Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester VI Section XI

TCF 707-721 : S6S11

  February 21-Mar 8

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It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph. So please read an entire paragraph and then study the analysis.


1.                  We continue our discussion of the Solar Angels and the individualization process.

b. On Individualisation.

        (a.) The Work of the Solar Angels.  Let us briefly con­sider the general construction of the body of the Ego enumer­ating its component parts and bearing in mind that the form is ever prepared prior to occupancy.


2.                  This is important because the form is manasic and the occupant a great exponent of buddhic energy.

3.                  From another perspective, it is the spiritual triad and the Monad which are the “occupants” of the prepared form.


  From the study of this body, we can get some idea of, and some light upon macrocosmic Individualisation.


2.                  It is important always to preserve the capacity to analogize in two directions—from the macrocosmic to the microcosmic (which is perhaps less prone to distortion) and from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic (which can still be illuminating even though we must not hold the generated analogies too tightly).


The causal body, called sometimes (though inaccurately) the "karana sarira,"


3.                  The term “karana sarira” derives from the Sanskrit karana or cause and sarira or body, bodily frame.

4.                  One wonders if the causal body is not rather a ‘body of effects’—constructed by means of qualities through experience in the lower worlds.

5.                  It is also called the “Anandamaya-Kosha” or blissful sheath. It is considered the seed body which contains “Mulaprakriti-Ajnana” or the potentialities.


has its place on the third subplane of the mental plane, the lowest abstract plane, and the one where­on the Ray of the third Logos provides the necessary "light for construction."


6.                  A number of important points are made.

7.                  The third subplane of the mental plane is where the causal bodies of the majority of human beings are found—i.e., those who are not “advanced men”, aspirants, disciples and initiates.

8.                  Even though the manasic permanent atom is located on the atomic subplane of the higher mental plane, and is the center within the spiritual triad of the “abstract mind”, all three higher subplanes of the mental plane (i.e., the subplanes of the higher mental plane) are all called “abstract” subplanes.

9.                  Each of the three Logoi is associated with one or other of the abstract planes of the higher mental plane:

a.      The Third Logos is associated with the third subplane

b.      The Second Logos is associated with the second subplane

c.      The First Logos with the first subplane.

10.             We seem to be told that the Third Logos contributes to the construction of the causal body. The causal bodies of all human beings is constructed on the third subplane of the higher mental plane.

11.             One of the names of the Third Ray Lord (Who is an expression of the Third Logos) is “The Builder of the Foundation” (cf. EP I, 68)


(This is because each subplane comes specially under the influence of its Number, Name, or Lord.)


12.             We are told of the Number and Lord of the three subplanes of the higher mental plane, but not specifically the Names of the Lords or devas which control and expression upon these subplanes.


When the hour [Page 708] strikes and the vehicles for buddhi


13.             i.e., the causal bodies…


are to be co-ordinated certain great Beings, Lords of the Flame, or Manasadevas, through driving external force, come in conjunction with the material of that subplane, and vitalise it with Their Own energy.


14.             We assume that the “driving external force” is external to them—i.e., to the Lords of the Flame. This force is probably provided by the Planetary Logos within Whose body of expression the Lords of the Flame are serving. The Solar Logos is a still deeper source of the “driving external force” which sends the Solar Angels forth.

15.             Let us again view some of the names of these great Beings:

a.      The self-consciousness principles

b.      The Builders of the egoic body, and adding the names previously mentioned, we have…

c.      Agnishvattas

d.      Planetary spirits

e.      Asuras

f.        Solar Angels

g.      Fire Dhyanis

h.      We have also called them “manasadevas”

i.        Later in text we encounter another name: “Sons of Wisdom”. And also the following terms…

j.         The vehicles of the Divine Mind

k.      The dhyan-chohanic forces

l.         The aggregate of the Ah-hi

m.    And now, the Lords of the Flame


16.             We are being told that the Lords of the Flame bring their own energy to the systemic higher mental plane. It is an energy much higher than that of the higher mental plane.

17.             How exactly does the energy of the Lords of the Flame come in contact with the substance-force of the higher mental plane? We are not yet in a position to understand the occult physics of this juncture.


They form a new and positive impulse which co-ordinates the material of the plane and produces a temporary balanc­ing of forces.


18.             When the energy of the Lords of the Flame comes in contact with the substance of the systemic higher mental plane, what happens?

a.      The positive impulse provided by the Lords of the Flame coordinates the material of the systemic higher mental plane

b.      The energy of the Lords of the Flame produces a temporary balancing of forces on the systemic higher mental plane


 Hence the meaning of the "white," or trans­parent condition of the new causal body.


19.             The term “white” is equivalent to balanced and equilibrized. If the construction were colored, the coloration would indicate imbalance.

20.             White indicates a primitive synthesis of equilibrized proto-forces. After passing through various developmental phases in which different colors are emphasized, there will one day be a ‘return to white’.

21.             The final state of synthesis which is also equilibrized (for Libra sign of balanced and equilibrium, governs the ‘Road to Shamballa’) is also symbolically “white”.


 It remains with the new-born ego first to upset the equilibrium, and then to regain it, at the close of the process, producing a radiant form, full of primal colours.


22.             The “new-born ego” is not, as we see, the Solar Angel. The Solar Angels are responsible for setting up the conditions in which a distinct unit of consciousness called an “ego” can emerge. [The capital “E” and the lower case “e” are often used indiscriminately, though sometimes the capitalization or this word discriminates the higher Ego from the lower] The true “Ego” is the spiritual triad which is reflected in the “ego” or “Ego” on the higher mental plane. The capitalized term “Ego” is used for the center of life and consciousness on the higher mental plane as well as for the spiritual triad considered as a center of individualized consciousness (especially after the fourth initiation).

23.             Apparently, it is possible to achieve a balance of colors and (one would think) sound.

24.             The fully radiant multicolored form appears at the fourth initiation just before its destruction.

25.             We note that the colors are called “primal”. This does not mean that they are only primary colors (whether of light or pigment), for orange, violet and rose are included among them and such are not primary colors.


At the coming in of the Manasadevas to produce self-con­sciousness and to bring about the incarnation of the divine Egos, four things occur on that plane.


26.             DK has been speaking of the “new-born ego”. Now He speaks of “the incarnation of the divine Egos”. What does He mean by “divine Egos”?

27.             From one perspective, we can consider the Solar Angels as “divine Egos”. From another, the spiritual triads of human beings are “divine Egos”. An Ego is a Self and both Solar Angels and spiritual human beings are Selves.

28.             The Solar Angels are in the process of incarnating, but not fully so. The energy of the spiritual triad is also gradually and over time, making its way into expression in the lower worlds through ‘etheric substitution’.


  If the student adds to these four those which have been already imparted in various occult books anent the effect of individualisation on animal man and his appearance as a self-conscious identity on the physical plane, a working hypothesis is provided whereby man can scientifically undertake his own unfoldment.


29.             Herein lies a bit of research for those who wish to undertake it.

30.             We are attempting to catalogue what occurs on the higher mental plane when the Solar Angels begin to influence the substance to be found on that plane. This occurs, says the Tibetan, in four stages.

31.             If we search the CD Rom for under the heading “individualisation” we shall probably find what we are looking for.


These four are given in the order of their appearance in time and space:


32.             To have a good sense of sequence is clarifying. In many occult processes there is much overlapping and simultaneity, but sequentiality still, to a degree, exists.


        First.  There appear upon the third subplane of the mental plane certain vibratory impulses—nine in number—corresponding to the fivefold vibration of these Manasadevas in conjunction with the fourfold vibration set up from below and inherent in the matter of this subplane, the fifth from the lower standpoint.


33.             We have the union of five from above and four from below. The five are naturally related to the Manasadevas who are members of the Fifth Creative Hierarchy. The four can relate to the creation of the fourth kingdom

34.             It is interesting the four lower vibrations, presumably related to the vibrations of the concrete mental subplanes are “inherent in” the matter of the fifth subplane (the third from above). It is as if every succeeding subplane subsumes the vibrations of the subplanes preceding it.

35.             From this perspective, the sixth subplane from below would have five inherent vibrations related to the five subplanes below it, and the seventh or atomic subplane would have six inherent vibrations.

36.             The five and the four together are interesting because what is transpiring is a cooperative union between the Fifth Creative Hierarchy and the Fourth Creative Hierarchy (of human Monads).

37.             It can be presumed that the four lower vibrations will correspond to the construction of the four lowest petals of the egoic lotus which are related to the Moon; the five higher petals (petal five through petal nine) can be seen as corresponding to the Sun. The Manasadevas are profoundly solar.


This produces "the ninefold egoic lotus," which is at this stage tightly closed, the nine petals folded one upon the other.


38.             The “lotus in bud” or “bud lotus” has been created. The evolutionary unfoldment of the lotus has not yet begun.

39.             DK is describing what is ‘visible’ on the systemic higher mental plane through clairvoyant sight.


 They are vibrant, and scintillating "light" but not of excessive brightness.


40.             DK tells us that the petals are vibrant and are radiating light in a “scintillating” manner. The use of the word “scintillating” is interesting; it is used more as a verb/gerund than as an adjective.

41.             One can sense the life inherent in the bud. The light gives evidence of the pulsation characteristic of the first ray.

42.             That which is constructed on the higher mental plane is a ‘light structure’ or a ‘light formation’. It is a ‘body of light’.


 These "lotus buds" are in groups,


43.             We may presume (at length) four groups which will become the four tiers of petals. Of course the fourth group of lotuses are related directly to the buddhic plane but the final three lotuses are not considered in this part of the description. 

44.             As for the fifth part of the lotus, will it be the Jewel in the Lotus?


 according to the influence of the particular ones of the fivefold Dhyanis Who are acting upon it and Who form it out of Their own substance, colouring it faintly with the "fire of manas."


45.             The Dhyanis or Solar Angels are fivefold. Are they are kind of ‘group Entity’+ Do we have one Dhyani in five aspects or a composite Being made of five types of Dhyanis? Or is there truth in both possibilities?

46.             Is the Solar Angels a fivefold (or even twelvefold) emanative group Being?

47.             The egoic lotus is formed of substance of the third subplane of the mental plane. Yet, as well, the Dhyanis Who act upon this higher mental plane substance form the bud lotus “out of Their own substance”? How shall we understand this?

48.             We might think that They provide a kind of energy-pattern into which the mental elemental essence is drawn and to which it conforms.

49.             The “substance” of the Dhyanis is “substance energy” and what the Dhyanis provide may be thought of as an ‘energy form’ which abides as the form of the lotus, with the elemental essence of the higher mental plane built into that solar-angelically-sustained form.


[Page 709]

        Second.  There appears a triangle on the mental plane, produced by manasic activity, and this triangle of fire begins slowly to circulate between the manasic permanent atom, and a point at the centre of the egoic lotus, and thence to the mental unit, which has appeared upon the fourth subplane through innate instinct approximating mentality. 


50.             This triangle of fire is depicted in TCF, Chart IX, 823.

51.             We may judge that no mental unit appears in the case of non-individualized animal man.

52.             We note that at first the circulation is not fast.

53.             The mental unit, we understand, is not given by the Solar Angels as some may have supposed, but is a natural evocation arising from the extension of instinctual process.

54.             What is at the center of the egoic lotus? Can we think of it as a Divine Flame, the expression of the Monad through higher mental matter? Or as the seed of the Jewel in the Lotus?

55.             The driving instinctual force of intelligence within the animal kingdom will move towards the emergence of mentality. Instinct naturally (though unconsciously) seeks to become self-consciousness mentality.


This triangle of fire, which is formed of pure electrical manasic force, waxes ever brighter until it produces an answering vibration from both the lower and the higher.


56.             By the “higher” can be meant the world of the spiritual triad.

57.             By the “lower” can be meant the world of the lower three lunar vehicles—the gradually emerging world of personality.

