Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester III Section X

TCF 308-318 : S3S10
24 August to 8 September 2006
S3S9 was a Review Fortnight

(Most of the Tibetan’s text is put in font 16, to provide better legibility when projected during classes. Footnotes and references from other AAB Books and from other pages of TCF are put in font 14. Commentary appears in font 12. Underlining, Bolding and Highlighting by MDR)


It is suggested that this Commentary be read with the TCF book handy, for the sake of continuity. As analysis of the text is pursued, many paragraphs are divided, and the compact presentation in the book, itself, will convey the overall meaning of the paragraph.


1.                  We begin Section Two proper now, following the nine Introductory Questions.

2.                  We have completed the first section of TCF, focusing particularly on the Fires of Matter. Our work is now with the largest section of the book focussing on the Fires of Mind—the middle fires, especially, solar fire.


[Page 308]


I. Three manifestations of manas.

II. Some definitions of manas:


1.   Manas is the fifth principle.


3.                  In such an enumeration, we are numbering from ‘below’; buddhi is the sixth and atma the seventh.


2. Manas is electricity.


4.                  This links manas to the Pleiades and also to the first ray energy of electric fire.


3. Manas is that which produces cohesion.


5.                  This links manas to the second ray energy which brings about coherence to attractive love.


4. Manas is the key opening the door into the fifth kingdom.


6.                  This is an important statement which shows the necessity of mind if there is to be penetration into the Kingdom of Souls i


5. Manas is the synthetic vibration of five rays.


7.                  This relates manas to the third ray which is, for Brahma, the Ray of Synthesis.

8.                  The five rays here given are the four Rays of Attribute and the third ray (a Ray of Attribute which includes the four.


6. Manas is the intelligent will or ordered purpose of an existence.


9.                  This links manas to the first ray (the ray of purpose) as well as to the seventh ray (the ray of order).


We enter now upon a very important division of our subject, and take up for consideration the Fire of Mind, cosmically, systemically, and humanly considered.


10.             We recall this threefold divisioning of the major layers of lives that concern us. A fourth division (the life of the atom of matter/substance) is also sometimes referenced, as is, occasionally, the life of a Cosmic Logos or the still greater One About Whom Naught May Be Said.

11.             In this division the Solar Logos may be considered a “cosmic” Life, the Planetary Logos a “systemic” Life and man, of course, a human life. There are also justifications for considering a Planetary Logos a cosmic life.

12.             In the descriptions so far offered in the TCF, we have not often considered analogies as they apply to constellational lives (who are the true Cosmic Logoi—in the ascending scale of lives, one step beyond the Solar Logos).


We have dealt with the fire of matter, and studied for a while its purpose, origin and work.


13.             Can we describe for ourselves the purpose, origin and work of the fire of matter?

14.             This is an ‘old’ fire and is related to the “Primordial Ray”, the third, and to the first in a series of three major solar systems.


  We considered somewhat the factor of Consciousness, and saw that the great work of a solar Logos, with all included manifesting lives, was the development of a conscious control, and a psychic awareness within certain set limits.


15.             We see that the Tibetan is definitely conducting a much-needed review.

16.             In our particular solar system, the purpose of the Solar Logos centers on the development of consciousness.

17.             Like the human being and the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos seeks the development of conscious control and the augmentation of psychic awareness. The word “psychic” relates mainly to the dimension of soul and to consciousness in general.

18.             The control relates to the cosmic physical plane and the awareness to the cosmic astral plane (the cosmic plane whereon He is polarized). He is also seeking cosmic mental polarization which He has not yet achieved.


We have been told that the solar Logos, on the cosmic planes, works at the problem of cosmic mind; that He functions in His physical solar system, is polarised in His cosmic astral, or emotional body, and is developing cosmic mind.  (LOM 52-53)


Having laid down these preliminary foundation thoughts, we need now to block out, for the sake of clarity, the mass of material that is available on the subject of the manasic fire, which is the animating principle of consciousness itself.  Let us first of all get one broad general outline and then proceed to fill in the details. [Page 309]


19.             DK follows a general didactic method, proceeding from the general to the particular.

20.             We are told that manasic fire “is the animating principle of consciousness itself”. This statement, quietly mentioned, could escape notice, but it is profound. If consciousness is present, is manasic fire also present? Is there no consciousness unless it is animated by manasic fire? Or is it human consciousness which seems inescapably related to manasic fire? Are there types of consciousness in which the factor of manas is minimal?

