Preamble Letter for TCF Semester VI Section IV

Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

This fortnight’s reading focuses on Thought Elementals and Devas with important information about the Deva Lord Agni. Here are some of the subjects contained:

1.      The fascinating relationship between Agni and the Solar Logos. They are closely related but not the same. Agni is an aspect of the Solar Logos.

2.      Agni as “the vitality that energises and the Life that animates…”

3.      The forty-nine fires of Agni. In all there are 147 of these fires if one includes the Ray-fires and the fires of the Spirits of Darkness.

4.      Life as that which substands the three aspects of divinity. Sometimes the “life aspect” is associated with the first ray, but really is substands all rays.

5.      The relation of Agni to solar fire. Is it easier to think of Agni as related to fire by friction? Perhaps, but the fire by friction of the Solar Logos is equivalent, in many respects, to solar fire for us.

6.      Agni as the blending of the fire of matter and mind.

7.      The paradoxical attributions of Agni. Is there anything He is not? This type of question is often related to Fohat? Yet, in a way, Agni is Fohat.

8.      Sanskrit commentaries on Agni.

9.      Agni as the Emanation of the Supreme One.

10. The many divisions of Agni.

11. Agni as the animating Life of the solar system.

12. Agni is not the Solar Logos on the cosmic mental  plane.

13. The clear, succinct definitions offered help to clarify the more paradoxical definitions.

14. Agni as the solar logoic personality.

15. The necessity of studying Agni through the study of the logoic physical nature—etheric included.

16. The study of history to discover the nature of the logoic personality.

17. Entry into the fifth kingdom necessary for the study of Agni.

18. Approaching the psychic nature of the Logos through polarization within the etheric body of the Logos.

19. Agni as the vital life of the cosmic etheric planes.

20. Agni in relation to the mental plane.

21. A fascinating table of correspondences involving the number five. We have already had one such, and so with tens, fours and sixes etc.

22. The relative importance of various aspects of the Solar Logos’ manifestation. In time and space certain aspects are more important (apparently) than others.

23. The clue to Agni in the nature of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Hierarchies.

24. Certain numbers and figures as clues to the unfoldment of consciousness.

25. Agni considered as a Solar Lord coming into emergence.

26. The form subsidiary to Agni.

27. Studying the electrical nature of all fires.

28. It seems that defining Agni becomes as elusive as the attempt to define Fohat.

29. It would seem that the fire within man (or man considered as fire) is even more essential to the nature of man than the Monad.

30. The proposal of some very important triple correspondences dealing the three periodical vehicles.

31. The need for humility when studying these great subjects. Only so much can be known by man in his present  consciousness.

32. Fohat as the cause of the psychic unfoldment of the Logos.

33. The stages of life ruled by the three periodical vehicles and the relation of Agni to these three stages.

34. Agni as Spirit, soul and personality.

35. The need to study the real and the true.

Let us continue to apply ourselves to the synthesis of thought and knowledge possible. We are in the process of elevating our consciousness. The practical results of doing so cannot be entirely foreseen, but we know they will be good and will make us far more useful that we presently are.

In Light, Love and Power,