Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VII Section VI

TCF 807- 816 : S7S6

4 -  19 June 2008

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d. On the building of the Causal Body.

We enter now upon one of the most vitally practical parts of our Treatise on Fire, that which deals with the building of the causal body, or body of manifestation of the Ego.

1.                  From this we see that the Ego is that center of power and consciousness which uses the causal body. What we may understand is that the Ego would exist without its body of manifestation.

2.                  Following the destruction of the causal body, the spiritual triad still exists.

 It con­cerns the work of the solar Angels, or the true self-conscious Identity, man.

3.                  We ask, “Is Master DK telling us that the Solar Angels are the “true self-conscious Identity, man? Is man to be considered a “Solar Angel”, and if so in what respect (that would contrast the nature of man from the nature of a “returning Nirvani” from a previous mahamanvantara) would this be so?

If the student has in any way apprehended the general trend of the earlier pages, he will now be in a condition of mind which will enable him to interpret all that is said in terms of energy,

4.                  And this, rather than ‘anthropomorphizing’.

5.                  We see that DK builds certain conditions within the apprehending mind, so that a structure of knowledge may be progressively absorbed.

or of that vibratory activity which is produced by the three major phases of electrical phenomena,

6.                  One suspects that there are also other phases of electrical phenomena.

7.                  All energy demonstrations associated with everyone of the seven rays are electrical.

 the union which produces that divine manifestation called Man, or, when the aggregated units are considered, the human kingdom.

8.                  If man is to be produced, it seems that all “major phases of electrical phenomena” must be present simultaneously.

        (a) Introductory remarks.  We have studied somewhat the constitution of the Triangles, or Pitris, Who, through self-sacrifice, endow man with self-consciousness, building his egoic vehicle out of Their own essence.

9.                  These are the Solar Pitris, also called Solar Angels and Agnishvattas.

10.             The Solar Pitris are called “Triangles”. In general, souls are called “Triangles”.

11.             The “essence” of these Pitris is a kind of energy, perhaps the energy which most distinguishes them. When we speak of “essence” we are speaking of an energy which is very close to the center of a particular being.

We [Page 808] have touched briefly upon the lunar Pitris, who endow man with his lower sheaths and principles

12.             We can see that the lunar pitris would definitely provide man with his lower sheaths, but principles are faculties which are essential aspects of man the Monad. So in what sense can it be said that the lunar pitris provide man with his lower “principles”? They certainly endow may with the vehicles for the expression of those lower principles.

through which the energy of the solar Lords may make itself felt, and we shall now proceed to study three things:

13.             The Solar Pitris are “solar Lords”, apparently. We want to assure ourselves that DK does not mean to differentiate the Solar Pitris from the “solar Lords”.

14.             Through the sheaths provided by the lunar pitris and through mans lower principles, the “solar Lords” are to express themselves.

15.             Three things are now to be studied.

        First, the effect of the higher energy upon the lower bodies, as it gradually makes itself felt during the evolutionary process, and thus simultaneously "redeems" man in an occult sense, and also "elevates" the lunar Pitris.

16.             Two factors occur simultaneously:

a.                  The redemption of man. The consciousness of man is to be freed from attachment to and preoccupation with the lower vehicles.

b.                  The elevation of the lunar pitris

        Second, the effect of this energy on the mental plane in the development and unfoldment of the egoic lotus.

17.             We are speaking of the effect of a higher energy, presumably upon the higher mental plane, contributing to the unfoldment of the egoic lotus.

18.             It is clear that the "solar Lords" are not the egoic lotus, per se.

        Third, the awakening to activity of the central Life within the lotus. 

19.             Presumably, the central life within the lotus is that energy center known as the “Jewel in the Lotus”.

20.             Again, it is clear that the "solar Lords" are not the “central Life within the lotus”.

21.             We see, then, that the higher energy of the “solar Lords” contributes to the awakening and unfoldment of all three aspects of the Ego—the members of the atomic triangle, the petals of the egoic lotus and the central “Jewel”.

This activity demonstrates in a twofold manner:

22.             It seems that we are now speaking of the effect of the “activity” of the Jewel in the Lotus.

a.   As the realisation by the man on the physical plane within the physical brain of his divine nature, resulting in a consequent demonstration of divinity upon earth, prior to liberation.

23.             Apparently, it is only as the central life within the lotus awakens that man on the physical plane becomes truly aware within his physical brain of his divine nature. The Jewel in the Lotus is an identity point and physical brain awareness of man’s divine nature is also a matter of the realization of identity.

24.             As this type of awareness arises, divinity is demonstrated upon the physical plane.

25.             DK seems to be saying that during to this realization of one’s divine nature within the physical brain (a realization which precedes liberation) divinity is demonstrated on earth as it never before had been previously.

b.    As the conscious activity of the individual Ego on the mental plane in co-operation with its group or groups.

26.             As the central life within the lotus awakens, ‘man-as-Ego’ becomes cooperative with his own egoic group or with other egoic groups.

27.             DK seems to be telling us that the awakening to activity of the central Life within the lotus produces a certain capacity to work subjectively upon the higher mental plane within an egoic group and/or in relation to other egoic groups.

In the first case, [of the demonstration of the Life activity of the central life within the lotus] we have the effect of the egoic life upon its sheaths, and their subsequent control, and in the second case we have the self-awakening of the egoic unit on its own plane; in the third case, we have a group realisation, or the entrance by the unit into the consciousness of the Heavenly Man.