21.             The word “animating” is important as it relates to “anima” or soul. Manasic fire provides soul-animated consciousness.

22.             VSK queries: “And can we anticipate, what would details to such systems be?

23.             VSK continues: “This method of ‘pre-thinking’ what may be coming, before reading ahead, is one way for serious students of TCF to deepen their perception of how The Tibetan’s mind structures the study.”



20: "Manas is the individuality or the spiritual Ego on the side of the higher Triad, and the personality or the kamic ego on the side of the lower quaternary.


24.             We note immediately the divisibility of manas. There are many different aspects or expressions of manas, however whole it may be in essence.

25.             Higher manas is the individuality, the soul consciousness, the “spiritual Ego” when viewed from the perspective of the spiritual triad.

26.             There is also a quality of manas which pertains to the personality or lower quaternary. Interestingly the personality is called the “kamic ego” which means that it is much directed by desire or kama. This suggests that man’s sense of himself (i.e., ego) as a personality is much determined by his desires and resultant attachments and antipathies.

27.             According to HPB, manas tends both towards the spiritual triad (the “Higher Triad”) and towards the lower quaternary (the personality). It is divided in its orientation.


  Manas is the pivot of the human structure, or the centre on which the spiritual and material parts of man are made to turn."


28.             According to the quality of his manas, a man will turn either towards the spiritual or the material.

29.             Although the fifth plane is not the central plane within the cosmic physical planes, for man it is the middle point. It is certainly the middle-point of the Brahmic planes.

30.             It is the quality and orientation of our manas which will decide whether we will serve kama or desire (on the one hand) or love (on the other).


"Lower manas is only a ray of the higher manas let into the fleshly tabernacle for illuminating its being and giving it thought, desire and memory."


31.             From HPB we see that lower manas is derivative of higher manas.

32.             The true estate of manas is outside the “fleshly tabernacle” (i.e., the personality, from one perspective and the dense physical nature, from another). The entire personality is considered, from one perspective, “body”.

33.             We are told that if the ray of higher manas were not admitted into the domain of the lunar vehicles, there would be no thought, desire and memory. It is easy to see that there would be no thought and (consciousness) memory, but that there would be no desire is interesting (shall we say, ‘no desire beyond instinctual desire’?).

34.             The kind of desire meant is probably kama-manas, or desire-mind. For average man, his desires are tinged by mind and his thoughts by desire. The separation of mind from desire has not yet been effected.

35.             We are being told that manas, as far as man is concerned, is of triadal origin.

36.             The personality is not inherently intelligent (at least not consciously so). It is the ray of higher manas admitted into the personality that renders it intelligent.


"It is because manas is the turning point in the cycle that H. P. B. has considered it under the two aspects—higher and lower—the higher the attainer and experiencer of spiritual heights and the lower, the soul of the lower three, the triangle that completes embodiment.


37.             Manas is the “turning point in the cycle” because through its aid there can be a reorientation from material desire.

38.             Manas is called here “the attainer and experiencer of spiritual heights”; this means that the consciousness ego attains and experiences spiritual heights.

39.             Manas is the “soul of the lower three” in as much as the intelligent ego (the soul in incarnation) is the principle of identity within the personality.

40.             We are learning of the different (and crucial) orientations of higher and lower manas and the reason why HPB always considered manas in two aspects.

41.             The program of initiation could be introduced in Atlantis because manas (the fifth principle) reached a sufficient point of development to assist in the orientation of man towards the fifth kingdom (of souls)


  Manas is therefore the battle-ground of forces contained in the microcosm....The stage of evolution which we have reached is the very starting point of the great struggle."—Some Thoughts on the Gita


42.             If we think carefully we shall understand that there are two battlegrounds. For average, undeveloped man, the astral plane of kama may be considered the battle ground. There is a choice to be made between high and low desire. This battle is waged in the sign Libra.

