Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester V Section VIII

TCF 526-536: S5S8
15-30 July 2007

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We can now resume our consideration of the mystery of the mental unit, and note wherein it differs from the other per­manent atoms;

1.                  We realize from reading the conclusion of Section 7 that we have been on quite an extensive digression.

2.                  The mental unit is not a permanent atom in all respects.

 we might then briefly summarise a mass of esoteric information anent the permanent atoms, which will suffice for many years to come as the basis of investigation for occult students.  The permanent atoms, and their internal economy, will remain a mystery for a long time, and only a few general indications can here be given.

3.                  It is necessary that they so remain, as the secrets of the manipulation of matter are concealed in them, and for this knowledge humanity is not ready.

4.                  Humanity is to place its emphasis upon the qualitative aspect—the second aspect, and not upon the material aspect.

The fundamental difference between the mental unit and the other two atoms consists in the fact that it contains only four spirillae instead of seven.  This is brought about by the very facts of evolution itself, for the mental unit is the first aspect of the personality triad, or of man functioning, in the human kingdom on the three lower planes.

5.                  The fourfoldness of the permanent atom is related to the fourfoldness of the fourth or human kingdom.

6.                  As the mental unit represents the first aspect of the personality triad it transmits also something of the will.

 At his transference into the spiritual kingdom,

7.                  The transference begins at the first initiation and is completed by the fifth degree, or even the fourth.

 these three aspects—the mental body, the astral body, and the physical body—are synthesised into the higher by a dual process:

1.   His polarisation shifts from out of the lower three atoms into the Triadal atoms.

8.                  By polarisation, we mean focus and a sustained point of tension.

9.                  The lower vehicles fade from attention and the triadal vehicles serve now as the field of his consciousness.

2.   The force which these atoms generate and embody is merged and blended into the higher force points. [Page 527]

10.             Because of this process, nothing stored, remembered or transmuted by the lower permanent atoms and mental unit is lost.

11.             The greater can always subsume the lower; how this is done, of course, is to present day humanity a great mystery.

12.             We gather than in an understanding of the ‘sublimation of force’ the secret of the merging and blending will be revealed.

A permanent atom is the positive nucleus or germ substance to the sheath wherein it is found.

13.             “Germ substance” can either grow or cause growth.

14.             All things grow from something. The vehicles of man are created or gathered by the functions of the permanent atoms.

15.             We remember that the permanent atom serves in relation to its sheath the function of the seventh principle. This means that it is likened to atma (usually considered the seventh principle in man) and, therefore, transmits the will. Essentially, it conveys a given monadic principle to its sheath.

  It is that which is the basis of form-building, and it is literally a vibrant point of force, em­a­nating from the second aspect of the Monad,

16.             We remember that the permanent atom was created by the Monad at the Second Outpouring.

17.             Given that the Monad has for its three aspects Will, Wisdom and Activity, we can correlate the permanent atoms with the Wisdom aspect.

 which aggre­gates to itself, and subsequently builds into form, the nega­tive or third aspect.

18.             The permanent atom thus possesses the power of attraction (since it emanates from the second aspect of the Monad).

19.             The second aspect is the form-building aspect. We see that the permanent atom is a form-builder (as well as form director and manipulator). It is as if the three major aspects of divinity pass through the permanent atom in relation to the sheath for which it stands at the apex of influence.

 But it must here be remembered that this second aspect is itself dual, and that in considering the permanent atoms we are dealing with the feminine aspect of the second Person.

20.             This is an important reminder. We can consider all the major three aspects as dual or even triple, but the duality of the second aspect is most frequently emphasized. For instance, we live in a dual second ray solar system, expressing the principles of both Love and Wisdom.

21.             The three aspects of the Monad are most frequently called Will, Wisdom and Activity, but why should they not be called Will, Love-Wisdom and Activity.

22.             When comparing Love and Wisdom which holds place as representative of the second aspect? May we with justification say “Love”. We recall that when dividing the type of second ray souls, souls on the Wisdom line go to Shamballa, while the second type of second ray soul is associated with Love.

  The spirillae therefore are but streams of force, or second aspect vitality which circulates geometri­cally within the circumscribing wall of substance, composed of third aspect force or substance.

23.             Here is a clear, succinct definition of the spirillae and should be remembered.

24.             Vitality is that which causes animation of a kind directly related to the quality which the vitality represents.

25.             This type of vitality presumably forces the atom to cohere in a certain geometrical configuration.

26.             We note that the streams of vitality circulate “within the circumscribing wall of substance”; they are bound or ‘self-bounding’.

27.             We may draw the conclusion that this type of vitality (at least) is a force for coherence holding all constituents of any system in relationship.

 What has been said of objectivity, or of the cosmic atom can be equally well pre­dicated of the permanent atom of man the microcosm:

28.             There is an analogy between the structure of all atoms and what is said of the spirillae in one type of atom has parallels in relation to other types of atoms.

"The primordial ray is the vehicle of the divine Ray."72  [S.D., I, 108] 

29.             The “Primordial Ray”, we remember, is the third ray and the “Divine Ray” the second.

Negative force forms a receptacle for positive force.  Atoms are but force centres, and the centres as we know of them are but aggregates of force points which have reached a specific point in evolution, and are responding to the first great aspect in some degree, or to electric fire.

30.             Here we have an important definition.

31.             There is a distinction here between the “force centres” defined as atoms and the “centres” which are the chakras. The chakras are “aggregates of force points”. They are, of course, much larger than atoms. In a way, the force points within center are atoms.

32.             There are also force points within atoms. In relation to the atoms of the cosmic physical plane, these force points have been called “bubbles in the koilon”.

33.             The force points within the chakras, having reached a specific point of evolution (for atoms evolve) define the degree of evolution or unfoldment of the chakra.

34.             The evolution of the chakra depends upon the degree of evolution of its constituent force points and also upon type of geometrical relationship of those force points within the chakra.

35.             We recall that the chakras are really generated from the Monad and by monadic fire. It is no surprise to, then, to see that the atoms which comprise the force centres called chakras are responding in some measure to electric fire.

36.             Earlier “second aspect vitality” was mentioned. Are we to suppose that each aspect of divinity expresses its own type of vitality? Can we consider vitality as the energy which carries out the purpose of any of the divine aspects?

This sentence, is one to be seriously pondered, for it holds hid much information for the student, and when duly com­prehended will result in the light of knowledge being shed upon the problems of manifestation.

37.             The Tibetan has the rare ability to compress much information into a few words.

38.             In order for the manifestation of form to occur, the tiny force points called atoms must be brought into a specific relationship and forced to cohere in that relationship.

39.             Can we say then that there is no manifestation without geometrization?

40.             The tiniest unit in this ‘manifestational geometrization’ is the bubble in the koilon.

 It concerns the secret of the position of the different kingdoms of nature within the logoic body, and their place and part, for all depends upon the type of force which animates, upon the interplay of that force in substance, upon the dual, triple, or united aspect of force, and upon its septenary demonstration in form-building.

41.             We have here a remarkably synthetic sentence.

42.             We might say that the higher the kingdom, the greater the tendency of the aggregated force points in any chakra to respond to electric fire.

43.             For clarity, let us tabulate that which the sentence under discussion concerns:

a.                  It concerns the secret of the position of the different kingdoms of nature within the logoic body

b.                  It concerns the place and part of these kingdoms within the logoic body

44.             We are being told that position, place and part all depend upon:

a.                  The type of force which animates

b.                  The interplay of that force in substance

c.                  The dual, triple or united aspect of force

d.                  Upon the septenary demonstration of force in form building

45.             Kingdoms are as chakras or complex force centers. Every form of life is as a wheel or sphere. Kingdoms, too, are as chakras. The differences between the kingdoms depend upon their internal organization and their internal organization depends upon the organization of the force points with constitute them.

46.             In any kingdom (or in any chakra) three types of force animate, but they animate in different proportions depending upon the position, place, or part to be played by that kingdom.

47.             We might say that in all of creation there is nothing but spheres of life variously organized.

48.             We also note a focus on two types of forces: animating force and substantial force, for substance, too is force—substantial force.

Every atom is a focal point of force, the force of substance itself, the life or vitality of the third aspect, the [Page 528] life of that cosmic Entity Who is to the Logos the negative aspect of electricity.

39.             We seem to be speaking again only of the tiny atoms of substance.

40.             The important point to be gathered is that atoms are not so much ‘things’ as points of force.

41.             We might define force as ‘the presence of a god’. Vitality is the power to effect change. “Force” and “vitality” are such commonly used words that we need to be clear about the definition of these terms; and, yet, this is not easy, for they stand for deep occult processes about which we really have very little idea.

42.             From the statements in this section of text it is confirmed that every aspect of divinity has its own form of vitality.

43.             Substance is force—force of a certain kind.

44.             Through every atom of substance the life of a great Entity is potently present.

45.             In this case, that great Entity is Brahma, embodying (in relation to the Logos) the negative aspect of electricity.

46.             That which is negative is attracted to that which is positive. That which is negative is more acted upon than acting.

Every form73 and aggregate of atoms, is simply a force centre produced by the action of positive force and its inter­action with negative energy.

49.             It is important to grasp that every form is simply an aggregate of atoms and must be considered as a “force center”

50.             A form cannot exist unless positive force has interplayed with negative energy. No form can come into existence unless this interplay has occurred.

51.             Here DK reverse His usual method of utilizing terms. Usually “force” is considered negative in relation to “energy”. But the use of these terms is not entirely consistent, and here “force” is deemed positive and “energy” negative.

52.             When attempting, in general, to distinguish between the uses of the terms “force” and “energy”, “energy” is usually ‘higher’ and “force” is the specific, focused application of “energy”. But as said, no entire consistency in the use of these terms is easy to discern.

53.             The point to grasp in all this is that the formation of all forms depends upon the interaction of positive and negative electricity. Form arises through the process of “birth” (generally considered) and all birth presupposed this positive/negative interplay.

 It is the vitality of the second aspect working in conjunction with the third,

54.             A form exists when the vitality of the second aspect (the producer of coherence) works in conjunction with the third aspect (the force of negative electricity).

