Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IV Section III

TCF 355-369 : S4S3
6 – 21 November 2006

(Most of the Tibetan’s text is put in font 16, to provide better legibility when projected during classes. Footnotes and references from other AAB Books and from other pages of TCF are put in font 14. Commentary appears in font 12. Underlining, Bolding and Highlighting by MDR)

It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph.

1.                  After considering cosmic and planetary manas, we now focus on the human level.

3. Human Manas.

We are now to consider primarily man and the manasic principle, its development in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human Monads, with special reference to our Earth chain.

2.                  After many cosmic and super-cosmic considerations, we are confining our subject to man (not as he is in the solar system) but as he is precisely on our Earth-chain. Our subject does not even cover manas as it expresses on planetary chains.

3.                  When we consider manas, we are considering the Spirit manifesting through the forms it has created.

We have seen that, to all intents and purposes, manas is the active will of an Entity working itself out through all the lesser lives who go to the content of the ring-pass-not or sphere of influence of the indwelling Existence.

4.                  We have seen that DK’s discussion of manas is largely inseparable from will.

5.                  Manas emanates from an indwelling Existence or Entity.

6.                  Note the phrase “content of the ring-pass-not”. What are the lives which go to the content of the ring-pass-not of any of the atoms currently under discussion?

7.                  What are the types of lives which go the content of the ring-pass-not of the atom of matter-substance? Are they subatomic particles?

  Therefore—as concerning man on this chain—he is but expressing the purpose and the will in action of the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell or lesser life.

8.                  As man develops, he finds in himself an expression of the Plan of the Planetary Logos in Whom we live and move and have our being.

certain mysteries arise consequently for our consideration which are connected with the life cycles of the Heavenly Man of our scheme, and particularly in relation to that special incarnation of His which we call the cycle [Page 356] of manifestation on the dense physical globe, the earth.

9.                  Incarnations of our Planetary Logos are variously described: sometimes rounds are considered incarnations; sometimes root race or sub-races; sometimes globes and probably even chains.

10.             A Planetary Logos or Heavenly Man is a Being with many types of “life cycles”, many of them occurring simultaneously.

  He wears the planetary body as man wears the robe of the physical body, and by means of this objective form He works His purposes out on the physical plane, through the factor of mind achieving certain goals.

11.             It has often been asked if our “dense physical globe” is only physical. It has been answered in the negative, by reminding ourselves that Sanat Kumara came to our fourth globe of the Earth-chain  from the second globe of the Earth-chain, and that Shamballa exists as part of the expression of our fourth globe.

12.             Mind, we see, is closely related to manifestation. Mind and matter are a closely interwoven pair.

 Incidentally, the cells in His body conform to that Mind which plays upon them, just as man, the intelligent principle of incarnation on the physical plane, brings into conformity with his purpose the atoms of his body, and stimulates ever more and more the spirillae of those atoms by the force of his mind playing upon them.

13.             The factor of conformity is Saturnian, and the mentality which plays upon man has much of the third ray and first ray forces of Saturn within it.

14.             The definition of man here given is noteworthy: “man, the intelligent principle of incarnation on the physical plane”.

15.             The stimulation of spirillae arises from the imposition of manas. Manas is a progressive force when it comes to promoting the development of material units.

16.             Systemic planes are as spirillae to the Solar Logos, and, to a degree, to the Planetary Logos. The aggregations of similar kinds of vehicles utilized by many men are as spirillae to the Planetary Logos.

17.             Within humanity as a whole, the fifth principle is under stimulation. Within the bodies of the individual man, the fifth spirillae of his individual atoms is under stimulation.

Here comes the opportunity to make clear something that is oft lost sight of in the general fog surrounding this subject.

18.             DK sees the mental obscurity in which we labor.

  The human and deva units on the upward arc, who are the cells in His body, go to the formation of the centres, and not to the remainder of the cellular vital substance of His vehicles.

19.             It may be that deva units are more inclined to form the lower centers and human units, the higher.

20.             The body (solar, planetary, human or other) is hierarchically organized. In the body of the Planetary Logos, the substance of the centers of force is of greater hierarchical priority than the “remainder of the cellular vital substance”.

  Man has a body made up of matter which is applied to different uses, yet which forms a unit.

21.             We have in man (as in all units great and small) a division of labor. Matter is organized hierarchically within the material nature of man.

22.             This hierarchical organization may also obtain within the subtle bodies of man.

  In this unit there are certain areas of more vital importance than other areas from the standpoint of energising force.

23.             We note the phrase “of more vital importance”. Those areas of more vital importance serve the purposes of the indwelling Life more thoroughly and accurately. The indwelling life is the “energising force”.

 Such an area as the heart may, in this connection, be considered and compared (as regards force value) with such an area as the calf of the leg.

24.             DK is teaching us through this comparison, as the calf of the leg is ruled by Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, which rules the heart.

25.             It is obvious, but one can live without the calf of the leg, but not without the heart (or an artificial substitute). Yet the calf of the leg acts as a pump for blood and serves the heart.

 The entity, man, utilises both, but the heart centre is of paramount importance.

26.             The principle is clear.

Thus is it also with a Heavenly Man.  The two great Hierarchies—deva and human—are force centres in the body of a planetary Logos;

27.             The body, of course, consists of a number of dimensions—not just the physical-etheric.

28.             From the solar logoic perspective, all that is found upon the cosmic physical plane is the physical body in its ethereal and dense portions.

29.             With regard to the Planetary Logos, the deva evolution can be correlated with the sacral center (a form-building center) and the human evolution (generally) with the throat center.

 the other evolutions of an involutionary nature extant within the scheme, and the remainder of the active substance of the globes, and all contained therein, go to the content of the remainder of His body.

30.             We are differentiating between evolutionary and involutionary substance (from the perspective of the Planetary Logos).

31.             All evolutions exist within the body corporate, but according to their degree of evolution, so is their importance to the Including Life, the ‘Energizing Force’.

32.             Every vehicle has its chakras. The chakras are of a higher order of substance than the general substance of the vehicle in which they take shape as vortices.

a. Man and the planetary Logos.  With the deva evolution at this point we have nought to do.

33.             For the moment, the Tibetan is focussing His attention on man. He does say quite a bit about the deva evolution later in the book.

34.             Man, actually, has much to do with the deva evolution, but not much of their relationship is yet conscious—from the human perspective.

  I seek to concentrate attention on man, as he functions on earth.

35.             This is one of the practical sections of TCF.

  In order to clarify the idea of manas and its relation to a human being it is necessary to point out certain things [Page 357] in connection with a Heavenly Man which must be borne in mind.

36.             To see man clearly, we must also reference the Heavenly Man in Whom man is a corporate part.

First, that each Heavenly Man holds the position of a centre in the body of a solar Logos; therefore, the Logos of a scheme will embody some outstanding characteristic.

37.             As each chakra expresses a predominant quality—according to ray, impinging astrological influences and general role within the body corporate, so will each of the Planetary Logoi (considered as chakras within the Solar Logos) express a predominating quality or “outstanding characteristic”.

38.             We have speculated much on which planets can be assigned to which solar logoic chakras. Much, however, remains to be ascertained.

39.             The entire matter of assigning Planetary Logoi to chakric positions is subject to ‘temporal fluidity’.

 The ten schemes are the seven, and the synthesising three—not the seven and a lower three.

40.             Here we are speaking of ten planetary schemes, among which are non-sacred schemes.

41.             In this enumeration the three Logoi surrounding the Solar Logos do not seem to be included.

42.             There, are, however a “lower three” as well as a ‘higher three’. Counting seven, a lower three, a higher three and a ‘circum-logoic’ three, we have the number sixteen—a number important to the construction of the egoic lotus and to the throat center.

43.             DK seems to be answering regarding whether there are three in addition to the seven or whether the ten are to be derived from the within the seven, with the primary trinity counted twice.

  The lower centres were vital in the last solar system (from the esoteric standpoint), and are not counted in this; they were synthesised and absorbed during the obscuration process of System I.

44.             What do we really mean by the “lower centres”? Do we mean base of the spine center, sacral center and solar plexus center? There is reason to think we do not, but, instead, three still lower centers which were synthesized at the conclusion of System I.

45.             We note that the three lowest centers (as usually considered) are very active in this solar system. The base of the spine center is even active at the fifth initiation, which our Solar Logos is still far from achieving.

46.             These three (synthesized at the end of the previous solar system) may in some manner related to the “eighth sphere” and to a plane which is considered subliminal to our lowest or seventh systemic plane.

47.             The relationship between the three and eight is closely guarded. Something about the sign Scorpio is here suggested.

48.             It would be of interest to know which planets in the last solar system represented these centers. We do recall that the Buddhas of Activity were highly manasic Planetary Logoi in the last solar system.

Secondly, each Heavenly Man is consequently the embodiment of a particular kind of electrical force which flows through His scheme as man's force flows through some one of the etheric centres in his body.

49.             We do not leave the conception of “electrical force”. Each Heavenly Man is expressive of some kind of electrical force. This is a predominating quality, and identifying what it is, is of value when determining the role of that particular Planetary Logos in the life expression of the Solar Logos.

50.             We have been given the three major rays of our Planetary Logos—the first ray Monad, the second ray soul and the third ray personality. (cf. EA 619)

51.             Ray forces are, it would seem, electrical forces.

52.             The term “electrical”, or “electric” seems ubiquitous when describing cosmos, mirroring the ubiquity of Fohat.

  Each scheme, as each human centre, will

a. Vibrate to some one key.

53.             This will depend upon the degree of advancement of a Planetary Logos as it expresses through a planetary scheme.

54.             If the Logos functions as a personality, the key may be ‘pitched’ at a certain vibratory level; if as a soul, the key changes; if as a Monad, the key changes again.

55.             We might say that our Planetary Logos is changing key and changing colour, as He moves from personality polarization toward soul polarization. He is not there yet.

b. Have its own colouring.

56.             We live on a blue-green planet, which colors are reflective of the personality and soul rays of our Planetary Logos (the third and second, respectively).

57.             Perhaps within Ashrams, human beings are organized into groups of seven or multiples thereof, in order to express certain sub-ray types of the Ashram’s major ray.

c. Resemble, when seen from the higher planes, a vast lotus.

58.             All units of life are seen as flowers unfolding—the lotus, due to its structure and appearance, being the particularly apt symbol. Man, from a certain perspective, is a lotus (the egoic lotus being paramount at this time); the Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos, from certain perspectives, are also lotuses.

d. Possess, according to its vibratory capacity, a definite number of petals.

59.             It is interesting to consider that each of the planets has a certain number of petals. This stands to reason as the different chakras of the human being each has a distinct number of petals.

60.             Whether or not our Planetary Logos is or ever will be a heart center like the Solar Logos, it appears that He can be seen as a twelve-petalled lotus.

It is for that reason that the truly illumined man and all who have taken the three highest initiations are always referred to as "the diamond souled"; they, in their totality constitute the "jewel in the lotus"—that twelve-petalled lotus which is the symbol and expression of the potency of the planetary Logos. (TEV 91)

8. The points in the third planetary petal, and groups of others related to the twelve petalled planetary lotus, (TCF 1082)

61.             In this fourth chain, fourth globe and fourth round the base of the spine center of the human being has four petals.

62.             From one perspective, the Earth-scheme is a base of the spine center, but perhaps is not fully mature as such a center.