58.             What might be the origin or “pure electrical manasic force”? It would seem to derive from the manasic permanent atom which is the source of purer manasic force than any manasic center below it, and which is also placed on the first subplane of the mental plane; thus the connection of the manasic permanent atom to electric fire—a fire more demonstrable on the first subplane of a series of seven subplanes than on any other.

59.             In one respect, this “pure electrical manasic force” is an expression of electric fire.

60.             We have seen earlier, however, how, in the second major solar system, there is no energy of pure will, but that the fire of will is derived from the highest level of the cosmic mental plane.

61.             The “pure electrical” variety of any kind of force will always be found on the atomic subplane of the vibratory dimension by means of which that force is expressed.


This triangle is the nucleus of the antaskarana.


62.             In a way the antahkarana, though eventually linear, is initially triangular.

63.             Even at our present stage of development, the three ‘lines’ of the antahkarana can be utilized.


 The work of the highly evolved man is to reduce this triangle to a unity, and by means of high aspiration (which is simply transmuted desire affecting mental matter) turn it into the Path


64.             The most direct aspect of the threefold antahkarana is the line of energy connecting the mental unit with the manasic permanent atom.

65.             Soul energy is attracted to and absorbed by the mental unit so there is no need to continue expending effort to achieve causal consciousness. As spiritual development proceeds, that line of energy is superseded. The line of energy from the center of the egoic lotus to the manasic permanent atom is also superseded.

66.             This is a very good definition of “aspiration”. We see that the energy or force of a lower plane can affect a higher.

67.             Transmuted desire is elevated desire.

68.             DK seems to be telling us that all true aspiration has a mentally conceived objective.

69.             When transmuted desire touches the mental plane, the quality of thought which necessarily be elevated.


and thus reproduce in a higher synthetic form the earlier "path" along which the descending Spirit came to take possession of its vehicle, the causal body, and from thence again work through the lower personal self.


70.             There are two paths along which the “descending Spirit” can take possession of the causal body. One is direct and one is indirect.

71.             The direct path sees the Monad extending itself as the very center of the egoic lotus. The Jewel in the Lotus is a reflection of the Monad. Perhaps it is more than a reflection.

72.             The indirect path sees the Monad reaching the egoic lotus via the permanent atoms of the spiritual triad.

73.             We are not told exactly when in the process the Spirit descends to take possession of the causal body, but that descent is surely of the utmost importance.

74.             We come to understand that it is not only the Solar Angel which is working through the lower personal self (via the permanent atoms) but that the Spirit does so as well. The Spirit has a direct connection with the five permanent atoms and eventually with the mental unit. During the second outpouring, the Spirit/Monad appropriated the five permanent atoms. There was at that early time, however, no mental unit to appropriate.

75.             Whenever the Monad extends itself to take possession, it is justifiable to consider that we are witnessing the sutratma in expression.


        Third.  At a certain stage of vibratory activity, the work of the Lords of the Flame having produced a body or form and a vibration calling for response, there occurs a practical­ly simultaneous happening.


76.             By reading the “records”, DK must have witnessed a process of individualization. There has not been an instance of such a process for millions of years.

77.             Thus far, a ninefold vibration has appeared on the higher mental plane.

78.             A triangle of fire (which is the seed of the antahkarana) has appeared uniting the manasic permanent atom, the center of the egoic lotus and the mental unit.

79.             The Lords of the Flame are form-Builders.

80.             They have created not only a body of the higher mental plane but a complex invocatory vibration. That vibration calls for a response, from above.


A downflow of buddhi takes place along the line of the manasic triangle until it reaches a point at the very centre of the lotus. 


81.             The solar angelically induced vibration on the higher mental plane has become invocative. Invocation is a mathematical process. Vibrations invoke or induce resonant vibrations.

82.             Is the point at the very center of the lotus to be found (at this juncture of the evolutionary process) on the third subplane of the mental plane?

83.             The manasic vibration (gathered into form by the still higher vibration of the Solar Angel) invokes a “downflow of buddhi” which reaches the center of the lotus where the Jewel in the Lotus will appear.

84.             It is very easy to read that there is a “downflow of buddhi” “along the line of the manasic triangle”, but what really does it mean? Without understanding the superimposition and interpenetration of the planes, such a deceptively simple statement cannot be understood.

85.             The center of the lotus is, presumably, on the mental plane. So in what manner can any higher energy such as buddhi actually descend to a lower plane? Will not energy or force descending to a lower plane become the energy or force of the plane to which it descends? This is an intricate question in occult physics.

86.             However, it is possible to have the detectable presence of buddhic force on the higher mental plane or even on the systemic etheric-physical plane.

87.             Planes are interpenetrating and energy is accessible from ‘positions’ of lower vibration.

88.             It would seem that the principle of resonance must be understood is the means of transmission is to be even slightly grasped.


There, by the power of its own vibration,


89.             We appear to be speaking of the power or vibration of buddhi…


 it causes a change in the appearance of the lotus.


90.             A new force-field is coming into the presence of lesser force-fields and is building new forms within those lesser force-fields. In other words, buddhi is building within the manasic field.

91.             The vibrations of one plane descend into that of another and lower plane when those higher vibrations induce resonant vibrations in the lower plane.

92.             One must think carefully of that “descent” and “ascent” mean. It is not that buddhic atoms become mental atoms (descending) or that mental atoms become buddhic (ascending). Descent or ascent are resonant induction.


  At the very heart of the lotus, three more petals appear which close in on the central flame,


93.             That central flame was provided by monadic descent…We have not yet been told how the Monad descended as a central flame into the heart of the egoic lotus.


 covering it closely, and remaining closed until the time comes for the revelation of the "jewel in the Lotus."


94.             It would seem that the central monadic flame must evolve into a reflection of the monadic Jewel. The Monad is indeed a Jewel and, it would seem, a truer, more essential Jewel than the Jewel in the Lotus.

95.             Thus the occult evolution is from fire to crystal. How is this done?


  The egoic lotus is now composed of twelve petals, nine of these appear at this stage in bud form and three are completely hidden and mysterious.


96.             Buddhi is entirely latent within the lotus. With respect to the egoic lotus the three inner petals represent deep subjectivity.

97.             The central flame from which the Jewel in the Lotus will arise (or has arisen in essence) is still more completely hidden and mysterious.


At the same time, the three permanent atoms are enclosed within the lotus,


98.             They existed before the formation of the lotus but are now gathered within its periphery.

99.             So the appearance of a superior three (the mysterious synthesis petals in their most incipient stage) occurs at the same time as the enclosure of the members of the atomic triangle within the periphery of the causal body or lotus.

100.         Note that the units enclosed are not all of them permanent atoms, strictly speaking.


and are seen by the clairvoyant as three points of light in the lower part of the bud, beneath [Page 710] the central portion.


101.         We may be dealing with an arupic plane (from the perspective of man), but there are definitely spatial coordinates within this arupa level. Locality seems to mean very much what it does on the lower, rupa levels.

102.         The words “lower part” indicate spatial location.


 They form at this stage a dimly burning triangle.


103.         So we have a triangle of “pure electrical manasic force” uniting the manasic permanent atom, the center of the egoic lotus-in-bud, and the mental unit and, also, another triangle, dimly burning, consisting of the three members of the lower atomic triangle—the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physical permanent atom.

104.         We see that one of the points (the mental unit) is found in both triangles.

105.         Thus, in a sense, we have a fivefold structure.

106.         The light coming from the ninefold petal structure is not brilliant and the atomic triangle is only “dimly burning”.


  The causal body, though only in an embry­onic condition, is now ready for full activity as the eons slip away, and is complete in all its threefold nature.


107.         The proto-form of the causal body has now been sequentially built.

108.         Although its structure is embryonic of what it will one day become, the structure is foundationally complete.


The matter aspect concerns the material form of the man in the three worlds, or his active intelligent personal self call be developed and controlled through the medium of the mental unit, the astral permanent atom and the physical permanent atom.


109.         This threefold collection is called the “atomic triangle”. It is technically incorrect to say “the three lower permanent atoms” if the mental unit is included as the representative of mentality.

110.         As for the “matter aspect”, when we discuss it, we usually mean the material form of man in the three worlds, but the causal body, although in an arupa state, is very much a part of the matter aspect—solar-logically considered.


The Spirit aspect lies concealed at the heart of the lotus,


111.         Spirit is indeed represented within the egoic lotus, just as the spiritual triad is.

112.         Note, we are not told how it arrived there or when.


 in due course of time to stand revealed when the manasa­devas have done their work.  The will that persists forever is there.


113.         When we think of the “will that persists” we cannot help but think of Vulcan which, interestingly, can be associated with all jewels and the pressure which makes jewels.

114.         Vulcan is closely associated with the Heart of the Sun just as is the egoic lotus. With what part of the Heart of the Sun is Vulcan to be associated? The jewel association makes a lot of sense.


The consciousness aspect embodying the love-wisdom of the divine Ego as it reveals itself by the means of mind is predominantly there,


115.         Something very important is being said here; we are locating the seat of the consciousness aspect within the egoic lotus We are essentially the Monad and when we, as the Monad, descend into the egoic lotus, monadic consciousness centralizes itself within the central flame at the heart of the lotus, essentially within the Jewel in the Lotus which will be formed over millions of years.

116.         Just the way a diamond is not formed immediately out of its carbon base, so, perhaps, the Jewel in the Lotus is not formed immediately from its matrix of flame. This is speculation and would have to be verified one way or the other.

117.         If wisdom is essentially buddhi, we can say that wisdom resides in the heart of the lotus because the three innermost petals are part of that heart. The three synthesis petals were created by a downflow of buddhic energy. The Jewel in the Lotus and the three central petals are, from one perspective, a unit of energy.

118.         The “divine Ego”, again, may be considered the spiritual triad. Each of the three synthesis petals may be considered revelatory of one of the aspects of the spiritual triad.

119.         Not only is the Solar Angel the expression of love-wisdom, but this can be said of the spiritual triad (in its true nature as the higher Ego), even though that triad can be directly associated with the Divine Will of the Monad. Really the spiritual triad is a bridge between the first and second aspect and partakes of both.


 and in the nine petals and their vibra­tory capacity lies hid all opportunity, all innate capacity to progress, and all the ability to function as a self-conscious unit, that entity we call Man.37 


120.         For the sake of visual clarity let us tabulate that which lies hid within the nine petals of the egoic lotus:

a.      All opportunity

b.      All innate capacity to progress

c.      All ability to function as a self-conscious unit

121.         Since the nine petals are directly stimulated by the spiritual triad (cf. TCF, Chart VIII, 817), the petals have a direction and developmental tendency which is not entirely dependent upon what man (as personality) brings to them from the lower worlds. The manasadevas direct the process of incorporation of human experience into the petal substance. Man merely offers his experience but cannot transmute it into egoic quality.

Footnote 37:  The Solar Lord, the Divine Ego.


122.         There is ambiguity here, for the Solar Lord both is and is not the Divine Ego. Yet, of course, there would be no Divine Ego expressing itself through a vehicle on the higher mental plane without the intervention of the Solar Lord of Solar Angel—at least in our solar system.

123.         From another perspective, we, as a Divine Ego are a Solar Lord.


Of the two courses of soul development referred to by H. P. B. in her "Voice of the Silence" as the path of "Dhyana" and "Dharma" or the "Paramitas," Ramayana is based upon the latter.


124.         There are two Paths:

a.      The Path of Dhyana (Dhyana refers to meditation.)

b.      The Path of Dharma or the Paramitas (Dharma refers to right action,)

 The "Seven Portals," referred to in the book of the same name, correspond very probably to the seven cantos of this sacred poem.  But I have read only the first canto, and I shall give you the analysis of it, so far as I know.  Excluding the pre­face to the poem, the first thing, in the first canto, is a des­crip­tion of the peculiar circumstances that attended Rama's birth in Dasaratha's family.  Dasaratha is, as you all know, a descend­ant of solar kings, who began to rule over this earth from the time of Manu the Vyvaswatha.