55.             We might say that in order for the vitality of the second aspect to engage with the third aspect, impulsion from the first aspect is necessary.

56.             Clearly, we are dealing (in the simplest terms) with the fundamental mysteries of creation and manifestation.

 and producing—in time and space—that illusion or maya which temporarily blazes forth,

57.             An ‘appearance’ is a temporary blazing forth.

58.             Forms are illusions or mayas.

59.             We remember that the deva aspect is particularly associated with form-building, and devic manifestation is particularly a combination of third and second aspect forces.

 and attracts attention,

60.             Consciousness notices this temporary blazing forth.

creating the impression that matter is a concrete something. 

61.             DK is trying to convey to us how the illusion of concrete form (very real to our usual type of consciousness) arises.

62.             The impression in consciousness of which we are speaking is an illusion. There is no “concrete something”, only a seeming that there is.

63.             DK is here dealing with important philosophical, metaphysical points.

There is no such thing as concretion in reality;

64.             This is a vital statement. We live constantly amidst impressions-in-consciousness that are ‘concretions’. These impressions are phenomena of consciousness, caused by the temporary aggregations of formative forces appearing to consciousness in a manner other than they really are (i.e., other than they would appear to a consciousness able clearly to detect the minute processes responsible for formation).

[Page 529] there is only force of different kinds, and the effect produced on con­scious­ness by their interplay.

47.             This is a profound statement concerning the nature of reality. What is there? What is there not? That which is conceived as real is not real. Reality is something other.

48.             Below we have a number of fundamental statements concerning Spirit, form and matter. In general they concern the process of creation or manifestation.


1. Divine ideation passes from the abstract to the concrete or visible form.

49.             Apparent concretions are ideas (or thoughts) in manifestation. What we call the various macrocosms in which we live and move and have our being are caused by divine ideation.

a. The objective is an emanation of the subjective.—S. D., I, 407.

50.             We live in a world of effects.

b. Impulse is spirit energy causing objectivity.—S. D., I, 349; S. D., I, 683.

51.             “Being descends to manifest.”(cf. the Six Formulas which are the “seed of all philosophies”, DINA II 284)

c. The Logos renders objective a concealed thought.—S. D., II, 28.

52.             This is true of every type of self-cons creator including man.

2. Three things required before any form of energy can become objective.—S. D., I, 89.

1. Privation        Separation.  Initial impulse.         Energy.  Will.

2. Form             Quality or shape.                       Nature.  Love.

3. Matter           Objective sphere.                       Intelligent activity.

See S. D., III, 561.

53.             We note the important distinction between form and matter. Form pertains to the second aspect and matter to the third.

54.             Idea is related to purpose and to the form which embodies it.

55.             The first aspect is represented by (apparently) formless impulse, yet the ‘idea of form’ must be inherent to the impulse.

3. Life precedes form.--S. D., I, 242.

56.             This is a fundamental statement in occultism.

a. The Thinker ever remains.—S. D., II, 28.

57.             This is, perhaps, a relative statement. For practical purposes the statement stands.

58.             It is saying that the ‘conceiving life’ behind the form conceived existed before the form was created and will endure after the form is dissipated. The form-creator pre-exists and outlives the form created.

b. Force of life is the transformation into energy of the thought of the Logos.—See S. D., III, 179.

59.             That which on our level we call “force” or “force of life” originated with “the thought of the Logos” or with “divine ideation”.

60.             We must ask the question, ‘How did divine ideation originate?’

61.             In this statement, “force of life” and “energy” are not exactly the same. “Energy” pre-exists “force of life”.

62.             The hierarchy is somewhat as follows:

a.      The thought of the Logos

b.      Energy

c.      Force of Life

63.             In another way “force of life” is being called an “energy”.

4. Spirit evolves through form and out of form.--S. D., I, 680.

a. Spirit has to acquire full self-consciousness.—S. D., I, 215.

64.             We might call this the acquisition of partial consciousness or multiple forms of differentiated consciousness. Spirit already has consciousness of Wholeness (i.e., of itself as a whole). What is lacks is a specified reduction of itself.

b. Form imprisons spirit.—S. D., II, 775.

65.             Yet it is the will of Spirit that this be so. Form could not exist without the purposeful impulsion of Spirit.

66.             Form is Spirit. Spirit willingly imprisons itself in that which seems to be less than itself but, essentially, is not.

c. The principle of limitation is form.—S. D., III, 561.

67.             In our solar system, form, therefore, must be directly related to the planet Saturn which is the planet of limitation.

68.             Form is incomplete focus. It is divine consciousness beholding but a fragment of itself. Form cannot exist independently of an act of perception—really Self-perception.

69.             Spirit is always more than that part of itself it perceives as form.

d. Spirit informs all sheaths.—S. D., I, 669 note.

70.             Spirit is never elsewhere but always present. It is the Presence.

e. Spirit passes through the cycle of Being.—S. D., I, 160.

71.             Should we cal this the “cycle of Existence”? Being and Existence should, perhaps, be differentiated.

5. The devas are the origin of form.--S. D., I, 488.

72.             The devas are that aspect of divinity which provides objectivity.

They exist in two great groups:

a. The Ahhi are the vehicle of divine thought.—S. D., I, 70.

73.             The Ahhi are of a higher order than the Army of the Voice. The Ahhi are those great energy streams which impress upon lesser substance the possibility that divine thought may be embodied in that lesser substance.

b. The Army of the Voice.—S. D., I, 124.

74.             Yet the Army of the Voice exists also in its higher expression and conveys the Divine Will.

75.             It may be that we should relate the Army of the Voice more to the third aspect of divinity (as it is influence by the first) and the Ahhi to the second aspect.

They are the sum-total of the substance of the four higher planes and of the three lower.

76.             The Tibetan’s description of the location and focus of the Army of the Voice differs somewhat from this statement, and positions certain members of the Army on the cosmic ethers.

77.             The following is that statement of the Tibetan’s which seems to differ from that which is here stated from the Secret Doctrine:

These particular devas in "their serried ranks" are the directive agents of the divine energy which implements the purposes of Deity upon the physical plane.  They work only on etheric levels—either upon our physical plane or on the cosmic etheric levels.  They are therefore active in the realm of maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understand it, or upon the planes of the Spiritual Triad.  They are not active on the three gross physical levels or upon the astral or mental planes, nor are they active upon the highest or logoic planeThere they are implicit or latent but not active.  They are the great "impulsive factors" in manifestation, organising substance, directing the multiplicity of lives and beings who constitute the forms through which God expresses divinity.  In a peculiar sense, they are the embodiment of the divine purpose upon the planes of the Monad and of the Triad, just as the aggregate of energies in man's etheric body is the result of his inner direction and the cause of his outer manifestation.  To understand more fully the function of the deva forces, a man must arrive at some understanding of the forces in his etheric body which, in their turn, are the consequence of his point of attainment—an attainment demonstrated by his astral (emotional) and mental natures and activities.  These indicate his point of development. (R&I 179)

78.             The Secret Doctrine seems to suggest that the Army of the Voice are active as substance on all the seven planes.

79.             Are the Ahhi not to be considered substantial but, rather, only vital—i.e., animating Carriers of life and purpose.

80.             Whether these two categories of devas are active on cosmic planes higher than the cosmic physical plane we are in no position to know (but we may infer by analogy that their higher correspondences are).

6. There is a form which combines all forms.—S. D., I, 118.

See S. D., I, 77.

81.             This is the great Form of God which was beheld by Arjuna under the inspiration of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

This Form is the sum-total of all that is manifested, or the entire solar sphere or system. 

82.             The solar system is for practical purposes the “form which combines all forms”, though this is naturally a limited idea. The one and only Universe (whatever it really is) is really that Form.

83.             Below we are looking at all the many forms contained within the one greater Form.

This contains:

a. The ten planetary schemes and all that is therein.

84.             The enumeration here must be questioned. There are also (from a quite common perspective) twelve planetary schemes and, really, many more, but in terms of a fundamental perfection, all the many may be considered combined into ten. These ten would be comprised of the three synthesizing schemes and seven others.

85.             We realize that enumerations relating to a given system are always changing, depending upon the point of view from which that system is regarded.

b. All the lesser interplanetary bodies.

86.             By the use of the word “interplanetary” there is the implication that such bodies occur ‘between’ the major planets. Asteroids are among these, but so may be planetoids and moons which revolve around the greater bodies.

c. The deva and human evolutions.

87.             These are parallel evolutions found throughout the solar system.

d. The kingdoms of nature everywhere.

88.             We remember that such kingdoms occur throughout the solar system and are not confined to our planet alone. Kingdoms are aspects of solar logoic expression.

e. The involutionary and evolutionary Gods.

89.             We remember that God and the gods are imminent in all forms of life, whether evolutionary or involutionary. An electron has been defined as a god entering manifestation.

90.             The many gods within the One God are at different involutionary and evolutionary stages in the Universal Process.

f. Every atom of substance on every plane.

91.             Presumably, this would also include the tiniest particles within such atoms.

7. All forms are destroyed periodically.

Read carefully S. D., I, 397-401.

92.             That which has been born must die. That which has arisen through aggregation must de-aggregate.

Back of all forms and of all substances

93.             Form is not substance and substance is not form.

 (as yet but little con­tacted and realised) lies a third type of force, which utilises these two other factors to produce eventual harmony, and which is itself on its own plane the sumtotal of the second.

94.             We have spoken of form as the combination of second and third aspect vitality. In a way there is naught but vitality because vitality is life.

95.             Now, we speak of that aspect of divinity which lies behind or within the other two.

96.             We notice that the objective of Spirit is the production of harmony. This, in itself, is interesting, as we would usually think of the second aspect  of divinity related to the buddhic plane (the plane of harmony) as the producer of harmony. In the language of the rays, the first ray is related to the fourth.

97.             DK is presenting the identity of the Spirit aspect in some ways which may be less familiar than the usual presentations.