63.             It is reasonable to suspect that since planetary chains and planetary globes are all chakras as well, that each of them would have a distinct number of chakras.

64.             Perhaps the fourth chain and the fourth globe are also, in their own way, base of the spine centers, and have four petals. This cannot be confirmed by our present knowledge.

65.             If our Earth-scheme, with its second ray soul, will ever be a solar logoic heart center, it seems that it will not be in the immediate solar systemic future.

e. Be connected in geometrical formation with certain other centres of Heavenly Men, making systemic triangles.32

66.             Each Heavenly Man functions in relation to a number of planetary triangles:

a.      Earth, Mars, Mercury is one.

b.      Earth, Venus, Mars is another

c.      Earth, Venus, Mercury is another

d.      Earth, Vulcan, Pluto is another

e.      Earth, Mars, Saturn is yet another, etc.

[A hint of this triangle of force was conveyed in Letters on Occult Meditation, page 79-84, when speaking of man and his centres.]

67.             One of the most important triangles is Earth, Mars, Venus, in which Venus is considered the alter-ego of Earth and its polar opposite, and Mars can be considered Earth’s complimentary planet.

f. Be characterised by different stages of activity according to the initiation towards which the Logos may be working.

68.             Things on our Earth are heating up considerably as our Planetary Logos prepares for a fourth chain-initiation through His fourth chain, the Earth-chain.

  Thus, at one period one centre or Heavenly Man may be the subject of logoic attention, and of specialised stimulation, and at another period a totally different scheme may be the object of vitalisation.

69.             It would seem that the Earth-scheme is under much stimulation as a result of the occult attentiveness of our fourth order Logos. It would seem that the Solar Logos is preparing to undergo a minor (thus, scheme-initiation) through our planes, the Earth-scheme.

70.             The changing of objects of attention may or may not be sequential. The old theosophical approach which held to a rigid sequentiality in terms of solar logoic or planetary logoic stimulation, is, it seems, not accurate in all cases.

  For some time the Logos has turned His attention to the Earth Scheme and to Saturn, whilst Uranus is receiving [Page 358] stimulation.  Much is therefore accentuated, and increased evolutionary development is the consequence of this divine attention.

71.             This is an important statement telling us much, perhaps, about the present intention of logoic kundalini.

72.             For the human being, Uranus (in one of its methods of influence) rules the sacral center (though other planets like Mars must necessarily be involved). Saturn rules the throat center. In our solar system we could be witnessing the rising of the sacral center to the throat center. The solar plexus center (hypothesized as Venus) may also be involved.

73.             Uranus, of course, rules other centers—the throat center (because it is a distributor of the great seventh Ray, the head center, etc.

74.             The Earth we have assigned to various centers—the mental unit (if the Solar Logos has one); perhaps the lower point within the solar logoic solar plexus center; the splenic center and the base of the spine (which, it would seem) it cannot rule alone.

75.             We remind ourselves of the potential hypothesis that three planets may be connected with each of the main solar logoic chakras; such a triangle of planets may also rotate at different times of solar logoic development.

76.             We remember that Saturn, at this time, is the expression of one of the super-principles, and probably always will be, as Venus probably will not. Whether Jupiter will remain as an expression of one of the three super-principles is debatable. Much depends on how we understand the manner in which Neptune is to be allocated, for Neptune (even if it does not strictly belong to our solar system) is a Logos superior in spiritual status to the Logos of Jupiter.

77.             From the archetypal viewpoint, the three super-principles should be ruled by Uranus (first), Neptune (second) and Saturn (third).

When these facts are borne in mind it will be seen that the interaction, and the complexity, is of vast proportions, and man can do no more than accept the fact, and leave the explanation until his consciousness is of greater scope.

78.             Well, we are getting the idea even if we cannot solve all the intricacies, the solutions to these issues lie in the hands of initiates of high degree.

Third, one of the mysteries revealed at initiation is that of the logoic centre which our scheme represents, and the type of electrical fire which is flowing through it.

79.             DK hints at a number of possibilities which I have covered in previous Commentaries and mentioned just above.

80.             The base of the spine center seems an important (though perhaps premature) assignment in relation to our Earth.

81.             At which initiation may this be revealed? One of the higher ones, perhaps, as the base of the spine center becomes truly active at the fifth degree (R&I 340)

82.             Our Solar Logos has not yet passed through His fifth cosmic initiation, though His fifth scheme initiation may not be long in coming. When this happens, perhaps the role of Earth as the solar logoic base of the spine center may emerge.

83.             On the other hand, since the base of the spine center is, in many ways, a first ray center and since our Planetary Logos will not be truly expressive of His monadic ray until the next solar system, it may be only then that a full base of the spine center function for our Planetary Logos will be expressed. (All this despite the fact that the duration of a Heavenly Man is said to be “One Solar System” in the tabulation on TCF 293.)

It relates finally the lowest centre at the base of the spine to the highest centre, the head centre. This is a correspondence to the relation of the Earth to the Sun. Think this out. (EA 25)

 The "Seven Brothers," or the seven types of fohatic force, express Themselves through the seven centres, and the One Who is animating our scheme stands revealed at the third Initiation.

84.             Each of the “Seven Brothers” expresses one of the seven rays, but in relation to the third aspect of the ray. The “Seven Brothers” are usually differentiated from the Seven Heavenly Men Who are also systemic “Ray Lords”.

85.             We see, in fact, that we do not need to wait until one of the higher initiations to find out which ray or type of fohatic force flow mainly through our Planetary Logos, and which chakra it represents within the energy system of our Solar Logos.

86.             Of course, we may question whether the “fohatic force” of the “Seven Brothers” is ray force; or, if it is, whether it can apply to any aspect of our Planetary Logos other than His personality.

87.             A little earlier in this Commentary it seemed evident that “electrical force” and ray energy were equivalent. So perhaps the fohatic force here discussed is also equivalent to ray energy.

88.             One wonders if the Tibetan revealed the information in question (information for the receipt of which the third initiation is said to be necessary) in Esoteric Astrology, which was written some ten years later than TCF.

89.             It would seem that some revelation along the manasic line would be revealed at the third degree. If our Earth-scheme plays the role of mental unit to Venus’ manasic permanent atom, the revelation would be fitting at the third degree.

  It is by knowledge of the nature and quality of the electrical force of our centre, and by realisation of the place our centre holds in the body logoic, that the Hierarchy achieves the aims of evolution.

90.             Hierarchy knows how to plan according to the Divine Plan, by knowing the nature of our Planetary Logos, His major energy and present place and function within the Solar Logos.

91.             This is to say that Hierarchy knows how to plan (in the occult sense) and we do not!

92.             If our planetary scheme is presently one of the following—base of the spine center, a sacral center, a spleen center, a lower point within the solar logoic solar plexus center, or a mental unit—the objectives in planning will be very different. There are ways to justify all these five assignment and justification has been offered in recent Commentaries.

It will be obvious that the Heavenly Man Who stands for the kundalini centre, for instance, will work differently, and have a different purpose and method, from His Brother Who stands for the heart centre in the body logoic, or to the Heavenly Man Who embodies the logoic solar plexus.

93.             Earth could represent the logoic kundalini (but logoic kundalini is a force greater than that which could emanate from Earth); Venus could stand as the representative of the logoic heart; but Venus, too, could be the logoic solar plexus center and Jupiter the logoic heart.

94.             According to our nature, so is our function.

95.             From the section above it would seem that one Heavenly Man stands for one center, and yet, just as in the chakra rulerships of the human being, two or even three planets may be assigned rulership at different phases of evolution, so it may be so for a Solar Logos. It remains to be debated whether a triangle of planets should be considered in relation to the rulership of any chakra within the Solar Logos.

 From this it is apparent that:

a.   The type of electrical force

96.             This may be ray energy but it certainly is fohatic force.

b. The vibratory action

97.             This relates to the evolution of the substance composing a particular Heavenly Man.

c. The purpose

98.             This relates to that aspect of solar logoic Will which it is the responsibility of a Heavenly Man to express.

d. The evolutionary development

99.             This release to the degree of unfoldment of the Heavenly Man, but not to His spiritual status.

e. The dual and triangular interaction

100.         This relates to whether a given Heavenly Man is interacting only with the Heavenly Man Who is His polar opposite, or whether He is interacting also with the Heavenly Man Who expressed through a complementary planet (thus interacting with a triangle).

101.         As an example: Venus is the polar opposite of the Earth-scheme but the Mars-scheme is complementary to the Earth-scheme.

of all the Heavenly Men will differ, and so will the evolutions that form the cells in Their Bodies differ likewise.

102.         We are being told of differences between the Heavenly Men and between the deva and human cells in Their bodies—a subject that will mean something more real to us when such evolutionary groups (i.e., the Planetary Logoi) are actually acknowledged and contacted.

103.         In summation: electrical force can be positive, negative or neutral. Vibratory action probably has much to do with the key or pitch to which the planes and sub-planes vibrate, and the general note sounded by the particular Heavenly Man. Purpose is related to the Heavenly Man’s place within the Solar Logos and the function it upholds. Evolutionary development can mean either actual spiritual status or something different—the degree of planetary unfoldment regardless of the spiritual status of the Heavenly Man concerned. Dual and triangular interaction relates to the various planets or pairs of planets with which any Heavenly Man may have interaction. Earth, for instance is much related to Venus and also to the triangle Earth-Venus-Mars. The same cannot be said of the closest relations of other planets.

 Little has as yet been revealed anent the types of evolutions which are to be found in the other schemes of our system.

104.         Something of significance is said of the various “Schools” to be found on some of the planets, for a discussion of which go to TCF 1177-1180.

105.         We are also told something of the evolution of the various humanities found within different planetary schemes:

“Again, it must be noted that Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Vulcan are as yet developing manas, and the stage achieved in each varies, and is not for exoteric publication.  The Heavenly Men of these schemes have not yet succeeded in bringing Their bodies to the stage where transmutation on a large scale is possible.  They are approaching it, and when the necessary three fifths is reached, then They will begin to transmute on a larger scale.  The Earth scheme has about one fifth in process of transmutation in one or other of the globes at this time and Vulcan has very nearly two fifths.” (TCF 403)

  Suffice it to say that in all the schemes, on some [Page 359] globe in the scheme, human beings or self-conscious units, are to be found.

106.         We are being told that human beings are to be found in all schemes—an expansive and inclusive thought. Presumably, this includes such planetary schemes as that of Pluto and probably, as well, the many undiscovered and, thus, unnamed planetary schemes.

107.         Is the suggestion that only on one globe in a scheme human beings are to be found? This would be highly unlikely and some references point in the direction of more than one globe per scheme being populated with human beings. The fact that Earth was recently simultaneously active in its second, fourth and sixth chains points in the direction of self-conscious life to be found on all those chains—simultaneously. The subject is occulted, but hints suggest that self-conscious units are not simply confined to one globe per scheme.

108.         References to activity on the fifth chain of our Earth-scheme before the completion of our fourth chain, points in the same direction. If there is activity in a chain, that activity must necessarily be taking place on a globe.