43.             When manas is the battleground, it is so especially for advanced human beings and disciples, and the battle occurs in relation to Scorpio (in which sign, Mercury, the major planet of mind, is the hierarchical ruler).

44.             The plane of mind is divided between lower and higher manas. It is necessary for there to be some degree of mental focus for the great struggle between lower and higher mind to become momentous.

45.             In one way we can embody the struggle between the Black Lodge and the Great White Lodge as the struggle between lower and higher manas. The members of the Black Lodge are extremely intelligent, but they do not possess the ‘mind of love’ (the power of Venus). They are focussed in lower manas which is used as the instrument of selfish well.

46.             The great battle fought out in Atlantis (largely on the plane of emotion) is today repeated on a higher turn of the spiral. The current battle involves for many more people, the planet of mind—Mercury.

47.             In the next round (so we are told) the “Judgment Day” will focus precisely on the mental plane, and three-fifths will choose the way of higher manas, while two-fifths, remaining focussed in lower manas, will be transferred for further development to another planet.

48.             In practical terms, does desire influence mind or is it influenced by spiritual love?  Mind, balanced in Libra, must eventually go in one direction or the other.


1. The fire of mind, cosmically considered.

2. The fire of mind viewed systemically.

3. The fire of mind in connection with a human being.


49.             VSK suggests: “We must keep before us at all times that we are speaking about the fire of mind, which is the Second Fire—the Fire of Love. The realisation of the Fire of Mind being the Fire of Love can be pondered best in this light.

50.             When we consider the fire of mind “cosmically”, we are considering that fire as it relates to the Solar Logos. It is not to be forgotten that the Solar Logos is a cosmic being. From a certain perspective, Planetary Logoi are also cosmic Beings. They are far closer in development to a Solar Logos than man is to them, and their causal bodies are found on the cosmic mental plane.


In other words, what we are endeavoring to do is to study Mind in a solar Logos, a planetary Logos and in the Microcosm.  Each of these three main divisions may be dealt with under four lesser heads which may be expressed as follows:

a. The origin of cosmic, systemic and microcosmic mind.

b. The place of mind in evolution in all three cases.

c. The present stage of development of mind in each of the three groups.

d. The future of mind, or of manasic unfoldment.


51.             We will study three principle types of beings: the Solar Logos, a Planetary Logos and man, the human being.

52.             Under each of these categories there will be four modes of study. We will study mind in terms of:

a.      Its origin

b.      Its place in evolution

c.      Its present stage of development

d.      Its future

53.             We gather that mind, in all three of these types of being, is evolving, becoming more intelligent and more sensitive.


When we have taken up these points, we should have a clearer idea as to the purpose and place of the fire of the intelligence, and should be able accurately to comprehend its correlating synthetic work.


54.             We have been speaking of the “fire of mind”. We note that, here, the Tibetan calls it the “fire of intelligence”. We wish to see whether these are really synonymous phrases.

55.             What is the work of the fire of intelligence or the fire of mind:

a.      It is correlating work

b.      It is synthetic work

56.             We notice that the emphasis here is not on analysis and differentiation, as is the tendency of the lower mind.; The excellent functioning of these is presumed.

57.             The type of mind here studied is the mind that fuses.

58.             Thus, particularly, we are studying the second aspect of mind.

59.             VSK queries: “How do we see the purpose and place of intelligent love, in its correlating synthetic work?” 

60.             May it be suggested that through a study of the functioning of the planet Venus, the answer to this question may be approached.


Before, however, following up these ideas it might prove of value to us if we sought to define this principle of manas and see what is already understood by it.


61.             We proceed with definitions of manas in order to clear our way.




1. Manas, as we already know, is the fifth principle.


62.             Interestingly, MANAS, numerologically, sums to 3. MANAS = 41511=12=3. We note the emphasis on the first aspect—three ones and a five; are found within this word. The word begins with a four relating it to man (the fourth kingdom) of which it is the most characteristic quality.

63.             The first sum of the reduced number is 12, a number of synthesis representing the completed cycle. It also suggests the presence of the first and second rays (1 and 2) in this factor which sums to the number of intelligence, 3.