98.             What is the plane of that aspect here under discussion? Shall we say the logoic plane?

99.             What is the “second” of which Spirit is the sumtotal? Is the “second” of the two aspects mentioned in this sentence of text the matter aspect, form being the first aspect mentioned? Is this enigmatical statement another way of saying that Spirit is Matter and Matter is Spirit?

100.         Is the Force of Spirit the sumtotal of the Matter aspect? May we say that Spirit subsumes within itself all that we call Matter?

  It can be called:

a. The one synthesising Life.
b. Electric fire.
c. The point of equilibrium.
d. Unity or harmony.
e. Pure Spirit.
f. Dynamic Will.
g. Existence.

101.         Here are some quite amazing synonyms and we could wonder how to make them all equivalent.

102.         “Unity or harmony” accords with “the point of equilibrium” and is related to “the one synthesizing Life”.

103.         The term “Being” is not mentioned here, but “Existence” is. Although the distinction is subtle, it is reasonable to think of “Existence” as a category lower than “Being”.

104.         If we introduce the concept of “Peaceful Silent Will” it will be easier to find accord between all these seven.

105.         We notice that there are seven terms. We may ask whether each of these terms should be related to Spirit considered in one of seven aspects. The first four terms seem to relate well to the first four aspects:

a.                  First aspect: the One Synthesizing Life

b.                  Second aspect: Electric Fire. We recall that there can be no electricity without duality

c.                  Third aspect: the Point of Equilibrium. We remember the relation of Libra, the triangle and the third ray to the factor of equilibrium.

d.                  Fourth aspect: Unity or Harmony

106.         A case can be made for the other three aspects (or rays) and their possible relation to the last three terms.

It is a Force, working through a dual manifestation of differ­entiated force,

107.         We mean by this “dual manifestation” the combination of the second and third aspects representing the Divine Ray and the Primordial Ray.

108.         Each of the major three aspects can be thought of as a “Force”.

 through the energy of matter, the coherency of forms, through force centres, and force points.

109.         We can divide the four terms above into two categories:

110.         Under the second aspect we have “the coherency of forms” and “through force centers”.

111.         Under the third aspect we have “the energy of matter” and “force points”.

112.         Through these four there works that which we call Spirit or: the One Synthesizing Life, Electric Fire,

  It is FOHAT in triple demonstration, of which the final or third is as yet unknown and inconceivable.

113.         Is DK saying that we are dealing with a great inclusive force called FOHAT which demonstrates through what we normally call the Three Divine Aspects?

114.         If He is so saying, we would understand that Fohat is inclusive of the above mentioned synthesis expressed as a “Force working through a dual manifestation of differ­entiated force, through the energy of matter, the coherency of forms, through force centres, and force points.” This synthetic statement includes all aspects of divinity—all the three Logoi as They manifest on the cosmic physical plane.

115.         Or is He relating FOHAT strictly to the first aspect?

116.         FOHAT or “Cosmic Electricity” seems related to Agni or to the threefold personality demonstration of the Solar Logos.

117.         It is illuminating to think of FOHAT as inclusive of the three aspects of divinity as they manifest (as aspects of Agni) on the lower eighteen cosmic sub-planes, and also as they manifest on the cosmic physical plane.

This brings me to the consideration of the fact earlier stated that the mental unit possesses but four of the streams of force.

118.         It would seem that we have been participating in a lengthy amplification.

 Each of the streams of force in the permanent atoms vibrates to the note of a particular subplane, and serves as the medium for the vitalisation of the matter of the subplane, which is built into any particular body around a permanent atom. 

119.         Again, we have a most important statement which should tell us much about the relation of spirillae to subplanes and to keynotes.

120.         Each sub-plane has a musical note, and each spirilla (or stream of second aspect vitality) vibrates to the note of one sub-plane and, thus, can be associated with the control and manipulation of the type of matter of that sub-plane.

121.         We may be saying that the points of force which are organized by second aspect vitality vibrate to different frequencies depending upon the sub-plane with which they are associated.

122.         The spirilla vitalizes the matter of a sub-plane. We might say that second aspect vitality vitalizes third aspect substance. Yet substance, too, is but vitality—third aspect vitality. All is Life in differentiated modes.

123.         We can see that vitalization proceeds through musical sound—i.e., through “notes”.

124.         We see that the different sub-planes of the body built around any permanent atom are vitalized by the different spirillae within the permanent atom.

125.         The whole matter is extremely complex and humanity’s science has not yet given us any way to conceive of such things with any accuracy.

126.         Yet there is law and order in all these relations and the methods of subduing chaos are firmly in place.

It is the force of the Heavenly Man as it animates the cells of His form, and holds them as a coherent unity.

127.         Are we still speaking of the Force of the first aspect? Sometimes the use of the word “it” leaves us without knowledge of that to which “it” is meant to refer.

128.         If we are speaking of spirillae we are speaking of second aspect vitality.

129.         To interpret the section of text immediately above, we must know whether DK is referencing first or second aspect energy. Or is He referencing first aspect energy as is manifests through second aspect energy—since first aspect energy cannot manifest on its own (in this solar system, at least).

130.         It would seem that we are speaking of the “streams of force in the permanent atoms” and consider them to be an “it”—namely, as that which “animates the cells of His form”.

131.         The cells in the body of a Heavenly Man are like the points of third aspect force which were held in coherence by streams of second aspect vitality.

 Here it must be remembered that, from the point of view of the microcosm, the aspect of pure Spirit or of Electric Fire remains in this solar system as an abstraction.

132.         The fire of “pure Spirit” or Electric Fire does not express autonomously, but only through the other two aspects. It is not possible to ‘concretize’ the first fire, per se (in this solar system).

 A man can attain group consciousness; he can vibrate to the note of the Heavenly Man in Whose body he is a cell;

133.         When group consciousness is attained, the man is vibrating to the note of the second aspect.

he can demon­strate in relative perfection fire by friction and solar fire, but it remains for a later mahamanvantara to reveal [Page 530] the true nature of Spirit.

134.         It is evident that the Spirit aspect of our Heavenly Man will not emerge in this solar system.

135.         If this is the case, and if it likely that we must wait until a future mahamanvantara “to reveal the true nature of Spirit” on our planet, can it be possible that our Heavenly Man will take a third cosmic initiation in this solar system?

136.         At which cosmic initiation is the true nature of Spirit revealed through a Heavenly Man?

137.         Even at the fourth initiation the Spirit aspect is still revealed through solar fire (i.e., through the second aspect).

138.         And, yet, if our Solar Logos is to take the fifth cosmic initiation in this solar system (as some references indicate as likely), then the Earth (which is related to His base of the spine center) must be in the position to demonstrate first ray energy (and that energy, as far as the Earth is concerned, can come only from Earth’s first ray Monad).

139.         When DK speaks of “a later mahamanvantara” does He mean the next solar system which, presumably, is the last solar system (for our Solar Logos and His Planetary Logoi) in a series of six? It would seem so.

140.         If we are talking about the revelation of the “true nature of Spirit” on a solar systemic level, then, perhaps it makes sense that it will be necessary to wait until the next mahamanvantara, for only then will the Solar Logos be in a position to take His sixth cosmic initiation, at which point Spirit or Monad is revealed untrammeled by the lower five planes. In this case we are probably speaking of cosmic planes and not systemic planes.

141.         There is an implication in all this reasoning—namely, that even an initiate of the fifth degree is not demonstrating the “true nature of Spirit”. This would hold for the human initiate, the planetary logoic Initiate and the solar logoic Initiate.

Therefore in man, functioning in the human family, this fact is apparent and the correspondence to be seen.  Until he passes out of the three worlds, and until he becomes a Master of the Wisdom, he has this truth concealed in these three aspects.

142.         When shall pure Spirit be revealed? There is no possibility for this revelation until a man becomes a Master of the Wisdom. Even then, He may have to wait for Chohanship before the complete revelation becomes possible. A Master is still, technically considered, a “man”. A Chohan is not.

 The mental [unit] is not a septenary permanent atom, but only responds to four types of force, and not to the entire range of vibrations.

143.         DK is speaking of the limitations of the mental unit.

 Herein lies a reason for tolerance.

144.         The limitations of man because he is a member of the fourth kingdom are evident. He cannot possibly respond rightly to the full range of vibrations impinging upon him.

  Until a man is coming consciously under the control of the Ego and is beginning to sense the vibration of the manasic permanent atom, it is useless to expect him to respond to certain ideals, or to grasp certain aspects of truth.

145.         The manasic permanent atom, on the other hand, has a much greater responsive capacity than the mental unit.

146.         It may be gathered that when a man does begin to come until the control of the Ego in the causal body, he is also in a position to begin sensing the vibration of the manasic permanent atom. Presumably the antahkarana does not have to be fully built before this sensing (at least) becomes possible.

147.         We remember that the antahkarana is a triangle and not just a line. That line of energy which connects the center of the egoic lotus to the manasic permanent atom is also considered to be part of the antahkarana.

148.         The line of energy connecting the personality with the egoic lotus (probably, again, the center of the egoic lotus) is also an aspect of the antahkarana.

  The mental unit suffices for his need, and no bridge exists between it and the manasic permanent atom.

149.         DK is speaking of the strictly personality stage of human development. The preliminary bridge to higher possibilities does not yet exist.

150.         Let us reemphasize that there are really two bridges and even three.

a.                  One bridge exists between the mental unit and the Ego on the higher mental plane (and Ego usually located at the time of initial bridge-building on the second sub-plane of the higher mental plane).

b.                  Another bridge exists between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom.

c.                  Still another gap which must be bridged lies between the causal body on the second sub-plane of the mental plane and the manasic permanent atom which if found upon the first sub-plane. This is built through the growing capacity for abstract thought.

Two and a half planes are concerned with the evolution of man, per se, in the fourth kingdom,

151.         This equates to eighteen sub-planes. From one perspective, eighteen is the number of the Moon.

 and he only begins to transcend them as he nears the Path and treads it.

152.         The beginning of the process of treading the Path signals the possibility of transcending the eighteen sub-planes.

153.         “Let the group see that all the eighteen fires die down…” (Rule IV for Disciples and Initiates).

