Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester III Section XI

TCF 318-332 : S3S11
9 September – 22 September 2006

(Most of the Tibetan’s text is put in font 16, to provide better legibility when projected during classes. Footnotes and references from other AAB Books and from other pages of TCF are put in font 14. Commentary appears in font 12. Underlining, Bolding and Highlighting by MDR)


It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph.


1.                  We recall our context, electricity demonstrating on the third plane of Brahma.


On this third plane that intelligent principle demonstrates as coherent activity, either systemic, planetary, or monadic, and also as the triple vibration of spirit-matter-intelligence, sounding as the threefold Sacred Word, or electricity manifesting as sound.


2.                  The atmic plane is involved in the manifestation of the Solar Logos, the Planetary Logos and the human being.

3.                  The AUM is the triple vibration of spirit-matter-intelligence. The AUM is the threefold sacred word.

4.                  In the previous commentary we were discussing electrical demonstration on the three highest ethers of our solar system.

5.                  The quotation immediately above concerns that demonstration on the atmic plane.

6.                  When the term “electricity” is used, per se, it often refers to the third aspect of divinity. Naturally, this third aspect is related to the atmic plane, the third systemic plane.

7.                  The sacred threefold Word is, we are told in this context, “electricity manifesting as sound”.

8.                  Whatever may appear on the seven systemic planes is an electrical manifestation.

9.                  Can this be said of manifestation on the higher cosmic planes? It would seem reasonable, but not enough is said of the constitution of such planes to make speculation justifiable.


We have here an interesting sequence or inversion, according to the angle of vision, involving the planes as we know them:


Electricity as vibratory impulse.  This causes the aggregation of matter, and its activity within certain bounds, or its awakening to activity within the solar [Page 319] ring-pass-not.  This is the first syllable of the Sacred Word.


10.             We are dealing with the descending sequence: Vibration, Light, Sound, Colour.

a.      Vibration pertains to the first plane or sub-plane.

b.      Light pertains to the second plane or sub-plane.

c.      Sound pertains to the third plane or sub-plane.

d.      Colour pertains to the fourth plane or sub-plane.

11.             VSK states and questions: “This starts the sequence of Vibration, Light, Sound, Colour. How do we notice the inversion? According to what angle of vision?”

12.             May it be suggested that the angle of vision is that from the logoic plane ‘downwards’? We ascend through colour, sound, light and vibration. If we were to see as the Planetary Logos sees, we would invert out usual angle of vision.

13.             VSK questions: “Is the first syllable the ‘A’? Can a syllable be a letter? How literal or symbolic is this, and all references to the Sacred Word?”

14.             May it be suggested that there is probably more to a syllable than a letter, but that the syllables for which the letters stand is not revealed to us? Thus, we do not know if there is a syllable associated with every letter in the Sacred Word. It is possible, but in any case, such a syllable is not given.

15.             When electricity appears as “vibratory impulse”, what are the results?

a.      It causes the aggregation of matter

b.      It causes the activity of matter within certain bounds

c.      It causes the awakening of matter to activity within the solar ring-pass-not.

16.             Electricity as vibratory impulse is closely related to the first syllable of the Sacred Word.


Electricity as Light, causing spheroidal objectivity.  This is the birth of the Son.  It covers the enunciation of the second syllable of the Sacred Word.23


17.             The enunciation (or could it be called a “sounding”) of the second syllable of the Sacred Word is the cause of the “spheroidal objectivity” such is found on that Jupiterian plane, the monadic. Of course all the planets will find expression on all the planes, but there is one plane in relation to which their functioning is most characteristic. There are other planes in relation to which the functioning of a given plane is harmonious.

18.             It is important to realize that this second electrical demonstration—a demonstration as Light—is associated with sphericity. Light, the second ray, sphericity, coherence and Jupiter are associated ideas and would repay contemplation.

19.             The “Son” is a “Son of Light” and His shape is the sphere. Sphericity is correlated with the Divine Son and, of course, with the second ray.

20.             It is interesting that “spherical objectivity” relates to the second plane. From this perspective, only the logoic plane is truly to be considered subjective.


23: "Through perfectly concentrated meditation on the light in the head comes the vision of the Masters who have attained."


21.             VSK tells us: “There has been some research into the Light in the Head, see Niklas Nihlen’s website and compilations on www.makara.us Reference section.”

22.             Within the dynamics of the light in the head there must be a resonance which admits to the higher planes whereon these Masters are focussed.


"The tradition is that there is a certain centre of force in the head, perhaps the 'pineal gland,' which some of our Western philosophers have supposed to be the dwelling of the soul,


23.             Descartes supposed this.


—a centre which is, as it were, the doorway between the natural and the spiritual man.


24.             To think of the pineal body as a “doorway” is useful. It would seem that higher psychism depends upon the activation and utilization of the pineal gland. This may not be said of lower psychism which, to a great extent, utilizes the solar plexus.


  It is the seat of that better and wiser consciousness behind the outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head;


25.             This is stated in an interesting manner. There is an “outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head”. It must be associated with the ajna center and the pituitary gland. There is also a “better and wiser consciousness behind the outward looking consciousness”. This “better and wiser consciousness is associated with the highest head center, the pineal gland and the soul.

26.             The concept of a “better and wise consciousness” is simple and of value when thinking of the way we live and the behavior we exhibit. We can always ask, “Is this decision in accordance with my ‘better and wiser consciousness’?”


 that better and wiser consciousness of "the back of the mind," which views spiritual things, and seeks to impress the spiritual view on the outward looking consciousness in the forward part of the head.


27.             Somehow, this is very practical information. The phrase “the back of the mind” suggests the Observer as the soul consciousness.

28.             There is something occultly, anatomically accurate about the words “behind” and “back”. They refer to the location of structures within in the head.

29.             There is a consciousness within us that sees; it “views spiritual things”. Do we have access to that consciousness? To the extent that we are successful in occult meditation, this consciousness in the “back of the mind” can impress that which it sees on the consciousness in the forward part of the head.

30.             The cultivation of the “Attitude of the Observer” will facilitate the emergence of this “better and wiser consciousness”.

31.             The dynamics of the souls communication with the personality are reflected in occult dynamics occurring within the head—i.e., within the physical and etheric brain.


   It is the spiritual man seeking to guide the natural man, seeking to bring the natural man to concern himself with the things of his immortality.


32.             Another way of saying this is simply the influence of the soul upon the personality.


  This is suggested in the words of the Upanishad already quoted.  "There, where the dividing of the hair turns, extending upward to the crown of the head'; all of which may sound very fantastical, until one comes to understand it."


33.             We are locating the ‘seat’ of two fundamental aspects of human consciousness.

34.             We see that literal, quite physical suggestions in the ancient books may have a deep spiritual/physiological meaning.


"It is said that when this power is fully awakened, it brings a vision of the great Companions of the spiritual man, those who have already attained, crossing over to the further shore of the sea of death and rebirth.


35.             This, then, would be the way to clearly see the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet.


  Perhaps it is to this divine sight that the Master alluded, who is reported to have said:  'I counsel you to buy of me eye salve, that you may see.'"—Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book III, 32. (C. Johnston's Edition.)


36.             The “eye salve” is that which allows the third eye to see. The Master holds the secret of this anterior and deeper sight.

37.             We are dealing with a deeper kind of spiritual sight which emerges through the use of the third eye and the pineal gland.


Electricity as Sound.  Here we have the completed threefold Sacred Word.


38.             Electricity as Sound is focussed on the atmic plane whereon the threefold Sacred Word (AUM) is completed.

39.             In one way the monadic plane is the plane which relates to the origin of sound—the Akasha.

40.             In another respect, sound is related to the atmic level (Aether), whereon the sounding of the threefold Sacred Word is completed.

41.             The atmic plane is animated by the third ray and the first ray, and the particular planet to be associated with it is Saturn. Saturn, we may remember, is the ruler of the throat center for disciples and advanced human beings.


On the fourth plane this electrical force shows itself as colour.


42.             As the buddhic plane is the plane of harmony, it is appropriate that electrical force demonstrates as colour on this plane.

43.             Since colour is a veil, the buddhic plane (when considered in relation to the three planes immediately higher) must also be considered a kind of veil. The number four often represents the vehicle with an enfolded three expressing through it.

44.             In a way, love is the veil of will. Buddhi veils atma; the monadic plane veils the logoic.


 In these four we have the fundamental concepts of all manifestation; all four have an electrical dynamic origin; all are basically a differentiation or effect of impulse, emanating from the cosmic mental plane and taking form (with intelligent purpose in view) on the cosmic physical.


45.             We remember that what we call cosmic manifestation begins on the cosmic mental plane.

46.             Vibration, Light, Sound and Color are “the fundamental concepts of all manifestation”. They are each and all an electrical demonstration.

47.             Vibration, Light, Sound and Color have “an electrical dynamic origin”.

48.             All four arise from an electrical impulse, of which they are an effect or a differentiation.

49.             That which has an electrical dynamic origin arises due to the bi-polarity o the Self-divided Self. There is no vibration before Self-division.

50.             Yet, from another perspective, the eternal perpetual motion of Universe, No-Universe, Universe, No-Universe, etc., is a VIBRATION—the Ultimate Vibration.


  Man repeats the process on his tiny scale, dealing only with three planes, and flashing into objectivity on the solar physical.


51.             The “solar physical” and the ‘systemic physical’ are two names for the same thing.

52.             The phrase “flashing into objectivity” may conceal an important truth. The phrase seems to hint at the suddenness of objectification.

53.             What scientists have called the “Big Bang” is a flashing into objectivity.


  It will be demonstrated later as science attains more and more of the truth that


1.   All physical phenomena as we understand the term have an electrical origin, and an initial vibration on the first sub-plane of the physical plane.


54.             That “initial vibration” comes under the province of Vulcan, the generic ruler of the first sub-plane of any systemic plane.

55.             We are being told that physical phenomena have an electrical origin and that origin can be traced to the first etheric sub-plane of the solar physical plane.

56.             There may be a way in which Vulcan is related to electrical impulse. We certainly know that the hammer and the anvil produce ‘sparks’.

57.             The sun, of course, is, for our solar system, the real origin of electrical impulse.

58.             There is necessary a head center connection, because the head center is located within the first ether of the systemic physical plane.


[Page 320]

2. That Light, physical plane light, has a close connection with, and uses, as a medium, the second ether.


59.             Here is an important connection with the heart center, as the heart center is located within the second ether. Light and love are thus related. Generally they have a reciprocal relationship, and the increase of one signals the increase of the other.

60.             We understand that the second ether is a medium from the propagation of light.

61.             Although it is the fourth ether which is presently being studied and its phenomena discovered, even so common a demonstration as physical plane light involves the second systemic ether (which, with the first systemic ether) is considered esoteric or occult!


3. That sound functions through the third ether.


62.             The relationship between sound and the number three has already been discussed.

63.             Light and sound are constantly perceived by many forms of life. We are seeing that even normal physical phenomena have a close connection to etheric functioning.

64.             Of the four—vibration, sound, light, colour—it is vibration that is really occult, thus usually unperceived, though the common denominator of the other three.


4. That colour in a peculiar sense is allied to the fourth ether.


65.             VSK asks: “Again, how do we see this inversion according to the angle of vision?”

66.             May it be suggested that the “inversion” is a descent from the highest of four planes to the lowest.

67.             The colour or the buddhic plane veils the archetypal distinctions of the monadic plane.

68.             What is the “peculiar sense” in which colour is allied to the fourth ether?

69.             Colour is visible on all the planes, but the buddhic plane is particularly the plane of color (though sound is also very important to the buddhic plane, as creations of the great composers suggest).

70.             We might say that the buddhic plane is that plane whereon the nature of the highest Trinity (the energies of the logoic, monadic and atmic planes), is revealed through colour and presented to the lower worlds in a harmonized manner—through colour.

71.             The word “allied” is useful. We could say that vibration is allied to the first ether; light allied to the second ether; sound allied to the third ether; and colour, as here stated, to the fourth.


We must note here that in the development of the senses, hearing preceded sight, as sound precedes colour.


72.             When comparing the order of development of the senses to the order of the four planes involved, we see there is not a one to one correspondence.

Order of Planes and Elements of Manifestation

Order of Sensory Development

Vibration: first solar plane, associated with touch

Hearing develops first

Light: second solar plane, associated with sight

Touch develops second

Sound: third solar plane, associated with hearing

Sight develops third

Colour: fourth solar plane

Sight, per se, develops before the sense of colour


73.             The senses of taste and smell (in a higher sense) are subtle and are most associated with vibration (as the most subtle and occult of the four electrical demonstrations).


An interesting analogy may here be noted between the fourth cosmic ether, and the fourth ether on the physical plane of the solar system.


74.             Here is suggested an analogy between the fourth solar ether and the buddhic plane.


  Both are in process of becoming exoteric—one from the standpoint of man in the three worlds, and the other from the standpoint of a Heavenly Man.


75.             Man in the three worlds is rendering the fourth solar etheric exoteric. Many discoveries in the fields of energy and force during the past century are part of this process.

76.             The buddhic plane is, however, still deeply esoteric to the average human being.

77.             If a Heavenly Man is viewing the buddhic plane as exoteric, it must mean that His focus is still more interior—atmic or monadic, for instance.


  The fourth ether is even now being investigated by scientists, and much that they predicate concerning ether, the atom, radium, and the ultimate "protyle" has to do with this fourth ether.


78.             We may say that much of the focus of the members of the fifth ray Ashram has been the fourth ether. The field of modern physics has focussed there.

79.             We can presume from what is said that the discovery of radioactivity (as evidenced at first by radium) relates to a penetration into the fourth ether.

80.             By the ultimate “protyle” is meant the hypothesized homogeneous essence of all physical matter. There are significant references to the “protyle” in the Secret Doctrine.


  It will eventually be brought under scientific formula, and some of its properties, knowledge concerning its range of influence, and its utilisation will become known unto men.


81.             VSK enquires: “What realms would we identify as fourth ether? What does modern science call this realm? Has it now become so normalized or accepted that we no longer consider it unusual and call it by another name?”

82.             If the fourth etheric is only now beginning to be used by human beings, to what degree are we utilizing the properties of the third and second ethers? To a lesser degree it would seem, though light is to be associate with the second ether.

83.             Atomic energy has been developed to a great extent during the twentieth century—for purposes of both war and peace. It would seem that there has been a considerable unfoldment of the properties of this ether (the fourth) during the last one hundred or so years. We have to remember that TCF was written in the early 1920’s concluding in 1925.

84.             DK hints that not all the properties of the fourth ether will become known to men and utilized by them.


Paralleling this, the buddhic plane, the plane of the Christ principle, is gradually becoming known to those advanced beings who are individually able to cognise their place in the body of a Logos of a planetary scheme.


85.             The “advanced beings” here under discussion are high initiates and Masters of the Wisdom.

86.             The implication is that knowledge of the buddhic plane is closed to those who are not yet able to cognize their place in the body of a Logos of a planetary scheme.