109.         The following reference tends to confirm the ubiquity of man on all globes in all schemes:

A Master transmutes in the three worlds and principally concerns Himself with the process upon the eighteen subplanes, the great field of human evolution, and with the passage of the life throughout the dense physical body of the Logos.  The Chohans of the sixth Initiation work in the fourth and fifth ethers of the logoic etheric body (the buddhic and atmic planes), and deal with the passage of the life of Spirit from form to form in those worlds, having in view the transmutation of units in the spiritual kingdom into the monadic.  Those on still higher levels—the Buddhas and their Confreres of the first and third Rays—deal with the passage of the life into the sub-atomic, and atomic planes of the cosmic physical.  What has been said applies to all hierarchical efforts in all schemes and on all globes, for the unity of effort is universal. (TCF 495)

110.         We note the simple definition of the human being, having nothing to do with form particularly: “self-conscious units”.

  Conditions of life, environment and form may differ, but the human Hierarchy works in all schemes.

111.         This reference simply focuses our minds on consciousness and quality rather than on forms. Many surprises may lie ahead with respect to the forms which self-conscious units take, but the factor of self-consciousness unifies them.

It must also be borne in mind that just as all seven Heavenly Men are found in the body logoic, and are Themselves under the influence of seven solar Logoi (using the word "influence" in its astrological sense), so in a planetary scheme with its seven globes each is astrologically under the influence of all the seven Heavenly Men.

112.         This is a useful analogy pointing to the fact that each of the major Heavenly Men in our solar system is under the supervision of one of the member of the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One.

113.         This means that one particular sacred planet in our solar system is under the special supervision of our Solar Logos. Could it be Jupiter, the planet which, in many ways, is most like our Sun?

114.         Why does DK speak of a planetary scheme with its seven globes? Would it not be more predictable to speak of a planetary scheme with its seven chains?

115.         We would expect that each of the usual seven chains in a planetary scheme is under the influence of one particular sacred planet.

116.         Further, we would imagine that each of the seven major globes in a planetary chain is under the influence of one of the chains in that planetary scheme and, also, under the influence of one of the seven sacred planets.

117.         Which is the particular sacred planet that most influences our Earth-globe and Earth-chain? Certainly Venus must be considered and Saturn is not to be neglected.

A scheme is but a replica of a system.

118.         This useful statement allows us to generalize from one organized aggregation to the other. In attempting to understand rounds within a scheme and system, this method of comparison is very useful.

  Each of the Heavenly Men pours forth His radiation or influence, and stimulates in some way some other centre or globe.

119.         Perhaps the word “centre”, as here used, means chain?

120.         We must watch Master DK’s writing carefully, as He often skips one member of a sequence for no apparent reason. Perhaps, however, there is a hidden reason.

121.         Though it must be stated that as Heavenly Men are centers within solar system, each Heavenly Man (as a solar logoic center) influences the other Heavenly Men (also solar logoic centers).

  To word it otherwise, His magnetism is felt by His Brothers in a greater or less degree according to the work being undertaken at any one time.

122.         The extent of a Heavenly Man’s influence on any other Heavenly Man would depend upon their similarity in quality and also upon the type of work which the influencing Heavenly Man had undertaken. Each type of work would have its own particular type of radiation and magnetism.

123.         We can see that the influence of one Heavenly Man upon another is a constantly changing matter varying with the development of the solar system and all constituent part. So it is with the influence of the various planets upon our chakra system.

At present the Heavenly Men, representing centres at different stages of stimulation, being not all equally developed and being not as yet psychically unified,

124.         DK is telling us of the presently incomplete interaction between Heavenly Men.

125.         The parallel is easily found in relation to our own chakra system; not all of our chakras are equally stimulated nor are they equally developed. The stage of psychic unification necessarily follows upon etheric coordination.

126.         We do not know the relative degree of stimulation and development of the various Heavenly Men, but an understanding of a Heavenly Man’s focus upon a particular chain and round gives some hint, at least concerning development/unfoldment (though not concerning spiritual status).

127.         The heart chakra, for instance, has a higher spiritual status than the sacral chakra, yet the sacral chakra may be very much more developed or unfolded than the heart chakra if the measurement is taken at a relatively early stage of evolution. Our Solar Logos is midway through his developmental career; the measurement concerning the unfoldment of His chakras is taken at this midway point.

 this magnetic interplay is little realised, and the psychic flow from one scheme to another is little utilised or comprehended.

128.         We are being told that while there may be a degree of etheric (and thus electrical) coordination between the planets, their “magnetic” or “psychic” interplay is undeveloped by comparison. It would seem that the Planetary Logoi have much to learn in relation to the astral nature and, thus, in relation to “psychic flow”. Naturally, some are more psychically developed than others but would be limited by the development of other Planetary Logoi with which they might interact.

129.         It would seem that the establishment of psychic flow is one of the main agendas occupying the attention of the Logoi of Venus and Earth with respect to each other.

130.         This is microcosmically true of man and the Solar Angel.

 As time elapses this interplay of force will become more evident and the force will be consciously employed.

131.         Our Solar Logos is as yet immature. He is half-way through His developmental process, and we all know that the development to be found in the second half of any process is always accelerated.

132.         When man is temporally half-way through his own developmental process, he may not even have opened the first tier of petals in the egoic lotus, and so nine would remain to be opened during the second half. The opening of the final six petals (including the synthesis petals) occurs far closer to the final tenth of his developmental process and, more accurately, even closer to the final twentieth. The unevenness of the developmental curve has to be taken into consideration in matters human, planetary and logoic.

  When men, for instance, know:

The quality of the force flowing through their particular scheme;

133.         Do we not know it—the third, second and first rays?—or is something still hidden from us? Probably much is still hidden.

The purpose and name of the centre they stand within;

134.         Do we need to know the true Name of the Earth-scheme or of Sanat Kumara (considered as the Planetary Logos)? Or is DK referencing our planetary chain or globe and their names?

The centre or Heavenly Man with Whom the Logos of their scheme is allied;

135.         Is our Heavenly Man not allied with Venus just as our Solar Logos is allied with the Logos of Sirius? Or could the alliance be with Mars? Mars and the Logos of the Earth-scheme are certainly closely related.

Which two schemes form, with their own, a triangle for logoic force at a certain stage of evolutionary development;

136.         Are we not speaking of Venus, Mars and Earth? Or could the triangle Earth, Mars, Saturn be meant? (cf. EP II 99)

The secret of the cycles, or the periods of stimulation or obscuration;

137.         Yes, these are very numerous and obscure to us, and not much information has been given. We know about precessional ages, Great Platonic Ages, and something about ray cycles related to races and to the planet, but much is left for future discovery.

-- then will the body logoic begin to achieve its purpose;

138.         Since the body logoic is only one half through its development, it sounds as if we will not ascertain the answers to the five points above until some much later date. It is probably our knowledge of planetary cycles which will retard us.

139.         We might pause to suggest that the idea of “midway through His career upon the cosmic Path of Initiation”, may suggest that, temporally, much more than half of an occult century may have elapsed. The time required for earlier developments is must longer than for those that come later.

140.         Our Solar Logos is focussing on the fourth in a series of nine lesser initiations. While He is numerically about “midway” through His initiatory process, far less time may be necessary for Him to complete the series of nine than has elapsed for the completion of four.

[Page 360]

-- then will the Logos of our system begin to blend and merge and co-ordinate all His vehicles;

141.         This sounds like personality integration on a logoic level. In human evolution, this phase of personality integration may precede the first initiation, but not by too many incarnations—either three, seven or perhaps eleven, we are told (EP II 16). So again, the blending and merging represents a relative late stage of logoic development.

142.         Under conditions of solar logoic integration, it is only natural that interplay between the various schemes should increase and their relationships to each other be more fully understood.

-- then will the force flow through all the centres unimpeded;

143.         This sounds like a relatively high level of logoic soul-culture. It is only the human initiate for whom “force flow(s) through all centres unimpeded”.

-- and then will the glory shine out, and each cell in every body—logoic, planetary, deva and human, blaze forth with perfected glory, vibrate with adjusted accuracy, and a major cosmic initiation be taken.

144.         This final section suggests the fourth initiation of our Solar Logos. One could imagine it to be the third (also a major initiation), but the words “perfected glory” suggest the fourth. “Perfection” is term associated with the number four. (cf. TCF 188 re the fourth siddhi on the atmic plane).

b. The Logos of our Scheme.

145.         This is one of the rare examples of the use of the word “Logos” (by itself) to refer to the Planetary Logos or Heavenly Man.

 The Heavenly Man or planetary Logos of the Earth scheme can be considered in various ways,

146.         We note that the terms “Heavenly Man” and “planetary Logos” are used equivalently. This is generally the case, but there are some significant exceptions.

 and as is our custom we will simply tabulate the statements anent Him which, when considered at length by the individual student, should serve to make the FACT of the essential Personality of this great Entity, the work that He is endeavouring to accomplish, and the relationship of the human Hierarchy to Him, a greater reality.

147.         What is meant by the term “essential Personality”? Do we actually mean the personality of our Planetary Logos found upon the third ray, or does the word “essential” encourage us to look in greater spiritual depth?

148.         The Tibetan is trying to make three things more real to us:

a.      The “FACT” of the essential Personality of the Planetary Logos

b.      The work which our Planetary Logos is endeavouring to accomplish

c.      The relationship of the human Hierarchy (the Fourth Creative Hierarchy) to the Planetary Logos.

149.         The Tibetan counts on the thought that if He tabulates, we will learn. There is something about a tabulation that impresses the mind more forcefully.

  We must bear in mind in studying this matter that it will not be possible to reveal for general publication details as to His specific Identity, His number and His scope of conscious development.

150.         Perhaps details will not be revealed, but we have already been given much:

a.      It has been hinted that He occupies the position of the base of the spine center in the etheric system of the Solar Logos. His connection to the spleen, sacral center, lower solar plexus point and mental unit may also be reasoned. He is even to be seen as a twelve-petalled lotus which suggests relationship to the heart center (which, with a second ray soul, like Jupiter, is convincing).

b.      His number (later in the TCF book) is given as 777.

c.      As for the scope of His conscious development, we have been told on TCF 384 that He is midway through His process of evolution; that He is taking the fourth in a series of seven apparently minor (at least non-cosmic) initiations; that His goal is the second cosmic initiation.

d.      We have also been told that He is bringing under control the fourth sub-plane of the cosmic astral plane, working on fifth and sensing and responding to the vibration of the sixth sub-plane.

151.         Perhaps these are not details, but they are certainly indications.

  Such mysteries, as earlier pointed out, are reserved for those who are pledged to keep silent.

152.         This requirement, I imagine, excludes most of us.

  But some general idea may be conveyed before we take up specifically this chain and round.

153.         More generalities will be given. Probably enough is hinted in the generalities to suggest much detail.

It might be asked wherein all this information is of use, and what purpose it serves in this hour of the world's need.

154.         This kind of question will be asked by those of a strictly practical turn of mind. Some have wondered the value of studying A Treatise on Cosmic Fire at all. Of course, close study will reveal the value.

 Apart from the fact that the cyclic giving out of the truth works under the law, and may not be gain-said, it is suggested for consideration that much advantage will be felt when men in large numbers conceive of the purpose of specific manifestations, when they realise that all forms are but the modes of expression of certain Entities or Beings, Who occupy them for cycles of definite duration in order to attain a purpose, and that each life—great or small—serves its own ends, yet subserves the greater ends of the Being in Whose body it is a corporate part.

155.         DK is telling us that for the abstruse information to be truly effective, those who use such information must understand the dimension of purpose, of the specific manifestations through which purposes works, and the specific Entities or Beings Whose purpose is being manifested through specific manifestations.

