Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester IV Section X

TCF 428-440 : S4S10
  18 February – 4 March 2007

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It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph.

We must now continue with our consideration of the four types of force [the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th rays], emanating from certain great Entities,

1.                  We are sure of the names of these Entities (in one respect)—Mercury, Venus, Mars/Neptune, and Uranus.

2.                  From another perspective, these four Planetary Logoi are not necessarily to be correlated with the planets which are strictly brahmic or manasic.

 and the future results that may be expected from their effect upon man, remembering ever that these four influences (with their synthesis, the third Ray of Aspect) sum up, in themselves, the fifth logoic principle of manas.

3.                  The correlation is to remain in our minds: four Rays of Attribute and one Ray of Aspect embrace the “fifth logoic principle of manas”.

4.                  The fifth logoic principle of manas is the distinguishing characteristic of the third aspect of divinity—Brahma.

 They are, literally, the radiatory effects of the Divine Manasaputras.

5.                  Divine Manasaputras are Planetary Logoi. We are specifically speaking of five of them (but other subsidiary, non-sacred Planetary Logoi will have to be added).

 We are concerned primarily with the results to be brought about in the units in Their bodies.

6.                  Human units are as cells in the bodies of these Planetary Logoi. All of these Logoi have human units through which They express.

The coming into power of this fourth Ray at any time (and such an advent may be looked for towards the close of this lesser cycle, which ended in 1924) will produce a corres­pond­ing activity in connection with the fourth subplane in each plane, beginning with the fourth physical ether;

7.                  Here is the reference which suggests that a cycle, which will see the fourth ray emerging into power, ended in 1924. Perhaps it would be accurate to say that this emergence into power began with definiteness in 1925. One may gather that the fourth ray began to phase in “towards the close” of the cycle and, thus, a little before 1925.

8.                  Major developments related to the fourth ray occurred in 1925. At that time (we may hypothesize) the Ashrams normally found upon the higher mental plane were transferred to the fourth or buddhic plane.

9.                  We might also suppose that the fourth ether was especially activated at that point. The discoveries in atomic science are a likely result of this stimulation.

this will result in the following effects:

First, physical plane scientists will be able to speak with authority anent the fourth ether, even though they may not recognise it as the lowest of the four etheric grades of substance:

10.             Its forces will be understood even if its true nature in a larger context will not yet be appreciated. The fact that there are three higher grades of related substance may not be recognized.

 its sphere of influence and its utilisation will be comprehended, and "force" as a factor in matter, or the electrical manifestation of energy within definite limits, will be as well understood as is hydrogen at this time.

11.             An analogy is offered. Hydrogen has been well understood by chemists for well over a hundred years.

12.             During the twentieth century, humanity made tremendous strides in understanding “force” as a factor in matter. Matter is now widely understood as energy.

13.             This factor of force is an “electrical manifestation”, but a very limited one compared to other and higher possible manifestations of electricity.

  Indications of this can already be seen in the discovery of radium, and the study of radioactive substances and of electronic demon­stration

14.             VSK asks: “May we assume this is the identification and use of the electromagnetic spectrum?”

15.             A Treatise on Cosmic Fire was published in 1925 and written during several preceding years. We may marvel at everything the fifth ray Ashram has delivered to man’s understanding concerning matter, force, radioactivity and “electronic demonstration”.

16.             If we think back to those days, about eighty years ago, all that we have since achieved in these fields was simply incipient. At the time this was written, the fifth ray was not yet subject to withdrawal due to the excessive progress of its exponents.

This knowledge will revolutionise the life of man; it will put into his hands that which occultists call "power of the fourth order" (on the physical plane).

17.             We are in process of this revolution. We think of Uranus, the planet of revolution and its relation to all electrical phenomena (Uranus is the “home of electric fire”), and we can see that the revolution in human living will come through the application of this energy which reflects the buddhic plane.

18.             It is suggested that power of the third, second and first orders may be related to the power to be released on the super-etheric, sub-atomic and atomic ethers, respectively.

  It will enable him to [Page 429] utilise electrical energy for the regulation of his every­day life in a way as yet incomprehensible;

19.             Our present utilization of electrical energy is primitive compared with that which DK predicts. These coming developments are all part of the destined wonder of the New Age.

it will produce new methods of illuminating, and of heating the world at a small cost and with practically no initial outlay. 

20.             VSK remarks: “Electrical lights are obviously a prevalent example.”

21.             This transition to abundant, inexpensive energy is part of the gift which the Age of Aquarius is waiting to bestow upon humanity and the planet.

The fact of the existence of the etheric body will be estab­lish­ed, and the healing of the dense physical body, via the etheric body, by force utilisation and solar radiation, will take the place of the present methods. 

22.             VSK states: “Has this happened? Certainly not in terms of an energetic body, per medical science, per se.”

23.             We may say that, among progressive scientists and health practitioners, it is happening.

24.             Two distinct methods of healing are mentioned:

a.      Force utilization

b.      Solar radiation.

25.             Perhaps the first method relates to the manipulation of the internal fires and the second, to the active or radiant fires.

26.             We must also distinguish between the utilization of planetary prana (absorbed through the pores) and that of solar prana (absorbed through the splenic center and then the spleen).

Healing will then fall practically into two departments:

1. Vitalisation, by means of:

a. Electricity.

b. Solar and planetary radiation.

27.             Electricity is correlated to the Pleiades and (as here discussed) is the more material expression of force, though it naturally has a correlation with electric fire (which is, in a sense, a fire higher than solar fire.)

It might here be useful to point out that magnetism is the effect of the divine ray in manifestation in the same sense that electricity is the manifested effect of the primordial ray of active intelligence.  It would be well to ponder on this for it holds hid a mystery. (TCF 44)

28.             We may think of electricity (as the term is used here) as matter-force.

29.             Solar and planetary radiation is definitely associated with “active heat” rather than “latent heat”.

2. Definite curative processes, through the occult knowledge of:

a. The force centres.

b. The work of the devas of the fourth ether.

30.             VSK states: “Again, it does not appear that this is overtly admitted, or, what are the examples of such?”

31.             Knowledge of the force centers is rapidly gaining credence. Conscious, scientific work with the devas of the fourth ether, however, lags behind.

Transportation on sea and land will be largely superseded by the utilisation of air routes

32.             This is happening and to a large measure has happened.

and the transit of large bodies through the air, by means of the instantaneous use of the force or energy inherent in the ether itself, will take the place of the present methods.

33.             VSK states: “Certainly air travel is prevalent and has superseded sea and land travel.”

34.             The second part of the sentence, however, speaks of achievements with which we are familiar only through (predictive) science fiction.

35.             From what is here discussed, it seems that one of our impending (and necessary) discoveries is the discovery of “the force or energy inherent in the ether itself”. This is, of course, different to the tremendous energy of matter which has been liberated through atomic energy technology.

Religious students will study the side of manifestation we call the "life side" just as the scientist studies that called "matter," and both will come to a realisation of the close relation existing between the two, and thus the old gap and the ancient warfare between science and religion will be in temporary abeyance.

36.             It is curious that DK speaks of the “temporary abeyance” of ancient warfare between the religious and scientific points of view. Of what cycles ahead does He know?

37.             When speaking of this warfare we are dealing with the age-old struggle between Spirit and Matter. Religion represents Spirit, and science, Matter.

38.             The two will not be brought into final adjustment and harmonization until the end of earthly manifestation, or at least (relatively) until the seventh round of our present fourth chain.

39.             It would seem that the emergence of the sixth subrace of the fifth root race would offer the opportunity for these two rays (the sixth and fifth) to combine cooperatively

Definite methods of demonstrating the fact that life persists after the death of the physical body will be followed, and the etheric web will be recognised as a factor in the case. 

40.             There are now those who claim to have ‘recordings’ from those who have passed over. Very sensitive microphones are used and ‘whispers from beyond’ are touted as authentic.

41.             It would seem that if there is to be communication between the “living” and the, so-called, “dead”, the etheric plane will figure into the process. Perhaps those who have “passed on” and are still ‘resident’ upon the etheric plane will be those who can best communicate with those who are fully incarnated in a physical body.

The connection between the different planes will be sought, and the analogy between the fourth etheric subplane and the fourth or buddhic plane (the fourth cosmic ether) will be studied,

42.             As we do now, but far more widely and with a view towards applying that which is learned…

43.             The planes which we normally study will be hypothesized as real. By “connection between the different planes”, does DK mean the capacity for those focussed on a given plane to come in contact with a plane or planes still higher?

for it will be realised that the life of those Entities, Whom we recognise as the planetary Logoi, pours [Page 430] through our scheme from the fourth cosmic plane, the cosmic buddhic, and thus in a very special sense through all lesser correspondences. 

44.             Here is a significant reference relating the Planetary Logoi to the cosmic buddhic plane. There is no question but that Planetary Logoi are cosmic Beings. The cosmic buddhic plane does, however, represent a very high contact for these Logoi.

45.             The cosmic buddhic plane is a level upon which Cosmic Logoi also focus, perhaps using that plane as the Solar Logoi use the systemic buddhic plane.

46.             We are speaking in this reference of the “life” of the Planetary Logoi. This makes sense as buddhic planes are always planes where the energy of “life” begins, relative to the three lesser planes which they surmount.

The alignment will be as follows:

a. The fourth cosmic plane, the cosmic buddhic.

b. The fourth cosmic ether, the fourth plane of the system, the buddhic.

c. The fourth etheric subplane of our physical plane.

47.             Usually we speak of our fourth systemic ether as correlated with our systemic buddhic plane. In this alignment the range of connection is greatly extended to the cosmic buddhic plane.

48.             References to the cosmic buddhic plane are few:

a.      We are told of the relationship of the Pleiades to the cosmic buddhi (TCF 1162)

b.      We are shown the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear in relation to the Cosmic Parabrahman in Chart V.

c.      It is inferred that Cosmic Logoi have a relationship to the cosmic buddhic plane (cf. tabulation on TCF 293) and that Super-Cosmic Logoi have a relationship to the cosmic atmic plane.

d.      We are told that our Solar Logos is destined (as He treads the Path of the Solar Logoi) to reach the cosmic buddhic plane, for His Cosmic Path terminates there.

e.      Here the life energy of Planetary Logoi is correlated to the cosmic buddhic plane. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that They are called “Dragons of Wisdom”, for Draco the Dragon is a foundational Source of cosmic buddhi.

There is thus a line of least resistance from the planes of the cosmos, producing a special activity in connection with the Heavenly Men, demonstrating on Their Own plane, and sequentially in connection with the units in Their bodies on lower levels.

49.             This section discusses the line of transmission of energy from the highest conceivable Sources to the planes closer to the area whereon we, as human beings, manifest.