87.             Although the higher mental plane is the focus of the soul, which both embodies and somewhat veils the Christ principle, the buddhic plane is the plane of the Christ principle.

88.             We might ask ourselves: “Do we actually have cognition of our place in the body of the Planetary Logos of the Earth?


The influence of the buddhic plane, and the electrical force that is its peculiar characteristic, are beginning to be felt, and its energy is also beginning to have a definite effect on the egoic bodies of men;


89.             When the buddhic plane begins to affect the egoic bodies of men it is a signal that the first initiation for humanity is approaching.

90.             The influence of buddhi upon the egoic body will contribute to its re-polarization or re-focussing upon the second sub-plane of the higher mental plane.

91.             We remember that as a human being becomes an advanced human being and as the first initiation approaches, the causal body is re-focussed upon the second sub-plane of the mental plane (a plane resonant to the buddhic plane).

92.             We can infer from what is here said that when the causal body of man is solidly focussed on the third sub-plane, it is the abstract mind which has the greatest influence upon it, and not the buddhic plane.

93.             We remember, however, how foundational is buddhic energy to the creation of the inmost tier of petals of the causal body, the synthesis petals.


 the fourth ether of the physical systemic plane is likewise assuming its rightful place in the minds of men, and the electrical force of that subplane is already being adapted and utilised by man in the assistance of the mechanical arts, for methods of transportation, for widespread illumination, and in healing.


94.             These two ethers (one solar and the other cosmic) are emerging into the awareness of humanity simultaneously.

95.             The upper brackets of the human race are the only ones for whom the buddhic plane is meaningful. They are also the ones for whom the systemic etheric plane is becoming meaningful as a factor in consciousness.

96.             The properties of the fourth solar ether, however, are widely recognized by many human beings, though not recognized for what they really are.

97.             Let us tabulate some of the current uses of the electrical force of the fourth solar etheric sub-plane:

a.      That electrical force is of assistance in the mechanical arts

b.      That electrical force is of assistance in various methods of transportation

c.      That electrical force contributes to the widespread illumination covering the globe. In producing such illumination, the second ether must also be involved.

d.      That electrical force is of assistance in the healing arts; this will increasingly be the case.

98.             We are discussing, really, the wide-spread uses of electricity and more recently of electronics.


  These four adaptations of electricity:


99.             DK uses the common term—“electricity”, but we are now familiar with the idea that there are many kinds of electrical force, of which our common electricity is only one of the lowest.


[Page 321]

1. For mechanical uses,

2. For transportation,

3. For illumination,

4. In healing,


are but the working out on the physical plane of paralleling utilisation of buddhic electrical force.


100.         Let us accustom ourselves to the utilization of such terms as:

a.      Buddhic electrical force or impulse

b.      Atmic electrical force or impulse

c.      Monadic electrical force or impulse

d.      Logoic electrical force or impulse

101.         Electrical force is also characteristic of the lowest three cosmic sub-planes though DK’s focus is not there.

102.         DK is suggesting that buddhic electrical force is directly connected to customary electrical force as it manifests through the fourth systemic ether. The means of that “working out” of buddhic electrical force on the fourth etheric level of the physical plane is not given. We are simply told that the activity on the fourth solar etheric is in some manner derived from the activity of the fourth cosmic ether.

103.         VSK asks: “Is the fourth ether simply ‘electricity’ as we commonly think of it? 

104.         There seems to be justification for this thought.

105.         It is interesting that many scientists, when asked for a definitive definition of electricity, say “we do not know”.


It might here be asked why colour primarily is spoken of as the buddhic manifestation of electricity.  We are employing the word "colour" here in its original and basic sense as "that which veils."  Colour veils the sevenfold differentiation of logoic manifestation and, from the angle of vision of man in the three worlds, can be seen only in its full significance on the buddhic plane.  All fire and electrical display will be seen to embody the seven colours.


106.         VSK states: “We know colour is a range of vibrations, and the identification of colour into a septenate is an archetypal construct or rayological divisioning, and not merely a fact of optics or physiology (nor culture).”

107.         We gather that “fire” and “electrical display” are equivalent.

108.         Colour, we learn, is visible in relation to all the seven planes, because these planes are expressions of “fire and electrical display”.

109.         While color seems to reveal quality, DK calls it a veil upon the sevenfold differentiation of logoic manifestation.

110.         Is it possible then, that the true essence of an energy or force does not reach us if mediated by that which we call colour?

111.         Perhaps we could say that colour both veils and reveals.

112.         Whatever we think we know of colour, its full significance will only begin to be revealed to us on the buddhic plane.


Again another correspondence between the fourth cosmic ether and the fourth physical ether lies in the fact that they are both primarily concerned with the work of the great builders, bearing in mind that they build the real body of the Logos in etheric matter;


113.         The number four has a direct connection with the devic forces. The Master Serapis upon the fourth ray works intensively with the deva evolution.

114.         The true “Greater Builders” of the cosmic physical plane, are found upon the monadic level, but the fourth systemic etheric and the fourth cosmic ether are both resonant with the monadic plane along the 2-4-6 line of energy.

115.         The real body of the Logos is etheric. We might, therefore, conclude that the three lower systemic planes are not part of the real logoic body, for from the logoic standpoint, they are material (an unprincipled) and not etheric.

116.         The systemic ethers however (though not really a part of the solar logoic etheric body), have a resonance with the cosmic ethers which compose the true etheric body of the Solar Logos.


 the dense physical vehicle is not so much the result of their work as it is the result of the meeting of the seven streams of force or electricity, which causes that apparent congestion in matter that we call the dense physical planes (the three lower subplanes).


117.         We learn that the dense physical plane is not very much the work of the greater builders (or “great builders” as here stated).

118.         We could pause for a serious question: “Is DK now speaking systemically or cosmically, i.e., is he speaking of the three lower sub-planes systemically or cosmically?

119.         While I could be incorrect, I believe that, in this context, He is speaking systemically. He could say the same thing from a cosmic perspective, with interesting implications regarding an apparent “congestion” existing in our systemic mental, astral and physical-etheric planes.

120.         We note that DK did not say “the dense physical plane” (singular) because of the intraconvertability between the solid, liquid and gaseous states.

121.         The formation of the dense physical planes (solid, liquid and gaseous) is interesting. It is caused by the “meeting of seven streams of force or electricity”. These dense physical planes, further, are called a “congestion in matter”. This gives us some idea of the divine energy flow to be expected on these planes when compared to such a flow on the ‘uncongested’ or ‘decongested’ planes. Relatively, there is little freedom on the dense physical planes.

122.         In a way the “congestion” is not real but only “apparent”. Further, the lower three planes are an ‘apparency’ or an ‘appearance’.

123.         A congestion occurs when a large volume of a liquid (or that which flows) attempts to pass through a ‘space’ too narrow or limited for the rate of flow to continue as it was. There is a backing up. We can see that the physical body presents much resistance to flow. In this type of instance, the resistance is electrical.

124.         There are conceivably, however, methods of refining, purifying and rearranging the dense physical planes so that the rate of flow would be much augmented, and so the electrical demonstration of the dense physical planes would be more in accord with that of, for instance, the etheric plane. Great souls have accomplished this and it is the destiny of humanity and the other kingdoms of nature—eventually.

125.         The seven streams of force or electricity cannot include streams of force from the lowest three sub-planes, because we are talking about the manner of formation of those very planes.

126.         Perhaps, the seven streams of electricity can be considered representative of the seven cosmic sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane, including the systemic etheric plane as the seventh and lowest.

127.         If we were speaking cosmically, about an apparent congestion manifesting through the systemic mental, astral and etheric-physical sub-planes, then the seven streams of electricity would all be cosmic in nature and would be representative of the seven cosmic planes, taking the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic planes as four cosmic ethers, and, thus, a source of the lowest of the seven streams.

128.         In any case, it is a fascinating statement and requires pondering. The seven have produced the three.


  This apparent congestion is, after all, but the exceeding electronic activity or energy of the mass of negative atoms awaiting the stimulation that will result from the presence of a certain number of positive atoms. This needs to be borne in mind.


129.         The congestion is not real by only “apparent”. DK has now repeated this idea.

130.         When we speak of “electronic activity”, it would seem we are speaking of the activity of electrons.

131.         The negative atoms may be thought of as those composing the three dense levels of the systemic physical plane; these atoms are not etheric atoms.

132.         These negative or dense atoms require stimulation from the etheric levels of the physical plane. The “positive atoms” can be considered etheric atoms.

133.         The negative atoms could be considered as comprising what we usually think of as “dead matter”. It is matter gathered from an earlier solar system, awaiting stimulation and redemption in the present system.

134.         From the atomic perspective, we might consider such negative atoms as the ‘atomic failures’ of the first solar system.

135.         The “exceeding electronic activity” could simply be the bonding which occurs between atoms of positive and negative valence. The atoms are so bound together through this activity that they would appear locked into a resistant congestion.

136.         As we rise up the cosmic physical plane, the atoms involved become more numerous, less complex and freer. Compared to the atoms of the dense physical planes (systemically considered) they are undergoing de-aggregation.

137.         What is not given is the manner in which etheric atoms (carrying, occultly, a positive charge) come to influence the mass of negative atoms towards a new types of vitalization—perhaps inclining them towards radioactivity. The manner in which the energy of the higher planes flows with decreasing resistance through the mass of negative atoms is not given.

138.         VSK invites the scientists among us: “A modern scientific view, or rewording it in some other manner may assist in getting across some more meaning.”

139.         From another point of view which deals only with the matter of the dense physical planes (solar logoically considered) we might consider the negative atoms to be negatively charged particles, or ions. The positive atoms could be considered positively charged particles or ions. :Probably, however, this is not correct, because probably in DK’s view, the dense physical planes are composed entirely of a mass of negative atoms awaiting stimulation.


The work of evolution is based on two methods and demonstrates as:


Involution, wherein the negative electrons of matter preponderate.  The percentage of these feminine electrons is one of the secrets of initiation and is so vast during the involutionary stage that the rarity of the positive [Page 322] atoms is very noticeable; they are so rare as only to serve to keep the mass coherent.


140.         Here we are speaking not of “negative atoms” but of “negative electrons”, or feminine electrons.

141.         Could we be speaking of “charged particles”, i.e., positive and negative ions? A feminine electron would be negatively charged particle. A ‘masculine electron’ would be positively charged particle. Again, this is probably not the case as it does not emphasize the division between the dense physical planes (solar logoically and not cosmically considered) and this is what DK seems to be doing in this section.

142.         Yet a charged particle is of much greater mass than an electron. Could the electrons themselves (which are found in orbits or electron shells) be considered either feminine or masculine, either negative or positive? Perhaps, however…

143.         We should note that DK seems to be using the terms “electrons” and “atoms” interchangeably. He speaks of “feminine electrons” but compares them with “positive atoms”, of which there is a paucity in the involutionary stage. We may remember that He often, as well, uses the terms “atoms” and “cells” interchangeably.

144.         It is also possible that, for DK, the term “electron” does not mean what it does for modern science. “Feminine electrons” could simply be; what He has been calling a “negative atoms”—those which are essentially the matter of the former solar system.

145.         Really, what we are reading is quite unusual and difficult to correlate with modern science. It is deceptively simple.

146.         We have also to remember DK’s analogical perspective. Nothing is simply one thing and one thing alone. Everything changes its identity when seen from a higher or lower perspective. What is an atom of one level of perception, can be as an electron at another.

147.         In the involutionary process the negative electrons preponderate greatly and have to be balanced by a small number of “positive atoms”, otherwise the mass of atoms would not be kept coherent.

148.         On the atomic level, it seems we have operative a kind of ‘sub-microscopic polygamy’.

149.         VSK comments: “Interesting that the ratio is so heavy to the feminine. Whereas, for example, in the gonads the female produces very few eggs to the man’s milliards of sperm.”

150.         VSK continues: “These ratios are much larger also than the ratios we have between devic and human lives.”

151.         VSK notes: “Note that it is only a rare positive atom that serves to keep the mass coherent.”


Evolution, wherein, due to the action of manas, these negative atoms become stimulated and either dissipate back into the central electrical reservoir, or merge in their opposite pole, and are consequently again lost.


152.         VSK enquires: “Does manas only come into action during the phase of evolution?”

153.         May it be said that manas is active throughout involution and evolution, but has a special stimulating, de-aggregating and etherealizing effect on the path of Evolution

154.         VSK asks: “Why would negative atoms ‘dissipate’ or merge into the opposite pole, due to stimulation?”

155.         May it be said, that from the redemptive angle, the negative atoms become more like positive atoms—more etheric in nature.

156.         VSK comments: “Being ‘lost’ is of interest. At what point do ‘atoms’ attain their own identity and, therefore, cannot be ‘lost’?”

157.         There are two ways that an atom may be “lost”, and these ways should be compared to the human level of functioning.

a.      Atoms may become stimulated and dissipated back into the central electrical reservoir

b.      Atoms may become stimulated and thus merge in their opposite pole.

158.         I would think that the manasic stimulation (itself putably of a positive nature) may occultly alter the negative polarization of the “negative atoms” or “feminine electrons” (the two terms seem equivalent). Such an altered polarization may contribute to dissipation back into the reservoir. The atoms, in short, are becoming more like etheric atoms through a process of ‘de-aggregation under stimulation’.

159.         Merging with an atom of opposite polarity would also cause a loss of distinctiveness. The Father and the Mother are, as it were, “lost” in the emerging Son. Does such a merging occur in relation to human units? And if it does occur, in what context does it occur? Within the Ashram?

160.         The function of manas during involution is to produce a diversity of adaptable forms. During evolution, manas promotes the development of consciousness.

161.         Atoms, it would seem, have a limited duration in specificity. Their distinctiveness is easily lost in the general reservoir or atomic field, or in the merging process.


This results in:




162.         We seem to be speaking of the process of etherealization.

163.         When faced with terms like “Synthesis” and “Homogeneity” we are reminded of the process of obscuration or absorption.

164.         The planets too, as they are absorbed in the obscuration process, become etherealized.


The rarity instead of the density of matter.


165.         As evolution proceeds, dense matter becomes less common.

166.         For instance, during the involutionary processes of a planetary globe, each successive globe (as the fourth globe is approached) has an increasing density of matter. Following the turn, as globes successive to the fourth are approached, the density of matter lessens accordingly.

167.         Even in relation to the fourth globe itself, there is an involutionary period when the preponderance of negative atoms (or negative or “feminine” electrons) is great, and a later period when this preponderance becomes greatly reduced.

168.         On our present globe at this time, we are moving (however slowly) towards Synthesis and Homogeneity. Actually, we have turned towards obscuration, at least in relation to our globe. Other planetary schemes definitely possessed of physical globes are much father advanced in the obscuration process—Venus and Mercury.


The fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic, is the plane of air, and is also the plane of absorption for the three worlds.


169.         Yes, we are speaking of absorption and of the merging (not only of the three densest systemic subplanes into the fourth ether, but) of the three lowest cosmic physical sub-planes into the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic plane.