156.         He is saying that a ‘holistic’ vision is required if the information is to be truly useful. Fortunately, this type of vision is more and more available to humanity.

157.         The requirement that there be “men in large numbers” who think in this manner puts the general usefulness of this type of information rather some years ahead.

The details of the plan may not be given. [Page 361] The general outline—solar, planetary, and hierarchical—may be suggested, and by the very suggestion, bring order into the thoughts of men as they view the apparent chaos of the moment.

158.         This is of the utmost importance—the introduction of order into the thoughts of men. Humanity’s chaotic consciousness is one the reasons that it finds it so difficult to solve evident problems.

159.         One may easily become carried away by negative reactions to presented chaos, not realizing that order underlies the chaos and that the chaos is both temporary and (due to our inadequate perception) only apparent. Could we detect the workings of the Plan beneath the chaos, much that appears as chaos could be seen as an incompletely understood process.

  Let us not forget, that when order is brought about, and united thought produced on the mental plane, then order transpires eventually on the physical plane.

160.         The Tibetan thinks ever as an occultist. That which is subjective tends to become objective. It is simply the magical process of manifestation.

161.         DK calls not just for the orderly thinking of individuals, but for united, orderly thought of groups of human beings, even large groups of human beings. A consensus must be reached concerning the nature of the Divine Plan. In today’s world we are very far from this, yet progress can occur rapidly once certain obstacles related to glamorous unbelief are cleared.

The planetary Logos of this scheme is one of the four minor Logoi, or Lords of the Rays, and is specially concerned therefore with the development of one attribute of manas.

162.         The minor Planetary Logoi  are developing manas. Mars (and even Pluto, perhaps) should be included and, according to one reference, Venus.

The Lord of Venus holds place in the logoic quaternary, as does the Lord of Earth. (TCF 300)

163.         It is challenging to realize that two of the minor rays (“minor” meaning the four Rays of Aspect) are apparently ruled by two great Planetary Logoi—Uranus and Neptune—distributing the sixth and seventh rays.

164.         There may be, after all, a difference between the “four minor Logoi” and the Lords of the Rays of Attribute (which may justifiably include, in some sense, Uranus and Neptune). While Mars may substitute for Neptune, it is harder (given our present knowledge of the solar system) to find a minor planet substituting for Uranus on the seventh ray.

165.         The implication of the Tibetan’s statement above is that the Planetary Logos of Earth is developing a particular attribute of manas. It would be fascinating to have the occult name for this attribute. Could it relate to the faculty of “adjudication”?

166.         We also realize that our Planetary Logos with His second ray soul is clearly involved in the process of developing more than manas. Note in the following that the agenda of the Planetary Logos is said to be wisdom and not manas:

Man aims at becoming a Divine Manasaputra, or perfected Son of Mind showing forth all the powers inherent in mind, and thus becoming like unto his monadic source, a Heavenly Man.  A Heavenly Man has developed Manas, and is occupied with the problem of becoming a Son of Wisdom, not inherently but in full manifestation.  A solar Logos is both a Divine Manasaputra and likewise a Dragon of Wisdom, and His problem concerns itself [Page 306] with the development of the principle of cosmic Will which will make Him what has been called a "Lion of Cosmic Will." (TCF 305-306)

167.         It would seem that the Logoi of the synthesizing planets (Saturn, Neptune and Uranus) would be far too spiritually elevated to be focussing only on the development of manas, when even our Planetary Logos is (through His relationship with Venus and His struggles on the cosmic astral plane) already seeking to bring in love-wisdom.

168.         But then, even a highly advanced human soul will recapitulate the development of a strongly manasic phase.

  Each of the four minor Rays is, as we know, eventually synthesised, or absorbed into that Ray which is represented on our earth by the Mahachohan.  He is the Lord of the third major Ray or Aspect, and synthesises the four.

169.         At the time of the writing of TCF, the change of Mahachohan may have been in process. It was not in process when IHS was written.

170.         Are Uranus and Neptune synthesized into Saturn? This is a difficult question. One reference makes it seem possible—unless one studies the charts carefully, namely Chart VI, TCF 383

13. “Saturn is the synthesising scheme for the four planets which embody manas pure and simple and is the major resolution for the minor four and eventually for all The Seven.” (TCF. 370.)

171.         It is that statement—“eventually for all The Seven”—which could give one pause when considering the absorptive relationship between Saturn, Neptune and Uranus.

172.         However, in studying Chart VI, we note a sevenfold structure including Saturn (and not Pluto). Counting those planetary schemes surrounding Saturn, and adding newly discovered Pluto, we have seven.

173.         Such an absorption is still far distant and, as we approach it, we will surely know much more about planetary lore than presently we do.

174.         According to our present knowledge, it would seem that Uranus and Neptune are greater synthesizers than Saturn (which is more related to the previous solar system than to our own).

  These four Rays with their synthesising Ray make the five rays of Manas or Mind.

175.         Note that DK is here speaking of “Rays” and not of planets. This must be observed carefully.

176.         When comparing apparently parallel systems of planets and systems of rays, correspondences may not be as exact as hoped.

We can consider them as:

a. The fivefold Brahma Aspect.

177.         The number of Brahma is always five.

b. They were the five Rays of prime importance in the first solar system, and were the five individualised Heavenly Men, called the Mind-born Sons of Brahma.

178.         We seem to be given a hint that the Planetary Logoi through which these five rays now work were present in the first solar system. This may or may not be the case, as the Rays can work through various planetary schemes. We remember from TCF 293 that the duration of a Heavenly Man is one solar system.

179.         We note here that DK does not mention planets, per se.

  Through the individualisation of the four in that system the individualisation of the great cosmic Entity we call Brahma was brought about.  He individualised and the four go to the content of His body.

180.         The kind of individualization here discussed was definitely not of the order through which a human being presently passes. It had to have been a cosmic individualization, either involving the gradual stimulation of a cosmic mental unit and its approximation to a cosmic manasic permanent atom (thus producing a cosmic causal body), or through the intervention of a cosmic Solar Angel.

181.         Solar Angels, however, it would seem, were not so active during the first solar system as in our present one.

182.         The great cosmic Entity called Brahma is, in this context, one of the aspects of our Solar Logos. We are not speaking of ‘Universal Brahma’.

c. They are represented on our earth by the five Kumaras Who obeyed the Law, and took human form, as H. P. B. hints in several passages in the Secret Doctrine. [33: S. D., I, 493.]

183.         This is a fascinating reference showing the connection between five Ray Lords and five of our present –intra-planetary Kumaras.

184.         If two of them disobeyed the Law, it was probably because the Law required that they not incarnate.

185.         The whole idea of planetary (or better intra-planetary) Kumaras having human form is interesting. Sanat Kumara (the Kumara Who is the main focus of the Trans-Himalayan Wisdom Teaching) is said to be able to express through a form which resembles the human form. “Man is made in the image of God”.

186.         I do not think DK is talking about Solar Angels in this context. The Solar Angels may present themselves as “angels” to the eye of the candidate for initiation. This is probably as close as they come to expressing directly through a human form (though, reputedly, some of them did, for a time, in very ancient times to help mould the racial type).

187.         VSK asks: “Referencing chart in EA, 34, are these the same five Kumaras? This point “c”. clearly states those Kumaras took human form, those of rays three, four, five, six, and seven—the Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer Liberated Lives or Kumaras. What are the implications of that?”

188.         May it be suggested that this is such a huge and profound question that it is best to pass over it for a time until we are more certain of the relation of the intra-planetary Kumaras to the Creative Hierarchies.

This scheme is considered as the fourth and the one of the most importance in the system during this particular cycle for the following reasons:

189.         It would seem that our Solar Logos is undergoing a process of initiation through His fourth scheme (our Earth-scheme) and thus the temporary importance of our scheme.

Our solar system, being considered as of the fourth [Page 362] order, and our scheme being the fourth in order, there is consequently a moment of special opportunity afforded our planetary Logos through the alignment brought about.

190.         Here we have a brief discussion of the importance of ‘numerical resonance’. Lines of connection definitely exist on the basis of number, and the close relationship between our Planetary Logos and the Solar Logos is numerologically emphasized.

191.         The fourth order nature of our Solar Logos, may refer to His monadic ray. It may also refer to his place within the Creative Hierarchy of Solar Logoi. If the evidence of spectral types is admitted, He does occupy something of a middle position, just as the number four is the middle of a series of seven.

  It eventuates in the turning of the attention of the logoic kundalini fire towards this centre, our scheme, and the subsequent results are in process of working out.

192.         We come to understand that our Planetary Logos and His scheme are under solar logoic kundalinic stimulation. Venus and Saturn are also said to be undergoing logoic kundalinic stimulation (TCF 181-182) forming a triangle with the Earth.

193.         Since Saturn and Venus are planets of initiation (ruling the sign Capricorn, the major sign of initiation), we can see that this alignment stimulates the process of initiation within our planetary scheme.

194.         It is also clear that Saturn and Venus are the planets most related to Sanat Kumara. He is the “Lord of Venusian Love”, but the spelling of His name (as we have it) clearly suggests Saturn. By another permutation, He is “Satan”, understood as the sponsor of the enlightenment and liberation of humanity. Much study of the Satan myth must be undertaken in the Secret Doctrine to realize that the standard attributions of evil associated with that name are due to inversion and misunderstanding. Evil exists to be sure, with its leaders in both the East and West, but such evil has nothing to do with the great process of enlightenment and the stimulation of human responsibility which the name “Satan” truly entails.

195.         “Satan”, “Lucifer”, “Prometheus”, “Asuras”, “Agnishvattas”, Solar Angels, Narada and even Kumaras have many equivalencies. An open mind is required for deeper understanding. The fundamentalist turn of mind will close the book on this subject before any historical research is even attempted.

Within the scheme the chain that concerns us the most, and which is temporarily of the most vital importance to the planetary Logos, is the Earth chain, the fourth in order again, thus bringing about another alignment of very grave moment.

196.         We are speaking of a threefold alignment:

a.      Our Solar Logos of the fourth order

b.      Our Solar Logos’ fourth scheme, the Earth-scheme

c.      The fourth chain of our fourth scheme—the Earth-chain

197.         The gravity of this alignment is brought to our attention. The Logos of our scheme is moving through a perilous passage and the results may be temporarily dire for the kingdoms found within the fourth chain and especially upon the fourth globe—our planet Earth.

198.         The concept of “grave moment” suggests the overcoming of death through the fourth initiation.

  This carries with it special opportunity, and permits of the entry of force from the cosmos itself, or of extra-systemic electrical vitality.

199.         We wonder if Pleiadian force may be involved, for the term “electrical vitality” is Pleiadian in nature.

200.         Because the Pleiades are associated with cosmic buddhi (from the fourth cosmic plane) we see a further alignment involving the potency of the number four.

201.         On the other hand, we know that Sirius is powerfully affecting the entire initiatory process on our planet, and it is the fourth of the seven or nine cosmic paths that leads to Sirius.

202.         We come to understand that what is going on Earth is more than just a planetary affair, but involves the Director of our solar system and even cosmic, extra-systemic Sources. No wonder the gravity of our situation!

  This super-stimulation results in what looks to us like cataclysms, and a stupendous shattering of forms, but it is simply the necessary sequence to the vitalisation of the life within the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action.

203.         Note the term “super-stimulation”; it is dramatic and gives us some idea of the power of the energies and forces to which we are being subjected. No wonder the full strength of Hierarchy is needed to guide humanity and the planet through the process. Shamballa, too, is involved.