28.             Here is the necessary summary.

29.             Point “b.” it seems, contains both the second and third cases.

30.             As the man-as-Ego on the higher mental plane becomes interactive with the Egos within his own group or with other groups of Egos (which are centres within the energy system of the Heavenly Man), man-as-Ego is entering into the consciousness of the Heavenly Man. Egoic groups are lesser centers within the energy body of the Heavenly Man.

31.             It is interesting that true group activity arises as the central Life within the lotus awakens—the aspect of the lotus which corresponds to the first ray.

32.             We can see that the radiating energy of the “solar Lords” has a powerful effect. Progress of the egoic unit is dependent upon the reception of such energy.

It will not be possible to do more than indicate broad general lines of development.  The subject of egoic evolution cannot be fully comprehended until after initiation,

33.             By this is meant the third initiation. This is the stage of development which very few of those surrounding the Bailey Work (during the time AAB was alive) had achieved.

34.             Thus, we are offered the opportunity to comprehend, but only in part.

but it is felt now by the Teachers on the inner side that the main principles had better be given out at once in view of the unexpected development (since the opening of this century) of two great sciences:

35.             DK is telling us that even the Hierarchy did not expect such developments.

36.             We see how adaptive is the Hierarchy of Adepts. Because of the factor of free-will inherent in the unit, man, Hierarchy never knows exactly what will happen.

37.             In the following, the first of the great sciences is discussed.. Developments within the Science of Electricity have prompted the Masters to give out the main principles of egoic evolution.

        The Science of Electricity.  The investigations of scientists [Page 809] have been greatly stimulated by the discovery of radium, which is an electrical phenomenon of a certain kind,

38.             This may be regarded as an unusual statement, as radioactivity is usually not considered related to what is scientifically known, conventionally, as “electricity”.

and by the knowledge this discovery brought of the radioactive substances;

39.             DK is speaking of the discovery of radium and other radioactive substances.

40.             Are the major characteristics of these substances the result of the influence of electric fire? Since radioactive substances have a highly activated atomic nucleus, the link with electric fire may be warranted.

41.             If so, it may have been regarded as necessary to balance the influence of electric fire by a growing knowledge of the central importance of solar fire in the life of man.

the development of the many methods of utilising electricity has also greatly aided.

42.             What has been aided?

This science [presumably, the science of electricity] has brought man to the threshold of a discovery which will revolutionise world thought on these matters, and which will eventually solve a great part of the economic problem, thus leaving many more persons free for mental growth and work.

43.             This foreseen development has not yet occurred.

44.             The fifth ray Ashram will contribute to the imminent creation of far more leisure time. It would seem that humanity has “paid its dues” in relation to the struggle for mere existence. The prevailing question, however, is whether man can yet be trusted with new sources of cheap and abundant energy. The lower ego has not yet been subdued, and for many, not even built.

This expansion of knowledge can be looked for before one hundred and fifty years have transpired.

45.             One hundred fifty years is a relatively short time as the Masters count time. Since the writing of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, eighty years have already transpired. Only seventy years remain before the discovery prophesied may be expected.

46.             This following discussion concerns the second of the great sciences, and apparently, from what is said below, somewhat adverse developments within the Science of Psychology have also prompted the Masters to give out the main principles of egoic evolution.

        The Science of Psychology.  The psycho-analytic theories which (though indicative of progress) are yet tending in a wrong direction,

47.             DK is even-handed in His assessment.

48.             At least psychoanalysis has brought “the unconscious” to man’s attention. He can no longer quite so conveniently overlook his lower nature.

 may prove disastrous to the higher development of the race unless the true nature of the "psyche" is elucidated. 

49.             Why would this be the case? What could the ‘disaster’ be?

50.             Might we say that the concept of the higher reaches of “psyche” are completely ignored by the purely psycho-analytic approach, or explained away as illusory and representative of psycho-pathology?

51.             Given the prevalence of the psychoanalytic approach, man could come to be conceived as a strictly material/personal being, devoid of any truly spiritual dimension. In the case of the great Communist experiments of the 20th century, this actually did occur.

52.             It is interesting that in the Agni Yoga books the founder of Psychoanalysis was referred to as “the materialist”.

53.             When man is considered a strictly material entity, morality and social cohesion decline.

When the public mind has apprehended, even cursorily, the following briefly stated facts, the trend of popular education, the object of political science, and the goal of economic and social endeavour will take a new and better direction.

54.             The trend of education, politics, economics and social endeavor—four vital areas of human expression—will be enhanced by even a minimal understanding of the following facts:

These facts might be summed up in the following postulates:

I.                   Man is in essence divine.59 

55.             It is clear that a materialistic concept of the human being works in opposition to the apprehension of man as “in essence divine”.

Footnote 59:

Each human being is an incarnation of God.—S. D., III, 449.

56.             To accept this premise or postulate would enhance man’s conception of the value or sanctity of human life. This is, as yet, far from the case in any larger sense.

 Compare:—S. D., II, 541; S. D., III, 475, and the Biblical words:  "I have said, Ye are Gods." "Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Holy Spirit?"

57.             This important concept is found within the Christian portion of the Bible, but is implications are largely ignored or wrongly interpreted.

No Being can become a God without passing through the human cycles.—S. D., II, 336.

58.             Apparently this applies to members of the deva evolution and to the members of the three kingdoms of nature lower than the human kingdom.

