Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VII Section XIII, Part III

TCF 904-910 : S7S13

15 - 29 September 2008


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The Devas of the Gaseous Subplane.


1.            We now start the third in our series of explorations of the lesser devas—both “recipients of force” and manipulating devas.

2.            We are still focussed within the dense physical subplanes of the systemic physical plane.


 In dealing with the ele­mentals, or lesser devas,


3.            The term “elementals” does not mean only one thing. “Recipients of force” are lower elementals and manipulating devas on the evolutionary arc can be thought of as higher elementals.

4.            It will be necessary to discriminate between elemental lives, elementals and elementaries. None of these terms has one and only one significance. Perhaps, the term “elementary” as indicative of disembodied souls upon the astral plane has the most specific meaning.

5.            Overlapping in the use of terms can be confusing, but that overlapping cannot be ignored or clarity of thought will be compromised.


 under the manipulatory devas of this extensive group,


6.            We remember that this group of lives outnumbers the devas of water and of earth.


 we are dealing with the devas of fire,


7.            The devas of the systemic gaseous plane are “devas of fire” and so are the devas of the  mental plane.


 and with the fiery essences of substantial nature which can be seen mani­festing in myriads of forms.


8.    The phrase “fiery essences of substantial nature” is quite precise. All “recipients of force” are essences of substantial nature. There are, we presume, watery essences of substantial nature and earthy essences of substantial nature.

9.    Are the manipulatory devas on the evolutionary arc to be considered “of substantial nature”. In one respect, yes.

10. It is as if the manipulating devas manipulate from within the forms with which they are associated.


Certain of the subdivisions of this group are known to students, such as:


The Salamanders, or the fiery lives which can be seen by clairvoyants leaping in the flames of a furnace or of a volcano;


11. It would seem that the Salamanders are not the flames themselves but work within the field of flames. At least, this is what the language here used suggests.

12. In a certain respect it seems that the Salamanders tend the flames or give form to the flames.

13. Salamanders are to be considered as gaseous devas.


 this group can be subdivided into four groups according to color—red, orange, yellow, and violet—the last of which approximate very closely to the devas of the fourth ether.


14.         VSK states: “This is an interesting order given of the colours: red, orange, yellow and violet. A more probably spectral or order given in the chapter on colour in LOM, would be yellow, orange, red and violet. Perhaps the order doesn’t matter, but a relation of colour to subplane would be buddhi to yellow, orange/mental, red/astral, and violet, as mentioned here, to etheric. I don’t suggest these higher subplanes are related to the salamanders, but there could be some resonance to the etheric subplanes.”

15.         It seems that DK is categorizing the Salamanders as physically-fiery substantial lives, particularly associated with the physical gaseous subplane.

16.         Although the mental plane is, technically, the plane of fire, it does not seem correct to associate the Salamanders with the mental plane, though on that plane there may be higher correspondences to Salamanders.

17.         It appears that the Salamanders in their violet category, while approximating the devas of the fourth ether, are not those devas. We can imagine that the classifications of these many lives are complex. Between some there may be similarity without identicality.

18.         It is clear that Master DK ‘sees’ these lives.

19.         We will be tempted to correlate the colors given above with various subplanes of the systemic physical plane.

20.         The following can be said of a sequential treatment of the subplanes and colors. These thoughts can be added to and compared with the insights given by VSK above.

a.            Red can easily be associated with the first ray and the first subplane of the systemic etheric plane.

b.            Orange is usually associated with the fifth ray and we would expect it to connect with the fifth or gaseous subplane of the systemic etheric plane, but also with the third etheric subplane—the fifth from below.

c.            From another perspective however, orange is the complement of blue, which could connect it with the second subplane. We know that often a given colour is expressed in terms of its complementary colour.

d.            Yellow often represents both the third and fifth rays, and so its connection with the third subplane (which is also the fifth from below) is reasonable.

e.            Violet has a definite connection with the lowest levels of manifestation. All the etheric subplanes are of a more or less violet hue, the fourth subplane having the darkest shade akin to purple.


The Agnichaitans; this is a term applied to the fiery lives, which are the sumtotal of the plane substance, [we are speaking primarily of the systemic physical plane] as seen in the first part of our treatise, and also to the tiny essences which compose the fires of manifestation.  As the nature of physical plane electricity is understood and studied, and its true condition realised, the reality of the existence of these agnichaitans will stand revealed.


21.         It seems that, in the matter of Agnichaitans, we are dealing with a vast array of lives.

22.         When DK speaks of “plane substance” He may be speaking not only of the lowest levels of substance—the “recipients of force” but of all devas, not only of the systemic physical plane but of the cosmic physical plane as an entirety. This latter perspective would be a more comprehensive way of understanding the nature of Agnichaitans.