50.             The “line of least resistance” is numerologically based.

51.             What is the plane of the Heavenly Men—“Their Own plane”? This depends on how They are viewed. They certainly have a strong connection to the monadic plane, as human Monads are as cells within Their centers. Chart V on TCF 344 graphically demonstrates the connection of Planetary Logoi to the systemic monadic plane.

52.             From another perspective, the buddhic plane is important to the Heavenly Men, as the various Ashrams and aggregations of Ashrams are as centers within Their ‘bodies’ and are largely focussed on the solar buddhic plane.

 Lines of force, extending from our scheme extra-systemically, will be a recognised fact, and will be interpreted by scientists in terms of electrical phenomena, and by the religious man in terms of life,—the life force of certain Entities.

53.             As we study Chart VII (TCF 385) we see these extending lines of force.

54.             For us, at the moment, they are theoretical, but DK speaks of a time not far ahead (presumably during the Aquarian Age) when they will be recognized ‘facts’.

55.             What the religious man interprets as ‘life—of a certain quality’, the scientist interprets as “electrical phenomena”. Regardless of the description, they are speaking of the same energy. We will understand that “life” and “energy” can be considered equivalent.

56.             The union of religion and science is a most necessary process and will eliminate many issues of present contention in the human race.

Philosophic students will endeavour simultaneously to link these two schools of thought,

57.             As we do in our study of occultism…

and to demonstrate the factor of the intelligent adaptation of the electrical phenomena which we call matter—of that energised active material we call substance—to the life purpose of a cosmic Being. 

58.             We are being given three approaches: of religious types, of scientists and of philosophical students. All are necessarily interrelated.

59.             Through the term “intelligent adaptation” we recognize the presence of the third ray in philosophical inquiry.

60.             The distinction between “matter” and “substance” is fundamental to our understanding of occultism. Immediately above is one of the best definitions of the distinction—the first related to “latent heat” and the second to “active heat”.

61.             Is “matter” being differentiated from “substance”? It would seem that “electrical phenomena” and “energised active material” are very close. We note that the word “material” (so closely related to “matter”) is used when describing “substance”.

In these three lines of thought, therefore—scientific, religious, and philosophic—we have the beginning of the conscious building, or construction of the antaskarana of that group which we call the fifth rootrace.

62.             Advanced thinkers in each of these three fields—scientific, religious and philosophic—are all building the antahkarana. Their work may be, at this point, incipient, but by following their pursuits (even if the technical, occult methods are not in their possession), they will achieve completion of the bridge.

On the fourth subplane of the astral plane, a similar activity will be noted as in process. 

63.             This through numerical resonance…

The inflowing force will cause an astral stimulation in the bodies of many of the human family who are still on that subplane,

64.             This is the lower reflection of that sub-plane on the cosmic astral plane upon which our Planetary Logos has been wrestling and in relation to which He is achieving victory. It is necessarily a plane of conflict on which there is an attempt to achieve harmony.

65.             Who are those in the human family whose astral bodies are still focussed on the fourth sub-plane? We would imagine that they are those who have not yet begun to commune with the third sub-plane of the mental plane.

When it is realised that the physical body is not a principle but that the kama-manasic principle (or desire-mind principle) is one of the most vital to man then the period or cycle in which a man functions on the fifth subplane of the astral (the fundamentally kama-manasic plane) will assume its rightful place. (TCF 303)

that the fourth subplane of the astral plane is the normal functioning ground of the average man… (TCF 115)

and will bring about an awakening of the desire for harmony in a new manner.

66.             This is a development which we may expect with the incoming of the fourth ray (in its monadic aspect).

The fourth ray will come into manifestation before many generations have passed, but only from the angle of its incarnating Monad, and not from the angle of its active Ashram. (EXH 582)

67.             While human beings should not be focussed on the sixth sub-plane of the astral plane, one would wonder whether some fanatical idealists do not have substance of this level prominent in their astral bodies.

68.             From another perspective, “emotional idealism” is related to the first sub-plane of the astral plane.

 This will work out relatively well in the sixth subrace.

69.             Again, as indicated above, we have a relation between the numbers six and four and between the sixth ray and the fourth.

70.             This relation between six and four is particularly evident when the seven Rays of Vishnu are compared with the five Rays of Brahma (the first Ray of Brahma is the third Ray of Vishnu).

71.             The sixth subrace will bring to humanity an increasing harmony. The advent of the fourth ray in its monadic aspect will not, however, bring harmony and pleasantness initially. We are told that because disciples are entering the sign Aquarius under the planet Saturn, we shall have centuries of difficulty.

 It should be remembered that numbers of the old Atlanteans (fourth rootrace men) will respond to [Page 431] the stimulation and will find their way into incarnation at that time, for the four and the six are always closely allied. 

72.             Again, confirmation of the four and the six.

73.             During these days, we seem to see the entry of the “old Atlanteans” in the growth of psychism in the human race.

74.             It may be that, for all the impending growth of science, we face the recrudescence of the mystical consciousness in many members of the human race.

75.             In all the foregoing discussion we must remember that we are discussing the emergence of the fourth ray into greater expression.

76.             We are also given a hint as to how certain ray types “find their way into incarnation”—according to the rays either in power or emerging into power.

77.             We must remember that there are still may fourth ray souls who will seek incarnation on the fourth ray. The majority of human beings are still on the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rays egoically.

We have another suggestive analogy in the fact that the devas of the fourth ether will be soon swinging into recog­nised utility and that in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent.

78.             This is an important piece of information. Man is meant to achieve a degree of reconciliation with the deva evolution on the buddhic plane—a plane which will achieve increasing recognition during the sixth root race.

Further, the two great evolutions (human and deva) find their group unity on the buddhic plane, and portions of both hierarchies blend and merge so as to form the body of the divine Hermaphrodite.24,25  Earlier, at certain fixed points, they may temporarily approximate each [Page 329] other.  On the buddhic plane definite and permanent alliance may be seen. (TCF 328-329)

Approach between the two lines of evolution becomes pos­si­ble on the plane of buddhi, but then it is an approach of two essences, and not an approach of the concrete to the essence. (TCF 473)

79.             The emergence of the fourth ether is a process parallel to increasing buddhic recognition.

80.             In relation to the devas of the fourth ether (among which are certain shades of the “violet devas”) we are dealing not only with recognition but with “utility”. The forces expressed by these devas will be able to be used by humanity.

81.             We have been told that the sixth round is important for the expression of the deva kingdom: in reflection of this, the sixth root race will be a race in which the deva kingdom will be prominent in its relation to humanity.

82.             We remember that six is the number of form and is related to the sixth center (the sacral center) which the deva kingdom represents.

VI. Sacral centre . . . Deva evolution . . . 7th ray . . . 2nd root-race . . . Responsiveness; the goal.

The energy of Magnetism. Power to build.

Two centres functioning; heart and sacral centres.

Focal point of vibratory response to the "eye of God." (EA 456)

The fourth plane is the plane of at-one-ment for certain deva and human units, and certain groups (the fourth Creative Hierarchy and the sixth Deva Hierarchy) have a pronounced karma to work out together. 

83.             DK continues to elaborate the relationship between the four and the six.

84.             In the section immediately above, He seems to be speaking of the a “sixth Deva Hierarchy” within our Earth-scheme.

85.             We must remember that when the human kingdom was created on our planet, the Sixth Deva Hierarchy on Venus was involved in the process.

The coming in of the Venusian influence to our chain, and to our planet, with the subsequent stimulation of certain groups in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, caused a paralleling event of even greater magnitude in the Venus scheme.  This affected the sixth Hierarchy, one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in the Venus scheme. (TCF 378)

86.             The sixth Deva Hierarchy (mentioned above) with which humanity is to have much to do is, so we may gather, a Hierarchy found within our Earth-scheme, and yet there must be a resonance to the sixth Hierarchy on Venus. From one perspective, this Hierarchy is the Hierarchy of Lunar Lords.

87.             Can this karma have something to do with the sending of so many of the Sons of Men onto the Path to Sirius (the fourth), whereon they become “blissful dancing points of fanatical devotion” (suggesting the number six—the number of devotion)?

One can now see the supreme importance of the human Hierarchy, the fourth in this sequence of planes and ideas.

88.             Now that the period of the fourth ray prominence is almost upon us, the importance of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the “human Hierarchy”, can be more readily seen

Second Cosmic Plane     Seven Cosmic Logoi.

89.             This takes us back to Chart V. (TCF 344) and our interpretation of the cosmic monadic plane. We may recall that the “Cosmic Logoi” to be found on this plane proved to be larger and more encompassing than the type of Cosmic Logoi Who express through seven principal suns.

90.             In fact, we determined that the Cosmic Logoi expressing on the cosmic monadic plane, were either Ones About Whom Naught May Be Said or Their Superiors—sub-Parabrahmic Logoi.

91.             The reasons have been given in Commentary s4s2.

Fourth Cosmic Plane        Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

92.             In relation to this subject, it was hypothesized that the cosmic atmic plane may be the truer area of expression of the Seven Rishis than the cosmic buddhic plane. Some degree of expression may, however, be achieved on the cosmic buddhic plane, veiled by the Pleiadian energy which belongs especially to the cosmic buddhic plane.

93.             We must realize that the Seven Rishis (taken together) are a Cosmic Logos.

94.             It will be correct, I think, to relate the Pleiades (in their entirety) to the cosmic monadic plane. The Pleiades in Their entirety are far more than a Cosmic Logos as that term is used in the tabulation on TCF 293

Second Solar Plane          Seven Heavenly Men.

95.             This is a familiar thought. The Seven Heavenly Men are expressing on what for them, cosmically, is hypothesized to be the first cosmic ether, even though for the Solar Logos it is the second. We recall the idea of the possibility of assigning a different position and function to the same vibratory level.

Fourth Solar Plane            Seven centres of the seven Heavenly Men in the fourth cosmic ether.

96.             The question here is: “Of which category of Heavenly Men are we speaking?” The groupings on the fourth cosmic ether, depending on their scope and degree of aggregation, may (we propose) be centers in three types of Heavenly Men:

a.      Planetary Logoi

b.      Chain Lords

c.      Globe Lords

97.             If we think carefully and analogize from the human being to the Heavenly Man (considered as a Planetary Logos) we shall see that all the ethers of a human being have chakras expressing through them.

98.             Should this not be the case with a Heavenly Men?

a.      Upon the first ether the head center expresses

b.      Upon the second ether the heart center expresses

c.      Upon the third ether the throat center expresses

d.      Upon the fourth ether the solar plexus center, the sacral center, the splenic center and the base of the spine center express.