59.             The following statement adds light to the statement above:

 “…the usual method is for the devas gradually to work themselves towards individualisation through expansive feeling, but in the cases which do occur these devas pass several cycles in the bird kingdom, building in a response to a vibration which will ultimately swing them into the human family”. (TCF 895)

60.             So much depends upon what DK means by a “God”. Monadically, both devas and humans are “Gods”.

61.             It seems that progress through individualization requires passage through the human kingdom. Is it possible for devas and other beings, to individualize otherwise?

Man therefore is like God in that he represents the pairs of opposites, good and evil, light and darkness, male and female, etc.  He is a duality.

62.             This says, does it not, that God is duality? Such a thought is, at least, partially true. God is evil and darkness and female, as well as good and light and male. Of course we have to be very careful not to equate the “good” with the word “male” and “evil” with the word “female”. The receptive polarity has been all-too-frequently dishonored in this way.

63.             Perhaps a “God” is both a deva and a human as is our Planetary Logos:

He represents also God in that He is a triplicity, being three in one, and one in three.—See S. D., II, 553.

64.             This statement confirms the thought that “man is made in the image of God”.

By man the divine Monad is meant.—S. D., II, 196.

65.             The true man is the “divine Monad”. Of course, all Monads are divine.

This has ever been enunciated throughout the ages, but remains as yet a beautiful theory or belief, and not a proven scientific fact, nor is it universally held. [Page 810]

66.             The divinity of man must be confirmed. It is vitally important that there evolve a lofty conception of the human being.

67.             We begin to grasp something of the necessity of a vast spiritual propaganda effort. What the majority of human beings think, the images they entertain and the values they hold affect significantly the process of the human race.

II. Man is in fact a fragment of the Universal Mind, or world soul,60 and as a fragment is thus partaker of the instincts and quality of that soul, as it manifests through the human family. 

68.             Here we have a statement which is almost identical with the Third Fundamental of The Secret Doctrine, which affirms the identity of all souls with the Oversoul.

69.             It is interesting that the Universal Mind is seen as identical with the “world soul”. Perhaps this is so because that which we normally call “soul” is focussed on the mental plane. Soul is usually considered a form of sentient, intelligent self-consciousness.

70.             Another way of understanding this postulate is that the entire human family has soul, that there is such an ‘Entity’ as the soul of humanity.

71.             Even more true is that the human being is soul—entified consciousness focusing its identity upon the higher mental plane and beyond.

Therefore, unity is only possible upon the plane of mind.

72.             Soul is the sponsor of unity and soul is found on the plane of mind.

73.             Venus is the plane of “true unity” and a planet closely correlated with the higher mental plane.

74.             The feeling of unity which arises on the astral plane is not a true unity.

75.             Unanimity has a definite mental content.

76.             DK tells us the world scientists work much more harmoniously and cooperatively than the world religionists (animated as they are by separative beliefs which cannot yet be mentally bridged—at least not easily.)

77.             If, however, we seek to understand the proposed postulate in a manner truly technical, it might be possible to discriminate the Universal Mind from the “World Soul”.

This, if true, must lead to the tendency to develop within the physical brain a conscious realisation of group affiliations on the mental plane, a conscious recognition of group relationships, ideals and goal, and a conscious manifestation of that continuity of consciousness which is the object of evolution at this time.

78.             A very salutary psycho-spiritual tendency is in process of development.

79.             Let us tabulate the results which would arise, were it realized that “unity is only possible on the plane of mind”.

a.                  The tendency to develop within the physical brain a conscious realisation of group affiliations on the mental plane. Man would become aware of his egoic group and of affiliated egoic groups.  

b.                  A conscious recognition of group relationships, ideals and goals. This would lead to cooperation and the reduction of selfishness.

c.                  A conscious manifestation of that continuity of consciousness which is the object of evolution at this time. Relationships discovered upon the mental plane would be brought through in the physical brain consciousness.

d.                  And, as stated below, a transference of race consciousness from the physical plane to the mental.

80.             Even in our physical brain consciousness, we begin to recognize each other as souls and our inner affiliations become more tangible.

It will further produce the transference of the race consciousness from the physical plane to the mental, and a consequent solving through "knowledge, love, and sacri­fice" of all present problems.

81.             It becomes evident that humanity’s problems cannot be solved without the application of soul faculties and powers.

82.             A mental focus for the race will give access to the necessary “knowledge, love and sacrifice”.

83.             Under the growing power of Venus (the planet of soul culture) this will be achieved.

 This will bring about emancipation from the present physical plane disorder.

84.             The advent of the seventh Ray of Order, will surely assist this, and will assist the bringing through of mental realizations into the physical brain.

85.             Had we thought that disorder is enslaving? The Forces of Darkness attempt to create disorder in normal human living whenever possible to cause a reversion to unprincipled methods of behaviour and expression.

 It must lead to the education of the public as to the nature of man, and the development of the powers latent within him—powers which will set him free from his present limitations, and which will produce in the human family a collective repudi­ation of the present conditions.

86.             This form of education is already well is process. The growth and success of the Human Potential Movement is a testimony to the fulfillment of  Master DK’s prophecy.

87.             Groups of children with unusual “powers” are already being widely recognized. What man can be is now far better understood by millions of individuals the world over.

88.             All that we need for our emancipation is resident within our nature.

When men everywhere recognise themselves and each other, as divine self-conscious units, functioning primarily in the causal body but utilising the three lower vehicles only as a means of contact with the three lower planes, we will have government, politics, economics and the social order readjusted upon sound, sane and divine lines.