23.         The plane with which the Agnichaitans are usually most closely connected is the systemic physical plane.

24.         Are we, according to the text given, to differentiate “the plane substance” from the “tiny essences which compose the fires of manifestation”. The word “also” makes it seem as if we must.

25.         Because the Agnichaitans are involved in the manifestation of physical plane electricity, it is clear that there are Agnichaitans which are definitely etheric in nature.

26.         We may presume that different strata of Agnichaitans can be found in relation to latent fire, akashic fire and also to pranic/radiatory fire.

27.         If Agnisuryans are to be found on both the buddhic and astral planes, then (following the probable pattern of reflection) Agnichaitans are to be looked for not only on the systemic physical plane but on the atmic plane. Also, as stated, from the cosmic perspective, all the devas of the cosmic physical plane can be considered Agnichaitans.

28.         This entire section of the book presents a vision of living substance.


As the race becomes clairvoyant, as it surely will in a great degree before the close of this rootrace,


29.         We are speaking of the close of the fifth rootrace which may occur many thousands of years into the future. We find ourselves, now, at the beginning of the sixth sub-race of the fifth rootrace.

30.         We must remember that our particular rootrace is closely related to the development of both mind and vision.


 these gaseous devas will stand revealed,


31.         It is confirmed that Salamanders and Agnichaitans are gaseous devas—devas of the systemic gaseous subplane. Agnichaitans, however, come in more subtle categories related to the etheric subplanes of the systemic physical plane. Whether this is true of Salamanders has yet to be determined.


and men will realise that they are working with fiery lives,


32.         At the present time, we call these fiery lives by the crude term “matter”.


 and that they are themselves closely allied to these lives through the fires of their own bodies.


33.         The fires of the human body are devic in nature. How shall we discriminate the latent and radiatory fires within the human being from the Salamanders, Agnichaitans and “tiny essences” of a fiery nature—all now under discussion?

34.         VSK inquires: “Does this suggests that gaseous level bodies require clairvoyance to be seen?”

35.         To this one might respond—“How well, presently, does one ‘see’ the air—the effects of pollution notwithstanding?”


The clairvoyance which is in process [Page 905] of developing in this rootrace is entirely physical,


36.         There are obviously other more refined types of clairvoyance.

37.         This physical clairvoyance is naturally a demonstration of etheric perception.


and, under the law, its develop­ment is to be anticipated, for the Aryan rootrace is that one where­in man—in this fourth round—comes to full self-conscious­ness.


38.         By “full self-consciousness” we may mean (ideally) consciousness of the processes of all lunar vehicles and also of those processes which occur within the causal body. However, such full self-consciousness may have to be deferred until other rootraces have elapsed.

39.         Obviously, etheric perception is only the beginning of “full self-consciousness”.

40.         It is also to be remembered that the Aryan rootrace is a very physical rootrace and not, particularly, at first, a psychic rootrace. The physical plane is a reflection of the mental plane on which the Aryan consciousness focusses.


This involves complete physical vision, and the use in perfection of the three physical plane senses of hearing, touch, and sight.


41.         The “use in perfection” of the three physical plane sense of hearing, touch and sight seems to apply principally to the extension of these senses onto the systemic etheric planes.

42.         Perhaps we might say that in the Aryan rootrace, man is to come to full self-consciousness on both the physical and etheric subplanes, but that truly full self-consciousness will have to be deferred until later rootrace development (except in the case of more advanced souls).


  In the next rootrace, astral clairvoyance will be prevalent,


43.         We are speaking of the sixth rootrace. This statement almost certainly confirms that the type of clairvoyance to be widely developed during the Aryan root race will be of the physical-etheric kind.

44.         Yet, of course, many disciples will achieve the second and third initiations during the Aryan root race, and so the types of clairvoyance available to them (as examples of more advanced types) will be deeper and more extensive.


 though not universal,


45.         Many, after all, will, even then, not yet be upon the Path.


and thus contact with the buddhic plane will be more easily achieved.


46.         DK is telling us that if astral clairvoyance is achieved, contact with the buddhic plane will be more easily achieved.

47.         We may infer from this that if etheric clairvoyance is achieved, contact with the mental plane and higher mental plane will be more easily achieved. The Aryan root race is a developmental period in which a significant number of human beings should be achieving causal consciousness.


In the earlier rootraces of the next round, the fifth, there will be a recapitulation of the activities of this round,


48.         This is ever the case. As nature progresses, recapitulatory periods occur at the beginning of every cycle.

49.         We can look for such periods even in the microcosmic life of tiny man.


 until, in the fifth root­race [of the fifth round], the sumtotal of that achieved in this round will be seen.