99.             May it be that because of ‘planer transposition’ the head center of the Planetary Logos is to be found upon the monadic plane (on which the human Monads are focussed), and that lesser centers are found on planes below.

100.         Much depends upon whether it is legitimate to name different planes as different ethers for different categories of beings. In other words, what are ethers of certain numbers for a Solar Logos may be ethers of different numbers for a Planetary Logos. The matter is intricate and, presently, confirmation depends for us upon analogy and inference.

Fourth subplane of
the solar physical               Seven centres of the human unit in

ether of the fourth order.

101.         This is the most familiar level of expression—theoretically, at least.

102.         We also realize, from the charts with which we have been presented, that the human being has his three major chakras on the first, second and third sub-planes respectively. This is true of the Solar Logos as well.

103.         It is true to say that there is a closer analogy between the human being and the Solar Logos than between the human being and the Planetary Logos.

The beauty of the interlocking system will be apparent, even though it may not be so immediately understandable wherein lies the relation between these complexities of entities.

104.         At least the beauty of the system should make an impression upon us. The exact relations will emerge in clarity as we study and meditate further and as we actually experience the energies of which we are speaking.

 We must ever remember that we are considering the force or life-energy of these entities as it pours into, and works through definite, material, substantial forms.

105.         We have life, substance and matter. We have already differentiated between substance and matter. They are distinct and yet inseparable.

106.         Through them both pours that indefinable something we call “life”.

On the fourth subplane of the mental plane there will be, in the immediate future, a period of intensified evolution for the units of the fifth rootrace, prior to their passing out of and into another race, globe, chain, or scheme.

107.         We note how DK is continuing to discuss the number four and its impact (via the great Fourth Ray) on the fourth sub-planes of one plane after another.

108.         We have already discussed the fourth ether and the fourth sub-plane of the astral plane in relation to the re-entrance of the “old Atlanteans”. I suppose we are all in some measure “old Atlanteans”, but DK must be speaking of those who still retain the Atlantean consciousness.

109.         Above we have an amazing statement relating to the fourth sub-plane of the systemic mental plane.

110.         There will be a concentration of evolutionary process on this fourth sub-plane.

111.         What is surprising is the different levels onto which the fourth sub-plane issues:

a.      Issuing into the sixth subrace

b.      Issuing into the sixth root race

c.      Issuing onto another globe

d.      Issuing onto another chain

e.      Even issuing onto another scheme

112.         We can correlate the fourth sub-plane of the mental plane with the development of personality which is, in a way, the fourth developmental factor in man, followed by soul development as the fifth developmental factor.

113.         Intensive personality culture must precede focus upon soul culture.

114.         But how can there be issue into or onto another globe, chain or scheme from this fourth vibratory level?

115.         We do remember that the fourth sub-plane of the mental plane is the goal for one fourth of humanity.

 We have on the fourth subplane of the fifth plane the centre of interest for the present race and the day of its opportunity.

116.         As the fifth root race cultivates personality consciousness…

 Here can be seen the awakening of the higher consciousness, and the first ripple of perception of, and vibratory response to, the causal body.

117.         The fourth sub-plane adjoins the third sub-plane where on the causal bodies of most human beings are focussed.

118.         Moreover, the fourth sub-plane is resonant with buddhi (which is the principle which, generically, characterizes the soul within the causal body).

119.         If we wish to begin to be soul consciousness, it seems that fourth sub-plane focus is a preliminary.

120.         This suggest that one must be a personality, integrated through fourth sub-plane processes, before it is possible to enter seriously into the cultivation of soul consciousness.

In this [Page 432] connection, we must ever remember that the periphery of the causal body encloses the permanent atoms.

121.         This we remember, but how it does so is a matter for occult physics to solve.

122.         The term “periphery” is important and the assertion re enclosure can be visualized. However, it cannot be said that the permanent atoms are, any of them, on the higher mental plane whereon the causal body is focussed.

 It is the plane of testing, of the major initiations of the Threshold;

123.         Are initiations of the Threshold to be considered the first two initiations, in relation to which the disciple is a “probationary initiate”?

124.         If so, it would suggest that to be a probationary initiate one must be an integrating personality, utilizing the forces of the fourth sub-plane to promote this integration. This seems reasonable.

125.         Because DK uses the term “major” initiations of the Threshold, such initiations are likely the first and second of the major manasic initiations—the Birth and the Baptism.

 it is the battleground in man, and from this plane he must secure the right to enter the Path, and procure that control over his lower bodies which will make him a master, and not a slave.

126.         The true Path begins at the first initiation. The battles preceding the Path are fought upon the fourth sub-plane of the mental plane.

127.         It would seem that a fourth ray mind is important in this battle.

128.         The number four is the number of battle. We can imagine that the fourth ray planet Mercury (in one of its levels of expression) is very important on this fourth sub-plane of the mental plane, and that it contributes significantly to the integration of that personality which is undergoing the Initiations of the Threshold.

Thus one could progress the idea and fill many books with suggestions as to that which may be expected during the next few centuries but it does not serve any useful purpose to enlarge further.

129.         DK is a Master Who knows so much and can prophesy so much that we can see He is choosing the method of brevity in presenting the teaching found in TCF.

 I might, in summing up these ideas, point out that the immediate future achievement consists in the utilisation of force and of electrical energy for the more harmonious adjustment of the life of man.

130.         This is a summary statement and we can see that it relates to the force and electrical energy which are generated from the fourth ether and to the utilization of that fourth kind of physical force for the harmonization of human living. The number four resounds through this summary.

131.         Our utilization of these forces and energies is rapidly increasing but this utilization is not yet characterized by an overall harmony in relation to the life of humanity. Various groups are benefiting from this utilization, but the growth of much destructive potential has accompanied the growth of knowledge concerning these energies and forces.

One or two more suggestions might be made anent the influence of this fourth Ray of mind,

132.         He calls the fourth ray the “fourth Ray of mind” because it is one of the five Rays of Brahma—Brahma, the Lord of Mind.

and primarily it might be pointed out that more time has been given to the considera­tion of this Ray than will be possible with most of the others on account of its holding a place of such importance in this fourth chain of the earth scheme, and on the fourth globe, our earthly planet. 

133.         There is no question that within the life of humanity in this scheme, and chain and on this globe, the energy of the number four is paramount.

Each planetary Logos pours forth His influence in different rounds, planes, chains, globes, races, and subraces according to their numerical relationship to the scheme of which He is the vitalising Life. 

134.         The importance of the number four is suggested as strongly related to the energy of our Planetary Logos, even though the three major rays of our Planetary Logos do not include the fourth ray.

135.         As earlier stated, the fourth ray may be firmly established in His present expression because of a strong previous expression upon this ray.

Temporarily, and as the cycle progresses, these forms become receptive and negative, and are thus responsive to the positive influence of the planetary Logos.

136.         The forms which the Planetary Logos seeks to influence are not easily influenced at the very start of His manifestation. There must arise (over the course of many cycles) a sensitization in the potentially receptive lesser lives which are included within the life demonstration of the Planetary Logos.

137.         The Planetary Logos, too, must learn to master the tendencies of the lesser lives who live and move and have their being within Him.

One further point I would make, and as it is of an esoteric and occult nature, it can be but hinted at.  At the fourth Initiation, the force of the Logos of the fourth Ray is a vital factor in the initiation.

138.         Which is this Logos? Is it Mercury? Is it Vulcan as well? Both of them have a prominent fourth ray in Their constitution?

139.         We have already been told that Mercury and Saturn are influential at the fourth initiation (EA 71). We have been told, too, that Vulcan promotes the experience of isolation at the fourth initiation. It would seem that rays one and four, which pour through these planets, are potently expressive at that degree.

Vulcan is the ray or planet of isolation for, in a peculiar sense, it governs the fourth initiation wherein the depths of aloneness are plumbed and the man stands completely isolated. He stands detached from "that which is above and this which is below." (EA 392)

 It is through the application of the Rod of Initiation that His Life energy is applied to the initiate, or the electrical force that emanates from Him is geometrically circulated through certain [Page 433] centres, producing the necessitated stimulation. 

140.         This is a frequently stated truth. One of the chief centers involved in this initiation is the heart. (cf. R&I 340)

141.         The ajna center, ruled during certain cycles by fourth ray Mercury, may also be involved as well as the head center. The ajna is one of the “two many-petalled lotuses”.

142.         All the seven head centers hypothetically ruled by Vulcan are involved.

143.         We see that the Initiator may tap the energy of various Planetary Logoi which are distributed through His Rod at the time of the initiation ceremony.

144.         It would be fascinating to study which systemic and extra-systemic energies may be distributed via the Rods of Initiation.

At the fifth Initiation similarly the force of the third Logos may be felt, and at the sixth that of the second Logos, while at the seventh the dynamic fire of the first Logos circulates through the body of the Chohan.

145.         We are being given important information regarding which Planetary Logoi pour Their force into which initiatory process:

a.      The Fourth Logos at the fourth initiation.

b.      The Third Logos at the fifth initiation. We must also remember that the fifth initiation is ruled by the first ray.

c.      The Second Logos at the sixth initiation. This is an initiation also ruled by the third ray.

d.      The First Logos at the seventh initiation. This is an initiation also ruled by the second ray.

e.      These alternative rulerships of initiations may be found on R&I 340.

It might be tabulated thus:

1. The magical force of the seventh Logos is felt at the first Initiation.

146.         It is this ray which correlates with the etheric body, focus within which (through concentration) helps to subdue the waywardness of the dense physical vehicle. The sacral center, ruled in part by the seventh ray, is one of the foci of attention.

147.         When we deal with magic we deal with “magical controls”, i.e., with rules and regulations. The sacral center is subdued through the application of correct rhythms.

148.         At this initiation the one (of the first initiation) and seven are correlated.

2. The aggressive fire of the sixth Logos is felt at the second Initiation.

149.         There are three planets often associated with the second initiation (Venus, Jupiter and Neptune) and two with the sixth ray (Mars and Neptune). Neptune is not an aggressive planet but Mars is, and it is, necessarily, to Mars that we are referring.

150.         At this initiation, the passionate idealist ruled by the sixth ray and Mars learns to subjugate his idealism to the energy of love.

151.         At this initiation the two (of the second initiation) and the six are correlated.

3. The illuminating light of the fifth Logos is felt at the third Initiation.

152.         The fifth ray is instrumental in achieving the results necessary for the passing of the third initiation.

153.         The planet especially involved is Venus with its fifth ray soul.

154.         One way of conceiving the transition from the second initiation to the third is as the transition from ‘heat’ to ‘light’.

155.         The lower eighteen sub-planes are illuminated at this initiation and especially the plane of mind, aiding in the conquest of illusion through illumination.