89.             We see how important it is, then, that human beings become informed of the truth in this regard. The readjustment of human living along “sound, sane and divine lines” is predicated upon the recognition of the divinity of all human beings. It is impossible to mistreat one’s fellowmen (as is so outrageously the case today) if all human beings are seen as “divine self-conscious units”. We must come to realize who we really are.

90.             For this reason, spiritual education on a broad scale is now indispensable.

III. Man in his lower nature, and in his three vehicles, is an aggregate of lesser lives, dependent upon him for their group nature, for their type of activity, and collective res­ponse, and who— [Page 811] through the energy or activity of the solar Lord—will themselves later be raised, and developed to the human stage.

91.             In what ways are the aggregate of lesser lives depending upon the indwelling human being?

a.                  They are dependent upon him for their group nature

b.                  They are dependent upon him for their type of activity

c.                  They are dependent upon him for their collective response

d.                  They are dependent upon him and upon the Solar Angel working through him for their eventual elevation in the human kingdom.

92.             Why is it so important for humanity to understand the relationship between man and the lesser lives which constitute his vehicles of expression? Can we anticipate what the Tibetan will say?

93.             Perhaps, this realization is meant to induce in man a sense of responsibility for the lesser lives. His relations must not only be right and correct with his fellow human beings, but with the tiny unconscious lives as well, for they, too, are on their way to becoming human beings.

94.             We note that the “lesser lives” are dependent upon man “for their group nature”. We can follow the analogy: is man dependent upon, for instance, the Planetary Logos, for his own group nature? Group identification if caused by the cohesive pervasion of a larger, inclusive life.

95.             We note again that it is the “solar Lord” who will raise this aggregate of lesser lives and draw them towards the human stage of consciousness. The analogy suggests that that "solar Lord" known as the Planetary Logos will raise the aggregate of human beings and draw them towards the planetary logoic consciousness.

When these three facts are understood, then and only then will we have a right and just comprehension of the nature of man.

96.             The divinity of man; his union in soul with the World Soul; and his responsibility to the lesser lives which comprise his vehicles—these are the “three facts” which will bring to us “a right and just comprehension of the nature of man”. These are the facts which, when truly accepted and understood, will lead to the improving of every aspect of human living.

Again, this realisation [the understanding of the “three facts” discussed above] will bring about three changes in the thought of the age:

        (1) A readjustment of the medical knowledge of man, resulting in a truer understanding of the physical body, of its treatment, and of its protection, and thus producing a juster apprehension of the laws of health. 

97.             A deeper understanding of man and his relation to the “lesser lives” which constitute his lower nature will lead to this improved medical knowledge.

98.             We see in these thoughts that the seed of the Tibetan’s book Esoteric Healing was being planted.

The aim of the physician will then be to find out what it is in a man's life which is preventing egoic energy from flooding every part of his being;

99.             The inhibition of the flow of soul life is the major cause of disease. The very first Law of Healing, expresses this truth:

All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms.  The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form. (EH 5)

100.         In the following, DK will describe mental and psychological weaknesses which bring disease to the lower nature.

to find out what lines of thought are being indulged in which are causing that inertia of the will aspect which is so conducive to wrongdoing;

101.         The implication here is that the proper lines of thought are conducive to the right activation of the will aspect. Further, DK seems to imply that “inertia of the will aspect” is closely related to the prevention of egoic energy from flooding every aspect of a man’s being.

102.         “Inertia of the will aspect” promotes not only active wrongdoing, but a failure to prevent the occurrence of wrongdoing.

103.         The conclusion may well be that “right thought” is critical in establishing good health.

to ascertain what it is in the emotional body which is affect­ing the nervous system, and thus obstructing the flow of energy from the love petals of the egoic lotus (via the astral permanent atom) to the astral body, and from thence to the nervous system;

104.         The line of force described is both interesting and important—from the love petals, to the astral body to the nervous system.

105.         The energy of the love petals is meant to flow through the astral body to the nervous system. When there is an obstruction in this flow, it is obvious that nervous difficulties arise.

106.         Interestingly enough, we have the following relating Venus to the nervous system:

The nervous system is ruled by Venus. (EH 143)

107.         The love petals of the egoic lotus are certainly related to Venus as the intended functioning of the astral body—i.e., what the astral body must become after the second initiation.

108.         We have been told that the color rose has a good effect on the nervous system and, thus, we may propose, is useful in promoting this flow from the love petals through the astral body to the nervous system.

2. Rose acts upon the nervous system and tends to vitalisation, and to the removal of depression, and symptoms of debilitation; it increases the will to live. (LOM 247-248)

109.         It is also important to conceive one of the major colors of Venus as “rose”.

to discover what is the hindrance in the etheric body which is preventing the right flow of prana, or of solar vitality to every part of the body.

110.         In each of these three cases we are dealing with a kind of blockage or obstruction. Repetitive lines of thought in the mental body can also be understood as a form of inertia—a tendency, either towards activity or inactivity, which resists constructive change and which thwarts the establishment of more wholesome conditions.

111.         Crystallized emotional patterns of response are also potentially blockages.

It is essential that in days to come medical men should realise that disease in the physical body is incidental to wrong internal conditions.

112.         It would seem that this realization has now taken root in the diagnoses offered by quite a number of more enlightened physicians. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire was written over eighty years ago and there have been many constructive changes of attitude.