154.         The Path is essentially solar and the nineteenth sub-plane (and those sub-planes beyond) are related to solar expressions.

155.         We recall the interesting fact that the eighteenth Tarot card is the “Moon” and the nineteenth is the “Sun”.

 From the standpoint of average man in physical incarnation, the egoic consciousness, within the causal periphery, is as abstract as is the Logos viewed as the Dweller within the system.

156.         This is a sobering thought and reminds us of the limitations under which most human beings labor.

157.         There are different kinds of dwellers. The kind of “Dweller” here indicated is an inherent, substanding Life which ‘in-dwells’ and pervades lives, forms and substances within the solar system. It is not at all an obstructive Dweller such as the “Dweller on the Threshold”.

158.         DK is telling us that the egoic consciousness is something that is just not registered by the average man. He seems to be saying that the average man has as much possibility of registering the Ego as he would of registering the presence of the Solar Logos within His solar system.

159.         Is DK suggesting that for the average man outside of physical incarnation the chance of registering egoic consciousness increases? Perhaps, because unobstructed by the physical brain and body?

 These two and a half planes are of peculiar interest to the Logos, as they embody:

160.         Of which Logos is DK speaking? He seemed to be speaking of the Solar Logos but when speaking of two and half planes, perhaps the emphasis is now shifting to the Planetary Logos.

That which, for Him, lies below the threshold of consciousness.

161.         These eighteen sub-planes function, for the Planetary Logos, unconsciously. He need not attend to them, just as man need not, under normal circumstances, attend to the automatic biological processes which keep his physical body functioning.

162.         For the Solar Logos, twenty-one sub-planes lie below the threshold of consciousness.

Those centres from which logoic kundalini is turning.

163.         Kundalini is poised to animate other and higher aspects of the planetary logoic nature.

164.         Solar logoic kundalini is also turning from certain centers.

That which is not considered a principle.

165.         These eighteen sub-planes relate to the previous solar system. They are not among the energy-patterns which the Planetary Logos is presently cultivating.

166.         For the Solar Logos, twenty-one sub-planes are not considered as embodying a principle. For Him they are strictly physical sub-planes—not etheric.

That which is gradually passing into obscuration.

167.         Etherealization is slowly in process. The attention of the Planetary Logos has turned from the eighteen lower sub-planes and with this turning, these sub-planes will gradually no longer remain in incarnation.

It is impossible to enlarge further upon this mystery.

168.         If is has not been apparent (due to the abstruseness of the material) we are dealing with a “mystery”.

169.         The mystery concerns the relationship between that which is principled and unprincipled in the life demonstration of any E/entity.

4. Summary.

Before proceeding further, however, it might be well to sum up some of the facts anent the spirillae and the atom, and then we can take up the subject of the causal body and man, the individual. [Page 531]

170.         This will be a most important section to be used in stabilizing our understanding of the subject of the permanent atoms and the spirillae.

1. The four lower spirillae are definitely under the influence of the personality Ray.

171.         This is predictable numerologically. The fourth spirilla is correlated specifically with the fourth, or human, kingdom.

172.         Since the mental unit has only four spirillae, this entire center of force refers only to the personality or to what has been called the “lower quaternary”.

2. The fifth and sixth spirillae are more specifically under the egoic Ray, whatever that Ray may be.

173.         We might expect that only the fifth spirilla would be connected with the “egoic Ray”. The fifth kingdom is that in which the egoic ray principally demonstrates. We would then expect the sixth spirilla to be connected with the sixth kingdom of Planetary Lives. Yet, it must be as the Tibetan so definitively states, and for this there must be a reason.

174.         Perhaps the sixth spirilla is connected specifically with the functioning of the spiritual triad—the three of the triad and the six of the spirilla being arithmetically related.

175.         Both the Ego within the causal body and the Ego liberated and demonstrating as the spiritual triad are associated with the egoic ray. The rays of the permanent atoms of the spiritual triad are the same as the rays of the Ego within the causal body.

176.         We note that no matter what the egoic ray may be, it influences both the fifth and sixth spirillae.

3.               The fifth spirilla has a peculiar value inasmuch as it syn­thesises the lower four.

177.         In this respect the fifth spirilla has a brahmic function—the fifth as the one synthesizing the lower four (just as the Brahma Aspect synthesizes the Rays of Attribute_.

178.         We are now at the point of human evolution when the fifth spirilla is undergoing wide stimulation. Humanity is preparing to enter the fifth kingdom.

It is the third when counting the streams of spiral force from the standpoint of the atomic pole.  It vibrates to five types of force.

179.         From what is said, it seems that every spirilla vibrates to a certain number of forces, the same number as the number of the spirilla.

180.         This would mean that the fifth spirilla would vibrate to five types of force, the fourth to four, the third to three, etc.

181.         For seven spirillae we would have: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 =28.  We will recognize 28 as an important number—the number of the OM.

4.     The spirillae are literally ten in number, three major and seven minor.  But from the unity point of view, they are the four and the major three, the remaining lesser three being counted as one with their major, inasmuch as they are direct reflections.

182.         The literal perspective is important: 3 + 7. This is a perspective which correlates with the pattern of the Tree of Life and with the structure of the planetary schemes (three synthesizing schemes and seven others, including three non-sacred schemes). One wonders if the three non-sacred planets are, in some manner, reflections of the three synthesizing planets.

183.         We find the lower spirillae not even counted as they directly reflect the higher three.

184.         Could there be a kind of absorption of the lower three into the higher three similarly to the way the lower ethers are absorbed into or subsumed by the higher?

185.         This way of treating the ten so they become a seven has applicability in other contexts.

5.               The permanent atoms are not heart-shaped as portrayed in certain books.  A certain number of atoms are of that type but they are not the permanent atoms which are more defi­nitely spheroidal and are slightly flattened at the top, where the correspondence to the polar depression may be found, and equally flattened at the under surface.

186.         DK has to correct certain misconceptions.

187.         The general picture of permanent atoms is as spheroidal and somewhat flattened at both poles.

6.               The arrangement of the spirillae within the permanent atoms varies on each plane and the ones most frequently described are those of the physical plane.

188.         The best known atom, occultly described, is “Babbitt’s Atom” which is clearly an etheric atom. Is it a permanent atom? This has not been specified.

The arrangement of these tiny force vortices

189.         Here we are speaking of spirillae…

 and their internal economy

190.         By this, we mean the manner in which force is expressed through them and distributed by them…

 on each plane is one of the secrets of initiation and may not be revealed.

191.         Probably for each type of atom there is a different arrangement.

 One hint only may be given to guide the student:  The astral permanent atom has its internal streams of force arranged so that the spirals do approach quite closely the conformation of a heart, though the pointed end is elimi­nated.

192.         We presume that the where one would expect a pointed end, there is a polar flattening.

193.         The astral plane is ruled by the systemic Law of Love. As well, it is on the 2—4—6 line of force. The shape of a heart seems somehow appropriate.

 The buddhic permanent atom has its spirillae arranged so as to form approximately a figure eight with a central stream bisecting the double spiral.

194.         The buddhic plane is related to Mercury Who is the “Guardian at the Eighth Gate”. The antahkarana, which is a Mercurial structure, is also said to be composed of lines of force arranged in figure eights.

195.         We are alerted to the possibility that the permanent atoms of the various planes may be arranged in symbolic form. The heart is symbolically related to the love and desire of the astral level, and the figure eight to the buddhic plane. What other types of symbols could serve in relation to the mental plane, for instance, or to the atmic? We would expect a distinctive geometry.

7.               The closer the approach to reality the simpler will be found the arrangement of the spirilla.

196.         Is it possible that as we approach the atmic plane, some threefold arrangement would emerge? Would monadic permanent atoms (as they must necessarily exist for certain higher beings—cf. TCF 533-534) have a twofold structure, and would logoic permanent atoms be unitary?

 These streams of force show a septenary arrangement in the [Page 532] lower three perm­­anent atoms of man, while the higher three contain but three spirillae—the major three.

197.         We recall from TCF 177 the ninefold choice of rays for the “Ego” considered as the spiritual triad. The three permanent atoms times three spirillae would give the requisite nine.

198.         If we look closely, however, we will find an apparent contraction in the section of text just reviewed.

199.         The lower two permanent atoms may well have a septenary arrangement, but what of the mental unit? That has only four spirillae we are told.

200.         And is not the manasic permanent atom one of the higher three permanent atoms of man? From what has been said, we would expect the manasic permanent atom, the buddhic permanent atom and he atmic permanent atom each to have a threefold structure.

201.         Which atoms, really, are the lower three and the higher three?

202.         Perhaps we could say of the mental unit that it would have a sevenfold structure if it were complete.

203.         May we expect that there are actually ten spirillae in the physical and astral permanent atoms, but only three (the major three) in the permanent atoms of the spiritual triad?

204.         If the spirillae structure of the physical and astral permanent atoms is really tenfold, will the mental unit remain only fourfold?

205.         For the moment we will have to leave the mental unit out of consideration as its case is indeterminate.

8.               It should be noted that there are but six permanent atoms connected with human evolution, while a Heavenly Man has but five, and even then only one in the solar system.

206.         This point is of real importance. Among the six so-called permanent atoms of the human being, it would seem that the mental unit (which is not a full permanent atom) is counted. Yet if the two lower permanent atoms have seven spirillae (or ten) and the three higher have three, then the number of permanent atoms in the mental unit can be considered transitional between seven (or ten) and three.

207.         But what of the monadic auric egg? As a sheath (for it is a sheath) it is not ‘created’ by a permanent atom? Is not every vehicle created by a permanent atom (except the causal body which was created by the divine intervention of the Solar Angels)?

208.         It has long been questioned whether a Heavenly Man has a mental unit? Or whether our particular Heavenly Man has a mental unit? From what is here said it would seem that there is no room for a mental unit in the compliment of permanent atoms in the energy system of a Heavenly Man.

209.         Again, the solar system exists only on the cosmic physical plane, and so we see that the Heavenly Man has only one permanent atom on the cosmic physical plane.