170.         This is another way of saying that mind becomes merged in transcendental mind; or that lower Saturn becomes merged in Jupiter.

171.         DK is switching His perspective between the cosmic and systemic: the absorption of the three dense physical planes systemically considered, and the same type of absorption cosmically considered.


  This rarefication of dense matter (as we know it) simply means that at the close of the evolutionary process it will have been transmuted and be practically, from our point of view, non-existent;


172.         We are speaking of the “rarefaction of dense matter”. Another way of describing this is the manasic stimulation of the negative atoms which, then, become dissipated back into the central electrical reservoir or merged in or with their opposite pole.

173.         These thoughts are more in line with those of conventional occultism. The etherealization of matter will proceed with the evolution of our globe.

174.         We see this going on in the human physical-etheric body when the stream of manas joins the united stream of prana-kundalini, and makes possible the beginning of the initiation process, which is really a process of transmutation and “rarefication”.

175.         The words “from our point of view” are interesting. DK may be speaking about the ability of man in the future to function in relation to the etheric plane in such a manner that the dense physical plane is barely noticed.

176.         One should not overlook the many mutations of terms which have appeared in this section. DK is constantly hinting that that which modern science does not yet realize.


 all that will be left will be the positive atoms, or certain vortices of force which—having absorbed the negative will demonstrate as electrical phenomena of a form inconceivable to man at his present stage of knowledge.


177.         We are definitely speaking of the mysteries of electricity and there is nothing easy about what is being said.

178.         Positive atoms (which are certain vortices of force—for that is what atoms are—will have absorbed the negative atoms.

179.         A certain kind of electrical phenomenon will then be in demonstration, but we are not now capable of conceiving what it might be.

180.         Let us review what we have been considering:

a.      Negative atoms and positive atoms

b.      Negative or feminine “electrons” and, therefore, probably (in contrast), positive or masculine electrons.

c.      The possibility (increasingly remote) that we may be talking of charged particles or ions.

d.      Involutionary and evolutionary stages of the great Evolutionary Process, and the changes of in the nature and preponderance of certain types of atoms and electrons during various phases of the process.

e.      The production of dense matter (during involution) and the “rarefaction of dense matter” (during the later stages of the evolutionary process.

f.        Processes accompanying absorption and obscuration.

181.         VSK suggests that reviewing the chart on TCF, 56, may be helpful?

182.         VSK questions: “What could this electrical phenomena be?”

183.         VSK asks: “What becomes of the planes ‘below’ the fourth etheric at the close of evolution?

184.         May it be suggested that such planes are absorbed into the etheric planes through the process of transmuting dense physical atoms into etheric atoms.

185.         In the following section we have a description of the activity of positive atoms as certain vortices of force.

186.         We remember that we are still in the midst of discussing various kinds of electrical phenomena.


These vortices will be distinguished by:

1. Intense vibratory activity.


187.         Will this be an etheric vibration? Surely as the absorption process continues, an intensification of vibration can be expected.


2. The predominance of one certain colour according to the quality of the etheric display, and its source.


188.         If we are speaking about the predominance of a certain colour according to the quality of the etheric display, we seem to be describing a point in the evolutionary process when etheric display and etheric vibration are the main ‘physical’ vibrations.

189.         We remember that in relation to the etheric planes, four colours are to be found: dark purple, violet, light violet, lavender/heliotrope.

190.         These are probably the colors to choose from in relation to the quality of etheric display.


These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the same colour as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet on the second, whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender. (TCF 912)


3. Repulsion to all bodies of similar vibratory rate and polarity.  Their attractive quality at the end of evolution will cease owing to the fact that naught remains to be attracted.


191.         We seem to be describing a time of de-aggregation and destruction of cohesion.

192.         We see that one of the main theatres of attraction is that existing between the positive atoms (etheric) and the negative atoms of the dense physical planes.

193.         We are speaking of two qualities as regards these positive force vortices:

a.      Their repulsive quality

b.      Their attractive quality.

194.         We have been learning that negative atoms are absorbed within these positive force vortices by means of the power of attraction. It would seem that in the period under discussion, that absorption of the negative by the positive will have been completed.

195.         We appear to be speaking of a time, not only within the evolutionary process, but at the end of the evolutionary process.

196.         Again a reminder that atoms and vortices of force are identical. This we can see by a study of Babbitt’s Atom.

197.         In attempting to understand this book, it is very necessary to learn which terms (though seemingly different) are equivalent.


The vortices in each planetary scheme will be, during evolution, seven.


198.         We note how rapidly we switch between the human and planetary perspective. Before we were speaking of positive atomic vortices. Now we elevate the consideration to a number of different kinds of vortices (of varying scope) to be found within a planetary scheme.

199.         The number seven is associated with the process of evolution.

200.         If there are seven vortices within each planetary scheme, these vortices must be associated with the seven planetary chains, which, from the point of view we are considering, can probably also be seen as vortices of force.

201.         One wonders whether there is any apparently tangible ‘thing’ which is not, really, a vortex of force.

202.         VSK suggests: “All schemes are septenates, but aren’t some schemes complete in five rounds? Or fewer?”

203.         DK has told us that the Venus process will be complete in five rounds and probably the same for the Mercury process.


Later, during the period of obscuration, three of the vortices will approximate their masculine pole and eventually but one will be left.


204.         We are simply talking about the process of absorption within a planetary scheme (probably an etheric phenomenon) but we are using other terms. We are speaking of vortices being absorbed in other vortices instead of chains being absorbed within other chains.

205.         It would also be possible to consider planetary schemes as vortices, each of them destined for polar union.

206.         Within a planetary scheme there are apparently three feminine vortices, which three approximate their masculine pole (merging it would seem).

207.         When DK says “but one will be left”, He probably means, one vortex comprising all other vortices within a planetary scheme will remain. The word “eventually” gives the hint.

208.         We are probably speaking of the absorption process as it relates to seven major vortices and not to all the possible vortices within a planetary scheme.

209.         VSK suggests: “Much therefore must still be ‘happening’ during obscuration if the three approximate their pole and then only one is left after the obscuring period.”

210.         Having begun with the atom of matter, DK is now extending the analogy.


In man a similar procedure can be seen in connection with his [Page 323] seven centres during the process of initiation.


211.         Initiation is a gradual, absorptive process.


  First there are seven, then three absorb the lower four through electrical interaction.


212.         We might consider that the ‘Vortices of Aspect’ absorb the ‘Vortices of Attribute’.

213.         The process of absorption or approximation is one of electrical interplay.

214.         But is the process occurring with the planetary scheme really analogous to that which is occurring in relation to the absorption process in amongst the human chakras.

215.         We re-read the following in relation to the absorption process within the planetary scheme:


Later, during the period of obscuration, three of the vortices will approximate their masculine pole and eventually but one will be left.


216.         Does this sound the same as:


First there are seven, then three absorb the lower four through electrical interaction.


217.         There are problems in trying to conceive them as truly parallel processes.

218.         It could be if the one that was “left” was one of the lower four, three of which approximated their masculine pole. But there are problems with this schema.

219.         There are a number of different ways of conceiving the absorption process amongst the seven:

220.         Let us number the chakras. in the following way:

a.      Base of the spine center = 1

b.      Sacral center = 2

c.      Solar plexus center = 3

d.      Heart center = 4

e.      Throat center = 5

f.        Ajna center = 6

g.      Head center = 7

221.         In relation to the following, variations are possible depending upon what is being absorbed: human chakras, planes, planets, solar systems—and we do not know the intricacies of these absorption patterns.

222.         The stages offered below are hypothetical. It is hard to distinguish between the throat center and the heart center in terms of their primacy—for the heart is primary to the throat, yet the throat has sixteen petals and the heart center only twelve. And the question arises, if the heart is primary to the throat center, then why is it ‘lower’ on the ladder of ascending chakras than the throat center?

223.         Notice that the spleen as a minor center is left out of the process (though it is often represented along with the major centers). It is probable that the minor centers have their own method of absorption, and that, chiefly, they are absorbed into the major chakra that rules the part of the etheric body where they are found.


Absorption Tabulation 1


Hypothetical Chakric Absorption Process 1

Hypothetical Chakric Absorption Process 2

Stage 1

2→5 = 2/5

2→5 = 2/5

Stage 2

3→4 = 4/3

3→4 = 4/3

Stage 3


2/5→4/3 = 2/5/4/3

Stage 4



Stage 5



Stage 6




224.         Note in Process 1, we reserve the absorption of the base of the spine center until near the last, because the base of the spine center is focal during the fifth initiation.

225.         The ajna center is also considered a kind of higher heart and higher throat.

226.         Further, the ajna center must remain until very near the end of the process, because it is from the ajna center that the final rising of kundalini is directed. The ‘director’, therefore, must not disappear before that which is directed.

227.         In Process 2, instead of bringing the throat/sacral directly to the ajna center, we bring it to the heart/solar plexus first and then this combination centered in the heart center to the ajna center. Whether or not this is feasible can perhaps be clarified if one considers what we are told of the planets and their manner of absorption.

228.         Now we will look at absorptive process in relation to the planets, which is much more intricate, as there are more of them than seven.

229.         The difficulty we will face and which will not be immediately resolved is that the methods of absorption which have been described in relation to the planets may not, at first, seem to accord with the probable absorption patterns for the chakras. As all planets are chakras, this is problematic.

230.         What is proposed blow does not entertain two possibilities:

a.      That there are three planetary triangles in relation to every chakric position within the Solar Logos.

b.      That Earth is the base of the spine center for the Solar Logos. I believe it will be, but is not yet, as it is not yet function through its first ray Monad.

231.         The attempt is merely to lay out some possibilities over which the group mind may ponder in the attempt to produce greater clarity. It would be presumptuous to imagine that the correct pattern could here be ascertained.

232.         The planetary chakra assignments will be somewhat as follows (disregarding the various ways that different planets—sometimes quite a number of them—can all be assigned to the same chakra):

a.      Base of the spine center = Pluto

b.      Base of spine center, splenic center, solar logoic mental unit = Earth

c.      Sacral center = Mars

d.      Solar plexus center and solar logoic astral permanent atom = Venus

e.      Heart center = Jupiter

f.        Throat center and solar logoic physical permanent atom = Saturn

g.      Ajna center = Mercury, and Neptune to a degree, as a synthesizing planet will be needed there.

h.      Seven head centers = Vulcan

i.        Crown center = Uranus; it may also serve in relation to the base of the spine center.

j.         Heart within the Head = Neptune (and Vulcan by association with the “Heart of the Sun”)

233.         When considering these possible patterns of absorption, it may be profitable to consider the three synthesizing planets as all incorporated within the highest head center. This would mean that essentially, the highest head center would be tri-partite, with Saturn, Neptune and Uranus all having a part to play within it.

234.         The order of absorption must be held loosely as much absorption is not strictly sequential but simultaneous. Of course, the sacral and solar plexus centers being their upward movement before the base of the spine center completes its upward movement.


Absorption Tabulation 2


Hypothetical Planetary Absorption Process 1

Following, to a degree, the

Chakric Absorption Pattern 1 Above

Hypothetical Planetary Absorption Process 2

Following what is given or may be inferred re Planetary Absorption

(Ignoring many Chakra Dynamics)

Hypothetical Planetary Absorption Process 3

Following what is given re Planetary Absorption

(Ignoring many Chakra Dynamics)

Hypothetical Planetary Absorption Process 4

Regarding Saturn as the Final Absorber of the Brahmic Seven and Necessitating a Planet other than Pluto for the Final Representative of the Base of Spine Center in its Last Degree of Activation

Stage 1





Stage 2





Stage 3

Saturn/Mars→Neptune (as ajna)




Stage 4

Jupiter/Venus→Neptune (as ajna)




Stage 5




Mercury→Vulcan or Vulcan→Mercury

Stage 6

Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter/Venus/Saturn Mars (combining ajna and seven head centers) merge




Stage 7

Pluto→ Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter/Venus/Saturn Mars


Vulcan→Saturn or Uranus


Note that all six subsidiary Brahmic planets are now resolved into Saturn (a process for which certain references call)

Stage 8

Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter/Venus/Saturn Mars/Pluto→Uranus


Saturn→Neptune (third aspect into second)

Saturn/Mercury/Vulcan/Jupiter/Earth/Mars/Pluto→Neptune or Uranus

Stage 9



Neptune→Uranus (or Uranus→Neptune (see commentary below)

Neptune→Uranus or


Stage 10



Uranus→Sun or


Uranus/Neptune→Sun or



235.         These four processes (and perhaps there are more that are reasonable) are all to be pondered carefully. Perhaps the intuition will resolve the problems with each of them which pondering will reveal.

236.         When contemplating the possible absorption processes, the mind is overcome with reasonable possibility, every one of which seems to contradict an indication from the Teaching. Having laid out what I consider to be some possible modes of process (remember that much of the process is occurring simultaneously) I would simply recommend brooding over it all, accompanied by intelligent discussion.

237.         Process 1 is unconventional, and follows a rational chakra absorption process, but ignores much of what is said about how planets are absorbed.

238.         One of the key issues could be named ‘The Problem of Multiple Absorption’: when DK tells us, for instance, that Venus is absorbed into Neptune, does He mean that…

a.      Venus is the only planet absorbed into Neptune?

b.      Or that Venus is absorbed into Neptune by itself?

c.      Or that Venus, in an already absorbed state, may then be absorbed by Neptune. For instance, if Venus is absorbed by Jupiter and Jupiter is then absorbed by Neptune, it could be said that Venus is absorbed by Neptune.

d.      This idea can be generalized to other planets. The matter is exceedingly intricate from the human perspective.

239.         We leave Uranus (representing the head center) as the Final Absorber. There is a reference, however, that suggests that Saturn may be the Final Absorber. Perhaps this has to be interpreted with respect to the cosmic physical plane only, as the absorption process may well continue on the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic mental plane.


“The Saturn scheme is esoterically regarded as having absorbed the `frictional fires' of solar space.” (TCF 1154.)


"Saturn is the synthesising scheme for the four planets which embody manas pure and simple and is the major  resolution for the minor four and eventually for all The Seven." (TCF 370.)


240.         So much here depends upon what is meant by “The Seven”. Probably, this does not refer to only the sacred planets, but especially to the seven which do not include Neptune and Uranus.

241.         It may also be possible that in a second ray solar system, Neptune would be the Final Absorber. At the head of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Neptune is often place in the role of Kether—“The Crown”. This hints at the primacy of Neptune, which is problematic, because it is said not even to be a true member of our solar system.

242.         Naturally, these absorption patterns can be extrapolated to relate to systems of Solar Logoi and systems of Cosmic Logoi.

243.         On another note, we are clear, at least, that ‘vorticular absorption’ or chakric absorption is “electrical interaction”. This we must remember.



  We are here viewing the subject wholly from the point of view of our present discussion.


