Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester V Section I

TCF 465-475 : S5S1
 3 April – 17 April 2007

(Most of the Tibetan’s text is put in font 16, to provide better legibility when projected during classes. Footnotes and references from other AAB Books and from other pages of TCF are put in font 14. Commentary appears in font 12. Underlining, Bolding and Highlighting by MDR)

It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph.

Our subject for immediate consideration concerns the [Page 466] deva evolution, and the effect of the incoming ray upon them.

1.                  The “incoming ray” is the seventh, directly related to the deva evolution.

2.                  However, it must be noted that the fourth ray is also “incoming” (having made an impact in 1925 with a still greater impact expected in the year 2025). The fourth ray is also related to the deva kingdom and upon the fourth plane the human and deva evolutions find “group unity” and a “definite and permanent alliance [between them] may be seen”.

The first point to be noted is that this influence at this time affects primarily the devas of the physical plane, the devas of the ethers, or of the shadows, as they are sometimes called, and not, to the same extent, the devas of the astral or mental planes.

3.                  All the devas are responsive to the seventh ray, but the devas of the physical plane (“of the shadows”) are the most responsive. These devas are members of the "Army of the Voice" whereas the astral and mental devas are not.

These particular devas in "their serried ranks" are the directive agents of the divine energy which implements the purposes of Deity upon the physical plane.  They work only on etheric levels—either upon our physical plane or on the cosmic etheric levels.  They are therefore active in the realm of maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understand it, or upon the planes of the Spiritual Triad.  They are not active on the three gross physical levels or upon the astral or mental planes, nor are they active upon the highest or logoic plane.  There they are implicit or latent but not active. (R&I 179)

 Every Ray affects in more or less degree the plane or subplane which is its numerical correspondence;

4.                  This is an indispensable thought. All things are linked according to the principle of numerical affinity.

5.                  When training to utilize the Law of Correspondences it is useful to choose a number, for instance, the number two, and attempt to think of all relevant associations to this number. Much will be learnt thereby. We notice, actually, that DK frequently does this; at least there are a number of footnotes which focus on one number or another—for instance, the numbers one, four, five and six.

 the student should bear this in mind, and should therefore recollect that for all purposes of investigation at this time the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic will have a powerful influence:

6.                  We are living in that period in which the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic is ‘incoming’. It has been increasing in strength since 1675. Students of history will easily be able to confirm this increase.

7.                  If we propose that the seventh ray has a cycle of 700 years, we can see the importance of the year 2025—the year in which “in all probability will be set for the first stage of the externalisation of the Hierarchy”. (EXH 530)

On the seventh or physical plane, regarding it as a unit.

8.                  The systemic physical plane in both its etheric and dense aspects is here to be regarded as a unit. Because the seventh ray is peculiarly effective on etheric levels and because the dense levels are directly responsive to the ethers, the seventh ray influence may be considered pervasive throughout both aspects of the systemic physical plane.

On the seventh subplane or the lowest subplane on the physical, the astral and the mental planes.

9.                  The sub-plane influence is not to be forgotten.

10.             Presumably this influence will also apply to the seventh subplanes of the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic systemic planes and to the entire cosmic physical plane.

On the seventh or lowest human principle: prana in the etheric body.

11.             Sometime prana is called the seventh principle, but usually it is accompanied by mention of the etheric body as a still lower ‘principle’ even thought the etheric body is a vehicle.

12.             Close study of TCF 260-269 will confirm this. When prana is mentioned as a principle, so is the etheric body. It is difficult to discern why the energy (prana) is always linked with the vehicle (the etheric body), even when the discussion focusses on energies.

On all Monads in incarnation who are seventh Ray Monads.

13.             This statement at least confirms for us the existence of seventh ray Monads.

14.             When thinking of seventh ray Monads (and, for that matter, all Monads on the Rays of Attribute), we must realize that such monadic rays are not major or principal monadic rays, which can only be rays one, two or three).

On a peculiar group of devas who are the agents, or "mediates" between magicians (either white or black) and the elemental forces.

15.             We are beginning that section of the book in which a considerable variety of devic lives will be described.

16.             It is interesting to see the word “mediates” used as a noun.

17.             It will be important for us to distinguish between devas and elemental forces.

18.             We note that the group of “mediates” can be enlisted by either the white or black magicians.

19.             Can we distinguish between this group and the “devas of the shadows” in general?

 This group is occultly known as "The Mediatory Seventh," and is divided into two divisions:

a. Those working with evolutionary forces.

b. Those working with involutionary forces.

20.             We see that the seventh ray is of importance for the progress of both involutionary and evolutionary forces.

One group is the agent of constructive purpose, and the other of destructive.

21.             There may have been a time when work with involutionary forces would have been considered “constructive”, but such is not now the case, especially in relation to man.

22.             The implication is that the black magicians work with those members of the “Mediatory Seventh” who are engaged in working involutionary forces.

23.             Presumably, the white magicians would work with members of the “Mediatory Seventh” engaged in working with evolutionary forces.

24.             The destructive type of work has for its symbol the Moon, whereas the constructive work is symbolized by the Sun.

 More need not be submitted anent this group as they are not easily contacted, fortunately for man, and can as yet only be reached by a particular group ritual accurately performed,—a thing as yet practically unknown.

25.             The above sections seem to confirm that the members of the “Mediatory Seventh” are not the usual devas of the shadows.

26.             The Tibetan does not share why contact with this group of devas would be dangerous to man. We may presume that such devas would render man’s desires and intentions physically effective; such is the selfishness and distortion of human consciousness that man is not yet ready for such power.

27.             Here DK hints at the potency of ritual and the need for its accurate performance if certain devas are to be invoked and set to work.

28.             He also comments on the degree of accuracy in rituals presently preformed; quite simply, hardly any of them are performed with occult accuracy.

29.             We will need the physical presence of advanced members of the Spiritual Hierarchy before such ritualistic accuracy is possible.

The Masons eventually will be one of the chief agents of contact, and as men are as yet not ready for such power as this will put into their hands, [Page 467] true masonry will develop but slowly.  Nevertheless, under the magnetic force of this seventh Ray, the growth of masonry is inevitably sure.

30.             We may presume that “slowly” means over the centuries.

31.             What we have today, even in the best Masonic Lodges, is but an approximation of the Masonry of the future—a Masonry which will, at last, be effective in the wielding of occult energies and forces and not merely an allegorical method of education.

32.             It is clear that although Masonry (like the Church) has failed in the past (failed to keep humanity true to its deeper purposes) it will, at length, succeed. Such is the power of the incoming seventh ray.

This Ray of Ceremonial Magic will consequently have a very profound effect upon the physical plane, for not only is this plane coming under its cyclic force but at all times its planet­ary Logos has a special effect upon it;

33.             Again we note that although the seventh ray is peculiarly related to etheric expression, the entire seventh plane comes strongly under its influence. DK tells us that effect of the seventh ray upon the lowest of the seven planes will be “profound”. This word should be carefully weighed. The seventh ray reaches into the “depths”.

34.             The “cyclic force” of the seventh ray relates to the fact that since 1675 its ‘incoming’ cycle began.

35.             We may propose that the Planetary Logos of the seventh ray is, at this time, the Logos of the planet Uranus, which Logos has, we hypothesize, a seventh ray soul.

the Raja-Lord of this plane is what is occultly termed the "Reflection in the Water of Chaos" of the planetary Logos.  

36.             We find a quite extraordinary name for the physical plane. Is it strange to us that the etheric-physical plane should be considered the “Water of Chaos”? May it be that those who have ‘seen’ the etheric plane can confirm the validity of this appellation?

37.             What is perhaps more important is that Raja Deva Lords are reflections of the Planetary Logos on the various planes.

Hence in the matter of this plane (which is the body of the Raja-Lord) certain very definite events are occurring which—though invisible to the ordinary man—are apparent to the eye of the spiritual man or adept.

38.             The Raja Lord in question is the Lord Kshiti. It is evident that His body comprises both the etheric and dense levels of the systemic etheric-physical plane.

39.             The human personality is, it seems, greatly focussed in that area of the divine expression in which certain important events of an occult nature are occurring.

40.             Is DK giving the term “spiritual man” an equivalence to the word “adept”, or does He mean to include those who have taken the third initiation and are thus focussed within the lowest level of the spiritual triad

The matter of the plane becomes receptive to positive force for the feminine or deva aspect, being negative, becomes responsive to the positive energy of the Heavenly Man. 

