Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VI Section VII

TCF 635 - 658 : S6S7


  24 December 2007 – 8 January 2008

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The Agnichaitans—Physical Plane Devas.

These devas are the sumtotal of physical plane substance. 


1.                  From a cosmic perspective, the entire cosmic physical plane would be the expression of cosmic Agnichaitans—those expressing cosmic etheric energy and those still expressing the energy of the dense cosmic physical plane—our lower twenty-one systemic subplanes.


This plane is, as we know, divided into two parts:

·       The four ethers, four subplanes.

·       The demonstrably concrete or dense three subplanes.


2.                  Man can demonstrate the concreteness of the three lower subplanes. All subplanes within the dense physical body of the Solar Logos are concrete, but without an occult perspective, and occult means are not “demonstrably” concrete.


We have here a subdivision of the seventh subplane of the cosmic physical plane making the lowest manifestation one that is divided into forty-nine subplanes or states of activity.


3.                  How shall we define a subplane? From one perspective, it is a state of consciousness. From another (that given here), it is a state of activity.

4.                  DK is telling us that the systemic physical plane can be divided into forty nine parts. These forty-nine divisions have not been (so it appears) named in His Teaching.


  For purposes of active work, the devas of the system are divided into forty-nine groups—the forty-nine fires.


5.                  This type of division is “Fohatic”—relating to the “Sons of Fohat” and all the divisions of the Raja Deva Lords. It relates to the third aspect of divinity.


  The Agnichaitans in turn are also divided into forty-nine groups, thus reflecting the whole.


6.                  Is DK speaking from a cosmic perspective?. Cosmically, all forty-nine subplanes are the domain of the Agnichaitans.

7.                  If He is speaking only of the Agnichaitans of the seven systemic subplanes, then the differentiation has become minute. It does seem, however, that He is doing so. If so, this will mean that the entire cosmic physical plane has 343 groups of Agnichaitans.


[Page 636]

1. The Raja-Lord.  Kshiti.  The life of the physical plane.


8.                  It seems that we are beginning with systemic Kshiti, the Raja Deva Lord of the four systemic ethers and the three dense physical systemic subplanes.


2. Three groups of Agnichaitans concerned with:

A. The force or energy of physical substance.  That electrical aspect which produces activity.

B. The construction of forms.  They produce the union of negative and positive substance, and thus bring into being all that can be seen, and touched in the exoteric and ordinary connotation.

C. The internal heat of substance which nourishes and causes reproduction.  They form the purely mother aspect.

9.                  The three groups of Agnichaitans correspond to the three aspects of divinity.

10.             The first group, Group A., is definitely electrical and seems to correlate with the highest kind of pranic energy, though a little later in this text prana is associated with the Law of Attraction, the second aspect and magnetism. It is worth noting that the first group of Agnichaitans are connected with the “electrical aspect”. We are accustomed to the association between the first aspect and electric fire, but sometimes it is the third aspect which is associated with electricity.

11.             The second group, Group B., seems to be magnetic and to express a variation of the Law of Attraction. In this case, “positive substance” could be considered atomic in nature, and “negative substance”, densely physical—i.e., substance of the lower three subplanes.

12.             The third group, Group C., seems to correlate with what we have studied earlier in the treatise as “latent heat”. We note that this internal fire nourishes the physical form and also causes reproduction. It is, therefore, most closely associated with the sacral center, which from one perspective is the most physically correlated of all the seven major chakras.

13.             If we are speaking of the systemic etheric-physical plane only, the three groups are the correspondences upon that plane of electric fire, equilibrizing/uniting fire and fire by friction. Sometimes the lowest fire is divided into two categories, active heat and latent heat, but there is also a viable threefold division, such as is being used in this section of text.

14.             Depending on how we interpret what is said immediately below, we could approach from either a systemic or cosmic perspective.

15.             We will probably discover that whatever is said of the Agnichaitans systemically could, analogically, be said of them cosmically—i.e., in relation to the cosmic physical plane as a whole.


These three groups are subdivided again into seven groups which form the matter of each subplane,


16.             We gather that we are speaking more of the number forty-nine than of the number twenty-one. The three systemic planes comprising each of the second and third divisions of Agnichaitans are each subdivided into seven subplanes.

17.             We gather, then, that each of the physical systemic subplanes has seven modes of activity or seven types of matter. Of course each systemic plane has seven sub-modes of activity; we are used to this idea. The differentiation, however, becomes more complex.

18.             We see the differentiations must be quite minute if forty-nine grades of matter or modes of activity are to be found in so small a vibrational range as the systemic etheric-physical plane.

19.             We do not yet have an indication that each systemic subplane is further divided into forty-nine types of vibration or substance-matter.


 viewing that matter as the body of manifestation of one of the seven devas through whom the Raja-Lord of the plane is manifesting.


20.             Reviewing—a Raja Deva Lord is the very substance of one of the systemic planes throughout the solar system.

21.             Each such Raja Deva Lord manifests through seven subsidiary deva lords each of whom is the substance of one of the seven subplanes of the systemic plane which the Raja Deva Lord informs.

22.             Kshiti (considered systemically) manifests through the seven subplanes of the systemic etheric-physical plane. Each of the subplanes of that systemic plane is informed by one of seven lords or devas subsidiary to Kshiti.


These seven groups are again divided into seven, making forty-nine.


23.             If we were speaking cosmically we would be speaking of forty-nine systemic subplanes. However, we are speaking systemically and so we are saying that each of the seven subplanes of the systemic etheric-physical plane has seven subsidiary divisions of matter, each informed by a particular group of devas behind which is a particular devic entity inclusive of all examples of that vibrational group of devas.

24.             If we consider the entire cosmic physical plane, we will have 49 x 7 or 343 such deva groups, seven group per systemic subplane of the cosmic physical plane.


The three groups function as follows:

Group A. on the first subplane.  They are the sumtotal of the atomic matter of the physical plane.


25.             There will be seven devic groups associated with Group A.


Group B. on the second, third and fourth etheric subplanes.  They are the substance of those planes, the transmitters of prana, through which prana flows to the most concrete aspects of the logoic dense vahan, or vehicle.


26.             We note that Group B. is particularly associated with prana. It seems that the pranic aspect is closely correlated with the second aspect of divinity. It has a certain cohesive power.

27.             There will be twenty-one devic groups associated with Group B.


Group C. the lowest three subplanes; they are the devas who are the essences of all that is tangible, visible and objective.


28.             It is important to realize that devas are often called “essences”. They are that which substands the existence and perception of a certain type of substance-matter.

29.             As well, there will be twenty-one devic groups associated with Group C.

30.             We note the method of systemic subplane division related to Groups A., B., and C. The method is 1—3—3. There are, of course, other ways to divide septenates, as we have discussed elsewhere in these commentaries.

31.             In the following section we are dealing not with the microcosm but with divisions within the macrocosm. We should remain alert when DK switches levels.


A very real distinction must be made by students between the centres and the remainder of the body, as they investigate the construction of the body of the solar Logos or of a planetary Logos.


[Page 637]

The centres are allied or connected with consciousness, and are composed of self-conscious units—the human Monads.


32.             DK is speaking of the centers in a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos.

33.             A question remains concerning whether all the centers in a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos are composed only of human Monads, or whether some of them are composed or deva Monads.

34.             The following references (and especially the first) tend to raise the question.


Here comes the opportunity to make clear something that is oft lost sight of in the general fog surrounding this subject.  The human and deva units on the upward arc, who are the cells in His body, go to the formation of the centres, and not to the remainder of the cellular vital substance of His vehicles.  Man has a body made up of matter which is applied to different uses, yet which forms a unit.  In this unit there are certain areas of more vital importance than other areas from the standpoint of energising force.  Such an area as the heart may, in this connection, be considered and compared (as regards force value) with such an area as the calf of the leg.  The entity, man, utilises both, but the heart centre is of paramount importance.  Thus is it also with a Heavenly Man.  The two great Hierarchies—deva and human—are force centres in the body of a planetary Logos; the other evolutions of an involutionary nature extant within the scheme, and the remainder of the active substance of the globes, and all contained therein, go to the content of the remainder of His body. (TCF 356)


As other of His centres are vitalised, and come into full activity, other methods of stimulating the cells in His body (the deva and human monads) may be followed, but for the present the cosmic Rod of Initiation, which is applied to a Heavenly Man, in much the same manner as the lesser rods are applied to man, is being utilised in such a way that it produces that specific stimulation which demonstrates in the activity of man on the Path of Probation and the Path of Initiation. (IHS 178)

Similarly, this triple force, produced by this conscious appropriation by the Heavenly Man, animates deva substance and the dense physical body of the planetary Logos is manifested objectively.  This is what is meant by the statements that devas are found only in the three worlds.  It is a statement analogous to the one that humanity is only found in the three worlds; nevertheless, the human Monads in their seven types are found on the plane of spirit—as it is the plane of duality—the deva monads are likewise found there. TCF 691)

Each of the kingdoms of nature is the expression of a Life or Being; man, for instance, being the expression of one or other of the Heavenly Men; the sumtotal of humanity (the fourth Hierarchy) being found, with the deva evolution, as the centres of the solar Logos.  The animal kingdom likewise is the expression of the life of a Being Who is a part of the body of the Logos or of the planetary Logos, but not a centre of conscious energy.  (A correspondence is found in the human body, which has its seven centres of force or energy, but also other organs upon which objective manifestation depends in lesser degree.)  Such an Entity finds expression through the animal kingdom, of which He is the informing Soul, and He has definite place in the planetary or logoic body. (TCF 461)


  The remainder of the body is composed of deva substance, yet the two together form a unity.


35.             As indicated above, the section of text immediately above may have to be qualified.

36.             It will be important to distinguish between “deva substance” which go to the composition of the “remainder of the body” of a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos, and “deva units on the upward arc” who are cells in the body of these Logoi and “go to the formation of the centres, and not to the remainder of the cellular vital substance of His vehicles”.

37.             Perhaps this fine distinction alerts us to how carefully we must read when studying the varieties of the devas.


  The deva units therefore far outnumber the human, and deva substance is also femi­nine and negative, the human Hierarchy being masc­uline.


38.             Again, we have to be cautious in our understanding of the word “unit”. Is it meant to signify the word “Monad” or something else? Or is it inclusive of the word “Monad” as well as descriptive of other types of devic lives?

39.             An important point is brought forward. The human Hierarchy is masculine; the deva hierarchy (although it does not say so explicitly in this reference) is feminine. There are a number of references throughout the Teaching which confirm this. In this reference, it is confirmed that deva “substance” is feminine and negative.


  Through the positive activity of the centres, the negative deva substance is influenced, built and energized.  This is true of a solar Logos, a planetary Logos and a human being.


40.             We must realize that there are highly developed deva entities who are the very substance of the various centers.

41.             If certain deva units on the upward arc are also constituents of the centers of a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos, then such deva units also act in a positive and influential manner on “deva substance” per se. They do build and energize deva substance.

42.             We are to remember, as well, that he permanent atoms which act as the seventh principle to the various vehicles also influence, build and energize those vehicles.

Three types of force, therefore, play upon or through these devas:

a.   That energizing the devas of the first subplane, the atomic.  This emanates directly from the first aspect of Brahma, or Agni, considering Him as a self-conscious Identity, the third Person of the logoic Trinity, and therefore Spirit, Soul and Body Himself in His separated essential nature.


43.             Each Person of the logoic Trinity is threefold. Although there may be various ways of interpreting this section, one way is to consider Brahma as the entire “third Person” of the Logoic Trinity (Shiva and Vishnu, being the first and second persons respectively). In this case Agni will be considered the first aspect of Brahma (the Third Person). Yet, as we know, there are other ways of considering the identity of Agni—for instance as the entire personality of the Solar Logos, and thus as Brahma in its entirety.

44.             Brahma has three aspects just as have Shiva and Visnu.

45.             The first aspect of Brahma (Agni, according to the present section of text.) energizes the first subplane of the cosmic physical plane. There will also be a resonance through which Agni has a energizing effect on the first subplane of each systemic plane.


b. That energizing the devas of construction, or the form building groups; this comes from the second aspect of Brahma, and is prana, issuing from the physical Sun, and working under the Law of Attraction.


46.             We could call this second aspect of Brahma His ‘Vishnu’ aspect or His ‘Surya’ aspect. We could also correlate this second aspect with the Lord Varuna.

47.             The second aspect is always connected with form building and thus these devas (of the second, third and fourth subplanes or divisions) are “devas of construction”.

48.             It is important to notice that prana works under the Law of Attraction and thus under the second aspect. Prana is, from this perspective, magnetic.


c. That energizing the devas of the lowest three orders, emanating from Brahma in His third aspect.


49.             We notice that DK gives no name for the second and third aspects of the lowest of the threefold Logoi, Brahma. We could consider this aspect the Brahma aspect of Brahma or the ‘Kshiti Aspect’.

50.             It is important to notice that Agni always carries the note of will and of the first aspect, not only the note of mentality.

 Thus in the dual force, or the aspects of matter itself, interacting the one upon the other, densest forms of all are produced.  Yet these three function as one.

51.             The densest forms are produced on the lower three subplanes of the cosmic physical plane, the twenty-one lowest systemic planes (including the higher mental plane, systemically considered).

52.             How shall we consider “dual force”—as cosmic ether and cosmic dense substance?

53.             The divisions we appear to be dealing with occur in the pattern 1—3—3.

54.             The three types of devas here mentioned as functioning “as one” are the devas representative of the one, the three and the lower three.


        Group C. Agnichaitans.  In considering these groups of Agnichaitans, we must remember that we are dealing with that manifestation of the Logos with which exoteric science is dealing, and that as regards Group C, science is already making fair progress in the accumulation of knowledge;


55.             Earlier in the text, this is said of Group C:

Group C. the lowest three subplanes; they are the devas who are the essences of all that is tangible, visible and objective


56.             We must be cautious in our approach, as there is that which in tangible, visible and objective from the systemic point of view and, on a higher turn of the spiral, from a cosmic point of view.

57.             Certainly, the very lowest three subplanes of the systemic physical plane are presently under close scientific scrutiny. That scrutiny now extends into the first ether, or the first subplane which deals specifically with active fire rather than latent fire and thus with Agnichaitans of Group B.

58.             Although the science of psychology is receiving much attention as is philosophical enquiry, it cannot yet be said that science is studying the true nature of the devas of the astral and lower mental subplanes.