This is already being somewhat considered

113.         Considered, yes, but not yet really widely accepted.

 but the whole question will remain but a beautiful theory (even though an incontrovertible one in view of the achievements of mental scientists and of the various faith healers)

114.         DK is suggesting that a fair-minded physician cannot resist the reasonableness of this theory since it has been so convincingly demonstrated as accurate by mental scientists and faith healers.

 until the true nature of the ego, its constitution, its powers, and its field of influence are duly apprehended.

115.         The theory that “internal conditions” are responsible for the health of the physical body depends, we are being told, upon a realization of the existence of the higher Ego, its constitution, powers and field of influence.

116.         In short, there is no healing of the outer man until an understanding of the inner man (the true ego, or Ego) is properly understood.

117.         (In the matter of capitalization, it seems best to use the term “Ego” when speaking of man’s existence upon the higher mental plane. Nevertheless, the lower case “ego” is often used to indicated the same, and so caution is advised and an clear understanding of context.

This revelation will come when medical men accept this [Page 812] teaching as a working hypothesis, and then begin to note, for instance, the powers of endurance shown by the great souls of the earth, and their capacity to work at high pressure, and to remain practically immune from disease until (at the close of a long life of usefulness) the Ego deliberately chooses to "die-out" of physical existence.

118.         DK is telling us that the power of the Ego (as exhibited by great souls) is responsible for their staying power and proverbial immunity from disease. Obviously, the source of their strength is far from strictly physical.

119.         Earlier we read of the “staying power” of those who had united the fires of matter with the fires of mind:

The merging of the fires of matter and the fires of mind results in the energising of the sumtotal of the atoms of the matter of the body.  This is the secret of the immense staying power of the great thinkers and workers of the race.  It results also in a tremendous stimulation of the three higher centres in the body, the head, the heart, the throat and in the electrification of this area of the body.  These higher centres then form a field of attraction for the downflow of the third fire, that of Spirit.  (TCF 136)

120.         The following quotation also tells us something of how these “great souls” work:

A brief period of organised effort and, at the end, death, is of more vital usefulness today than a futile doing of the things a man feels like doing in a leisurely way, and then meandering feebly down the years. (EXH 382)

It will come when the medical profession concentrates upon preventative action, substituting sunshine, a vegetarian diet, and the application of the laws of magnetic vibration and vitality for the present regimen of drugs and surgical operations. 

121.         The approach to healing is to be solar and Venusian (Venus being not only the ruler of the vegetable kingdom, but the planet particularly associated with the Solar Angels, who convey ameliorative solar fire to man). As well, the “laws of magnetic vibration and vitality” will be seen to have a close connection with the deeper Law of Magnetic Impulse, the second law of the soul, related to the second ray and to Venus (the ruler of Libra, the astrological sign signifying this law).

Then will come the time when finer and better human beings will manifest on earth.

122.         “Finer” human beings will manifest on Earth when their vehicles are refined—as they will be through sunshine, a vegetable diet and recourse to the laws of magnetic vibration and vitality.

When also physicians learn the nature of the etheric body, and the work of the spleen as a focal point for pranic emanations, then sound principles and methods will be introduced which will do away with such diseases as tuberculosis, debility, malnutrition and the diseases of the blood and of the kidneys.

123.         DK is telling us that a healthy spleen able to rightly distribute pranic emanations will end a number of diseases:

a.                  Tuberculosis

b.                  Debility

c.                  Malnutrition

d.                  Diseases of the blood

e.                  Diseases of the kidneys

124.         Each of these diseases, apparently, is related to insufficient vitalization of the dense physical body by the etheric body.

125.         When we hear of the coming utilization of “sound principles”, are we also being sold something of the use of sound in healing techniques.

When doctors comprehend the effect of the emotions upon the nervous system, they will turn their attention to the amelioration of environal conditions,

126.         Poor environal conditions, apparently, are responsible for inducing the kind of emotional stress which affects the emotions (and hence the nervous system) adversely.

127.         What is needed is the harmonization of man and his environal conditions.

128.         From the planetary perspective, we need more Venus and less Mars.

 and will study the effects of the emotional currents upon the fluids of the body, and primarily upon the great nerve centres, and the spinal column. 

129.         We are receiving many important medical hints.

130.         We know that wrong emotion proves itself to be debilitating. We are given some of the specifics. Emotional currents affect:

a.                  The fluids of the body

b.                  Great nerve centers

c.                  The spinal column

131.         From this we may gather that the condition of the chakras and their right interplay is also significantly affected by the quality of emotional currents.

When the connection between the dense physical and the subtler bodies is a fact established in medical circles, then will the right treatment of lunacy, of obsessions, and of wrong mental conditions be better comprehended, and the results more successful;

132.         Here DK speaks of certain diseases which are usually under the province of psychiatry and psychology.

133.         The premature tearing of the etheric web (or its weak connection to the physical vehicle) and the subsequent vulnerability of the man to destructive astral currents, result in lunacy, obsessions and wrong mental conditions.

134.         In a way, DK is laying down some of the ABC’s of esoteric healing.

 finally, when the nature of egoic force, or of energy is studied, and the function of the physical brain as the transmitter of egoic intent is better comprehended, then the coordination of man's entire being will be studied, and illness, debility and disease, will be traced to their just cause, and will be treated through the cause and not just through the effect.

135.         The Ego is causal in relation to the personality of man.

136.         DK is speaking of the Ego in relation to the coordination of a man’s entire being. It is the relationship between egoic force and the physical brain as the transmitter of the intention of the Ego which so strongly affects the coordination of man vehicles.