50.         So the entire fourth round will be mirrored in the fifth round and probably in the fourth rootrace of that round—if the numerological correspondences hold.

51.         Each cycle demonstrates´(in one of its smaller cycles) the entirety of a previous greater cycle.

52.         If this is the case, then probably in the fourth sub-race of our present Aryan root race, the entirety of the fourth rootrace should have been mirrored.

53.         Since we are now in the fourth round, may it have been the case that the entirety of the third round was demonstrated in the third rootrace of the present round?

54.         We must also question whether this full demonstration or mirroring of the previous round must await appearance on a globe the number of which is at least one greater than the number of the round. In other words, we are on the fourth globe of the fourth round. Perhaps the full mirroring of the third round could not have occurred on globes one, two or three of this round, but only on globe four, as its number is one greater than the round to be mirrored.

55.         One could also ask whether that which occurred in the third round would not be mirrored in the processes of the third globe of this round (the fourth round)?

56.         Rounds can be mirrored in rootraces, but also, it would seem, on globes of a corresponding number in the succeeding round.


 Men will then begin to demonstrate mental clairvoyance.


57.         It is fitting that this occur in the fifth round, the number of which correlates with the fifth or mental principle.


 Thus the cycles mingle and overlap, in order that no unit of life, however small and unimportant, may fail in opportunity.


58.         Since the principle of repetition is so firmly established in the developmental process of nature, it should also be employed in the teaching process so that no student may “fail in opportunity”.

59.         We can see from what is said that if full development of some quality was not achieved during a particular cycle, opportunity for completion of development will be re-presented in a lesser cycle which has the same number as the cycle in which development was to have taken place.



These agnichaitans of the third subplane come particularly under the influence of Saturnian energy.


60.         We might presume that DK is speaking of the third subplane number from above. This would mean that He is speaking of an etheric subplane. Yet we cannot be certain of the direction in which DK may be counting. Evidence gathered from text which follows suggests that He is speaking of the third subplane from below.

61.         The third subplane from below must also, in one respect, be called the “third subplane”, and the two subplanes mentioned will have a reciprocal effect upon one another.


They are the great fusers of substance, and it is in connection with them that the transmutation of metals becomes possible.


62.         When speaking of “transmutation” the ethers are usually involved. Uranus, the planet of transmutation, is the planet representing etheric substance, whereas Saturn represents more physical substance.

63.         We are given the hint that in alchemical processes, there is to be found a fusion process applied to substances.


 They have a relationship to the mineral kingdom analogous to that which the watery devas have to the vegetable and animal.


64.         The “watery devas” here discussed are definitely material in nature, ‘inhabiting’ water (considering water as the central aspect of the three systemic dense physical subplanes). This being the case, perhaps the Agnichaitans discussed above are also (systemically considered)  material in nature. In this case, the subplane involved would be the third from below or gaseous subplane.

65.         There are, of course, Agnichaitans of the etheric planes.


They are, as will be apparent, connected with the throat centre of a planetary Logos and of a solar Logos, and it is through their activity that the transmission of sound through the air becomes possible.


66.         Yes, it appears we are speaking of Agnichaitans related to the gaseous subplane of the systemic physical plane.

67.         DK is reasonably connecting Saturn (a third ray planet) with the throat center, with sound and the sense of hearing.

68.         This is one of those piece of occult information which would not be suspected—the involvement of the Agnichaitans in the transmission of sound through the air.

69.         We can see that various devas are involved the proper functioning of the senses. They serve as a kind of relation or bridge between the senses and the not-self which the senses detect. The devas, in this respect, are relational.

70.         If these devas are involved with the transmission of sound, we must suspect that other devas are involved with the transmission of light, with other devas playing their role in the kind of contact which produces the registration of smell, taste and, in general, touch.


It might surprise students and inventors could they but realise that the present rapid growth of wireless communication everywhere is due to the swinging into contact with the human vibration of a group of fiery deva lives hitherto uncontacted.


71.         We think we are dealing with so-called ‘blind forces’, but, instead, subtle intelligent lives are at work. Are these lives to be found on the gaseous or on etheric planes? The answer is not given, but as we have been speaking of the gaseous subplane, these lives may be found on that level.

72.         Whether these lives ‘inhabit’ the systemic gaseous subplane or the lowest etheric subplane, they can be considered “fiery deva lives”.


Just as each plane has its seven subplanes, so likewise each subplane can be subdivided,


73.         This subdivision is presumably into seven.

74.         Since there are certain devic lives associated with each of the subplanes and sub-sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane, the number of such lives is considerable.


 thus making forty-nine fires on every plane,


75.         On each systemic plane...

76.         Above, we have been told that each subplane can be divided into forty-nine subdivisions!


The devas of the sixth physical subplane can be divided into three groups, and these again into seven and into forty-nine, thus corresponding with all groups in the solar system. (TCF 902)


 or the three hundred and forty-three fires of the solar sys­tem.