204.         We can see that the shattering of forms is part of a planetary fourth initiation process.

205.         It is as if our Planetary Logos is stepping into or opening unto a more cosmic environment, and the adjustment process if far from easy.

206.         When a human being takes the fourth initiation, he is at last coming directly in contact with the Planetary Logos—requiring another huge adjustment. His relationship to the Solar Logos, via the solar logoic fourth plane, is also deepened.

Again within the chain, the globe at present receiving planetary polarisation, or at present embodying in a special sense the life of the planetary Logos is the Earth, the fourth in order.  This brings about a still further alignment.

207.         This has been stated above. The alignment is terrific:

a.      Sirius or the Pleiades (both relating to the number four in specific ways)

b.      Our Solar Logos (of the fourth order)

c.      Our planetary scheme—the fourth

d.      Our planetary chain—the fourth

e.      Our globe—the fourth

f.        Our globe experiencing its fourth round

g.      Humanity—the fourth kingdom (having moved from emphasis upon its fourth root race to its fifth).

Add to the above facts the accepted knowledge that this is the fourth round and we have a fivefold alignment which is of paramount significance to us all, though it had even greater significance and force in the fourth root-race, and brought about that stupendous psychic event—the opening of the door of Initiation to the human Hierarchy.

208.         We, humanity, have moved on into the fifth root race, and the alignment is thus not quite as intense as it was during the fourth root race. Yet the intensity is sufficient to put the survival of humanity (as we know it) in question.

209.         We should pause to reflect on the relation of the number four to the initiation process. Sirius relates intimately to the four and Sirius is the Sponsor of the initiatory process on our planet and more widely within the solar system.

210.         Initiation is Yoga, the link, the bond. The number four serves this function as does the seven.

These very important facts merit close attention, and the consideration of all occult students.  They hold the key whereby some comprehension of manas and of planetary evolution may come about.

211.         With these facts we have often been presented. Have we realized that they hold the key to the comprehension of manas and of planetary evolution?

212.         It is easy to see how planetary evolution is related to the alignment.

213.         Perhaps the comprehension of manas must come through an understanding that the human Creative Hierarchy is the fourth and is the Hierarchy of manas. Manas—Man, the Thinker.

What have we, therefore, in this special cyclic alignment?

[Page 363]

1. A solar system of the fourth order.

2. The fourth scheme in the system.

3. The fourth chain in the scheme.

4. The fourth globe in the chain.

5. The fourth round.34

214.         Plus the additional factors involved in the alignment (mentioned above).

34 Compare also the following correspondences:

The sacred Tetraktys                      The manifested Logos.

215.         In this case the four are superior to the three. The “sacred Tetraktys” is also a ten and responsible for all manifestation. It may be related to the four cosmic ethers and their potencies.

The Fourth Creative Hierarchy       The Human.

216.         The Hierarchy of human Monads.

The Fourth Principle                       Lower Mind.

217.         Manas is usually the middle principle whether one counts from below or above. Sometimes, in different enumerations, the numbers may change, depending on whether one is dealing with the spiritual, psychic or objective way of ‘counting’ man.

The Fourth Race                              Kamamanas.

218.         The Atlantean root race. Although we are now, technically, in the Aryan root race, the Atlantean consciousness is pervasive as are Atlantean types of bodies.

The Fourth Element                        Water, S. D., I, 95.  I, 640.

219.         This is an interesting correlation and not easy to fit with the “fire of mind”. The Fourth Creative Hierarchy, however, has a water sign, Scorpio, as its ruler. From another perspective, it is atma that is ruled by water (cf. EA 35).

The Four Truths                               S. D., I, 70.

220.         The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha, suitable for the strengthening of all the alignments related to four which engage our little globe and its humanity.

The Four Propositions                    S. D., I, 107.

221.         A search of the Secret Doctrine reveals only three. Perhaps a better means of searching would reveal four. The Tibetan does hint at the emergence of the Fourth Fundamental of the Secret Doctrine. The first three propositions are precisely the Three Fundamentals of the Secret Doctrine.

The Four Initiations                         S. D., I, 227.

222.         The fourth of these initiations release the human being from the need to reincarnate within the fourth kingdom.

The Fourth Plane                            Buddhi, fourth cosmic ether.

223.         This is the plane on which the Fourth Creative Hierarchy is focussed and the plane of its future complete expression.

The Fourth physical sub-plane       The Fourth Ether.

224.         This is the sub-plane presently being penetrated and slowly mastered by humanity.

The Fourth Round                           The Present.

225.         We are at the midway point of development both within our planetary chain and planetary scheme. There are chain rounds and scheme rounds.

All these are found active within the same cycle, and all therefore bring about a simultaneous alignment which results in the clearing of a channel direct from the heart of our scheme through every ring-pass-not to the cosmic correspondence, found outside the solar sphere.

226.         We can see that we are dealing with a soft-line alignment. The second ray soul of our Planetary Logos, linked to the “heart of our scheme” is related to the alignment of the many fours.

227.         What is the nature of this “cosmic correspondence”? Will it be that neighboring constellation which embodies the heart center of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said? It cannot be a center within the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One because it is our own Solar Logos Who embodies the heart center of that great Cosmic Logos.

To the above realisation, we must add yet the further fact that the fourth Creative Hierarchy is the one whose evolution we are considering, and it will be apparent to the most superficial student that in these thoughts lies hidden the clue, not only to man but to the entire cyclic evolution in which he is taking part.

228.         If we wish to understand humanity and its monadic source (the Fourth Creative Hierarchy), the many alignments occurring numerologically in relation to the number four must be considered.

229.         Man cannot understand man in a vacuum. The many relationships resonant to the number four give the broader picture. Humanity must be understood both as a kingdom of nature and as a Creative Hierarchy. In this process we are invited to understand the larger context. Naturally, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is a superb book to promote such understanding.

The fourth Creative Hierarchy is essentially the Hierarchy of manas.  This is no play on words, but a statement of deep occult significance.

230.         We are Man, Manas, the Thinker. We see the various ways in which the number four is associated with manas, even though it is the fifth principle.

231.         Manas (depending on the perspective from which human principles are counted) is positioned as the fourth principle; the Fourth Creative Hierarchy is the manasic Hierarchy.

  The statement has been made with entire accuracy that five Hierarchies out of the twelve have passed out and that seven remain.

232.         Technically, we are told that the fifth liberated Creative Hierarchy (its number is also the tenth) has not quite found its liberation onto the cosmic astral plane.

  Of these seven, our human Hierarchy is the fourth, making it literally the ninth when counting the entire twelve.

233.         The number nine is definitely a manasic number relating to the cycle of the third ray. Every member of the trinity (a symbol of the third aspect) is itself threefold, making nine.

234.         When thinking about the relationship of the number four to manas, we should always remember the manasic planet Mercury (“mind-wisdom”) and its strong relationship to the fourth ray. The ajna center, ruled at a later date by Mercury, is also, from a certain perspective, a manasic center.

In this connection it would be well to link up the statements that have been made to the effect that the five Kumaras or Heavenly Men Who definitely embody the manasic principle (or the five Rays over which the systemic correspondence to the Mahachohan presides) developed [Page 364] manas in an earlier system;

235.         We must be cautious here and try to avoid confusion. Are we speaking (in the reference above) of extra-planetary Kumaras, i.e., Heavenly Men expressing through planetary schemes?

236.         Or are we speaking of intra-planetary Kumaras?

237.         There are intra-planetary Kumaras and systemic Planetary Kumaras and it is not easy to keep them distinct when studying these references.

238.         DK is suggesting the linking up of certain statements about the “five Kumaras” with what has been said of the five liberated Creative Hierarchies. So it seems He may be bringing a discussion of Planetary Logoi into a discussion of the Creative Hierarchies which He has just been pursuing.

239.         IF we are speaking of solar systemic Beings (Planetary Logoi) we are then discussing the systemic Heavenly Men associated with the five brahmic rays.

a.      Regardless of the rays They express, the less advanced Heavenly Men are those that embody manas pure and simple. More advanced Heavenly Men begin to embody buddhi. The most advanced among them are beginning to embody the Divine Will.

b.      We note that DK does not say the ‘previous’ solar system, but only “an earlier solar system”.

c.      This reference definitely makes it seem that some of the Heavenly Men expressing in our present solar system, also expressed as Heavenly Men in an earlier solar system.

d.      Which, precisely, were the five Kumaras (as Heavenly Men) Who developed in an earlier solar system? It would seem that some of them, at least, would be numbered among the Planetary Logoi of currently sacred planets. At that time, however, They may not have expressed through sacred planets. Was the Logos of Venus one? Was the Logos of Mercury? Mercury is old and related to the third ray. He is a good candidate for previous solar systemic development.

e.      Who is the systemic correspondence to the Mahachohan? It is Saturn? Is it that Entity represented in Chart VI, TCF, 373, Who might be called ‘greater Saturn’ because His circle circumscribes seven Planetary Logoi?

f.        Or is it the perhaps even Brahma of our solar system, represented as one of three intersecting circles proximate to the circle of the Solar Logos? (cf. TCF 1238)

240.         IF, however, we are speaking of the intra-planetary Kumaras our approach will be different for such intra-planetary Kumaras but represent those of a systemic nature.

241.         If we are speaking of the five liberated Creative Hierarchies as having developed manas in a previous solar system, then our emphasis is different still.

 They passed out of the wave of manasic influence as far as their own Nature is concerned.

242.         It is evident that we are again speaking of the five liberated Creative Hierarchies. They were manasically conditioned—hence their number, five. They are, however, to be correlated with the five planets representing the brahmic aspect.

243.         Yet these five Creative Hierarchies are not Planetary Logoi.

244.         The mysteries surrounding the Creative Hierarchies are deep. From one perspective they are large aggregations of Monads; from another, they are representatives of fohatic force (cf. TCF 444)

245.         It would seem that the Planetary Logoi (the solar systemic Kumaras) have a higher spiritual status than the members of the Creative Hierarchies (at least the ones which have been mentioned in TCF).

246.         Within the body of expression of a Planetary Logos, a number of Creative Hierarchies are to be found. The reverse cannot be said.

We must remember also that nine is the number of Initiation, or of the major Initiations of Manas, wherein man becomes a perfect Nine, or literally is the number of his Hierarchy.

247.         We are speaking not only of the relation of the ninefold initiation process to the human or ninth Creative Hierarchy (by one way of counting), but of the major Initiations of Manas (there are nine of them, beginning with the Birth and ending with the Refusal).

248.         There are also lesser initiations, but when DK speaks of the “great manasic initiations” or the “major Initiations of Manas”, He is speaking of the nine with which we are, at least theoretically, familiar.

249.         By passing through nine initiations a member of a Hierarchy has fulfilled the developmental promise his Hierarchy. Man, by taking nine initiations, has availed himself of all the Fourth Creative Hierarchy can offer him.

250.         It may be presumed that those Creative Hierarchies which have, as a whole, passed out on the cosmic astral plane, have passed through the Great Refusal—technically the ninth initiation (at least as that initiation is presented in the context of their particular Creative Hierarchy).

251.         Each Creative Hierarchy has nine states of consciousness (or initiations) and seven states of form.

 This is from the standpoint of the three systems, though his present systemic number may be four.