59.             If we consider Group C. Agnichaitans from the cosmic perspective, however, these lower eighteen subplanes (and even the lower twenty-one) would be included. Group C. Agnichaitans would thus express through the dense physical body of the Solar Logos.


it remains yet for science to [Page 638] acknowledge the "entified" nature of substance,8,9 and thus account for the life that energizes the substance of the three lower subplanes.


60.             Science deals with matter-substance and, now, even considers it to be matter-force, however, does not consider matter-force as living or as possessing soul (and thus identity, even if unconscious identity).

61.             The acronym ‘msef’—matter-substance-energy-force—may be useful when thinking about the denser aspect of manifestation.


FOOTNOTE 8: The "entified" nature of all substance is tech­nically known as Hylozoism.  H. P. B. says:  "Hylozoism, when philosophically understood, is the highest aspect of Pantheism.


62.             By Pantheism (or Pan-Theism) we mean that God is in all things and, in fact, is all things.


  It is the only possible escape from idiotic Atheism based on lethal materiality, and the still more idiotic anthro­pomorphic conceptions of the Monotheists; between which it stands on its own entirely neutral ground.


63.             HPB considers the alternatives to philosophical Pantheism as idiotic. She assigns this world view a midway place between material Atheism and anthropomorphic Monotheism.

64.             Why is Atheism idiotic and materiality lethal—because they kill spiritual perception and reception.

65.             Hylozoism posits One Living Soul of all the universe—a universal, yet impersonal Deity in which every unit of life participates as both part and whole.


 Hylozoism demands absolute Divine Thought, which would pervade the numberless active creating Forces, or "Creators," which Entities are moved by, and have their being in, from and through that Divine Thought ....


66.             In Hylozoism the great hierarchical diversity of energy-forces are considered aspects of a one all embracing Force which functions under the direction of Divine Thought—the Diving Thought of the One Universal Identity.


Such active "Creators" are known to exist and are believed in because perceived and sensed by the Inner Man in the Occultist."—S. D., II, 167, 168.


67.             Even though we can begin to sense some of the many subtle, internal “Creators”, it is important to realize that that they are not entirely independent agencies but aspects of one Supreme, All-Informing Creator.


An atom is an entified abstraction.—S. D., I, 559-560.


68.             Spirit is the One Abstraction. Atoms are as spirits within Spirit and indivisible from it.

a. The informing entity of the system is the Logos.´

69.             Occultly, the Logos is considered a cosmic atom.

b. The informing entity of a plane is its raja-Lord.

70.             We are speaking of a Raja Deva Lord and of a systemic plane.

71.             These Raja Deva Lords are, when compared to human initiates, minimally. Initiates of the sixth degree.

Such as Indra, Agni, Varuna, Kshiti.

72.             These Raja Deva Lords are the informing Entities of the buddhic, manasic, astral and etheric-physical systemic planes respectively. Of course, it is reasonable to conclude that they have their higher cosmic correspondences and even supercosmic correspondences.

c. The informing entity of a planet is its planetary Logos.

73.             This follows from what has been said of a Solar Logos.

d. The informing entity in the Microcosm is a Dhyan Chohan.

74.             A “Microcosm” may mean a human being. If this is the case, the Monad, as the informing entity, will be considered a “Dhyan Chohan”.

e. The informing entity in the causal body is the Divine Thinker.

75.             A Solar Angel “informs” a causal body, at least partially. There is also the possibility that man, as an individualized extension of his own Monad, may be considered, as he progresses in causal consciousness, a “Divine Thinker”.

f. The informing entity in a physical atom is an elemental life.

76.             Such an elemental life is an aspect of the third or Brahmic aspect of the Logos.


Fire is in all things.—S. D., I, 146; II, 258.

77.             There are many kinds of fire. From another perspective, fire is all things.


a. The informing entity is Fire.—S. D., I, 145, 146.

78.             Every Spirit of Logos, then, is “Fire”.

79.             Fire is Essence possessing consciousness and in activity

b. The matter of the form is permeated with fire.—S. D., I, 112.

80.             This is like saying that lower fire is permeated by higher fire. It also suggests that fire by friction must be differentiated from the lower type of matter. Yet that lowest type of matter is also, occultly, fire—though of a kind which expressed in an earlier solar system.

c. The developing mind is cosmic fire.—S. D., I, 114.


81.             Every entity is a “fire” which emanates Fire. The developing mind is a process through which the cosmic fire of the cosmic mental plane expresses.


This recognition by science that all forms are built of intelligent lives will come about when the science of magic begins again to come to the fore, and when the laws of being are better understood. 


82.             DK is telling us that advances in the expression of the seventh ray will lead to important realizations in areas of enquiry which require the fifth ray for their complete elucidation. These two rays (the seventh and the fifth), as we know, work closely together. The planet Uranus, one of the major planets of the New Age, expresses both the seventh and the fifth rays.

83.             The “laws of being” related to an emerging understanding of the first ray (intimately related to both the fifth and the seventh).

84.             Perhaps, it is the “divisibility of the Spirit” as Master M. calls it, which will reveal how all forms may be built of intelligent lives.

85.             Discoveries in relation to the “laws of being” would seem more difficult of accomplishment that discoveries in relation to the science of magic. The first divine aspect dealing with “being” is the most subtle and intangible, though it cannot be denied that the first ray is closely connected to the process of manifestation (as activities within the Department of the Manu demonstrate).


Magic concerns itself with the manipulation of the lesser lives by a greater life; when the scientist begins to work with the consciousness that animates substance (atomic or electronic),

133.         “Atomic” substance is higher in nature than “electronic” substance and thus the conscious lives within these different substances are also higher and lower.

and when he brings under his conscious control the forms built of this substance, he will gradually become cognizant of the fact that all entities of all grades and of varying constitutions go to the construction of that which is seen.


86.             DK elaborates on how the science of magic may reveal the truth of Hylozoism.

87.             We see that these discoveries depend upon work within the realm of consciousness.

88.             Right now manipulation (though preceded by thought) is accomplished through the exercise of the activity aspect. It will represent a most significant step when manipulation can occur directly from the realm of the conscious mind. Then thinking will demonstrate itself as doing.

89.             Already it has been demonstrated that the consciousness of the observer and that which is observed (i.e., the “matter” under observation) are intimately related. This interrelationship has cause some to question whether (at the quantum level) objective observation is a myth.

90.             Future discoveries will reveal both the entification of substance and its hierarchical structure.


 This will not be until science has definitely admitted the existence of etheric matter as understood by the occultist, and until it has developed the hypothesis that this ether is in differing vibrations.


91.             For about a hundred years it has seemed that science has had no use for the ether and could explain all it intended to explain without positing its existence.

92.             A Treatise on Cosmic Fire was written some fifty years after the Michelson-Morley experiment with dispensed, apparently, with the necessity of the ether (as ether was then conceived).

93.             It is obvious that the occult conception of the ether differs from the conception then prevalent. This occult conception, in all its intricacy and rationality, has much to offer a scientific reassessment of the reality of the ether.

94.             Perhaps penetration into particle physics is leading in the direction of this reassessment.


 When the etheric counterpart of all that exists is allocated to its rightful place, and known to be of more importance in the scale of being than the dense vehicle, being essentially the body of the [Page 639] life, or vitality, then the role of the scientist and the occultist will merge.


95.             It is clear that medical science (which is now close to discovering the reality of the etheric body, often called the “bio-electric field”) will have much to offer the science of physics.

96.             Under the trend of synthesis impulsed by the recent Shamballa Impacts, we can expect the illuminating merger of a those sciences which are really aspects of each other.


H. P. B. has said10 [See S. D., II, 621] that the dense physical is not a principle, and this point is frequently overlooked in connection with man and the Logos.


97.             We have been told that the release of atomic energy through the atom bomb has signified the “death blow” to materialism.

98.             In the popular consciousness, materialism (demonstrating largely as body-consciousness) is still widely prevalent, but slowly alternative views are penetrating the public mind and it will not be long before the illusion of materialism is dispelled. Among deeply thinking people, it is already dispelled.

99.             In our own lives we have to prove that the etheric body is of greater importance than its physical precipitation.


Its importance cannot be too strongly realised for it has the effect of transferring the point of centralisation, or of polar­isation in the case of man into his etheric body, composed of matter of the four higher subplanes of the systemic physical plane, and in the case of the Logos, of the four higher sub­planes of the cosmic physical plane.


100.         Where, we might ask, is our own “point of centralization” or “polarisation”? With regard to physical plane living, have we managed to transfer that point of centralization into the etheric body? This would obviously involve a more subtle approach to living.

 The point is one of a very real complexity, for it involves the realisation that, from the standpoint of the occultist, the lowest vibration with which he may concern himself is that of the systemic etheric in its four lesser allied vibrations;


101.         The occultist is the true realist. The lower three dense physical subplanes are simply not occultly real. They are vestigial, reactive and non-principled. They are the residue of an earlier solar system and are not qualified by anything we could call a progressive pattern of interactivity.

102.         Are we, then, functioning as occultists or as those whose perception is conditioned by the mass consciousness?


 similarly macrocosmically the lowest logoic vibration with which the greater Adepts are concerned is the cosmic etheric.


103.         Who are the “greater Adepts”? May it be that They are those Whose spiritual status is beyond that of Master?

104.         This would seem necessary, as Masters still work with the souls of men embodied in causal bodies. Perhaps this approach to souls within an egoic lotus has somewhat changed since the majority of Ashrams, especially Ashrams on the soft-line rays, were transferred to the buddhic plane.

105.         The Masters, however, do focus their attention mainly within the realms of buddhi and atma and, thus, within the highest two aspects of the spiritual triad.


The three lowest systemic and cosmic vibrations are the result of:


106.         We note that DK is speaking of both systemic and cosmic vibrations. There are subplanes which systemically are not principled and cosmic subplanes which cosmically are not principled.

107.         The astral and mental subplanes which, from a systemic point of view are home to some of the microcosmic principles, are not considered principled from the cosmic point of view.


Reflex action on the part of negative substance for the lower three are negative to the higher four.

108.         Reflex action is automatic. No decision and no hesitation are involved in carrying this type of action forward.

Synchronous vibration, inherent in negative substance, the residue of an earlier system, and embodying therefore past karma for the Logos and for man.


109.         The past karma for man is related to the lower three systemic physical subplanes.

110.         The past karma for a Solar Logos is related the lower three cosmic subplanes.

111.         We have always to keep these analogies in mind and be watchful for the moments in which DK shifts His discussion from one level to the other.

Vibrations that are gradually being superseded by the imposition of a higher note; therefore for both man and the Logos, they occultly form the "body of death."


112.         The lower three cosmic subplanes of the cosmic physical plane are part of the logoic “body of death”. This tells us that the vast majority of our experiences take place within this body and that, spiritually, we are more ‘dead than alive’

113.         The “body of death” vibrates to the note F. The note G. is being imposed upon it. This imposition produces what in music is called a “major second”. It is not a particularly harmonious interval, nor is it entirely dissonant.


This brings us to the point which we are seeking to make anent this third group of the lowest devas.  They are very destructive where man is concerned, for they embody the final and therefore powerful vibration of the past system, the conscious activity of dense matter.


114.         There were other vibrations from the past solar system, but this third and lowest group of devas embodies the “final” such vibration.

115.         We are now speaking microcosmically, for the most part. The devas of the lower three systemic subplanes embody what in white magical process are called the “ancient fires”.

116.         We might question to what degree “dense matter” is conscious. We may say that it is “conscious” but not self-conscious.

 Hence there is con­sequently a profound truth in the [Page 640] statement that man is at the "mercy of the elements."


117.         DK is telling us that what we usually consider the elements can be found upon the lower three systemic subplanes. These subplanes are home to physical fire, physical earth, physical air and physical water. Of course the higher correspondences exist, with the astral plane considered as water plane and the lower mental plane considered as fire (and air, as air is related to gas). The buddhic plane, however,  is the home of true “air”.

118.         The old adage—“man is at the mercy of the elements”—brings home, in a most forcible manner the real danger to man of the lowest elementals—the elementals of the three lowest systemic subplanes.


 Man can physically be burned and destroyed by fire; he is helpless before volcanic action, and cannot protect himself from the ravages of fire, unless in the initial stages of such deva endeavour.


119.         We are speaking of physical fire and of “latent heat”. DK is quite emphatic about man’s helplessness in the face of fire, unless the deva activity which accounts for fire is still in its earliest stages.


 The occult importance of the war man wages on the fire devas for instance is very real in connection with the fire department in any city.  The time lies far ahead as yet, but it will surely come, when the personnel of these departments will be chosen for their ability to control the agnichaitans when manifesting destructively, and their methods will no longer be that of water (or the calling in of the water devas to neutralise the fire devas), but that of incantation,


120.         It becomes clear that progress in this direction will be made during the seventh ray Aquarian Age. The art and science of incantation belongs largely to the seventh ray.


 and a knowledge of the sounds that will swing into action forces which will control the fiery destructive elements.


121.         The throat center will be involve in this kind of work. It is interesting that the throat center of a disciple is ruled in large measure by the seventh ray and no longer entirely by the third as in the case of the average individual.


The throat centre of the average integrated personality is governed by the third ray and is strongly energised by third ray energies (again seven in number), whilst the throat centre of the spiritual aspirant, of disciples and initiates below the third initiation is responding primarily to seventh ray influence, and this is peculiarly the case now as the seventh ray is in incarnation. (TEV 137)

122.         The effects of fire and water together are not altogether beneficial as they have been related (when considering the water of the astral plane and the fire of the mental plane) to the arising of glamour.


The third group of these devas is very definitely connected with the control of the Manu's department, and of the great devas associated with that department on this planet.


123.         The Manu and His Department are in charge of raising and lower continents, volcanic action and of other great earth changes, especially of a purificatory nature.

124.         It is interesting and important to see that the third and most material group of Agnichaitans are not only controlled by the great Raja Deva Lords but also by advanced members of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy such as the Manu.

125.         It is obvious that the influence of the planet Vulcan has much to do with the expression of these devas as well as with their control.


  Through their activity during certain cycles the entire surface of the Earth is changed through the medium of volcanic action; continents are raised and submerged; volcanoes are active or quiescent, and thus the world is purified by fire.

126.         The destruction of Lemuria was of this nature. We have also been told of an attempt to destroy the Aryan Race by fire. Perhaps this has already occurred; perhaps not. It seems that the Aryan Race still has some time to run.

127.         Even if destruction of a civilization is not complete or final, periodic purifications can occur. When we witness the condition of our environment at this time we may wonder if we are in line for just such a purification.