244.         This is clear. The process of absorption is being presented in terms more related to energy/force.


  Finally, only the head centre is left, for it is the positive pole to all the others.


245.         The major chakra of all remains—no matter what the system we may be considering.

246.         As stated:

a.      There is justification for considering the monadically ray one planet, Uranus as the major representative of the head center

b.      There is justification for considering the monadically ray two planet, Neptune, as the major representative of the head center (since we are in a ray two solar system.

c.      There is justification for considering that all the three synthesizing planets will be intimately related to the highest head center.

247.         Here is yet another proposed system of absorption described below

248.         There are three synthesizing vortices in every such system of seven. Two of the synthesizing vortices (not the main synthesizing vortex) each absorb two of the lesser vortices. The four lesser vortices approximate, leaving two lesser vortices. Each of these two approximates with one of the synthesizing vortices. The two lesser synthesizing vortices that, between them, have absorbed the lower four vortices, now approximate, leaving one vortex to be absorbed by the major positive pole—the major synthesizing vortex. The schema below should help simplify:


Additional Absorption Pattern 1


An Additional Absorption Process Based on a System of Seven


Stage 1

We begin with a quadruplicity: 4, 5, 6, 7; and a triplicity 1, 2, 3

Stage 2

Item 6 and 7 merge, the lesser into the greater

Stage 3

Item 4 and 5 merge, the lesser into the greater

Stage 4

Item 6/7 merges into item 3

Stage 5

Item 4/5 merges into item 2

Stage 6

Item 3/6/7 merges with item 2/4/5

Stage 7

Item 2/4/5-3/6/7 merges into item 1 becoming item 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Stage 8

Item 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 merges into the One that animates all the seven


249.         The seven vortices are the sacred seven. There are non-sacred vortices which must be absorbed before the sacred seven can engaged in the absorption process. In Absorption Table 2 I have suggested some possible patterns.

250.         Here is another absorption pattern very much like the one just presented but with a few differences:


Additional Absorption Pattern 2


An Additional Absorption Process Based on a System of Seven


Stage 1

We begin with a quadruplicity: 4, 5, 6, 7; and a triplicity 1, 2, 3

Stage 2

Item 6 and 7 merge, the lesser into the greater

Stage 3

Item 4 and 5 merge, the lesser into the greater

Stage 4

Item 6/7 merges into item 4/5 producing item 4/5/6/7

Stage 5

Item 4/5/6/7 merges into item 3 becoming item 3/4/5/6/7

Stage 6

Item 3/4/5/6/7 merges into item 2 becoming item 2/3/4/5/6/7

Stage 7

Item 2/3/4/5/6/7 merges into item 1 becoming the entirety

Stage 8

Item 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 merges into the One that animates all the seven


251.         Here is yet another Absorption Pattern (let us call it “Additional Absorption Pattern 3) based upon Planes. It is the most straightforward of all and needs no diagram.

a.      Plane 6 absorbs plane 7

b.      Plane 5 absorbs plane 6

c.      Plane 4 absorbs plane 5

d.      Plane 3 absorbs plane 4

e.      Plane 2 absorbs plane 3

f.        Finally, plane 1 absorbs plane 2

g.      Only the atomic plane thus remains

252.         VSK queries: “The crown centre, or the dual head centre?”

253.         May it be suggested that we seem to be speaking of the thousand petalled lotus which includes the major twelve head center petals and is thus a “dual head centre”. DK also discussed the “two many petalled lotuses” (TCF 170) and these are the ajna center and the dual head center.

254.         All these absorption patterns have some merit and are based either on logic or on that which DK has given. NINE have been presented in all touching on…

a.      Absorption patterns based entirely on known or inferred inter-chakric dynamics

b.      Absorption patterns based on known or inferred interplanetary dynamics

c.      Absorption patterns based on a combination of known or inferred inter-chakric and interplanetary dynamics

d.      An absorption pattern relating to the seven planes and their ‘telescopic retraction’, each into a higher.


255.         After this somewhat lengthy but related digression, we remind ourselves of the originating subject.


This question of the electrical polarity of the centres is one of real difficulty, and little can be communicated on the matter.


256.         It must be obvious that we are dealing with a veiled subject. To say too much about it would be to reveal the electrical polarities not only of our atoms of matter/substance, but the polarities of the planets and the stars. Too much knowledge would be at our disposal (though in our present state of ignorance, we might not realize how this would be the case).


  It may be safely pointed out, however, that the generative organs are the negative pole to the throat centre as is the solar plexus to the heart.


257.         This is a straightforward thought and upon it we based some of the suggested absorption patterns above. The positive pole absorbs the energy of the negative pole. Such a simple process will be useful to bear in mind as we attempt to decipher the kind of veiled material we have been studying.

258.         We note that DK mentions here the “generative organs” (an obviously physical reference) and not the sacral center.


 The order of the development of the centres, the ray-type and colour, coupled to the fact that during certain stages of the evolutionary process different centres (such as the base of the spine) are positive to all the others, not even excluding the head centre, leads to the vast complexity of the subject.


259.         DK is notifying us of the difficulty of the subject. Here are some points of difficulty which we should register:

a.      The order of the development of the centres

b.      The ray type of the centers

c.      The colour of the centres

d.      The change in the polarity of different centers (such as the base of the spine center) at certain points in the evolutionary process

260.         It is not just complexity that we are dealing with but “vast” complexity.

261.         We are dealing with the full development of a ‘solar system’—whether that solar system is within man, within the Planetary Logos or actually within the ring-pass-not of the Solar Logos. In the tiny atomic worlds ‘solar systems’ also develop.

262.         Chakra systems are solar systems. Each chakra is as a sun.

263.         VSK enquires: “Do the other synthesizing centres, i.e., heart and throat, become negative to the head at some stage, or are they always negative (in some relative sense)?”

264.         Probably they are not negative at all times. The heart we learned is positive to the throat and the throat to the sacral center. We could infer that these two centers, heart and throat, are always, in some relative sense, negative to the head center, but the head center only develops its full magnetic and radiatory power during the later stages of evolution—after the development of the throat and heart centers.

265.         With reference to absorption patterns, we can only imagine what it would be like to begin a speculation regarding the absorption patterns of the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One or in relation to the constellational chakras of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. The process, would however, be purely academic as most human beings are far from absorption/obscuration and so is our planet, yet alone our solar system.


Likewise certain of the planetary schemes are positive and others negative; three of the schemes are dual, both negative and positive.


266.         A fascinating area of speculation has just been opened.

267.         Are we to assume that we are dealing only with the major seven here, such that two would be positive, two negative and three dual.

268.         Probably, we are talking of more than the sacred seven.

269.         It is possible to divide the planets into three categories: synthesizing planets, sacred planets and non-sacred planets.

270.         We have a facile method of dividing polarity according to these three categories—whether or not it is correct:

a.      Synthesizing planets—positive

b.      Sacred planets (i.e., the ones which are not synthesizing planets)—dual

c.      Non-sacred planets—negative

271.         Such a division cannot be entirely accurate, for there would be four sacred planets which were not synthesizing planets, and we are told there are only three dual planetary schemes.

272.         Qualitatively, when thinking of possible dual planetary schemes, Venus and Earth for different reasons seem good candidates.

273.         If we were to confine ourselves only to the sacred planets (which includes the synthesizing planets), Venus and Mercury could be investigated for signs of being dual schemes. Perhaps Jupiter and Neptune could be seen as receptive or negative schemes, and Uranus as a positive scheme. This leaves Saturn and Vulcan unassigned.

274.         Well, we are simply dealing with the ABC’s of a stupendous science concerning the polarities of chakras. The best we can presently do is to speculate.


 The same can be predicated anent a solar system, and, curiously enough, anent the planes themselves.


275.         We are being told that since solar systems are chakras, they can be arranged as positive, negative and dual (or neutral).

276.         There does seem to be a hierarchy in the matter of positivity and negativity, just as there is for atoms.

277.         The positive chakras are the head center, the heat center and the throat center. They are positive to the base of the spine center, the solar plexus center and the sacral center respectively.

278.         Because the ajna center may yet be one of the final absorbers, it too can be considered positive, but, in a way it is dual.

279.         In a planetary scheme we could apportion the chains accordingly.

280.         In a solar system, we could find those planets which rule the three (or possibly four) higher centers and consider them positive.

281.         Of course, the ultimate rulers of those centers may not yet be in powerfully because of the slow rate of developmental unfoldment of the planets with higher spiritual status. It is also possible that every center really has a triangle of planets associated with it, giving us the full twenty-one, and the sum of all, equally twenty-two.

282.         When considering the planes and their polarities, we find that there are many ways to divide them. We can be sure, however, that the highest three planes eventually absorb the lower four. Perhaps we can think of it this way:

a.      Physical and astral merge.

b.      The mental plane and the buddhic plane merge.

c.      With this foundation, there are two ways to go;

                                                    i.      That which results from the merging of the physical and astral plane merges with that which results from the merging of the mental and buddhic plane, and the result of this merging of four, reduced to one, merges with the atmic plane, which then merges with the monadic plane. That which remains merges with the logoic.

                                                  ii.      Or, probably less likely: That which results from the merging of the physical and astral plane is absorbed by the atmic plane. That which results from the merging of the mental and buddhic planes merges with the monadic plane. The atmic and monadic planes then merge, later to merge with the logoic.

                                                iii.      The scenario in ‘i.’ may be better as it is more continuous and does not leap over planes. In these matter of absorption it is best to preserve continuity—YET (as an example of discontinuity) it must be remembered that (according to TCF 406) Venus merges into Neptune and not into Saturn, and that Mercury merges into Uranus and not into Saturn. To preserve strict continuity, Saturn would receive both Venus and Mercury. It would not be, as it were, ‘skipped’ for Neptune and Uranus. (cf. TCF 406).

283.         Regarding the merging of planes, the most straightforward method was given above and is, in short: 7→6→5→4→3→2→1

284.         So there are many ways to proceed, and thus far, no certainty about which way is the correct way. The whole subject is deeply veiled, but as we progress in synthetic understanding, an unveiling will occur.


  For instance, in connection with the earth scheme we have a positive polarity of a temporary nature based on the type of incarnation our particular Heavenly Man is undergoing on our planet.


285.         It becomes clear that planetary schemes switch polarity at different stages of their evolution and with respect to other planets.

286.         This adds one more level of complexity to the whole consideration. The same center or chakra can be either of a positive polarity or a negative at different times of the solar system’s development. The same planet can also be positive to one planet and negative to another.


 By this is meant that there are masculine and feminine incarnations undergone by Heavenly Men as by men, considering the entire subject from the angle of electrical polarity and not from sex as understood in connection with the physical body.


287.         To undergo new incarnation, the planetary physical bodies (and some subtle bodies) do not have to disappear and disintegrate as is the case with a human being.

288.         Electrical polarity is a much bigger subject than the subject of sex (when considered only in relation to a physical body).

289.         VSK speculating and questioning: “What would this be? Base to Head, Sacral to Throat, Solar Plexus to Heart makes the three higher centres, by subplane. What is the other of the ‘lower four’? Is the Spleen here to be considered? Or, would Heart go to Ajna, e.g.? What are our possibilities?”

290.         May it be suggested that almost too many possibilities have been offered in various hypothetical absorption patterns above?

291.         VSK further queries: “What are the Ray equivalences? The Scheme absorptions?”

292.         There are many possible ‘routes’ for absorption. A number of them are feasible, which does not mean they are accurate. Probably, our best bet is to map out feasible ‘routes’ and withhold judgment until more is known—or intuited.


Venus is negatively polarised, and hence it became possible for a mysterious absorption by the Earth of Venusian force.


293.         Considering the spiritual status of Venus in relation to the Earth, it may seem strange to consider it negatively polarized. The matter is solved not by considering relative spiritual status, but the nature of the incarnation through which a particular Planetary Logos is passing.

294.         We are learning throughout this section that the positive absorbs the negative. The positive chakras (the ones with the greater number of petals) absorb the energy of the lesser chakras—whether dual/equilibrised or negative.

295.         So much of what we now call elevation and evolution on Earth resulted from this “mysterious absorption”.


  Again in this connection the question of sex may serve to elucidate.  The karmic tie between the two Heavenly Men—one in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative—caused the working out of an old debt and a planetary alliance.


296.         This sounds like the need to harmonize a relationship. Perhaps human marriages eventuate for just the same reason. Old debts are worked out, and, once harmony is achieved, an alliance between souls eventuates.

297.         In any case, it is evident that there is a definite karmic tie between the Planetary Logos of Venus and the Planetary Logos of Earth.


Light flashed forth [Page 324] in Lemurian days in a number of great groups of the human family when these two opposite poles made electrical connection.


298.         A planetary event caused this flashing forth in relation to the human family. The mysterious absorption of Venusian force by our Earth caused great developments within “a number of great groups of the human family”.

299.         Should we actually call these groups members of the human family when the true human being had not been born? Perhaps, we can use the term “human family” loosely when thinking in terms of the earliest ‘human’ root races. Or we should call the group the ‘pre-human family’.

300.         A study of TCF and the Secret Doctrine reveals that not all members of the ‘human family’ individualized through this flashing forth of light. The Solar Angels did not spiritually ‘impregnate’ all those who would become members of the fourth kingdom of nature. Some were not sufficiently advanced and others, coming from the Moon-chain were awaiting incarnation in inter-chain pralaya until a later time.

301.         We recall also that objectification occurs through a ‘flashing’ process.

302.         We are speaking of the results of the electrical connection between the Planetary Logos of Venus and the Planetary Logos of Earth, with Earth as the positive pole receiving the influence of Venus (in this instance, the negative pole).


 It needed the joint work of the two Heavenly Men, working on buddhic levels (the fourth cosmic ether) to bring about the blazing forth of the light of manas in the causal groups on the fifth cosmic gaseous plane, the mental plane of the solar system.


303.         VSK remarks: “The effect of a connection on the buddhic causes effect of light on the mental”.

304.         In this instance, the term “Heavenly Men” is equivalent to “Planetary Logoi”.

305.         The Logos of Venus and the Logos of Earth were engaged in “joint work”.

306.         The connection between them was etheric. The buddhic plane is considered a type of etheric plane in relation to both of these Heavenly Men.

307.         There seems to be a suggestion that the causal groups had been created and existed on the higher mental plane before the interplay between Venus and Earth originating on buddhic levels became effective to promote the “blazing forth o the light of manas”.

308.         IF, we are speaking of the process of individualization, then the causal groups seem to have been created before the blaze.

309.         This does not really make sense, as there can have been no causal groups without the coming of the Solar Angels, which coming was coeval with the interchange between Venus and Earth.

310.         We could, however, be speaking about a relatively lengthy process, the first part of which saw the creation of the causal groups and the second part of which saw the intensification of manas within those causal groups.

311.         Both processes, then, would be considered related to the joint work of the two Heavenly Men and the coeval coming of the Lords of the Flame (which was the result of the interplay of these two Heavenly Men).

312.         Venus has already achieved much of the buddhic consciousness, planetarily considered. This would have made possible, in relation to Earth, buddhic stimulation.