252.         Of what Entity is DK speaking when He says “though his present systemic number may be four”.

253.         Of our Planetary Logos it could be said that His present systemic number is four.

254.         In fact, DK seems to be speaking of Man and the Fourth Creative Hierarchy. The Hierarchy of human Monads is usually considered the fourth.

255.         Hierarchies are considered in a solar systemic context, and we must remember that the solar system, as often defined, does not transcend the cosmic physical plane. It does not include the cosmic astral plane.

256.         Thus, strictly in relation to those Creative Hierarchy which are still expressing on the solar systemic planes, man’s number (his systemic number) is, indeed, four.

257.         From a context larger than the solar systemic context, man’s number may be considered nine.

In occupying ourselves with these various statements anent our scheme and its Ruler we have seen that this particular cycle, or incarnation of His, is one of great importance, not only to Himself but to the entire system.

258.         Our Planetary Logos is undergoing initiation through our planetary chain, but our Solar Logos is undergoing initiation through our planetary scheme.

  The planetary Logos of this scheme is primarily occupied with a particular group of units, or with those Monads who vibrate to His key, are colored by the same colour as Himself, answer to the same number, and are esoterically known by the same Name.

259.         Let us tabulate how the units here discussed respond to our Planetary Logos:

a.      They vibrate to His key

b.      They are colored by the same color as Himself

c.      They answer to the same number

d.      They are esoterically known by the same name

260.         Are these necessarily all human beings? It would seem that our Planetary Logos is not primarily occupied with all human Monads.

261.         In general it could be said that the Fourth Creative Hierarchy is very related to the key, color, number and name of our Planetary Logos, but quite a number of Monads have their true origin on planetary schemes other than the Earth-scheme.

262.         Which of the presently Earth Monads are most related to our Planetary Logos? Perhaps those originally from Saturn.

263.         It may be questioned whether Monads can originate within a Planetary Logos Who does not express throughout the mahamanvantara; the Logos of our Earth-scheme does not.

One point here needs emphasis:  all Monads pass at different times under the influence of the different planetary Logoi, and all are found at some time in each scheme.

264.         At face value this is a shocking concept. Does each Monad really spend time in each scheme?

265.         DK, however, clarifies His meaning immediately below.

  This does not mean that every human unit passes a period of incarnation in each scheme.

266.         This sounds like a direct contradiction of the immediately preceding sentence.

 It means that on some one globe in every scheme, human units will be found either prior to physical incarnation, between different egoic cycles (a totally different thing to periods between physical lives), between different rounds or manvantaras, or between the various root-races and subraces.

267.         Is that “some one globe” only one globe in a scheme? Very likely, many globes are involved.

268.         Each of the globes is influenced by one or another other Heavenly Men. From this perspective the globe (like any chain found within any planetary scheme) can be considered a kind of extension of a particular planetary scheme.

269.         The ways in which the human units will be found are interesting. Let us tabulate:

a.      Prior to physical incarnation.(If this means prior to particular physical incarnations, we might also expect to find those who have just left physical incarnation. This would complete the cycle.)

b.      Between different egoic cycles

c.      Between different rounds or manvantaras. (Note in this case, as round is equivalent to a manvantara).

d.      Between various root races

e.      Between various subraces.

270.         We note that DK did not mention that human beings would be found in incarnation on some particular globe, but this is no doubt the case, as the incarnation of a Heavenly Man works through the incarnation of human units.

271.         This tabulation, in itself, shows us that incarnation is not a constant and continuous process and that there are many intervals when incarnation is not taken.

272.         DK tells us that human units will be found between different egoic cycles which He sharply discriminates from individual incarnations or physical lives. We are told that egoic cycles occur in sevens (major) and threes (hypothetically minor). These egoic cycles may be associated with changing rounds or rootraces. In any case, we gather they are of long duration and that much time (as measured on the surface of our planet) may pass between them. It may be inferred that the human unit is in a kind of pralaya with respect to its physical incarnations during the interlude between egoic cycles, but this does not mean that the human unit is not engaged in some form of higher activity. We have seen that pralayas are only inactive from the perspective of the apparently abandoned sphere, but very active from the perspective of the sphere which the abstracted units inhabit after their departure.

273.         Because of such interludes (as tabulated above) and because we do not know average or exact durations of such interludes, it is presently impossible for us to calculate the average number of incarnations through which a human unit will pass in its long developmental career, or how many years during that developmental period it is likely to be technically out of physical incarnation.

274.         There is the implication that kinds of pralayas also exist between changes of root race or subrace. These periods, it may be presumed, have something to do with the necessity to assimilate that which has been gained in a particular race or subrace, and with the need to prepare for a new type of experience.

275.         Is it customary consistently to switch races or subraces from physical incarnation to physical incarnation? The implication is that it is or is not. The tabulation makes it seem that long periods are spent in a particular race or subrace. Could we follow the incarnational history of some modern luminaries, we would see whether switching between subraces occurs with any frequency.

276.         The now Master R. was born an Englishman (Francis Bacon) and then a Hungarian (Rakoczi). This is certainly a change of subrace (though there have been so many mixtures in Europe that pure subraces may be hard to distinguish). But then, the individual concerned was a high initiate.

277.         Perhaps as the individual develops, greater flexibility is allowed in such changes so that needed quality may be selectively gained, karma may be worked off and dharma expressed where needed.

As stated in various occult books, many of the present advanced humanity individualised on the moon chain, and only took physical bodies in the earth chain during the fourth root-race, thus escaping incarnation during the first three rounds, and the first two races of the fourth round.

278.         This group probably includes the majority of modern disciples, though not all, since there are some members of Earth-chain humanity Who have even become members of the Hierarchy.

279.         The suggestion is that one can possibly be a member of advanced humanity without having individualized on the Moon-chain.

In the interim, they came under the planetary influence of another Logos of a scheme, and were occupied during that immense period of time in fanning the manasic flame, and developing [Page 365] the attributes of manas, so that the Atlantean root-race found them adequately equipped to cope with life conditions.

280.         This is a fascinating piece of information. During the interim between the Moon-chain and Earth-chain (and in a state of pralaya of some kind) these human units, who individualized on the Moon-chain, came under the planetary influence of another Logos of another scheme. This does not necessarily mean that they were transferred to that scheme, but that, even remaining within the Earth-scheme, the influence of this other Logos became, with respect to them, predominant.

281.         DK speaks of an “immense period of time” between the Moon-chain period and the Earth-chain period.

282.         The development of these human units was (at the point that Moon-chain evolution was interrupted) insufficient to allow them to be transferred to the Earth-chain (which probably was not prepared for any such transference). Although the Moon-chain was a relatively manasic chain, the manasic development of these units was still far below what would be developed in Earth-chain humanity by the time of the relatively early fourth root race of the fourth round. We realize that the development of Earth-chain humanity was (at that time) not really very high, so we gain some understanding concerning the relatively low level of manasic development of Moon-chain humanity at the time of the great interruption.

283.         During an immense period of time they were involved with the “fanning the manasic flame”, which is another way of saying—stimulating the mental unit and contributing to the development of a causal body (a type of body which can be created not only through the intervention of Solar Angels but through steady mental development during the course of progressive evolution).

284.         Which Logos could have been the influence? Venus is certainly and candidate and the manasic nature of Saturn and Mercury cannot be forgotten. Further, both Saturn and Mercury, by ray structure, were closely related to the Moon-chain.

285.         The Solar Angels are directly associated with Venus and these Angels were involved not only implanting the spark of mind in animal man during the fourth round, third root race of the Earth-chain, but, as well, in fanning the spark of mind in those type of human beings for whom implantation was not appropriate. This means that we have a definite association of the Venusianly inspired Solar Angels with the process of fanning the spark of mind.

286.         If the fanning of the spark of mind had not been undertaken for these Moon-chain units during the pralaya between the Moon-chain and the Earth-chain, any entry into the Earth-chain would have found them far less intelligent that the Earth-chain humanity that had progressed to that point. As it was, they entered in a condition of greater intelligence.

287.         The cleavage between the bulk of transferred Moon-chain humanity and Earth-chain humanity is a significant source of difficulty on our planet and has largely to do with the greater intelligence of Moon-chain humanity and, of course, how that intelligence is used!

This participation in the life and influence of the different schemes is effected in four different ways:

288.         We are being told how human units may participate in the life and influence of the different schemes.

First, through passing the interim between egoic cycles of physical incarnation on the particular globe of their scheme, which numerically coincides with the particular other scheme whose influence is desired, either from deliberate choice or karmically necessitated.

289.         This is an interesting idea. Apparently there are large spans of time between egoic cycles. When egoic cycles re-occur physical incarnation will commence. But in the interim between egoic cycles, it would seem that physical incarnation is suspended—for the units concerned. This will vary with their ray, presumably their egoic ray.

290.         We see again that not only one globe of a scheme may be the home to human units but perhaps all forty-nine, depending upon quality, karma and need. It would seem that the globes of a chain are simultaneously active.

291.         The human Monad knows what it needs and between egoic cycles may inhabit a globe which is numerically resonant with a quality needed by the Monad. This can be the Monad’s own choice or may be mandated by karma of a kind that is interior and, from our perspective, difficult to understand.

292.         Note that above DK speaks of a “globe of their particular scheme”. Again, one step seems to have been skipped. Why not ‘a globe of their particular chain?’

  Each globe in a chain is occultly linked with the chain of its own number, and with the scheme of a similar number.

293.         We see that there is a double link—globe to chain and globe to scheme. Our fourth globe is directly linked to the fourth chain of the Earth-scheme and also to the Earth-scheme, itself, which is the fourth.

294.         The second globe of the Earth-chain would be directly linked to the second chain of the Earth-scheme and also to that scheme which can be numbered as the second—perhaps, by one method of reckoning, Venus.

 For instance:  Globe 2, Chain 2, and scheme 2 during round 2 are specially linked and vitalised, and are the focal point of peculiar attention on the part of the Logos of that scheme.

295.         Perhaps DK is not speaking only illustratively. Much occurred during the second round concerning the Solar Angels or Agnishvattas, who, at that time, according to the Secret Doctrine, evaluated the vehicles they might inform, and found them wanting.

296.         We do see, in general, how vitalization is a matter of numerical resonance. This simple principle must always be held in mind as it offers much of interpretive understanding.

  Similarly (again in illustration) globe 2, chain 2 during round 2 in any scheme such as the fifth, for instance, are aligned or connected esoterically with the second scheme.

297.         DK is emphasizing the relationship between the numbers two and five. These are Venusian numbers and, again, relate to the rays generically expressed by the Solar Angels.

298.         What may be the fifth scheme? Perhaps Mercury is a good candidate, though from one perspective Mars is the fifth scheme (if Vulcan is considered the first scheme) and Jupiter if Vulcan is not numbered.

299.         If we study Chart VI on TCF 373, we can see that the schemes are not necessarily numbered according to their order from the Sun.

300.         Rather than sequentially, they may be numbered qualitatively, the quality of the number assigned to them being correlated to the quality of the planetary scheme.

  This gives opportunity for the units in the body of any Logos to come under the influence of another Logos, and within his vibratory radiation.

301.          It makes no difference in which scheme the human unit may be found, if placed on the appropriate globe or chain within that scheme, it can come under the influence of any particular Planetary Logos according to the principle of numerical resonance.

Second, through a direct transference of the units in incarnation in any scheme (during an interlude) to some globe in another scheme where they are subjected to the stimulation and vibration peculiar to that scheme.