41.             It would seem that the etheric-physical plane (being devic) is becoming receptive to the seventh ray energy of the Heavenly Man (transmitted to Him, let us hypothesize, through the planet Uranus.

42.             Ray cycles occur according to the increasing or decreasing ‘intensity of attention’ of the intra-planetary Ray Lords. An ‘incoming ray’ correlates with the augmented attentiveness of a Ray Lord in relation to the lower worlds (either three or five systemic planes); an ‘outgoing ray” correlates with a decreasing attentiveness of a Ray Lord in relation to the lower worlds (either three or five”. Such cycles may also be dependent upon cycles of extra-planetary Ray Lords to which the increasing and decreasing attentiveness of intra-planetary Ray Lords is correlated.

43.             We recall that when ray cycles end, the ray in question is still expressed but it is not absorbed.

When the cycle is drawing to a close more and more of the ray influence or magnetism will be felt elsewhere, until practically all of it will be passed on unabsorbed.(TCF 439)

This energy, finding the line of least resistance, pours into the substance of the plane, or the substantial body of the Deva Lords.

44.             The “line of least resistance” depends upon the particular ray cycles which are operative at any particular time in planetary unfoldment.

45.             We should hold firmly in mind that the substance of a plane is the substantial body of a Deva Lord.

46.             We note that DK has called such bodies “substantial” and not “material”.

47.             It does seem however that the dense physical plane (which is “material”) is part of the body of the Lord Kshiti.

 Owing to the receptive condition of this body it follows certain lines and produces definitely constructive results.

48.             We are learning that constructiveness depends upon the receptivity of a Raja Deva Lord to those particular positive impulses of a Heavenly Man which are correlated with the energy condition of the Raja Deva Lord.

Constructive results transpire in the negative etheric matter of the plane and on the four higher subplanes.  On the lower three a contrary effect is produced, and the energy of the Heavenly Man will lead to the destruction of form, prepara­tory to the building work.  The building ever originates on, and proceeds from, etheric levels.

49.             Here is an important distinction. We have been studying positive and negative results related to two groups of the “Mediatory Seven”.

50.             We are learning that constructiveness occurs via etheric matter, negative to the positive impulse of the Planetary Logos, and that destructiveness occurs upon the lower three, definitely material sub-planes.

51.             We have learned at various times that the members of the Black Lodge also work within the ethers, but here it may suggest that their efforts are focussed upon the lower three sub-planes. Indeed it would seem that these Lords of Form are ‘imprisoned’ by a great material Deva.

52.             Is there an implication that the ‘work’ of the Black Lodge is somehow made to fit in with the destructive intentions of the Planetary Logos—destructive in relation to old forms so that newer and more suitable forms may be created?

53.             In any case we are learning to consider the etheric body as a realm of definitely constructive influence. This correlates with its general solar character. The denser three sub-planes are more specifically lunar in nature. From following the tendencies of the Moon, destruction results.


When the building energies of the soul are active in the body, then there is health, clean interplay and right activity.  When the builders are the lunar lords and those who work under the control of the moon and at the behest of the lower Personal self, then you have disease, ill health and death. (EH 191)

Cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the next one thousand years; continents will be shaken; lands will be raised and submerged,

54.             We see that the Department of the Manu will be greatly involved in the process, for it is that department which raises and lowers lands and continents.

a—By the Manu, in manipulating that which is necessary in the moving of continents, and the submerging of lands. (LOM 189)

In this is the case, the higher psychism will begin to make itself felt.  On the physical plane a great deal of interesting electrical phenomena will be seen, and the opportunity of the [Page 436] Manu to separate races, to segregate types, and to submerge and detach continents will be great.  (TCF 435-436)

55.             The implication is that during the coming seventh ray Age, the agnichaitans will be very active, and that they are responsive to the seventh ray because it is the ray most influential on the seventh plane in relation to which the agnichaitans demonstrate most forcefully.

culminating in the profound material disaster which will overtake the world towards the close of the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace.  This will usher in the infant sixth rootrace.

56.             We may wonder whether two periods are here discussed. One period seem to focus on the next one thousand years. The second period seems much more distant.

57.             This conclusion is based upon the thought that we are only now entering the sixth subrace of the fifth root race. The first branch race will naturally have its inception at the time the sixth subrace is beginning. HPB has suggested that branch races may last some twenty-five thousand years, and even more. The close the fourth branch-race of the sixth subrace of the fifth root race could, presumably, take us some hundred thousand or more years into the future (if HPB’s figures can be applied in this instance).

58.             If this were the case, the material disasters which will be so noticeable during the next thousand years, will only culminate many years later.

59.             As always, we must be most careful when considering the subject of sub-races, branch-races and root races, as much overlapping of cycles can occur (in a manner confusing to us).

60.             One important piece of information is here given—that the infant sixth root race will begin as the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace and of the fifth root race is coming to a close.

61.             In other references we are told of the duration of the sixth root race—namely that it will be coming to an end some ten million years from now. Given the great number of years before its conclusion, a beginning some hundred thousand or more years from now would not be surprising.

62.             We may ask: are all beginnings of all root races correlated with the onset of planetary disaster? There was a great war in Atlantis followed by a “flood” (one of several in planetary history) which was considered by many a planetary disaster.

63.             Of the end of the timing of the end of the sixth root race, the following is said:

Later, we shall have a transition period again, analogous to that period wherein kama-manas was developed, and we shall then have the entire race expressing a developed synthesis of intellect-intuition, preparatory to that advanced stage which will come at the close of the next root race, the sixth.  This takes us to a period ten million years hence, when the intellect will have in its turn slipped below the threshold of consciousness, as did the instinct.  (EP I 357)

64.             In any case we are warned that we should not be too ‘systematic’ in our proposals about the beginning of sub-races and branch races. One would expect, perhaps, the sixth root race to begin with the onset of the sixth subrace or, even more precisely, with the onset of the sixth branch race of the sixth subrace of the fifth root race, but apparently this is not entirely the case.

The devas of the ethers, with which we are most concerned, [Page 468] will be affected in several ways, and the results upon the other evolutions will be far-reaching.

65.             We are alerted to the great interdependency of all living beings and their forms.

 We must remember always that the devas are the qualities and attri­butes of matter, the active builders, who work con­scious­ly or unconsciously upon the plane.

66.             This is an important definition. To call devas “active builders” and to say that they work both consciously and unconsciously is not surprising, but to call them the “qualities and attributes of matter” seems to take away something of their independence from matter, per se.

67.             The suggestion is that matter would have not qualities or attributes were it not for the work of the deva kingdom. Qualities and attributes must therefore be related to devic motion (devic suppliancy).

 Here I would point out that all the devas of the higher levels of the mental plane, for instance, and of the systemic planes from there on to the centre (the divine plane, the plane of the Logos, sometimes called Adi) co-operate consciously, and are of high rank in the system, and of position equal to all the ranks and grades of the Hierarchy from a first degree initiate up to, but not including, the Lord of the World Himself.

68.             This is a profound section.

69.             We learn that conscious cooperation in the deva kingdom seems to begin on the higher mental plane of the cosmic physical plane.

70.             The higher mental plane is that level of nature on which the human being becomes for the first time an initiate—a first degree initiate, for initiations are taken in the causal body.

71.             We know that there are many ranks of initiates from initiates of the first degree, through the initiates of Hierarchy, Masters, Chohans, and even those of greater status such as the Buddhas of Activity.

72.             Here we learn that there are members of the deva kingdom who correspond to all these grades of initiates.

73.             The implication is that there are devas in our planetary system whose status corresponds to the Kumaras surrounding Sanat Kumara, but does not equal the spiritual status of Sanat Kumara, Himself.

74.             Additionally, we note the special connection of the plane of Adi to the Logos (i.e., Solar Logos). This is true just as the Planetary Logos has a special relationship to the monadic plane.

75.             Further, the manner in which the planes are described is important; the idea of ‘ascent’ is not emphasized; rather, a progressive ‘journey’ towards the “centre”. The planet of Adi, therefore, is the inner most plane of the cosmic physical plane, not just the ‘highest’.

76.             May there be devas which are equivalent in consciousness to man at all his various levels of consciousness below that of first degree initiate, or is there a strange ‘cut-off point’ signaling that all devas below the rank of initiate of the first degree are unconscious workers.