156.         At this initiation the five and the three (of the third initiation) are correlated.

4. The harmonising life of the fourth Logos is felt at the fourth Initiation.

157.         The fourth ray is instrumental at the fourth initiation. The fourth ray is, as we know, the ‘Ray of Hamonization’ and works powerfully in relation to the buddhic plane—the ‘Plane of Harmonization’.

158.         The dispenser of the fourth ray is probably Mercury (with its hypothesized fourth ray soul), a planet correlated with the buddhic plane to which the focus of consciousness is transferred at the fourth degree. Mercury with Saturn are said to be prominent at the fourth initiation, when access to the intuition ensures the overcoming of illusion.

159.         Thus far, the planets involved in the first four initiations have been Uranus, Mars, Venus and Mercury, respectively. Only Mars is a non-sacred planet.

5. The blending power of the third Logos is felt at the fifth Initiation.

160.         The numbers three and five are united.

161.         At Mastership, the curriculum of the Brahma aspect of divinity is completed and this aspect is, as we know, the third, hence the importance of the “third Logos” at the initiation of Mastership.

162.         It is the first ray that is usually associated with the fifth initiation because the power of atma (the highest of the brahmic planes becomes prominent).

163.         The “third Logos” is closely correlated with Saturn (Who is, in one respect, Brahma). Perhaps we had not thought of the relation of Saturn to the fifth degree. Usually, Jupiter and Uranus are associated with this degree. Saturn, however, brings finality to the development of the human being within the fifth Kingdom of Nature. After the fifth degree, when a man becomes a Chohan, He is no longer a man as are the Masters.

164.         Had we thought of the third ray as the “Discriminating Essential Life”, as associated with the capacity for “blending”? What is “blending”? It is not the same as harmonizing. Rather (at this higher stage of evolution ) it suggests the bringing together of many threads of energy in a masterful synthesis signaling the summation of all work done in relation to the energies of the first solar system.

165.         At the fifth initiation the understanding Isolated Unity emerges in fulness and also, in fulness, the realization of the meaning of “the use of the Many for the One”. “Blending power” certainly assists this capacity to bring together the Many as instruments of the One.

6. The unifying heat of the second Logos is felt at the sixth Initiation.

166.         Again the related numbers two and six work together.

167.         We may imagine that the second ray is important at this sixth initiation but so is the third as the major energy of Libra at this Initiation of Decision. Libra, however, is also a sign expressive of the second ray.

168.         What is unified or made as one? At this initiation the Pilgrimage of the Monad is completed and all experience in the lower five (or brahmic) worlds is synthesized.

169.         This “unifying heat” seems related to the solar fire of the Solar Logos, even though we are dealing with electric fire once we reach the monadic plane. Solar fire, however, is the outstanding energy of our solar system, and even the electric fire that we find expressive of the monadic plane is as a subset of solar fire.

170.         The Monad is that which finds its home within the Sun (cf. IHS 196) and so at the sixth degree, there is a unification with solar quality, and perhaps a realization of the manner in which the Christ is a direct disciple of Sanat Kumara and Sanat Kumara of the Solar Logos. The astral-buddhic nature of our Solar Logos is more fully appreciated and perhaps a deeper understanding of the relationship between desire and love (numbers six and two).

171.         The Monad is recognized as unified with its logoic Source.

172.         The planet to be associated is probably Jupiter (planet of the second ray and ruler of the monadic plane).

173.         The contribution of Neptune is also likely.

174.         Both Jupiter and Neptune are second ray planets (Jupiter egoically and Neptune, monadically) and both have sixth ray components (Neptune more obviously than Jupiter). This correlates these planets well with the second plane which is the sixth from another perspective.

7. The dynamic electricity of the first Logos is felt at the seventh Initiation.

175.         The first and seventh rays are again related as they were in the first initiation.

176.         The plane involved is the first or seventh (depending upon the direction of counting)—the “Sea of Fire” characterized by “dynamic electricity” or the dynamic aspect of electricity.

177.         One can see that both rays one and seven are to be related to the seventh degree even if the principle ray (cf. R&I 340) is the second—the ray of Love-Wisdom.

178.         We might say that the Love-Wisdom energy of the Solar Logos is fully appreciated at this degree.

179.         The planets involved are Uranus, Vulcan and Jupiter.

180.         Uranus is the first ray planet, monadically, and is the “home of electric fire”. It is, therefore, especially the planet of “dynamic electricity”.

181.         The Sun is a primary ruler of the first plane (through which the Leo Creative Hierarchy expresses) and the Sun is veiled by first ray Vulcan.

182.         We can see that the first ray is prominent in both Uranus and Vulcan and hence correlated with the first Logos.

183.         We can see that the three synthesizing planets, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn are being correlated with the first three planes and the first three Logoi.

184.         Because Jupiter is now (so we hypothesize—cf. TCF 299)  the principal expression among the Planetary Logoi of the second ray of Love-Wisdom, and because He is (as “Guru”) a planet of Wisdom, He will be especially active at this most synthetic initiation which prepares the liberation of the consciousness from the cosmic physical plane.

Let us now pass on to the brief consideration of the future influence of the third manasic ray of "Concrete Knowledge or Science."

185.         This is an alternative way of looking at the fifth ray. Every one of the Rays of Attribute can be named as one in a series of manasic rays.

a.      R3, the first manasic ray

b.      R4, the second manasic ray

c.      R5, the third manasic ray

d.      R6 , the fourth manasic ray

e.      R7, the fifth manasic ray

 As I have elsewhere pointed out this ray concerns itself with the building of form, with the utilisation of matter, with the embodying of ideas, or of entities, whether cosmic, systemic, lunar, or subhuman. 

186.         Let us tabulate in listed format the focus of the third manasic ray—the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge. It concerns—

a.      The building of form

b.      The utilization of matter

c.      The embodying of ideas

d.      The embodying of entities (cosmic, systemic, lunar or subhuman)

187.         Some of what is said of the third manasic ray is related to the concerns and methods of the fifth manasic ray—the seventh ray.

The planetary Logos of this fifth systemic Ray holds a peculiar position in the scheme of things.

188.         Note that this ray is called the “fifth systemic Ray” and not cosmic Ray. This is the case when a Planetary Logos is considered its distributor.

  He is the embodi­ment of the fifth logoic principle of manas.

189.         We would normally think that this Planetary Logos would be the Logos of Venus, but certain things said in the passages ahead may give us pause.

190.         Mercury, however, is even more deeply manasic than Venus, at least from the monadic perspective.

 His is the syn­thesis­ing scheme for the five schemes of the five Kumaras Who are Brahma, when viewed as the sum total of the third logoic aspect, though He is not the synthesising factor for the seven schemes which are the sum total of logoic manifestation considered as the union of the second and third aspects.  This is a point of prime importance to bear in mind.  

191.         We can see how the matter grows more complicated and the subject is purposefully veiled. Thus, we must proceed very carefully here.

192.         If this Logos is the Logos of Venus, we are being told something of considerable importance about Venus—namely that the Venusian Logos is, in His own sphere, a synthesizer.

193.         The “five Kumaras Who are Brahma” are not necessarily the Lords of the five planets that express the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rays. Neptune and Uranus express the sixth and seventh rays, respectively, but we cannot conceive of them as included within the brahmic sphere—and herein lies a problem of trying to correlate the strictly brahmic planets with those planets which distribute the Rays of Attribute (and the one Ray of Aspect) usually associated with Brahma.

194.         We can conceive of Venus as responsible for the synthesis of Earth, Mars and Pluto, but not of Mercury, nor, really, any other of the well known planets.

195.         Fifth ray Mercury (fifth ray, monadically), too, must be considered a potential synthesizer, but not of Venus.

196.         The “seven schemes” here mentioned as the “sum total of logoic manifestation considered as the union of the second and third aspects” would seem to be the seven schemes portrayed in Chart VI, TCF 373. We can hypothesize them as the schemes connected with what we have called ‘greater Saturn’.

197.         (When looking for the analogy to ‘greater Saturn’ and lesser or ‘central Saturn’ in the human chakric system, we might consider that ‘central Saturn’ represents the throat center and ‘greater Saturn’ the alta major center, which according to the Hindu books has six times as many petals as the throat center.)

198.         If the Logos is question is not the Logos of Venus, it would have to be the Logos of Saturn, but Saturn is not an expression of the fifth ray (except indirectly).

199.         As we look for the planetary source of this Logos, we must not forget to consider Uranus, a synthesizing planet closely associated with electricity and with the fifth ray.

200.         At this time, there will be no easy solution to the problem, as the paths of absorption are complex and many are the possibilities.

His is the influence that leads to the scientific adaptation of matter to form, [Page 434] and His is the life that unifies ever the three and the five.

201.         Does He unify the third and fifth rays, or does he unify eight units—one unit of three and one of five?

202.         From the foregoing, there is much to suggest  adaptable Mercury, Whose sub-monadic ray is hypothesized as ray five while His monadic ray is hypothesized as ray three.

 Let us see if, by illustration, we can make this idea more simple

203.         This would be welcome if possible.

He is, as we know, the embodiment of the fifth principle.  His influence, therefore, may ever be felt in His numerical correspondences, for He is the Lord of the fifth Ray in the system, and Ruler of the third Manasic Ray when considering only the third aspect. 

204.         The influence of this Planetary Logos resonates through all structures and processes in our system that resonate to the number five—rays, chains, globes, rounds, root races, etc.

205.         Remember, in this respect, the association of Mercury with the number five (on the scheme, chain and globe level).

At individualisation, or at the coming into incarnation of the self-conscious units, the fifth principle linked the higher three and the lower four.

206.         Thus is He called “The great Connector” (EP I 77)

207.         Mercury rules the connective antahkarana.

 This took place in the third rootrace and produced a form wherein dwelt Spirit on the third subplane of the fifth plane.

208.         We are speaking of the creation of the causal bodies of the newly formed human race (on the Earth-globe, presumably).

 All these analogies will bear pondering upon and the numerical relationship is not by chance.

209.         We see the numbers three and five constantly repeated, and together.

 His was the power that acted via certain schemes, chains, and globes, and produced results in the cells and groups of cells in the body of our particular planetary Logos.

210.         If this Logos were the Logos of Venus, can we see Him active in relation to chains, globes, cells and groups of cells in the body of the Logos of the Earth-scheme?

211.         Can we see this Logos active in relation to other schemes? If Venus, was the Mars-scheme involved as it was animal-man that was stimulated?

212.         Was Mercury involved, and, if so, would the Logos of Venus have the strength to bring about a stimulation in that older and still more occult planet?