137.         For the great majority of human beings the physical brain does not presently transmit “egoic intent”, and man’s expression as a personality does not reflect and express egoic energy and force.

138.         In the foregoing, we have been speaking of improving the quality and functioning of the vehicles of the microcosm within itself. Now we address ourselves to man social relations.

        (2) The entire social world of thought will apply itself to the understanding of the emotional nature of [Page 813] humanity, to the group relationships involved, and to the interaction between individuals and other individuals, between groups and other groups. 

139.         DK seems to be speaking of the science of Sociology.

140.         Let us tabulate those factors which have to be considered together in order to induce Right Human Relations:

a.                  The understanding of the emotional nature of humanity 

b.                  The understanding of the group relationships involved in human interplay

c.                  The understanding of the interaction between individuals and other individuals

d.                  The understanding of the interaction between groups and other groups.

These relationships will be interpreted wisely and broadly and a man will be taught his responsibility to the lesser lives which he ensouls. 

141.         We have just spoken of horizontal relationships between human beings and groups of human beings.

142.         Vertical relationships are of equal importance, as man learns of his responsibility “to the lesser lives which he ensouls” and for whom he is as the macrocosm.

143.         The Science of Right Relations is even broader than the Science of Right Human Relations—it includes relationships of all kinds. All such relationships are to be qualified by the energy of the soul, i.e., by the energy of love.

This will produce a just direction of individual force, and its utilisation for the stabilisation, the development, and the refining of the substance of the different vehicles. 

144.         When social relations are rightly adjusted, the force of the individual will find its right direction, and this will bring an improved condition within the microcosm concerned.

145.         Another way of saying this, is that when the individual is harmonious within society, he more easily achieves harmony within his own microcosmic nature.

Men will also be taught their definite responsibility under law to their own individual families.

146.         We see that during the Aquarian Age, the value of the family unit will not be overlooked or minimized. In some Aquarian experiments during the 20th century, the family has been neglected in favor of “society”.

147.         We have presented here an interesting relationship between the signs Cancer (the sign of the family) and Capricorn (the sign of the enforcement of the Law).

 This will bring about the protection of the family unit, and its scientific development;

148.         The scientific development of the family unit will, in part, depend upon an understanding of the energy units involved within the family.

149.         Already, in some of the more enlightened legislation in more enlightened countries, one can see this movement towards the protection of the family. One would think that a reasonable duration for “maternity leave” from the work force would be a foregone conclusion, but it is not so in many societies.

 it will cause the elimination of marital troubles, and the abolition of abuses of different kinds, so prevalent now in many family circles.

150.         From an astrological perspective, the influence of Venus in Cancer will take the place of the fall position of Mars in Cancer (author of so much family friction, distress and abuse).

151.         The elimination of marital troubles will only come when marriage partners are correctly matched. Correct matching will necessitate a far deeper understanding of the ray and astrological formulas of the partners intending marriage, and also an understanding of their relative levels of evolutionary unfoldment.

152.         We see that Master DK is paving the way for a far happier and saner way of human living—one which seems so elusive at present.

Responsibility to the community in which a man is placed will likewise be emphasised.  Men will be taught the true esoteric meaning of citizenshipa citizenship based upon egoic group relations, the law of rebirth, and the real meaning of the law of karma.

153.         The present standards of citizenship seem shallow by comparison. An understanding of the “esoteric meaning of citizenship” demands are understanding of the Ego and of egoic group relations.

154.         We know that human beings are born in groups according to soul ray, but also according to national affiliation—a deeply esoteric matter, as we learn in The Destiny of the Nations. Man will come to know why, as a soul, he is drawn to a certain country and into affiliation with groups of souls who are likewise drawn.

155.         As well, it is probable that man shares group karma with those who magnetically belong to his nation. An understanding of citizenship will be lifted far above the personal level and man will come to understand the esoteric nature of nationhood and his esoteric affiliation with and his karmic relation to his present nation (and certain other nations).

156.         We see that if citizenship is to be understood properly (i.e., esoterically) the group idea is inescapable.

 They will be taught national responsibility, and the place of the community within the nation, and of the nation within the comity of nations.

157.         DK sets forth a hierarchical perspective—individuals within groups; groups within greater and still greater groups. The understanding of nationhood and citizenship will have an organic and holistic quality.

158.         The formula proposed will bring harmony intra-personally, inter-personally, within groups and nations, and between groups and nations. The full meaning of the term “comity” will prevail.

159.         As we study DK’s prophecies, something of the wonder of the New Age begins to emerge. He is being very specific about the modes of betterment He expects.

Men will finally be taught their responsibility to the animal kingdom.

160.         The word “finally” tells quite a story. Human beings have, en mass, resisted assuming their responsibility to the kingdom immediately below their own.

 This will be brought about in three ways:

1.   Man's truer understanding of his own animal nature.

161.         Perhaps it is the fact that man’s lower nature is an “animal nature” that has created a relationship with the animal kingdom which is abusive in so many instances. Could this abuse be related to man’s desire to distance himself from his own animal nature, and from his sensed difficulty in doing so?

162.         Of course, that shared condition which has caused so much difficulty between men and animals could also be a bridge to their reconciliation.

2.   A comprehension of the laws of individualisation, and the effect of the influence of the fourth, or human, kingdom upon the third, or animal, kingdom.