77. The solar system exists on the cosmic physical plane. This means that on the cosmic physical plane there are three hundred and forty-three fires, and presumably an equal or greater number of kinds of devic lives.

78. The number three hundred and forty-three is derived by dividing each systemic subplane into seven division rather than forty-nine.

79. If we subdivide each subplane into forty-nine sections, then the cosmic physical plane will have 2401 subdivisions.


Herein can be found the clue to the mystery of the "fourth between the three" [Page 906] which has at times bewild­ered students of the occult records.


80.         The “fourth between the three” can have, therefore, three meanings:

a.            The buddhic plane as the fourth or central plane between two sets of three systemic planes

b.            The fourth subplane found on any systemic plane

c.            The fourth sub-subplane found on any of the forty-nine systemic subplanes


There are several ways of reading these figures, 3 4 3, but the only occult method which can be hinted at here,


81.         Obviously, there are other occult methods. We note also that nothing explicit is being offered—only hints.


 lies in the recognition of the three higher planes, the three lower planes, the fourth plane of meeting between them.  This fourth plane has occultly been called "the meeting place."


82.         This is as suggested above.

83.         Could this “meeting place” that “place” in the magical process “where land and water meet”?


Let the magician guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet.  The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set.  When water, land and air meet, there is the place for magic to be wrought. (TWM xiii)


When it is remembered that the goal for these gaseous devas is the fourth cosmic ether, or the buddhic plane


84.         The buddhic plane eventually


 and that they (in their major and minor groups) are the internal macrocosmic and microcosmic fires, some idea may be gained as to the true sig­nificance of the eventual at-one-ment between the two lines of evolution for the goal for man likewise is the buddhic plane.


85.         The eventual at-one-ment between man and deva is to occur on the buddhic plane. We see however, that the gaseous devas, after having been elevated to the fourth etheric subplane, have for an eventual destination the buddhic plane, whereon the human and deva evolutions become reconciled. It is clear that the development of the gaseous devas (the macrocosmic and microcosmic fires) tending as it does towards the buddhic plane, is part of this reconciliation.


On the third subplane, therefore,


86.         And we are, indeed, speaking of the third subplane from below—the gaseous subplane of the systemic dense subplanes…


 in its fifth division of deva essences,


87.         Shall we again count from below, and thus focus on the fifth sub-sub level of the systemic gaseous subplane?


 certain groups are now being contacted in this, the fifth rootrace;


88.         We see the infallible working out of numerical correspondences…


 the result of this contact can be seen in the stimulation of responsive vibration, which is demonstrated already in the discovery of wireless intercourse and of radium.


89.         We are speaking of developments upon the fifth sub level of the systemic gaseous subplane.

90.         We have learned that what is loosely called “wireless” or, perhaps, radio waves, are concerned with the systemic gaseous subplane.

91.         It would be surprising if the fourth etheric plane were not also involved, at least in the case of radium. Also with regard to what we usually call “electrical phenomena”, the fourth ether should be involved. DK speaks elsewhere of its influence.


the fourth ether of the physical systemic plane is likewise assuming its rightful place in the minds of men, and the electrical force of that subplane is already being adapted and utilised by man in the assistance of the mechanical arts, for methods of transportation, for widespread illumination, and in healing. (TCF 320)


There will also be seen a paralleling increased vibration of the human spirillae which will result, before the end of the round, in the awakening to full activity of the fifth spirilla of the human physical permanent atom.


92.         This awakening will indicate that many human beings will be entering the kingdom of souls.

93.         We are still in the fourth round but are speaking of the awakening of the fifth spirilla. Probably this awakening will occur on a massive scale during the fifth round, but even now, in our fifth rootrace, many will find their fifth spirilla awakened as they pass through a transition from the fourth into the fifth kingdom.

94.         It seems that those spirillae already awakened will also be further stimulated—“a paralleling increased vibration”. There seems to be an implication that it is the increasing vibration of the lower spirillae which contributes to the awakening of the fifth spirilla.


Hence the work of the Mahachohan at this time in connection with seventh ray (which is temporarily acting as the synthesis of the five types of energy over which He presides), might be summed up as follows:


95.         We note in the seventh ray a temporary synthesis of the five rays over which the Maha-Chohan presides.

96.         The third ray holds the greater synthesis over time, but due to the prominence of the seventh ray in the particular Age of Aquarius into which we are passing, the seventh ray now holds the synthetic position.

97.         It is probable that at the time TCF was written, the Master R. had not yet assumed the role of Mahachohan.


        First, He is utilising the seventh type of energy in order to further the recognition by the human unit of the subtler substance of the physical plane.