313.         We see, importantly, that the light of manas is really derivative of buddhic energy. Along this line we see that the Solar Angels were working buddhically before there was a manasic effect.


It will be remembered that it was earlier pointed out that the majority of men function consciously on the fifth subplane of the three planes in the three worlds.


314.         An important statement localizing the majority men in terms of their planar functioning.

315.         This tells us that the majority of men are not yet personalities in the true sense of the word, as this requires the utilization of the number of four—the number of personality.


  In them the fifth principle is beginning to function, but not in sufficient force as yet to do more than keep them in line with the electrical force flowing from the fourth cosmic ether down to the next subplane of the cosmic physical.


316.         The fifth principle is dual, as we have seen, manifesting as lower and higher mind.

317.         The fifth principle is only beginning to function in the majority of men. This means that the third petal of the egoic lotus is awakening.

318.         Still fewer have the higher aspect of the fifth principle active; this would involve soul influence in relation to the personality.

319.         Buddhic force emanates from the fourth cosmic ether; it flows down to the next cosmic physical sub-plane—the systemic or solar mental plane.

320.         The majority of human beings, though not truly in the stage of soul development, are at least able to grow normally, and remain aligned with planetary purpose as it is mediated from buddhi to manas.

321.         VSK asks: “Is the majority of men, therefore, not able to cause effect (of light) upon the astral?”


It must ever be borne in mind that each plane and each subplane which is numerically allied, is embodying the same type of force, and is consequently of the same polarity.


322.         Here is a clarifying principle. Planes which are numerically allied (as odd numbers are to other odd numbers, and even to even) are “of the same polarity”.

323.         We should see if using this schema can help us decipher polar alliances between chakras and planets.

324.         If planes 1-3-5-7 are numerically allied and of the same polarity, then would the planets hierarchically ruling these planes may be numerically allied and of the same polarity? And would the same apply to interpreting the numerical alliance between planets 2-4-6.

325.         Perhaps there would be mixed results. Are Vulcan, Saturn, Venus and Uranus all of the same polarity? Are Jupiter, Mercury and Mars all of the same polarity?


Again, the astral plane and the buddhic plane are related, as we already know; the astral is negative in relation to the buddhic plane.


326.         Here we have two planes related through numerical alliance, yet the lower of the two planes is negative to the higher—i.e., the astral to the buddhic.


 When the polarity of the different planes is known, when the polarity of the subplanes is comprehended, and when the interaction between them and the corresponding cosmic planes is grasped, then will man be free, but not before.


327.         What is the freedom here suggested? Is it freedom from the cosmic physical plane?

328.         Here is quite an extraordinary statement. It alerts us to the fact that, although we have been given a key which helps us understand which planes and sub-planes are positive and negative and, therefore, which are related to each other in terms of polarity, there is much which remains to be known.

329.         Is DK speaking of an individual man or of man as humanity?

330.         We have three levels of planes and sub-planes interacting—cosmic, systemic, and systemic sub-planar.

331.         If we understand resonance, then many of these subtle occult truths related to planar interplay will stand revealed.

332.         DK has given us the hint regarding the numerical alliances between planes and sub-planes, and thus hints regarding the polarity of planes and sub-planes. He has not revealed to us the method of their interplay, which, we can imagine is a profoundly difficult subject.

333.         VSK muses: “How can the astral and buddhic be negative and positive to each other? Is not the mental positive to the astral? Is the buddhic negative to the atmic? Is it all relative, e.g., everything below one plane being negative to the higher?”


When the polarity of the ethers to each other and their relationship to the whole is comprehended, human evolution will have run its course.


334.         We are speaking about the consummation of that which is now the fourth kingdom of nature.

335.         We may have been given the hint concerning the “polarity of the ethers to each other” but their relationship to the whole is not even minutely grasped.

336.         We see how much the fulfilling of the objectives of human evolution has to do with an understanding of and mastery of the ethers.


  A Master has solved the problem of electrical phenomena in the three worlds, hence His freedom.


337.         Those who solve the problem of electrical phenomena in relation to the worlds in which those phenomena apply are free of those worlds.

338.         We must remember, regarding the scope of development of a Master—He is only truly free with respect to the development of the three lower worlds.

339.         The seemingly miraculous things which a Master can perform are the result of His mastery of electrical phenomena in the three worlds.


  Further, when the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and their joint connection with the cosmic Entities Who indwell the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberation will be achieved.


340.         We are receiving certain prophecies of a broad scope.

341.         Positive Spirit and negative form have a relationship. Together they are related to “the cosmic Entities Who indwell the whole system”. That is to say, these cosmic Entities affect both the Spirit and form aspect of various planetary groups, including man.

342.         What is the scope of these cosmic Entities? Are they Planetary Logoi? Are they greater still? Because Planetary Logoi have their causal bodies on the higher part of the cosmic mental plane, we can consider them as cosmic entities.

343.         So often when we speak of groups we are speaking in terms of Planetary Logoi or Heavenly Men. It is as we merge into the life of the Heavenly Man that we become increasingly group conscious.

344.         It is possible, however, that the cosmic Entities referenced may be of much greater scope than Planetary Logoi. There are many types of groups to be liberated.


Perhaps in considering this abstruse matter it may [Page 325] help to clarify the point of view if it is recollected that man is essentially positive in his own nature but his vehicles are negative;


345.         Again the word “abstruse” is used, and we can only agree. We are reaching far beyond our normal experience in the attempt to fathom certain processes of which we know, really, nothing.

346.         Man contains within himself both the positive and the negative. As a Monad he is positive to every one of his vehicles, even those which express his higher nature.


 hence he is the central unit of positive electricity that draws and holds to him atoms of an opposite polarity.  


347.         Is it being said that all atoms of whatever sheath are really “atoms of an opposite polarity” when compared to the “central unit of positive electricity”.

348.         That “central unit” is necessarily the Spirit/Monad.


When he has merged and blended the two poles, and produced light of a definite magnitude during any particular incarnation (which magnitude is settled by the Ego prior to incarnation) then obscuration takes place.


349.         The purpose of every incarnation is the augmentation of light, or, in other words, an increase in consciousness.

350.         The two poles responsible for this augmentation are Spirit/matter.

351.         It would seem that the Ego knows how much ‘we’, the personality (soul in incarnation), will achieve in any one incarnation.

352.         We have no idea what an exact science of light and consciousness is wielded by the Solar Angel as it supervises the development of His charge—the human being.


  The electrical manifestation burns up and destroys the medium, and the light goes out;


353.         When our body dies, it represents the destruction of a medium for the expression of light. Death is brought about because an “electrical manifestation burns up and destroys the medium”.

354.         Death, too, is an electrical event, an electrical demonstration.

355.         All life processes in form result from aggregation and de-aggregation. If we think carefully, we shall see that aggregations and de-aggregations are electrically impulsed.


 what we call physical death ensues, for the electrical current burns up that which had caused objectivity, and that which shone.  


356.         This is such an interesting perspective on the cause of physical death as the human being experiences it, and probably as all atoms experience it!

357.         In physical death, the medium for the shining forth is burnt up, and the shining, or objectivity, ceases.

358.         There are many different kinds of death, and probably, the burning is found in relation to them all. (We remember at this point, the “burning desire” related to the second or monadic plane.)

359.         One thinks of the filament in a light bulb. Current passes through it, and there is objectivity or light. In a way, light is objectivity.

360.         But then, at length, the filament (through degradation) can no longer support the current. The filament burns up and light ceases. The analogy is simple but useful.


Let us carry this idea further and realise that these units called men (who are positive as regards their own vehicles) are but the negative cells in the body of a Heavenly Man,


361.         Would DK also call them ‘negative atoms’ or ‘negative electrons’.

362.         From a close study of TCF one gathers that such terms as “cells”, “atoms” and “electrons” can be used almost interchangeably.

363.         Our realization is that positivity and negativity are completely relative. When the point of view changes so does the estimation of polarity.

364.         It is important to note that not only are human beings “cells” in the body or chakras of a Heavenly Man, but “negative cells”.

365.         The Heavenly Man is positive and the human beings, being negative, are attracted to that Heavenly Man.

366.         The human being as a “central unit of positive electricity” is positive to the atomic constituents of all of his vehicles.

367.         Human being/atoms of his vehicles = human beings as Monads/Heavenly Man


 and are held within His sphere of influence by the force of His electrical life.


368.         The electrical life of the Planetary Logos holds us, a human beings, within His sphere of influences.

369.         The tiny atoms within the vehicles of man are likewise held within the sphere of influence of the man, attracted as they are to his positive center—the Monad—the “central unit of positive electricity”.


  Bear in mind again that the Heavenly Men are thus positive as regards the lesser lives, but in Their turn are negative as regards the greater Life that contains Them.


370.         As the ladder ascends, the polarity shifts.

371.         To what sort of Being are the Heavenly Men merely as negative atoms. It would have to be a being far greater than the Solar Logos; far greater than a Constellational Logos; far greater even than the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.


Here again is demonstrated the truth of the teaching given by H. P. B.

Electric Fire         Positive      Spirit.

Fire by Friction    Negative    Matter.

Solar Fire            Light           The two blended and thus

                                                producing the objective blaze.


372.         This is a fundamental tabulation and should be incorporated in consciousness.

373.         We should try to understand: objectivity is a blaze. That which is seen is a blaze. The result of the blending of Spirit and Matter is a blaze.


We have thus considered the question of the electrical origin of all manifestation in connection with the four higher subplanes of the solar system


374.         Particularly so (in relation to the four) but we have also hinted at the thought that all planes upon the cosmic physical plane are really an electrical demonstration.

375.         Once the One was Self-divided, electricity became inevitable.

376.         In a way, electricity is simply the means by which the Many re-become the One. It may also be the means by which duality becomes multiplicity.


those four planes which are the four cosmic ethers, and therefore form the body of objectivity of a Heavenly Man in exactly the same sense as the four physical ethers of the solar system form the etheric body of a man.


377.         What we are coming to understand is that the etheric body is the true “body of objectivity”.

378.         From this perspective, the three lowest sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane are really a kind of “congestion” in the same way that it was said (systemically) that the three lowest systemic sub-planes were a “congestion”.

379.         Is it not fascinating that with respect to our Heavenly Man, we have not, most of us, even entered His true “body of objectivity”? We are focussed within the densest reflection of that objectivity, and have not yet achieved buddhic consciousness.


I have here repeated the fact, as its importance has not yet been grasped by the average occult student; this fact—when [Page 326] conceded and realised—serves in a wonderful way to clarify the whole subject of planetary evolution.


380.         The fact is the fact of the ubiquity of electrical demonstration, and the electrical origin of all that can be considered truly principled substance, and even of that which cannot.

381.         Let us attempt to appreciate that DK states He is helping to clarify our minds within respect to the whole subject of planetary evolution. He is doing this because He is sharing with us an understanding of the “electrical origin of all manifestation”—with regard to the four cosmic ethers, at least.


 We have now reached the three planes wherein man functions, or the gaseous, liquid, and dense subplanes of the cosmic physical.


382.         This gives us some idea of the true province of man. We have far to go. Our major focus is within that which to a Planetary Logos is not even a principle, from the perspectives of the Solar Logos and Planetary Logos.


The whole subject of the akasha will be greatly clarified as exoteric science delves into the question of the ethers.


383.         Akasha is usually identified as the second ether—whether systemic or cosmic.

384.         Just as the entire cosmic physical plane is etheric (from one perspective) so is everything etheric really akashic. We will have to proceed carefully when dealing with these terms in order to see when they are being use specifically and when generally.


  As knowledge of the four types of ethers is available, as the vibratory action of these ethers is realised, and as the details concerning their composition, utilisation, light-bearing capacity,


385.         Apparently every ether has a distinctive light-bearing capacity.

386.         What must be know of the four types of ether?

a.      The vibratory action of each ether

b.      The nature of the composition of each ether

c.      The nature of the manner in which each ether may be utilized

d.      The light-bearing capacity of each ether

387.         We are speaking of developments which lie far into the future.


 and the various angles from which they may be studied become known then paralleling knowledge anent the corresponding four cosmic ethers will be forthcoming.


388.         We are being told that our avenue to rightly understanding the four cosmic ethers is through an understanding of the systemic ethers.

389.         We can wonder whether a theoretical knowledge of the cosmic ethers can assist with our understanding of the systemic ethers.


  Much concerning them may be deduced from the already apprehended facts which relate to the four solar physical ethers.


390.         That which is given on the systemic or solar ethers should be gathered, and analogy made to the cosmic ethers. This would be of great value in bringing us greater understanding of our life upon the seven sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane.

391.         Probably, quite a deal about Shamballa could be inferred from such a study, for Shamballa manifests, it seems through both the cosmic and solar ethers, especially the former.

392.         The planets most connected with shamballic functioning could be inferred by understanding the nature of the planets most influencing the four systemic ethers.


For instance, the fourth ether (which is even now being what we might call "discovered"), is at this stage characterised by certain things.


393.         The “discovery” relates to all that the twentieth century has revealed concerning atomic energy.

394.         Fortunately, DK will give us an example of what He means.


  I might enumerate a few of these facts with exceeding brevity, as follows:


395.         We are characterizing the nature of the fourth ether.


a. It is the ether which the violet ray uses as a medium.


396.         We are given four colors associated with the etheric sub-planes.


At the beginning of this period of recognition, men will principally contact the violet devas, for those of the higher ranks amongst them are definitely making the attempt to contact the human.  These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the same colour as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet on the second, whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender. (TCF 912)


397.         We notice that in this later reference, DK is somewhat more explicit than earlier, differentiating between “dark purple” and “lighter purple” or violet.


b. The fourth ether is that whereof the majority of the etheric bodies of men are made.


398.         This suggests that the majority of human beings are controlled by the lower chakras, resident on the fourth ether. This excludes the throat, heart and head chakras which are found on the higher ethers.


c. The fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devas of the shadows," or those violet devas which are closely concerned with the physical evolution of man.


399.         We might say that the devas of the shadows (as they presently can express with respect to man) utilize the fourth ether principally—at this time.

400.         Yet all the four ethers are home to the “devas of the shadows”.


d. It is the etheric sphere within which, at a little later date, the human and the deva evolutions will touch.


401.         DK is telling us that, as of 1922-1925, the human and deva evolutions had not really touched. Their real alliance, we may remember, occurs upon the buddhic plane.

402.         We can see how far we are from the actual consciousness interplay of man and deva.


e. From this fourth etheric sphere the dense physical bodies are created.


403.         This fourth ether is the point of precipitation. The number four is so often associated with creativity and is related to the number seven, of manifestation.


f. It is the sphere of physical individualisation.  Only when the animal to be individualised was fully conscious on that subplane of the physical plane was it possible to co-ordinate the corresponding spheres on the astral and mental planes and by means of this triple co-ordination to effect the necessary steps which enabled the quaternary to succeed in its effort to approximate the Triad.