128.         Let us tabulate the result of the activity of this group of Agnichaitans when wielded by those who know the Divine Plan:

a.                  Earth is changed through volcanic action

b.                  Continents are raised and submerged

c.                  Volcanoes are active or quiescent

d.                  The world is purified by fire

  In their own department these Agnichaitans are kept busy building the mineral forms through the agency of fire;


129.         The chemist will have much interest in this process. By “mineral forms” are mineral atoms and molecules meant, or larger structures.

130.         The word “busy” is significant. We are told: “The army of the voice, the devas in their serried ranks work ceaselessly…” They are, as we realize, representatives of the activity aspect of divinity.


 they are the alchemists of the lower regions, and through contact with them, and through the knowledge of "the words" by which they are controlled, the future scientific alchemists (I use this expression in contradistinction to the idealistic alchemists of the past) will work with minerals and with the lives embodied in all mineral forms.


131.         Here a line of future occult service is presented. We can understand that those strongly conditioned by the fifth and seventh rays will be engaged in this work.

132.         The “idealistic alchemists” of the past were conditioned significantly by the sixth ray in a sixth ray Age. Now the seventh ray is coming into expression. The Seven Ray Lord is called “The Divine Alchemical Worker”. It is not that the idealistic, spiritual quest of Alchemy will be dropped, but that true transmutative work will be accomplished in relation to the mineral kingdom. This may also assist the more spiritual side of Alchemy.

133.         We note that future alchemists will work not only with minerals but with the lives (presumably somewhat higher lives) which embody or inform mineral forms.

134.         It is significant that the Agnichaitans are to be controlled by “words”. This is true of all the devas of the elements within the physical body of the Logos. We may infer that it is also true regarding the control of the still higher devas of the cosmic ethers.

135.         Some control may occur through words and other through sounds.


The secret of the transmutation of the baser metals into gold will be revealed when world conditions are such that gold is no longer the standard and hence the free manufacture of gold will not lead to disaster,


136.         It has already been shown that gold has many uses other than as a standard of human wealth. Gold will be released for these other uses when it is no longer a monetary symbol.

137.         We can see how cautious are the Masters not to disrupt the precarious social balance in which humanity presently lives.


 and [Page 641] when scientists work with the life aspect, or with positive electrical life, and not with the substance or form aspect.


138.         Just as man is discovering the will or Spirit aspect within his own nature, so he is on the verge of discovering the positive electrical aspect within mineral life. The discovery of radioactivity is a step in this direction.

139.         It is quite evident that there is a great deal about the structure and dynamics of even the matter of the physical plane about which we know very little.


We have seen that the work of the lowest group of Agni­chaitans is to build continents by fire, to purify by fire during alternate cycles, and to construct the metals and the minerals. 


140.         For the sake of visual impact, let us tabulate the work of the lowest group of Agnichaitans:

a.                  To build continents by fire

b.                  To purify by fire during alternate cycles. (Does this mean with fair regularity, every other cycle?)

c.                  To construct the metals and minerals.

d.                  To tend the fires of the hearth, to warm, cheer and produce livable conditions on the planet and in the home.

141.         It does seem that the law of the indestructibility of matter will have to be re-examined. It seems that metal elements and mineral elements are being constructed and not just combined and recombined. This construction however, will still be related to the law of the conservation of energy.


It is also concerned with the tending of the fires of the hearth, or those fires which warm, cheer and produce livable conditions in a planet, and incidentally in a home.


142.         We often hear of the “cheery blaze” and have, no doubt, experienced it ourselves many times.

143.         It may occur to us what variety there is the expression of the Agnichaitans. We owe much to them.

 This is of very vital import, for it means that they are connected with the central basic fires in the bowels of the Earth, with the central basic fire that nourishes and warms the physical forms of all the kingdoms of nature, and consequently with the kundalini fire at the base of the spine in individual man.


144.         Let us tabulate these important points relating the Agnichaitans of this lowest group to the latent fires within matter. These Agnichaitans are connected with:

a.                  Central basic Fires in the bowels of the earth

b.                  The central basic fire that nourishes and warms the physical forms of all kingdoms of nature

c.                  The kundalini fire at the base of the spine center of individual man


It is not advisable for us further to enlarge upon their func­tions.  It should be noted that in connection with the matter aspect there is less to be said than on conscious­ness, and on the hylozoistic aspect of manifestation.  The reason lies in the fact that exoteric science is slowly, yet steadily, finding out the nature of phenomena, and discovering for itself the character of electrical manifestation.  In their slowness of discovery lies safety.


145.         All the work of the Agnichaitans is electrical in nature.

146.         Since the matter aspect is, to man, the most accessible divine aspect, and since man has the tendency to meddle immediately with that which he discovers, the “go slow” approach is the safest. Later, when consciousness and morality are more developed, more will be revealed.

147.         Throughout this treatise it will be the rule that more will be revealed concerning consciousness (which, after all, in this second ray solar system should be our focus) than will be revealed concerning matter. Our principle task is to develop and spiritualize our consciousness.

148.         This is also the case with astrology. The focus of the modern, spiritually inclined astrologer must be on the astrology of consciousness and not on the astrology of form (though the latter cannot be neglected when information concerning it assists with the development of consciousness).


  It is not wise nor right yet for the true nature of these different forces and powers to be fully known; therefore, it is not possible for us to do more than indicate certain broad general lines.


134.         For all the comprehensive detail we may be offered in this and the other books, we are assured that we are receiving but a thumb-nail sketch of the esoteric realities concerned. It is clear that accurate knowledge of the Agnichaitans could be turned immediately to the development of weaponry and, given the state of development of human consciousness at this time, this would almost certainly be the case.

135.         There are also other far more occult reasons why such knowledge must be withheld from man at his present stage of development.

136.         Nevertheless, we benefit by knowing of these deva forces and the approximate place they play within the general scheme. Our understanding of Plan and Purpose is thus enhanced.


In due course of time, as the human family becomes centred in the higher, and not in the lower nature, and as the force from the higher planes can more easily impose itself on the lower, the facts con­cerning these Lives and Builders, their methods of work, and the laws of their being will be known.


149.         DK is telling us that the requirement for the greater dispensation of knowledge along these lines is an increasing soul focus in the human race.

150.         The coming knowledge will focus on:

a.                  The nature of the these Lives and Builders

b.                  Their methods of work

c.                  The laws of their being

137.         Man is the manipulator of energies and forces, but not yet the wise manipulator


 Knowledge at this time would be productive of two results.  It would first of all bring the human family into the power (as yet blind and destructive) of [Page 642] certain elementals, who are of a nature analogous to that of the physical body.  Hence destruction of the form would ensue, or paralysis and insanity on a large scale would eventuate.


138.         Here we have quite an amazing statement and one which lets us know how little of these matters we actually do know.

139.         We do not know the names of the elementals concerned, but only that they are closely connected to the dense physical body. The Brothers of Darkness also have a close connection with the dense physical body.

140.         The first three results of closer contact with this group of Agnichaitans  would be:

a.      Destruction of the form

b.      Paralysis

c.      Insanity on a large scale.

141.         Thus, we see how harmful such knowledge would be if put prematurely into our hands.

Secondly, it would put power into the hands of certain of the Brothers of the Left Hand Path11


142.         We see that there are a number of different kinds of Brothers of the Left Hand Path. DK knows which, but it would not serve us to be informed. In fact, it would be a danger.


 and of a number of uncon­scious magicians (of whom there are quite a number) who would use it only for selfish, evil and material ends.


143.         We are reminded of HPB’s thought that until we are initiates of the fourth degree, we are all “unconscious black magicians”.

144.         What we gather from all this is that knowledge is a conduit for occult influence—not only our own influence upon certain objects of knowledge, but a conduit for the influence of others (either definitely or potentially malevolent) upon us.

145.         We are heading into an ‘Age of Magic’ during which much of the karma of earlier misuse and abuse will come into focus. There is no use compounding our problem through the acquisition of occult knowledge prematurely.

 Hence no more can be said anent dense physical substance and its embodiers. 

FOOTNOTE 11:  The left-hand Path is that followed by the Black Magician, and by the Brothers of the Shadows.  It originates in the use of the forces of nature for selfish ends; it is characterised by intense selfishness and separativeness, and ends in Avitchi, the 8th sphere, the home of lost souls, or those shells of the lower man which have become separated from their egoic or individual life principle.

146.         Black Magicians of this kind become separated from the Solar Angel and from the redemptive possibilities offered by that Angel.

147.         From a cosmic perspective, one wonders whether the entire lower twenty-one subplanes, related as they are to the substance of the previous solar system, might not be called the “eighth sphere”?


The Agnichaitans of the third group are as yet a menace to man, and are only handled in group formation, and on a large scale by the head of the Manu's department through their own rulers-certain devas of a development equal to that of the sixth Initiation.


148.         We are learning the specific rules under which the members of the third group of Agnichaitans can be “handled”. Even the Manu and those in His department must work through the Raja Deva Lords Who are equivalent in their development of human initiates of the sixth degree.

149.         In the handling of these lives the group principle is preserved.

150.         For the unwary, the danger is also increased because these devas function in groups.


The occult Hierarchy of our planet is primarily concerned with the development of self-consciousness in man, and with the intelligent interpretation of the happenings of Nature; it is concerned with a wise co-operation with the building Forces of nature; and the object of its main endeavour is the vitalisa­tion and activity of the centres in the Heavenly Man of our planet, and in the individual units of the human family.


151.         We are reminded that the Spiritual Hierarchy is not so much concerned with manipulating the material aspect of man but with the development of his self-consciousness. The majority of human beings are still very far from full self-conscious. There is much development in relation to the sign Leo which must yet take place.

152.         Let us tabulate these hierarchical concerns.

a.      The development of self-consciousness in man

b.      Inducing man’s intelligent interpretation of the happenings of nature. This is not the same thing as the ability to manipulate nature to any great extent

c.      Inducing in man a wise cooperation with the building forces of nature

d.      Inducing the vitalization of the centers both in the Heavenly Man and in the human being. The centers, we realize, are conduits for the growth of consciousness in the material worlds.


The occult Hierarchy is a great force centre, the heart, head, and throat of the Heavenly Man as these three centres function in a triple co-ordination.


153.         We have often thought of the occult Hierarchy are only the heart center of the Heavenly Man. Yet it is larger than that, including Shamballa (as the head center and the higher aspects of humanity as the throat center).

154.         The triangle between Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity is under stimulation, but the intended interrelationship is not yet complete. During the Aquarian Age, the ‘Age of Circulation’ from a certain perspective, much will be done to move toward greater completeness.


  Paralleling their activities along the line of consciousness (and primarily conscious­ness or intelligence as it demonstrates through the third and fourth kingdoms) is to be found a great hierarchy of devas who concern themselves with the development of that portion of the body of a Heavenly Man which is not included in the active centres.


155.         Consciousness and intelligence are equated. We see that it primarily human consciousness or intelligence that the Spiritual Hierarchy is interested in cultivating.

156.         The development of consciousness within the Heavenly Man concerns the development of His centers or chakras in which human being and members of the deva kingdom who are on the upward arc find place.

157.         It seems that the development of the portion of the Heavenly Man which is not included in the active centers is under the supervision of the Deva Kingdom—the fully Self-consciousness members of this kingdom.

158.         We also may remember that there are a number of members of the Deva Kingdom who work closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. Some of these devas could be said to be members of the Occult Hierarchy.


 Perhaps some idea of what I seek to convey [Page 643] may be gathered from an illustration.  The occult Hierarchy is concerned with the unfoldment of the nine-petalled Lotus in the Heavenly Man, and in man (the former through reflex action between the cosmic physical and the cosmic mental),


159.         The nine-petalled lotus of the Heavenly Man consists of the major nine petals in His twelve-petalled causal body.

160.         It is interesting that the unfoldment of the egoic lotus of the human being is part of a reflex response to the unfoldment of the causal body of the Planetary Logos. This is probably true on all planets.

161.         We often think that egoic unfoldment is strictly the result of human effort and the initiation process, but the process has still deeper and larger causes.


 while the great deva Hierarchy is concerned with the permanent atoms, with the egoic body, and with the development of the spirillae.


162.         This is a very important statement, differentiating the work of the Occult Hierarchy with that of the great Deva Hierarchy.

163.         Let us tabulate the work of the Deva Hierarchy: It is—

a.      Concerned with the permanent atoms

b.      Concerned with the egoic body

c.      Concerned with the development of the spirillae

164.         It would seem that both the Occult Hierarchy and the Deva Hierarchy are concerned with the unfoldment of the egoic lotus which can be called the “egoic body”.


 Thus the function of the Agnichaitans of the lowest furnaces—macrocosmically and microcosmically—will be seen and comprehended by the wise student.


165.         The lowest group of Agnichaitans are called “Agnichaitans of the lowest furnaces”.

166.         Cosmically considered, the entire cosmic physical plane is the province of the Agnichaitans. Thus, cosmically, they will be concerned with the unfoldment of the microcosmic egoic lotus, and with the human permanent atoms and the development of the spirillae of man.

167.         We remember that Group C. Agnichaitans, even when understood from the cosmic perspective, do not function in a manner which could be called “cosmic etheric”. The ethers constitute the sphere of functioning for Group B. Agnichaitans.

        Group B.  Agnichaitans.  In taking up the matter of the second group of Agnichaitans—Group B—we are dealing with that important group of devas who are designated in some works as the "devas of the shadows."


168.         We understand that “devas of the shadows” are etheric. This is the case whether we are considering these devas from a systemic or cosmic perspective.

169.         It is important to disabuse our minds of the notion that Agnichaitans express through the purely dense physical levels. They have important etheric expressions as well—in fact, more important.

 Their function is primarily a fourfold one,


170.         This would fit with the fact that there are four etheric subplanes, both systemically and cosmically.


 and they are the basis of motion or of activity on all planes,


171.         This is an important concept. These devas of the shadows are concerned with vitality and, therefore, naturally, with activity.


 which activity is produced by the interplay of the negative and positive aspects of Brahma, the manifested God.


172.         We recall that the intermediate group of Agnichaitans are associated with prana and have a magnetic and linking function.

173.         This is an important explanation of the origin of activity.

174.         Prana is the source of activity within the lower fields, but is, itself, a magnetic fluid which brings together the negative and positive aspect of Brahma.


First, they are the builders of the etheric bodies of all sentient existences, and primarily of all the etheric bodies of men.


175.         We are speaking of Group B. Agnichaitans.

176.         Group C. Agnichaitans are builders of the physical bodies of men and planets. Group B. Agnichaitans work in subtler matter.


Second, they are the transmitters of prana.


177.         This group of Agnichaitans has a relation to two principles (as principles are usually considered)—both to the etheric body and to prana.


