Preamble Letter to S5S3 03May07


Dear Fellow Students,


We continue our focus on alchemy and especially the two approaches to alchemy—that promoted by the White Lodge of Adepts and that promoted by the dark lodge of materialistic workers.


This subject will be an important adjunct to the study of White Magic which will be pursued several hundred pages ahead in TCF, in about two years. Alchemy and White Magic are really parallel subjects and indispensable in the pursuit of practical occultism.


Let us not ‘worry’ about the many details herein presented, but let us attend to them as if we can be capable of absorbing them and utilizing them eventually. At the present time we are preparing for much that cannot yet be expressed with full practicality in our daily lives but one day will be. The Hierarchy plans far ahead and we must learn to do the same.


In Light, Love and Power,



Included in this fortnight’s Commentary are discussions concerning the following subjects:


1.                The true meaning and cause of “radiation”

2.                Speculation on the meaning of alchemical “resolvents” and ‘reducers of forms’ as used by the black brother

3.                Five Postulates anent transmutation

4.                The relation of planar substance to Raja Deva Lords

5.                Consideration of the devas as the great “mother aspect”

6.                The devas as the union of the third and second aspects

7.                Reckoning with “backward pull” in all transmutative processes

8.                The magnetic pull of the immediately higher kingdom upon the members of a kingdom which are being transmuted

9.                The danger to man of the physical-etheric devas because they are fiery essences

10.           The unconscious work of the lower devas, unlike the work of individualized units

11.           Transmutation as pursued in two “schools”—the white and black

12.           The stimulation of the inner fire by the White Brotherhood

13.           The occurrence of the fourth initiation as a climax in the transmutative process

14.           The act by the white brother of simulating the “positive nucleus”

15.           What may be the nature of the “positive nucleus” or “central electrical life

16.           The white brother’s lack of concern with the deva aspect when pursuing the transmutative process

17.           The reversing processes of non-spiritual transmutation as pursued by the dark brothers

18.           The manner in which the dark brothers avail themselves of the destructive aspect of substance or deva essence when they pursue their own method of transmutation

19.           The imprisonment of the escaping volatile essence and the disintegration of the form—both promoted by the dark brother

20.           The thwarting of evolutionary objectives through non-spiritual transmutative processes

21.           The endangerment of the magician who pursued non-spiritual transmutative processes

22.           Black magic in customary religious approaches

23.           Hatha Yoga and certain religious and occult orders in the East and West as pursuers of incorrect transmutative processes

24.           The use of evil means in the apparent pursuit of Good

25.           The unintelligent, manipulated and impermanent results of transmutation as pursued by the dark brotherhood

26.           Deva worship, deva contact and black magic—a retrogressive path attractive during the seventh ray Age

27.           Two ways to consider the nature of “external agents”—one associated with the third aspect of divinity and with black magic and the other associated with the second aspect of divinity and with white magic

28.           The contrast between fire devas and fire elementals

29.           The utilization of solar fire in the transmutative process as the most mysterious angle of that process

30.           The relation of positive electricity to radium

31.           The mention of Keely in relation to the transmutative process

32.           The true meaning of the harnessing of the power of the atom for the use of man

33.           The triple force of the atom; “mental fire” or its correspondence is so often ignored

34.           The discovery of the relationship of “mental fire” to the triple power of the atom—expected much later in planetary development, towards the end of the fourth round

35.           The removal of much that obstructs human and planetary progress at the "Judgment Day"

36.           The fulfillment of the prophecies of Isaiah at the "Judgment Day"

37.           The development of the human family at the "Judgment Day"—three-fifths stand upon the Path

38.           The symbolic language of esotericism—so important for the right interpretation of the Scriptures

39.           How the role of solar fire in the transmutative process will come to be understood through a study of the fire devas and elementals

40.           Entities considered as “abstractions”

41.           Agni and Indra as embodiers of the fire devas of the cosmic mental plane.

42.           Cosmic “external agencies” seemingly related to cosmic solar fire

43.           Two methods of resolving fiery essence—through internal activity and external heat, correlated, respectively with the first and second aspects of divinity

44.           The reason for the failure and lost labor of the material alchemists

45.           The lack of skill of the alchemists of the fifth root race.

46.           The unfortunate consequences of successful but poorly motivated alchemy of the Atlantean days

47.           The predicted change in the approach to Alchemy as man becomes more developed and spiritual