213.         As we are asking these questions, we have to have the Logoi of Saturn and Uranus in the back of our minds, because They, too, were stimulated by logoic kundalini and, in ways about which we are not yet clear, may have been involved in the individualization process in the Earth-scheme.

214.         As we have been working with the thought that the Planetary Logos of the fifth ray may be Mercury, we must note that He, too, was very active at the time of human individualization.

This is given by way of elucidation, and by way of indicating the relative import­ance of the influence of a planetary Logos upon another planetary Logos during different stages of evolution.

215.         When a given planetary Logos affects another Planetary Logos, does the affecting Planetary Logos have to be superior to the affected Planetary Logos?

216.         Not necessarily. While the Planetary Logos of Venus affected the Earth-chain and particularly the Earth-globe in a powerful manner, the Logos of the Earth-scheme, in a reciprocal relationship with the Logos of Venus, affected an entire chain in the Venus-scheme.

217.         Thus a Planetary Logos, like the Logos of Venus, could affect other Planetary Logoi Who, in terms of spiritual status, are the superior of the Logos of Venus.

This influence has waxed and waned since that time, dying down during the fourth rootrace, and waxing steadily greater during this fifth or Aryan.

218.         We can understand how the fifth ray would have been more important in Lemurian and Aryan times than in the Atlantean period. The numerical resonances determine the degree of influence.

219.         If the Logos concerned were the Logos of Venus, we are well familiar with the role of Venus in the individualization process during middle Lemurian times. We also realize the importance of the growth of Venusian influence in the present Aryan race as the presence and potency of the fifth ray/second ray Solar Angels comes into increasing recognition.

220.         However, the potency of Mercury in the Aryan root race is not to be denied.

 The planetary Logos Whose influence it is has not yet reached the zenith of His power, in this race.

221.         If we are speaking of the Logos of Venus, this would make sense, for humanity has not taken its first initiation at which time the Venus-impelled Solar Angel emergences into increasing prominence.

222.         By “this race” does DK mean the fifth root race? He could. Ahead in our fifth root race lies much opportunity for soul growth and expression. During this fifth root race, a number of those in the fourth kingdom (humanity) are preparing to enter the fifth kingdom—the Kingdom of Souls.

223.         Of course, from another perspective, the Planetary Logos of Mercury has not yet reached the zenith of His power in relation to our present race.

 For a period immediately ahead His electrical energising force will pour on to our planet, and will bring about fresh discoveries anent matter and form, and fresh revelations concerning energy in matter.

224.         If we consider what is here said, Venus, because it is a fifth ray planet, could be indicated, however, the qualities of Uranus as an electrical planet and planet of discovery, especially relate to the “energy in matter” must also be held in mind.

225.         The fifth ray nature of Uranus is not to be ignored.

226.         It may be that all planets have monadic sub-rays. Mercury, it would appear, has a fifth monadic sub-ray and a major monadic ray focussed upon the third ray. Could Uranus have a fifth monadic sub-ray (even though its major monadic ray is unquestionably the first)?

227.         If Uranus had a fifth monadic sub-ray, one could easily conceive Him as a Planetary Logos of the fifth ray. All this remains to be substantiated.

228.         Yet, in all this, the fifth ray nature of intelligent Mercury is ever to be held in mind.

During the coming subraces His cycle will begin to pass out, and the influence of His Brother, the fourth Logos of Harmony, will reach its zenith for this round.

229.         When seeking to ascertain the Logos of the Fourth Ray, or Harmony, we have few choices. While the Moon is said to distribute the fourth ray, the Moon is not suitable in this context. Only Mercury fulfills the requirements.

230.         Mercury is certainly related to Venus but also to Uranus, for Mercury is to be absorbed into Uranus during the synthesizing process. In relation to Venus, Mercury is considered the buddhic companion of the manas which Venus demonstrates. Their glyphs are similar but Mercury relates more to the Moon and the past (the crescent Moon atop the circle in the Mercury glyph) and so does Uranus (relate to the Moon and the past).

231.         If Mercury is to be considered the “fourth Logos of Harmony”, it will not do to consider Him as the fifth Logos (in this context).

  During the fifth round the power or electrical radiation of the fifth Logos will again be strongly felt, for it is His round, and just as He was largely responsible for the manasic stimulation of animal man in the third rootrace, so in [Page 435] the fifth round will he be instrumental in causing that great separation which we call the "Judgment." 

232.         It is clear that Master DK is not readily revealing the identity of the “fifth Logos”.

233.         We can understand how the “fifth Logos” was involved in the manasic stimulation of animal man in the third root race. We can also prevision His involvement at the separative "Judgment Day", when the “Sheep” will be separated from the “Goats”.

234.         We know that Venus was active at individualization in Lemuria, but was Uranus as well. We remember the electrical implantation of the “spark of mind” and how destructive that turned out to be. We also remember the huge “electrical storms” (clearly a Uranian matter) which accompanied the process of individualization.

235.         Above we studied the “illuminating power of the fifth Logos”. This factor of illumination correlates well with Venus. Does it correlated with Uranus? The blinding flash of light brings illumination of the darkness. This is Uranian.

Remember in this connection that these Logoi—when pouring Their influence through a scheme or other septenary—work through Their numerical correspondence in the chains and globes.

236.         This is a fundamental principle and we have been working with it as we thread our way through the intricacy of the presented subjects.

 In the fifth round, for instance, the fifth chain (a centre in the body of the Heavenly Man) will be the recipient of this fifth type of force and will transmit and circulate it to the other chains via their fifth globe. 

237.         We may be speaking of the fifth round of the fourth chain the Earth-chain. If so, while the fifth round is progressing, the fifth chain will be stimulated.

238.         We might also be speaking of a scheme round, which would emphasize the fifth chain which stimulated (probably from the fifth scheme) would transmit it to other chains via their fifth globe.

239.         The process described, by the way, goes to confirm again, the simultaneity of the chains.

240.         As well, there is confirmation that a chain is a center in a Heavenly Man.

241.         Simultaneously with our fifth round process in our fourth chain, fifth chain stimulation will be occurring and the transmitting of the fifth type of force to other chains (probably, most focally, in our Earth-scheme) via the fifth globe in these chains. Whether this transmission is at all extra-planetary (affecting schemes other than our own) we are not here told.

Until the race has further evolved the mystery lies securely hid,

242.         Our study of these difficult matters tends to confirm DK’s statement.

and the inability of man to find out the enumeration of the schemes, chains, and globes, or to discover whether they are counted from within outwards, or vice versa, conceals that which must be hid.

243.         How does the blinding of the matter occur?

a.      We cannot detect the true enumeration of the schemes, chains and globes

b.      We cannot tell whether they are to be counted from within outwards or from outwards within.

c.      Concerning the matter of “within” and “without”, we notice that the diagrams of certain chains (Chart VII) definitely display a “within” and a “without”. In these diagrams there are interior globes (larger) and exterior globes (smaller).

d.      The same can be said of certain schemes (for instance, the Earth-scheme) seen on Chart VI, TCF 373.

e.      If we check the numbering of the schemes, chains and globes (especially in Chart VII) we find that there is no identifiable, systematic pattern of numbering. When looking at interior and exterior globes, the numbering does not proceed smoothly from interior to exterior or from exterior to interior.

f.        When it comes to a number of the chains, there is no numbering at all, even if, as in the Mars-chain, the pattern of interior and exterior globes is clearly delineated.

g.      Clearly, in this matter, we are faced with our present limitations. The penetrative power of our mind is not adequate.

The influence of this fifth Logos will be felt very considerably now on the fifth subplane of all the planes, specially in the three worlds of human endeavour, and as we are here dealing with man we can count from what is erroneously termed "the bottom up." 

244.         In counting from ‘below’ to ‘above’, we find ourselves focussing on the third plane or sub-plane.

245.         This fifth or third sub-plane, located amongst the higher three, suggests the influence of the soul factor, which expresses the fifth principle on the third sub-plane.

246.         In the three worlds of human endeavor, therefore, the following sub-planes are involved:

a.      The super-etheric sub-plane of the etheric-physical plane

b.      The third sub-plane (from the top) of the astral plane, through which plane the psychic faculty of clairvoyance is expressed.

c.      The third sub-plane (from the top) of the mental plane, and, thus, the lowest level of the higher mental plane, through which field the psychic faculty of “spiritual discernment” is expressed.

Therefore, the mental unit of men in this fifth subrace will receive increased stimulation,

247.         This is the case, although the mental unit of man is found upon the fourth sub-plane of the mental plane.

248.         The fifth subrace, however, pertains much to Mercury and Mercury is the particular ruler of the fourth sub-plane of the mental plane and of the mental unit.

 enabling man to vibrate on the fifth subplane which literally is the third subplane on the abstract level of the mental plane, on which the causal body is found. 

249.         We are speaking of the manner in which the application of this fifth force assists man to penetrate into the causal body and gain increasing focus upon the higher mental plane.

250.         Venus would certainly assist with this as would Uranus. The power of Mercury, as well, is not to be denied.

251.         It can be hypothesized that Saturn rules the four lower sub-planes of the mental plane, and that Venus or Uranus the higher three sub-planes.

252.         Mercury, as well, will have a close connection with the highest of the sub-planes of the mental plane, the plane, per se, of abstract mind.

The fifth spirilla will, consequently, become active and the electrical force, or the fohatic current, will pour through it, and enable those men who are at the right stage to utilise this force in order to take the first initiation.

253.         What contributes to the possibility of taking the first initiation (which signals the entry into the fifth kingdom)?

a.      Electrical force

b.      Fohatic current

c.      The stimulation of the fifth spirilla

As this fifth influence becomes more and more felt, its effects will be seen on the astral plane in an intelligent conscious control which will be based not so much on the desire for harmony as on a desire for a scientific, intelligent manipu­lation of astral matter.  When this is the case, the higher psychism will begin to make itself felt. 

254.         In a very clear way we see here the contrast between the energies of the fourth and fifth sub-planes of the astral plane (the fifth being the third from above and the fifth from below).

255.         The energy of the fourth sub-plane is clearly given as “desire for harmony”.

256.         The energy of the fifth sub-plane (the third from above) is given as a “desire for scientific intelligent manipulation of astral matter”.

257.         The higher psychism, we see, is that which is resonantly stimulated from the lowest level of the causal body—the third sub-plane of the mental plane in relation to the third sub-plane (from above) of the astral.

258.         If we wish to know where (in relation to the astral plane) higher psychism begins, it is on the fifth or third sub-plane of the astral plane.

On the physical plane a great deal of interesting electrical phenomena will be seen, and the opportunity of the [Page 436] Manu to separate races, to segregate types, and to submerge and detach continents will be great.

259.         The electrical phenomena are those correlated to the super-etheric sub-plane and not with the fourth or etheric sub-plane.