163.         It is important for human beings to realize that the members of the animal kingdom are, indeed, on their way to individualization. They are different from a human being only in degree of consciousness. They too possess the same inner Spirit possess by man, though self-consciousness is lacking.

164.         Presently, man believes it is his right to use the members of the animal kingdom as he sees fit, which is often selfishly and abusively.

165.         The matter under discussion is really a form of ‘esoteric ecology’. It speaks of the interdependence of all existences expressing through all manner of forms, and the responsibility of those in a higher ‘position’, hierarchically, for the welfare of those in a lower position. Certainly this is so once self-consciousness is attained.

3.   The work of an Avatar of a lesser order Who will come in the beginning of the next century to reveal to man his relationship to the third kingdom.  His way is being prepared by the many who in these days are developing public interest through the [Page 814] various societies for the benefit and protection of animals, and through the many stories to be found in books and current periodicals.

166.         We have definitely seen positive developments in this direction. The “animal rights” movement has gained considerable momentum and is now a force to be reckoned with. Every time an endangered specie is protected, we see evidence of the necessary and growing awareness which is leading to the coming of the Avatar here prophesied and his probable effectiveness in bettering relations between the human and animal kingdoms.

167.         So many positive developments in the world are rooted in an esoteric cause. This must be realized.

We are told by H. P. B.61 [S. D., III, 580]  that the sense of responsibility is one of the first indications of egoic control, and as more and more of the human family come under egoic influence, conditions will be bettered slowly and steadily in every department of life.

168.         If life conditions for human beings are to be improved, soul-culture is indispensable. With respect to our “younger brothers” (the members of the animal kingdom and even of the planet and mineral kingdoms) we are, indeed, “our brother’s keeper”. The growing awareness of our planet as a living Being is facilitating the awareness of our responsibility to all life expressions upon and within the planet—including responsibility to the mineral kingdom (which, though it appears “inanimate”, is not so).

169.         The fact which we have to keep in mind is that the downpouring of egoic influence brings betterment—for all.

(3) In the educational world an apprehension of man's true nature will bring about a fundamental change in the methods of teaching.

170.         We are faced with a large educational task. Humanity does not yet understand its true nature. With that understanding and with the possibility of purposefully and skillfully expressing its inner and higher nature, all manner of human and planetary betterment may be expected.

 The emphasis will be laid upon teaching people the fact of the Ego on its own plane, the nature of the lunar bodies, and the methods of aligning the lower bodies so that the Ego can communicate direct with the physical brain, and thus control the lower nature and work out its purposes.

Men will be taught how, through concentration and meditation, they can ascertain knowledge for themselves, can develop the intuition, and thus draw upon the resources of the Ego.  Then will men be taught to think, to assume control of the mental body, and thus develop their latent powers.

171.         Let us tabulate the sequence of teachings which must reach humanity if the desired improvements are to take place:

a.                  The teaching of the fact of the Ego on its own plane

b.                  The teaching of the nature of the lunar bodies

c.                  The teaching of the methods of aligning of the lower bodies so that the Ego can communicate directly with the physical brain, thus controlling the lower nature and working out its purposes

d.                  The teaching of the methods of concentration and meditation

e.                  The teaching of the methods of ascertaining knowledge for oneself

f.                    The teaching of methods of developing the intuition

g.                  The teaching of methods of drawing upon the resources of the Ego

h.                  The teaching of men to think

i.                    The teaching of assuming control of the mental body

j.                     The teaching of methods of developing one’s latent powers.

In the above few remarks are indicated very briefly and inadequately the results which may be looked for from a true understanding of the essential nature of man.

172.         This entire section of text is directed to the necessity that man understand more deeply and accurately his own essential nature.

173.         Those whose task it is to convey something of this understanding are undertaking a very necessary effort.

 It has been written in view of the necessity these days of a statement as to the real or inner man, and as to the laws of the kingdom of God

174.         Certain developments within human consciousness (potentially problematic or misleading developments) necessitated a clearer and more direct explanation of man’s inner nature and the law of the Kingdom of God. We can see that this explanation is meant to offset many dangers arising from materialistic misconceptions concerning man’s true nature.

That inner man has ever been known to be there, and the "kingdom within" has ever been proclaimed until H. P. B. came and gave out the same old truths from a new angle, giving an occult turn to mystic thought.

175.         HPB came as an “occultist”, not a mystic. The ageless truths had not yet been presented to the general public in anything but mystical garb.

176.         The essential truths are ever identical, but cannot always be properly assimilated if they remain clothed in thought which does not appeal to the mentality of the age.

Now comes the opportunity for man to realise the laws of his own being, and in that realisation those who stand on the verge of intuitional apprehension of knowledge and those of scientific bent who are willing to accept these truths as a working [Page 815] hypothesis to be utilised as a basis for experiment until proven false, will have the chance to solve the world problems from within.

177.         A considerable opportunity is being offered. The majority of the human race has lived in great ignorance concerning the true nature of the human being. This ignorance can now be dispelled if certain people who can function as disciples act in a responsible manner.

178.         According to DK, two kinds of individuals are needed: those who are becoming intuitive and those of scientific bent who are sufficiently open-minded. DK is clearly appealing to the intelligentsia and, perhaps, not to the usual adherents to various esoteric groups.

Thus will the Christ principle be manifested upon earth, and thus will the Christ nature be demonstrated to be a fact in nature itself.

179.         With the manifesting of the nature and powers of the Ego, the Christ principle will have a conduit for expression upon Earth.