404.         This is an amazing piece of occult information involving the resonance based on the number four.

405.         It seems surprising, however, to speak of the “animal to be individualized” as fully conscious on the fourth ether—especially since we human beings are now trying to achieve some degree of consciousness in relation to that ether.

406.         So we must question what it means for the animal to be “fully conscious” on that sub-plane.

407.         What we do see is that the event called individualization was an alignment—between the fourth ether, the four sub-plane of the astral plane, the fourth sub-plane of the mental plane and the triad (presumably with some buddhic involvement).

408.         It is also reaffirmed that sub-planes are “spheres”.

409.         Individualization, we see, is not simply some magical intervention by great Solar Beings, but results from an alignment achieved within the energy system of the pre-human animal.

410.         We can assume that the etheric brain is involved, just as is that level on the mental plane where on the mental unit (worked up from below) can be found.

411.         We remember that DK said He would describe this ether with “exceeding brevity”.

412.         When the quaternary approximates the Triad, light breaks forth and individualization occurs.


[Page 327]

g. This fourth ether in this fourth round and on this fourth chain has to be completely mastered and controlled by the Human Hierarchy, the fourth creative.  Every unit of the human family has to attain this mastery before the end of this round.


413.         Here we have an objective which applies to every unit of the human family.

414.         Can those who have not had the spark of mind implanted also be referenced? For they will not achieve until the fifth round? So then are such members of the human race included in the phrase “every unit of the human family”? The “end of this round” is the end of the fourth round.

415.         Again, we have to understand what “mastery” really means. Will it involve etheric vision?


h. It is the sphere wherein the initiations of the threshold are undergone, and the fivefold initiations of the physical plane are entered upon.


416.         We have to understand the meaning of “initiations of the threshold”. Usually these are the first and second initiations, planetarily considered.

417.         If this is the case, may we expect that the third initiation involves the third ether, and in some manner the throat center?

418.         The phrase “initiations of the threshold” seems quite straightforward, but what may be the “fivefold initiations of the physical plane”.

419.         We are not simply speaking of the five major initiations but of initiations which are “fivefold”. On this, we must ponder.

420.         In looking at the structure of the initiation process (as we can through studying Initiation: Human and Solar, do we discern that the process has five phases? If so, we would have one meaning for “the fivefold initiations”.


Much more might be further added to this list, but I have sought only to point out those which can be easily realised as having a correspondence on the buddhic plane, the fourth cosmic ether.


421.         DK is limiting the scope of His exposition.

422.         He began this section by comparing the fourth systemic ether with the buddhic plane and has persisted.


  It should be borne in mind that our physical plane in its subplanes has its analogy likewise to the entire cosmic physical plane.


423.         An extended analogy will be offered.




1. Adi              First cosmic ether.                1. Atomic subplane   First ether.

2. Monadic     Second cosmic ether.          2. Sub-atomic            Second ether.

3. Atmic          Third cosmic ether.               3. Super-etheric        Third ether.

4. Buddhic     Fourth cosmic ether.            4. Etheric                   Fourth ether.

5. Mental        Cosmic gaseous.                  5. Gaseous.

6. Astral          Cosmic liquid.                       6. Liquid.

7. Physical     Cosmic dense.                      7. Dense physical.


424.         Probably the substance of this chart has been quite fully absorbed by serious students of TCF.

425.         It would repay contemplation to ponder the nature of our systemic mental plane as the cosmic gaseous and our systemic astral plane as the cosmic liquidic.

426.         An entire unit of work is being opened for us. We will be allowed to come to an understanding of systemic and cosmic ethers by comparing them.


The solar physical plane might also be expressed accurately as follows, working out the anaIogy to the major planes:


427.         The solar physical plane is identical to the systemic physical plane. The words “solar” and “systemic” are anonymous.




First subplane            atomic                        first ether                    physical adi.

Second subplane      sub-atomic     second ether              physical anupadaka.

Third subplane           super-etheric third ether                   physical atmic.

Fourth subplane        etheric            fourth ether                 physical buddhic.

Fifth subplane            gaseous         physical mental.

Sixth subplane           liquid               physical astral.

Seventh subplane     dense             physical dense.


428.         We are focussing on the solar physical plane. In order to understand its relations to the cosmic physical plane, the plane name of the sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane are superimposed upon the sub-planes of the solar physical plane.

a.      In this manner the atomic sub-plane of the systemic physical plane becomes the physical ‘adic’.

b.      The sub-atomic sub-plane of the systemic physical plane becomes the physical anupadakic, etc.

429.         In this manner one can relate the qualities of the sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane to the sub-planes of the solar physical plane. A different and perhaps illuminating perspective is offered.

430.         One of the great questions to be asked is: “What do you learn when you compare this with that?”

431.         Now when we think of the physical ethers and sub-planes, we can also reference the qualities associated with adi, anupadaka, atmic, buddhic, mental, astral and dense and learn something additional regarding their constitution and functioning.


[Page 328] In both the cosmic and solar physical planes, the plane of buddhi is ever the plane of at-one-ment, or the meeting ground of diversities, and of their blending—not into a fundamental unity—but into group unity. 


432.         Here we have a very useful description of what buddhi does.

433.         Here is a most important definition of buddhi, the “Plane of Harmony”.

434.         On the buddhic plane, diversities are reconcile and blended.

435.         From a practical perspective, we can see how much the energy of buddhi is needed to resolve the difficulties plaguing the human family.

436.         These diversities are not blended into a “fundamental unity” as is the case on the monadic plane (a plane of greater homogeneity), but, rather into a “group unity”.

437.         The monadic plane is the plane of fundamental unity. Group unity (which is heterogeneous) is not as far advanced as fundamental unity (which is homogeneous). Buddhi is related to group consciousness; the fundamental unity is related to monadic consciousness which is, as far as the human being is concerned, ‘God-consciousness’.

438.         The buddhic plane is preeminently the plane of group consciousness.

439.         Let us tabulate the characteristics of the buddhic plane:

a.      The plane of at-one-ment

b.      The plane of the meeting ground of diversities

c.      The plane of the blending of diversities into a group unity

d.      It is not the plane of the blending of diversities into a fundamental unity


This is owing to the fact that the buddhic plane is pre-eminently the plane most concerned with the evolution of the Heavenly Men.


440.         This is ever to be remembered.

441.         Of course, we may question, which of the Heavenly Men are here referenced? Globe Lords? Chain Lords? Planetary Logoi?

442.         In a way, all of them are one Entity, expressed through various subsidiary aspects.

443.         As a human being develops the capacity for group consciousness, he is simultaneously entering into the consciousness of the Heavenly Man.


  What I have therefore predicated anent the fourth physical ether can likewise be extended to the fourth cosmic ether, and find its analogy on the buddhic plane.


444.         A close study of what was said about the qualities and characteristics of the fourth ether can be extrapolated to more fully understand the buddhic plane.

a.      On the buddhic plane the presence of the colour violet (or deep purple) can also be expected. The violet devas functioning there would, of course, be of a higher order than those to be found expressing through the strictly systemic ethers. Could the violet devas with whom the Master Jesus works be found working in relation to the buddhic plane?

A special group of devas work under His command, and His connection with all true church leaders and executives is very close. He acts ceaselessly on the inner esoteric council of the churches, and with Him the groups of violet angels cooperate. (EXH 506)


b.      If the majority of etheric bodies of human beings are to be found composed of etheric substance of the fourth ether, could we expect that the majority of the bodies of the Heavenly Men would be found to consist of buddhic substance, the substance of the fourth cosmic ether? This would probably apply most to those Heavenly Men who represent the lower quaternary of the Solar Logos. Four of the lower chakras are found in the fourth ether of man: the base of the spine center, the sacral center, the splenic center and the solar plexus center. The planets representing these chakras would probably have etheric bodies composed of buddhic substance. The planets representing the throat, heart and head centers would, by analogy, have etheric bodies composed of substance of the higher cosmic ethers—the planet representing the throat center having an etheric body composed of atmic substance; the planet representing the heart center having an etheric body composed of monadic substance, and the planet representing the head center having an etheric body composed of logoic substance. At least this is what the analogy suggests.

It is possible to consider the systemic higher mental plane as a kind of ether with respect to the Planetary Logoi. This has yet to be confirmed, but appears an analogical necessity. Some of the lowest of the Planetary Logoi would then, it would appear, have etheric bodies composed of substance of the higher mental plane, which is vibratorily ‘lower’ than buddhic substance.

c.      On the buddhic plane we could likewise expect to find the higher correspondences of the “devas of the shadows”. We learn the colors o the devas of the shadows in the following:

“These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the same colour as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet on the second, whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender.: (TCF 912)

By analogy we would expect to find the colour “dark purple” in relation to the buddhic plane.

d.      If the fourth ether is the sphere were the human and deva evolutions will touch (at a later date), then perhaps the buddhic plane is the plane whereon the Heavenly Men and a higher kind of deva evolution will touch (at a later date).

e.      If from the fourth ether the dense physical bodies of man are created, then perhaps from the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic plane, the dense physical bodies of the Planetary Logoi are created. (As always there is the need to consider the higher mental plane and its unique role in relation to the Heavenly Men—a role it does not have in relation to the Solar Logos).

f.        The fourth systemic ether is considered the sphere of individualization. What is the correspondence to individualization for the Heavenly Men? They are already individualized (long ago, in the human sense), yet there may be a kind of cosmic individualization which pertains to the Heavenly Men and which admits them for the first time into a type of systemic consciousness which is analogous to the individualized consciousness of the newly made human being.

g.      If the fourth ether in this round and on this fourth chain is the ether that is to be completely mastered and controlled by the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, then, perhaps, the buddhic plane is the domain that is to be completely mastered and controlled by certain of the Heavenly Men who will be completing the higher correspondence to a chain round—namely a scheme round—of which, presumably there are seven, just as there are seven chain rounds.

h.      If the fourth ether is for man the vibratory domain whereon the initiations of the threshold are undergone (these initiations being the first and second planetary initiations), then for Heavenly Men perhaps the buddhic plane is, at least, one of the domains in which corresponding initiations of the threshold are undergone, in the cosmic scheme of initiations.

Our Planetary Logos, for instance, has taken His first cosmic initiation, but is in process of preparing for His second (cf. TCF 384). Both of these are, by analogy, initiations “of the threshold”, cosmically considered. Since our Planetary Logos is engaged with initiations of the threshold, then, by analogy, the buddhic plane would be one which would be focal in this process. It is also possible that the higher mental plane is the plane in relation to which He took His first cosmic initiation.

445.         We see how the analogies work. What has been suggested here is only a slight indication which could be expanded considerably.


The place, for instance, of violet in the spectrum is of prime importance in connection with the greater cycles, and marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.


446.         We are not only speaking of violet, but of the place of “violet in the spectrum”. It is the last of the visible colours in the spectrum before red begins again (assuming that we progress in colour octaves).

447.         We are now speaking not only of violet in relation to the solar etheric planets, but in relation to the buddhic plane considered as a cosmic ether.

448.         We see that violet is not only involved with sub-planes of the systemic physical-etheric plane, but that it has a buddhic association.

449.         Because the seventh ray will be prominent for the next 2500 years or so, violet will be an important color during the Aquarian Age.

450.         There is also, however, a much greater Aquarian Age (beginning at approximately this point in history) which has a span of 25,000 years. Reasonably, violet will be an important color during this greater cycle, especially if a greater seventh ray cycle accompanying the greater Aquarian Age, just as a lesser seventh ray cycle accompanies the lesser zodiacal Age of Aquarius. This, however, has yet to be ascertained.

451.         The first ray and the seventh rays are involved with the inauguration of cycles (especially the first ray) and their termination (both the first and seventh rays).

452.         It would seem that since the seventh ray is the final ray of the seven, violet would be much seen at the end of a cycle.

453.         The head center, usually associated with the first ray, is also much associated with the color violet (and white).


  The buddhic plane is peculiarly the plane of violet, even though all the colours find their place there;


454.         The buddhic plane is the fourth plane, and the number four is particularly associated with colour and with a love of colour.

455.         DK has enquired whether the buddhic plane should be considered violet, blue or yellow. Here He gives us, apparently, its strongest emphasis, but the other two colors (through Jupiter and Mercury respectively) have their justifiable association with buddhi.

456.         The fourth and seventh rays (the two practically artistic rays) work together frequently, and are rays on which the deva evolution can readily approached.


 the Lord of the Ray of Ceremonial Magic, Who embodies the violet ray or hierarchy, has a special relationship to the buddhic plane.


457.         The four and the seven are ever related.

458.         We are told of the special relationship of the Lord of the Ray of Ceremonial Magic to the buddhic plane, but we must not forget that the physical-etheric plane is also a plane on which the violet ray is peculiarly expressed, as given in EA 35. (Aquarius: Planet—Moon; Color—Violet).

459.         Probably, the color which should be most naturally associated with any particular plane or sub-plane depends upon the type of entity we are examining. For man, the buddhic plane may be more yellow than violet; for the Planetary Logos more blue, and for the Solar Logos more violet. VSK insightfully explains some of these mysteries of colour below.


  It must be borne in mind that each planetary Logos works primarily on one of the seven planes; from this we can infer that His influence finds its line of least resistance on some one plane, even though it be exerted on all planes.


460.         This is a bit like saying that every planet works primarily through one chakra (for chakras, like planes, are spheres), but that their influence can be exerted through all.

461.         We could say, as well, that every ray works primarily on one of the seven planes which is its line of least resistance, but that its influence can be exerted on all planes.

462.         Rays, planes, planets, chains, globes, chakras are all spheres in relation to which a parallelism exists. Much that could be said of any one of them could be said of all of them.

463.         VSK offers some important thoughts about color.

a.      The spectrum, in order of appearance from infrared, the longest of the frequencies, is (in terms of the seven colours) red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

b.      Violet is the end of normal visibility, as man’s eye does not detect ultraviolet (yet many fish do, e.g.). In this way it can be considered the end and a beginning (as red would also be in this context).

c.      VSK suggests that violet is the colour of the buddhic plane for the Solar Logos, as the buddhic is His lowest level of manifestation. For the Planetary or Heavenly Man, it is Blue (As his lowest level of manifestation is mental), and for man, Yellow.  Vic could explain this in terms of the table on page TCF 331, coming up, and research on the colours from LOM.)

464.         We see that although violet has the highest frequency of the visible colors, it is always associated with the lowest plane. There are some strange inversions with which we must reckon.

465.         I would like to state that point “c.” demonstrates that VSK has cracked an important code in relation to the colors of the planes. The question must always be asked: “What is the color of a plane in relation to a specific being?”


Again, extend the second statement anent the etheric composition of the bodies of men to Those of the Heavenly Men, and it will be found that just as the majority of human etheric bodies are built of matter of the fourth ether, so it may also be said that four of the Heavenly Men have Their etheric vehicles composed of this fourth cosmic ether (buddhic matter).