125.         There is a tradition of Solar Kings who directed the progress of humanity.

126.         The very first Solar Kings were embodied Solar Angels themselves.

127.         It is possible that certain Kumaras Who came to the Earth-globe with Sanat Kumara may also have served in the role of Solar Kings.


 As his name implies, he is a king whose car can travel in ten directions, or taking the occult microcosmic sense he is king of the human body, which has ten senses of action and perception that connect it with the ten directions.


128.         This is pure Raja Yoga.


  You are thoroughly familiar with the idea that our ancient philosophers used to describe the body as a town with nine gates.  The nine gates are, as you know, the nine orifices of the human body.  If you add to the nine one more for the orifice known as the Brahma-rundra or the door of Brahma, you get ten gates corresponding to the ten directions.


129.         This would relate to the female reproductive organs.


  The word "Dasaratha" indicates the consciousness connected with our senses, which consciousness is inferior to the conscious­ness which we call mind.
The Theosophist, Vol. XIII, p. 340.


130.         The mind is antecedent to the senses which are extensions of the mind.


Mahadeva sits at the heart,


131.         Mahadeva is Spirit or Monad and is the seat of consciousness within the heart of the lotus.

132.         Mahadeva is the Lord of the first aspect of divinity.


Surya or Vishnu reveals Him in His essence as the Wisdom of Love and the Love of Wisdom, and Brahma, the Creative Logos makes that rev­elation possible.


133.         Surya and Vishnu (as we have seen when considering the Raja Deva Lords) are virtually equivalent terms.

134.         The second aspect is the Revealer. Its purpose is to reveal the first aspect.

135.         We could well ponder on the “Wisdom of Love” and the “Love of Wisdom”. Perhaps the first of these is more difficult to understand, but it is clear that unless there is true Love, there can be no true Wisdom. Love, opens the door to Wisdom—the Wisdom of the Heart. We are familiar with the idea that Wisdom opens the door to Love.

136.         The wisdom aspect of divinity is often associated with the first ray aspect of the second ray. Those upon the wisdom line of the second ray go to Shamballa. Is DK telling us that the essence of Mahadeva is the Wisdom of Love or the Love of Wisdom? If so, it shows how closely the first aspect is connected to the second—especially in this solar system. The word “essence” should be pondered. We cannot, in this solar system, disconnect will from wisdom and love.

137.         Brahma makes the revelation possible on the eighteen lower subplanes.


 The Father in [Page 711] Heaven is to be revealed through the Christ, the Son, by the method of incarnation made possible through the work of the Holy Spirit.


138.         “No man commeth to the Father except by me.”

139.         The “Father” is, in a way, always in ‘darkness’ and requires revelation by His glorious “Son”.


 All this has been brought about by the sacrifice and instrumentality of certain cosmic entities who "offer Them­selves" up in order that Man may be.


140.         DK seems to be calling the Solar Angels “cosmic” entities. If this is the case, it points to the monadic origin on the Solar Angels on levels higher than the cosmic physical plane, which is the plane of the solar system. Anything ‘above’ or ‘beyond’ the cosmic physical plane, can be considered, from one perspective, “cosmic”.

141.         From another perspective, however, the Solar Angels are definitely part of still greater Angels on the cosmic mental plane—Beings Who can definitely be called cosmic.


From their very essence, they give out that which is needed to produce the individualising principle,


142.         The “individualising principle” is a kind of energy which induces that type of perception we call “self-consciousness”.

143.         We are dealing with energies within energies and forces within forces. We must be careful not to overly materialize the various ‘characters’ involved in the drama of individualization.


 and that which we call "self-con­scious­ness,"


144.         There is always consciousness (inherent in cosmos), but if consciousness is to become self-consciousness, consciousness must turn reflexive, must turn back upon itself. Into the field of consciousness a center must be built and it must become, eventually and for a time, the most important content of consciousness.

145.         The process is achieved through ‘centering’ and ‘dividing’. A center is cultivated and sustained and that center is divided from all other things. “This” and “that” come into existence.

146.         If we think of the first and fifth rays (the rays of a primary sign of individualization, Leo) we shall find this ‘centering’ and ‘dividing’ process.


and thus enable the divine Spirit to enter into fuller life by means of limitation by form,


147.         This almost seems a contradiction—to enter into that which is “fuller” through limitation. But, probably, the “divine Spirit”, the Monad, would not have such an opportunity without the intervention of the Solar Angels. Any experience, however limiting, can be considered an expansion if it is an experience hitherto unpossessed.


 by means of the lessons garnered through a long pilgrimage, and through the "assimilation of manifold existences."


148.         We are given three ways in which the “divine Spirit” enters into fuller life:

a.      By means of limitation of form

b.      By means of the lessons garnered through a long pilgrimage

c.      Through the “assimilation of manifold existences”

149.         What is to be achieved? Full I-realization under the most limiting circumstances. There is no ‘place’ in time and space (however apparently circumscribed) where God shall not be “All in All” and know Himself to be “All in All”.


The fourth point to be noted is that when these three events have occurred, the light or fire that circulates along the manasic triangle is withdrawn to the centre of the lotus, and this "prototype" of the future antaskarana, if so it may be expressed, disappears.


150.         This is interesting as in the charts with which we are provided, this triangle is very much in evidence. (cf. Chart IX, TCF, 823)

151.         Perhaps this chart represents conditions as they will exist for the highly developed disciple/initiate. That the triangle must refer to a high stage of development is evident because the egoic lotus is completely unfolded!

152.         We may presume that the light and fire circulating along the manasic triangle joins the light and fire of Sprit already resident at the heart of the lotus.


  The threefold energy of the petals, the atoms and the "jewel" is now centralised, because impulse must now be generated which will produce a down­flow of energy from the newly made causal vehicle into the three worlds of human endeavour.


153.         Before an initiative is undertaken, centralization is necessary. All is latent through potent.

154.         We notice here that it is apparently not a question of the “jewel” being generated from the central fire over time. This reference suggests that the “jewel” exists from the beginning. The process surrounding the arising of the Jewel in the Lotus is still not explicitly presented.’

155.         Of course, we see the word “jewel” put in quotation marks, which may suggest that what is to be found at the heart of the lotus is, as are the twelve petals, far from existing in any final state of formation.


We have dealt with the method of individualisation through the coming in of the Lords of the Flame because it is the prime method in this solar system;


156.         We presume, then, that it was not only the failure of our Planetary Logos through the Moon-chain which brought in the Lords of the Flame, but that all Planetary Logoi in our solar system would use a similar method, even if not in the same state of planetary duress as our Planetary Logos finds Himself.


 whatever methods may be pursued in the varying schemes and chains, this—at the middle stage—is the universal rule.


157.         DK emphasizes this idea. It is universal within our solar system.

158.         He also hints that varying methods may be used in other planetary schemes.

  Karmic conditions hav­ing to do with a planetary Logos may effect modifica­tions, and bring into action manasadevas whose activity may not be the same in working detail, but the results are ever similar, and the divine Egos in their causal bodies have analogous instruments to work through....


159.         The instruments are created through the work of the Solar Angels, however variously they may work.

160.         It is still somewhat ambiguous whether the Solar Angels are to be called “divine Egos”, but for the moment let us stay that the term seems to refer most to the higher part of man.

161.         There are one or two references in which Solar Angels are identified as “divine Egos”.

162.         VSK questions: “What part has been omitted here indicated by the ellipses?”


A final point which is of profound significance is that the Agnishvattas construct the petals out of Their Own sub­stance, which is substance energised by the principle [Page 712] of "I-ness," or ahamkara.


163.         This is a vitally important statement. It does not suggest that there is no substance to be worked with on the higher mental plane, but that solar angelic energy is added to the energy of elemental substance on the higher mental plane and the result is the egoic lotus.

164.         We must remember that substance is not ‘stuff’ but, really, energy.

165.         If, in occultism, we could determine how energy is added to energy, or energy to force, or force to energy, or force to force, we would know much.

166.         To answer this, laws of wave addition and laws of fusion would have to be studied.

167.         The substance of the higher mental plane would not have conformed itself into the structure of the egoic lotus without the sustaining energy patterns provided by the Solar Angels or Manasadevas.

168.         To understand the nature of substance energised by the principle of “I-ness” or ahamkara, we have to think of energy which induces the perception of I-ness or ahamkara. This is energy which builds a center within the field of consciousness and sustains that center with relative permanence when compared with the contents which enter consciousness in other ways. Due to the reflective and reflexive energy of the Manasadevas, that center in the field of consciousness has continuity and becomes, eventually, the most constant and real content of consciousness perceived.


 They proceed to energise the permanent atoms with Their own positive force, so as to bring the fifth spirilla in due course of time into full activity and usefulness.


169.         What is evident is that the fifth and other higher spirillae already exist within such permanent atoms, but that they are not energized into potency.

170.         What energizes the spirillae? Certainly, upward striving must, but also the deliberate stimulation provided by the manasadevas.

171.         As with all things unfolding, the spirillae have a range of possible unfoldment. The stage of early stimulation of the fifth spirilla is not the stage of the fullest stimulation and expression of that spirilla.


 All possibility, all hopefulness and opti­mism, and all future success lies hid in these two points.


172.         Man has hopes for a beautiful and creative life pursued in freedom.

173.         What are the two points which provide him with hope:

a.      That the Solar Angels construct the petals of his egoic lotus out of their own substance which is energized by the principle of I-ness

b.      That the Solar Angels stimulate permanent atoms with their own positive force bringing the fifth spirilla eventually into a state of full stimulation. And can we say this also of the sixth spirilla? Or is this more stimulated by the spiritual triad, per se?

c.      As both fifth and sixth spirillae are related to processes within the Kingdom of Souls (from which one is almost graduated by the time of the fourth initiation) we might infer that the Solar Angels still have something to do with the stimulation of the sixth spirilla.

The Egoic Ray concerns itself with the fifth spirilla and with the sixth, and is the cause of their emerging from latency and potentiality into power and activity.  The Monadic Ray is the source of the stimulation of the seventh spirilla. (TCF 71-72)


2. The fifth and sixth spirillae are more specifically under the egoic Ray, whatever that Ray may be. (TCF 531)


As we have seen, the work of the Agnishvattas on the mental plane resulted in a downflow of force or energy from the Monad (or Spirit)


174.         The timing of this downflow from Spirit is not given. What we are shown is that it did not occur before the Agnishvattas began their building work on the higher mental plane.

175.         The downflow of force from the buddhic plane results in the formation of the three inmost petals—the synthesis petals.

176.         DK has suggested that the Monad or Spirit anchors itself as a divine flame at the very center of the lotus. When the divine flame becomes the Jewel in the Lotus remains to be seen. It could be immediately or there could be a timed process involved. Also the seed of the Jewel in the Lotus might still be a jewel but not the full formation of the seven-faceted Jewel in the Lotus:

177.         We gather that the work of the Agnishvattas serves as an invocation of the energy of the Monad. The second aspect (the Agnishvattas) prepares the way for the descent of the first aspect (the Monad).

178.         In the preparation for individualization, there is cooperation between the first and second aspects.


 and this, in conjunction with the energy of the lower quaternary produced the appearance of the body of the Ego on the mental plane.


179.         We see that the lower quaternary has something to do with the appearance of the body of the Ego on the mental plane. The atomic triangle is part of the body of the Ego we are told; thus the words, “in conjunction with”.

180.         We clearly see that if the body of the Ego on the mental plane is to appear three types of energy, are, it would seem, simultaneously needed:

a.      The energy of the Agnishvattas

b.      The energy of the Spirit or Monad

c.      The energy of the lower quaternary

181.         The body of the Ego does not appear before all three have worked together and in relation.

182.         The causal body is not the Ego but is the “body of the Ego”. The egoic lotus is also not the Ego, but the lotus which the Ego uses.