302.         We are discussing how human units may be brought under the direct influence of various Planetary Logoi other than their own.

303.         If we think of conditions related only to our Earth-globe, we shall realize how much we are conditioned by the Logos of the Earth-scheme.

304.         We do, however, begin to see a substantial variety of possibilities within our solar system; with such an interplay of energies we have the guarantee that a Heavenly Man can be influential far beyond His own ring-pass-not.

 These two methods are the most usual.  This transference will seem mysteriously impossible unless the student is careful to realise that it is the transference of the individualised lives and not the transference of the forms which they occupy.

305.         This is a very important point. We are not speaking of the transfer of lunar forms but of units of consciousness. Can it be that causal bodies, as forms occupied by individualized lives, are not transferred during inner interludes to other schemes? Can it be that transferences are only possible on the arupa or (relatively) formless levels.

 The whole matter is psychic, and based on the unity of the anima mundi.

306.         When DK tells us that the whole matter is “psychic” He is not speaking of the astral body, but of the true psyche, the individualized soul consciousness. Soul consciousness is transferred from one scheme to another.

307.         Yet, the true soul is expressed through the spiritual triad on the arupa levels.

 It is only possible at those periods when two Heavenly Men are mutually finding each other—under the Law of Attraction—and thus swinging into the magnetic radius of each other.

308.         This means that so-called ‘easy travel to other planets’ is not to be expected. Transfer is not always possible.

309.         The Heavenly Men of Venus and Earth seem to finding Themselves in this way, and thus transference of human units between these schemes may be possible. We have read of the imminent transfer of units of our Spiritual Hierarchy to another planetary scheme. Venus may be Their destination.

310.         When the “Judgment Day” comes in the fifth round there will be a close relation between the Logos of Earth and the Logos of Mars. It has been inferred that two-fifths of Earth’s human units will be transferred to Mars. We do not know whether any units from Mars will be transferred to the Earth-scheme, but there are hints that this may be the case.

Third, through a conscious passage of the initiate, [Page 366] through initiation, from one scheme to another.  This is frequently done, and hints of it have been given by different writers and thinkers, though several have confused the globes of their own chain with the scheme of the same number, or have mistaken another chain within the scheme for another scheme.

311.         It would seem that this possibility would only exist for initiates of high degree. Perhaps after the fourth initiation it is possible, as after that point, there is no longer any need for the initiate to incarnate on Earth within the human family.

312.         DK seems to be speaking of a radical transference between schemes and not just between globes or chains of the same scheme.

313.         We read of Schools on other planets. Those who are preparing to tread one or other of the seven (or nine) Cosmic Paths are, as part of the process, often transferred to another planetary scheme where specific training is given for a particular Cosmic Path. Venus and Jupiter are two such training stations, Jupiter relating to the Third Cosmic Path (of Planetary Logoi) and Venus perhaps related to Path Four (to Sirius). Perhaps it should also be considered in relation to Path Two (Magnetic Work) and Path Six (the Path of the Solar Logoi). If we study these three Paths we can probably see the Venusian connection.

314.         The following reference relates not only Venus but Jupiter to Sirius:

“The line of relationship then extends from these onward and outward, and upward (spherically considered) to the Life at the very centre of our Earth's "alter ego," the planet Venus, to Jupiter and thence to the solar Lord Himself and on to a point in the Sun, Sirius. (DINA I 768)

Fourth, the fourth method of transference of consciousness, and the bringing of the life units under the focal power of a Lord of a Ray, can be brought about through knowledge of certain mantrams and formulae.  On this we may not enlarge as these mantrams are esoteric and the use of them is fraught with much danger to the uninitiated.

315.         We can see that these are very potent, esoteric mantrams. They are invocative of extra-planetary Ray Lords and thus of a category of potency far removed from what may be wielded by those with a considerable knowledge of effective mantrams.

316.         We do see, however, how a great deal can be accomplished by knowing the right words or formulae—really, we are faced with some amazing prospects.

The planetary Logos of this scheme is called "the First Kumara," the One Initiator, and the statement is made that He came to this planet from Venus, Venus being "the Earth's primary."

317.         This is a rather amazing statement because, within it, Sanat Kumara is equated with the Planetary Logos of our scheme; elsewhere in the Teaching, He is not.

318.         We realize that no Planetary Logos can, as it were, “come from” another Planetary Logos. Each Planetary Logos is His own autonomous centre.

319.         It becomes clear from ten references that the “first Kumara” is indeed Sanat Kumara, the One Initiator.

320.         It must also be remembered that in at least one reference, Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, is known, as well, as the “fourth kumara”. (cf. TCF 74).

321.         The conventionalized ancient lore is given to us at face value. An elucidation follows.

 This needs elucidation somewhat, though it may not be permitted to do more than convey a few hints as to the truth.  The fact is one of the most mysterious in the development of our scheme, and in it lies hidden the secret of this world cycle.  It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak.

322.         By “this world cycle” we may mean the fourth round.

323.         Much is said about the coming of Sanat Kumara to our globe, but beneath the seemingly obvious statements there lies a great mystery—the greatest mystery in the development of our scheme. We could pause for a moment to reflect on this.

324.         VSK inquires: “Who is this first kumara? If he took human form ‘where’ or ‘what’ is he now?”

325.         The overwhelming evidence points in the direction we might expect—that Sanat Kumara (especially when equated with the Planetary Logos) is the “first Kumara”.

Perhaps a hint may be given in pointing out that there is an analogy between the coming in of the Ego in full sway and its taking hold at certain periods in the life of a human being.

326.         The coming of Sanat Kumara to our globe is likened to the coming in of the Ego in full sway at certain periods in the life of the human being. In this way, Sanat Kumara is to be understood as related to the soul or Ego of our Planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara is, in a way, a kind of Heavenly Man.

  At seven years we are told the Ego "takes hold," and again at adolescence; at twenty-one that hold may be made still firmer.  Again, as lives are passed, the Ego (in connection with a human being) grips its vehicles and so sways them to his purpose with more effect and fullness.  The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body of manifestation, a scheme.

327.         It is being suggested that Sanat Kumara takes hold of our globe evolution in different phases—at least three. Perhaps the years seven, fourteen and twenty one can be likened to the emergence of the three self-conscious root races—the Lemurian (part of it), the Atlantean and the Aryan.

328.         Every new ‘grip’ may be likened to a kind of initiation.

329.         We note that DK was speaking of the Planetary Logos but has now switched terms to “Heavenly Man”.

330.         There are some who believe that the term “Heavenly Man” should only be used in relation to the soul aspect of the Planetary Logos, whereas the term “Planetary Logos” should be used in relation to the Logos’ spirit or monadic nature.

331.         It turns out that DK does not use the terms with consistency (at least, apparently not).

It must be remembered that every scheme has seven chains; that each chain has seven globes, making a totality of forty-nine globes;

332.         This is the usual manner of enumeration, but there may be times when a planetary scheme has ten globes per chain or three, or ten chains or three chains. All will depend upon the point reached in the developmental process of the scheme.

 [Page 367] that each globe is again in turn occupied by the life of the Logos during what we call seven rounds, making literally three hundred and forty-three incarnations, or fresh impulses to manifest.

333.         We have implied an important definition—that each world period or one seventh of a round is considered an incarnation of the Planetary Logos.

334.         It is perhaps not insignificant that the numbers 3-4-3 sum to 10. Kabbalistically, we have a three hovering above a lower seven.

335.         There are also other ways to describe His incarnations, as for instance in root races or sub-races.

336.         VSK asks: “In other words, every scheme, or kumara, has 343 incarnations?”

337.         It may be that every Planetary Logos has 343 incarnations (by one method of reckoning—more by others), but that a Kumara (not necessarily equivalent to a Planetary Logos) does not.

338.         Sanat Kumara both is the Planetary Logos and is not. In this seeming contradiction lies much mystery—insoluble to us at present.

We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as those named by us root-races, and subraces, also branch races, and thus we are faced with a complexity that is enough to stagger the average student.

339.         DK has added other lesser incarnations, including even branch races.

340.         Are we staggered? I would think so.

341.         Let us remember that, in a certain sense, the Planetary Logos is in incarnation in all chains and on all globes simultaneously. His Presence is there in all, even if His particular conscious focus (His ‘incarnational attentiveness’) is far more localized.

 The planetary wheel of life turns on its lesser scale the wheel of life of the little pilgrim we call man; as it turns, it sweeps the life of the evolving planetary Logos into ever new forms and experiences until the fire of Spirit burns up all lesser fires.

342.         This is a large summary thought, illustrating how the little wheel of man is swept by the turning of the “planetary wheel of life”. “The lesser wheels must not for aye revolve in time and space. Only the greater Wheel must onward move and turn.” (R&I, Rule IV for Disciples and Initiates).

343.         The destiny of all lesser fires is to be burned up in the “fire of Spirit”.

344.         Variety will be abundant but synthesis and homogeneity will prevail.

As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man is linked with one of His Brothers under the Law of Mutual Attraction, which manifests so degradingly as yet upon the physical plane, through the life of the human unit, imprisoned in physical form.

345.         The suggestion is that (in addition to triangular linking) each Heavenly Man is linked particularly to one other Heavenly Man.

346.         In the case of the Earth we may reason that the linking to be with Venus.

347.         However, Venus may be linked with Mercury and Earth with Mars. Jupiter would seem linked with Saturn and Uranus with Neptune. A reasonable link for Vulcan would be Pluto. Of course there are a great number of secondary inter-planetary relationships which can be justified.

348.         DK is speaking of ‘sexual attraction’ between the Heavenly Men. He obviously does not think much of how this type of attraction manifests between incarnated human units—imprisoned as they are in physical form.

349.         Are we dealing, in this first instance, with a more physical link between Planetary Logoi?

  Psychically the link is of a different nature, and such a link is found between the planetary Logos of the scheme we call Venus, and the Logos of our scheme.

350.         DK discriminates a psychic link, different from the kind He mentioned above.

351.         Between the Logos of our scheme and the Logos of Venus such a psychic link exists. This must be a link involving far more the consciousness than the form.

352.         If we have to differentiate between outer and inner (psychic) links, we shall have the possibility of many additional relationships between the Heavenly Men.

  This psychic interaction has its cyclic ebb and flow, as ebbs and flows all life force.  In Lemurian days came a period of close interaction which brought about an incarnation on the physical planet of the Logos of our scheme, the Head of the Hierarchy, and the One Initiator.  This could not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the Venus scheme been in a position to link up closely with ours.

353.         Again we have some interesting and important ideas. We note that several terms are used as equivalent; elsewhere they are differentiated:

a.      The Logos of our scheme

b.      The Head of the Hierarchy (usually considered the Christ, if the term “Hierarchy” is not expanded). We can explain this, however, through the fact that in Lemurian times, Sanat Kumara was the Head of the then Hierarchy.

c.      The One Initiator (usually considered Sanat Kumara).

354.         We are being told that during Lemurian days a particularly close relationship between the two Logoi developed (as part of the usual cyclic ebb and flow).

355.         Although the fourth round in relation to our globe had started long before (and thus, an incarnation of our Planetary Logos through our globe had started long before, for we have just—TCF 367—read of three hundred forty three incarnations), DK singles out Lemurian days as the time when an incarnation of our Planetary Logos through the physical planet of our scheme occurred. It would seem that the individualization signaled the preamble to this incarnation.

c. Venus and the Earth Chain.  This question of the coming of the Lords of Flame to the planet Earth is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationship existing between the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme and the Lord of the Venus scheme.