260.         All the processes listed above are related to the number five:

a.      Separation

b.      Segregation

261.         The fifth ray is associated with the “Law of Cleavage” or the “Law of Cleavages” (cf. EP I 376)

262.         It would seem that the submergence of continents is related to the detachment of continents or portions of them.

263.         We remember the close relation of the fifth ray to the first ray which the Manu wields. He also must work in a most scientific manner with certain mantrams to see this accomplished.

264.         This kind of process does not sound Venusian, but more Vulcanian.

265.         Uranus, too, is a planet much related to the principle of cleavage.

 This is the ray of separative force, and its place, as a factor in the erection and destruction of forms, is very interesting.

266.         Although the fifth ray is prominent in the planet Venus, as its soul ray, Venus is, above all, a magnetic planet powerfully related to the second ray.

267.         It must be stated, however, that loving something tends to separate the lover from that which is not loved—hence the repulsive aspect of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion.

268.         Uranus, however, would fit well into this process of erection and destruction of forms.

269.         In the submergence of continents, Uranian earthquakes do play their role.

It may be asked wherein this can all be interpreted in terms of fire, and thus the integrity of the thought-form of this book be preserved. 

270.         This book is about fire, and all phenomena described must a length seen in terms of this fundamental factor.

Whenever the words influence, radiation, or the power of a ray, are used, we are dealing inferentially with electrical phenomena, or with energy of some kind.

271.         Electrical phenomena and energy are signaled through the use of the following concepts:

a.      Influence

b.      Radiation

c.      The power of a ray.

 This energy, or electrical manifestation, this "mystery of elect­ricity" to which H. P. B. refers  [50: S. D., I, 107] is the found­ation of all manifestations, and lies back of all evolution.

272.         The whole subject of electricity is intimately related to the fifth ray (and, in a way, to the third and first). Fundamentally, as well, there would be no electricity if not for duality. The second ray, as well, is also involved in the phenomenon of electricity.

273.         Electrical manifestation is foundational to the appearance and evolution of that which exists.

274.         The “mystery of electricity” is the great Mystery to be solved in the study of occultism.

275.         In this regard we remember that Uranus is the ‘Planet of Occultism’ and is also the ‘Planet of Electricity’. It is a far more electric planet than Venus.

276.         We remember that we are seeking to understand (in the presence of many occult blinds) which may be the Logos of the Fifth Ray as that Logos is described in the foregoing passages.

277.         A Planetary Logos may have a strong fifth ray component and yet not be designated as the Logos of the Fifth Ray (in the terms used by DK).

278.         In the section below we are given some idea of the vast importance of electricity or electrical manifestation.

 It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy;

279.         It is related to the generation of light.

 it builds and moulds the form to the need of the indwelling Entity;

280.         It is related to the form-building process. This aspect of electrical phenomena correlates with the seventh and second rays.

it brings about coherence and group activity;

281.         It has its second ray demonstration.

it is the warmth that causes all growth, and that fosters not only the manifestations of the vegetable and animal kingdoms but induces interaction between the human units, and lies behind all human relationships.

282.         We could see this process as electricity manifesting as the warmth of solar fire.

283.         In speaking of human relationships we frequently speak of “electricity between people”.

284.         It is also internal heat or latent fire.

 It is magnetism, radiation, attraction and repulsion, life, death, and all things;

285.         Electricity or electrical phenomena are ubiquitous. Nothing that occurs can occur independently of electrical demonstration.

286.         In the statement immediately above we see particularly the first and second ray expressions of electricity.

287.         The great Pairs of Opposites are seen as that which produces coherence and that which produces the destruction of coherence.

it is conscious purpose and essential will in objective manifestation, and he who has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena has solved not only the secret of his own Being,

288.         Here DK relates electrical phenomena to will and manifestation.

289.         The very secret of Being is related to electricity and is revealed to the one who “has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena”.

290.         We may presume that that “which lies back of electrical phenomena” is the “mystery of electricity”.

291.         Perhaps we can think of this as the mystery of the Trinity or of the One Who is the Three.

but knows his place within his greater sphere, a planetary Logos, is conscious of the Identity of that cosmic Existence we call a solar Logos, and realises somewhat the place of our system and its electrical relationship with the seven constellations.

292.         The one solving that which lies back of electrical phenomena knows his place within

a.      His Planetary Logos

b.      His Solar Logos

c.      His Cosmic Logos? (not mentioned)

d.      Within the One About Whom Naught May Be Said, which is Being manifesting through the “seven constellations”. A Cosmic Logos manifests through seven Solar Logoi.

293.         So, then, before taking up the sixth ray, have we come closer to determining whether this Fifth Logos is Venus or Uranus (or Mercury). Although Saturn is an important synthesizer, there is no fifth ray in Saturn’s make up, whereas in the case of both Venus and Uranus there definitely is.

294.         The most problematic statement in determining His planetary association is the following statement:

His is the syn­thesis­ing scheme for the five schemes of the five Kumaras Who are Brahma, when viewed as the sum total of the third logoic aspect, though He is not the synthesising factor for the seven schemes which are the sum total of logoic manifestation considered as the union of the second and third aspects.  This is a point of prime importance to bear in mind.

295.         This is simply not easy to solve.

296.         In one way, Saturn (not a fifth ray planet) is the synthesizing scheme “for the five schemes of the five Kumaras Who are Brahma”.

297.         If we look within what we have called ‘greater Saturn’ we will find seven schemes, once of which is ‘central Saturn’. Among those planetary schemes are those which represent the third aspect and those, like Venus and Jupiter, which represent the second aspect. Thus, within ‘greater Saturn’ we find a union of the second and third aspects.

298.         We have laboured from a number of perspectives to determine the five schemes which are Brahma. It is no problem to determine the five rays which are Brahma, but the brahmic rays do not easily correlate with the usually mentioned brahmic schemes (because two planets providing brahmic rays are synthesizing planets higher than Saturn—the major brahmic synthesizer).

299.         Venus, can only synthesize Earth, Mars, and Pluto—not Mercury. It is also not conceivable that it could synthesize either Vulcan or Jupiter (both planets, essentially, of a higher essential spiritual status than Venus).

300.         Venus, though so involved in fifth ray matters, does not seem like an ideal planet to fit into the synthesizing role here described.

301.         Saturn, an important synthesizer is not a fifth ray planet.

302.         Uranus is a possibility, but in what way does it synthesize five schemes which are Brahma? In a way, it would seem necessary for Uranus to synthesize ‘greater Saturn’, as long as ‘greater Saturn’ (when synthesized by Uranus) did not contain Venus!

303.         Mercury (with its hypothesized sub-monadic ray) could synthesize a number of the brahmic schemes (Pluto, Mars, Earth), but we would be hard pressed to see it synthesizing Venus (as Venus is now more rapidly entering obscuration that Mercury), nor is it conceivable to think of Mercury synthesizing Vulcan and Jupiter—Jupiter is too ‘big’, too great, and Vulcan represents the seven logoic head centers while Mercury, hypothetically, represents the logoic ajna center.  Yet, perhaps there are unnamed brahmic schemes (veiled, for instance, by the Sun and Moon) which could be synthesized into Mercury. We will think about this.

304.         Some of the mystery may hinge on the relationship between ‘central Saturn’ (in the midst of the six, in Chart VI, TCF 373) and ‘greater Saturn’ Who seems to embrace the seven, including ‘central Saturn’.

305.         If there is a ‘central Saturn’ distinct from a ‘greater Saturn’, do these two absorb different planets?

306.         Could ‘greater Saturn’ absorb Mars, Earth, Vulcan, Jupiter and ‘central Saturn’? We could also count Pluto into this absorption.

307.         Venus would then be left free to pursue its way to Neptune.

308.         But what of Mercury, destined for absorption into Uranus? Is not Mercury potently manasic and Jupiter potently buddhic?

309.         Is it possible that Jupiter, too, would be absorbed by Neptune? There is nothing to indicate this except quality—for between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, there is one great quality in common—notably the second ray.

310.         Give the proposed ray structures of Jupiter, there is no manasic content; rather there is buddhic content and (if Jupiter is conceived as having a seventh ray/first ray Monad, then will or atmic content).

311.         On its way to being absorbed by Uranus, is Mercury first absorbed by Saturn—perhaps by ‘central Saturn’?

312.         If so, then ‘central Saturn’ would absorb Mars, Earth, Vulcan, and Mercury (and Pluto?—not mentioned in the charts), and Uranus would be that one of the higher synthesizers, which would absorb ‘central Saturn’ (along with the planets ‘central Saturn’ had absorbed—Mars, Earth, Vulcan and Mercury). Uranus could also absorb ‘greater Saturn’ if it were divested of the buddhic planet or planets which were destined for absorption into Neptune.

313.         Something must be done with Pluto, of course (not listed on Chart VI) and Pluto can be considered, essentially, a manasic planet.

314.         Pausing to assess our progress in deciphering this mystery, there seems to be a Saturn related to five and a Saturn related to seven.

315.         The question of what we might call ‘direct absorption’ contrasted with ‘mediated or delayed absorption’ also figures into the problem.

316.         The intricacy is staggering and DK warned us that we would not be able to solve the matter.

317.         If we were to look among the known planets for planets with a definitely manasic component we would have:

a.      Pluto—hypothesized R3 Monad

b.      Mars—hypothesized R5 (sub-monadic ray)

c.      Earth—definite R3 personality

d.      Mercury—hypothesized R3 personality, R5 sub-monadic ray, R3 major monadic ray

e.      Saturn—hypothesized R3 soul (though perhaps it is R1) and definite R3 Monad.

318.         Venus with its fifth ray soul has been left out of the enumeration, but could be included if it is possible to be absorbed into Saturn (which Saturn?) and then, in some manner ‘extruded’ and  delivered to Neptune.

319.         Uranus, with its likely R3 personality and proposed R5 sub-monadic ray, could be the synthesizer for the five schemes of the Five Kumaras Who are Brahma. There is a close relation between Saturn and Uranus—Uranus is the Father of Saturn! When speaking of Saturn here, we may be speaking of ‘central Saturn’. Still, for all its fifth ray content, it is hard to conceive of Uranus as the Logos of the Fifth Ray; He is far more identified with the seventh and the first ray.

320.         As for absorbing the other two planets related to Saturn, it may be that ‘greater Saturn’ absorbs them—i.e., Jupiter, Vulcan. As for Venus, does it go directly to Neptune, and does Jupiter (even if absorbed by ‘greater Saturn’) somehow find its way to Neptune (before ‘greater Saturn’ would be absorbed into Uranus) as would Venus?

321.         Are planets and groups of planets once absorbed, again separable as the final absorption into the two remaining synthesizing planets is prepared?