Third, they perform a very definite function in the evolution­ary process of linking up the four kingdoms of nature, being essentially the transmuters and transmitters of the lower into the higher.


178.         The ethers have a linking function. All the lower kingdoms of nature are interrelated and energy-force is always passing from one to the others.

179.         In this linking function, Group B. Agnichaitans will be related to the planet Mercury.

180.         Let us briefly tabulate the functions of this group of Agnichaitans as given so far:

a.      They build etheric bodies

b.      They transmit prana

c.      The link the four lower kingdoms


 They build between each kingdom—mineral, vegetable, animal and human—that which in each case corresponds to the antaskarana,


181.         Here, in the case of man, is another confirmation of the relation of this group of Agnichaitans to Mercury for Mercury rules the Antahkarana.


 or the bridge linking higher and lower manas, and which therefore is the channel for the transmission of the life from out of the lower human kingdom into the higher spiritual one.


182.         As time passes the members of a given kingdom rise into the next higher kingdom. They do this via a kind of antahkarana built by Agnichaitans of this class, Class B.


 It will be found that between each of the different stages of consciousness (from the subconscious through the self-conscious to the super­con­scious) there is a period of linking, of building, and of bridging, and this is carried out by the agency of [Page 644] certain groups of devas on all the planes.


183.         The activities on which we are focusing are linking, building and bridging. We understand a reasonable amount about how this process proceeds within the human kingdom but little if anything about the bridging process between the lower kingdoms.

184.         DK extends the picture and informs us that there is a bridging process found in relation to all kingdoms, including those possessed of super-consciousness. This is another ways of saying that Agnichaitans (at least cosmically considered) exist on all levels of the cosmic physical plane.

These three groups on the physical plane find their counter­parts and their work paralleled on higher levels.


185.         There are ways to bridge from the human kingdom to the Kingdom of Souls, and from the Kingdom of Souls to the Kingdom of Planetary Lives, and, by inference, from the Kingdom of Planetary Lives to the Kingdom of Solar Lives.

186.         There are definitely counterparts to the Agnichaitans (as usually considered) to be found on the higher systemic planes of the cosmic physical plane. Thus, there are higher and lower Agnichaitans.

187.         It can be said, for instance, that Agnisuryans (systemically considered) are a type of Agnichaitan cosmically considered.


  The point to be remembered is that this work of bridging from one stage or from one kingdom to another has to be performed under the following conditions:

        a. As the result of an impulse emanating from the lower, or originating in the active desire of the lower to embrace or contact the higher.


188.         Human beings who wish to contact a higher energy or expand their expression within a lower field are told to “ask” for expansion or elevation. There must be a reaching towards a higher or more expansive state if such a state is to be achieved.

189.         Man must learn to aspire if he would climb to a greater height.

190.         In one way or another, this is also true of the members of lower kingdoms. They must, in their own unconscious way, reach out and up.

191.         For that matter it may be considered true of all forms of life in cosmos, even of the Universal Logos (at the ‘End Times’ cosmically considered).


 This is of paramount importance, for all progress must be self-induced, self-initiated, and be the result of an inner activity.


192.         It is unlawful for the members of a higher kingdom to uplift the members of a lower without the aspiration or application of the members of the lower.

193.         When unsolicited uplift does occur through compassionate but unwise intervention, the result will not be a lasting one and delaying complications will almost certainly arise.

        b. As the result of reflex action from the higher stage or kingdom; it is brought about by the activity of the lower which calls forth a response from the higher.


194.         We will recognize in this description the universal dynamic of invocation and evocation.

195.         The principle of free will is closely related to this dynamic. One cannot impose freedom, expansion and uplift.

 All vibration, it must be remembered, travels along waves of living substance.


196.         DK is speaking of the antahkaranic process. We will here recognize the stage of “Projection” in the antahkaranic process. A vibration is projected from ‘low’ to ‘high’ and it travels along the waves of living substance existing in the antahkaranic bridge.


        c. As the result of extraneous stimulation produced by the activity of certain conscious powers, interested in the process of evolutionary development.


197.         There is “help from above”, but it must not violate the principle of free will.

198.         In certain ways the lower can be invoked by the higher. This may precede the invocation by the lower of the higher and the subsequent evocation of the higher.

199.         We have just considered a threefold process relating to the Science of Invocation and Evocation:

a.      An impulse from the ‘lower’ reaching towards the ‘higher’

b.      A reflex action by the ‘higher’ when the uprising impulse from the ‘lower’ reaches it.

c.      Extraneous stimulation from higher energies assisting the ‘lower’ to rise


All these conditions can be seen in the process of the initiation of man, and of his transference from the fourth kingdom into the spiritual.


200.         It requires an antahkarana to do this—and antahkarana built in two stages: one stage to connect the mental unit with the egoic lotus and the other to connect the mental unit with the manasic permanent atom.


 His efforts must be self-induced, or the effect of his own self-conscious endeavour; they will meet with a response from his superconsciousness, the atmic aspect or Spirit and this dual interplay will be further aided by the Guardians of the Rites of Initiation.


201.         Here it seems that superconsciousness is being defined as the atmic aspect. Interestingly, whereas the Monad is usually defined as the “Spirit”, in this case Spirit is assigned to the atmic plane.

202.         The law holds good. If we make invocative application in the right manner, the superconsciousness will necessarily respond, by reflex.

203.         The Guardians of the Rites of Initiation are those “conscious powers, interested in the process of evolutionary development”.

204.         We, thus, see all the ways in which interplay between kingdoms arises and is furthered.

205.         It must be said that when kingdoms in which self-consciousness has not been achieved are considered, the impulse to rise is unconscious and instinctual but, nevertheless, present.


  Yet all three effects are felt in spirit-matter; all proceed under the law of vibration, and this law is literally the response of deva substance to force emanating from some conscious or unconscious source.


206.         DK has given us three ways in which interplay between higher and lower kingdoms is produced and sustained. He tells us that the deva kingdom is intimately involved in this interplay.

207.         A very important definition of the Law of Vibration is here given. Vibration is devic response. It would seem that according to the nature, quality and intensity of the source, so will be the resultant vibration.

Fourth, these "devas of the shadows," perform certain activities of an interesting and varied kind, but [Page 645] of such diversity as to make enumeration wellnigh impossible.


208.         Let us re-tabulate the functions (already listed) of the Devas of the Shadows:

a.      They build etheric bodies

b.      They transmit prana

c.      The link the four lower kingdoms


  We might attempt with brevity to state a few of these functions, remembering ever that what can be predicated of them on the physical plane can also be predicated of their correspondences on all the planes.  This we can leave to the student to work out for himself, begging him again to bear in mind that we are dealing with the devas on the evolutionary arc, which may be divided into the following classes, amongst many others.


209.         DK is reminding us that these Devas of the Shadows are not elementals but are on the evolutionary arc.

210.         A further subdivision is now undertaken. The Devas of the Shadows in Group B. can be further subdivided as follows:

Class 1.  The special agents of magic.  They are peculiarly susceptible to the building vibrations of the seven rays.


211.         With these devas white magicians will work. Perhaps they can also be manipulated by selfish magicians as well.

212.         These are building devas and the seven ray is a building ray, as is the second.


Class 2.  A group of Agnichaitans who manifest as physical plane electricity.  They are a group who are coming somewhat under the control of man, and will be more and more dominated by him.


213.         This is a familiar group of devas because, during the last one hundred twenty five years physical plane electricity has come to a significant extent under human control.


Class 3.  A group who form the health auras of all the three middle kingdoms of nature (vegetable, animal and human) either collectively or individually.


214.         We note that the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms are called “middle kingdoms”. They are flanked by the mineral kingdom on the lower side and the Kingdom of Souls on the higher.

215.         These kingdoms all have health auras, but, apparently, this cannot be said for the lives within the mineral kingdom.

216.         These devas are, it would seem, etheric emanations. They must be directly responsive to the condition of the centers (the activity of which is so intimately involved with health or its absence).


  Man is coming into contact with them along medical lines and beginning somewhat to recognise them.


217.         This recognition, already beginning in 1925 when TCF was first published, is now widespread.


  One of the great errors into which the human family has fallen has been the endeavour to admin­ister mineral drugs to man for medicinal purposes.  It has resulted in a combination of deva substances which was never intended.


218.         Such use of mineral drugs was promoted by Paracelsus.


  The relation of man to the lower kingdoms, and particularly to the animal and mineral, has brought about a peculiar condition in the deva world and has tended to com­plicate deva evolution. 


219.         Humanity fails to realize how responsible it is for the welfare and development of the lower members of the Deva Kingdom.

220.         Human ignorance has caused these complications. Such complication has led to delayed development and difficulties in achieving the intended cooperation between man and deva.


The use of animal food (and the use of minerals as medicine in a lesser degree) has pro­duced a commingling of deva substance, and of vibrations which are not attuned to each other.


221.         The harmony of nature has be violated.

222.         There are many arguments pro and con for vegetarianism. Here is an argument which does not deal exclusively with human welfare but also with the welfare of the devas as a parallel kingdom.

223.         The fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict is involved in this process. Evolution is very much a process of musical composition and, thus, of the resolution of dissonance through attunement. It seems however, that humanity through ignorance has produced some unintended dissonances in Nature.


  The vegetable kingdom is in a totally different situation, and part of its karma has lain in the providing of food for man;


224.         We note in this regard that the vegetable kingdom is ruled by Venus, a planet which tends to induce harmony.

225.         We note that only a part of the karma of the vegetable kingdom is to provide food for man.


this has resulted in a need­ed transmutation of the life [Page 646] of that kingdom into the higher stage (the animal) which is its goal.


226.         We see that to become “food for the gods” is to become, eventually godlike. We should ponder on the statement that “the fifth feeds on the fourth” (Rule VI for Disciples and Initiates). This has something to do with the tendency of man to become a Solar Angel, or at least a member of the Kingdom of Souls.


  The trans­mutation of vegetable life takes place necessarily on the physical plane.  Hence its availability as food.


227.         We may judge this to be the case because the vegetable kingdom has its roots in the mineral kingdom.


  The transmu­tation of the life of the animal into the human kingdom takes place on kamamanasic levels.  Hence the non-availability, esoterically understood, of the animal as food for man.  This is an argument for vegetarian living which needs due consideration.


228.         DK has given us a truly occult argument for vegetarian living. If we respect the animal kingdom, we shall have to live in such as way that its transmutation into the human kingdom can be accomplished with no undue delay.

229.         We have been speaking of transmutative bridges between the lower kingdoms of nature. We have discussed these bridges in relation to the Agnichaitans of Group B. Class 3 of the Group B. Agnichaitans are particularly related to the health considerations under discussion.


Class 4.  A very important class of etheric devas (as far as man is concerned) who are definitely the constituent sub­stance of his centres.


230.         We have just dealt with Group B. Agnichaitans who constituted the health aura of three kingdoms. Now we deal with Agnichaitans who constituted the substance of man’s centers.


 They occupy this position for karmic reasons, and are, from many angles, some of the most highly evolved of the devas of the shadows.


231.         We can compare this statements with the enumeration of the Devas of the Shadows as expressive of four colors, all of them shades of violet or purple.


 They are dis­tinguished by their ability to respond to a particular set of planetary vibrations in a peculiar manner, and in their essen­tial essence, and in their own peculiar sphere enable man to react to Ray stimulation.


232.         This is a fascinating piece of information. From our studies we have gathered that each chakra or center is ruled by a certain ray or by certain rays and has a connection with certain planets.

233.         We can understand why the devic substance of the centers would have to be planetarily responsive and responsive also to certain rays. We may gather that the substance of each chakra is different according to the ray-sensitivity and planetary responsiveness of its substance.


  Each centre is under the influence of one or other of the planets.  In this fact lies the ability of man eventually—through the agency of his centres — to put himself en rapport with the sevenfold soul of the world.


234.         It sounds like the sevenfold soul of the world is equivalent to consciousness as qualified by the seven rays and/or by the planets which distribute these rays.

235.         We can see the value of learning how to attune our consciousness through the utilization of the centers. Each center, having a certain vibrational quality, helps us attune to a certain stratum in the “sevenfold soul of the world”.

236.         According to the major ray structure of an individual, so may be the stage of development of these devas of the chakras. There will be lines of promoted and retarded devic development according to the major rays of the M/man.


Class 5.  We have here a very important group of devas, who are peculiarly active and esoterically dominant during this round; they are the Agnichaitans who form the centre which vibrates to the measure of kundalini in its many forms and demonstrations; this is the centre at the base of the spine.


237.         DK singles out this particular chakra as worthy of special attention.

238.         We learn that kundalini has a “measure” or vibration and, thus, a rhythm.

239.         Since the base of the spine center is the lowest of the centers and since the Agnichaitans are the lowest of the orders of devas that we will be discussing, there must be connection between this particular center (the base of the spine center) and this particular group of devas (Agnichaitans).

240.         What we notice is that each center is formed by devas. We have already learned that the devas are of differing quality in each of the chakras.

241.         What, then, may be the difference between the devas of the base of the spine center and the devas of the other chakras? They appear to be in different classes—Class 5 and Class 4.


  In this centre we have a very effective display of the two polarities, for the petals of the centre which is the seat of kundalini, and the fire or vitality which animates them are negative and positive to each other.  This centre is to be found in some form or other in all sentient beings and upon it largely depends:


242.         Some very occult information is here offered. We have

a.      The petals of the base of the spine center

b.      The fire which animates the petals

243.         It would seem that the fire which animates the petals are positive to the substance of the petals themselves. We gather that petal substance is negative to the animating fire.

244.         As we have seen from earlier studies, this center (the base of the spine center) is found in some form in the Planetary Logoi and the Solar Logos, and also in lower forms of life.


[Page 647]

a. Consciousness at one of its seven stages.

b. Continuity of existence.

c. Perpetuation of species or reproduction on some or other of the planes.


245.         We are not told that this center is responsible for consciousness at all of its seven stages, but only one.

246.         The base of the spine center has been associated with “survival”. This is “continuity of existence”.

247.         Interestingly, it is also, apparently, associated with the sacral center through which reproduction occurs. Apparently, the sacral center alone is not enough to sustain the reproductive function.


It might be of interest here to note that this centre is literally a fourfold radiation, and the "Cross of the Holy Spirit," the equal armed Cross, is its symbol.  This four-petalled lotus is the result of evolution.


248.         The mental unit is also the result of evolution and also has a cross as its symbol.

249.         Because the “equal armed cross” is the symbol of the base of the spine center, this center must also be associated with the equal-armed Aquarian Cross. We remember that the sign Aquarius rules the lowest or seventh of the manifested Creative Hierarchies. It can be inferred that this lowest and material Creative Hierarchy is associated with the Holy Spirit.