98.         The seventh ray is particularly associated with the etheric subplanes of the systemic physical plane.


 This seventh ray is a primary factor in the production of objectivity.


99.         By this, in this context, we mean dense physical objectivity.

100.      This type of objectivity is precipitated from the systemic etheric planes.


 The energy of the planetary Logos of the seventh scheme dominates the seventh plane;


101.      For the time being we may presume this Logos to be the Logos of Uranus.


it is the ray whereon deva substance and Spirit can meet and adapt [Page 907] themselves to each other with greater facility than on any other ray except the third.


102.      The two magical rays are the seventh and the third. The seventh ray rules ritualism, per se, and the third ray rules magic in a general sense.

103.      We have an alignment here between the logoic, atmic and systemic etheric planes. The logoic plane is the ultimate plane of Spirit; the atmic plane is the plane most closely associate with the third ray; the etheric subplanes are most closely associated with the seventh ray.

104.      The meeting of Spirit with deva substance is required for the highest magical processes.

105.      On the seventh ray, then, the “Highest and the Lowest Meet”, but Spirit meets deva substance on the third ray as well. From a more general perspective, Spirit is the “Highest” and the third ray represents objectivity or the “Lowest”.

106.      The seventh ray, we realize, is the objective expression of the first ray (the ray most closely associated with Spirit).


Man, at present, is fully conscious, through some one or other of his senses, on the three lower subplanes; it is intended that he shall be equally conscious on the four higher.


107.      This will mean the development of etheric consciousness, even though DK has emphasised that consciousness does not really exist on the etheric planes.


I would have you note that I did not say the etheric levels of consciousness, for there is no such thing as consciousness upon the etheric planes.   (R&I 178)


108.      The situation with respect to consciousness on the etheric planes remains ambiguous. There is certainly an attempt to help man consciously register etheric phenomena.

109.      When man becomes conscious on the higher four subplanes of the systemic physical plane, he will be aware of the activities of his chakras on all those four levels, and of the transmission of force via the nadis and meridians.


 This has to be brought about by the stimulation of the deva substance which composes his bodies.


110.      With greater stimulation, greater vision appears.


 This will be accomplished through the dynamic will of the transmitting devas as they energise the manip­ulatory devas, and thus affect the myriads of lesser lives which compose man's body,


111.      We have a threefold progression—

a.            Transmitting devas with dynamic will

b.            Manipulatory devas energized by the transmitting devas

c.            The myriads of lesser lives who are the “recipients of force”, the tiny substantial essences of the various planes.

112.      How interesting that the development of human clairvoyance is dependent on a line of transmitted energy emanating from the transmitting devas on the higher planes.


and also by an increased responsiveness of the indwelling man or thinker to the contact made upon his body.


113.      It is not the threefold deva transmission alone which accounts of the growth of human clairvoyance. The increasingly close relation between the Ego on the higher mental plane and the etheric-physical body is also responsible.

114.      Presumably, the Ego-as-spiritual-triad will also be involved in promoting etheric awareness. That Ego inhabits the cosmic ethers and is thus in position to stimulate the systemic ethers.


This increased awareness will be brought about by the arousing of the fifth spirilla, by the unfolding of the fifth petal in the egoic lotus,


115.      The arousing of the fifth spirilla gives entré into the Kingdom of Souls.

116.      The opening of the fifth petal signals that the first initiation is in process. By the time the fifth petal is fully unfolded the first initiation has been taken.

117.      It is advisable that the student grasp the many parallel processes occurring at specific stages of spiritual development.

118.      In any case, this arousal and this opening accompany the opening up of etheric vision.


and by the gradual opening of the third eye through the arousing and uniform activity of five factors:  the centre at the base of the spine, the three channels in the spinal column, and the pineal gland.


119.      Here we have an important statement. The third eye opens as a result of the following five activities:

a.            The measured arousal of the base of the spine center

b.            The activation of the three channels in the spinal column (presumably this includes etheric activation.

c.            The stimulation to a certain degree of the pineal gland


All these factors involve the activity of deva essence, plus the resultant awareness of the thinker.


120.      So the ability to be aware on the higher etheric planes involves the activity of deva essence and the awareness of the thinker or Ego on the higher mental plane which, as a result of the activity of the deva essence in the five processes noted, becomes sufficiently aware to affect the process of increasing awareness on the etheric planes.


 This will be followed by the con­scious use of the newly-awakened powers.


121.      First new consciousness must emerge. Then that which has emerged must be deliberately used.

122.      We can see how many parallel processes are occurring and how retardation in any one of them could retard the entire process.


 In this manner the close interrelation and interdependence of the two lines of evolu­tion becomes magnificently apparent.