77.             We have learned that some devas become self-conscious by passing through the human kingdom. Have all self-conscious devas been men at some point? It does not seem to be the case. May it be that from the time of the first degree, men may enter the deva kingdom as self-conscious devas?

78.             If we think carefully about all this, there seems to be strange hiatus between self-conscious devas of the first degree and the usual unconscious (unselfconscious devic workers upon the concrete sub-planes).

79.             The following paragraph is most interesting in regard to the relation between the deva and human kingdoms:

Certain groups of devas who desire to pass into the human kingdom, having developed certain faculties, can do so via the bird kingdom, and certain devas who wish to get in communication with human beings can do so via the bird kingdom.  This truth is hinted at in the Christian Bible and Christian religious representations by angels or devas being frequently represented as having wings.  These cases are not many, as the usual method is for the devas gradually to work themselves towards individualisation through expansive feeling, but in the cases which do occur these devas pass several cycles in the bird kingdom, building in a response to a vibration which will ultimately swing them into the human family.  In this way they become accustomed to the use of a gross form without the limitations, and impurities, which the animal kingdom engenders. (TCF 895)

80.             It would appear that devas do individualize without having to pass through the human kingdom, but when they first individualize they cannot yet be equivalent to first degree initiates. Rather they might be somewhat parallel in consciousness to newly individualized man. Yet in the sections above, self-conscious devas below possessing a consciousness less than that of the first degree human are not mentioned. Instead, we learn that the devas who work below the abstract planes (where deva-initiates of the first degree can be found) are unconscious. Obviously, the information necessary to solve this puzzle is missing.

81.             Obviously, men who are not yet first degree initiates work on the eighteen concrete sub-planes. Why are there no devas parallel to the human being (i.e., self-conscious) on these sub-planes? Why are the devic workers on these concrete planes all unconscious—or are they?

Below these higher levels, where the concrete is touched, we have lesser grades of devas who work unconsciously,

82.             Yes, but do we have only “lesser grades of devas who work unconsciously”? Are there not also other grades of devas who may be self-conscious?

83.             The sentence above seems to point in only one direction, but it may not be complete. In any case, one of the important pieces of information with respect to the deva kingdom concerns which groups of devas work consciously and which unconsciously, and where they work.

84.             The lower eighteen sub-planes are ‘lunar’ and hence the work of (at least the majority of) devas expressing through those planes is unconscious. The higher mental plane and the planes above it are ‘solar’, and hence the work of the devas which express through these planes is conscious—and, so it would seem highly conscious.

 with the following exceptions, who are conscious forces and entities and of high position:

85.             The following Entities work on the lower eighteen sub-planes but they work consciously.

a. The Raja-lord of a plane.

86.             We could call the seven Raja-lords the “Seven Sons of Fohat”.

b. Seven devas who work under Him, and are the entities who inform the matter of the seven subplanes.

87.             Taken together these seven devas on each systemic plane constitute the forty-nine fires.

c. Fourteen representatives of the Rays, Who cycle into and out of power, according to the Ray, waxing or waning.

88.             Do we find it surprising that there are fourteen representatives of the rays rather than seven? We must consider the rays in relation to both the Great Bear and Little Bear.

89.             The “fourteen representatives of the Rays” are, in fact, devic lives. Are They intra-planetary Ray Lords? Do they represent the rays in relation to two of the aspects of divinity, such as the will aspect and the intelligence aspect? Or two others?

90.             Can it be that these representatives control the two processes of “incoming” and “outgoing”?

91.             When the number fourteen in mentioned, one must also think of the fourteen Manus of our planetary chain, and perhaps of fourteen greater scheme manus.

92.             The number fourteen suggests that the usual seven are divided according to polarity.

93.             The following is important in relation to the seven major stars of both the Great Bear and Little Bear.

A steady recollection of the twelve basic energies [Page 85] (five major and seven minor which are in reality, and apart from astral reversion due to the Great Illusion, seven major and five minor) will be of value. These work out into human expression via the Lords of the twelve signs and the twelve planetary Rulers. These twelve basic energies emanate from the seven stars of the Great Bear (transmitted through seven stars of the Little Bear); two of them come from Sirius and three from the Pleiades. This set-up (if I may use such an unorthodox term) will be the condition of the major solar sphere of influence at the end of the Great Age of Brahma, as it is esoterically called. In the "interim or interlude of evolution" (which is the inadequate translation of an occult phrase given to a world cycle in the Masters' Archives) these energies are stepped down into forces and are literally sixteen all told—from the angle of manifestation, I would remind you—and make literally: 7+7+2=16=7. (EA 84-85)

d. Four devas who are the plane representatives of the four Maharajahs (the Lords of Karma) and are the focal points for karmic influence in connection with man.

94.             Which planes are here indicated? All the planes of the cosmic physical plane? Or the customary lower four divisions of the eighteen lower sub-planes—the lower mental, the astral, the etheric and the physical?

95.             As we realize, the Four Maharajas are not the only Lords of Karma to be found within the confines of our solar system. The three Lipika Lords are even greater.

96.             We realize that the four plane representatives of the Four Maharajas are the administrators of karma in relation to man.

  The four Maharajahs are the dispensers of karma to the Heavenly Men, and thus to the cells, centres, and organs of His body necessarily;

97.             This gives us an idea of the status of the four Maharajas. They are lives of such great magnitude that They can dispense karma to the Heavenly Men. It appears that They work through Their representatives on the plane level who dispense karma to man.

98.             The Four Maharajas, therefore, reach man via the plane representatives, among other channels.

99.             Since the Solar Angels who have man under supervision are also Sirianly related karmic agents, we may wonder about the relation of the Solar Angels to the Four Maharajas and Their plane representatives.

but the whole system works through graded representatives;

100.         If we could but envision the many graded representatives we would envision the ‘Ladder of Hierarchy’

the same laws govern these agents of plane karma as govern the systemic and cosmic, and during plane manifestation they are, for instance, the only unit in form [Page 469] permitted to pass beyond the plane ring-pass-not.  All other units in manifestation on a plane have to discard the vehicle through which they function before they can pass on to subtler levels.

101.         These statements have considerable consequences.

102.         First of all it appears that the plane representatives of the Four Maharajas are to be considered ‘units in form’.

103.         Further, it would appear that the plane representatives of the Four Maharajas can (as they pass to higher planes) retain the vehicles they use when expressing through the lower planes.

104.         Man passes to levels higher than the physical every night when asleep, and appropriately, functions while doing so in vehicles ‘higher’ than the sleeping physical body. Were he to focus permanently on that subtler level called the astral plane, he would have to discard the etheric physical vehicle.

105.         From these statements, it would seem that the plane representatives of the Four Maharajas do not necessarily act exclusively on one or other of the four lower planes (enumerated by dividing the physical plane into its etheric and physical components).

106.         Further a most important hint is given and one, really, that is quite enigmatical. How can a being function on a higher plane using a vehicle of a lower plane? Or is this not really what is meant?

107.         If the vehicle of such a representative retained on the physical plane, or on any particular plane before the passage to a higher plane, or is it, as it were, ‘taken along’?

108.         The discarding of a vehicle may not be a permanent discarding. As stated, man working on the astral plane ‘leaves’ rather than discards his physical vehicle while such work is proceeding.

109.         The manner of the passage of energies from one plane to another (whether ascending or descending) has many unsuspected complexities associated with it.

c. Types of Karma.  We might here enumerate the different types of KARMA, even though we have not the time to enlarge upon the subject.  A book by itself of vast proportions could not contain all that might be said.

110.         We gather a small hint at the vast scope of Master DK’s knowledge in this regard.

 We should bear in mind that KARMA is imposed upon the ensouling entity through the medium of matter or of substance itself (which is coloured by it) and that this matter or substance is intelligent material composed of deva essence.

111.         We note the presence of the first ray (the ray of imposition) in the appearance of Karma, as Karma is imposed.

112.         The Law of Karma reaches entities via the medium of matter and/or substance.

113.         Devas, because the are substantial are necessarily karmic agents. Devas are the ‘limiting’ kingdom—powerfully ruled by Saturn, the chief Lord of Karma among the Planetary Deities.

114.         Matter/substance is coloured by karma—an interesting thought. As the colour of any substance is dependent upon its frequency, we may infer that karma is the controller of the frequency of matter/substance. Ones limitations or opportunities relate directly to the frequency of the matter through which one expresses.