466.         Which four? May we assume the members of the lower quaternary?

467.         This was stated above. The division among the sacred Heavenly Men appears to be between three superior and four lesser.

468.         The Heavenly Men which may here be indicated are Vulcan Mercury, Venus, Jupiter.

469.         The other three Heavenly Men are the Logoi of synthesizing planets and may, we could imagine, have etheric bodies composed of matter of the higher cosmic ethers.

470.         Four Heavenly Men (among the sacred Heavenly Men) is a majority, just as the majority of human etheric bodies are built of matter of the fourth ether.

471.         Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all planets with a relationship to buddhi. The Logos of Venus is working in relation to the buddhic sub-plane of the cosmic astral plane; Mercury is ruled by the fourth ray (the buddhic ray) and is, through its very name, “Buddha”, related to the buddhic plane. Jupiter is as Planetary Logos much related to intuition which is the buddhic faculty. Jupiter, however, is also monadically related.

472.         Vulcan does not seem to have much buddhic connection, yet Vulcan is definitely associated with the “Heart of the Sun” which is definitely buddhically related. It is in Vulcan’s deeper nature that His alliance with the fourth ray and with buddhi is demonstrated.

473.         As for the lesser Heavenly Men (those of the planets Earth, Mars, Pluto, etc.—and there are many undiscovered and, thus, unnamed) would they have etheric bodies comprised of substance of the lowest cosmic ether (i.e., buddhic substance) or would substance of the cosmic gaseous plane (i.e., the systemic mental plane) be included as an etheric level?

474.         It bears repeating that the higher mental plane is a vibratory domain that can be considered spiritual, etheric or material depending upon the entity being discussed. It is spiritual to the man; possibly etheric to our Planetary Logos; and definitely material (higher gaseous) to the Solar Logos.


Further, the two great evolutions (human and deva) find their group unity on the buddhic plane, and portions of both hierarchies blend and merge so as to form the body of the divine Hermaphrodite.24,25


475.         This is a long sought reference, lost some years ago and only now gratefully retrieved.

476.         We remember that the buddhic plane is not the plane of “fundamental unity” but of a “group unity”—what we might call “unity in diversity”.

477.         We note that only “portions” of the two hierarchies blend and merge. The complete blending and merging can be expected on the monadic plane.

478.         On the astral plane, men and devas may find themselves opposed, but on the buddhic plane, they achieve group unity.

479.         Remember, what we just read about the “plane of at-one-ment, or the meeting ground of diversities, and of their blending—not into a fundamental unity—but into group unity.”

480.         A Planetary Logos is a Divine Hermaphrodite—some Heavenly Men more so than others.

481.         Our Planetary Logos is a Divine Hermaphrodite and one would think the same to be the case of Venus. Many of the Planetary Logoi have prominent masculine and feminine aspects. Probably all Planetary Logoi have masculine and feminine aspects even though one or the other may not be prominent.

482.         If ever the two planets Mercury and Venus were to merge we would truly have the Divine Hermaphrodite, because Mercury is Hermes and Venus as Aphrodite.

483.         It is unlikely however that this will be the case as (in one absorption pattern, at least) Venus is to merge with Neptune and Mercury with Uranus (cf. TCF 406), so they will probably not merge with each other, otherwise their destined lines of absorption could not be followed. As I have shown, however, there are many choices of possible absorption patterns.


24: The Pairs of Opposites:——From The Science of Social Organization, by Bhagavan Das.


484.         From one perspective, humans and devas represent the great Pairs of Opposites.


25: The Divine Hermaphrodite—this is the great Being, planetary or solar, who manifests in Himself the pair of opposites.


485.         We see that we can have both planetary and solar Divine Hermaphrodites. Perhaps our Solar Logos, so closely related to the heart center and the fourth ray, can be considered such a Being.

486.         In a way, it could be said that every Planetary Logos and every Solar Logos is really a Divine Hermaphrodite.


Earlier, at certain fixed points, they may temporarily approximate each [Page 329] other.  On the buddhic plane definite and permanent alliance may be seen.


487.         What might those certain fixed points be? Perhaps the astral plane is one, and there, the human and deva evolutions will show distinct differences and less cooperation.

488.         The buddhic plane, however, is the plane of alliance, of the reconciliation of opposites, of creating unity from diversity, and so it is reasonable that a “permanent alliance” between man and deva may there be seen.

489.         The Master Serapis who is doing so much work with the deva kingdom (we are told) and who is preparing the way for the New Renaissance, in which human beings and devas will so closely cooperate, is on the fourth ray and may be supposed to be working much in relation to the buddhic plane.

490.         The “permanent alliance” is all for the fulfillment of planetary logoic Purpose and perhaps, on a higher turn of the spiral, for solar logoic Purpose. The alliance does not exist for personal reasons (i.e., because devas and human beings would find it enjoyable to work together), but for planetary (or solar) reasons, as revealed within the spiritual triad (a domain which includes the buddhic plane).


On this plane also the "devas of the shadows" who are concerned in the building of the planetary scheme, pursue their work, and thus parallel the work done in the three worlds by the lesser builders who work with the etheric body of man.


491.         We see that the term “devas of the shadows” is not at all confined to the systemic ethers but can apply as well to the cosmic ethers.

492.         The “devas of the shadows” who work upon the buddhic plane can be numbered among the greater builders if the “devas of the shadows” who work with the etheric body of man within the three worlds are considered “lesser builders”, as seems to be indicated here.

493.         The buddhic “devas of the shadows” parallel the work done by the lesser “devas of the shadows”. The work done within the solar ethers pertains to man; the work done within the cosmic ethers pertains to the Heavenly Man or even to the Solar Logos.

494.         These higher “devas of the shadows” are involved with the building of the planetary scheme—not the building of the tangible outer form of man as is the case with the lesser builders in the category of “devas of the shadows”.

495.         Always the principle of parallelism is to be sought.

496.         The concept of analogy and that of parallelism convey similar ideas.


  So can the analogies be worked out, for ever this Law of Resemblance holds good;


497.         Another good name for the Law of Analogy—the Law of Resemblance.


 yet ever must it be remembered that the analogy is of a psychic nature, and demonstrates in work, activity, and quality, and not in literal identity of form.


498.         An important proviso is given in relation to the Law of Resemblance or Law of Analogy. The analogy is “of a psychic nature” demonstrating in work, activity, and quality and not in literal identicality of form.

499.         It would seem that this point has been made at numerous times; it must be difficult to absorb it.

500.         When using the Law of Analogy, it is primarily the broad resemblances we must seek.

501.         An overly literal, formalistic approach will mislead. We are looking for ‘psychic analogies’ or psychological analogies. We are looking for similarities in function and relationship. Forms may differ, but general functions show sufficient similarity (within context) to be noteworthy and illuminative.


As time elapses the work of the Heavenly Men in the cosmic etheric spheres will be better comprehended, and assisted intelligently by those lesser intelligences who—by the study of the physical ethers—will eventually hold the key of the greater manifestation.


502.         We human beings are those “lesser intelligences”.

503.         The idea there is that, as we learn more about the physical ethers, we will be in a better position to understand and cooperate with the work of the Heavenly Men.

504.         It is not only “as above, so below”, but, to some degree, “as below, so above”. The idea is that we should study ourselves very well if we want to comprehend the larger sphere.

505.         The keenly observant fifth ray type is in an excellent position to extrapolate from what he has observed to that which he cannot possibly observe. Thus the concrete mind is transformed into the abstract mind with the help of analogical thinking.


  Science is the handmaiden of wisdom,


506.         The “handmaiden of wisdom” is the servant of wisdom.

507.         DK is telling us that if we wish to be wise we must also be scientific in our approach. This means that we must use the mind carefully.

508.         Unless we have sufficient knowledge it is difficult to develop wisdom. Wisdom demands mental capacity, but it much more than such capacity. It also demands the use of the heart.


 and opens the door to those infinite reaches and to those cosmic expanses, where stand Those vaster Intelligences, Who manipulate the matter of the higher planes, and bend it to the desired form, causing the vibrations thus set up to be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not.


509.         We are talking of cosmic beings—“Those vaster Intelligences”—probably Beings which are extra-systemic.

510.         What are the “higher planes”? Only the matter of the cosmic physical plane? Or matter of still higher cosmic planes?

511.         We may be speaking of such Entities as the Solar Logoi, the Cosmic Logoi and even of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.

512.         Manipulation goes on on all levels—planes and sub-planes. There is nothing wrong with the word “manipulation”; it suggests intelligence in action.

513.         It is clear that Intelligences greater than our Solar Logos are responsible for much that the Solar Logos experiences, even at the “furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not”.

514.         VSK states: Science as the fifth ray expression, is the handmaiden of Wisdom, or the second ray. Again we see the TWO using the FIVE.


Automatically then all lesser lives and all the denser materials are swept and carried into the needed channels and forms.


515.         We have no will, no say, in the arrangements and rearrangements caused by the influences of these “vaster Intelligences”. We are merely extensions of Them, and as They will, so it happens to ‘us’—though, really, we are not different than they are—essentially.

516.         The channels and forms that are “needed” are those decreed by the Divine Plan (at ever higher levels of expression).

517.         Under these manipulations by greater Lives, our local cosmos will be ordered as it should be, according to Divine Purpose and Plan.


 Vibration, or initial activity, light, or activity taking form and animating form, sound the basis of differentiation and the source of the evolutionary process, and colour the sevenfold differentiation—thus is the work carried on.


518.         Here a deeper understanding is offered concerning vibration, light, sound and colour.

519.         Let us tabulate these definitions:

a.      Vibration—initial activity

b.      Light—activity taking form and animating form.

c.      Sound—the basis of differentiation and the source of the evolutionary process

d.      Colour—the sevenfold differentiation.

520.         Each one of these descriptions is a potent seed thought

521.         Had we thought of the inseparability of light and form? Light and the objectivity of form are inseparable.

522.         Sound differentiates, and arranges the rearrangements necessitated by the unfoldment of Spirit in matter/form. Sound attracts toward the fulfillment of the design set forth in the Archetype.

523.         Light may be associated with the monadic plane, but it is impossible to think that sound is not.

524.         Colour is the most physical and tangible of the three.

525.         We are well, aware, however, that sometimes sound precedes light. “In the beginning was the Word”, precedes the fiat, “Let there by Light”.


We have been dealing with these four in connection with a solar Logos, and equally with the work of a Heavenly Man and of Man, of the human monad.


526.         These four factors associated with vibration are the basis of all manifestation. They are, in a way, the four principal etheric qualities.


Students should also bear in mind another point that is often forgotten, which is that every plane can be studied and divided in two ways:


527.         Perhaps, there are even more than two ways to divide a plane.

a.      1-6

b.      1-3-3

c.      2-5

d.      3-4

e.      4-3

f.        3-1-3

g.      1-2-2-2

h.      5-2

i.        6-1


First.  The seven subplanes can be divided into the [Page 330] higher three planes or the abstract planes, and the lower four or the concrete planes.


528.         This method of division correlates with the division of the rays into the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute.


  This division is the best and most purely metaphysical, for it embodies the entire idea of the Self, the Not-Self, and the Intelligence, with their synthesis, which produces the objective universe, whether solar system, planetary scheme, or human incarnation.


529.         In this division, we do not easily have the three factors mentioned (Self, not-Self and Intelligence), for it is a division into two and not into three.

530.         Yet the three can be found, for always between the triad and the quaternary is an objective effulgence—an objective sphere is light.

531.         The formula is again repeated: Self, not-Self and Intelligence, when synthesized, produce the objective universe.

532.         Notice here the flexible definition of “universe”: it can mean a solar system, a planetary scheme or a human incarnation.

533.         VSK queries: “Does “their synthesis” refer to the buddhic plane, and the plane of colour, or visible light?”

534.         May it be said, that it could, if the division instead of 3-4 were 3-1-3.


In connection with the Logos it is fully discussed and illuminatingly considered in the first volume of the Secret Doctrine, where the work of the Father and the Mother in producing the Son through conscious intelligent co-operation is handled by H. P. B. in a masterly manner.


535.         One wonders at the use of the term “masterly”. DK took the fifth initiation in the year 1875, we are told, and Helena Roerich told us that HPB in her next incarnation made her way to the “Central Stronghold”—to become, we presume, a Master.

536.         Is DK telling us that HPB wrote the first volume of the Secret Doctrine in a way very similar to how a Master would write it?

537.         One should re-read the Secret Doctrine with this specifically in mind.


In connection with man the point can be grasped more easily if the causal body on the abstract levels of the mental plane is considered in connection with the lower four or concrete levels from whence manifestation emanates.


538.         To absorb the intended teaching, it is necessary to think not so much of the relation of the Monad (in man) to his quaternary, but of the relation between the causal body on the abstract levels of the mental plane in relation to the four concrete levels of the mental plane. Again we will have the higher three and the lower four.

539.         The manasic permanent atom represents the Father; the lower four concrete levels of the mental plane, the Mother; the Son is represented by that demonstration of vibration, light, sound and color which we call the causal body, focussed on the second and third sub-planes of the mental plane. Whether the human causal body ever rises to the first sub-plane (as does the causal body of the Solar Logos) is a point much debated.

540.         VSK asks: “How does this help to grasp the point? Why would it not be helpful to consider it in terms of the higher three planes? Does manifestation emanate from the lower four, or is it an effect of the higher three?”

541.         DK seems to be telling us that manifestation emanates from the lower four levels of the mental plane. Perhaps there is a specific relationship between these lower four sub-planes and the four etheric sub-planes of the systemic etheric-physical plane.

542.         In any case, we are presently discussing the metaphysical division of three and four.


Second.  Dividing the seven subplanes into the same higher three but making the fourth plane the plane of meeting or of at-one-ment, and regarding the lower three as the planes of endeavour.  This division primarily concerns man.


543.         This type of division results in a model of 3-1-3.

544.         This method of division places emphasis upon the buddhic plane which is the major, intended area of expression for the human Monads (i.e., the members of the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, focussed, as the charts {cf. EA 35} indicate, on the buddhic plane).

545.         We might say that that the higher Creative Hierarchies and the lower Creative Hierarchies (which comprising the vehicles of man) meet upon the buddhic plane, where their interplay is harmonized.


Both these divisions will be seen later as existing on every plane in the system and as having their origin in electrical force which shows itself differently on each plane


546.         DK is telling us that the divisions 3-4 and 3-1-3 can evolution found in relation to every systemic plane, and probably in relation to every cosmic plane.

547.         We are reminded that electrical force demonstrates on each plane of every seven-planed system.

548.         It is not that we have to choose regarding which method of dividing a plane is correct; both these methods of division are operative simultaneously, with others as well. All depends upon the perspective.

