Dear Fellow Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,

We have now had a two week review period and are resuming our study of TCF with a focus on pp. 505-514. It is the beginning of a new section in the book--the most important section, or at least, one that will be considered most important by the great majority of students. This section is on The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire.

A few of the subjects to be addressed are as follows:

1. The nature of the Causal Body

2. The Nature of the Permanent Atoms--a subject of compelling interest to many students.

3. The Egoic Lotus

4. What may be the difference between the causal body and the egoic lotus?

5. The five-pointed and six-pointed stars.

6. The production of the causal body.

7. The merging of the third fire into the second.

8. The study of “occult electrical phenomena”.

9. The manner in which the causal body is produced and the involvement of the Monad and the principle of the vacuum in this process.

10. The permanent atoms as correspondences to the seventh principle in relation to the sheaths.

11. All manner of interesting detail in relation to the permanent atoms.

12. The Planetary Logos as the central life of a particular group of Monads.

13. The relationship between the central egoic life and the permanent atoms.

14. The mental or gaseous plane. Is its entirety gaseous or only the lower four sub-planes—or does the answer to this question depend upon the type of Being in Whom the mental plane is serving a particular function?

15. The etheric webs: their location and their number.

16. The etheric webs and the process of the “burning ground”.

17. The liberation of the Planetary Logos dependent upon the liberation of his cells, such as human beings.

18. Obscuration and etheric existence after physical death.

19. The greater importance of logoic astral life when compared to logoic physical life.

20. A human being as a “crystallized ray of the Absolute One”.

21. Rays demonstrating differentially on different sub-planes of the mental (and other) planes. The 1—3—7 in relation to ray demonstration and the sub-planes.

22. The 7—3—1 in relation to three phases of development of the human being and how those three phases are reflected in causal body-focus on one of the three higher mental sub-planes.

23. Proposed meanings of the phrase the “unity of his Ray”—i.e., that which must be achieved by the man before the fifth initiation.

24. The vital importance of the astral permanent atom in the solar system, within our Planetary Logos and within humanity.

25. An abundance of reasons for the preeminence of the astral permanent atom.

26. Greater and lesser Dragons of Wisdom.

27. Specific information about our solar system in relation to the second ray and the Law of Attraction.

28. The puzzle that there should be so few monadic units in our entire solar system.

29. The sacred planets and other etheric spheres as the petals in the heart center of a Cosmic Logos.

30. Jupiter and Venus—which is the embodiment of heart center energies for our Solar Logos.

31. The preeminence of the second ray in our solar system, regardless of the rays of the various Planetary Logoi.

32. The arrangement of the permanent atoms in relation to the "Jewel in the Lotus".

33. Love as the most important energy for the transmutation process.

34. When will our Solar Logos attain cosmic mental polarization?

35. Heat in our solar system.

36. Is the Solar Logos also a Divine Hermaphrodite?

37. The double strength of the astral permanent atom in the energy system of a Solar Logos. Is this ratio of strength also applicable to the human unit?

38. The Divine and Primordial Rays. The Primordial Ray as the vahan for the Divine Ray.

39. The role of the Planetary Logoi in helping the Solar Logos to achieve His cosmic marriage.

40. The rays emanating from the "Jewel in the Lotus"—are they seven or are they eight?

41. The members of the atomic triangle in relation to the three best known non-sacred planets.

42. The "Jewel in the Lotus" as the synthesizer of the forces of the three permanent atoms.

43. Synthesis, obscuration and absorption in relation to the permanent atoms and the "Jewel in the Lotus"—an analogy to an equivalent planetary and solar process.

44. The escape of the "Jewel in the Lotus" onto the planes of abstraction. Does this escape involve a ‘stay’ within the domain of the spiritual triad?

45. Man as the Path and the burning ground.

Our studies are steadily deepening and calling for a more synthetic state of mind—i.e., for “synthetic understanding”. We may trust that a more adequate cosmo-conception is being developed within us through our meditations and studies.

Love and Many Blessings to All,