115.         We also are given an excellent definition of matter-substance or substance-matter. We note that it is both intelligent and composed of deva essence. Its intelligence is inherent and need not be imposed. Intelligence is inherent in matter-substance, i.e., within deva essence. This type of inherent intelligence is the intelligence of the third aspect of divinity, the Brahma aspect.

116.         We also realize that Karma is particularly related to the third aspect of divinity—again suggesting the association with Brahma and Saturn.

117.         We may also infer that, as all Entities in cosmos are subject to karma of some kind, the type of matter/substance through which they express will be the medium for the imposition of that karma.

118.         Karma is the nature of ‘conditioning’, and all conditioning operates with respect to the deva kingdom. Without the D/devas, the Spirit is utterly free in its own Essence; the Deva Kingdom (even as that Kingdom expresses on the symbolic ‘Heights of the Universe’) is a limiting, conditioning kingdom. It was born of the Self-Perception of the Universal Logos. From another perspective, the Deva Kingdom (universally considered) was born of division. We note that Saturn is the ‘Planet of Division’ separating ‘this’ from ‘that’.

119.         In short, D/devas are the Self-Reflection of ‘God’ the Universal Logos.

        Cosmic Karma—Imposed upon the solar Logos from outside of the system.

120.         We may presume that the Karmic Lords of Sirius are one of the chief Agents of this imposition.

        Systemic Karma—The working out by the Logos of effects set in motion in previous Kalpas, and which influence His present type of Body.

121.         We gather that the conditioning of the body of any entity (great or of lesser scope) is karmically determined.

122.         The term “Kalpas” in this context provably means mahamanvantaras. We understand that our Solar Logos (as a Solar Logos and not as some lesser B/being) has passed through four such Kalpas prior to His expression through our present solar system.

123.         We are also given a simple definition of karma—“the working out of effects set in motion”. All created patterns exist because they have been created. Because they exist, they present themselves as conditions or as karma. We are presented with that which we create and have to deal with it—modifying it, neutralizing it, offsetting it, or using it as a constructive foundation.

124.         Colloquially, we “make our bed…”

125.         Karma is intimately related to the factor if creativity. That which we create is that which we meet and re-meet until our creations accord with a will higher than our own.

        Planetary Karma—The individual karma of a Heavenly Man, which is just as different from that of another Heavenly Man, as is the karma of the different members of the human family.

126.         It is easy to forget that the great Entities called Planetary Logoi also possess a unique individuality. Because we cannot fathom Their character with any degree of completeness, we often overlook Their uniqueness. Astrology, however, reminds us of this uniqueness.

127.         We are reminded that our particular Planetary Logos has a heavy karma related to the mystery of personality. It would seem that His personality elemental has not been mastered.

Herein lies the mystery of our planet, the most mysterious of all the planets.  Just as the karma of individuals differs, so differs the karma of the various Logoi, and the karma of our planetary Logos has been a heavy one, and veiled in the mystery of personality at this time. (TCF 207)

        The Karma of a chain, which is bound up in the life experience of that entity who ensouls a chain, and is a centre in the body of a Heavenly Man, in the same sense as a Heavenly Man within His scheme is a centre in the body of the solar Logos.

128.         Here the status of a chain as a center within a Planetary Logos is clearly set forth.

129.         Just as a Planetary Logos ensouls a planetary scheme, so a Being called a Chain-Lord ensouls a planetary chain.

130.         Such a Chain-Lord is not the Planetary Logos per se and would have a relative degree of autonomy in determining His own, individual karma just as a Planetary Logos, though an aspect of the body corporate of a Solar Logos and His solar system, has a relative degree of autonomy in determining His individual karma.

131.         On these high levels we are dealing with the appearance of “Mind-born Sons”. There is a clear understanding that although great Beings are some what autonomous of the still greater Beings Who incorporate Them, nevertheless, They are expressions or emanations of these still greater Beings.

132.         We come to understand that the ‘behavior’ of entities is not entirely determined by the will of the larger Entity within whose body of manifestation they form a corporate part.

133.         The Lord of the Moon-chain, for instance, is to be considered, from one perspective, as an expression of our Planetary Logos and yet as an independent, Karma-generating Being in His own right.

134.         We generate Karma according to the nature, quality and scope of our consciousness.

        Globe Karma—The individual destiny of the entity who is a centre in the body of the ensouling Life of a chain.

135.         DK is informing us that there are Globe-Lords just as there are Lords of Chains and of planetary schemes. (cf. TCF 648)

136.         All self-conscious entities incorporated within a greater system have individual destinies as well something we might call ‘shared destiny’—the destiny (and associated Karma) of the greater system in which they are incorporated.

137.         Planetary karma affects the human being over and above his individual karma. We could say that chain karma is necessarily experienced (as an imposition) by a Globe-Lord and that scheme karma is experienced by both a Globe-Lord and the Chain-Lord, while not replacing the individual Karma of either of these Entities.

138.         We see that there is a fascinating interplay between compulsion and freedom.

These five existences above enumerated, who are worked upon by karma, are all cosmic and solar Lords of Light, Who achieved intelligence, and passed through the human kingdom many kalpas ago.

139.         It is affirmed that even great Entities (“solar Lords of Light”) are “worked upon” by karma. This simply means that they are ‘conditioned’ by the nature, quality, pattern and destiny of the One in Whom They live and move and have Their being.

140.         Are the “kalpas” here mentioned equivalent to mahamanvantaras? It may well be the case. A human being is separated in development from a Solar Angel by just such a mahamanvantara.

141.         We are being told, apparently, that Chain-Lords and even Globe-Lords are Beings far in advance of man.

142.         We note that we are not told that such Lords were individual human beings but that They passed through the human kingdom. This is so because such greater Entities are to be considered corporate Entities—made of many human beings or (so we are told) of cooperative congeries of Solar Angels.

        Plane Karma—This is inextricably mixed up with the [Page 470] karma of the planetary Logos and of the Raja-Lord, and is dependent upon the interplay between these two opposite poles,—the masculine and feminine aspect of the Divine Hermaphrodite.

143.         Here is an important revelation: Raja-Lords are to be considered the polar opposites of Planetary Logoi. Together They are the major components of the “Divine Hermaphrodite”. The Planetary Logos is to be considered a “Divine Hermaphrodite” because of His intimate association with the Raja-Deva Lords.

144.         When considering the "Divine Hermaphrodite" the Planetary Logos is to be considered as the masculine pole and the Raja Deva Lords as the feminine pole.

145.         Not only to Planetary Logoi have karma but, predictably, so do Raja Deva Lords.

146.         The term “Divine Hermaphrodite” has needed explaining, and now we are given an important explanation.

147.         The “Hermes” of the “Divine Hermaphrodite” is masculine. The “Aphrodite” is feminine. Hermes is Mercury—a male. Aphrodite is Venus, a female.

148.         Had we realized that Venus is intimately related to both form and the devas? Yet, in practice, Mercury, with its “wings” cannot evolution dissociated from the devas.

        The Karma of a subplane, or the destiny of certain lesser entities who manifest through these planes.

149.         These lesser entities may be conceived as related to Raja Deva Lords just as Chain-Lords are related to Planetary Logoi. In both cases a lesser septenate is expressive of a greater unity.

150.         Planar destiny is devic destiny. The factors of destiny, division and entity cannot be separated.

In these two types of karma,

151.         We are speaking of the karma of planes and of subplanes.

we have what one might term the "Karma of the Hierarchies" as it has been brought about since the manifesting of the solar system.

152.         By “Hierarchies” we mean Creative Hierarchies. Creative Hierarchies are solar systemic congeries of lives and do not pertain only the Planetary Logoi.

153.         We must recall that karma is always imposed from ‘above’ partially on the basis of that which has transpired ‘below’ and partially because of the very nature of that which is ‘above’.

 It is the result of the past of this system, and not so much the working out of effects originating in previous solar systems.

154.         This is a significant statement tending to minimize in our minds the karmic effects of past solar systems upon the Creative Hierarchies.

155.         When we were discussing the various types of Entities along the ‘Man-line’ (i.e., Solar Logoi, Planetary Logoi, Chain-Lords and Globe-Lords), the strong karmic influence of past solar systems was suggested.

156.         We are invited to examine the closer relationship between the evolution of the Creative Hierarchies and the condition of the planes and sub-planes.