183.         What then is the “Ego”? We will have to stay that it is, essentially, the spiritual triad. The Monad and spiritual triad are reflected in the structure of the egoic lotus, through the Jewel in the Lotus and the twelve petals.


In ordinary electric light, we have a faint illustration of the thought I seek to convey.  By the approximation of the two polarities, light is created.


184.         From relative darkness, light is created. Father and Mother, relatively are in darkness. Mother dwells in ‘dark light’ and Father has a light so intense that it appears to be darkness.


 By an analogous type of electrical phenomena, the light of the Monad shines forth,


185.         It shines forth through the egoic lotus which is its vehicle and the vehicle of the “Son” aspect.


 but we have to extend the idea to the subtler planes, and deal with seven types of force or energy in connection with the one polarity and with four in connection with the other.


186.         We have the number eleven. We remember that the number eleven is the number of the initiate.

187.         There are seven types of positive force—the force or energy of the seven rays.

188.         Note that DK does not in this context discriminating between force and energy.

189.         The forces associated with the negative polarity may be considered the forces of the four aspects of the lower quaternary—dense physical force, etheric force, astral force and lower mental force.

190.         From the numerological perspective, if we add

a.      The seven forces associated with the positive polarity

b.      The four forces associated with the lower quaternary

c.      The thirteen forces associated with the Agnishvattas—the twelve petals and the inmost jewel

we arrive at the number 24—the number of Shamballa.

191.         If we add the number of the Solar Angel as a whole, our total number will be 25.

192.         If we add the seven facets of the Jewel in the Lotus, our number will be 32.

193.         If we add the energy of the grand entirety, our number will be the significant Christ number, 33.


A scientific formula for the process of individualisation conveys this dual approximation with its differing types of energy in one symbol and a number, but it cannot here be revealed.


194.         This is promising. The Ageless Wisdom has encapsulated in symbolic form all the great ideas. The time will come for revelation. Before that time we must prove ourselves trustworthy and completely integrated in the expression of the Plan.


The Manasadevas are themselves energised by force from the cosmic mental planea force which has been in opera­tion ever since the individualisation of the solar Logos in kalpas far distant.


195.         This type individualization is not about the individualization of the Solar Logos as a human man, but as a Logos in His own right.

196.         If we are talking about cosmic mental force, it is derivative from a type of Being Who provides higher cosmic manas to such Beings as the Solar Logos. Just as the Solar Logos is a Man compared to the human man, so the cosmic Solar Angels are Angels compared with the Beings we usually call Solar Angels.

197.         As we have tried to explain in other commentaries, individualization for a great Group Being such as a Solar Logos is something far different from individualization for a man. It signifies becoming a Cosmic Individual—one who is cosmically Self-conscious—one Who can begin to know Himself as a cosmic Being.

198.         The following anent the Solar Logos (paralleling a similar phase in man—from individualization to the first initiation) applies in this context:

a. He [the Solar Logos] has to attain to the full consciousness of His entire ring-pass-not, or of the seven planes of the solar system.  This covers a period wherein five of the Heavenly Men, or five of His centres, and therefore, five schemes, reach a stage of accurate response to contact and stimulation. (TCF 292)


199.         Individualization in this case, is the awakening of solar logoic consciousness to the cosmic ring-pass-not, just as newly individualized man must awaken to himself as a center in the three worlds and to that part of his nature which is called the “not-self”.

200.         There are many beings which go to the constitution to the ring-pass-not of the Solar Logos, and He has to awaken to the perception that He is them.

201.         How many kalpas (probably mahamanvantaras) ago did this type of cosmic individualization take place? May we say five Mahakalpas ago? This is, after all, the fifth incarnation of our Solar Logos (as a Solar Logos).

202.         When thinking of the Solar Angels or Manasadevas, let us always remember the cosmic mental connection.


  They, in Their corporate nature,


203.         We must remember that groups of Solar Angels (i.e., Solar Angels corporately considered) can become Planetary Logoi.

204.         If groups of Solar Angels become Planetary Logoi, can groups of groups of Solar Angels become Solar Logoi?

205.         The word “corporate” is very significant.

The student must bear in mind that in thinking of the Pitris, he must ever think in group terms.  The Pitris who formed the egoic body of a human being do not—alone and isolated—form planetary Logoi.

The forty-nine groups of solar fires concerned in the great work are those spoken of, and they become the forty-nine planetary Logoi in connexion with seven solar systems. (TCF 878-879)


embody the will or purpose of the Logos, and are the cosmic "proto­types" of our solar Angels.


206.         Do our Solar Angels embody the will or purpose of a human man?

207.         Our Solar Angels are here to help expedite the purpose of our Monad. Can the same be said of the greater Solar Angels on the cosmic mental plane? Are They to help the Solar Logos as a cosmic Monad express cosmic monadic Will or Purpose?

208.         Of course, the purpose of our Solar Logos also works through the more familiar type of Solar Angels who work on the systemic higher mental plane.

209.         We have one more possible angle of the statements above. The “Manasadevas” can be interpreted as Planetary Logoi, and then, would indeed, be energized by force from the cosmic mental plane.

210.         Just as man is energized by force from the systemic higher mental plane (Egoic force) so, if “Manasadevas”, in this context, meant Planetary Logoi, They too would be energized by force from the causal levels of the cosmic mental plane.

211.         Or, the Manasadevas is question could be another name for the greater types of cosmic Solar Angels to be found energizing the higher cosmic mental plane.

212.         We are left with the question: “Who or what may be the cosmic “prototypes” of our Solar Angels. We will state and ask:

a.      Certain cosmic Solar Angels definitely are the cosmic prototypes of our Solar Angels.

b.      Planetary Logoi are prototypical to man as a Monad.

c.      Are Planetary Logoi impulsed from the causal levels of the cosmic mental plane also prototypical to our Solar Angels?

d.      We must remember the thought that Planetary Logoi are formed of corporate groups of Solar Angels.

e.      We have some intricate questions here. We must discriminate if we can, between:

                                                              i.      Planetary Logoi focussed on the cosmic higher mental plane

                                                            ii.      The cosmic prototypes of our Solar Angels considered to be a cosmic type of Solar Angel.


A solar Logos uses for His energy centres the planetary schemes, each of which embodies a peculiar type of energy, and each of which, therefore, vibrates to the key of the logoic solar Angel, of which the human solar Angel is a dim reflection. (TCF 1161)


213.         We may assume that if a Solar Logos has a “logoic solar Angel” (which must mean we are in the second major incarnation of a Cosmic Logos during which it is fitting for Solar Angels to intervene), then Planetary Logoi can certainly have planetary logoic Solar Angels.

214.         It becomes important to discover the relationship between our Solar Angels and our Planetary Logos or the Planetary Logoi in general. We know that the human Monad is part of the centers of a Planetary Logos. What can be said of a Solar Angel in this regard. While deva Monads also go to the constitution of the centers of a Solar Logos, do Solar Angels, specifically, find themselves in this type of role?


 The solar Angels on the mental plane of the system embody as much of that will and pur­pose as the Logos can work through in one single incarna­tion and as They, in Their groups, can develop.


215.         Our Solar Angels on the mental plane are recipients of the higher Will and Purpose as they are known on the cosmic mental plane—presumably by the Solar Angel of the Solar Logos and the Solar Angels of the Planetary Logoi (hypothesized).

216.         Groups of Solar Angels seem to be creative with respect to solar logoic purpose, developing it as they sense it.

217.         What is being said is that cosmic Purpose comes through our Solar Angels to us, though it obviously has a still higher Source.

218.         The whole process of the individualization of man is cosmically impulsed and guided.

219.         We can begin to see who may be the Teachers of the ones we call Solar Angels.

220.         Solar Purpose is expressed through systemic Solar Angels. Is the purpose of a Cosmic Logos expressed through cosmic Solar Angels? Analogically, it would seem to be the case.

221.         It appears that the two orders of B/beings—men and angels—rise distinct from one another through increasingly high levels of cosmic.


They work, therefore, through egoic groups and primarily, after indivi­duali­sation, upon the mental units of the separated identities who go to the constituency of the groups.


222.         Solar Angels work through “egoic groups” which are gathered according to egoic ray and, perhaps, monadic ray, as well as period of individualization and degree of petal unfoldment.

223.         This type of work is one of the ways the solar logoic purpose is expressed through the individual.

224.         We are being told that the Solar Angels work upon the mental units of the newly formed separative identities we call “man”, or a member of the fourth kingdom of nature.


 This is Their secondary work.


225.         To work upon the mental unit of man is secondary work. Man, from his self-centered perspective, thinks of such work as primary.

226.         The primary work (in a large sense) is to carry forward solar logoic purpose—alone and in groups.


 Their work in part might be described as follows:  [Page 713]


227.         Again, and from another perspective, we have a restatement of the primary and secondary purposes of the Solar Angels.


        Primarily, they bring about the union of the divine Ego and the lower personal self.  This has been dealt with.


228.         From this important section of text, we learn that the Solar Angel is not the “divine Ego”, because the Angel is to provide a union of the “divine Ego” with the lower personal self.

229.         This type of union has to be considered integral to the purposes of the Solar Logos.

230.         When considering the “divine Ego”, probably the best solution is to consider it as the spiritual triad. From another perspective, the threefold Monad may be considered the highest example of “divine Ego”. When DK speaks of “Egos” on the first, second and third rays coming in from the Moon-chain, He is primarily speaking of Monads (working through pre-formed egoic lotuses). We assume that the stipulation holds: in early days (before the first initiation) it is not possible for individualized Egos to have soul rays other than the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rays.

231.         So their first task (i.e., the task of the Solar Angels) is to work as “Benign Uniters”, fusing the highest and lowest aspect of man by bridging across the mental plane.


        Secondly, they work through the mental units, impres­sing upon the atom that portion, microscopic as it may be, of the logoic purpose which the individual can work out on the physical plane.


232.         We know that the sense of purpose often arises in our mind. From where does it come?

233.         Here we are told that the Solar Angels are working with the mental unit to impress upon it a microscopic portion of logoic purpose. Thus, we are indebted to the Solar Angels for that impression of purpose, and we must realize, that attenuated and microscopic though it may be, it is nevertheless solar logoic purpose.

234.         Our little plans, if rightly aligned, are helping to carry forth the purposes of the Solar Logos on our lower planes.

235.         So if we may occasionally wonder “What’s it all for?”, our thoughts, with justification, could turn toward the Solar Logos and what He seeks to see accomplished—minutes, through us!

236.         Let us review the primary and secondary purposes of the Solar Angels:

a.      To bring about the union of the “divine Ego” and the lower personal self

b.      To work via the mental unit impressing upon the human atom its tiny portion of the solar logoic Plan.


 At first their influence is unconscious­ly assim­i­lated, and the man responds to the plan blindly and ignorantly.


237.         Yet there is guidance all the time. The Solar Angel may not yet be a “downward gazing soul”, but the influence is very real and positive.

238.         Steadily, and really without our conscious awareness, we are being built into the Plan.

239.         We are to realize (and it is quite an astonishing realization) that the Plan and Purpose of the Solar Logos is being built into us via the mental unit through the agency of the Solar Angel.


Later, as evolution proceeds, their work is recog­nised by the man in a conscious co-operation with the plan of evolution.38


240.         Before the third initiation, then, there must be conscious recognition of the impression being provided by the Solar Angel and the relation of that impression to the planetary logoic Plan and eventually to the solar logoic Plan.

241.         The Plan is most related to the atmic plane. While the Plan can come through in a mediated manner before the third initiation, it is at that initiation that a significant touch of atma can be appropriated and hence a clear and first-hand registration of the Plan.