322.         Speculating reasonably about absorption patterns depends much on which planet (of Uranus and Neptune) we consider to be the final absorber.

323.         We know that, as for any final absorption into Uranus

a.      The content of a lesser Saturn or ‘central Saturn’ could be absorbed, because it would have, itself, absorbed only strictly manasic planets. We are hypothesizing that planets with a strong buddhic content would not be absorbed into lesser or ‘central Saturn’.

b.      But the full content of a ‘greater Saturn’ could probably not be absorbed, if, ‘greater Saturn’ would have hypothetically absorbed such planets as Jupiter and, perhaps, Venus, which have such a buddhic content. This is certainly true of Venus. If Jupiter, however, has a hard-line monadic ray, its final absorption into Uranus is not so problematic.

c.      As for Vulcan, while it is not a manasic planet (and though its Monad could by hypothesized as on the “soft line”), it could certainly be related to both Saturn and Uranus without much difficulty.

d.      Vulcan could be considered somewhat manasic through its relation to the concretizing aspect of the fifth ray and, thus, to the mineral kingdom.

e.      As a possible method of emerging from the impasse in which we find ourselves, we could also remember that there are non-sacred planets not listed in the diagram on TCF 373: the Sun veils one of them and the Moon another. If they, with Pluto, are numbered among the strictly manasic planets then certainly manasic Mercury could absorb them, and so could Venus, though Mercury being more essentially manasic than Venus is a stronger possibility.

324.         At least we have, over the course of several of these commentaries, laid out the problems surrounding the absorption and synthesizing process. Any final (definitely dependable) solution evades our best efforts, but the different possibilities can be retained in consciousness until some shaft of intuition brings us closer to solution.

325.         The subject of obscuration, final synthesis and absorption/resolution is extremely specialized and its final processes lie billions if not trillions of years ahead (at least according to occult chronology).

326.         The whole process is a very interesting intellectual exercise, and its pursuit reveals many things about the planets involved, but the final solution must necessarily be a secret relating to the higher initiations.

327.         We can close this section by stating that the Logos of Uranus is a Being we cannot dismiss as possibly related to the Fifth Logos, and must be considered alongside of Venus and Mercury. Objections to all of them can, however, be found.

328.         One of the things we must learn to act when seeking to identify the Fifth Logos, (or any other Logos) is—‘the Fifth Logos when’! One planet may serve in the function of Fifth Logos at one developmental stage of the Solar Logos and another planet at another stage.

We have now to deal with the influence of a force that is waning and passing out of dominance, that of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism.

329.         The sixth ray force was the major ray force during the Piscean Age now passing.

 It will not be possible to predicate much anent it, beyond pointing out certain general ideas which may be of value in the contemplation of Ray cycles in general.

330.         Some of the most important information about ray cycles is veiled. We must slowly gather the evidence if we want to understand which rays are influential, the degree to which they are influential and what may be their full cycles and sub-cycles.

[Page 437]

These Ray influences work through their focal points in all cases (macrocosmic and microcosmic) and these are the etheric centres. 

331.         Rays express through etheric centers, microcosmic and macrocosmic.

332.         They also express through centers in the other and higher vehicles. But centers in other and higher vehicles can also be considered etheric within respect to those vehicles. The higher four sub-planes on which chakras are always found are in relation to any plane, etheric.

The centres, in the case of all Beings, are ever seven in number, and are composed of deva and human units in group activity,

333.         What may be the analogy to “deva and human units” when considering the etheric chakras of man?

334.         We recall that the term “unit” can only be applied to a self-consciousness entity.

335.         In this context we are speaking of centers within greater Beings such as Planetary Logoi.

 or of force vortices which contain in latency, and hold in ordered activity, cells with the potentiality of human manifestationForget not the occult truism that all forms of existence pass at one stage of their career through the human kingdom.

336.         The centers in a Planetary Logos may contain more than simply human and deva units, but also those which will become human.

337.         Usually the presence of such beings in the chakras of a Planetary Logos are not discussed.

338.         What does it mean to “pass…through the human kingdom”. It cannot mean that every atom (per se and in isolation) will become a human being.

339.         From one perspective, many lesser forms of existence form parts of the vehicles of the human kingdom, but this is probably not what the Tibetan means.

340.         From another perspective, it could mean that all lower forms of existence have a fundamental relationship to the monadic identity of the human CH kingdom and will one day find themselves as that which individualizes as a human being. The matter is far more abstruse than may appear on the surface.

Cosmic, or extra-systemic rays, impinge upon or circulate via centres found on the second cosmic ether, but which, at the present stage of objectivity, become systemically visible in the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic.

341.         We are speaking of the high influences which impact the monadic level—cosmic or extra-systemic rays.

342.         Systemic visibility is related to the buddhic plane. These rays, in whatever manner, become “systemically visible” on that plane. Compared to the highest three planes of the cosmic physical plane, the buddhic plane is objective.

343.         We can gather that the Monad is the recipient of very high energies. The energies of the twelve zodiacal constellations are cosmic or extra-systemic.

One permanent cosmic Ray is the ray of our Logos Himself, and the subrays of this ray permeate His entire system. 

344.         The Solar Logos is a cosmic Being and is, in a way, extra-systemic, although He embodies this solar system.

Six other cosmic Rays, animating other systems, influence ours, finding their reflections in the subrays of our logoic Ray. 

345.         We are talking of the six solar systems of our Cosmic Logos.

346.         We can see how these six systems could be related to the hexagon found in Chart VI (TCF 373)

347.         The subrays of our Solar Logos are correlated to the six cosmic rays coming from the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One.

348.         As logoic subrays reach the different parts of the solar system and eventually humanity, it is the energies of the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One which are also reaching these destinations.

To these six cosmic influences our Heavenly Men respond.

349.         The Heavenly Men of our solar system are correlated with the subrays of our Solar Logos and with the six cosmic rays of the six other Solar Logoi in the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One.

  They absorb the influence, being centres in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate it through Their own centres (chains), and transmit it on to other schemes, coloring it with Their Own peculiar shade and qualifying it by Their own peculiar tone or note. 

350.         Here we have a picture of solar systemic circulation. Through this pattern of circulation, the energies of the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One reach all aspects of our solar system.

The whole system of ray influence, or radiatory warmth, considered both physically and psychically, is one of an intricate circulation and interaction.

351.         We can only imagine the intricacy of the passage of the energies

352.         Ray influence is, interestingly, called “radiatory warmth”. This suggests the close relation of solar fire (relatively a ‘warm’ fire) with ray influence.

 The radiation or vibra­tion passes in ordered cycles from its originating source, the One Ray, or systemic Logos, to the different centres in His body. 

353.         The “systemic Logos” is considered the “One Ray”. In our solar system (and at this time), that Ray is the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the Indigo Ray.

354.         There is nothing random or chaotic about the passage of the differentiations of the One Ray through all aspects of His solar system. The passage is controlled by numerical resonance.

Viewed from the physical standpoint this ray force is the energising factor in matter. 

355.         This—despite the fact that it is the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

356.         From a certain perspective, buddhi (ray two) energies matter and is found at the heart of every atom.

Viewed from the psychical point of view it is the qualitative faculty. 

357.         The second ray is especially related to quality. All that is qualitative in our solar system has its root in the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

From scheme to scheme, from chain to chain, and from globe to globe, this force or quality passes and circulates,

358.         We are speaking of the circulation of the One Ray through the entire solar system.

359.         It is clear that schemes, chains and globes (even if we cannot easily conceive of their spatial arrangement of chains and globes relative to each other) are definitely centers of qualified energy and force and part of the “Divine Circulatory Flow” of our solar system.

both adding, and at the same time abstracting, and returns to its focal point with two noticeable differences:

360.         The One Ray and its differentiations both endows (or qualifies) and abstracts and absorbs (that which is ready to be absorbed).

361.         To ‘abstractable’ units (or collective units) the One Ray acts as a great magnet ‘inviting’ them to merge with it.

[Page 438]

a. The radiatory heat is intensified.

b. The qualitative character or colour is increased.

362.         These two effects suggest the developmental result of the circulation of the One Ray throughout its solar system. In general, the heat of the Ray is intensified and the color characterizing its quality increases.

363.         We can see that the circulation of the One Ray throughout its system is not only a bestowal but an acquisition.

The effect on the form side is equally noticeable, and the warmth or quality of a Ray not only affects the psyche of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, but has a definite effect on material substance itself.

364.         The One Ray (and its differentiations circulating with it) is enhanced; as well, all that is touched by this circulation is also affected and enhanced.

365.         It is significant to note that “material substance” is affected by a qualitative vibration.

366.         We note that the One Ray has bestows qualitative enhancement and material enhancement.

367.         We note the equivalence of the words “warmth” and “quality”, both of these terms relating to solar fire.

Ray influences work equally on the deva and human Hierarchies, as they function in a planetary or logoic body.

368.         It is not only the human Creative Hierarchy that is influenced by the circulation of the One Ray (and its subsidiaries) but the deva Creative Hierarchies as well.

369.         Ray cycles are nourishing and transforming in relation to all the types of lives which are touched by the circulation.

370.         The cycles are analogous to the breathing process. There is vitalization but also absorption as well as the expulsion of that which is not needed.

 Clarity of thought might eventuate if we ever bear in mind that all forms are dual, both in evolution and in essential nature.

371.         By this duality, DK seems to mean the psychical and the material. We recall the duality existing between electricity (relating to the physical plane) and magnetism (relating to the astral plane and to quality in general).

 They are the product of the work of the Builders (deva forces) and of active intelligence (the human units) and the two are indivisible in the Divine Hermaphrodite, or Heavenly Man.  They are stimulated in both aspects of their Being by the ray influence.

372.         Forms are the product of both devic and human efforts:

a.      The devas build

b.      Human beings contribute active intelligence.

373.         “Active intelligence” is also easily associated with the devic units. We have especially, connected with man, active conscious intelligence.

374.         Usually devas and men are considered parallel kingdoms, but by the time we reach the level of a Heavenly Man or Divine Hermaphrodite, devas and men are “indivisible”. This indivisibility seems to relate to the level of the Monad, on the second plane or plane of unification.

375.         If the “second Logos” dispenses “unifying heat” some of that heat is destined to unify the two once parallel kingdoms and render them “indivisible”.

Let us now tabulate these ideas somewhat:

                                                Psychical            Physical

Entity         Force Centres    Manifestation     Manifestation

1. Solar Logos    Heavenly Men     Deva Builders     A solar system

                              They energise     They work in

                             and are                  matter and

                             active life.             hold the life.

376.         What of the lesser types of men who express within the sphere of a Solar Logos? Are they, too, not part of His “Psychical Manifestation”?