(The mystery of a planet and its central life has not yet been revealed.  It is connected with another manifestation of which as yet nought is known.)

210.         We may question whether our Planetary Logos is like all others or whether some special case has existed upon which provides its Logos with a mental unit?

211.         Perhaps even our Solar Logos has within it the correspondence to a mental unit?

212.         The following quotation directs our thought to such a speculation:

The coming of the Lords of Flame to the Earth was all under law and not just an accidental and fortunate happening; it was a planetary matter which finds its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom.  [Notice, it is not said, in relation to what type of B/being.] Again, as the antaskarana is built by individual man between these two points, so—again in a planetary sense—is a channel being built by collective man on this planet to its primary, Venus.          (TCF 297)

213.         As for the “central life” of a planet, we may assume it to be its monadic nature. Of such things we know very little if anything.

214.         We only know that Heavenly Men are Monads, that these Monads have a ray, and that the Monads of some Heavenly Men are occultly ineffective because the Heavenly Men are not yet “sacred”.

215.         We can perhaps relate the section of text above to the idea that the Solar Logos has a mental unit. Earth would stand for this mental unit and Venus (at this time) for the manasic permanent atom of the Solar Logos.

216.         There is much occultism to be learned from the relation between the six and the five. Usually we are told that the six must be transformed into the five. We can understand this in relation to the permanent atoms of man, for his six permanent atoms (including the mental unit) must become five. The mental unit does not last, yet neither do the physical permanent atom and the astral permanent atom. However, when a mayavirupa is made, the points of force around which physical substance can be gathered in the lower three worlds are provided by some extension of the higher three permanent atoms. A point of force equivalent to the mental unit is not generated. The mental body in a mayavirupa is an wholeness and is not subdivided as in the case of unliberated man.

9.               It should be remembered that we are dealing with a physical incarnation of these great Entities and that Their permanent atoms, with the exception of the physical, are extra-systemic.

217.         By “extra-systemic”, in this context, we mean ‘above the cosmic physical plane’. The permanent atoms of the various Planetary Logoi will be found upon the highest levels of the cosmic astral plane, the cosmic mental plane, and on cosmic planes still higher.

10.         The causal body of the Heavenly Men is upon the third subplane of the cosmic mental plane, while that of the solar Logos and those of the three Persons of the logoic Trinity are upon the first subplane.

218.         We are told the causal bodies of the Heavenly Men are to be found on the third sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane, but one wonders if this statement refers to all Planetary Logoi or, principally, the non-sacred Planetary Logoi.

219.         There appears to be a gap. Is there no great Entity Whose causal body is to be found on the second sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane, for instance, just as human beings who are advanced or initiate have causal bodies upon the second sub-plane of the systemic mental plane?

220.         A proposal may be offered (later to be verified or refuted) that the causal bodies of the Logoi of sacred planets will be found on the second sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane while those of the non-sacred Planetary Logoi will remain on the third.

221.         As well, there are Entities Who form a part of the Heavenly Men. They are called Chain Lords and Globe Lords and may, under certain circumstances, be called “Heavenly Men.”  May it be that Their causal bodies are also found on the third sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane?

222.         Nature does not tolerate such discontinuities and we must find the way to bridge them. Wherever (when studying the Teaching) a discontinuity appears, we may suppose ourselves to be in the presence of an “occult blind” or that certain information has been deliberately excluded.

11.         The permanent atoms of men are upon the atomic sub­plane of each plane, with the one exception of the mental unit. 

223.         The implication here is that the mental unit is considered as a kind of permanent atom.

Those of the animal groups are upon the second sub­plane; those of the vegetable groups are upon the third subplane; those of the mineral groups are upon the fourth sub­plane.

224.         These correspondences are important and should be held in mind when seeking to link the lower kingdoms to the human.

225.         It is also important to realize that the lives in the lower kingdoms all have permanent atoms.

226.         Through this distribution the following emerges:

a.                  The fourth kingdom is linked to the number one

b.                  The third kingdom is linked to the number two

c.                  The second kingdom is linked to the number three

d.                  The first kingdom is linked to the number four

227.         It becomes clear that the mental unit of the human being has some link with the mineral kingdom since both it and the permanent atom in the mineral group are found upon a fourth sub-plane.

 There is, therefore, a close analogy between these focal points of force of the group—human or other­wise—and a chain, a globe, and a round, and in their due application comes enlightenment.

228.         We are being given some potential analogies to expand.

229.         The permanent atoms are names “focal points of force”.

230.         The chains, globes and rounds are numbered and the permanent atoms are numbered. DK seems to be suggesting the correlating of these numbers.

231.         The first kingdom can be, for instance correlated with the first chain, globe or round; the second kingdom with the second chain, globe or round; etc.

232.         For the mineral in relation to the first chain, globe or round, the fourth sub-plane will be focal through the mineral permanent atom. For the vegetable in relation to the second chain, globe or round the third sub-plane will be focal through the vegetable permanent atom. And so, correspondingly, for the animal, and later man.

233.         As the chains, globes or rounds increase in number, the sub-planes on which the permanent atoms are found decrease in number.

234.         What of permanent atoms for the members of the fifth, sixth and seventh kingdoms. We can go no higher than the atomic sub-plane.

235.         Since, however, this is the fourth round, we have been told that the present human physical form is adequate for the expression of the higher kingdoms. In other words, one can be expressing through the fifth, sixth or even seventh kingdoms of nature and still be utilizing a human form—generated by permanent atoms on the atomic levels of the various systemic planes involved.

236.         It would be an intricate study, but I think we see how it could be pursued and DK promises enlightenment after “due application”.

 The sumtotal of the perm­anent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streams of force or spirillae in the greater atoms of solar entities or of lunar entities,

237.         Many permanent atoms (within any of the three lower kingdoms) form spirillae or streams of force in the greater atoms of solar and lunar entities.

238.         Lesser entities are as forces in the energy-economy of greater Entities.

239.         It is possible that the fourth kingdom as a strictly human kingdom may be included in this enumeration (as in the next text reference, the “spiritual kingdom” is mentioned).

240.         The Lords of the Kingdoms of Nature are solar entities. We do not know of what “lunar entities” DK could be speaking, but it might be well to remind ourselves that Jehovah (a god related to the Moon-chain) was/is a lunar Entity.

241.         Permanent atoms are focal points of force so it is not difficult to see how the combination of many of them could form “streams of force” or spirillae.

242.         There is analogy: just as the bubbles in the koilon or utterly simple points of force (simple from the perspective of the cosmic physical plane) are gathered together to form spirillae in the tiny atoms of substance, so the permanent atoms themselves can be gathered together to form spirillae or streams of force in much greater atoms—the “greater atoms of solar entities or of lunar entities”.

 while the sumtotal of the perma­nent atoms of man in the spiritual kingdom (the three triadal atoms, atma-buddhi-manas) form the spiral streams of force within certain centres.

243.         Again—a most occult and veiled reference. We are not told which centers they are, but they are likely to be in Entities/Centers higher than those formed by the permanent atoms of the lower kingdoms.

244.         If we check TCF 844 we shall see that the type of Life listed as immediately superior to the Lives which inform the kingdoms of nature are “the informing [lives] of a planetary globe”. Is it possible that that the permanent atoms of “man in the spiritual kingdom” (thus the higher permanent atoms to be found in the triad) form the spirillae of the Globe Lords considered as planetary centers?

245.         We do note another of those discontinuities in the tabulation on TCF 844, for the ‘Informing Lives of a Planetary Chain” are not discussed

246.         The permanent atoms of man-as-man should be contrasted, I think, with the permanent atoms of “man in the spiritual kingdom”. The two sets of permanent atoms will be different.

12.         As the permanent atoms become radioactive in due course of evolution, the result within the centre is a marked increase of vibration.

247.         Centers are chakras are E/entities and they evolve. The time for the initiation of a particular center, chakra or E/entity coincides with the growing radioactivity of the permanent atoms found within that center, chakra or E/entity.

248.         Each chakra or center is multilayered and has a number of vehicles comprising it. Each one of these vehicles has its own permanent atom.

249.         As man becomes radioactive (and this indicates that his permanent atoms are becoming radioactive), the greater centers of which he and his permanent atoms are a part show a “marked increase of vibration”.

250.         The radioactivity of the permanent atoms begins to occur when a certain number of spirillae have been activated.

251.         The lower permanent atoms of man cannot become radioactive when only four spirillae are activated, but when the fifth spirilla is activated, a state of radioactivity is in process. This is even more the case when the higher, major or permanent spirillae are activated.

13.         The permanent atoms concern solar entities when they are found on or above the higher mental.  They [Page 533] concern lunar entities on the lower mental, the astral and the physical planes.

252.         This is a really important statement.

253.         We have just read:

The sumtotal of the perm­anent atoms of any particular kingdom form the streams of force or spirillae in the greater atoms of solar entities or of lunar entities.

254.         Now we discover the occult ‘location’ of those permanent atoms which concern solar entities and those which concern lunar entities.

255.         It is also suggested that solar entities work through the higher permanent atoms and lunar entities through the lower.

256.         It becomes clear that through various aspects of our constitution we participate in the lives of various kinds of Entities greater than ourselves (some solar and some lunar).

257.         As man evolves, the lower permanent atoms (so it may be conjectured) become increasingly responsive to solar entities. This would occur as the substance of the sheaths controlled by the permanent atoms becomes increasingly atomic.

258.         Man (and his permanent atoms), then, would participate less and less in the life of Entities that are lunar—for there are great lunar Entities as well as great solar Entities. Eventually, man will participate not at all in the life of lunar Entities.

14. It should be noted that in this solar system the following entities manifest through:

I. One permanent atom . . . the physical.

1. A solar Logos.
2. The three major Rays, or Lords of Aspect.

259.         These Beings can be called the Three Persons of the Logoic Trinity.

3. The seven Heavenly Men.

260.         Presumably, all the Heavenly Men would be in this category as even Chain Lords have but one permanent atom on the cosmic physical plane.