242.         Guidance is built into us. It need not be sought in ‘strange’ places. But man ever leaves himself in search of something apparently more interesting, only to discover that the source of eternal fascination resides precisely within him.


 After the third initiation, the will or purpose aspect predomi­nates.


243.         This does not mean that the work of the Solar Angels is quite over, as the Angel persists with the man until the fourth initiation.


Footnote 38: The Sacrificer or Yajamana. 

The yajamana is the person who has sacrificed himself for the good of the world and who has undertaken to mould the affairs of it, in obedience to the law.


244.         This is a Bodhisattva.


  If the human body be taken as the sacrificial ground, the manas in him is the yajamana.


245.         The sacrificial ground is the “burning ground”.

246.         The manas in this case is the higher manas.


 All the doings of man in all his life from birth to death, form one grand yagnic process that is conducted by the true human entity call­ed the Manas.


247.         This entity is the Ego manifesting through the causal body.

248.         We must be cautious in dealing with the term “manas”, as it can indicate either the higher or lower manas.


 He, who is willing to sacrifice his body, speech, and thought to the good of all the world, is a real yagnika and all the higher lokas are reserved for him. 


249.         We rise through sacrifice. We see that sacrifice is a consecration to a specific spiritual objective.


The central keynote of yagnika's life is to do good unto all, irres­pective of caste and creed even as the sun shines for all.
—Some Thoughts on the Gita, page 90.


250.         Thus, a great and beautiful morality is expressed.


It might here be noted that it is the positive force of the Man­asadevas that produces initiation.


251.         The Solar Angel is not simply a bystander in the ceremony of initiation. The Angel is present, we have learned.

In the earlier two initiations, the Angel of the Presence stood between the disciple-candidate and the Presence.  (R&I 176)

252.         We are learning, however, that in the developmental process the Solar Angel impels the man towards initiation towards the pressure of solar angel energy upon the mental unit.’

253.         Man is under constant pressure from the Solar Angel and this pressure increases and human consciousness grows.

254.         May is initiate before he is initiated and it is the spiritual pressure of the Solar Angel which brings him to the door of initiation as an initiate—not yet confirmed by the application of the Rod but an initiate nonetheless.


 Their function is embod­ied by the Hierophant.


255.         In a way the Solar Angel is represented by the Hierophant. They have the same purpose.

256.         We remember that the Solar Angel is more advanced than any member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, per se. I am not speaking of the Beings Who founded Shamballa on our planet.


  He, seeing before Him the vehicle for buddhi,


257.         This statement is of importance. Just what does the Hierophant see? Apparently not only the causal body but the buddhic vehicle and the lower vehicles as well, even though the initiation ‘chamber’ is on the higher mental plane. There are some mysteries here involving interpenetrating planes.


 passes the voltage from the higher planes through His body,


258.         Presumably these are planes higher than the buddhic plane. We are even told that cosmic forces are available to the Hierophant and that He transforms them so they can reach the candidate.

259.         The body of the Hierophant becomes an instrument for initiation during the initiation process.

260.         It would seem that the connection between the body of the Hierophant and the Rod of Initiation is seamless.


and by means of the Rod (charged with positive manasic force) transmits this higher manasic energy to the initiate so that he is enabled to know consciously and to recognise the plan for his group-centre through the im­mense­ly increased stimulation.


261.         What we learn here is that stimulation increases perception—the right kind of stimulation.

262.         Another way of saying this is that a sufficient point of tension permits of the perception of that which was hitherto unperceived.

263.         When we achieve a significantly elevated point of tension, we realize the low vibratory quality of the point of tension in which we habitually live.

264.         The Rod, minimally, is charged with triadal force, especially “higher manasic force”. Since the focus of the initiate is on the higher mental plane, it is this type of force which can reach him.

265.         It becomes clear that the Hierophant is working with the causal body of the initiate.

266.         The initiate’s “group center” is the Ashram which, itself, is part of a center or chakra within the Planetary Logos.

267.         From another perspective, the egoic group to which the initiate belongs can be considered a group center.

268.         The Solar Angel is endowed with higher manas, and, in fact and necessarily, with all energies to be found upon the planes of the spiritual triad and beyond.

269.         One wonders whether the higher manasic energy which reaches the initiate via the Rod is not also, somehow, connected with the cosmic mental plane.


This force descends from the manasic permanent atom via the antaskarana and is directed to whichever centre the Hierophant—under the Law—sees should be stimulated.


270.         One wonders about the avenue of direction. Does the force descend via the antahkarana though the petals of the egoic lotus and then into the chakric system?

271.         We remember that Chart IX, TCF, 823, shows the triangular formation of the antahkarana.

272.         Or does the force descend directly to the mental unit, by-passing the egoic lotus and directly from the mental unit into the mental chakras and, thence, other chakras?

273.         It would seem that petals within the egoic lotus would have to receive attention at each of the first three initiations—the initiations of manas.

274.         The Hierophant sees with archetypal vision and realizes what is needed correspond the next step in the rounding-out process.

275.         The Law guides His choice and that Law is related to the nature and ray of the Monad concerned.


  He stabilises the force, and regulates its flow as it circulates throughout the egoic Lotus, so that when the work of unfold­ment is accomplished the sixth principle at the Heart of the Lotus can stand revealed.


276.         In this section of text it seems that the egoic lotus is definitely involved, so at least one stream of energy from the Rod does not bypass the egoic lotus. In this case, the triangular construction of the antahkarana will be needed.

277.         The stabilization of the force will require, it would seem, the balancing power of Libra.

278.         The sixth principle is buddhi and it resides at the heart of the lotus (which heart it was instrumental in constructing when the egoic lotus was first created).

279.         We are speaking here of the revelation of the synthesis petals and the central Jewel in the Lotus.

280.         Apparently the Hierophant has the entire energy system of the candidate before His Eye and can see just what needs to be done in various aspects of this energy system.


After each initiation the Lotus is more unfolded [Page 714] and light from the centre begins to blaze forth—a light or fire which ultimately burns through the three enshrining petals, and permits the full inner glory to be seen, and the electric fire of spirit to be manifested.


281.         There is always a question of what burns and what induces the burning.

282.         Here we learn that the light from the central flame burns through what we come to call the synthesis petals.

283.         After each initiation, one synthesis petal unfolds revealing more and more of the central mystery—the Jewel in the Lotus:

284.         The egoic lotus in increasingly glorious as evolution proceeds, but its full glory is only revealed when the Jewel in the Lotus is revealed.

285.         The Hierophant sees the egoic lotus before Him and participates in the progressive revelation of the glory and, ultimately, of the inner glory.


As this is brought about on the second subplane of the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a corresponding stimulation takes place in the dense sub­stance which forms the petals or wheels of the centres on the astral and etheric levels.


286.         This is an important piece of occultism. We have often wondered whether the fourth initiation is consummated on the second subplane of the mental plane or on the first. Here, since the final blazing forth of the inner glory has been the topic of discussion, there seems to be no question but that the fourth initiation occurs on the second subplane.

287.         Astral and etheric chakras are affected by the stimulation of the egoic lotus. The question remains about direct stimulation of the lower chakras or mediated stimulation via the egoic lotus. The Tibetan seems to be stating that there is mediated stimulation—the egoic lotus first. But this is not the final word on the matter.

288.         The petals of the lower chakra system which numerically correspond to the stimulated petals of the egoic lotus are the ones which receive stimulation resulting from the stimulation in the egoic lotus.

289.         We can see what a tremendously intricate science it all is and how very much the Initiator must know in order to perform His task.


(b.) Individualisation and the races.  If this treatise serves no other purpose than to direct the attention of the scientific and philosophic students to the study of force or energy in man and in groups, and to interpret man and the human family in terms of electrical phenomena, much good will have been accomplished.


290.         It is not primarily the mystical students who study this book but those on the scientific and philosophical line—those primarily on rays three and five.

291.         What is to arise through the study of this text:

a.                  An appreciation of force or energy in man

b.                  An appreciation of force or energy in groups of men

c.                  The ability to interpret man and the human family in terms of electrical phenomena.

292.         Obviously we will have journeyed a long way towards impersonality when we are able to do this.


The polarity of a man, of a group, and of a congery of groups, the polarity of the planets and their relationship to each other and to the Sun, the polarity of the solar system and its relationship to other systems, the polarity of one plane to another, and of one principle to another, the polarity of the subtler vehicles, and the scientific application of the laws of electricity to the totality of existence on the physical plane will bring about a revolution upon the planet second only to that effected at the time of individualisation.


293.         DK is speaking of a coming revolution in thought and practice through an understanding of polarity.

294.         Let us tabulate the types of polarity which need to be studied and understood.

a.                  The polarity of a man

b.                  The polarity of a group

c.                  The polarity of a congery of groups

d.                  The polarity of the planets and their relationship to each other and to the Sun

e.                  The polarity of the solar system.

f.                    The polarity of other solar systems and the relationship of our system to them

g.                  The polarity of one plane to another

h.                  The polarity of one system to another

i.                    The polarity of the subtle vehicles

j.                     The scientific application of the laws of electricity to the totality of existence on the physical plane

295.         We are studying cosmic, systemic and planetary electricity. There is no true understanding of occultism without such a study of electrical phenomena—i.e., of the interplay of the three main types of electricity.


I would point out here a certain significant fact which students will do well carefully to consider.

        In the third rootrace39 individualisation took place.


296.         It was the middle of the third rootrace, though we are not told precisely the time, whether in the third, the fourth or the fifth subrace.


Footnote 39: Root races.  The Secret Doctrine teaches that these seven groups of human units inhabit seven continents during evolution.


297.         This, of course, is a generalization. A continent must be conceived as something much bigger than continents as usually conceived today.

—S. D., II, 6, 7, 8.

a. First race         The Imperishable Sacred Land.

b. The 2nd race  The Hyperborean Land.

c. The 3rd race   Lemurian.

d. The 4th race   Atlantean.

e. The 5th race   Aryan.

f.  Two more races will succeed the present one.


298.         The continent for the Lemurian civilization was Lemuria,

299.         For the Atlantean civilization, Atlantis

300.         There are many continents on which the members of the Fifth Rootrace live, simultaneously with many remnants of the four rootrace and some vestiges of the third. The present day being the time of the fifth rootrace, the divisions are many, for the fifth ray, in its lower aspect, induces cleavages.

301.         We do not know the names of the continents to come, but we have been told in various occult books that a continent will rise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and some have named it “Pacifica”.

302.         The word pacific suggests a final stage of peace. If this occurs, perhaps it will be during the seventh rootrace.


It was an event which became possible through certain con­ditions and polar relationships, and because the scientific laws were understood and the Knowers took [Page 715] advantage of a peculiar electrical condition to hasten the evolution of the race.


303.         Individualization, we have often been told, was an electrical process.

304.         DK told us earlier that the Manasadevas who “refused to incarnate” did so for reasons based upon identicality of polarity. Apparently greater  participation in the individualization process was not electrically possible.

305.         Certain polar relationship appeared within the energy system of the planet, and these made the coming of the Lords of the Flame possible and, with that coming, the possibility of individualization.

306.         Who were the Knowers? We might say that the Lords of the Flame were “Knowers” as were high Beings directly related to our Planetary Logos and, perhaps, even to the Solar Logos, for the individualization of man was a solar systemic process.


 It was electrical phenomena of a stupendous kind, and produced the "lights which ever burn."  It was the result of the knowledge of natural law and its adaptation to opportunity.


307.         DK continues His discussion of individualization in relation to electrical phenomena.

308.         We are told of the very destructive electrical storms which occurred at the time of individualization and which were responsible for the deaths of many animal forms.

309.         Who are the “lights which ever burn”? Are they the individualized Lemurians? Are they those in whom the Solar Angels implanted the spark of mind?