157.         Yet, some of the lower Creative Hierarchy are definitely related to conditions in the past solar system, and the highest of the Creative Hierarchy discussed in TCF and EA achieved liberation in the previous solar system—so there is a relationship which cannot be ignored.

        The Karma of the kingdoms of nature as we know them on our planet:

a. The mineral kingdom.

b. The vegetable kingdom.

c. The animal kingdom.

158.         It is significant that certain kingdoms of nature are not mentioned—the Kingdom of Souls, the Kingdom of Planetary Lives, the Kingdom of Solar Lives and as well the Human Kingdom.

159.         Of course, the karma of such kingdoms has already been mentioned, though not in relation to the idea of “kingdoms” per se.

This is necessarily the karma of the different lunar Lords who ensoul these kingdoms, and who are working out their pur­poses through them.

160.         We note that even “lunar Lords” ensoul kingdoms. Lunar Lords are possessed of the soul aspect just as are the members of higher kingdoms (though what might be called the ‘scope of soul’ is far more curtailed).

 We must note that we have touched therefore upon cosmic, solar, and lunar karma.  In the latter is hid the great mystery of the Moon, and her place in the planetary scheme.

161.         These are the three types of karma which can engage the understanding of man.

162.         We have learned various things about the “mystery of the Moon”, but, increasingly, we come to understand that it is a “great” mystery. Much of the mystery of our Heavenly Man (who ensouls “the most mysterious of all the planets”) is probably connected with the “great mystery of the Moon”. These mysteries will be revealed in due time. All we can do presently is to gather the evidence.

The Karma of the Human Hierarchy54,55,56 in its seven groups, and of the individual Monads.

163.         How shall we look at the “seven groups” of the Human Hierarchy?

    1. According to monadic rays?
    2. According to soul rays?
    3. According to the seven root races?

164.         In a way we cannot consider the Monads as “individual”, and yet for purposes of normal human understanding, the Monads are considered individual. If there is no “my soul and thine” how much less is there no ‘my Monad and thine’?!

This in itself is a vast and intricate subject and—during the particular cycle of the Earth globe—can be divided into:

165.         The particular cycle on the Earth globe through which we are presently passing is the fourth round (as this round ‘passes through’ the Earth-globe).

[Page 471]

a. World karma.  (The seven root-races.)

166.         We realize that on our globe we have already passed through a great deal of “world karma”, since five root races have nearly concluded.

b. Racial karma, or the destiny and purpose of each root-race.

167.         We have learned much about the functioning of various of the root races. It would be well to frame for ourselves the purpose of each root race. What has been the destiny of the Lemurian and Atlantean root races? We know something of the developments achieved during them and of how they met their end. Their purpose appears to have been the development and cultivation of certain aspects of the human energy system and the consciousness pertaining to those aspects, or perhaps (since the expansion of consciousness is the goal of this solar system, the purpose of the rootraces should be expressed primarily in terms of consciousness and only secondary in terms of the improvement of the quality of the form which expresses that consciousness). The physical-etheric vehicle and the consciousness pertaining to it were developed in Lemuria and the astral vehicle and the consciousness pertaining to it were developed in Atlantis.

168.         The Aryan root race has been destined to cultivate the principle of mentality in all its aspects. The Word of Power “Three Minds Unite” applies to this root race particularly.

c. Subrace karma, for each subrace has its own destiny to work out.

169.         This idea follows naturally. At the present time sub-races three, four and five of the Aryan root race are engaged in interactions with far reaching implications for the destiny of humanity.

d. National karma.

170.         This type of karma may be considered to work out at the “branch race” level, though a branch race may include a number of nations.

171.         A study of human history (even in the very truncated form available to us) will reveal much of the rise, flourishing and fall of nations.

e. Family karma.

172.         This would be a fascinating study but would require a reliable ability to trace the incarnations of related human beings.

173.         Something of this type of karma may be understood from the study of significant dynasties—great “families” prominent in the history of our planet.

f. Individual karma.

174.         This seems to be the type of karma which captures the greatest share of students’ attention though, relatively, it is of the smallest moment.

All these different types of karma are intermingled and bound up in a manner inconceivable and inextricable [Page 472] to man;

175.         To the Lords of Karma and Their higher agents, the intermingling of these various types of karma is ‘conceivable’.

even the adepts cannot untangle the mystery beyond that of the groups affiliated with them,

176.         This untangling presumably includes a knowledge of the karma of the individuals in such groups.

177.         Not all karma needs to be known by an adept—only that which might be called relevant karma—the karma relevant to the carrying out of present group purposes.

178.         While it may be necessary for the adepts to understand something of the karma of the units participating in Their groups, the focus of Their attention is not particularly upon the individual. To Them, group karma is naturally more important.

179.         The ideas of tangling and untangling suggests the close relation to the Third Ray of Active Intelligence—the Ray of the Weaver.

 while the Chohans of the higher degrees work with the karma of the larger groups (which are the aggregates of the lesser groups).

180.         Presumably, the adepts cannot yet understand this greater type of karma which the Chohans can understand.

181.         The karma of the individual units in the group is of still less moment to the Chohan than to the adept, though Chohans would be capable of understanding individual karma if there were a necessity to do so. Master Morya said something to this effect: “Show me the man and I will tell you his past.”

182.         Hereafter follow extensive footnotes on the subject of karma.

54: Karma and Reincarnation, the fourth and fifth doctrines of the Wisdom-religion.

183.         Such numbering is interesting. Karma as the Law of Action and Reaction is naturally associated with the number four. The Fourth Path is the Path to Sirius which, for our solar system, is the great Source of karmic administration.

184.         Reincarnation is associated with the number five because the impulse for reincarnation emanates from the higher mental plane—the higher sub-planes of the fifth plane. This is the case not only for the incarnation of a human being but also for a Heavenly Man or Solar Logos (though in Their cases the impulse emanates from the fifth cosmic plane).

 These two are, in reality, the A, B, C, of the Wisdom-religion.

185.         It can be safely stated that if Karma and Reincarnation are understood, the essence of the Wisdom-Religion can also be understood with relative ease. Western religions have either eliminated or deemphasized both, with detrimental effect upon the followers of those religions.

  Karma is the sum total of our acts, both in the present life and in the preceding births.  It is of three kinds:—

1. Sanchita karma

2. Prarabdha karma

3. Agami karma

186.         We are reminded that the true definition of “karma” is “action”.

187.         The principal idea is that a man (or any self-conscious being) faces that which he has created.

"Sanchita karma includes human merits and demerits accumu­lated in the preceding and in all other previous births.

188.         Merit and demerit are always determined relative to some standard of behavior. The standard or standards relate specifically to Law—either the laws of the land or the laws of the soul.

189.         Merit suggests bestowal and demerit, theft. The meritorious person is contributing to the welfare of the system within which he must, perforce, play his part; a person who has accumulated many demerits has subtly or overtly taken or stolen valuable energy from that same system.

 That portion of the Sanchita karma destined to influence human life in one or the present incarnation is called Prarabdha.

190.         Each human being has a large backlog of merit and demerit. The karma based upon demerit naturally decreases as the human unit reaches higher stages of evolution. Much demerit is offset by the more highly evolved soul who (as well) no longer generates the karma of demerit.

191.         It becomes clear that no one incarnation will serve to express the sum of all merit and demerit. All such expression is justly, wisely and mathematically apportioned so as to promote the best conditions for the evolution of the soul, the group, humanity and the planet as a whole. The mathematics involved must be of an extraordinary intricacy.

 The third kind of karma is the result of the merits and demerits of the present acts. 

192.         This is the karma being generated in the present—from moment to moment. Once generated it becomes part of Sanchita karma.

Agami extends over all your words, thoughts, and acts. 

193.         We note that Agami karma does not extend over emotional re-actions unless such reactions are perpetuated in such a manner as to become acts.

What you think, what you speak, what you do, as well as whatever results your thoughts, words, and acts produce on yourself, and on those affected by them, fall under the category of the present karma, which will be sure to sway the balance of your life for good or for evil in your future development."—The Theosophist, Vol. X, p. 235.

194.         We can see how closely related are thoughts, words and acts to the third ray—the Ray of Activity as well as the Ray of Thought. The third ray also rules the throat center from which words arise.