123.      This has been one of the main points advanced in these sections of text—that human and deva development are parallel, interrelated and interdependent processes. Their mutual influence is inescapable.

124.      As each grows or move forward, the growth and forward movement of the other is supported.


        Second, the Mahachohan is working specifically at this time (in co-operation with the Manu), with the devas of the gaseous subplane;


125.      Thus, are rays one and three represented and ray seven as well (since that is the present emphasis during the emerging smaller Age of Aquarius).


this is in connection with the destroying work they are to effect by the end of this rootrace, in order to liberate Spirit from constricting forms.


126.      The fifth rootrace will be destroyed by the combined efforts of the Manu and the Mahachohan.

127.      The rootrace is not yet in process of destruction, but speaking relatively, the time will not be too distant.

128.      We note that the intended destruction is an act of beneficence. The Spirit must always be liberated from its involvement with form.

129.      If the gaseous devas are involved in this destruction, the destruction will, perhaps, be by fire.


Volcanic action therefore may be looked for, demonstrating in unexpected localities, as well as within the sphere of the present earthquake and volcanic zones.


130.      These will be, presumably, largely under the control of the Manu.

131.      The thought of demonstration in “unexpected localities” is arresting. Some earthquake activity has already demonstrated in zones far from those usually associated with earthquakes.


  Serious disturbance may be looked for in California before the end of the century, and in Alaska likewise.


132.      We are not to assume, however, that the end of the fifth rootrace coincides with the “end of the century” (the twentieth century).

133.      They may have been “looked for” but did they actually occur? There have been some disturbances, but nothing to rival the great San Francisco earthquake in the early part of the 20th century.

134.      Have plans been deferred due to other serious situations which needed attention? We are not in a position in a position to know.

135.      Apparently the Mahachohan is also involved in such earth changes, although it is usually the Department of the Manu which is noted for inducing such changes.


The work of the Mahachohan can also be seen in the [Page 908] effect that the devas of the kundalini fire are producing upon man. 


136.      It would seem that there will be an increase in kundalinic demonstrations.


These are a peculiar group of Agnichaitans


137.      There are so many varieties of Agnichaitans largely unknown to humanity.


 who have reached a stage of evolution which permits of their being separated off from their group into a group connected with a certain fire in man's bodies.


138.      Yes, it is clear that the Agnichaitans are usually to be considered as separate from the fires in man’s bodies. This particular group, however, is separated off and being brought into closer contact with certain such fires. This represents an approximation of certain devas of the systemic physical plane to devas within the energy system of man.


This fire owing to its present activity, and the direction of that activity, is responsible for the reaction against physical marriage, and for the desire evinced by highly evolved men everywhere to evade the marriage relation, and confine themselves to creation upon the mental or astral planes.


139.      We must be speaking of an upward tending Agnichaitanic effect which elevates the fires of men’s physical frame, focusing fire in the higher chakras and their corresponding vehicles.

140.      These particular Agnichaitans must be involved with the transfer of energy from the sacral center to the throat center.

141.      Simply because the marriage relation is evaded does not mean that there sexual response has been neutralized, through during periods of creative intensity upon the astral an mental planes (and even the physical plane), sexual response may be transmuted or subdued.


  This is due to the present incli­nation of the manipulatory devas of the lower generative organs to seek the throat centre,


142.      This is easily said, but what, precisely, does it mean?

143.      There seems to be an alliance between such manipulatory devas and this special group of Agnichaitans. The tendency of the manipulatory devas seems promoted or energized by the Agnichaitans.

144.      May it be that the first intensified effect of devic life upon the human being will affect primarily the etheric-physical body?


 and to function there, utilising the strength of the kundalini fire to bring this about.


145.      Three factors seem to be involved in this type of elevation:

a.            The natural tendency of the manipulatory devas usually associated with the generative organs. It is their inclination, now, to function increasingly through the throat center.

b.            A sufficient activation of the kundalini fire

c.            The new impact of a special group of Agnichaitans which have been separated off from other Agnichaitans and which have a powerful effect upon the lower fires of the human body.

146.      It is clear that the kundalini, in some respect, is the means by which the fires of the sacral center reach the throat center.


 All this is under the law of evolution, but in the interim between cause and justified effect much harm, evasion of the law, and consequent suffering can be seen.


147.      Even when transitional process occur under the law or according to law, certain developments may arise which cause harm, distress and suffering. All transitions, even lawful ones, are not yet smoothly accomplished on our planet within which Spirit/soul is out of right adjustment with matter. In short, the type of matter to be found on the lower levels of our planetary life is too resistant.

148.      We are reminded that the pressure which the soul/Solar Angel placed upon its personality can be the cause of acute distress and even disease within the personality.