180.         The Reappearance of the Christ is dependent, in large measure, upon those changes within the advanced human beings of the world which will allow them to express their egoic nature through their personality nature.

The value to the public thought of a true explanation of the evolution of the Ego, and its gradually developing power on earth is very great

181.         The value of the education which thoughtful students of esotericism can impart is considerable. Humanity simply does not understand the nature and evolution of the Ego, and this understanding is indispensable if the quality of human life upon out planet is to be improved.

182.         Thus, the responsibility of qualified teachers of esotericism is evident. If we had wondered what good could arise through the impartation the esoteric teaching, we can put our doubts aside.

There are two ways in which man may view this matter, both of which provide food for meditation, and well merit serious consideration.  Both of them have been somewhat dealt with by thinkers of many schools of thought, and hence do not require any lengthy elucidation.

183.         We are considering two ways to understanding the nature of the Ego and the methods by which its powers may be expressed on Earth.

184.         It is likely that the Tibetan is speaking of the mystical and occult approaches.

The problem may be regarded as one calling for the elevation of the inner consciousness of the human unit (functioning in the physical body) to the higher levels of the mental plane, and therefore involves a raising or expansion of his waking consciousness till it becomes aware of this higher life.

185.         This is an approach to the soul through meditation.

186.         When we speak of “elevation”, we think of the aspiration provided by the powers of Mars and Neptune—two planets distributing the sixth ray of aspirational idealism and devotion.

187.         By this means the awakening consciousness can become soul consciousness. Human consciousness will be transported to the higher mental plane.

This is the way of mystical approach, and many instances of its successful accomplishment can be studied in the lives of the mystics of all ages.

188.         There is a well established tradition of mystical attainment and, although we now seek to study the Path of Occultism, attainment on the Path of Mysticism is not to be minimized. The mystic sleeps in the heart of every would-be occultist and must re-awaken before full attainment is possible.

By sheer devotion and strenuous application, and by a severe disciplining of the physical body, the mystic effects his entrance into the heart centre of his little system,

189.         We see that it is no easy matter to enter the microcosmic heart center.

190.         Needed are:

a.                  Uncontaminated devotion

b.                  Strenuous application

c.                  Severe disciplining of the physical body

191.         The Tibetan is not expressing Himself in gentle terms.

 and his life becomes irradiated by the beams of his own central sun—the egoic light divine.

192.         The mystic, as does the occultist, seeks illumination—irradiation by the egoic light divine (the “beams of his own central sun”).

193.         In this case, the “central sun” of the mystic is not the “central spiritual sun”. It is the Ego rather than the Monad.

194.         There follows a description of the occult approach.

The problem may again be regarded as one in which the effort of the man is concentrated in an attempt to bring down into the physical brain consciousness, and thus on to the physical plane, the life and power and energy of the inner centre, the Ego.

195.         The simple expedient of considering the mystical approach as one of elevation and the occult approach as one of descent is clarifying.

196.         The rays of the mystic are the so-called “soft-line” rays (two, four and six) and incline towards elevation. The rays of the occultist are on the “hard-line”, and contribute to the descent of subjective energies into manifestation.

This involves necessarily a scientific apprehension of the laws of being, and a recognition of the dual nature of the Self.  It involves a devotion to the work of bringing about a domination of the lunar lords through the radiant control of the solar Lord.  This is the occult method. 

197.         Let us tabulate the steps involved in the “occult method”:

a.                  A scientific apprehension of the laws of being

b.                  A recognition of the dual nature of the Self

c.                  A “devotion” (note this) to the work of bringing about a domination of the lunar lords through the radiant control of the "solar Lord"

198.         We might say that the mystical approach is an ‘art’ and the occult approach, a ‘science’, but, truly, there will be many opportunities for overlap and the mutual supplementation of parallel methods.

It is the method of studying the constitution of those entities who form the [Page 816] fourfold lower nature, the personality, and a close investigation of those divine Essences Who build the body of the Ego or higher self.

199.         A close study of the entities which constitute and underlie the vehicles of man is undertaken. The matter of form and its function is of considerable importance.

200.         We note that the lunar lords are called “entities”, and the Agnishvattas “Essences”—“divine Essences”. Since the word “Essences” seems to be deliberately capitalized, something of the spiritual status of the Agnishvattas is conveyed.

201.         Again, we seem to have a plural to consider, indicating that the egoic body of the human being is built by a number of “divine Essences”—perhaps, a number of Solar Angels Who function in close cooperation with each other. Perhaps each of them may be considered an emanation of a greater and presiding Solar Angel.

  To this must be added a severe application of the laws of nature to the individual problem.

202.         The laws of nature relate to the third aspect of divinity. Presumably, the application of the Laws of the Soul must also be applied though the foundational laws of nature cannot be ignored.

203.         We simply must not gloss over the word “severe” which appears, not only in this context, but in the text discussing the approach of the mystic. Master DK is not given to overstatement, so when He uses a term like “severe” it should alert us to the demands of occult and mystical attainment.

What is proposed in this Treatise is to follow the latter method, as the aim is to make clear the rationale of the process.

204.         A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is a book which sets forth a decidedly occult perspective and offers, for the sincere student, tried and true methods of occult practice.

205.         The earnest and persistent student of this book will have been a sincere mystic in earlier times. Such a student will have little more to learn from the strictly mystical approach, but much to learn from the Science of Occultism. Through a close study of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire he has the opportunity to learn that approach in considerable detail.