195.         The domain of karma is the third aspect—the matter and intelligence aspect of divinity. Adjustments are made within this aspect in order to promote the better and fuller expression of the other two aspects through the third aspect.

196.         In this section we are examining karma from a very individual perspective, but the thought can be extended to the karma of Entities far greater than a human being.

55: "Karma (action) is of three kinds:—

          1. Agami:—The bodily actions good and bad—done after the acquisition of the discriminative knowledge.  (Vide Sri Sankaracharya's Tatwa Bodh, question 34).

197.         We note that there can be no individual karma unless there is discriminative knowledge. This knowledge means that individualization has occurred at that the consciousness can discriminate between a self and a not-self—between an “I” and a “not-I”.

198.         Quite simply, if we are self-consciousness beings, knowledge is responsibility. We are obliged to act according to what we know. If according to our present knowledge, we act well, the result is the karma of merit; if we act poorly or badly (i.e., beneath the standard of our present knowledge) the result is the karma of demerit).

199.         When we speak of “bodily actions” we can consider the entire personality is the body. We act through out minds and speech (inner and outer) as well as through the physical vehicle.

          2. Sanchita:—The actions formerly done, serving as seeds to grow the countless births; the store of former actions preserved.  Ibid., question 35).

200.         Actions are as seeds to “grow the countless births”. It is as if incarnations are generated to deal with the effects of former actions.

201.         Every action has its effects and the effects must be confronted by the originator of the action.

202.         Births are generated for various purposes (one of which is “soul-purpose”), but one such purpose is to balance the effects generated by actions. Dissonant effects must be harmonized with the purpose of the Divine Plan.

          And 3. Prarabdha:—The actions of this body (i.e. birth) which give pleasure or pain in this life alone. (Ibid., question 36.)."—The Theosophist, Vol. VIII, p. 170.

203.         It must be remembered that these actions have originated in past incarnations. Prarabdha karma is an aspect of a larger category of karma—Sanchita karma (the sum of accumulated karma—both positive and negative).

56: Karma.  "It must be remembered that in every action of man the influence of his prior karma constitutes an important element.  For the accomplishment of every action, says, Sri Krishna, we need five essentials:—

1. The actor.

2. The determined will.

3. Implements for committing the act, such as hands, tongue, etc.

204.         The five organs of action are the mouth, hands, legs, anus and genitals. (cf. TCF 194, footnote)

4. The exercise of these implements.

5. The influence of antecedent conduct.

205.         There may have been a time when the Christ (Sri Krishna) possessed the fifth ray (as seems natural to one taking repeating incarnations in the first subrace of the fifth root-race). The fifth ray seems indicated in the manner in which the accomplishment of action is described above.

206.         Man does not commit acts in a manner totally unconditioned by the past; antecedent conduct affects the manner in which acts are committed in the present.

207.         Point #2 suggests that a “determined will” is necessary for the commission of acts. It would seem that the ‘desire to commit’ might also be effective and operative (and would be operative in the majority of instances).

208.         When there is no determined will or sufficient desire, action may still occur but it will be the repetition of past tendencies and will result in the perpetuation in the present of karma related to past action.

The work which a man does with his body, speech or mind, whether it be just or unjust, has these five essentials or factors engaged in the performance.  (Gita, XVIII, 13, 14, 15.)

209.         We may ponder with care over these five essentials or factors as we analyze the karma we are in the process of generating.

These five essentials of karma are divided into 2 groups in the Mahabharata:—1, man's present action (including the first four essentials) and, 2, the result of his past action (which forms the fifth essential).

210.         The production of action, therefore, depends upon predispositions present in the moment and tendencies from the past.

"At the same time it must be remarked that the result of human existence is not the work of a day or even a cycle.  It is the aggregate sum of actions committed during innumerable previous existences. 

211.         We are learning that the past is highly effective in producing action originating in the present moment. We can understand why a foundation of good spiritual habits is a great asset to the man who seeks to extricate himself from karma of a binding kind.

Each action may in itself be as slight as can be conceived, like the minutest filaments of cotton,—such that hundreds of them may be blown away by a single breath; and yet, as similar filaments when closely packed and twisted together form a rope, so heavy and strong that it can be used to pull elephants and even huge ships with, so the articles of man's karma, however trivial each of them may be in itself, would yet by the natural process of accretion, combine themselves closely and form a formidable Pasa (rope) to pull the man with, i.e. to influence his conduct for good or evil."—The Theosophist, Vol. VII, p. 60.

212.         We learn that acts, negligible in themselves, tend to aggregate and accrete so that, in combination, they form strong tendencies or inclinations towards the accomplishment of good or evil.

213.         We judge that even the slightest action must be considered of consequence; thoughts are slighter far than physical actions, but the inclination of the smallest thought towards good or evil cannot be ignored.

All the lesser grades of devas, "The Army of the Voice," on each plane, the lesser builders and elementals in their myriads, work unconsciously, being guided and directed by words and sound.

214.         We must remember that the "Army of the Voice" does not consist only of devas of the lesser grades. They are active also upon the planes of the spiritual triad (even if not on the logoic plane).

215.         Within themselves, these higher members of the "Army of the Voice" are agents for the expression of the Divine Will. We are told the following:

In a peculiar sense, they are the embodiment of the divine purpose upon the planes of the Monad and of the Triad,… (R&I 179)

216.         Because words and sounds are produced by the throat center, and the throat center is ruled by the third ray, this “Army” (guided and directed by words and sound) is directly related to the third ray and to the third aspect of divinity. It is, after all, the “Army of the Voice”.

  In this way vibrations are set up in the essence of the planes by the conscious Builders.

217.         The “essence of the planes” is the intelligent essence of the elemental kingdoms. The “conscious Builders” impose vibrations of various, largely constructive kinds on this elemental essence.

There is not much to be added at this point anent the deva evolution; much that might be imparted is perforce withheld owing to the danger arising from superficial knowledge, un­accompanied by wisdom and the inner vision.

218.         If more information anent the deva kingdom is to be imparted to us (and throughout TCF much is imparted) we must deepen our knowledge of the inner realities and possess the faculties increased wisdom and inner vision.

219.         “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, especially in relation to engagement with the deva kingdom.

There are three more points to add to the four already given, concerning primarily the relationship of the devas to man in the future, and their closer approximation to him through the incoming type of force.

220.         We remember that this approximation reaches a high point of development on the buddhic plane.

221.         The seventh ray force (related as it is to the fourth plane—as the plane which, holding the lower chakras of any system, induces precipitation) naturally facilitates this approximation.

  This approximation, though inevit­able, will not have for the human hierarchy results entirely beneficent, and before the true method of contact is compre­hended, and the consequent association wisely utilised, much suffering will eventuate and much bitter experience will be undergone.

222.         These solemn words are to be taken into consideration by those who over-optimistically and lacking due preparation, seek to engage with the deva kingdom.

223.         DK suggests that there will be beneficent results but also those that are quite otherwise. For instance, early experimenters with radioactive elements learned much at great expense to their health.

224.         What must emerge is knowledge of the “true method of contact”. Such knowledge is in the possession of the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and will be vouchsafed to certain members of humanity when they can truly be trusted.

  When it is remembered that the devas are, in their totality, the mother aspect, the great builders of form, and the nourishers of that which is as yet unable to guard itself,

225.         Let us tabulate those qualities of the deva kingdom which Master DK would have us remembers:

    1. They are, in their totality, the “mother aspect”
    2. They are the great builders of form
    3. They are the “nourishers of that which is as yet unable to guard itself”. Thus it is as that “Mother Aspect” of divinity guards that divine aspect called the “Son”—until the “Son” can function independently not only on its own planes but through those planes on which the “Mother” usually expresses—i.e., the most material planes.

 any return of man to a closer dependence upon the devas is as if a full grown man returned to the care of his mother, offering up his self-reliance in exchange for material benefit.

226.         In this little section Master DK offers us a strong word of warning while simultaneously describing much that transpires in the life of millions of human beings today.

227.         Those who seek to return to the care and nurture of the deva kingdom are relinquishing their hard-won freedoms. This is hardly appreciated as intercourse with the deva kingdom seems something relatively new. Our ancient intercourse with them is well-nigh forgotten.

The devas are the mother of the form, but the self-conscious unit, MAN, should realize his independence of the form, and should follow the path of Self-expression.