377.         Presumably, the type of “Deva Builders” referenced above are Greater Builders.

378.         Perhaps by the term “psychical” we mean “qualitative”.

379.         We can compare this tabulation, in part, with the tabulation on TCF 293.

380.         When considering the function of the deva builders, the phrase “hold the life” may be pondered. The devas confine the life aspect which seeks, later, to break through its devic confinement.

381.         Objectivity temporarily limits subjectivity which, eventually, considers the objectivity with which it is associated as a prison.

2. Planetary         Human group     

Logos        units                     Deva Builders     A Scheme.

382.         We see that, in this tabulation, the devas are associated with “Psychical Manifestation”

383.         The psychical manifestation is considered distinct from the force centers themselves.

384.         The centers in a Planetary Logos are called “human group units”. What of the chains and globes which are also centers? Are they not also “force centers”?  The “human group units” must be as lesser centers.

385.         Are we arriving at the conclusion that ‘psyche holds life’?

386.         We note that the chain level and globe level are skipped, just as they are in the tabulation on TCF 293.

3. A Man              Seven etheric      Elemental            Bodies.

                             Centres                builders

387.         “Human group units” are as chakras within the Planetary Logos. How big are these group units? Ashrams can be considered “human group units”, but there are groups of Ashrams if the many globes in various chains are to be considered.

388.         Thus there is a graduated scale of “human group units”.

389.         The “elemental builders” are the lower parallel to the “deva builders”. The deva builders within a Solar Logos or Planetary Logos may be considered “units”, i.e., self-consciousness; not so the “elemental builders”.

Each of these divisions can be studied separately and in due course of time (when it may be safe to transmit information more freely anent the devas) it will be seen that a deva Lord of a plane, for instance, works through force centres, mani­fests objectively through the colour which is His psychical display, and ensouls the matter of [Page 439] a plane just as a Heavenly Man ensouls His scheme. 

390.         Here we have an important parallel. What does a Raja Deva Lord do?

a.      He works through force centers (just as force centers are found within a Solar Logos, a Planetary Logos or a man). As to what may be the force centers of such a Deva Lord, they have not been revealed, but they are probably to be found on specific sub-planes. One wonder if such force centers are only to be found on the higher sub-planes of a plane (as in the case of a man or Solar Logos), or if the lower sub-planes, too are included.

b.      He “manifests objectively through the colour which is His psychical display”. By the word “psychical”, we may mean “qualitative”.

c.      Such a Deva Lord is also a “Great Soul” and He ensouls the matter of the plane just as a Heavenly Man ensouls His Scheme. In many respect the Deva Lord and the Heavenly Man are parallel Beings.

391.         It is necessary to study the parallel between the Heavenly Man and the Raja Deva Lords Who cooperate with Them.

The idea can be extended likewise to chains, globes, races, and rounds.

392.         How shall we do this? Certainly there will be a representative of the major Raja Deva Lord of a systemic plane on the chains, globes and races—i.e., on those portions of systemic planes confined by chains, globes and root races.

 Duality always will be seen,—human and deva manifestation forming the sumtotal, and always will energy and quality progress in parallel lines.

393.         Here we have an important clarification:

a.      Humans are correlated with energy

b.      Devas are correlated with quality. As stated before, that which is “psychical” is related to “quality”

As the ray influence passes away from a race or a planet, a scheme or a solar system, it must not be supposed that it is completely abrogated;

394.         This is an important point related to ray cycles; a ray in abstraction is not abrogated, not nullified.

it has simply passed beyond the periphery of whatever ring-pass-not it was energising, and the force of its influence is being focussed elsewhere.

395.         So when a ray is abstracted, it is simply “focussed elsewhere” and is temporarily ineffective in relation to the field which it was previously influencing.

 The original recipient becomes a channel, or transmitting agent, and not so much an absorber or container. 

396.         It is as if the ray simply passes through the original recipient; the ray quality is not contained or absorbed.

Words again are handicapping us, and proving their inadequacy to express an idea.  What the student should recognise is that during a cycle of ray influence, the object of its immediate attention receives and absorbs it, and transmutes it according to its need, and not so much therefore is available for transmission.

397.         Every center is both an absorber and container and also a transmitter.

398.         When a center acts as an absorber/container it is not as effective as a transmitter. When it allows passage through (and thus transmission) it does not absorb and contain.

 When the cycle is drawing to a close more and more of the ray influence or magnetism will be felt elsewhere, until practically all of it will be passed on unabsorbed.

399.         This tells us very much about the dynamics of a ray going out of incarnation with respect to a specific field. It simply passes through and is not absorbed.

400.         This is an entirely different perspective and one that carries a most valuable and assimilable conception.

This is what is beginning to happen in relation to this sixth Ray of Devotion.

401.         Here we have a much more sophisticated conception of what it means for a ray to cycle out of incarnation. It is simply increasingly transmitted instead of absorbed and contained.

 Egos who are on that particular Ray will take form elsewhere on other globes, and in other chains, and not so much on our planet. 

402.         This tells us where sixth ray Egos will ‘go’ in approximately one hundred and thirty years when they are (almost) completely out of incarnation (on our globe).

403.         It is a very valuable reference. We note that they go to other globes in their own chain. For instance, sixth ray Egos are about to enter a state of pralaya with respect to the Earth-globe, but they may go to other globes in the Earth-chain.

404.         They may also go to other chains, still probably within our Earth-scheme.

405.         Or if we are speaking in general about any type of ray going out of incarnation in relation to a globe in any chain of any scheme, then the Egos connected with that ray will change globes within their own chain or change chains within their own scheme, but will probably not change schemes—though this to is temporarily possible.

The vibrations of that Ray will quiet down as far as we are concerned, and find increased activity elsewhere. 

406.         This we may expect in relation to our globe as far as the sixth ray is concerned.

407.         Further we see another confirmation that our globe is necessarily far more than a thoroughly physical globe. Sixth ray Egos (in all their vehicles of expression) are located on our globe and they transfer to other globes with all or most of their vehicles of expression—perhaps not their strictly etheric-physical vehicles.

To phrase it otherwise, our planet and all thereon will become positive and non-receptive, and will temporarily repulse this particular type of force

408.         When a ray cycles out of incarnation, then the sphere which it had been influencing, and which had been negative and, thus, receptive to the ray, becomes “positive and non-receptive” to the ray and, thus, repulses it.

409.         There is also the possibility (as suggested above) that the ray in question will pass through the field in which it used to demonstrate and simply not be absorbed.

A psychical manifestation of this can be seen in the dying down of what is called Christian enthusiasm.

410.         Here, DK will speak of the sixth ray which is passing out of incarnation with respect to our globe.

 This Ray, on which the Chohan Jesus may be found, will no longer pour its force to the same extent into the form He built,

411.         This form being the Christian Church…

and it will necessarily slowly but surely disintegrate, having served its purpose [Page 440] for close on two thousand years.

412.         This is the predicted disintegration of the Christian Church (at least in its present form).

 Later again the same force will be felt returning, and a new form will be found slowly coming into being, but along more adequate lines.

413.         We do not know when the sixth ray in its racial cycle (to use the terminology of ray theorist Stephen Pugh) will again return. It would seem that it may be in as many as fifteen hundred years.

414.         In any case the numbers “1” and “5” (as SDP points out) are very closely related to the sixth ray cycle.

It will consequently be apparent how the knowledge of these cycles, and of the force manifestation or obscuration of a Ray will eventually lead to a working with the Law, and to an intelligent co-operation with the plan of evolution.

415.         We need to know how to act and when to act. The how is determined by the ray effect we wish to achieve according to Divine Purpose.

416.         The when is determined by what ray energies may be available at the proposed time of acting. Better, we can choose to act when we are sure the necessary energy is available and in the measure needed.

 It might here be stated that the seven Kumaras (the four exoteric and the three esoteric) cooperate with this Law, and work exoterically, or esoterically according to the Ray in power, with the exception of the first Kumara, the Logos of our scheme, Who—being the synthesizing point for all—remains ever in objective activity.

417.         This reveals that the Esoteric Kumaras are active in the planetary process, working with the major Ray in power, on or through the planet.

418.         A particular one of the Kumaras will be active according to which subrays of the major “Ray in power” are active.

419.         The “first Kumara” is both Sanat Kumara and the Planetary Logos. This is one of those examples of equivalence between the two Entities.

420.         It is important to realize that the Planetary Logos is never out of incarnation—incarnation meaning “objective activity”.

421.         Certain of the Kumaras may remain, for certain cycles, subjective—i.e., out of objective activity.

It is this Ray [the Ray in power] activity which governs the obscuration or manifestation of a system, and a scheme with all that is included in these manifestations. 

422.         Manifestation and obscuration within the life cycle of a Planetary Logos are determined by which ray or rays are in power and when.

423.         There is never a time in which only one ray is in power. In our planetary scheme, so focussed through the number four, there are usually four rays simultaneously in power.

424.         This will change in future rounds in which, conceivably, more rays could be in power until, at last, in the seventh round, all rays would be in power.

Hence the emphasis laid in all occult books on the study of cycles, and on the differentiation of the one hundred years of Brahma into its component parts. 

425.         There will be an extraordinary number of parts; the subdivisions will be of the greatest intricacy when one considers the uniqueness of the planetary schemes and their distinct cycles, different from those of the other Planetary Logoi.

In this knowledge lies hid the mystery of Being itself, of electrical force, and of fohatic synthesis.

426.         In the knowledge of cycles throughout the occult century of one hundred years of Brahma lies hid:

a.      Knowledge of the mystery of Being

b.      Knowledge of electrical force

c.      Knowledge of fohatic synthesis

427.         We are considering the possibility of a grand synthesis of knowledge. We are taking our first faltering steps towards this synthesis.

428.         By learning how to subdivide an occult century, one learns much about the manner in which a solar system is created, how it evolves and how it is absorbed.

I will make no more comments on the future effects of the Ray which is passing into temporary obscuration as far as we are concerned. 

429.         It is interesting that DK did not much discuss the qualities of the sixth ray nor the duration of its particular cycle or cycles.

430.         The obscuration into which it is passing is “temporary”, as we realize, and involves refocalization on other globes in our chain and other chains in our scheme.

We shall later take up at greater length than has been possible with the other Rays, the subject of the seventh type of force now coming into power, and which is therefore a vital factor in the immediate evolution of man.

431.         We shall do this because the seventh ray is of such immediate importance.

432.         Thus far, in this section, we have dealt with three of the Rays of Attribute as ‘Rays of Manas’. We have studied the fourth and fifth ray in some detail; the sixth ray cursorily. We are about to undertake the study of the seventh ray.