250.         Frequently, the number four (a material number, from one perspective) is associated with the third aspect of divinity.


  In the first kingdom of nature, the mineral, through which a specific Entity is manifesting,


251.         This Entity is, in a way, the soul of the mineral kingdom. Although the units of the mineral kingdom are not self-conscious the Great Life which informs the mineral kingdom throughout the solar system must be Self-conscious.


 this centre is a unity on etheric levels, for only one petal is to be seen.  In the vegetable kingdom, viewing it as the expression of a great Existence, two petals are becoming active.  In the third kingdom, the animal, the centre at the base of the spine will be found to have three petals, whereas in man, the lotus is vibrating in a fourfold manner.


252.         We can see how rationally predictable are the numerical characteristics of the petals associated with the base of the spine center in the various kingdoms.

253.         Creation and its structures can be interpreted through number.

254.         We may judge that other chakras in the system (for instance) of an animal, will be based upon multiples of the number three rather than multiples of four, as in the case of the human kingdom. The number of petals in the base of the spine center is foundational and upon it depends the number of petals in higher centers.


  At each initiation of the great Being Who is manifesting through our planet, one of these petals becomes unfolded on etheric levels, so that at individualisation, the four became active, and His self-conscious activity was brought right down on to the physical plane.


255.         We can see that individualization was, indeed, a planetary event.

256.         It is as if man’s self-consciousness is an aspect of the Self-consciousness of the Planetary Logos.

257.         Should it be said that one of the “petals” becomes unfolded at each of the four initiations of the Planetary Logos, or that one of the lotuses is thus unfolded—for instance, first the base of the spine center of the Entity of the mineral kingdom; then the base of the spine center of the Great Existence Who ensouls the vegetable kingdom; and so forth for the Existences ensouling the animal and human kingdoms?


 The analogy can be seen typified at His great Initiation which took place in the fourth round and the third rootrace; the correspondence between the third kingdom and the fourth, and their production of the esoteric seven is one of the lines of study for the occultist.


258.         At this “great Initiation” it would seem that the base of the spine center of the Entity Who ensouls the human kingdom was unfolded.

259.         If the initiation taken by the Planetary Logos at Individualization was a “great Initiation”, was it a kind of third initiation? It cannot yet have been the fourth, as that lies imminently ahead for our Planetary Logos. (cf. TCF 384)

260.         It seems that the production of the human kingdom from the animal kingdom produced an “esoteric seven”.

261.         The four over the three (i.e., the relation between the human kingdom and the animal kingdom), suggests the relationship between the four ethers and the three dense subplanes. The animal kingdom would, thus, be correlated with the dense physical vehicle while humanity would be correlated with the four ethers.

262.         At the initiation of each kingdom, a different esoteric number will be have been produced:

a.      An esoteric three when the Entity ensouling the vegetable kingdom was initiated—the first kingdom plus the second.

b.      An esoteric five when the Entity ensouling the animal kingdom was initiated—the second kingdom plus the third.

c.      An esoteric seven, as stated, for the human kingdom—the third kingdom plus the fourth.

d.      And an esoteric nine when the Kingdom of Souls will be initiated-the fourth kingdom plus the fifth.

e.      At least this is the result of pursuing analogical thinking.


As each of the petals of the etheric centres becomes vibrant, or an at-one-ment is brought about in deva substance, a quickening takes place on allied levels in the cosmic etheric body of the planetary Logos, and of the solar Logos.


263.         Vibrancy within the etheric centers arises through at-one-ment in deva substance.

264.         The vibrancy of etheric centers has a direct effect upon the quickening of deva substance in the cosmic etheric body of the Planetary Logos. The quickening proceeds according to principles of resonance.

265.         It would seem that we are still speaking of the base of the spine center of the lower four kingdoms.

266.         It seems that the petals of the base of the spine center chakras of the three Kingdom Entities, does not occur simultaneously (in the case of those Entities the base of the spine of which is represented by more than one petal).

267.         We may assume that, for the Planetary Logos, the base of the spine center of all four Entities discussed (the ensouling Entities of the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms) is to be found on the cosmic etheric levels or those (perhaps slightly lower etheric levels) which correlate with the etheric body of the Planetary Logos. What is etheric to a Planetary Logos may not be etheric to a Solar Logos.

268.         The point for us to gather is that these great Logoi (the Planetary Logoi) are in process of quickening Their etheric bodies. This occurs as the petals of the etheric lotuses of the Entities Who ensoul the four lower kingdoms are unfolded.

269.         We cannot be sure at this point whether DK is still speaking only of the petals in the base of the spine center of these four Entities.

270.         As for the location of these chakras, it is not possible that they could be located on any systemic planes other than those which are considered etheric for the Planetary Logos (or, perhaps, Solar Logos). Etheric chakras are located on etheric planes, but the designation of what constitutes an etheric level of vibration may change with the spiritual stature of the E/entity considered.


  Certain correspondences in the petals of the egoic lotus of the different units of the human family, and (on cosmic levels) in the solar and planetary egoic bodies become apparent.


271.         The correspondence here suggested is easy to understand.

272.         The petal unfoldments in the egoic lotuses of human beings cause unfoldment upon the lower eighteen subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.

273.         Unfoldments in the egoic lotuses of Solar Logoi and Planetary Logoi cause corresponding unfoldments in the vehicles of Solar and Planetary Logoi—vehicles expressing on the lower eighteen cosmic subplanes found upon the cosmic physical plane, the cosmic astral plane and the lower cosmic mental plane.

274.         We have already mentioned that as greater egoic lotuses unfold, the lesser, microcosmic egoic lotuses also unfold. The relationship between the higher and lower levels is (we might judge) reciprocal.


It should also be borne in mind that these basic centres, wherein the [Page 648] kundalini fire lies hidden, are found in the following Existences, as They function in physical bodies:


275.         It becomes apparent that we are still speaking of the base of the spine center as that center manifests in the Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos and in other beings included within Their ring-pass-not.

276.         We note that the kundalini “lies hidden” in these basic centers. We may assume that some occult mystery is involving in this hidden state.

277.         Here is a list of the E/entities and types of E/entities in which the kundalini fire lies hidden—hidden in that (which in Their subtle energy system) corresponds to the center at the base of the spine.


1. A solar Logos.

2. A planetary Logos.

3. Those Entities Who are the sumtotal of consciousness as it expresses itself through the different kingdoms of nature—manifesting through them as a man manifests through his body.

278.         These are solar systemic Entities.

4. The Lord of a chain.

279.         This is one of those statements which confirms that there are such Lords.

5. The Lord of a globe.

280.         This is also a statement which confirms that there are such Lords.

281.         Since these Entities subsidiary to a Planetary Logos are not often mentioned, some might doubt whether They, in fact, exist.

6. Certain Beings Who form the life of specific groups.  They are esoteric, and Their function is one of the secrets of initiation.

282.         Here we have a very vague entry, but if we check the table of those E/entities who function through various numbers of permanent atoms (TCF 533-534), we may intuit the nature of those indicated by the Tibetan.

7. Man.

8. Animals.

283.         We have learned that Entity ensouling the vegetable kingdom has two petals in its base of the spine center and that the Entity ensouling the mineral kingdom has one such petal.

284.         The question remains: do such beings also contain the kundalini fire? Is the fire of kundalini, whether in one form or another, universal in nature? Or is it necessary to reach the animal kingdom (with its rulership by Mars—one of the major planets of kundalini) in order for the serpent fire to appear in a form we recognize as kundalini.

It should be here also remarked that in the logoic manifestation one of the planetary schemes forms the centre in the logoic body which harbours kundalini. 


285.         This is a really important statement as it is rationally possible to associate several planets (not just one) with the base of the spine center—whether we are speaking of the base of the spine center of a human being or of a Solar Logos.

286.         We definitely know that the planet Earth is associated with kundalini.

287.         The following references through light on this relationship:

It relates finally the lowest centre at the base of the spine to the highest centre, the head centre. This is a correspondence to the relation of the Earth to the Sun. Think this out. (EA 25)

A hint lies in the fact that the constellation of the Dragon has the same relation to the ONE greater than our Logos as the centre at the base of the spine has to a human being.  It concerns stimulation, and vitalisation with a consequent co-ordination of the manifesting fires. (TCF 1204)


it may be here said that at the present point in evolution of the logoic centres, Venus, Earth and Saturn form one triangle of great interest.  It is a triangle that is at this time undergoing vivification [Page 182] through the action of kundalini; (TCF 181-182)


288.         The word “harbours” seem very important, because if an energy is harboured, it may be present but not released. When thinking about the relationship of kundalini to the Earth-scheme, we may justly describe it in terms of being “harboured”. Earth, not being a sacred planet, does not have the base of the spine center much developed and, thus, the full release of kundalini is not possible.

289.         From another perspective, if logoic kundalini is directed towards Earth, Venus, Saturn (and also Uranus), can Earth be the principal source of logoic kundalini? This would not make sense. Yet the Earth-scheme could “harbour” logoic kundalini.


This scheme, whose name must not as yet be revealed, is largely given over to deva control—the two groups of devas meeting there, and performing their function of animating the dense physical body of the Logos in the same way as the kundalini in man at this stage animates his dense physical vehicle.


290.         From what is here stated, we may wonder whether that scheme (actually, He calls it this scheme!) is, in fact, the Earth-scheme. We could say with justification that the Earth “is largely given over to deva control”. We might also say that there are two principal groups of devas—lunar and solar—and that they are involved in the animation of the dense physical body (of the Earth, at least). It might be quite a stretch to think of these devas (were they on the Earth) as animating the dense physical body of the Logos.

291.         This treatise was written before the discovery of the planet Pluto (the importance of which DK later emphasized). Could Pluto be the planet here referenced? We know that Pluto is, at least microcosmically, associated with the kundalini—in the case of both average human being and disciples.


 Later, as the third major scheme assimilates the life-activity of the lower four,


292.         This is Saturn assimilating the life activity of the major four of the lower schemes (and also of the minor schemes related to the major ones).

293.         Because a “third major scheme” is mentioned, we may infer that there may be a ‘third minor scheme’.


 this kundalini fire will be withdrawn, and will be transmuted into the activity of the logoic Throat centre.


294.         Saturn (whether we consider the planet in its exoteric or esoteric expression) is a planet of the third ray (monadically) and is thus directly related to the logoic throat center.

295.         A question arises whether logoic kundalini is to be largely focussed in one particular planet or whether (within the Sun itself) the kundalini can be found.

296.         The following reference also has a role to play in throwing light on our present subject:

The Heavenly Man of the scheme in which the Ray of Ceremonial Magic is embodied is one of the main transmitters of radiation from the Sun to the system and has a close connection with logoic kundalini.  Herein lies a hint. (TCF 443)


297.         Could the unnamed scheme be that of Uranus?


In the physical body we have the fires of the lower nature (the animal plane) centralised at the base of the spine.  They are situated at a spot which stands in relation to the physical body as the physical sun to the solar system.  This central point of heat radiates in all directions, using the spinal column as its main artery, but working in close connection with certain central ganglia, wherever located, and having a special association with the spleen. (TCF 55)


298.         From this, it is apparent that the physical sun has a close connection to the center at the base of the spine.

In planetary manifestation, one of the chains performs a similar work in the evolutionary process of the planetary Logos.


299.         We have an analogy. Just as one of the planetary schemes “harbours” kundalini in relation to the Solar Logos, so, at the scheme level, one of the chains harbours kundalini in relation to a Planetary Logos.


 Again the same can be predicated of one of the globes in a chain.


300.         The analogy holds good as we consider a descending order of beings. One of the aspects of such beings is the one harbouring kundalini, apparently moreso than the other aspects.

301.         Again, we seem to be speaking of the Solar Logos.

 In this fourth round, therefore, it can be seen why the fire at the base of the spine (viewing it in its esoteric significance, and in connection with the Logos, and the Logoi, and not only in connection with man) plays so dominant a part in the stimulation of [Page 649] the logoic Quaternary, or of His Lower Self.


302.         We have already seen that (where “M/man” is concerned—and by now we are familiar with several categories of “M/men”) the structure of the chakra at the base of the spine is closely related to the configuration of the “Cross”, and is esoterically, a “Cross of the Holy Spirit”. The number associated with crosses is four.

303.         The importance of the base of the spine center in relation to our Planetary Logos and our Solar Logos emerges when we realize that both of them are passing through a kind of fourth initiation.

304.         The full activation of the base of the spine center comes at the fifth initiation (R&I 340), but its power is prominent at the fourth initiation as well. It is not a stretch of the imagination to posit the planet Pluto (and Earth) as significant at the fourth degree.


 Herein is found the mystery of present evil, the source of present distress, and the basis of planetary experience.  The kundalini fire in the logoic body is at the height of its activity in stimulating His physical body—our lower three systemic planes—and the four petals of that particular centre are coming into full activity in this fourth round.


305.         We must be watchful to see whether DK is speaking logoically (i.e., in relation to the Solar Logos) or also in terms of the Planetary Logos.

306.         DK is relating the activity of the logoic base of the spine center to the present evil and distress. We know this evil and distress exists abundantly within our planetary scheme. Can we further infer that it is a general systemic condition?

307.         We learn that the kundalini fire of the Solar Logos is presently at the height of its activity as regard the dense physical body of the Solar Logos. This involves all the three lower systemic planes, since the logoic physical body expresses on these three planes.

308.         The logoic base of the spine center has four petals which, in this “fourth round”, have come into full activity. (The fourfoldness of the base of the spine center seems to apply both to the human kingdom and to the Planetary Logos considered as a Heavenly Man.) But what kind of “round” is DK suggesting? A chain round in relation to our Earth-chain? A scheme round in our Earth-scheme? Or it is a solar systemic round in relation to all the planetary schemes of our solar system? It may be inferred that our Solar Logos is in the midst of a system wide round, probably the fourth such.

309.         As well, do we have the implication that the Earth-scheme (since it is so frequently associated with the logoic base of the spine center) is, in some way (and with respect to the energy system of the Solar Logos) a four-petalled lotus?

310.         We see that with a more careful reading, much is indicated that may be withheld from a casual understanding of this section.

311.         There is no question that the Earth-scheme is related to the number four, being the fourth scheme (if Vulcan is counted) from the Sun. The Earth-scheme is presently the scene of an initiation being undergone by both the Planetary Logos of the Earth and our Solar Logos. The Earth-scheme is, thus, tremendously stimulated, and this correlates with the stimulation of the entire physical body of the Solar Logos.

