Preamble Letter to Commentary for Semester 5 Section 4

Dear Fellow Students,

In the Commentary for Semester 5, Section 4 we continue our study of alchemy and transmutation. All this is part of our continuing study of manas.

We are led into important musical considerations, for the transmutation of kingdoms and other natural groupings is based upon fundamental notes or keynotes and the chordal or melodic arrangements which can be derived from them and upon which the sounding of transmutative mantrams can be based—i.e., “the sounding of note combinations based on this key”.

With due reservations, some speculations are given concerning the keynotes of various kingdoms. The meaning of the gradations of such notes is also discussed.

We explore the three main divisions of the mineral kingdom (based metals, standard metals and precious stones) and the divine aspects related to them.

The relation of the fourth ether to the transmutative process is emphasized. We will not be able to do much along alchemical lines until our mastery of the fourth ether is far greater than at present.

The key to prosperity in the future (to the “Life More Abundant”) is related to the release of the potency of the atom, but this is something far greater than the release thus-far achieved.

The wonders of the vegetable kingdom are discussed and the very closer relationship between the lives in that kingdom and the special group of devas who attend them. The ‘Venusian connection’ in all matters pertaining to the vegetable kingdom and its attendant devas is explored.

There is a close relation between the various root races and the type of vegetation appearing while the root races are in expression. This, it turns out, is the result of the blending of notes.

Ecological considerations are also brought forward. The note of the human kingdom may presently be sounding too strongly for the welfare of other kingdoms—especially the vegetable kingdom.

All in all, this section is very much about notes—their nature and the way they are sounded by the various kingdoms. There are of course greater and lesser notes. One great note can coordinate many lesser notes that are keyed to the great note.

The sonata of the solar system and the symphony of Sanat Kumara are also mentioned. We are all participating in a cosmic, systemic and planetary creative musical process.

The coming efflorescence of manas is given due attention. It is to peak within the next five hundred years. Are we speaking of lower or higher manas? The matter is explored.

Manas, buddhi and atma—in coming root races and rounds—are compared.

Developments in the fifth round are related to the achievement of causal consciousness by our Heavenly Man in that round.

A review of the four phases of manasic expression is offered: discrimination, adaptability, ordered purpose and transmutation.

There follows an important tabulation—a summary of the fourfold characteristics of manas as it expresses on a number of planes: physical, astral, lower mental, higher mental, buddhic, atmic and monadic. Not much is said about such expression on the monadic plane, but twenty-four expressions of fourfold manas are given in relation to the other six planes. These expressions of manas vary greatly from plane to plane.

We become convinced that manas is not a faculty which the spiritual individual simply learns to transcend, but one which is indispensable in relating our planetary process to greater systemic and cosmic energies.

The point is brought forward that our Planetary Logos is already and even NOW in the process of planetary obscuration.

The subjects under discussion are deep ones. We cannot grasp so much of what is presented, but we are being given the mental/intuitive training which will enable us to do so—before too long.

Semester 5 Section 5 is a REVIEW SESSION, and so the next Commentary will arrive in the middle of June.

We certainly have plenty of material to occupy our will-to-study. I trust that the discussions you are having in your study groups (there seems to be at least one study group for each of the seven TCF classes) are proving fruitful. Please remain confident in the face of this often daunting material. You are making progress even if you do not realize it in your brain consciousness.

We are striving for a synthetic grasp of the planetary and solar systemic process. If we have this grasp, we will be able to contribute to the stabilization and advancement of human consciousness much more effectively.

Please reaffirm the value of your studies, your discussions and your meditations on these subjects. For those at our stage of unfoldment, this is pioneering work—having its inevitable challenges and its subtle rewards.

Many Blessings to All Students of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire,