solar system.

136.         Whatever the density of the lowest form of matter at that time, the three lower grades of lesser builders will go to its constitution.

137.         Of course, in point “12” we may be speaking of the physical body of the Solar Logos and, above, in point “11”, of the etheric body of that Logos. If this is the case, then the physical body under discussion will include matter of the astral and mental planes and the logoic etheric body will include matter of the four cosmic ethers.

138.         Much depends on the ‘reach’ of the “Planetary Entity”. How ‘high’ in the cosmic physical plane does it extend? If it is an Entity confined to the lower three subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, then the etheric body and physical body under discussion will be systemic in nature rather than cosmic.

139.         Devic substance is spread throughout the our present cosmic physical plane, and we have to question whether the “lesser builders” are found on all of the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. From one perspective, it seems as if they are. In this regard it will be necessary to study both “monadic essence” and “elemental essence”—both composed of different categories of “lesser builders”.