312.         We might way that the Earth-scheme has an intimate connection with the dense physical body of the Solar Logos—a body which is not a principle. Within the Earth-scheme, we are very much the inheritors of the energies generated within the previous solar system.

313.         Thus, it seems that there is evil (expressed with unusual intensity) both upon our planet and within the solar system (using our planet as a locale on and in which evil may be confronted).

  It must be remembered that He is the sum-total of all the centres in manifestation, and the aggregate of all the fires of kundalini in every department of nature.


314.         Presumably we are still speaking of the Solar Logos. Every planetary scheme has its kundalinic fires and its departments of nature. The Solar Logos is the sum of all centers expressing through all planetary schemes and through all kingdoms of nature.

315.         If we wish to confine ourselves to a consideration of our Planetary Logos, we could also say of Him that (within His field of expression) He is the “sum-total of all centres in and the aggregate of all the fires of kundalini in every department of nature.”

  The trouble in our planet, and likewise the hope for our planet, lies in this very fact.


316.         Behind our planetary expression lie two great Lives—our Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos, Who expresses through our planet (just as He expresses through all other planets within His solar system) and is presently taking a significant and painful initiate through our planet. (cf. TCF 384)


 The etheric centre of our planetary Logos being in matter of the fourth cosmic ether (the buddhic plane) stimulates at present His lower quaternary, our three worlds of human endeavour.


317.         We know from a study of the chakras in the human energy system that the etheric body of man is found on all four of the systemic ethers. If this were not the case, the higher chakras could not express, for they express through the three higher ethers (cf. Chart VIII, 817)

318.         Is it correct to say, then, that the etheric body of our Planetary Logos is found only in matter of the fourth cosmic ether, or is there a viable analogy between the etheric body of our Planetary Logos and that of the microcosm, man.

319.         The important thing to note is that via this planetary etheric body, it is principally the three worlds of human endeavor which are being stimulated


 The direction of the force lies here, and not until the next round (when three-fifths of the human kingdom will be developing the buddhic vehicle), will the point of equilibrium for Him be reached, and the direction of the serpent fire be directed higher.


320.         Within out planetary scheme (or at least within our chain and on our planet) the serpent fire is being directed into the planetary logoic quaternary—the personality nature of the Planetary Logos.

321.         Not before the "Judgment Day" occurs will this fire be directed higher.

322.         A number of things are said about the manner in which humanity will evolve following the "Judgment Day". Although the statement given in the Tibetan’s text above, is not especially time-specific, we see that three fifths of the human kingdom (presumably the three-fifths remaining with our planet after the "Judgment Day") will be developing the buddhic vehicle.

323.         This suggests that the buddhic vehicle is developed when man steps on the Path, because at that time, three-fifths will, minimally, be on the Path.

324.         The following is said of the development of those who remain after the "Judgment Day", but as we see, the three fifths described above cannot be found in the following enumeration of remaining groups:

One fifth will mantrically sound the words "I am That I am. "


Two fifths will achieve the fifth Initiation and will know themselves as "I am That."  They will also be cultivating response to the higher note.


One fifth and a half will attain the third Initiation, and will know themselves as "I am That" in full consciousness.


The remaining units will be those who are treading the Path, and beginning to know themselves as the group. (TCF 422)



This holds the clue to much.


325.         Thus, our difficulties on this planet have very much to do with the degree of elevation and the polarization of planetary forces.

 A further clue to the sad condition to be seen in the world (especially along sex lines) lies in the fact that those units of the human family who contribute to the constitution of this particular centre out of the seven, are frequently at this stage over-vitalised, the physical vehicle vitality indicating to them the line of least resistance.


326.         Our center (the Earth-scheme) is considered to be one of seven centers.. This will only make sense if we exclude the two major synthesizing planets, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto also must be excluded as in Chart VI, TCF 373.

327.         We are to recognize that human beings on our planet have over-vitalized physical vehicles. This means that the part of themselves which is definitely not principled, is over-vitalized.

328.         We can see that this fact ties present human expression to the expression found in the previous solar system.


 To word it otherwise:  The deva forces who form the centre,


329.         We are speaking of the Earth-scheme considered as a chakra or center and the deva forces of this center.


 and are likewise the activity of the centre, are as yet over-dominant, and the power they acquired in the earlier solar system has not yet been transmuted into spiritual power.


330.         The statement above emphasizes the activity of certain devas (connected with the dense physical body of the Planetary Logos and especially with the physical body of man). These devas acquired a certain type of power in the earlier solar system, and this power still conditions them. The powers of the present solar system do not condition them to the same extent. They are still, therefore, under the spell of retrogression.

331.         DK is telling us something about the power of the lunar devas within our Earth-scheme (and especially within our chain and upon our planet). Our planet (as a center within the energy system of the Solar Logos) is still conditioned by devic energies which vibrate to the patterns characteristic of the previous solar system.

332.         To correct this retrogressive condition, we are looking towards the transmutation of the number three into the number two.


We have above considered a few of the devas of the ethers but have of necessity left many untouched.


333.         This is important to remember. Our subject has been the Group B. Agnichaitans and some of these devas and their functions have been enumerated:

a.      Those who transmit prana

b.      Those who build the etheric body

c.      Those who link the four lower kingdoms

d.      A fourth group including various classes:

                                                              i.      Class 1: Those who are the special agents of magic

                                                            ii.      Class 2: Those who generate physical plane electricity

                                                          iii.      Class 3: Those who formed the health aura

                                                           iv.      Class 4: Those who formed the substance of the centers, whether of man or of centers in greater Beings.

                                                             v.      Class 5: Those who formed the substance of the base of the spine center, particularly


 The vastness of our subject will be apparent when it is remembered that in dealing with the devas we are dealing [Page 650] with that which is the basic substance of manifestation, or Spirit-matter;


334.         We have been dealing with only a few of the Agnichaitans which are a small group in relation to the entirety of the members of the Deva Kingdom—including Agnisuryans, Agnishvattas, and many other kinds of devas, etc.

335.         It is important for students of this treatise to gain a healthy sense of proportion. We are not about to master all that is hinted about the devas in this great work. We are only at the very beginning phase, becoming acquainted with the stupendous scope of our subject.

with the negative or the mother aspect, in the divine duality, and with the sum total of all that is.  We are con­cerned with the tangible form, using the word "tangible" as that which can be apprehended by consciousness in one or other of its many states. 


336.         Tangibility is a relative term. What is tangible for the consciousness of a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos, is utterly intangible for the present consciousness of man.


The utter impossibility of catalogu­ing the forms and aspects of deva substance, or of tabulat­ing the myriad groups and classes will be borne in on our comprehension. 


337.         DK is telling us that we cannot possibly tabulate all the myriad groups and classes of devas related to the Mother aspect. We shall be fortunate to gain some introductory idea regarding just a few of them and their relations to various levels of the planetary and systemic schemes.

338.         We are beginning to understand the great complexity and intricacy of Creation. We are utter neophytes as regards our knowledge of these matters.


On all the planes these three groups will be found, and all are recipients of force.


339.         We have been dealing with many groupings of devas. In the tabulation below, DK takes the idea of three groups and assigns them to the entire range of the cosmic physical plane. Yet we have also been dealing with groupings of three as they relate simply to systemic planes (with their seven subplanes). Even within a systemic subplane, we could find groupings of three. So, again, we have to remain alert when thinking about the vibrational levels on which such groupings of three are to be found.


  An analogy likewise exists between these three groups of devas on the systemic physical plane, and their correspondences on the cosmic physical plane.


340.         DK emphasizes the analogy which links devic distribution on systemic planes which such distribution on cosmic planes.


  Briefly it might be pointed out that we have:


Group A........The plane Adi...........................Divine evolution.

                     Systemic atomic.

Group B........The three worlds of the Triad.....Spiritual evolution.

                      Logoic etheric.                         

Group C........The three worlds.......................Human evolution.

                      Logoic dense physical.


341.         We remember that the method of ordering the devas with respect to the planes has been 1—3—3.

342.         It is not surprising to see that human evolution proceeds in the three worlds. Actually, the logoic dense physical body includes the higher three systemic subplanes of the systemic mental plane.

343.         The extent of “Spiritual evolution” may surprise us as it seems to include the monadic level where we may have thought “Divine evolution” was proceeding.

344.         In this tabulation, however, the process known as “Divine evolution” is reserved only for the plane of Adi. Different references will indicate different perspectives. Generally, it is correct to think of the Monad as involved in “Divine Life”.

345.         The cosmic atomic subplane of the cosmic physical plane is also etheric, even though atomic.

346.         If the monadic, atmic and buddhic systemic planes can be called “Logoic etheric” then the systemic logoic plane could be called “Logoic atomic”, though we can understand why DK does not use this term.


In this lies much of interest for the student as it makes clear the correspondence between the evolution of substance and the evolution of spirit.


347.         Spirit is evolving cosmically. Substance is evolving systemically.

348.         That which the microcosm calls “Spirit” can, however, be considered as cosmic substance. The “Spirit” of humanity (the members of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy) evolves on the very substantial cosmic physical plane.

As regards the devas of Group B, little more can be said.  Only a few more generalities are advisable.


349.         We are still dealing with Group B. Agnichaitans—those which have a connection to etheric levels and not to the dense physical plane, whether systemic or cosmic.


These devas, especially those of the fourth ether, are so closely connected with man that one of the immediate developments ahead will be his awakening to a realisation of their existence, and his consequent gradual domination of them.


350.         The book was published in 1925. Since that time much realization of the presence and nature of these devas has occurred, though the general public does not recognize them as devas, nor call them by name according to occult terminology.

351.         Our relative mastery of the power of what we usually call electricity speaks to the gradual domination of this group of devas. It is also so that the release of atomic energy is an even more impressive example of our interplay with these devas. A question remains, however, whether we shall dominate them or they us.


 This domination will be the result of several things but will only be complete when he can function on the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic plane.


352.         We see that man must achieve much in terms of his spiritual development (buddhically) before a full domination of Group B. Agnichaitans (as they function on the fourth ether) will be possible.


  One of the things the Hierarchy at this stage is seeking to do, is to retard this awakening of the mass of mankind to this realisation, for that event will necessitate [Page 651] many adjustments, and, at the beginning, may produce many apparently evil effects.


353.         Here we have a warning about the results of establishing close interconnection with the devas of the fourth systemic ether.

354.         How interesting that the Hierarchy is not only a stimulating, promotive force, but can act, with wisdom, to retard premature exposure to certain forces.

355.         Of what “realisation” are we speaking? Not of the realization of the buddhic plane, but of the realization of the existence of the devas of the fourth ether. The difficulties humanity may enter will probably appear during the emerging magical age.

356.         If more human beings understood the necessity of contacting the buddhic plane and receiving buddhic energy into the consciousness, some of the impending dangers would be obviated.


 The development of the physical eye is a thing which is proceeding under the Law, and inevitably the whole race of men will at length attain that dual focus which will enable man to see both the dense and the etheric forms.  At this stage his inability to do so is largely due to a lack of pranic vitality.


357.         We gather than humanity, through the growing powers of the physical eye, is becoming increasingly aware of etheric forms and their relation to physical forms.

358.         Interestingly, it is lack of pranic vitality which is inhibiting this registration.

359.         We see that when during the Aquarian Age, the race becomes more vital (due to proper nutrition and care of both the physical and etheric bodies) etheric sight will surely develop.


 This is mainly the result of wrong conditions of living, and the misuse of food.  The present general trend towards juster and purer conditions of life, the return of man to simpler and saner ways, the widespread feeling for bathing, fresh air, and sunlight, and the greater desire for vegetable, and nut foods, will result inevitably in a more ready assimilation of the pranic fluids.


360.         We are told of how greater pranic vitality may be achieved. The instructions are completely clear. We know what is at stake and so are invited to follow the recommenced approach as soon as may be possible.

361.         It is important that “juster…conditions of life” be achieved so that there may be a more equable distribution of energies within the human race and on this planet.


  This will produce certain changes, and improvements, in the physical organs, and in the vitality of the etheric body.


362.         We know what we may expect. The results will be desirable on a number of accounts. These developments may be expected as we pass through our present crises and enter more fully into the Aquarian Age.


Therefore, those of us who see somewhat of the Plan are urged to spread the knowledge of the Wisdom Religion, and above all to break loose from the preconceived dogmas of pre-war days.


363.         Here will have one of the major reasons why the Wisdom Religion (with its many practical suggestions concerning the improvement of the quality of daily living) must be spread widely throughout the human race.

364.         It must be obvious to all of us that this spreading of the Ageless Wisdom is of the utmost importance in the redemption of humanity.


 It should be pointed out here that the war was a great occult event, and caused a vital change in many of the plans and arrangements of the Hierarchy.


365.         We have been told that in the third year of that war, the Solar Logos almost intervened in the affairs of our planet. The stakes must have been unusually critical if such an intervention was contemplated.

366.         On a number of occasions during the 20th century, the plans contemplated by Hierarchy have undergone considerable change. This was also the case, as far as we know, following the close of WWII.


  Modifications have been necessitated, and some events will have to be delayed whilst others will be hastened.


367.         Only a hint is given. Was one of the events to be hastened the Reappearance of the Christ (in whatever form that “Reappearance” may have been conceived following WWI)

  One of the profound­est effects of the war was felt among the devas of the shadows, and primarily among those of the fourth order.  The etheric web which protected certain groups in the human and animal kingdoms was rent in various places, and the results of that disaster have to be offset.


368.         DK seems to tell us that these human and deva groups are now at the mercy of certain influences from the astral plane. He calls the rending a “disaster”.

369.         Elsewhere, He suggests that the release of atomic energy has destroyed the etheric web in certain places. Whether this was altogether undesirable remains to be seen.

370.         The following statement from EXH hints at desirable, unifying results from the tearing process:


The world war marked a climax in the history of mankind, and its subjective effect was far more potent than has hitherto been grasped. Through the power of prolonged sound, carried forward as a great experiment on the battlefields all over the world during a period of four years (1914-1918), and through the intense emotional strain of the entire planetary populace, the web of etheric matter (called the "veil of the temple") which separates the physical and astral planes was rent or torn asunder, and the amazing process of unifying the two worlds of physical plane living and of astral plane experience was begun and is now slowly going on. It will be obvious, therefore, that this must bring about vast changes and alterations in the human consciousness. Whilst it will usher in the age of understanding, of brotherhood and of illumination, it will also bring about states of reaction and the letting loose of psychic forces which today menace the uncontrolled and ignorant, and warrant the sounding of a note of warning and of caution. (EXH 3)


371.         We always find the Hierarchy ready to bring good out of apparent disaster.


 Another effect upon the devas resulting from the war, as it worked, can be seen among the devas of Group A, or those devas who are (in an occult sense) the physical permanent atoms of all self-conscious beings.