356.         This is one of the fundamental facts of occultism. Two Heavenly Men were aligned to enable the Lords of the Flame to come to our planet Earth.

Until more detailed information is permitted publication anent these two great Entities, little more can be done beyond indicating some probabilities, and pointing out certain factors which students should carefully bear in mind.

357.         DK is limited concerning what He is permitted to reveal. The secrets of interplanetary lore are guarded closely.

358.         It is always to be remembered that the true details of the Ageless Wisdom are not by any means fully revealed in even such a comprehensive book as A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In fact, the Tibetan is building for the future and presenting to us only the broad outlines of the magnificent Wisdom. Our patience is required. Hundreds of years of thought and study lie ahead of us if we are to assimilate greater detail.

 The statement [Page 368] has been made that (owing to the Venusian scheme being in its fifth round) its humanity is consequently further advanced than ours, and can help us, and that this help came in Lemurian days.

359.         This is an interesting idea. Was it the humanity of the Venusian scheme that came to the aid of Lemurian animal man or was it the Solar Angels, perhaps inspired by Venus, but resident at that time within our own planetary scheme?

  This is an instance of a partial truth and its misinterpretation.  The Venusian scheme is — [35 as stated in the Secret Doctrine: S. D., I, 187.  II, 33-36, 626.] —in its fifth and last round;

360.         Usually seven rounds are required, but the Venusian Logos is said to have accomplished in five rounds what other Planetary Logoi usually accomplish in seven.

361.         We note that we are speaking of a ‘scheme-round’ and not a chain round (the kind usually discussed). We propose that it is the scheme as an entirety that is in its fifth and last round. The two types of rounds (chain-rounds and scheme-rounds) must be differentiated. We think we know how chain-rounds work, but it is not so easy to know how scheme-rounds work; several possibilities exist.

362.         Add to this the idea of systemic rounds and there is much to decipher about the cyclic life of such Beings as Chain Lords, Scheme Lords and Systemic Lords (Solar Logoi).

 its humanity is very far ahead of ours in certain particulars,

363.         Particulars which are not being revealed to us but may well have something to do with the cultivation of the buddhic faculty.

but the momentous occurrence in the third root-race was due to the following causes, and not to the factor of the greater advancement of a certain group of human beings:

364.         DK is disabusing us of another misinterpretation which many students otherwise might take as truth.

First, the Venus Scheme, viewed as a logoic centre, is more active than ours, and therefore its radiatory magnetism is far more widely spread.

365.         If Venus were the logoic solar plexus center, this would make sense. While we do have an astral-buddhic solar system, and while our Solar Logos is a heart center within a Cosmic Logos, the Solar Logos has not reached the stage of development in which His heart center is fully and buddhically unfolded. He would have to be a cosmic Initiate of the fourth degree.

366.         Further Venus is said to be (with Saturn and the Earth) under the special stimulation of logoic kundalini.

367.         Anyway, this is a good comparison dealing with the relative magnetism of the Earth-scheme and the Venus-scheme.

  Its radiation is such that on the buddhic plane it swept within its magnetic radius that chain in our scheme which is composed predominantly of buddhic matter.

368.         Could this chain have been the second or Venus-chain?

369.         Perhaps a hint is being give about the composition of the chains within our Earth-scheme (and others).

370.         It is to be anticipated that certain of the chains will not have vehicles of lower matter—for instance physical and astral—and will have developed vehicles of higher matter (for instance buddhic matter).

371.         Note that, although the buddhic plane is considered an arupa plane, DK still speaks of “buddhic matter”.

372.         Where, in our vast cosmos, does matter end? Perhaps it does not. In one way, the entire universe is Matter and a Deva, though we must remember that matter is Spirit and Spirit is matter.

  Then, via that chain, it magnetised the corresponding globe in our chain, and this resulted in a specific vitalisation in the dense planet itself.

373.         This suggests that via the second chain of the Earth-scheme a magnetic relationship was set up with the second globe of the Earth-chain.

374.         The easy rapport between globe two and globe four of the Earth-chain (our planet Earth) contributed to a vitalization in the dense planet itself

375.         But let us remember that this vitalization cannot have been strictly physical because the buddhic and mental planes of our fourth globe were certainly involved in the work of the Solar Angels.

376.         When DK speaks of the “dense planet” meaning our fourth globe, it is not to be presumed that it is strictly dense and has no higher vehicular fields—such as astral, mental, buddhic, etc. This is an important point and can be substantiated by numerous references and by reasoning.

Second, just as in the case of man, certain triangles of force are found at different stages of evolution, or (to word it otherwise) different centres become geometrically linked, such as the:

a. Base of the spine

b. Solar plexus

c. Heart

377.         We remember from TCF 169 that this particular triangle represents man controlled from the astral plane.

or again,

a. Solar Plexus

b. Heart

c. Throat

378.         Interestingly, this triangle is not listed from TCF 169-170, yet is seems an important triangle. It would seem to represent kama-manasic man—nether controlled strictly from the astral plane nor strictly from the mental.

so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs.  Such an event transpires in this round in relation to the centre which our planetary Logos [Page 369] embodies.

379.         If this center is the base of the spine center, then the very first triangle listed above—Base of Spine, Solar Plexus, Heart—has relevance.

380.         It is, however, no easy matter to determine exactly which center of the Solar Logos our Heavenly Man embodies—at this time. We do know that at some time our planetary scheme will embody the base of the spine center, but there are other possibilities presently. Everything shifts in time and what is true at one moment in the developmental process may not be true at another.

381.         Here is a reference which relates Earth to the base of the spine center.

It relates finally the lowest centre at the base of the spine to the highest centre, the head centre. This is a correspondence to the relation of the Earth to the Sun. Think this out. (EA 25)

382.         Yet here is a reference which suggests a relationship between Venus and Earth analogous to the relationship between the manasic permanent atom and the mental unit.

The coming of the Lords of Flame to the Earth was all under law and not just an accidental and fortunate happening; it was a planetary matter which finds its correspondence in the connection between the mental unit and the manasic permanent atom.  Again, as the antaskarana is built by individual man between these two points, so—again in a planetary sense—is a channel being built by collective man on this planet to its primary, Venus. (TCF 297)

383.         What is the definition of “collective man”? Is this term referring to the group nature of our Planetary Logos, Who is, we realize, a ‘Man’.

384.         Here is a reference suggesting that the Earth has an association with the spleen and thus with the splenic center. This reference relates to the microcosm but may have macrocosmic implications (i.e., implications of the solar system).

1. Two of the non-sacred planets (the Earth itself and the Moon) are connected with two centres which in the highly evolved man are not of dominating importance:

a. The spleen receiving pranic emanations from the planet on which we live and concerned with the etheric and physical bodies and their physical relation.

b. A centre in the chest related to the thymus gland. This centre becomes inactive in the advanced man but has a connection with the vagus nerve, prior to the awakening of the heart centre. (EA 78)

385.         It is clear from this reference that the Earth relates to point “a.”, and a planet veiled by the Moon to point “b.”

 It became geometrically linked with two other centres, of which Venus was one, and logoic Kundalini—circulating with tremendous force through this adjusted Triangle—brought about that intensification of vibration in the human family which resulted in individualisation.  

386.         When logoic kundalini is discussed, the three planets involved are usually the Earth, Venus and Saturn. Here Earth and Venus are given and Saturn (if it is the planet meant) is not mentioned.

387.         There is the possibility that Mercury could be the third planet since it rules the Fourth Creative Hierarchy (which, incidentally, pre-existed the founding of the fourth kingdom of nature, the human).

388.         In the example above we are given two triangles: Base of Spine, Solar Plexus and Heart: and Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat.

389.         We have to see whether the three planets linked by solar logoic kundalini are related to either of these triangles. Pieces of information are, of course, missing, so we must infer.

390.         There seems to be no easy fit. Venus can be associated with either the logoic solar plexus center or the logoic heart center. Saturn can be connected with the logoic throat center. But Earth cannot be connected with the logoic solar plexus center (unless we consider the relationship between Earth and Venus as representing the lower and higher “points” within the solar plexus center—if the analogy holds good that since man has two “points”, so does the Solar Logos).

391.         If Earth is considered the base of the spine center, then Venus could be considered the logoic solar plexus center, but we would need a suitable planet for the heart center. This would have to be Jupiter, a planet not mentioned as undergoing solar-logoic kundalinic stimulation.

392.         Of course, just because the Tibetan has mentioned a triangle which is the recipient of solar logoic kundalini (namely Saturn/Venus/Earth), it does not mean that others planets (for instance Mercury or Jupiter) do not receive such stimulation.

393.         If we do not attempt to correlate the planetary triangle DK is discussing (without telling us all three members of the triangle), then we could assign the chakras as follows:

a.      Earth/Base of the Spine; Venus/Solar Plexus; Saturn or Mercury/Throat Center. One can associate Mercury with the throat center as the center of speech, though its associations with the ajna center are also necessary and convincing.

b.      Or, one could attempt as follows: Earth/Base of the Spine; Venus Heart Center; Saturn or Mercury/Throat Center. This would have some value, as the coming of the Lords of the Flame was associated with heart center activity within our Planetary Logos. These Solar Angels, influential upon the buddhic and mental planes (where man the microcosm was concerned) also brought the spark right down into the etheric-physical brain (hence the appropriateness of the base of the spine center considered as a symbol of anchoring).

394.         We can see that Master DK leaves much to our intuition. The possibilities are many, and assigning planets as solar logoic chakras may be correct for one time of logoic development and not correct at others.

395.         Venus certainly has heart center functions and capacities and DK even says of Venus:

First.  Venus corresponds to the heart centre in the body logoic, and has an inter-relationship therefore with all the other centres in the solar system wherein the heart aspect is the one of greater prominence. (TCF 182)

396.         But this correspondence must not be taken strictly at face value (as I have discussed when dealing with TCF 182). Other references re the place of Venus within the “logoic quaternary” contradict a literal interpretation of the reference above. The whole question of timing in relation to function is of the essence.

397.         Venus is one of the planets representing the three “super principles” within the solar system (along with Saturn and Jupiter)—also discussed at length earlier. But whether Venus can be correlated with the second ray super-principle when compared to the other two (Jupiter and Saturn), is up for debate.

398.         So the subject is veiled. We reason our way forward, gathering the evidence, anticipating that when there is sufficient evidence and indication, the clear light of pure reason will shine and the whole matter be clarified.

399.         In any case, a planetary triangle (greatly stimulated by logoic kundalini) was formed at the time of the individualization of animal man on our fourth globe, the Earth-globe. Because Sanat Kumara was involved (though not yet incarnate on our globe), Saturn and Venus can be hypothesized as two of the planets linked in the triangle to the Earth-scheme. The Solar Angels (who came some 21,000,000 years ago) are linked directly to Venus, and Sanat Kumara is linked to both Venus and Saturn.

400.         Because it was the human family that was created, Mercury (rather than Saturn) could have been the third planet, for Mercury rules humanity and the Fourth Creative Hierarchy.

401.         We have, however, no direct reference to suggest that Mercury was undergoing stimulation by logoic kundalini. Yet, from another perspective, Mercury is kundalini and is correlated with “kundalini active” and the base of the spine center.

402.         We will have to hold these thoughts in suspension until a totally convincing solution precipitates.