310.         The Solar Angels, apparently, knew a great deal about natural law as expressed on the lower eighteen subplanes. They had to know much about both Spirit and matter (as we view those two areas of divine expression) if they were to function as the “Benign Uniters”, linking the two.

311.         The word “burn” in this context, suggests fire by friction.


        In the fourth rootrace another adaptation of force occur­red. 


312.         There were two principal periods of individualization within the fourth chain of our planetary scheme.

313.         One occurred in middle Lemuria and the other in relatively early Atlantis leading also to the possibility of opening the Door of Initiation.

314.         However, there was something new which occurred during the fourth rootrace.


Again time and opportunity were taken advantage of to open the door into the fifth kingdom by the method of forced initiation.


315.         Some have theorized that here was no break in continuity between the period of individualization in middle Lemuria and a similar period in early Atlantis. The Tibetan’s use of the word “again” suggests that there was a hiatus.

316.         There seems to be a suggestion that the Door of Initiation was also opened to some in Lemuria. This is possible, though a truer and fuller opening occurred, we may infer, in Atlantis.

317.         Speaking of initiates and initiation in Lemuria, DK says the following:

The first recognition of the plane of the emotions, of the astral plane, was evoked in the consciousness of the groups under preparation for the first initiation which was the highest initiation possible at that time. (GWP 108)


318.         We note that the door into the Kingdom of Souls was opened in Atlantis and that is was a forced process.

319.         We are passing through a similar forcing process at this very time and many are feeling the stress of it.


  A third type of electricity played its part in bringing about this event, and it is the effect of this electrical pheno­me­non upon the units (who are themselves centres of energy) which—scientifically viewed—indicates a man's suit­ability for the ceremony of initiation, and his availability as a transmitter of spiritual energy to the world.


320.         Initiation always involves electric fire, at least on the soul level. The energy of the Monad is felt on the soul level from the time of the first initiation.

321.         Obviously, only some are ready for the application of electric fire at any one time. Although the energy of the Monad (applied more directly) only occurs at the third initiation and following initiations, it is clear that electric fire is involved even in the Initiations of the Threshold.

322.         The Masters consider men as units of force. This is an entirely impersonal way of understanding human nature.


Every initiate is technically a transmitter of force and his work is consequent­ly threefold:


1. To provide a threefold vehicle capable of the nec­essary resistance to the force and able to receive and hold it.


323.         A strong and pure personality vehicle is necessary. Lower forces must ‘contain’ higher forces and not be leaky sieves.


2. To transmit it as energy to the world which he serves.


324.         Only a successful receiver can transmit.


3. To store up a certain amount of it for a twofold purpose:


325.         One must not release all energy received, or there is danger of depletion


a. To provide a reservoir of force for emergencies and for special work as required by the Great Ones.


326.         The Masters can utilize (often in emergencies) the energy systems of Their chelas. How They do this is Their business, but we must present something which may be used.

327.         DK speaks of the manner in which the Buddhas of Activity can use the Triangles Network in moments of planetary emergency.


b. To act as a dynamo for the immediate group which all advanced souls, disciples and initiates gather around them on some one or other of the planes in the three worlds.


328.         Each advancing disciple is one who attracts others and inspires them. There must be enough energy to perform both of these functions—to provide a reservoir for use and to act as a dynamo.

329.         So energy must be spent in service; be available to the Great Ones for planetary emergencies; and used to attract, hold and inspire future members of the disciples' Ashram.


In the fifth rootrace, another tremendous happening may be looked for, and the time lies immediately ahead.


330.         What does the Tibetan mean by “immediately ahead”?

331.         We have been told that when the Christ returns, it will mean that human has taken its first initiation.


  It had its beginning in the energy which eventually culminated in the world war.


332.         Modern readers of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, must remember that it was written shortly after the First World War and well before the WWII.

333.         We are being told that a strong subjective energy was at least the partial cause of WWI. The war was not all based on the poor decisions of humanity.

334.         Are we saying that the energy which culminated in WWI is the same energy which will lead to the Reappearance of the Christ and the Externalization of the Hierarchy.


 The first effect of the appearance of fresh elect­rical stimulation from extra-systemic [Page 716] centres, is ever to bring about a primary destruction leading on to revel­ation.


335.         We are being told of the ingress of extra-systemic energy into our planetary system.

336.         Our Solar Logos is undergoing initiation and His elevation must be stimulated from extra-systemic sources. The inflow from these sources will also affect the planets in the solar system and the lives upon such planets—such as ourselves.

337.         Just to put things in perspective, Aquarian energy is, technically, “extra-systemic”.

338.         It may be that the Shamballa Impacts which began in 1825 have carried extra-systemic energy into the energy system of our planet.

339.         An important principle is enunciated: primary destruction leads to revelation.

340.         The planet Pluto is a first ray planet related to Shamballa. It is also deeply related to the process if initiation. Pluto is Anubis leading the candidate into the Chamber of Judgment or the Chamber of Initiation. As humanity is on the verge of initiation, Pluto is active now (as if Vulcan).


  That which is imprisoned must be loosed.  So it will be in this rootrace, the fifth.


341.         Consciousness is temporarily imprisoned in lunar forms. The process of initiation will release that consciousness into the consciousness of the fifth kingdom.


Certain cosmic forces are at work and the full effect of their energy is not yet apparent.


342.         Energy from the constellation Aquarius must be included among these cosmic forces. There are obviously other forces—from Capricorn, Sirius, Antares, the Great Bear, the Little Bear, Draco, the Pleiades and the Pole Star, to name a few likely sources.


 This incoming force, the Hier­archy will avail itself of in order to push forward the planetary plans.


343.         The Members of the Hierarchy are Energy Receptors. They know the times and seasons, can invoke and can contain.

344.         The Members of Hierarchy live in accordance with systemic and cosmic ritual. They know the cycles and receive and transmit according to those cycles.


 In every case the effect of the phenomenon is felt in some one or other of the kingdoms beside the human.  In the individualisation period, it is apparent that a tremendous stimulation took place in the animal kingdoma stimulation which has persisted, and which has led to the phenomenon of "domestic animals" as we call them, and their relatively high stage of intelligence as compared to the wild animals.


345.         It is very interesting that the process we call the individualization of animal man leading to the emergence of the fourth kingdom of nature brought about an elevation of the animal kingdom through the domestication of their higher species. 

346.         We can sense the influence of the planet Venus on the animal kingdom. The Venusian energy made animal man into man-the-human, and the wild animals into domesticated animals.


In Atlantean days the opening of the door into the fifth king­dom, or into the stage of buddhic consciousness, had a profound effect upon the vegetable kingdom.


347.         What type of consciousness characterizes the members of the fifth kingdom, the Kingdom of Souls? DK is telling us it is the buddhic consciousness. As well, the Members of the Fifth Creative Hierarchy (the Solar Angels) are embodiments of the buddhic consciousness.

348.         At each initiation, there is an increasing access to buddhic energy.

349.         Numerically, the second (or sixth) principle, buddhi, is correlated to the second or vegetable kingdom. The planet Venus is involved in this correlation.

350.         True initiates are to nourish their physical vehicles from the vegetable kingdom. There is a direct relation between those who enter the Kingdom of God under Venus and the vegetable kingdom ruled by Venus.

351.         On the higher mental plane man is a flower, reflecting his close relation to the vegetable kingdom. Man expresses through the egoic lotus.


  This effect can be seen working out in such results as are achieved by Burbank, and which are of a nature corresponding to the initiatory process in man, involving a rapid achievement of relative perfection.


352.         Swami Yogananda and Luther Burbank were friends. The result of Burbank’s knowledge of the plant kingdom can be seen at the Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship headquarters (in Encinitas, CA and perhaps in Los Angeles) where the beauty of that kingdom is in full flowering.

353.         It would be interesting to analyze the influence of Venus in Luther Burbank’s horoscope. Venus is in early Taurus (a position closely related to the vegetable kingdom) and sextile to Neptune in Pisces. (Neptune is the higher octave in Venus and has a relation to the vegetable kingdom through the sixth and second rays.) Burbank had a Pisces Sun-sign, in which Venus is exalted.


In the tremendous event which is impending, in the great revelation which is near at hand, the Hierarchy will again take advantage of the time and the energy to bring about certain events which will work out primarily in the human kingdom but which will also be seen as force regeneration in the mineral kingdom.


354.         A seventh ray Age is upon us and, thus, one in which the mineral kingdom (expressive on the seventh plane) can be stimulated.

355.         We have seen how the various initiatory stimuli of humanity have resulted, during various eras, in the stimulation of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom respectively

356.         The Lemurian race is related to the animal kingdom.

357.         The Atlantean race is related to the vegetable kingdom.

358.         The Aryan race to the mineral kingdom.

359.         We are studying man as the macrocosm for the three lower kingdoms.


The energy,


360.         We are speaking of an energy which will lead to the initiation of humanity.


when first felt in the human kingdom, brought about the conditions which caused the tremendous activity which resulted in war, and which is causing the present world stress;


361.         We remember how much the mineral kingdom has been involved in modern warfare.

Hence the great use of minerals (iron, copper, etc.) in the World War II. It is literally a war in which the mineral kingdom is used against the human. Humanity had gone down into the caves and the depths of concretion and is ready now for an upward shift or move, this time consciously taken and taken all together. This is a most difficult situation for the average man to comprehend but the entire problem of the conscious use of that which exists upon the planet and also its destructive usage is tied together into one most critical situation. Part of the solution will come along similar lines and of this the prophecy now coming into the racial awareness that there are those "who sleep in the caves of the earth who will arise and bring liberation" has reference. But be not too literal in interpretation for "that which is of the earth can also be found in the sky." (EA 386-387)

362.         Initiatory energy induces warfare in the field or area into which it is introduced.

363.         We all long for the impact of greater and higher energies little suspecting what may be the result in our vehicles.


 in the mineral kingdom it affected certain of the minerals and elements, and the radioactive substances made their appearance.


364.         What is to be said about the half-life of radioactive substances? Such a theory proposes that radioactive elements have always been with us. It does not look upon them as the evolutionary result of a long process of mineral evolution or as the effect of extra-systemic energies which bring about initiation in the human family as well as stimulation in the mineral kingdom.


 This char­acteristic (or radioactivity) of pitchblende [an ore of Uranium] and the other involved units is comparatively a new development under the evolutionary law, and one which, though latent, only [Page 717] needed the drawing forth of the type of energy now beginning to pour in on the earth.


365.         One wonders about the effect of the planet Uranus (ruler of impending Aquarius) in drawing forth the potential for radioactivity in the mineral kingdom.

366.         Of course there have been a number of Ages of Aquarius and even large, Platonic Ages of Aquarius with a duration of 25,000 years, yet radioactivity has not made its appearance, according to occultism, until recent times. What larger cosmic impressions may be responsible?

367.         Perhaps we can say that the mineral kingdom of Earth is now ready to receive the 2500 year and 25,000 year influence of Aquarius in a new way which will cause the elevation of that kingdom.


This force began to flow in at the end of the eighteenth century, and its full effect is by no means yet felt, for it will be several hundred years before it passes away.


368.         What else occurred at the end of the eighteenth century? The coming in the fifth ray cycle—1775.

369.         We are not to suspect that radioactivity will cease when this influence passes away (are we speaking of a 350 year fifth ray cycle or of something longer). It is just that the very focal stimulation to which the mineral kingdom has been exposed will no longer be so intense.

370.         From another angle, it may be that a number of those who are called Primary Lotuses (probably from Vulcan and having the first and third petals of the egoic lotus unfolding) may have entered with this incoming force at the end of the eighteenth century. This could account for the tremendous strides in science taken since that time.

371.         Towards the end of the eighteenth century may also be considered the point at which the incoming Aquarian energies and the outgoing Piscean energies were equally balanced.


  By means of it, certain discoveries are possible, and the new order comes in upon it.