372.         We have an important hint. Certain devas (the devas of Group A. of the Agnichaitans) can be occultly considered as the physical permanent atoms of all self-conscious beings.

373.         These permanent atoms constituted the seventh principle of the various vehicles. The devas concerned, therefore, see to the activation and expression of this seventh principle which is to the vehicles concerned what the principle of atma is to the seven principles in man.

374.         We are gathering that war, for all its horror, can serve as a great stimulation to occult progress.


The fourth spirilla was tremendously stimulated, and its evolution hastened [Page 652] to an extraordinary degree, so that some of the lesser evolved men, through the stress of danger and experience, had this fourth spirilla brought up to, and beyond, that of normal humanity.


375.         The fourth spirilla of the permanent atoms is the one especially associated with the development of the human kingdom. The lower spirillae correlate with the development of the lower kingdoms.

376.         The two lower permanent atoms and the mental unit all have a fourth spirilla. We have not been told which of the permanent atoms had its fourth spirillae intensively stimulated or whether this was true for all three members of the atomic triangle.

377.         In wars, as they have been fought through most of humanity’s history, it is often the “lesser evolved men” who bear the immediate brunt of savage battles. Their reward for participating successfully in such experiences is to have their evolution greatly stimulated.

378.         We may assume that with the intensified development of the fourth spirilla, parallel developments have occurred in the chakras and in the petals of the egoic lotus.

379.         Again, we conclude that the right kind of stress promotes occult development.


  Through this stim­ulation of the fourth spirilla of the units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy in this fourth round on the fourth globe in this fourth scheme, a tremendous push onward along the evolu­tionary path has been effected, and hence one of the great objects of the war has been achieved. 


380.         We are told of those who evolve upon the fourth ray, that they may be capable of very rapid evolution, if they avoid the opposite consequence of becoming a “n’ere do well”.

381.         We may judge that the occurrence of WWI and also of WWII was related to the process of a fourth initiation through which the Planetary Logos is passing.


A still more terrific stimulation was given in the fourth rootrace during the war of that period, and the result was the passing on to the Path of Initiation of many who normally would not even now be treading it. 


382.         This is one of the most surprising and promising statements regarding the unsuspected occult virtues of war. The war of which DK speaks may have taken place more than four million years ago. The occult result of that war was astonishing. Let us imagine some four million years of human development. In all that time certain individuals who began treading the Path of Initiation four million years ago (all because of the stimulation produced by the excessive strain of that war) would not even now have set foot on that Path.

383.         We have often been told of the rapid Path “up the mountain” and the long, slow Path. Here we have a graphic illustration of the two Paths.


A similar effect can be looked for at this time,


384.         This is a most important statement and would be easy to overlook in passing.

385.         The “terrific stimulation” experienced at the time of the great Atlantean War is about to be re-experienced. Does this indicate that humanity will be passing through an equivalently horrific experience (with equal potential for advancing human evolution)?


 and the Hierarchy is preparing itself for the taking over of much of an extra-planetary nature owing to the almost immediate availability of comparatively large numbers of the sons of man.


386.         It seems that Hierarchy is preparing for and inevitable elevation. Its attention has been turned hitherto to much of a planetary nature, but now due to the rising of many Sons of Men towards Hierarchy, and the incorporation of these rising ones in the Hierarchy, the present Members of Hierarchy will have to refocus Their consciousness onto higher, “extra-planetary” vibratory levels.


We must not forget that this stimulation of the spirillae affects the matter aspect, or deva substance.  Man is literally deva substance, and a God, thus being a true reflection of the solar Logos.12,13


387.         This is such an important statement. Except for his Spirit aspect, “man is literally deva substance”. With the addition of Spirit, man is a God as well.  The Solar Logos and all Solar Logoi are literally deva substance and a God.

388.         As spirillae are stimulated, the consciousness of man is elevated and also the quality of the vehicles through which he manifests.



"Thus God dwells in all,

From life's minute beginnings, up at last

To man—the consummation of this scheme

Of being, the completion of this sphere

Of life:  whose attributes had here and there

Been scattered o'er the visible world before,

Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant

To be united in some wondrous whole,

Imperfect qualities throughout creation,

Suggesting some one creature yet to make,

Some point where all those scattered rays should meet

Convergent in the faculties of man....


When all the race is perfected alike

As man, that is; all tended to mankind

And, man produced, all has its end thus far:

But in completed man begins anew

A tendency to God.  Prognostics told

Man's near approach; so in man's self arise

August anticipations, symbols, types

Of a dim splendour ever on before

In that eternal circle life pursues.

For men begin to pass their nature's bound

And find new hopes and cares which fast supplant

Their proper joys and griefs; they grow too great

For narrow creeds of right and wrong, which fade

Before the unmeasured thirst for good; while peace

Rises within them ever more and more.

Such men are even now upon the earth,

Serene amid the half formed creatures round

—Paracelsus by Robert Browning.


389.         What a marvelous selection from the poem Paracelsus! There is no question but that Robert Browning was/is an initiate. Some say He is now a Master.

390.         The destiny of man is inspiringly presented in this fragment which would be worthy of memorization.



1. Man is an animal, plus a living God, within his physical Shell.—S. D., II, 85.  S. D., II, 284.


391.         It is fair to say the same of each deva Monad.


a. Man is the Macrocosm for the animal, therefore he contains all that is meant by the term animal.—S. D., II, 179, 187.


392.         It is in the adjusting of the animal soul and the human soul that the struggle of humanity is epitomized.


b. Divine consciousness is received from the living God.—S. D., II, 103.


393.         As human beings, we are one with the “living God”. His Identity is our essential identity.


c. The animal forms the basis and the contrast for the divine.—S. D., II, 100.


394.         The animal forms are composed of deva substance.

395.         If our vehicles are compose of matter-substance-energy-force we can equally say they are composed of deva substance which is matter-substance- energy-force—‘msef’.


d. The light of the Logos is awakened in animal man.—S. D., II, 45.


396.         This occurred through the coming of the Lords of the Flame


2. Man is the Tabernacle, the vehicle only, of his God.—S. D., I, 233, 281; II, 316; III, 66.


397.         The word “Tabernacle” (which is a lesser Temple) suggests the lunar vehicles of man.


Compare S. D., II, 174.  Read Proverbs VIII.

Study Biblical description of Tabernacle:—

a. Outer court, the place of animal sacrifice and purification.


398.         The energies of Mars and the Moon are made pure within the Tabernacle.


b. The Holy place, the place of consecration and service.

c. The Holy of Holies.

399.         Three levels in the life of man have, thus, been symbolized.


The first corresponds to the life of the personality.

The second to that of the Ego, or Higher Self.

The last to that of the Monad, or Divine Self.


400.         To this grouping we should add:

a.      The Holy City—Shamballa

b.      The New Jerusalem—Hierarchy

c.      The City Standing Foursquare—Humanity (cf. DON 23)


3. Man contains in himself every element found in the universe.—S. D., I, 619; III, 584.


401.         This is holographic theory, a modern reflection of Hylozoism.


a. All in nature tends to become Man.—S. D., II, 179.


402.         We presume this to be a true statement, but must interpret carefully. It does not mean that every atom of substance will become a man. The art of grouping many to make synthesized wholes must be considered.


b. All the impulses of the dual, centripetal and centrifugal force are directed towards one point—Man.—S. D., II, 179.


403.         The “dual, centripetal and centrifugal force” are symbolized by the energies of Venus and Mars, respectively. The two types of forces work under the Law of Attraction (and Repulsion), and so aggregate the various lives in cosmos that the Divine Pattern may be realized.


c. Man is the storehouse...he unites in himself all forms.—S. D. II, 303.


404.         We have been studying man in various modes, microcosmic and macrocosmic. We may say that in microcosmic man, all forms are at least reflected. Paracelsus is said to have said: “For every star in the heavens there is a star in man”.


d. The potentiality of every organ useful to animal life is locked up in Man.—S. D., II, 723.


405.         Whatever the animal can achieve, the fully developed man can achieve to a far greater extent. The greater includes the lesser.


4. Man tends to become a God and then God, like every other atom in the universe.—S. D., I, 183.


406.         Man is, occultly considered, an “atom in the universe”.

407.         Gods are included within the All-Inclusive God.

408.         Again, we approach with caution what it means to “become a God” or become God.  The process by which the many become One must be carefully considered.


Compare the atom and the Microcosm, man.  Illustration:—S. D., I, 174.  Every atom has seven planes of being.—S. D., I, 205.  Read S. D., I, 201.


409.         Man is an atom and the structures of the atom of the scientist and the atom, man, are parallel.


a. Every atom contains the germ from which he may raise the tree of knowledge.  (Of good and evil, therefore conscious discrimination).—S. D., II, 622.


410.         The essence of every atom is the cosmically omnipotent Deity, Himself. All potentials are found in every form of life, even though the potentials be latent in most.

411.         Although the intelligence of the atom of the scientist is unconscious, through such an atom the faculty of discrimination is at work.


b. It is the spiritual evolution of the inner immortal man that forms the fundamental tenet of the occult sciences.—S. D., I, 694.


412.         The modern presentation of occultism works for the expansion of consciousness. The focus is on the consciousness aspect and not, per se, on the development of the matter aspect.

413.         In a way, it matters not what becomes of the matter aspect in any one incarnation, so long as the consciousness of the inner immortal man profits.

c. Atoms and souls are synonymous terms in the language of the initiates.—S. D., I, 620-621.


414.         There is no such thing as an atom un-ensouled. The entire cosmos, itself, is an ensouled Atom.


5. Human beings...those Intelligences who have reached the appropriate equilibrium between Spirit and Matter.—S. D., I, 132.


415.         According to this definition, humanity is not confined to Earth. Anywhere in our solar system or within cosmos, when an appropriate equilibrium between Spirit and Matter is produced, the human being appears.


Read also carefully:—S. D., I, 267, 449; S. D., II, 190.

a. On the descending arc Spirit becomes material.—S. D., I, 693.


416.         Through the process of emanation, Spirit not only becomes material but remains what it is on the higher planes. When a Great Candle lights a descending series of lesser candles, the flame of the Great Candle still remains.


b. On the middle turn of the base both meet in man.—S. D., I, 214, 271.


417.         We can say that man represents a fair equality between Spirit and Matter.


c. On the ascending arc Spirit asserts itself at the expense of the material.


418.         The materialization of Spirit is retracted in this ascent. Spirit is still what is always was, but the degree of its materialization (i.e., its complexification and Self-objectification) lessens.


d. This is true of Gods and of men.  See S. D., II, 88.


419.         The Gods are Men of a kind. Progress along the ‘Great Arc’ is parallel in both instances.


e. Man is therefore a compound of Spirit and matter.—S. D., II, 45.

f. In man the intelligence links the two.—S. D., II, 102, 103.


420.         Solar mind is the linking principle The Solar Angels are called “Benign Uniters”, and the Fifth Ray Lord is called “The Great Connecter”.


See note to S. D., II, 130.  Compare S. D., II, 394.


[Page 653]

Group A.  Agnichaitans.  We have seen that on all planes the groups of devas can be divided into three [Page 654] main groups, even though usually studied in their dual capacity of involutionary and evolutionary force units.


421.         The more explicit three lie behind the more frequently presented two.

422.         When DK speaks of “all the planes”, He means

a.      The cosmic physical plane

b.      Each systemic plane

c.      Each systemic subplane


  Broadly speaking, these groups can be viewed as:

a. Those which embody the positive aspect, or positive electrical phenomena.


423.         This is the correspondence among the Agnichaitans of electric fire—the Shiva aspect.


b.    Those which embody the negative aspect.


424.         This is the correspondence within the Agnichaitans of fire by friction—the Brahma aspect.

c.     That group which—in time and space—is the union of the two aspects and which—during evolution—demonstrates the third type of electrical phenomena.


425.         Here we are speaking of a central type of electricity—equilibrizing electrical phenomena—the Vishnu/Surya aspect.

426.         No matter on what type of plane, the intermediate type of equilibrizing electricity will demonstrate.


Another grouping of this triplicity can be made which brings them into line with the order of manifestation as laid down in the ancient cosmogony, and this we followed when we enumerated the groups of Agnichaitans.


427.         DK is helping us understand the enumeration of the Agnichaitans from various perspectives.


Group ACorresponds to the manifestations of existence as seen on the highest plane, or that aspect which is understood by the term Agni.


428.         DK reaffirms the linking of Agni with the first aspect of divinity and the first plane, the planet of Adi.


Group B—Corresponds to the Vishnu-Surya aspect.


429.         We notice that DK recently began introducing the word “Surya” whereas, usually, in the earlier parts of the book, He had spoken only of Vishnu.

430.         We see that these two terms are roughly equivalent, both of them pertaining to the second aspect of divinity and closely related to the Law of Attraction.

Group C—Corresponds to the Brahma or the creative Logos aspect.


431.         It is a very good idea to think of Brahma as the “creative Logos”. DK’s preferred name of the Lord of the Third Ray is the “Ray of Creative Intelligence”.


We have recapitulated thus, as it is desirable to have the thought clearly defined.


432.         The didactic method of recapitulation is more than necessary given the great detail of this presentation on the devas. Or should it be said that for us, the presentation may seem to contain a wealth of detail. For DK, however, the presentation is but a thumbnail sketch.


We have touched upon the two lower groups of devas.  Now, we might take up the consideration of Group A, the most important group on the physical plane from the standpoint of creation, and of objectivity, for they are the life of matter itself and the intelligence animating the forms of all that exists on the systemic physical [Page 655] plane; they are not self-conscious intelligence, but consciousness as understood by the occultist.


433.         Here DK wisely differentiates between consciousness (as the occultist understands that term) and self-consciousness. These devas on the evolutionary arc are conscious but not self-conscious.

434.         What does He say of these Group A. Agnichaitans?

a.      They are the most important devas of the physical plane from the standpoint of creation and objectivity.

b.      They are the life of matter itself.

c.      They are the intelligence animating all forms which exist on the systemic physical plane. If they animate, there is something in them akin to the soul aspect in relation to the personality.


Each of the atomic subplanes in the solar system is closely interrelated with the others,


435.         This is the ‘atomic channel’ which allows rapid transmission from one atomic plane to the others.


and the seven atomic subplanes of all the planes form a unity, and are essentially the cosmic physical plane as the term is occultly understood. 