549.         Methods of division and implications:

a.      1-6—the logoic plane, or cosmic atomic ether, is differentiated from the six sub-planes derived from it.

b.      1-3-3—the domains of the Solar Logos, Planetary Logos and man are differentiated

c.      2-5—the two higher aspects taken as a unit are differentiated from the Brahmic planes.

d.      3-4—a division suggesting the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute

e.      4-3—a division in which the four ethers and differentiated from the dense sub-planes.

f.        3-1-3—a division emphasizing the manner in which the Solar Logoi and Planetary Logoi can meet the human evolution on the buddhic plane.

g.      1-2-2-2—a division indicating the domain of will, of spirit, of soul and the irrational sphere

h.      5-2—a division separating the five rational and super-rational sub-planes from the lower irrational sub-planes.

i.        6-1—a division which considers the physical nature as the rind of true inner existence

j.         Not all of these divisions should be given in whole numbers as some fractions are involved.

550.         Each method of division places the emphasis on different dynamics and emphasizes different relationships between the planes.


but acts on all under three laws:  Attraction or Repulsion, Economy, and Synthesis.


551.         When electrical force acts, it acts under three laws—the three cosmic laws.

552.         We note that the Law of Attraction and Repulsion is listed first in this context, even though is the second cosmic law. This is probably because the Law of Attraction and Repulsion has so much to do with the manner in which electricity functions—electricity being principally a bi-polar phenomenon.

553.         We also must remember that the electrical force most prominent in our second ray solar system, must be the electrical force associated with the second cosmic law—of Attraction and Repulsion.


  The lower three planes or subplanes act under the Law of Economy primarily; the plane of meeting or of union acts under a phase of the Law of Attraction.  Paralleling them, of course, during evolution are their opposites, showing as Dispersion, Repulsion, and Differentiation.


554.         DK is speaking of the relations of the three cosmic laws to the division of the planes.

555.         The Law of Economy is a third ray law and fittingly relates to the functioning of the lower (and most material) three planes in any system of seven planes or sub-planes.

556.         Upon the buddhic plane, the Law of Attraction operates, but only once the phases of “Dispersion Repulsion and Differentiation” have been passed through on the three lower planes.


The question of the electrical manifestation of the akasha on the seven planes has therefore to be studied in its three main divisions,


557.         We see that the term “akasha” is not localized, pertaining only to the second sub-plane of any system of seven, though there may be a special emphasis there.

558.         In fact the second sub-plane of all the seven systemic planes could be considered akashic.

559.         Further, there is a strange equivalence between the terms “akasha” and “ether”. As most if not all planes of the cosmic physical plane can be considered “etheric”, then most if not all can be considered “akashic”. When the terms are use loosely or as if seen from a very high perspective, these equivalences appear.

560.         “Akasha” as here defined, seems to cover the entire cosmic physical plane.

561.         We are being told that the akasha has three main divisions. We have been studying one of these divisions (3-1-3), but there are others (1-3-3), for instance.

562.         We could think that electricity functions on the five lower sub-planes which are derivative of the second plane, the akasha, and indeed the akasha (considered as the energy-force of the second plane impulses the electrical demonstrations of the five planes below it).

563.         Akasha, specifically defined as the second vibratory domain on the cosmic physical plane, hovers over the five planes related to Fohat.

564.         However, in this excerpt, DK speaks of the manifestation of the akasha “on the seven planes”, and so this type of manifestation cannot be confined to the lower five. Naturally the monadic plane is included and so is the logoic, or their lower correspondences.


then plane by plane or the sevenfold consideration,


565.         Is akasha, then, simply another name for “ether”? And “ether” for substance/matter?

566.         We are to consider the akasha plane by plane, so all the seven sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane are related to akasha. If we wish to be specific about the location of akasha on all these seven, we could still place emphasis upon the second sub-plane.

567.         We have the problem that the term “akasha” could mean:

a.      The substance of that vibratory domain called the monadic plane

b.      The substance of those vibratory domains which constitute the second sub-plane of each of the seven planes of the cosmic physical plane

c.      All substance/matter of the cosmic physical plane. This last definition is the loosest, but seems, sometimes, to be suggested.


 and finally as the forty-nine [Page 331] fires.


568.         But if the akasha is to be considered as forty-nine fires, then it is expressing through every plane and sub-plane in any system of seven/sub-forty-nine.

569.         We will have to be alert to the possibility that the terms “ether”, “substance”, “matter-force” and akasha can be considered interchangeable.


  Throughout it must be recollected that the subject is still further complicated by the factor of time which brings these forty-nine fires at different stages under different spheres of influence and under the three laws of the cosmos.


570.         The forty-nine fires are not always subject to the same zodiacal, planetary or ray influences, or to same one of the three laws of cosmos. There is a constant shifting and cyclic sequencing.

571.         Any one plane, at a given stage of the evolutionary process, may be affected by influences very different from those that affected it at an earlier stage or those that will affect it at a later.


  Thus the same fire at different periods will show itself forth as constructive light, or again bring about combustion and eventual obscuration as the result of burning out.


572.         Here, DK is speaking of the causal body, which, at one phase of evolution, is principally a demonstration of light, but at a later phase (influenced by other rays and astrological influences) becomes a display of fiery combustion.

573.         The second aspect of divinity contributes to the light demonstration, but the second aspect of the will contributes to the conflagration.

574.         The principle to grasp is of constant, cyclic, intelligent mutation.

575.         We are beginning to get an impression of the dancing interplay of a wide variety of energies with a wide variety of substances.


In connection with the manifestation of electricity on the mental, astral and physical planes.  We will not enlarge upon the subject, as it will later be discussed as fully as may be possible.


576.         DK is dealing more with the principled planes of the Solar Logos and Planetary Logos than with those which are non-principled.

577.         The purpose of TCF is to see how substance contributes to the expansion of consciousness. The purpose is not to give detailed information on the workings of dense matter (solar-logoically considered), per se, though much has already been given in the first part of the book.


  Suffice it to say that the law holds good and that what is laid down as fact anent a Heavenly Man on His Own planes is equally true of man on the four lower planes.


578.         Law of Analogy is reasserted by the Tibetan. It must become integral to out thinking.





1. Electrical vibration    the plane logoic or adi.

2. Electrical light           the plane monadic or anupadaka.

3. Electrical sound       the plane of atma.

4. Electrical colour       the plane of buddhi.



1. Electrical vibration    the plane monadic.

2. Electrical light           the plane of atma.

3. Electrical sound       the plane of buddhi.

4. Electrical colour       the mental plane.



1. Electrical vibration    buddhic plane.

2. Electrical light           the mental plane.

3. Electrical sound       the astral plane.

4. Electrical colour       the physical plane.


579.         By now we are accustomed to the sequence: vibration, light, sound color.

580.         We see the relativity of these demonstrations with respect to the planes.

581.         Only from the solar logoic point of view is the logoic plane the plane of electrical vibration. For the Heavenly Man it is the monadic plane and for man the buddhic plane. And so forth.

582.         The planes are therefore be organized as follows:

a.      The planes of vibration: logoic, monadic, buddhic

b.      The planes of light: monadic, atmic and mental

c.      The planes of sound: atmic, buddhic, astral

d.      The planes of colour: buddhic, mental, and physical

583.         Some may notice that there is a good chance that this chart is incomplete. There is a planar-gap between what is given of the Heavenly Man and that which is given for man.

584.         Is there an entity for whom electrical vibration begins on the atmic level, electrical light on the buddhic, electrical sound on the mental, and electrical color on the astral?

585.         We have often spoken of subsidiary types of Heavenly Men. Perhaps such an arrangement would apply to Chain Lords or Globe Lords—with some modification.

586.         It may even be possible for there to be a planar-overlap, such that vibration does not begin on a systemic atomic sub-plane but more in the middle of a cosmic sub-plane. This would introduce quite a complication, and we are not really ready to understand it.


We need to remember here that we were earlier dealing with the Logos, and with the Heavenly Men as incorporate parts of His body of manifestation.


587.         All wholes within greater wholes can be conceived as an “incorporate parts”, or ‘embodied aspects’ of the greater whole.

588.         For any part there is no true independence from the incorporating whole.

589.         In this instance we are emphasizing the inseparability of the Planetary Logoi from the Whole which contains them as “incorporate parts”—i.e., the Solar Logos.


  In the tabulation above given we are dealing with each separately,


590.         All of the beings listed in the tabulation are intimately related to each other. They cannot really be treated as separate entities.

591.         As the greater descends into the lesser, there is no point at which the greater is no more present. The greater is present throughout all lessers. This we can understand if we understand the Law of Emanation.


 [Page 332] and it should be observed that the manifestation of the groups of causal bodies on the mental plane is the colour manifestation of a Heavenly Man and His lowest point of objectivity.


592.         We remember that objectivity is not really material in nature, but rather, essentially, etheric.

593.         For the Heavenly Man then, it seems confirmed that the causal body can be considered an etheric demonstration—His lowest.

594.         If the causal bodies of the mental plane are the colour manifestation of the Heavenly Man, we can see how accurate is this assignment! The causal bodies are indeed known for their gorgeous colour demonstration.

595.         That which is etheric is objective, but, as well, that which is gaseous is also considered objective.

596.         The mental plane is, generically, a gaseous plane (considered within the context of the Solar Logos). The question we have been asking is: “Is the higher mental plane to be considered gaseous in relation to a Heavenly Man or quasi-etheric”. There seems good evidence for considering it etheric or at least quasi-etheric. For the Heavenly Man the lower mental plane is definitely gaseous.

597.         The principle of planar-overlap has always to be considered. Not much is said about it, but there are hints.


  In man his lowest point of objectivity is the fifth subplane of the physical plane,


598.         For man, as well, the gaseous level of the dense physical plane is also considered objective—in fact his lowest point of objectivity.

599.         Although apparently very objective, the mineral/dense level of man’s manifestation is not to be considered a point of objectivity and neither is the liquid level of expression.

600.         The fifth sub-plane of the physical plane is a gaseous sub-plane and not an etheric sub-plane. The numbering of man’s ethers begins with the systemic atomic physical sub-plane, whereas the numbering of the ethers of the Planetary Logos begins with the sub-atomic sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane. We, see, then that whereas for both, the gaseous plane (one cosmic and one systemic) is considered the “lowest point of objectivity”, it is possible due to the way the numbering began to count the causal realm as a kind of ether in relation to the Planetary Logos, but it is not possible to count the gaseous sub-plane of the systemic etheric-physical plane as etheric.


 as the liquid and the dense subplanes are not counted as principles any more than the cosmic liquid and dense (the astral and the systemic physical planes) count with a Heavenly Man.


601.         Is there a level of principled expression for man that is connected with the gaseous level of the systemic physical plane? Sometimes the dense physical is considered a principle but most often not. Usually the lowest principle for man is the etheric body. The gaseous sub-plane of the dense physical, however, has a strong influence upon the etheric body. Thus, the effectiveness of breathing exercises.

602.         There is an analogy: the liquid and dense sub-planes—the lowest two—are not principles and are not areas of focus for the human being: likewise, the two lowest levels of the astral plane are not areas calling for the attention of the human being.

603.         Similarly, the systemic physical and astral planes are areas of vibration to which the Heavenly Man gives no attention. For Him, these vibratory levels are not principles and belong entirely to the past.

604.         We can assume that the gaseous level is positioned midway between the past and the present. As we ascend the planes, the future (as it will be) is indicated.

605.         What DK says here about which sub-planes are counted as principles and which are not seems to be at variance with what is said elsewhere.

a.      Usually, for the Planetary Logos, the lower systemic mental plane is not counted as a principle

b.      Usually, for the Solar Logos, both the lower and higher systemic mental planes are not counted as a principle.

606.         The mental plane (or gaseous plane) is in something of a “no man’s land” with respect to its principled or unprincipled nature. The two lower sub-planes are definitely unprincipled. We cannot always say this of either the lower or higher mental planes.

607.         Perhaps we can think of the mental plane (in its two aspects, and in relation to Planetary Logoi and the Solar Logos) as a plane transitional between principled and unprincipled. For man, the systemic gaseous plane is also similarly transitional.


We have seen that manas or mind is the fifth principle, or the basic vibration of the cosmic mental plane, the fifth plane; it was therefore impulse originating from the causal levels of the cosmic mental plane, which drove our solar Logos into manifestation,


608.         The analogy holds good: all manifestation (whether cosmic or systemic or in relation to man) begins on the higher levels of a mental plane.

609.         When we speak of the “fifth principle” we are speaking of an aspect of Deity which originates on the cosmic mental plane.

610.         When speaking of driving our “Solar Logos into manifestation” we seem to be dealing with an Aretian impulse; Aries governs the first impulse towards manifestation whether for a man, a Planetary Logos or a Solar Logos. “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule”!

611.         The Lord of the Constellation Aries (cf. EA 304) is surely a Being greater than our Solar Logos, and could impel Him forward into incarnation.


 in the same way that the force which brings man into incarnation emanates from his causal body on the mental plane of the solar system.


612.         The causal body of the Solar Logos is located on the first sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane (we are told), and that of our Planetary Logos, on the third sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane (again we are told—how else would we ‘know’?).

613.         Manifestation begins from the level of soul; the will-to-manifest (itself a reflection of the still higher “Will-to-Be”) originates there.


We have seen also that manas is that discriminative faculty which animates all substance, and which is also the electrical fire of the system showing forth as attraction and repulsion, with all that is involved in those two words.


614.         We are rounding out what has been said of manas:

a.      It is a discriminative faculty. This relates to the third ray: “The Discriminating Essential Life” (EP I 68)

b.      It animates all substance, which is another way of saying that it ensouls all substance. This relates manas to solar fire and to the second ray.

c.      Manas is also “the electrical fire of the system”. Does DK mean “electric fire”? In any case, this “electrical fire” shows forth in a second ray manner as “attraction and repulsion”—aspects of the great Law of Attraction.

d.      At the very least manas (cosmically considered) is the source of what we call the Primordial Ray (Intelligence) and the Divine Ray (Love-Wisdom).

e.      There is also reason to believe that manas (as we can experience it) is the source for us of “electric fire”, for the manas of which we are speaking emanates from the cosmic mental plane.


  In the widest sense of the idea the Laws of Economy and of Synthesis are only divisions of that same cosmic law of which Attraction and Repulsion are also manifestations.


615.         That cosmic law is the Law of Karma (and intermediate law positioned ‘above’ the laws we usually consider cosmic).

616.         This “widest sense” demands that we consider the functioning of a Cosmic Logos—perhaps of the Sirian system.


  This cosmic law, demonstrating thus in a threefold manner, might (for lack of a better term) be called the Law of Being, and is of a nature so incomprehensible to the finite mind of man that he can only sense it partially through the aforesaid three branches.


617.         Here we are told that our customary cosmic laws are aspects of the “Law of Being”. Elsewhere we are told that the three cosmic laws are expressions or divisions of the Law of Karma.

618.         I don’t think this is a contradiction as the Law of Karma (as an intermediary cosmic law) may be simply an expression of a much higher Law—the Law of Being.

619.         DK is telling us that if we are to sense this Law of Being, we must do it through an understanding of the three cosmic laws with which we are familiar: the Law of Economy; the Law of Attraction; and the Law of Synthesis.

620.         Thus, we approach the One through the Three.