228.         If we look at these statements in astrological terms we are speaking of the contrast between lunar and solar living. There is also an implied contrast between the signs Cancer and Virgo (both of them “Mothers of the Form”) and the sign Leo, the sign of “Self-expression”.

229.         Long ages of materialistic living (millions of years) have set the stage for liberation from the form. Uranus, in its hierarchical relation to Leo, is the energy guaranteeing this liberation and producing, at length, the Master of the Wisdom.

230.         The “path of Self-expression” leads eventually to Mastership.

  This should be pondered on, for in days to come (when units here and there contact the devas, and inevitably pay the penalty) it may be helpful [Page 473] if the reason is understood, and man realises his necessary separation from these Essences in the three worlds.

231.         This warning is even more solemn. It is as if all contact with the deva kingdom (and it will not yet be common) will entail a price—inevitably. DK uses the word “penalty” suggesting that much of the kind of contact which will eventuate is forbidden. Much of such contact will not be “the true method of contact”.

232.         It is as if, through suffering, man will be warned that he must not go backwards by reuniting with the deva kingdom.

233.         DK seems to be speaking specifically of the deva essences of the three lower worlds, from which man must finally learn to separate. Contact with the devas of higher planes (a contact likely to be somewhat mediated or attenuated at first) may result more in inspiration than in harm to and destruction of man’s personality vehicles.

Approach between the two lines of evolution becomes pos­si­ble on the plane of buddhi, but then it is an approach of two essences, and not an approach of the concrete to the essence.  

234.         Here is suggested the hierarchically sanctioned method of approach—the approach of two essences rather than the approach of concrete to the essence.

235.         Devas have already been called “essences”. It is only when man can approach them as an essence that he will be safe.

236.         On the plane of buddhi (through which the fourth ray, so important to both evolutions, expresses itself) each of the kingdoms expresses its essence.

Man, while functioning in material, substantial forms in the three worlds, may not trespass across the sep­arating line between the two evolutions.

237.         We are learning that man as a personality must not approach the deva kingdom nor trespass the boundary which separates the two kingdoms.

238.         The devas do not have “substantial forms in the three worlds” in the same way that man does. Man’s densest form is material which is not true of the devas.

 Only on the planes of solar fire or on the cosmic etheric levels may contact be permitted;

239.         Realizing that the spiritual triad is the true Ego, we understand why DK calls the cosmic etheric levels “the planes of solar fire”. The higher mental subplanes may also be considered subplanes of solar fire (and from the human perspective, are), though they are not designated here as such. Does DK have a reason for not including the higher mental plane as a plane of sanctioned intercourse between the two kingdoms?

on the planes of the cosmic dense physical plane (our mental, astral and physical planes) dis­aster only results from contact.  I have dwelt on this point, for the danger is real, and near at hand.

240.         It is clear that DK is indicating that human contact with all twenty-one lower sub-planes invites disaster.

241.         This is hard to conceive, as an aspect of the beneficent Solar Angel is definitely ‘located’ on the 19th, 20th and 21st sub-planes.

242.         It would seem, however that hierarchically sanctioned contact can only occur on planes beginning with the buddhic. Yet the Solar Angel (with Whom contact is eminently desirable) is contacted on the higher mental subplanes.

243.         The danger of which DK speaks is close at hand; perhaps immediately future decades (and certainly centuries) will see the danger emerge. The Piscean influence in almost spent and the influence of Aquarian force (uninterrupted by Piscean expression) will invite human and deva intercourse.

The deva evolution will, through this seventh Ray force have much to do with the transmission of prana to units of the three higher kingdoms of nature, and this easier trans­mis­sion (from the etheric levels of the physical plane) will parallel a correspondingly easier transmission of spiritual or psychical force from the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic plane.

244.         Here we are given one of the chief functions of the deva kingdom relative to the human—the facilitation of the transmission of prana to the human kingdom.

245.         There is a predictable parallelism between this pranic transmission and the easier transmission of “spiritual or psychical force from the fourth cosmic ether…”

246.         The energies of both types of ether—systemic and cosmic—will reach man with greater ease thanks to the facilitating effect of the seventh ray and the deva kingdom.

247.         We note that in connection with the buddhic plane, the terms “spiritual” and “psychical” are used to describe the type of energy or force which emanates from that plane.

248.         Is it reasonable to say that man’s true psyche concerns the buddhic plane as its initial point of departure and that there is no truly “spiritual” force until the buddhic level of the spiritual triad is accessed?

 The results of this pranic transmission will be more healthy physical bodies among the sons of men.

249.         We find here a very practical result of the pranic transmission between the deva and human kingdoms.

  This need not be looked for at this time, and will only begin to be notice­­able about three hundred years hence, when the incoming seventh Ray Egos will be numerically strong enough to be recognised as the prevailing type for a certain period.

250.         Here are some important suggestions. The book was published in 1925, so we may expect that by 2225, or so, the seventh ray Egos will be the “prevailing type”. This is hardly yet the case.

251.         It seems a long time to wait for the appearance of the healthier bodies which DK promises.

252.         We note that seventh ray Egos will not be the prevailing type indefinitely, but only “for a certain period”.

253.         The salutary effects we may expect from the incoming seventh ray will be most pronounced during this period of prevalence.

Their physical bodies, owing to their being built for seventh Ray force will respond more readily than the others,

254.         Here is a hint that the bodies of those whose Egos are upon a given ray will be built for the handling of that type of ray force.

255.         Is the physical body, then, always a kind of reflection of the ray force of the Ego, even though the actual ray of the body may not be the egoic ray?

 though first Ray egos and fifth Ray Egos will benefit enormously from this influence.

256.         We can understand the close connection between the first ray and the seventh. The fifth and seventh rays also cooperate closely at this time, and both of them are related to the planet Uranus.

257.         As Master R. has transferred to the third ray from the seventh with a number of His initiates of the second and third initiation, it is difficult to understand why third ray Egos (on a ray related in many ways to the seventh) should not benefit from this influence.

258.         Are we being given a hint through the capitalization and non-capitalization of the word egos/Egos? We see that the word “egos” is in lower case in relation to the first ray and in upper case (“Egos”) in relation to the fifth ray. Or is this simply an overlooked typo?

259.         Perhaps we are to remember that there are no true first ray Egos in incarnation on the planet at this time:

As to the first ray egos, there are no pure first ray types on the planet.  All so-called first ray egos are on the first subray of the second ray, which is in incarnation. (EP I 26-27)

260.         We must also remember that the fifth ray is a Ray of Attribute just as is the seventh, whereas the first ray is not.

261.         The term “on the planet” has to be analyzed. Perhaps it means that there are first ray egos within our planetary scheme but not specifically on or within the Earth-globe.

 The etheric devas will build during a peculiarly favourable period,

262.         What will determine this “peculiarly favourable period”? Will it be a sub-ray cycle of the larger seventh ray cycle which will characterize the Aquarian Age? Obviously, DK sees the forthcoming cycles and their favorable or unfavorable nature for such building.

263.         He is telling, however, that beginning approximately with the year 2225, conditions will be unusually favorable for seventh ray influence on the physical-etheric vehicle.

264.         That cycle will occur about 550 years from 1675 when the seventh ray first began its incoming cycle. If the seventh ray has seventy ray sub-cycles, seven of them will have elapsed and a sub-cycle under the first subray of the seventh ray will be in effect, though not for long.

265.         Such speculations must be considered with due reservation as too little is actually known about the duration of sub-cycles within a larger cycle.

and the physical bodies then constructed will be distinguished by:

a. Resilience,

266.         The ability to recover from reverses rapidly…

b. Enormous physical magnetism,

267.         Presumably substances with favorable magnetism could be easily attracted. This will conduce to the building and sustenance of the vehicles.

c. Ability to reject false magnetism,

268.         Thus, will the integrity of the vehicles be protected.

d. Capacity to absorb solar rays,

269.         This will lead to greatly increased vitality.

e. Great strength and resistance,

270.         Opportunities for sustained manifestation will be greatly aided by strong physical vehicles resistant to the usual forces of debilitation. The Kingdom of God can more readily manifest through such vehicles.

f. A delicacy and refinement in appearance as yet unknown.

271.         We note that vehicles can be strong, resistant and enormously magnetic and still be both delicate and refined. When rays seven and four combine (as they soon will) the result will be beautification.

272.         Our attention is drawn to the refining and transformative power of the seventh ray.

The etheric levels of the plane will be full of an increased activity, and slowly but surely, as the decades slip away, man will become conscious of these levels, and aware of their inhabitants. 

