Preamble Letter to S6S10 Part II


Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

We are into a really marvellous section of the book. Our focus is on the Solar Angels, the Fifth Creative Hierarchy of Agnishvattas.

The going can get quite heavy in some of these studies, so I encourage you to join various local study groups on the Treatise or to start them yourselves. There is nothing like sitting together with friends and discussing the great ideas of all time.

The Solar Angels carry a great deal of both the fifth and second rays. They are vehicles for and embodiments of the buddhic principle. Where their Monads are located, we do not know, but perhaps on the cosmic astral plane. They are unifying energies—“Benign Uniters” and “Hearts of Fiery Love”. They are with us and are to be discovered within the Aquarian Age and its New World Religion.

There are systemic types of Solar Angels and cosmic varieties as well. When man individualizes and appropriates a physical incarnation, as a man, the Solar Angel is instrumental in that appropriation. The same is true of cosmic Solar Angels with respect to such cosmic Beings as a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos.

In this section of text we discuss two kinds of appropriation—one is related simply to the appearance of a dense physical vehicle and the other is related to the infusion by the higher principles (of a man or Logos) by the higher.

The Solar Angels are indeed solar. It is quite amazing to realize that they are connected with the solar logoic heart center and with the solar logoic head center (and especially a point within that head center connected to the heart). This may or may not mean the solar logoic “heart in the head center”.

As well Solar Angels are connected to both the Central Spiritual Sun (which is the monadic nature of the Solar Logos) and the Heart of the Sun (which is the soul consciousness and egoic lotus of the Solar Logos).

There is a great mystery connecting Sirius, Venus, the Solar Angels and Kama-manas. We are living on a very kama-manasic planet and so far, the race of human beings, is very kama-manasic.

DK starts to divide the groups of Solar Angels. We must remember that the Solar Angels belong to the Fifth Creative Hierarchy and that that Hierarchy has billions of units in it, of all different degrees of evolution, just as the Fourth Creative Hierarchy has.

In general, we will find Solar Angels.

1. Connected with the manasic permanent atom
2. Connected with the egoic lotus and its petals
3. Connected with the members of the atomic triangle—sometimes erroneously called the three lower permanent atoms.

All these various Angels are of a differing calibre and have differing functions.

With these three main types we are to blend other categories, some of which may be the same or overlaps.

1. Those who refused to incarnate
2. Those who implanted the spark of mind
3. Those who fanned the germ of mentality
4. Those who incarnated and moulded the racial form

And this is not all of the various kinds of Solar Angels and manasadevas.

By the way, we are accumulating quite a few names for these Beings and the names will reveal their various functions in relation to man and higher Beings.

One of the more abstruse points raised concerns the three constellations which are concerned with the delivery of the Fifth Principle to Earth, or really, to the solar system.

1. Sirius
2. Two of the Pleiades
3. A small constellation which is not named. We speculate on its identity.

The principle we learn is that every time a being attempts new contacts and scope for expression greater Beings are impellingly involved in those attempts.

The individualization of man was a planetary and solar event. The human kingdom was not alone in the attempt. Our little microcosmic affairs are part of far greater macrocosmic happenings the scope of which we can rarely sense.

The fifth round and fifth scheme offer developments of the Fifth Principle far beyond what we can now achieve. Occult numerology reveals so much to us if we carefully follow the implications presented.

Analogies are made between the coming of the Lords of the Flame on the fourth globe of our fourth chain in this fourth round, and the incarnation of Moon-chain Egos in the fourth rootrace. The timing of entry an exit are far from arbitrary. All is controlled by Law and Number.

When studying the Solar Angels we get the idea that we all should learn about what we might call ‘equilibrizing electricity’—a type of energy which is now unknown. It is related to solar fire and is utilized by the Solar Angel to bridge between Spirit and matter.

The Solar Angels are great Alchemists and Transmuters. They sacrifice themselves to receive the descent of higher energies and the ascent of lower energies. Sometimes we learn to do likewise.

All these studies are about ‘middleness’, if you will. We stand at a midway point in so many ways—on this planet, in this solar system, and with regard to the cultivation of human principles. We have to learn all about the “Middle Principle”, which we are attempting to cultivate as we leave our preoccupation with the material principle—the third aspect of divinity.