4. The forty-nine Regents of the planetary chains.

261.         There is a great difference between the scope of these Beings.

262.         They all share a similarity—having but one permanent atom on the cosmic physical plane.

263.         Permanent atoms are, in the case of man, found on the highest or atomic level of the plane to which they belongs. Do we have any assurance that, though these Beings have a permanent atom probably on the logoic plane, that it in all cases it is found on the same sub-plane of the logoic plane?

264.         Just as we were told that man has his permanent atoms on the atomic level, animals on the sub-atomic level, plants on the super-etheric level and minerals on the etheric level, could it be so with respect to these four types of Beings (Who are listed in descending order of potency and consciousness—Solar Logoi, the Lord of the Three Major Rays, the seven Heavenly Men and the Forty-Nine Regents of the Planetary Chains)?

265.         Such questions would point towards details which are probably secrets of initiation which cannot be conferred upon us.

II. Two permanent atoms . . . the physical and the astral.

266.         When there are two permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane, it can be assumed that the physical permanent atom for the Entity concerned is located on a plane lower than the astral permanent atom.

267.         We cannot reasonably descend, however, to that which man calls the physical plane or the astral plane to locate the physical and astral permanent atom of the four beings listed below.

268.         We shall perhaps find that physical permanent atom on the systemic monadic plane and the astral permanent atom on the systemic logoic plane. While this is, perhaps, a reasonable hypothesis, we cannot know for certain the point on the cosmic physical plane at which such permanent atoms are positioned. We have a number of sub-planes to choose from.

269.         If this is true (that, for a given E/entity, when two or more permanent atoms exist on the cosmic physical plane, they will be found numbered from the logoic plane), it opens up some far-reading speculations. It means that what a plane is (in relation to the constitution of any E/entity) depends not so much on what a plane is inherently, but on what a plane means in relation to the E/entity demonstrating through it.

270.         An example of this is the contrast between the meanings of the systemic buddhic plane to a man and to a Solar Logos. To a Solar Logos the buddhic plane is almost material—His densest etheric level. To a man, it represents his spiritual goal and is far from what he considers materiality.

1. The seven Lords of the globes in every chain.

271.         It is important to realize that the Chain-Lords were grouped with the Solar Logoi and Planetary Logoi, but that the Globe-Lords are not.

272.         We remember that there may be more than seven globes in a chain depending upon the mode of counting and the time of counting. The same of course is true of planetary chains.

2. The forty-nine Root Manus.

273.         Considering Manus as they are usually considered (as Initiates one stage beyond a Master), then presumably such Manus must be at least Chohans. There would be one Manu for each root race found on each of the seven globes.

274.         But perhaps we are speaking of still greater Manus—one Manu for each of forty-nine globes in a planetary scheme. This could make more sense.

275.         Such a Manu would be (in rank) just below a Globe Lord (and hence, such a Being would fit well in this tabulation).

276.         If, however, the Root Manu were more like a human-like Chohan and related to root races rather than to an entire globe, then at the sixth initiation it would seem that that Chohan would have to drop His lesser permanent atoms—from the atmic permanent atom to those below. Will He, however, adopt other permanent atoms before this occurs? And if so, how so?  In order to fit into the category under discussion, He would have to have two permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane, presumably on the monadic and logoic systemic planes. Is it reasonable to assume that the status of His permanent atoms would change so dramatically as He becomes a Chohan capable of being a Manu?

277.         It begins to look more and more as if we are speaking of Manus of globes and not of root races.

3. The seventy-seven Embodiers of form—a group of solar Lords Who are concerned with form building, working primarily on the first ray.

278.         This category of Beings is important simply as a notification to us that They exist!

279.         Why seventy-seven? The number reminds us of 777. The first and more material cycle of 700 would be dropped and only seventy-seven remain.

280.         We might arrive at seventy-seven by considering a sevenfold activity on every one of ten globes, with an overarching seven for synthesis.

281.         We note that these Beings are still called “solar Lords”.

282.         We note also that, although on the Ray of the Destroyer, these Lords are working constructively at “form building”. We remember that the Manu’s department works no only with the destruction of forms but with their construction.

283.         The first ray (under Vulcan) does have a constructive side to its nature and is a planet closely connected with the Manu’s Department (He Who superintends the building, preservation and destruction of human racial forms).

4. Certain of the Avatars, Who are selected by the Logos to carry a certain type of force at stated intervals and thus further the evolution of the psyche.

284.         These are Beings Who are greater than “Racial Avatars”

285.         As well, They seem to work in connection with the consciousness aspect.

286.         The interplanetary Avatars (of Whom the Avatar of Synthesis is one) would seem to be greater than the Avatars here mentioned.

287.         Those Beings referenced as having only one permanent atom on the cosmic physical plane may be hypothesized as upholding a generically first ray function on the cosmic physical plane, and those with two permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane, a second ray function.

III. Three permanent atoms . . . physical, astral, and mental.

288.         We could continue our method of distributing the atoms, with the highest atom hypothesized as being on the logoic plane and the other permanent atoms ‘below’ it, descending in position systematically through the planes.

289.         In this case the manasic permanent atom would be upon the logoic plane, the astral permanent atom upon the monadic and the physical permanent atom upon the atmic.

290.         We can have no definite idea whether this is actually the case. We could start the manasic permanent atom at the monadic plane or the atmic with the others position still farther ‘below’, but this would present a problem, because the Beings we are talking about definitely live on planes greater than the cosmic physical plane, and usually, in the apportioning of permanent atoms, such atoms are found continuously, progressing up or down from plane to plane.

291.         Think of the case of man. In the positioning of his permanent atoms, no plane on which man functions is skipped.

292.         I think we cannot understand the exact permanent atom ‘map’ for any of these Beings. What we can do is try to understand who and/or what They are, and how They might function relative to the cosmic physical plane.

1. The Lords of the third Kingdom, the animal.  They are seven Entities whose bodies are made up of animal souls just as the Heavenly Men embody for man the Buddhic principle, so these lords embody for the animal kingdom the manasic principle, which is the goal of the evolutionary process for them.

293.         The number three fits well with the animal or third kingdom.

294.         It would seem that the Heavenly Men supply human beings with the presence of buddhic energy. Similarly, these “seven Entities” related to the animal kingdom could supply animals with what manas they can access and will develop. Although self-consciousness is absent from the members of the animal kingdom, manas is not.

295.         These Beings are apparently not that Being Who informs the entire animal kingdom. He would be called the “Lord” (singular) of the animal kingdom. Could we say that They inform seven great divisions of the animal kingdom?

296.         When there is a goal, the energy for the achievement of that goal must be ‘held’. As the Heavenly Men hold or embody buddhi for the human beings who strive after it, so do these “seven Entities” hold or embody manas for the animals who, albeit unconsciously, strive after it.

2. Certain great entities who embody a whole range of existences upon five of the planets, of which the earth is not one, but who in due course of time will come to be recognised as having a powerful effect upon man on the earth, via the three Buddhas of Activity.

297.         The number five is brought forth and it is a brahmic number.

298.         If Earth is not one of these planets, one may surmise that they are sacred planets.

299.         The implication to be gathered is that, eventually, Earth will host these type of existences—probably when it becomes a sacred planet.

300.         In line with this section of text, we must remember that according to our present hypothesis, the atmic plane would hold the physical permanent atom of such Beings.

301.         These must be rather great Entities if they work through or via the Three Buddhas of Activity. We may remember that the Buddhas of Activity usually referenced are active with respect to our Earth-globe and not in relation to the entire chain or the entire scheme. This would be a significant consideration when comparing the descending scale of these E/entities listed according the number of permanent atoms through which they express on the cosmic physical plane.

  A hint as to this esoteric influence comes to man in the close connection existing between the Earth and Mercury.  As yet it is not possible to enlarge further.

302.         The number three is strongly involved. There are three Buddhas of Activity and the third ray may well be the major monadic ray of Mercury (with the fifth as the sub-monadic ray). The third ray is, we know, important for the Earth as its personality ray.

303.         Mercury (whose number, monadically, is also thought to be five) must be very involved in sponsoring this type of Entity and with transferring the influence of such Entities to the Earth.

3. The entities who are the sumtotal of those group souls who contain definite permanent triads. Nine triads constitute the body of one of these entities.

304.         Are “permanent triads” different from “higher triads”?

305.         Perhaps the following reference will throw light on this question:

"A Group-soul is a collection of permanent Triads in a triple envelope of monadic essence.  The permanent Triads are a reflection upon the lower planes of the spiritual Triads on the higher.  This description is true of all group-souls functioning on the physical plane, but gives no idea of the extreme complexity of the subject."—From A Study in Consciousness, by Annie Besant. (TCF 335)

306.         We may judge that a permanent triad consists of three factors—the physical permanent atom, the astral permanent atom and the mental unit. Even a mineral would have such a triad, though the astral permanent atom or mental unit would latent and not active. A vegetable would have a physical permanent atom and some astral permanent atom activation, but no activation of the mental unit. There is a question of when and how the mental unit appears from within the animal kingdom. It may be a factor in the more intelligent animals but much less so (though perhaps present) in animals of lesser intelligence.

307.         Are we speaking of animal group souls or also of the group soul phenomenon as it affects the two still lower kingdoms? Entities connected with the vegetable kingdom are listed below in the fourth point under Category V.

308.         If there is connection specifically to the animal kingdom, we find an amazing example of how members of the animal kingdom work in groups of nine. Occult groups of human beings are also to work in nines. We might also take this ninefoldness down into the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, but it would be very difficult to imagine such life forms expressing in groups of nine.

309.         We remember that nine is the number of the third ray, and we are speaking of the third kingdom.

310.         We may often have asked ourselves, ‘How big is an animal group soul?’ This section of text seems to set a limit upon the size of such a group-soul organism. Many, many of these Beings (each containing nine triads) would be required to service the entire animal kingdom (and even more to service the vegetable and mineral kingdoms).

311.         It is nevertheless important to assure ourselves that in speaking of “definite permanent triads” we are not speaking of spiritual triads.