Owing, therefore, to the violent reaction at this time against the safeguarding laws of civilisation,


149.      These safeguarding laws are those which protect the generation of the race and the formation of families to promote this safeguarding.

150.      The violent reaction can be understood as unadvisedly Uranian in nature.

151.      Man is unwisely asserting his individualism and is rejecting that which has guarded the racial form and the social order.


 it has been decided that the nature and functions of the devas must be somewhat revealed to man, and that their place in the scheme of things, and man's close connection and dependence upon them, must be given out.83


152.      We see the problem with which Hierarchy is faced. Man begins to misuse energy and so the risk must be taken to demonstrate to his consciousness the error of his ways. Additional harm, however, could arise if the knowledge imparted is used to promote further rebellion and perversion of the intended use of force.


  At the same time, the means whereby they can be contacted, and the words whereby they can be controlled, will be withheld.


153.      It would be extremely ill-advised to allow humanity to come again into that kind of contact with the deva kingdom which was possible in Atlantean days. Humanity, by in large, is still far too selfish.


Footnote 83:
If man can be brought to a realisation of the nature of his own being and of his constitution, and can be led to comprehend the rationale of that which can be seen occurring, and if the thinkers of the race can be shown the risks incident upon present happenings in the deva evolution, much danger may be averted.


154.      It is clear that there is much unwitting abuse, today, of the deva kingdom. This is laying up many problems which will have to be solved in the future.

155.      The emphasis upon environmentalism today is, at a preliminary level, attempting to address at least some of these abuses.

156.      So, at least we understand why this type of information is being released to humanity at this time. It is not simply for the accumulation of knowledge, but to be used to avoid dangers imminent in the present relationship between man and the deva kingdom.


  Hence the decision to extend the scope of this book to include more detailed information anent the deva evolution.


157.      One could wonder what was originally intended. The book is presently of great length (relatively) though DK has told us He is writing with brevity.

158.      Of all the books by the Tibetan, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is the one with the most detailed information concerning the deva kingdom.


Laxness in the marriage relation, due to this particular cause, is only seen amongst the highly evolved and amongst the inde­pend­ent thinkers of the race.


159.      Presumably this means that there are many highly developed individuals who do not engage sexually.

160.      It could also mean that a degree of promiscuity exists among some of the more highly evolved and thinkers of the race because they avoid the more traditional kinds of social/sexual forms of relationship—i.e., marriage, traditionally considered.


 Similar laxness amongst the masses, and the low types of humanity, is based upon a different reason, and their promiscuity is due to certain developments of the animal nature in its lowest manifestation.


161.      DK does appear to be speaking of promiscuity when He speaks of “laxness”. There can be laxity in honoring ones physical commitments and laxity in honoring ones moral commitments. They lead to different results.

162.      Promiscuity among the less evolved human beings has a basis in the animal nature. This is not the case with promiscuity among the highly evolved which has, it would seem, a more psychological basis and is related, as well, to the association with such individuals of the group of Agnichaitans under consideration.


These two causes [Page 909] will bear consideration by those who have the present needs of civilisation at heart.


163.      The needs of all kinds of people must be met by the wise leader. One type of approach cannot be recommended for all, so great are the differences between human beings.


 They can then co-operate with the Mahachohan in the work of effecting the very necessary transfer of force from a lower to a higher centre, and prevent (through knowledge), the incidental license.


164.      So we have two kinds of sexual license. One type is incidental to the stimulation of the animal nature and occurs in the lives of low grade individuals.

165.      The other type of license occurs in the lives of those who are highly evolved and who are effecting a transference of energy from the sacral center to the throat center.

166.      The Mahachohan (being the spiritual Executive Who wields the third ray) is involved in this first type of transference—from the sacral center to the throat. This type of transference has particular connection with the third aspect, just as the transference from the solar plexus center to the heart center involves the second aspect and the transference from the base of the spine center to the major head center involves the first aspect.

167.      If human beings know what to expect as a result of such transference (from the sacral center to the throat center), they can be prepared to counter the inevitable effects with knowledge, understand and will.


 This will bring about a refusal to besmirch the great love or sex impulse of nature.


168.      This is a very strong statement using a rather ancient and pictographic word—“besmirch”. It means to “make dirty”—really dirty, to the point where cleaning that which has been dirtied becomes very difficult, even impossible. The term is used usually in terms of reputation.

169.      DK combines the love impulse and the sex impulse, though elsewhere He distinguishes between them.


The ceremonial ray has been often called "the marriage ritual of the Son,"


170.      Such an important name for this ray! One can see the relation to the sign Libra, the seventh sign and the sign of marriage.


 because upon this ray Spirit and matter can meet and have union. 


171.      Interestingly, the ritual occurs between “Father” and “Mother”, (Spirit and Matter) and the result is the birth of the “Divine Son”.