273.         When a dimension of nature becomes more active it attracts attention. DK told us that even at the end of the twentieth century greater etheric activity could be expected along with more wide-spread acknowledgement of the reality of the etheric planes.

274.         DK seems to be predicting that after approximately three hundred years—now about two hundred and twenty years—acknowledgement of the inhabitants of the etheric planes will occur.

275.         Widespread consciousness on etheric levels is not yet possible, but the time is rapidly approaching.

The immediate effect of this greater etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number of people will possess etheric vision, and will be able normally and natural­ly to live consciously on etheric levels. 

276.         Again, this is promised to begin in significant fulness around the year 2225.

The majority of men only function consciously on the three lower levels of the physical—the gaseous, the liquid, and the dense—and the etheric levels are as sealed to them as are the astral.

277.         DK is speaking of the growth of etheric consciousness. There have been times when He has said that there is no such thing as etheric consciousness, but here He states otherwise.

The four planes which constitute the etheric levels of the physical plane are the lowest correspondence to the four planes whereon the Monad and the Spiritual Triad are active, and—as I have oft told you—upon those levels there is no such thing as consciousness as we understand it.  There is only a state of being and of activity for which we have no adequate or illustrative words.  (R&I 178)

278.         Already among those who are refined and sensitive, a movement towards what we may call “etheric consciousness” can be sensed.

279.         We have been told that such consciousness is dependent upon a normal (through, today, rare) development of the physical eye.

280.         Etheric vision is even today emerging rapidly and can be enhanced through the refinement of the etheric-physical mechanism.

 In the coming centuries, man's normal habitat will be the entire physical plane up to, though not including, the second sub­plane.  The fourth and third etheric levels will be as familiar to him as the usual physical landscape to which he is now accustomed.

281.         Here is an amazing prophecy and its fulfillment is suggested “in the coming centuries”.

282.         One may imagine that when the Mercury decanate of Aquarius supervenes, these developments will occur. Mercury restores sight to the blind and is also a significant planetary ruler of the etheric body.

283.         Interestingly only five sub-planes of the physical plane will be open to ‘sight’. This number corresponds with one of the chief numbers of Brahma—five. The subjective sub-planes (two and one) will not yet be open for inspection. It would seem that greater buddhic (and atmic) development will be required for their opening.

284.         The higher two sub-planes of every system of seven sub-planes are considered subjective, and access to them unfolds only after access to the brahmic sub-planes has been achieved.

The centre of attention of medical and scientific students will be focussed on the etheric body, and the dependence of the physical body upon the etheric body will be recognised.

285.         As it is now by the most progressive (and sensitive) members of the human race…

286.         The medical and scientific communities are populated largely by those upon the fifth and seventh rays. Students and practitioners on these two rays tend to work closely together.

  This will change the attitude of the medical profession, and magnetic healing and vibratory stimulation will supersede the present methods of surgery and drug assimilation.

287.         Again, we are not speaking of immediate developments, but by 2225, these prophecies will, we expect, unfold as realities.

288.         Already great strides are being made in “magnetic healing and vibratory stimulation”.

289.         Astrologically, Uranus (the planet of subtle energy transmission) will supersede in strength Mars (the planet of surgery). Neptune relates to drugs but also to subtle methods of energy transmission. Vulcan (the planet most related to vibration) will, likely, have been discovered, and the systemic law known as the Law of Vibration will be more fully understood.

290.         The following statement from Esoteric Healing is significant in this regard:

1. The etheric vehicle from the circulatory angle, is governed by the Moon, as it veils Vulcan. (EH 143)

  Man's vision being then normally etheric, will have the effect of forcing him to recognise that which is now called the "unseen world," or the superphysical.

291.         With subtler vision forced upon him by the growing acuity of his senses, man will experience the necessary for a broad paradigm shift. Science (and a philosophy which is forced to acknowledge unprecedented scientific findings concerning the subtle worlds) will both be altered considerably.

  Men in their etheric bodies will be noted, and communicated with, and the devas and elementals of the ethers will be studied and recognised.

292.         There will be a revelation of the inhabitants of the etheric planes

    1. Devas
    2. Elementals
    3. Men in etheric bodies

293.         When DK speaks of “man in etheric bodies”, He may be referring to those who have recently passed on, or to those who are consciously doing specific work on the etheric planes.

294.         He may also be speaking of living human beings who have the ability to exteriorize their etheric bodies.

295.         We can see that as regards humanity in general, the contents of their consciousness will be greatly increased. They will be aware of far more than presently is possible.

  When this is so, then the true use of ceremonial ritual as a protection and safeguard to man will assume its right place.

296.         Presently it is assumed that ceremonial ritual is of value to humanity, but the accurate modus operandi of such ritual is largely unknown.

297.         Later it will be possible to ‘see’ the inner processes accompanying such ritual and to understand the nature of those who cooperate all unseen in rendering properly executed ceremonial ritual effective.

298.         There is given an important hint: ceremonial ritual (presumably only that type of ceremonial ritual which is properly and wisely executed) provides a “protection and safeguard to man”.

299.         One wonder about how many such rituals are already performed on behalf of humanity by Those Who know.

300.         Presumably, through accurately preformed ceremonial ritual, certain lives are brought into closer connection with humanity and other influences (inimical to man) are warded off—kept at a distance.

301.         The seventh ray is most effective in determining what influences shall be admitted into consciousness and presence, and which shall not.

[Page 475]

The work of the devas in connection with the animal and the vegetable kingdoms will be likewise recognised, and much that is now possible through ignorance will become impos­sible and obsolete.

302.         The implication is that man will learn to use the vegetable and animal kingdoms wisely. Present abuse will cease as will the tendency to tamper genetically with the development of members of those kingdoms.

303.         There is also the implication that vegetarianism will be far more prevalent and that the “cruel and inhuman meat eating.

This might be illustrated by pointing out that by the gradual coming in of human beings who are vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically in the welfare and nurture of the animals (as is the case so noticeably now) we have the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who have a definite karmic relation to the third kingdom.  This relation is of a kind differing in specific detail from the meat-eating, and oft inhuman, groups of the past five hundred years. (TCF 1080)

304.         All this will be part of the gradual refinement of the human vehicles and of human behavior expected under the incoming seventh ray.

 The time will come, when the attitude of man to the animal kingdom will be revolutionised, and the slaughter, ill-treatment, and that form of cruelty called "sport," will be done away with.

305.         Much of this so-called “sport” takes place under an abuse of Martian energy as it relates to Aries and Sagittarius.

306.         The strained relationship between the Entities informing or ensouling the human and animal kingdoms will, through the instrumentality of the seventh ray and the Aquarian energy, be adjusted.

307.         It will become evident to man that the ‘animal’ which he must learn to subdue is the animal of his own physical nature. From another perspective the entire personality nature can be considered the ‘animal’ expressing under the Martian energy. The energies of Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus will teach man how this personality can be trained, subdued and made to fulfill its proper function.

A mysterious change in the attitude of men and women to the sex question, marriage and the work of procreation will result from the development of etheric vision, and the conse­quent recognition of the devas.

308.         Probably the growth of the human foetus will be ‘seen’ directly and appreciated.

309.         We must remember that the progressive planet Uranus is a predominant ruler of the sacral center.

310.         The responsibility entailed in sexual intercourse will be seen and understand far more directly than is now possible.

311.         The depth and beauty of the processes of sex and procreation will be rendered evident. The transition will be from Mars to Uranus.

 This change will be based on the realisation of the true nature of matter, or of the mother aspect, and of the effect of the Sun upon substance.

312.         DK amplifies the reason for this mysterious change.

313.         We shall come to an appreciation of the real nature of life and vitality. The vitalizing effect of prana will be seen. The devitalizing result of irresponsible sex will also be directly appreciated. The fate of matter (elemental life) and its development will be understood as dependent upon human understanding and practice.

 The unity of life will be a known and scientific fact, and life in matter will no longer be a theory but a fundamental of science.  This cannot be enlarged upon here.

314.         The group implications of sex, marriage and procreation will be understood and responsibility to the ‘larger energy context’ will be appreciated.

315.         At the present moment man sins in relation to matter largely through ignorance. Within the next few centuries any excuse for sinning in this way will be removed by direct etheric vision and an understanding of that which is newly seen.