DK works at explaining how the Solar Angels related or did not relate to unselfconscious animal man and his aspects. It was all a matter of polarity and polar-interaction or non-interaction. He tries to remove the ‘moral stigma’ from those Solar Angels who “refused to incarnate”!

He tells us a great deal about the “coming” of the Solar Angels or Lords of the Flame. From the time they started in a pralaya of a secondary nature until they reached our planet, there were a number of stops and events….

One discrimination which it is very important for us to make is that between the Solar Angel and the Ego. The Solar Angel participates in the Ego and empowers it, and is the substanding consciousness of it, but it not the Ego…though occasionally there are references making on wonder whether it could be so.

The “Divine Ego” is essentially the Spiritual Triad. The “Individual Ego” is created by the Solar Angels and the participation of the higher aspects of man.

Man, really, is the Ego and the Solar Angel substands that temporarily state of consciousness on the higher mental plane.

There are some amazing analogies drawn between the individualization of a human being and the cosmic individualization of a Planetary Logos or Solar Logos—they are the same and yet very different. Vastly different orders of L/lives are involved.

We also get into the distinction between “vital airs” and “volatile essences”—the first apparently pranic/etheric and the second gaseous. The interplay between the fourth ether and the gaseous subplane is critical for the vitalization of man and for his spiritual progress.

Another very occult correspondence is between the Five Planetary Kumaras (really Systemic Kumaras), the Five Intra-planetary Kumaras, and the opening of the first five petals of the egoic lotus.

What really is the Principle of “I-ness” and how is it that the Solar Angels or manasadevas carry this principle? Some answers are attempted. It’s all about an energy which forces one to see oneself as a center.

Then there is the tremendous chicken-and-egg subject of the Rays and the Creative Hierarchies. DK has produced two marvellous, apparently completely contradictory passages on the relationship between these two. Attempt is made to unravel the puzzle using a relativizing perspective. Rays are sometimes greater and Hierarchies negative and Hierarchies are sometimes greater and Rays negative and receptive. The problem is far from solved but some lines of thought are offered which may in time lead to greater light.

It is also not easy to solve the relationship between evolutionary devas and involutionary essences (sometimes called “devas”). Devic lives can cause trouble and retardation to man and still be evolutionary.

The Fifth Creative Hierarchy is both manasic and buddhic. In what way manasic? In what was buddhic? The discussion is not to be carried on outside initiated circles. No worries! Just a few speculations.

So much of our difficulty in deciphering the relationships of devas and Creative Hierarchies to each other is the question of what is ‘higher’ and what is ‘lower’. The Principle of Hierarchy is constant and so we have to hierarchicalize our data! Unfortunately the data is incomplete, and so complete images of various interactive Hierarchies cannot be easily built.

Who really are the Intra-Planetary Kumaras and what is Their relation to the Five Liberated Hierarchies? Are They the same or different? I suspect different but closely related.

Also, when one compares Brahmic enumerations based on the number five and ‘Vishnic’ enumerations based on seven, the overlaps are interesting. Why is it that the astral plane expresses both the sixth and fourth rays? The overlapping explains it and so for other planes.

We also have the amazing story of systemic Avitchi and the Avitchi of our planetary scheme which used to be our Moon! That explains a lot. Systemic Avitchi is probably found on Saturn.

When does the Fifth Creative Hierarchy rise to full power---just before the "Judgment Day", so we have a little wait. Fortunately, we will not have to wait too long as some anticipating of the "Judgment Day" is due to us very shortly.

There is lots of interesting information about the Final Armageddon and who is on what side. It seems that when that happens those who want to stay with this planet had better be on the Spiritual Path!-or off to Mars with you!

We don’t have a monopoly on Armageddon however. Even on the fifth chain of our Earth-scheme there will be one—a long way ahead.

I guess the study of Cosmic Fire induces patience.

The practical function of the Solar Angels is that these great beings seem to take what was once animal man (when they arrived) through the human kingdom and most of the way through the Kingdom of Souls —two kingdoms worth of guidance!

DK closes with the idea that The Secret Doctrine will soon be vindicated.

Love, Light and Patience to All,