This fact also should be borne in mind during the next one hundred years, for they will see great changes in the marriage laws.  The present laxity will inevitably bring a reaction, and the laws will become more stringent, in order to safeguard the race during a transition period.


172.      VSK states: “This has yet to be seen, obviously”.

173.      Yet in more traditional cultures, there is a type of social conservatism which tends in this direction. We are looking for a similar type of neo-conservatism in our more advanced nations and cultures.

174.      The race will definitely need protecting and various types of degeneration are to be seen on all hands. It reminds one of the “uprising of lawlessness” which is a harbinger of the coming of Krishna, Bodhisattva.

175.      The pairs of opposites always counterbalance each other. Such is the condition on our planet especially, for it is here that there occurs the adjudication “between the pairs of opposites”.

176.      Libra, the sign of marriage, is growing stronger in the planetary horoscope. With this strengthening will come, we may suppose, changes in marriage laws. Saturn (the planet of law and of discipline) is, let us remember, is very strong in Libra. Uranus, the planet of ‘change in structure’ is an esoteric ruler of Libra.


These laws will not be along the line of making escape from the marriage relation more difficult,


177.      In conventional Catholicism, divorce is extremely difficult. This is not what DK is suggesting.


 but will take effect at the other end, so to speak; the rising generation will be properly taught and guarded, and indiscriminate, hasty marriage will not be permitted,


178.      Social norms and laws will militate against this.


 nor will juveniles be allowed rashly to enter into the marriage obligation.


179.      The marriage relation will be treated with the utmost respect and seriousness. Today’s frivolous attitudes will be dropped. The Saturnian factor of discrimination will be strengthened and the approach to such decisions will be based on much clearer mentality.


  There is no need to enlarge further upon this, for in working out their own problems men learn, and all that those upon the inner side are permitted to do is to give a hint or an indication.


180.      DK cannot elaborate fully. To do so would take from men the opportunity to learn their own lessons.

181.      The Master hints in a general direction and the intuition of those who receive the hint must serve to direct thought along the line indicated.

182.      Notice that we are talking about the Mahachohan. One gathers that this great Being, or His office at least, is very connected with the sign Libra responsible for the preservation of the balance—in civilization and culture.


Another angle of the Mahachohan's work at this time is connected with sound, and therefore with the particular devas whom we are considering.


183.      We have discussed the transmission of voices “through the air” via radio waves and other newly discovered wave forms.


 Through the mismanagement of men, and their un­balanced development, the sounds of earth, such as those of the great cities, of the manufactories, and of the implements of war, have brought about a very serious condition among the gaseous devas.


184.      Libra is a sign of beauty and peace, closely related to the third ray and thus to sound. We can see that a condition of greater quiet and peacefulness must be brought to bear to restore balance to this gaseous devas.

185.      If they remain in an unbalanced condition, it will not be possible to transmute the emotional nature of the human being.


This has to be offset in some way and the future efforts of civili­sa­tion will be directed towards the spreading of a revolt against the evils of congested living and to the dissemination of an impulse of a widespread [Page 910] nature to seek the country and wide spaces.


186.      Maser M. predicted this as well. He called men’s tendency to city living, “fratricidal crowding”. Animal experiments have revealed the ways in which aggression is stimulated among animals who are crowded too closely together.

187.      Again, we can see the coming influence of the planet Venus, planet of beauty and ruler of Libra which is growing consistently stronger in the planetary horoscope.


 One of the main interests in the future will be a tendency towards the elimination of noise, owing to the increased sensitive­ness of the race.


188.      Noise is discordant sound and has a disintegrative effect upon the relationships which create form. If the integration of the personality is to occur and its fusion with the soul, a degree of harmony within the vehicles of man must supervene and enough silence to allow for harmonious rapport between soul and personality. Otherwise, personality noise cancels the impression of the soul.


 When the energy of water and of the atom is harnessed for the use of man, our present types of factories, our methods of navigation and of transportation, such as steamers and railway apparatus, will be entirely revolutionised.


189.      We are already in process of harnessing the power of the atom, though our understanding of how to do this is still relatively primitive.

190.      One gathers that DK is pointing to certain kinds of ‘water technology’ which have not yet been brought into functioning.

191.      He also speaks of the “energy of water”. Presumably vast quantities of much-needed energy are locked within this common substance.


This will have a potent effect not only on man but on the devas.


192.      The fifth ray will grow in potency during the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age will be an ‘Age of Wings’. Man’s contact with the angels will become real and his greater understanding of the use of devic energies and forces will meet his energy needs, meanwhile advancing the evolution of the deva kingdom.

193.      In the Aquarian Age men and devas will advance together, and will meet for reconciliation upon the buddhic plane.