372.         This stimulation seems related to the seventh ray and Uranus (the planet of radioactivity and also a planet related to the fifth ray). The force also seems related to Aquarius and the fifth ray.

373.         Our equation so far is that great forces lead to great stimulations (and consequent destruction) but also to revelations.


 The Great Ones, Who know the time and the hour, will bring about, in our rootrace, that which corres­ponds to the occurrences in the earlier third and fourth races.


374.         We are being told (somewhat vaguely) of a new evolutionary impulse. We are not told the nature of the energy which is now with us, but we may infer its composite nature from what we know of ray, zodiacal and planetary cycles.

375.         Occurrences in the earlier third and fourth rootraces were initiatory occurrences, and one even more powerful is on its way, imminently, in our fifth rootrace and fifth sub-race.


(c.) Methods of Individualisation.  We have seen how the characteristic method of individualisation in this solar system is the result of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, which sweeps into activity those entities whose function it is to form the body of the ego out of their own living substance on the mental plane and thus, through their own quality and nature, endow human units on the physical plane with the faculty of self-consciousness, thus producing Man.


376.         This is one of those great encapsulating sentences which are to be observed as part of the Tibetan’s teaching technique.

377.         The Solar Angels swept in as a result of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane. We note that that which impelled them is called “force” and not energy despite its very high source. It seems that energy in focused application is force.

378.         The substance of the Solar Angel goes to the creation of causal bodies, and that substance is the presence of the Solar Angels upon the higher mental plane, but this does not mean that the entirety of the Solar Angels’ consciousness is contained within the confines of the systemic higher mental plane.


 It is their work also to energise the mental units of all men, and to co-ordinate, by means of the force which they embody, and to energise the sheaths of the threefold lower man, so that they may in due course of time intelligently express the will and purpose of the indwelling Thinker.


379.         The mental unit is a unit of influence and coordination, not just upon the mental plane, but in relation to the lower planes and vehicles as well.

380.         Let us tabulate again the role of the Solar Angels in relation to the personality aspects of man:

a.                  They energize the mental units of men

b.                  They coordinate through their force the sheaths of the threefold lower man

c.                  They energize through their force the sheaths of the threefold lower man

d.                  They prepare these lower vehicles to intelligently express the will and purpose of the indwelling Thinker

381.         Who is the “Thinker”? The Solar Angel is the Thinker but even more essentially, the “divine Ego” is the Thinker and for this Thinker the Solar Angels have prepared the vehicles.


Through the carrying out of this function in the case of the human family, certain planetary and systemic conditions are brought about.


382.         The effect of the work of the Solar Angels is not just planetary but systemic.

383.         Of course, the labor of Solar Angels is not just confined to the sphere of our planetary scheme, but is focussed in diverse ways upon and through all planetary schemes in our solar system.


The dense and etheric bodies of the Logos and of the planetary Logoi are merged, and one coherent vehicle of expression is provided for these cosmic Entities.


384.         We remember that in Lemurian days the dense and etheric bodies of early man were merged and that this constituted an initiation.

385.         We may infer that DK is telling us about a type of initiation being undergone by both the Solar Logos and Planetary Logoi.

386.         We remember that the dense physical bodies of Planetary Logoi (especially a non-sacred Planetary Logos such as the Logos of our Earth-scheme) consists of the lower eighteen subplanes. We cannot be sure if this is the case for all the Planetary Logoi, as some of the greater sacred planets may, like the Solar Logos, have a physical body consisting of twenty-one systemic subplanes, or at least of more subplanes than eighteen.

387.         In any case, through the coming of the Solar Angels, that lower part of the energy expression of our Solar Logos which was generated in the previous solar systems is related to that part of His energy system which constitutes His true physical body—namely the vehicle which uses for its expression the energies of the four cosmic ethers.

388.         The merging of the energies of the previous and present solar system is a process of the utmost importance for the integrated expression of our Solar Logos, and the Solar Angels are instrumental in accomplishing this task.


In the producing of self-consciousness in the human family, the full conscious occupation by the Logos involved is con­summated.


389.         Presumably, we are now speaking of planetary Logoi and not of the Solar Logos. Either that, or we are not speaking only of the human family on Earth but of humanity throughout the solar system.

390.         What does the Planetary Logos occupy? He is able to establish occupied outposts in the lower three worlds in which is found His dense physical body.


 It is the moment of fruition, and (from a certain esoteric standpoint) marks the attainment of one perfected Septenary.


391.         Of what “perfected septenary” can we be speaking? Perhaps we are referencing the cosmic physical plane, with its seven systemic planes (four etheric and three dense) now linked together into one functioning whole.


 The three involutionary or elemental kingdoms and the three sub-human [Page 718] kingdoms find their seventh principle in the fourth kingdom in nature, 3 + 4 = 7.


392.         The seventh principle is atma or the directing principle—the principle of spiritual will.

393.         We are not talking about the evolutionary kingdom of Lunar Pitris, but of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms and of the types of elemental essence which correspond to them—the elemental essence of the three planes of the three lower worlds.


When the life of God has circled through these seven king­doms, then full self-consciousness is achieved from a certain relative standpoint, and the Son is on the way to attainment.


394.         The human kingdom is the acme of this sevenfold unit. When the life of god has circled through six of these kingdoms, it stands at that point of attainment when individualization can occur and the self-conscious human unit can make his appearance.

395.         This circulation involves both an involutionary descent and an evolutionary ascent.


  This relative perfection has then to be carried on to other stages, but they are stages in which the separated self-con­sciousness of the Identities concerned (whether human or planetary) must eventually merge itself in universal conscious­ness.


396.         As greater relative perfections are reached, there is progress from the sense of separation to the sense of unification until “universal consciousness” is reached.

397.         We speak of the progress from individual consciousness to group consciousness to God-consciousness.


Certain centres in the bodies logoic and planetary are also stimulated and the Rays (if it might be so expressed) become radioactive.


398.         This is quite a new angle on the subject.

399.         We might expect that, through the process of individualization, the centers in the Planetary Logos (or, in a greater sense, the centers of the Solar Logos) would be stimulated. His throat center, for instance, because humanity is His throat center. Or His heart center, because Hierarchy is His heart center.

400.         But the radioactivity of the rays is a new idea. The Rays are Lives and probably have Their evolutionary cycles as well.


  It is this radiation which will eventually bring about conscious group activity,


401.         We are speaking of the radioactivity of the Rays.


 which will lead to inter­action between the planets, and which, under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, will bring about eventual synthesis.


402.         Let us tabulate the three main effects of the induced radioactivity of the rays. It will bring about:

a.                  Conscious group activity

b.                  The resultant interaction between planets

c.                  Eventual synthesis through the Law of Attraction and Repulsion

403.         Under their induced radioactivity we might expect the rays to merge and blend more readily with each other and to reach farther afield to effect various unions and syntheses.


On extra-systemic or cosmic levels, the individualisation process produces a corresponding activity in the egoic body of the Logos, and hence increased vibration in that centre in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID, which our Logos represents.


404.         We are now speaking of the individualization process not of man, the human, but of the Heavenly Men and of the Grand Heavenly Man (the Solar Logos).

405.         Our Logos represents a heart center in a "One About Whom Naught May Be Said", but in the greater "One About Whom Naught May Be Said", our Logos is only a minor center within a greater solar plexus center—thus we hypothesize.

406.         In any case, we are told of developments on the systemic higher mental plane at the time of individualization. There would be, according to the Law of Analogy, corresponding developments on the cosmic higher mental plane in relation to the individualization of great Beings such as the Solar Logos or Planetary Logos.


  It also produces a react­ion or "occult recognition" in the prototype of the Septenate, or in the seven Rishis of the Great Bear,


407.         We must assume that there is a deeper recognition on the part of the Planetary Logoi and the Solar Logos of Their relationship with the sponsoring stellar Sources we know as the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

408.         The Seven Rishis are the prototype of the Septenate consisting of the seven major Planetary Logoi, and also, perhaps, of the Seven Major Suns of which our Sun is one.


 and this reaction in cosmic circles will persist until the end of the mahamanvan­tara, when the Logos is set free (even though temporarily), from physical plane existence.


409.         So the individualization of a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos is a cosmic event and there is a response within cosmic Sources to such an event.

410.         Our Solar Logos will achieve the fourth or fifth cosmic initiation in this solar system. Normally that would set a Logos free from reincarnation on the cosmic physical plane.

411.         Perhaps incarnation will come again in the next solar system, but will not be on the lower part of the cosmic physical plane. We are told that the whole process of systemic individualization in that system will be impulsed from the monadic plane rather than from the higher layers of the systemic mental plane.

412.         But the fact that there will be a third major (or sixth sequential) solar system, tells us that there will be a subsequent incarnation for the Solar Logos, because a solar system is, by definition, such an incarnation. That incarnation, however, will almost certainly be less dense than this one.


It also brings about a setting loose of force from the cosmic mental plane which is cyclic in character.  In this round, the fourth, the maximum force of this cycle was felt in the third root race.


413.         We can have no true idea of a cosmic mental cycle.

414.         It is interesting, however, that the process of man’s individualization saw the maximum potency of this cosmic mental force release upon the Earth.

415.         We do not know the duration of the maximum force, but only when that maximum force was felt on this fourth chain, in its fourth globe and the fourth round as it affected the fourth globe.

416.         All in nature and super-nature is cyclic.


In the next round, during the fourth root race, and for a very brief period, a fresh cycle will reach its zenith, and will again open the door of individualisation in order to permit the entry of certain very advanced Egos who are seeking [Page 719] incarnation in order to carry out a special piece of work.


417.         We are speaking of another episode of individualization during the fourth rootrace of the fifth round.”

418.         But in what way are the Egos who will enter to be considered “advanced”? Are such Egos to be considered “advanced” even before the individualization process has occurred?

419.         Are the advanced Egos, then, those who will individualize, or will there be, simultaneously, a new period of individualization for men newly made and also the entry of these advanced Egos?

420.         Perhaps the advanced Egos will enter well after the new type of individualization process has made possible the development of bodies which will allow them to incarnate. From this perspective, they do not, themselves, individualize, but await the appearance of bodies adequate to their need—bodies produced, eventually, by those who have individualized.

421.         The numbers five and four sum to nine which indicate the human Creative Hierarchy.

422.         We are being exposed to a fascinating piece of prophecy. We are told of some developments in the next or fifth round. The following are such developments:


Many may succeed in unfolding it [the third petal] before the seventh rootrace of this round but the bulk of them will unfold it in the second rootrace of the next round, and will stand ready before the close of the round to pass on to the probationary path, having unfolded one tier of petals, and organised the second. (TCF 842)


This round will provide no bodies adequate to their need.  The next round may do so if the plans proceed as anticipa­ted.


423.         We are speaking of the preparation of bodies adequate to the need of certain Egos who are already advanced and who, apparently, have individualized long before.


  In this case the Manasadevas concerned will not indi­vidualise animal men as in the previous round, but will stim­ulate the mental germ in those members of the present human family who—as H. P. B. says—though apparently men, are without the spark of mind.40


424.         This is a fascinating perspective. The idea is that there are now, on our planet, those who are apparently men but who are not really so—at least they are not that ‘hot-house variety of man’ produced by the divine interventions of the Solar Angels and the abiding of the Solar Angel within the energy system. They are individualized, in a way, but they do not contain the spark of mind that the Solar Angel provides. In fact, they are not associated with any Solar Angel even though it can be assumed that their mental germ had been somewhat “fanned” when they emerged out of the animal kingdom into the human, for they are, in fact, human beings.

40: Such are the Veddhas of Ceylon, the Bushman of Australia, and certain of the lowest of the African races.  See S. D., II, 206, 300, 439.


425.         Perhaps this is not a very popular point of view, but from the occult perspective very interesting and important. We need a certain objectivity about humanity in all its categories, as divorced from sentiment as possible, but not divorced from love.