436.         Fohat as the Third Logos works upon the atomic subplanes. The energy of the Second Logos creates the molecular combinations of matter which characterize the six subsidiary subplanes.

437.         Occultly understood, these seven atomic subplanes are the entire cosmic physical plane. If this is the case, we can say that the seven Raja Deva Lords compose (occultly) the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.


The sub­planes of which they are the originating source bear the same relationship to them as the six principles do to the seventh.


438.         This is a clear statement. It becomes apparent that the six subsidiary principles are in some manner derivative from the seventh.

439.         The atoms of the six molecular subplanes are combinations of the atoms of the atomic subplanes of their particular systemic plane.


  Therefore, the devas of Group A are the concen­trated creative force of the subplanes, the origin of the objective side of physical manifestation, and the source of the seven Breaths of the creative Logos on the physical plane.


440.         To deal clearly with the nature of the Group A. Agnichaitans, let us tabulate the statements about their nature:

a.      They are the concentrated creative force of the subplanes. Their concentration relates them to the principle of will.

b.      They are the origin of the objective side of physical manifestation. We know that the permanent atoms are responsible for the building of the lunar vehicles. Group A. Agnichaitans work in relation to these permanent atoms and in fact are the substance of these permanent atoms.

c.      They are the source of the seven Breaths of the creative Logos (Brahma) on the physical plane. We are learning that on each systemic plane there are seven creative Breaths. “Breaths” are incoming energy activations and outgoing energy de-activations.


 But it must be remembered that in each scheme the creative impulse or will is the planetary Logos of the scheme, Who as truly creates His body of Manifestation under the Law (His dense physical planet) as man—under the same Law—creates his physical body, or as the solar Logos (at the other end of the scale) creates His body, a solar system.


441.         The implication of this statement is that the Planetary Logos of any scheme (as the creative impulse or will of the scheme) works through the Group A. Agnichaitans and through the permanent atoms constituted of Group A. Agnichaitans.

442.         The Logos, therefore, of any “M/man” is ultimately responsible for creating His body of manifestation, and utilizes in the process Group A. Agnichaitans.


This has a definite and esoteric bearing upon the subject under discussion, and the essential differences between the Heavenly Men seeking manifestation will be seen in Their schemes, and therefore in the types of devas through whom They function, and out of whose essence Their form is made.


443.         Heavenly Men are different from each other. We learned that Group B. Agnichaitans found as the substance of the various chakras were especially attuned to certain rays and astrological influences. This can equally be said of those Group B. Agnichaitans who go to the formation of those chakras in the Solar Logos which the Heavenly Men represent.

444.         On a systemic scale, the different Heavenly Men (representing different chakras in the Solar Logos) are composed of different kinds of deva substance, differentially attuned to greater systemic and also cosmic sources and influences.


It might be expressed thus:  Just as each man has a body which, in its main characteristics and form, resembles other bodies, yet in its quality and personal distinctive features is unique, so each of the Heavenly Men builds for Himself a body out of deva substance or spirit-matter which is of the same nature as that of His brothers, and yet which is dis­tinctive, coloured by His own peculiar colouring, vibrant to His own particular key, and able to demonstrate His own unique quality. 


445.         Again the analogy is clear. Each human being is the same as every other human being, yet distinctive. So it is with the Planetary Logoi, and the differences between Them is accounted for by the type of deva essence used in the construction of Their vehicles of manifestation.

446.         Of the constitution of each Planetary Logos it is said:

a.      Each Planetary Logos has a distinctive nature

b.      Each Planetary Logos has His own peculiar coloring

c.      Each Planetary Logos is vibrant to His own peculiar key

d.      Each Planetary Logos is expressive of His own unique quality.


This is produced through the peculiar type of deva [Page 656] essence He chooses, or (to word it perhaps more occultly) it has involved the response of certain peculiar groups of devas to His note.


447.         The occult basis to the distinction between Planetary Logoi is given. It is not so much that different Planetary Logoi “choose” different deva essences to constitute Their vehicles, but that different groups of devas are summoned for construction and participation in the vehicles of a Planetary Logos because of their relation to the note which He occultly sounds as the process of manifestation begins.

 They embody in themselves just those constituents which He requires to build His body or scheme.


448.         The note the Planetary Logos sounds gives the necessary occult ‘information’ regarding just the type of deva constituents He requires for His body of scheme.

It will, therefore, be recognised that the devas of Group A, being what we might call the key-devas, are of prime import­ance, and, from our present standpoint, must remain abstract and esoteric.


449.         Esoteric “key-notes” are always found on atomic subplanes—whether for the vehicles of various vibrational strata or for the vehicles of “M/men”.

450.         When keynotes are sounded, they are sounded on atomic subplanes.

451.         Those who can control the sounding of keynotes can control all manifestation which occurs as a result of that sounding.


  If we consider this under the Law of Analogy, and study the essentially esoteric nature of the plane of the Logos (the first plane, called Adi) the reason for this will be apparent.


452.         The “esoteric nature” of the Planetary Logos would be increasingly revealed through the study of the esoteric nature of the plane of the Logos—the adic plane.


  If the devas of Group A could be recognised, or even contacted by advanced men, the study of their nature, colouring and tone would reveal to unprepar­ed humanity the colouring and tone of our particular planet­ary Logos.  For this knowledge the race is not ready.


453.         DK is telling us that, possessed of such knowledge, unprepared humanity could meddle in the creative process of its own Planetary Logos.

454.         The notes sounding on the plane of Adi is the note of our Solar Logos with respect to the cosmic physical plane.

455.         The differentiated notes sounding on the second subplane of the cosmic physical plane pertain to qualities of the various Planetary Logoi.

456.         There are three types of atomic subplanes with which we are concerned:

a.      The plane of Adi

b.      The atomic subplane of the each of the seven systemic planes

c.      The atomic division of each of the forty-nine systemic subplanes, whatever such a division may be called.

457.         Wherever there is recognition of keynotes sounding on atomic subplanes, the possibility exists to gain control over that atomic subplane and over the lesser subplanes which are related to that atomic subplane.

458.         We have been given some knowledge of the ray and coloring of our own Planetary Logos, but we do not know how the ray (really there are three major rays), the coloring, and the tones associated with the coloring will be modified by expression on each subplane level. The matter would be exceedingly intricate. Real control of subplane processes requires far more than the generalities which have been conferred upon us.

459.         We know that our Planetary Logos expresses the first, second and third rays. This, however, tells us little about how these notes (one of them, two of them or all of them) sound forth on the various atomic subplanes (and subdivisions) within the cosmic physical plane.


  It would reveal also, through the study of the Law of Action and Reaction, which of the incarnating Egos were on the ray of this Logos;


460.         Different Monads and Egos within our Earth-scheme manifestation have different Planetary Logoi are their Sources.

461.         If such information were in the hands of those who were intelligent but morally selfish, they could exert control over the Monads and Egos they encountered and could also (through the mobilization of unified ray groups) invoke and evoke planetary and extra-planetary energies (perhaps even cosmic energies) for which the Earth-scheme was unprepared. Serious energy imbalances could eventuate.


the deductions from this would lead men into dangerous realms, and put power into hands as yet unprepared to wield it wisely.


462.         DK can see far ahead regarding the uses of the knowledge which He dispenses and which He could dispense. Probably, as yet, we have little idea of how certain kinds of knowledge could be used or misused.. In His wisdom, He can foresee possible uses and potential misuses. This is the foresight of the Master.


Therefore, Group A of Agnichaitans must remain profoundly esoteric, and their true nature can only be revealed to the Adept of the great Law.


463.         Thus, when one is a Master of the Wisdom, the true esoteric nature of the Group A. Agnichaitans, can be revealed and not before.

464.         We have often been told that the fourth and third ether are considered exoteric and the second and first ethers, esoteric. The first ether (and the devic lives who make it what it is) is the most esoteric of all the four ethers. We have been told why this is the case.


Thus only a few hints are permissible, and these deal simply with the relationship of man to these entities.


465.         One must have great knowledge, indeed, to know what knowledge is permissible for dispensation. Probably many of us who have only a little knowledge cannot refrain from discussing things, which under the circumstances, we should not. Our knowledge of implications and ramifications is so small.


  He is related to them primarily because his physical permanent atom is directly energised by them, being a part of their essential nature, and having a place in their form. 


466.         Here is one of the most succinct statements concerning the relation of Group A. Agnichaitans to man.

467.         Man’s physical permanent atoms are:

a.      Directly energised by Group A. Agnichaitans

b.      Group A. Agnichaitans are part of the essential nature of man’s physical permanent atom

c.      Group A. Agnichaitans (how many of such devas we do not know, whether one or more) have place in the form of the physical permanent atom of any particular man.


It will be apparent to any student that if the permanent atoms of the lower man are within the causal periphery the devas of the three worlds on the atomic subplanes must work in the closest co-operation; there must be unity of purpose and of plan.


468.         The devas of the atomic subplanes (found in the physical permanent atom and the astral permanent atom of man, but not, apparently, in the fourfold mental unit), must work in the closest cooperation with the Solar Angels who direct the processes within the causal body and in the personality vehicles via the two lower permanent atoms and the mental unit.


The devas of the atomic levels of all the planes in our scheme work in close affiliation:


469.         Since there is a channel from atomic subplane to atomic subplane, this closely interdependent work is to be expected.

470.         We may say that such devas and their close interrelation provide the synthetic factor in the matter of the cosmic physical plane.


[Page 657]


471.         Immediately below we deal with the types of interplay to be expected among these types of devas.

a. With each other, thus making seven groups who are the sumtotal of the Brahma aspect of our planetary Logos.


472.         From what is here said, we may gather that the Brahma aspect of our Planetary Logos relates to all seven atomic subplanes.

473.         This is interesting, as the expression of the Planetary Logos seems to be more focussed upon the second cosmic subplane of the cosmic physical plane than upon the first or adic subplane, yet His presence cannot be removed from the logoic plane (since He has higher vehicles on the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic lower mental plane.

474.         The Group A. Agnichaitans, cosmically considered, must be closely related to Agni, with each one of the seven sub-groups being an aspect of expression of one of the Raja Deva Lords.


b. With the seven groups who constitute the atomic matter of that scheme which is the polar opposite of ours.


475.         That scheme is the Venus-scheme. Raja Deva Lords of our scheme must be closely related to the corresponding Raja Deva Lords of the Venus-scheme.

c. With that particular group in that scheme which is one of the points in a systemic triangle of which our scheme and our opposite scheme are the other two.


476.         We may propose that the atomic interaction embraces the seven Raja Deva Lords of the Mars-scheme.


d. With corresponding groups in lesser degree in all the systemic schemes.


477.         The major devic interrelation is with the two planetary schemes which form a triangle with our own. Yet, interaction with corresponding devic groups within the seven Raja Deva Lords of the seven planes of other planetary schemes also takes place.

e. With the scheme which corresponds to the first aspect, or the plane of Adi.


478.         Is this scheme the Uranus Scheme? The monadic ray of the Uranus scheme is hinted as the first (EP I, 430); the monadic ray of the Earth-scheme is given as the first.


f. With those devas who form the spirit-substance of the manifestation of that particular Rishi of the Great Bear Who is the prototype of our particular planetary Logos.


479.         How are Prototypes within the Great Bear related to Planetary Logoi within our solar system for which They (the Seven Rishis of the Bear) are Prototypes? Is it via one of the rays? The monadic ray, for instance? The soul-ray, possibly? The mode of relationship may change with the developmental stage of the Planetary Logos concerned and perhaps with the development of particular Rishis of the Bear.

480.         We note that the relationship is with devas who form the “spirit-substance” of one of these Rishis, meaning substance as it pertains to the cosmic ethers and not to the dense physical plane of the Rishi concerned—IF such Rishis even have dense substance.

481.         Given that our Earth-scheme functions at this time very much upon the third ray, there may be (again, at this time) a close connection between the third star Alioth and the Earth. Later the star Mizar and later still Benetnasch, (stars expressing the second and first rays respectively) may have a special connection with the Logos of the Earth-scheme.

g. With those devas who form the substance of that one of those esoteric existences who are spoken of in the Secret Doctrine14 [S. D., II, 579-582.] as "The wives of the seven Rishis," or the seven sisters, the Pleiades.  One of these seven sisters has a close connection with our Heavenly Man, and therefore we have an interesting cosmic interplay as follows:


482.         It appears that we are speaking of the Pleiad, Maya. At any rate it is the third Pleiad as the distributor of the third ray.


1. One of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

2. One of the seven Sisters, or a Pleiad.

3. The Heavenly Man of our scheme.


483.         This cosmic triangle (or rather a maladjustment within this triangle) is, we are told, responsible for the cosmic evil which overflows our Earth.

484.         We are being presented with a vast picture of devic resonance and interdependency. We see that the Law of Vibration as it demonstrates on our planet, and which has to do with action and reaction within devic substance, reflects relationships are not only interplanetary but cosmic as well.


This interplay will be threefold


485.         We are speaking of a threefold cosmic interplay.


 and as far as we are concer­ned just now will involve a transmission of life force through the atomic matter of our planes, circulating in deva sub­stance.


486.         Life force circulates in devic substance—especially through the atomic matter of our planes. Via atomic matter of the various systemic atomic subplanes, a great matrix of planetary, extra-planetary and cosmic energies can be and, in fact, are interconnected.

487.         The information given here can be related to the modus operandi of esoteric astrology, dependent as it is on systemic and cosmic etheric circulations of energies and forces.


 This will materially affect certain types of humanity more than others, according to their ray and nature, and this effect will demonstrate in [Page 658] a vivification of the spirillae of the permanent atoms and of the centres.


488.         We are dealing with an exact occult science. Although the relations described are even cosmic in extent, they affect the microcosm man in certain specific ways.

489.         We are gathering some small idea of the great importance of these esoteric, Group A. Agnichaitans. They are powerful receivers and transmitters and bring the cosmos into our planetary system and into the microcosmic participants within that system.

490.         If we have wondered about the sources of energy which reach our Earth and man, and the means of transmission, much, in principle, is revealed by this account of the functions and interplay of various types of Agnichaitans from various sources—systemic and cosmic.

491.         A picture of interdependency, cosmic in scope, has been presented.

492.         Thus far, we have discussed only Agnichaitans (the devas of the cosmic physical plane) when considering this type of devic life from the cosmic perspective. We have yet to discuss the Agnisuryans related not only the cosmic physical plane physical plane but to the cosmic astral plane, and Agnishvattas, related, again, not only to the cosmic physical plane, but to the cosmic mental plane.