312.         Here (in this third heading of our tabulation) we do not have four types of entities but rather, three.

IV. Through four permanent atoms . . . physical, astral, mental and buddhic.

313.         Following the pattern we have been using, we can propose the buddhic permanent atom of these Entities would be found on logoic levels, the manasic permanent atom on monadic levels, the astral permanent atom on atmic levels and the physical permanent atom on buddhic levels.

314.         Of course other possibilities exist, but we have no way of entering into them.

315.         This peculiar method of distributing permanent atoms on planes which are not usually correlated with the type of permanent atom demonstrating, stems from the idea that the one permanent atom of, for instance, the Solar Logos, will not be found on the systemic physical level. Nor will the physical permanent atom of one of the Three Persons, nor of a Planetary Logos, nor of a Chain Lord.

316.         This can probably be said of the next lower category of Entity in this tabulation—which though lesser than the first four is still very great when compared to man.

317.         Then, at what point would the permanent atoms begin to accord with the plane usually associated with them. In other words, as what point does the apportionment of the permanent atoms to planes become systemic rather than cosmic?

318.         There is no easy way to know this. Perhaps it happens when the Monads of such Entities begin to belong to the cosmic physical plane rather than to higher planes. In other words, when the Monads of an Entity are on the cosmic physical plane, we will assign the permanent atoms to the plane for which these permanent atoms are named, but not otherwise.

319.         We know that by the time we reach man, the atmic permanent atom is found on the atmic plane, the buddhic permanent atom on the buddhic, and so forth. The apportionment has definitely become systemic rather than cosmic.

320.         This problem of assigning permanent atoms to their proper planar level (whether systemic or cosmic) is involved in what we might call the ‘relativity of the planes’. Buddhic means buddhic for man, but for greater Beings buddhic might mean something different and indicate some other plane.

321.         So, then, do these Beings who have four permanent atoms demonstrating on the cosmic physical plane have a systemic apportionment or one that is more cosmic?

1.    Eight groups of solar Entities Who form the subjective life of the seven centres in the body of Brahma, viewing Him as a separate cosmic Entity, [Page 534] dissociated from His two brothers.  They are the seven Sons of Fohat, with the eighth Son included, and They are the final differentiation of the forty-nine fires, prior to Their union with the fire of Eros.  Thus is it expressed by H. P. B.74
S. D., I, 139, 144.

322.         The occultism gets deeper and deeper.

323.         These Beings are sounding as if they have rather cosmic connections. So, then, are the four permanent atoms (buddhic, mental, astral and physical) to be apportioned systemically or cosmically?

324.         If cosmically, then the buddhic permanent atom will begin on the logoic plane and the physical permanent atom will find its place on the buddhic.

325.         If systemically, the permanent atoms will accord with the planes for which they are named.

326.         The Beings here discussed are the ones Who will absorb (in groups of seven) the forty-nine fires of Brahma.

327.         The Seven Sons correlate with the Seven Rays. The Seven Sons are substantial force and the Seven Rays are seven modes of consciousness.

328.         We may hypothesize that the eighth Son synthesizes the seven into one.

329.         Now, if these Entities are solar Entities, then they are more related to the levels of the spiritual triad than to the lower three sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane. This fact (mentioned earlier when describing which permanent atoms formed the spirillae of solar Entities and which of lunar Entities) makes it seem that the apportionment of permanent atoms should be cosmic and should not include the systemic physical, astral and lower mental planes.

2. That Entity Who works through the FORM of a planetary occult Hierarchy, using it as His body of manifestation, and regarding it as the centre through which His force can flow.  It should be remembered that all such groups on every planet form a vehicle for the life of a great Individual Who gives to that Hierarchy its distinctive colouring and its unique keynote.

330.         What is considered the form aspect of our Spiritual Hierarchy, for instance? Are the triadal levels of the gathered Masters considered an aspect of form? Perhaps.

331.         This must still be a very great Entity. And if this Entity is listed under the “Eight groups of solar Entities”, then the Entities in those “eight groups” must be even greater—thus less likely to have permanent atoms on the lowest systemic planes.

332.         We are told that the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, yet Sanat Kumara seems too great a Being to work through four permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane, for sometimes Sanat Kumara is considered the Planetary Logos, Himself—a Being with only one permanent atom on the cosmic physical plane.

333.         This Being, too, seems like a Solar Lord as the Hierarchy is such a solar organism.

334.         The fact that the Entities in group three (below) are still solar Beings suggests that these Entities in group two are certainly so.

335.         The Members of the Hierarchy would not need the usual physical, astral, or mental permanent atoms as, after the fourth initiation, They would have dispensed with them.

336.         So the apportionment of permanent atoms is probably more cosmic, with the apportionment of permanent atoms fitting to planes other than the ones for which they are usually named.

337.         Still, we cannot tell definitively whether the highest of the permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane should begin with the logoic level—except for the tendency in nature towards continuity.

3. A number of solar Deities Who are the radiators of solar magnetism, and the life of form.

338.         These Beings are called “Deities”. They seem to belong to the deva kingdom.

339.         We remember a discussion of white and gold devic entities who were particularly association with the mediation of prana to certain areas of the Earth.

340.         Would such “Deities”, if they work in the ethers, need a systemic physical permanent atom? If so, the apportionment would begin with the buddhic plane for the buddhic permanent atom, and end with the physical permanent atom on the etheric plane. Much depends on what is meant by “solar magnetism” and the plane to which it pertains.

4. A peculiar group of Beings connected with a certain constellation and the lesser Dragon,

341.         The “Greater Dragon” is Draco. Sometimes our Earth has been referred to in terms of a “Dragon”.

who have their habitat on Neptune and work with the sixth principle in the solar system.

342.         If these beings work with the sixth principle in the solar system, they will need something that stands for an astral permanent atom.

343.         Could they work from buddhic levels and affect the astral? It is possible. If their buddhic permanent atom began on the monadic plane, then their astral permanent atom would be on the buddhic and their physical permanent atom on the mental. His, however, would disrupt the necessary continuity, for the logoic permanent atoms would have no permanent atom, otherwise such an Entity would work through five permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane instead of four, as given.

344.         Naturally, these thoughts must be regarded as speculative. How can we at our stage of evolution (having just heart for the first time that such Entities exist) very much (if anything at all) about them.

345.         DK has expanded our consciousness considerably, introducing us to thoughts which surely would not have risen above the horizon of our consciousness without His assistance.

346.         The wisest course of action seems to be to carefully note that which is newly presented, and await greater knowledge of the whole in order to understand the nature and place of the newly presented E/entities more fully.

 They take physical form, animated by purified desire, controlled by mind, and are the dispensers of love-wisdom by means of certain of the "Halls of Wisdom" on the various planets.

347.         If, however, they “take physical form” they will need a physical permanent atom expressive on the etheric-physical plane. From this point of view, it would be likely that the four permanent atoms would begin on the buddhic plane and work their way down to the physical.

348.         However, what do we mean by “physical form”. To man, physical form is one thing and to greater Beings another. So still, it will be necessary to reserve judgment.

 The words "Halls of Wisdom" in their esoteric significance describe a stage of consciousness not a location.

349.         As Neptune is equivalent to Vishnu and the Christ, these Beings will have a strongly buddhic energy associated with Them.

350.         We are going to remain alert to that moment when we transfer the apportionment from the a more cosmic frame of reference to one that is systemic.

351.         One thing we know. We cannot give the first group in this tabulation (which has only one permanent atom on the cosmic physical plane) a systemic apportionment, nor can we give man (whose permanent atoms are exactly correlated with the planes for which they are named) a cosmic apportionment (his permanent atoms being definitely on the cosmic physical plane). Between these two we must, perhaps, work with some degree of flexibility when trying to discover on which sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane the permanent atoms are to be found.

V. Through five permanent atoms . . . physical, astral, mental, buddhic and atmic.

1. The Lords of certain subplanes who work under the Raja-Lord of a plane and who are themselves vibration and activity.

352.         Only certain sub-planes are mentioned. Are all systemic planes involved and then only certain sub-planes of those systemic planes?

353.         If all systemic planes are involved, then a systemic physical permanent atom will be needed, and the apportionment of the five permanent atoms will begin with the systemic atmic plane.

354.         With this type of Being, we seem to be very much in the World of Brahma (a fivefold world beginning with the atmic plane and working down to the physical). Therefore, a one-to-one assignment of the permanent atoms with the corresponding planes which correlate with the names of the permanent atoms is certainly possible.

2. The lesser Heavenly Men on the buddhic level, Who reflect Their higher prototypes on the second plane of the system.

355.         We might pause to realize that we are having a number of the apparently ‘empty rungs’ on the “Ladder of Evolution” filled in for us.

356.         These Beings are higher than man, but lower than certain Beings Who express on the monadic plane.

357.         If there are Beings Who express through the form of a Spiritual Hierarchy, are there Beings Who express through the form of Ashrams and lesser Ashrams. If so, this may be the type of Being under discussion.

358.         We may call such “lesser Heavenly Men” by the name, ‘Embodiers of Buddhic Groupings.

359.         Our task will be to understand what sorts of buddhic groupings there are which might be embodied.

360.         If the members of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy are meant to express on the buddhic level (as the Table of Creative Hierarchy, EA 35, seems to show), then perhaps grouping of members of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy are considered as “lesser Heavenly Men”.

361.         The Entities we have just considered focus on the buddhic plane. The ones immediately below focus on the higher mental.

3. The entities who are the sum-total of group consciousness on egoic levels, remembering that these groups are differentiated and are formed of aggregates of seven, until there are formed forty-nine groups of seven egoic vehicles forming one group which is the body of this lesser solar Deity

362.         It seems that on the egoic levels there are groupings of seven which combine into forty-nine such groups.

363.         Forty-nine times seven equals 343. Such a lesser “solar Deity” apparently has 343 causal bodies or egoic lotuses to compose it. There would have to be a great number of such “solar Deities” to account for the large number of human beings—all of whom have causal bodies on the higher mental plane.

364.         These lesser solar Deities are, of course, greater beings than man, because They contain within them many men (expressing through the causal bodies of men).