During the next seven hundred years, these low aboriginal races will practically die out and will not—in this round—reincarnate.


426.         We are assuming that the incarnation will occur in the fourth rootrace of the fifth round.

427.         What will the incoming of those very “advanced Egos” have to do with the precipitation of the "Judgment Day" in the middle of the next round?


 They will be rejected.


428.         We are speaking of the low aboriginal races.


 In the next round oppor­tunity will again occur, and the Manasadevas will again renew their work of forming individualistic nuclei for the development of self-consciousness.


429.         We have here a very technical description of how the Manasadevas work—“forming individualistic nuclei for the development of self-consciousness”. It is as if they implant an attractive center, a radiatory, irresistibly noticeable center within the field of consciousness and thus guarantee the emergence of self-consciousness.

430.         Some degree of mystery surrounds what it is the Solar Angels are really doing when they implant the spark of mind in animal man, or fan the mental unit or mental germ. These are all metaphorical ways of speaking. The technicalities presently escape us.


The Egos awaiting opportunity will not, of course, enter in until the human type of that era is sufficiently refined for their purpose.


431.         Yes, this is as it must be and was suspected above. Long years of development will be needed.


 They are concerned with the unfoldment of the sixth petal of the logoic egoic Lotus, and are of such a nature that we can scarcely conceive of them.


432.         We may wonder to what extent they will actually need causal bodies.

433.         Every planetary scheme is associated with one of those petals, assuming there are twelve. From another perspective, there may be twenty-one petals, three in each of seven tiers.

434.         What might be the sixth scheme associated with the sixth petal of the logoic lotus? Could it be Venus, but will Venus again incarnate? Probably it will. Could it be Neptune? From a ray perspective, this may be possible. It is unlikely that Mars would be associated with the sixth petal of the logoic egoic lotus. Mars would seem to be of too low a development, relatively. But these are matters far beyond the possibility of convincing speculation.


They are on the line of the Buddhas of Activity, but the above named are free for this mahamanvantara, whereas these particular Egos have yet somewhat to work out.


435.         We can judge that they are very “advanced Egos” indeed. The Buddhas of Activity surely have no need for causal bodies or human forms. We can wonder what type of forms may be needed by these advanced types when they incarnate.

436.         Maybe the fact that they are seeking incarnation has little to do with their own need to reincarnate and everything to do with the special piece of work they must accomplish for our Planetary Logos.

437.         If on the line of the Buddhas of Activity, they must have much of the third and second ray in their nature. Wisdom and intelligence seem, generally, to characterize the Buddhas of Activity.


 They could only "come in" in the middle of the fifth round, and were a group of initiates who arrested their own evolution (technically speaking) in order to take up a special piece of work on the planet Vulcan;


438.         As we are still in the fourth round, DK is definitely speaking of the future.

439.         By the “middle of the fifth round”, DK clearly means the fourth rootrace of the fifth round.

440.         The "Judgment Day" is also to occur in the “middle of the fifth round”.

441.         It seems that there may have been an exchange of Egos between Vulcan and the Earth. We are told of the “Primary Lotuses” who came into our Earth-scheme to develop the second petal of the egoic lotus and proceed to the development of the second tier. When such influxes occur, there may also be an efflux, in order to preserve the balance.

442.         We see that interplanetary exchanges do, indeed, occur and are part of the systemic balancing process.


 therefore, they must return


443.         To the Earth-scheme…


 to continue and complete that which has been left undone.  Owing to the results of their experience on Vulcan, the physical vehicle necessitated is of such an order that they could not at this time, and in this round, incarnate without disaster.


444.         The disaster would probably be the shattering of any physical vehicle in which they undertook to incarnate.

445.         Vulcan is related to the Heart of the Sun and therefore the must be resonant to the sixth petal of the logoic egoic lotus, though in other respects Vulcan is very much off the two-four-six line.

446.         We can imagine that they acquired a great intensity of vibration on Vulcan—an intensity sufficient to destroy a normal physical vehicle.


Individualisation in the next round will begin to show indica­tions of the third method,—that of the next system.


447.         Processes which will emerge fully far in the future are anticipated before they emerge.

448.         The fifth round processes, in this case, will anticipate processes of individualization in the next solar system. We may recall that that method will have much to do with a mysterious process of “occult abstraction”.


 [Page 720] This method has been described as that of "occult abstraction."  It will concern itself with the withdrawal from out of the lowest type of the then existing men (through knowledge of the etheric constitution of the body) of the vitality latent in it, and a temporary turning of that latent fire to the increase of the activity of the germ or spark of mind; this will be effected by a dynamic action of the will.


449.         DK has given us a very technical piece of information, adding more information to His earlier description of this process.

450.         The etheric body and the mental unit are very closely connected. Gemini is the astrological sign connecting them.

451.         The more vital the type of man at that time, the more possible the vitalization of the mental unit, germ or spark of mind.

452.         Note that the term mental unit is not used in this connection (though it is implied). Rather we have the term “germ” or “spark of mind”. Yet, technically, the spark of mind is something the Solar Angels implant. Yet, this will not be the case.

453.         Perhaps following the process of occult abstraction, the germ will become as a spark of mind—i.e. sufficiently vitalized to permit of its radiation and luminescence.


This seems impossible, and well nigh senseless phraseology when considered in terms of consciousness and of spiritual­ity, but let the student study the phenomenon in terms of the cosmic physical plane, and from the standpoint of the gas­eous and etheric subplanes, and he will see that in all these septenary fires it is ever the fire of matter in reality, and these sevenfold diversifications of electrical phenomena can ever affect each other.


454.         We are now speaking of the individualization process as it affects man in this solar system. The main interchange which occurs in this process is between the mental plane (or cosmic gaseous subplane) and the buddhic plane (or fourth cosmic ether), for the present Solar Angels are embodiments of buddhi.

455.         There comes a point in which the life of the egoic lotus on the cosmic gaseous subplane of the cosmic physical plane is transferred, abstracted or lifted up into the spiritual triad before final transference to the Monad.

456.         DK is asking us to interpret the future process in terms electrical interplay. He mentioned much about polarity and about the interplay of planes and principles of different polarity. He seems to be speaking of that exactly.

457.         Not only do higher electrical states affect lower states but the there is reciprocal interplay.


Thus, in the mahamanvantara, the three methods of indivi­dual­i­sation in connection with our planetary scheme are to be seen

a. In the Moon chain, the gradual evolution of self-consciousness under natural law.


458.         This is the third ray method.


b. In the Earth chain that of achieved self-conscious­ness through the aid of extraneous agencies.  It is the distinctive method of this system.


459.         This is the second ray method.


c. In the next round and chain the method will be abstraction through will power, but this in an embryonic manner.


460.         DK should be speaking of the next solar system as well, for He has spoken similarly about individualization in the next “system”.

461.         From whom will the act of “will power” emanate? It seems quite clear that it will be from the Manasadevas active at the time—whether in the next round, chain or solar system.

462.         We will notice that DK has said very little about the method of individualization in the next chain, except to relate it to the prophesied method in the next round and next solar system.

in the next chain to ours on the evolutionary arc individualisation will take place during the sixth race of the second round,—in each case this refers to a planetary round through a chain of globes. (TCF 459)


I have dealt with these three [methods of individualization] from the standpoint of our own scheme.  In all the schemes whereon man is found at some period or another, these three methods will be contacted.


463.         It is important to emphasize that individualization, as it occurs on Earth at this time in this solar system, is not unique to our planet.


  They mark the gradual control by the Logos on cosmic levels of His threefold lower nature.


464.         We remember that our Solar Logos is not yet a cosmic Initiate of the third degree and so His control of His cosmic mind is not complete. He still looks forward to the cosmic Transfiguration and His stimulation of His mental unit is not yet fully achieved.


In the first, the correspondence lies in the latent conscious­ness of matter, and works under the Law of Economy.  It concerns primarily the Self-consciousness of the Logos [Page 721] in His dense physical body, and His polarisation therein.


465.         DK is telling us that in the previous solar system, the Logos was polarized in His dense physical body. He was, shall we say, only a cosmic Initiate of the first degree, if that.

466.         We do not know when His cosmic second degree was achieved (whether in this solar system or in the last) but perhaps in this. It is likely that since the last solar system was cosmically personal, not of the cosmic manasic initiations (just as the great human initiations are called “manasic”) were then achieved.

 It is likewise the same for a Heavenly Man, and a part of the mystery of evil is to be found in the readiness of certain of these cosmic entities (particularly our planetary Logos in the moon chain) to remain polarised in the physical etheric body after having supposedly dominated the material aspect, or gained the control of the third Fire in an earlier system.


467.         It appears that our Planetary Logos was somewhat responsible for the induction of cosmic evil upon the Moon-chain of our planetary scheme.

468.         We have been told that a White Brother will have nothing to do with the devas of the systemic etheric subplanes, or with the etheric devas. He works with astral devas and devas even higher, but not with the devas of the ethers.

469.         It appears that our Planetary Logos (after having achieved control of fire by friction in a earlier system) retrogressed and remained preoccupied with this fire (on etheric levels) instead of moving on to preoccupation with solar fire.

470.         Some other Heavenly Men also seem more prone to cosmic evil than others. The Logos of Mars is probably one.

  A hint lies here for the wise student anent present evil on this planet.


471.         Evil is always the good which should have been outlived. In our system, it is adhesion to the third aspect of divinity in a second aspect solar system.

472.         We have a hint here concerning the reason that the White Brother works with devas of the astral plane rather than physical plane devas—even devas of the systemic ethers.


The second correspondence concerns the latent "conscious­ness of desire," and works under the Law of Attraction; it is the law for this system, and deals with the ability of the Logos to "love wisely," in the occult sense of the term.


473.         Our Logos is polarized in His astral body but, it would seem is learning to appropriate buddhic energy, for this is an “astral-buddhic solar system”.

  It has relation to the polarisation of the Logos in His astral body, and produces the phenomenon called "sex activity" on all planes in the system.


474.         We realize that “sex activity” is not strictly a physical activity but much dependent on the astral body wherein Mars, Pluto, Venus and Neptune have considerable influence. All of these planets are closely related to the sex impulse.


 In the earlier system, emancipation was effected through the faculty of discrimination, though that word as used to-day is but a faint indication of the systemic process in those days.


475.         The Ray Lord known as “Divine Separator” (i.e., the Third Ray Lord) was clearly at work.

476.         Even today, the fourth initiation of emancipation is achieved through the correct use of both Mercury and Saturn—two planets closely associated with the process of discrimination and with the third ray.


 Through the force engend­er­ed during the process that vibration was set up which persists today in matter.


477.         Matter always tends eventually to separation. It has to be held together in unity by the second aspect. It operates according to the principle of rotary motion which induces separation.


  It is evidenced by the active intelli­gence and the discriminative selective capacity of the atom of substance.


478.         The higher “atoms” as well evidence this discriminative selectivity. The consciousness of man tends towards separation before the soul, the unitive factor within in, come into emergence.


In this system emancipation will be brought about through the line of occult dispassion; this likewise will leave its mark upon matter, tinging it in such a way that in the third system, primordial substance will demonstrate a second quality.


479.         The longing of desire for form will be curtailed and desire will be reoriented towards finer forms and, eventually, towards the ‘acquisition’ of that which is formless. This process is really the process of identification.


  In the next system "non-attachment through abstraction" is as near as we can get to the method of the liberating process but it is useless for man to speculate upon this as his mind cannot conceive of the condition.


480.         The power of love can lead to detachment. So can the power of abstracting oneself into pure being. Perhaps some of the yogi-saints of India have achieved a precursor of this state to a degree.

481.         The Buddha, although a Monad upon the third ray, had much of the first ray in His make up and eventually made His way to Shamballa. Was “occult abstraction” involved in this process?