365.         Do they express any ‘lower’ than the higher mental plane? Well, it seems that groups of greater Entities listed before them expressed ‘lower’ and so, perhaps, do they.

366.         If they expressed no lower than the higher mental plane, the permanent atoms of these Entities would begin on the logoic plane and end on the manasic (where the physical permanent atom would be found).

There is a multiplicity of these groups of forty-nine.

367.         Forty-nine sevens let us remember. We have a multiplicity times 343.

 This has been somewhat stated before when it has been [Page 535] announced that a Master with His particular band of disciples and initiates form a group or force centre.

368.         How many groups of causal bodies can be found in an Ashram or in a Master’s particular “band of disciples”? Perhaps the numbers in a “band of disciples” is actually greater than the numbers in an Ashram, per se.

369.         There is a reference (not yet relocated) which states that sixty-three is the maximum number to be found in an ashram. This would give us nine groups of sevens. This multiplied by seven would give us the grouping of forty-nine sevens.

 These groups have their permanent atoms as do all lives seeking objective expression.

370.         So much depends on what we mean by “objective expression”. Entities expressing on the cosmic astral plane and cosmic mental plane are also in “objective expression” from the cosmic point of view.

371.         The permanent atoms of these groups must control the combined sheaths of the members. The formation of these permanent atoms would be a matter of great interest. They probably have not been created as have the permanent atoms of an individual human being at the Second Outpouring when the Monad reached forth to magnetize an atom on the atomic sub-plane of each plane on which it would, in the future, manifest.

4. The entities who are the sumtotal of the vegetable kingdom in its diversity of manifestation in different globes, chains and schemes.

372.         We have already encountered (apparently) the Entities which have been composed souls (i.e., triads) in the animal kingdom. Now the same is presented for the vegetable kingdom.

373.         As the vegetable kingdom has such a pronounced manifestation on the physical plane, we would expect that a physical permanent atom would be required on this plane, which would place the atmic permanent atom on the atmic plane. This would be, therefore, a systemic allotment of permanent atoms.

374.         But we could question why the Entities related to the animal kingdom have only three permanent atoms. We could ask, if for the Entities Who ensoul the animal kingdom (in groups) the allotment should, in fact, be systemic, because the animals, too, just like plants, definitely require a physical plane apparatus, and thus a physical permanent atom on the etheric-physical plane.

375.         Maybe, in speaking of those Entities with only three permanent atoms (Entities related to the animal kingdom—Category III, Section 1., 533) we were speaking of Entities Who expressed through the higher aspects of that which, ‘below’, manifests as an animal.

VI. Through six permanent atoms . . . physical, astral, two mental, buddhic and atmic.


376.         Now we have arrived at the point where the type of permanent atom definitely accords with the plane for which it is named.

377.         We may assume that all the Entities listed before this point, are entities greater than man.

378.         The fewer the permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane, the greater the Entity.

379.         This has been an amazing section. Probably, many of us have received word of E/entities the existence of which we did not suspect. On the Ladder of Evolution there are many E/entities unknown to man. Until they are named and understood, there will necessarily be gaps in our understanding of Entity-relationship within the ring-pass-not of the Solar Logos (and beyond).

380.         The Tibetan is not explicit in describing the nature and work of these E/entities, but He does give us enough so that we may, hopefully, form a few intelligent conjectures.

381.         There are two main problems in such a tabulation as has just been presented:

a.                  What is the true nature and function of each E/entity involved?

b.                  Which E/entities are superior and inferior to which?

c.                  On what sub-planes point of focus the cosmic physical plane (since in this tabulation we are dealing only with the cosmic physical plane) do the permanent atoms of the E/entities manifest? Does the allotment of permanent atoms follow the more cosmic model or the more systemic model?

d.                  In each grouping of E/entities (i.e., those with the same number of permanent atoms on the cosmic physical plane) are there some that follow the cosmic model and others that follow the systemic model, or do all E/entities in such groupings follow the same model. This is a tricky question and not easy to resolve.

382.         Just for the sake of clarity:

a.                  The more cosmic model allots permanent atoms to planes which do not have the same name as the permanent atoms. For instance, for a Solar Logos, the logoic systemic plane may (from the cosmic angle) be considered the highest of the cosmic etheric sub-planes, and the physical permanent atom of the Solar Logos will be found upon this sub-plane. His astral permanent atom will be found upon the cosmic astral plane and his manasic permanent atom on the cosmic mental, and so forth.

b.                  In the more systemic model, a permanent atom will be found on the systemic plane for which the permanent atom is named. For instance, the astral permanent atom will be found on the systemic astral plane and the physical permanent atom will be found on the etheric part of the systemic etheric-physical plane.

c.                  There may be some allotments which are partially cosmic and partially systemic. The seven cosmic planes are paralleled exactly by the seven systemic planes, but there are some E/entities Whose permanent atoms will not be placed either purely cosmically or purely systemically. For instance, they may have some permanent atoms on systemic planes and some on a cosmic plane or planes higher than the cosmic physical plane.

d.                  For instance, we would not expect that the permanent atoms of a Globe Lord would be all placed upon the cosmic physical plane. Some of them very probably are on the cosmic astral plane or even cosmic mental, but we would not expect that the span of allotment of permanent atoms for at Globe Lord would reach quite as ‘high’ on the cosmic planes as the span of allotment for a Solar Logos, or a Person of the logoic Trinity, or a Planetary Logos. Is the principle clear?

All that is here stated is an enlargement of the data given about the "Army of the Voice,"75 [S. D., I, 121]  and an endea­vour to show that many diverse lives (all embodying lesser lives, or embodied in greater ones themselves) are to be found within the various schemes.

383.         DK speaks of “many diverse lives”. It seems evident that He has listed only a few of the many.

384.         We have a picture of lives within lives. Man is a composite being but so are many other types of beings.

385.         The picture of the Army of the Voice here presented seems far greater than that usually considered.

386.         It all depends which “Voice” we are discussing. If the "Army of the Voice" can be found on systemic sub-planes and on a number of systemic planes (i.e., sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane), why should it not be found on cosmic planes as well?

 We have dealt only with those likewise which are superhuman or human, with those who have been or are MEN.  We have not dealt with the subhuman, or with the lunar lords or lesser pitris, for their day is not yet, and they progress as the tide of evolution progresses, unconsciously and not self-consciously.

387.         These lesser lives also have permanent atoms, but they do not form the focus of our present discussion.

388.         We gather that all superhuman entities have been or are “MEN” of some kind.

389.         There are certain methods of deva individualization which do not seem to entail passage through the human kingdom. Can devic lives brought to self-consciousness in this way (through intensity of feeling) ever become “superhuman” in the sense here discussed? Perhaps this possibility should not be ruled out.

We have dealt with these entities and their permanent atoms in connection with their manifestation in a solar system, and have not carried it beyond the solar ring-pass-not.

390.         Surely, some of these E/entities have permanent atoms beyond the “solar ring-pass-not”.

  All the permanent atoms concern physical matter and manifesta­tion.

391.         Yes—for all the permanent atoms mentioned, but many do not.

392.         As all Beings in cosmos have seven major principles, permanent atoms to serve as conduits for those principles must exist. Thus, when Beings are mentioned with only one, two or three permanent atoms to be found on the cosmic physical plane, we must ask where the other permanent atoms will be located or allocated? The only answer for us will be, “on one or more of the higher cosmic planes”.

 The highest permanent atom of man, the atmic, is, after all, an atom of the third cosmic ether, and this should be pondered upon and studied.

393.         The third systemic ether is not considered “esoteric” and so we may infer the same of the third cosmic ether.

394.         On the third systemic ether, the throat center of the human being is located. We know that humanity is largely the throat center to be found within the chakra system of Sanat Kumara. The atmic plane (on which is found the atmic permanent atom) is ruled by Saturn (a third ray Monad) which is the ruler of the throat center of advanced humanity and disciples.

395.         It would seem there is much about the highest permanent atom of the members of the human family to suggest the throat center function of humanity and also the fact that humanity is not yet sacred but still functioning very much within the brahmic aspect of the Solar Logos.

  We have considered these various personalities (and the word 'personality' is chosen deliberately, for what are They but personalities, or Beings, in physical incarnation?) from the standpoint of Their lowest force point first.

396.         It is the lowest “force point” or permanent atom that allows beings to incarnate on the systemic physical plane.

397.         DK is telling us that “personalities” are to be considered “Beings, in physical incarnation”.

398.         There is, as we have been told, a close connection between the personality and its ray, and the physical body (just as the Ego and its ray are connected with the astral body and the Monad and its ray with the mental body).

399.         In all this list of E/entities in relation to some of their permanent atoms, we have been talking largely about how the E/entities manifest on the cosmic physical plane. From the cosmic perspective, all of them are in physical incarnation, and some of them are in systemic-physical incarnation (such as man, the animals, the vegetables and the minerals).

  We have discussed the permanent atom as a point of contact with the force of a plane, of a planet, of a chain, of a scheme, or of a system.  This should ever be borne in mind.

400.         This particular definition of a permanent atom as a “point of contact” should be impressed upon us. The ‘Principles of Spirit’ (of which there are usually numbered seven) work through these “points of contact”, thus bringing the influence of the Monad into the substance of the sheaths through which it (the Monad) expresses.

401.         It is also evident that the Monad (initially via the egoic lotus) expresses in a differentiated way in every sheath through the seven major chakras of that sheath.

It is to be recognised that much that is written above [Page 536] may seem incomprehensible, but when scientists come to understand and regulate force, that which is written here will become plainer;

402.         We are a long way from this regulation, but TCF is book for centuries to come (at least if its hints are recognized and wisely followed)

 it will be seen that we have dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, and including the human kingdom.

403.         The permanent atoms are the “positive force in all negative forms”—the seventh principle—one significant way of mediating the life principle to the sheaths. The seven chakras in each vehicle are another such way.

404.         In this way the permanent atoms stand within the line of will, as will be evident from the fact that (within the economy of the sheaths) they stand for the seventh principle—corresponding to spiritual will or atma.