64.             The alpha number of MANAS is 13 + 1 + 14 + 1 + 19 = 48, which reduces to 12 and 3. The 4 and 8 are both numbers of manifestation, suggesting the cross (the 4) and the combination of the Cardinal Cross and Fixed Cross (the 8). The 8 within the 4 is the Christ Consciousness within humanity.

65.             A principle we recall is a direct expression of Spirit’s inherent quality.

66.             Manas as the fifth principle is, in a way, the fifth to develop, though it is the third to emerge (and the descending arc).


Here enter in certain factors and analogies that it would be of profit to us to mention at this juncture.

This fifth principle embodies the basic vibration of the fifth plane, either cosmically or systemically considered.


67.             The fifth plane is the plane of mind—the mental plane, whether systemic or cosmic.


  A certain sound of the logoic Word, when it [Page 310] reaches the mental plane, causes a vibration in the matter of that plane, arrests its tendency to dissipate, causes it to take spheroidal form, and builds it literally into a body which is held in coherent shape by a mighty deva Entity, the Raja Lord of the mental plane.


68.             We are dealing here with the formation of the mental plane.

69.             The Logos involved in sounding this logoic Word may be considered the Solar Logos. There are many spherical mental planes depending upon the stature of the sounding Logos.

70.             The possibility, however, be dismissed that the Logos sounding the Word is the Planetary Logos.

71.             Let us for clarity tabulate the effects of the sounding of this logoic Word:

a.      It reaches the mental plane

b.      It causes a vibration in the matter of that plane

c.      It arrests the tendency of the matter of the mental plane to dissipate [thus it must have a cohesive effect]

d.      It causes the matter of the mental plane to take spheroidal form [this suggests a cohesive Jupiterian energy—‘sphere-forming’]

e.      It builds the matter of the mental plane into a spheroidal body which is held in coherent shape by the Raja Deva Lord of the mental plane—Agni.

72.             We see that mental matter, left to its own tendencies, is dissipative, and tends to lack coherence. In this respect is responds to the individualistic third ray.

73.             We see the mental plane is involved with concretizing spheroidal forms, condensing thoughtforms.

74.             One of the functions of the Raja Deva Lords is here revealed; it holds a spherical plane in coherence.

75.             A plane within the ring-pass-not of any entity is spherical within that entity. The plane, of course, extends well beyond the ring-pass-not of that entity, but the part of the plane that concerns the entity is spherical in nature.

76.             One might wonder whether all that could possibly be related to the planar structure of cosmos is as one great universal sphere.

77.             VSK suggests: “This is a manifesting tendency of the fifth ray, making things practical. It is a major ray of the Aquarian Era. Relation to White Magic and occultism etc.

78.             VSK asks: “Is this is saying that ‘our’ mind is part of a spheroidal body? What are the images or other wordings that come to mind? Analogies?”


Exactly the same procedure ensued on cosmic levels, when a still mightier sound was uttered by the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, and the utterance of this caused a vibration on the fifth cosmic plane.


79.             We understand that there is such a thing as a solar logoic Solar Angel. The sounding forth of the cosmic logoic Word of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said (whichever of the ‘Ones’ that may be), may relate to the possibility of the activation of this solar logoic Solar Angel and the beginning of the incarnation of the Solar Logos through a cosmic personality (and also of six other major Solar Logoi through their cosmic personalities.


A solar Logos uses for His energy centres the planetary schemes, each of which embodies a peculiar type of energy, and each of which, therefore, vibrates to the key of the logoic solar Angel, of which the human solar Angel is a dim reflection. (TCF 1161)


  Certain great Entities became active, including such relatively unimportant Beings as our solar Logos and His group.


80.             Perhaps the One About Whom Naught May Be Said here sounding is, indeed, the Super-Cosmic Logos and not just a Cosmic Logos. A Super-Cosmic Logos manifests through seven constellations, each of which is as a major chakra. A Cosmic Logos manifests through seven Solar Logoi, each of which is as a major chakra.

81.             What is the “group” of our Solar Logos? We can think of it as the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One, and what is being said here is that the sounding of the great cosmic logoic Word (really—it should be called a super-cosmic logoic Word if we accept the hypothesis that a Super-Cosmic Logos is the One sounding it) brings about the higher mental plane structure of our Solar Logos and the six other Solar Logoi Who accompany Him as part of the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One.

82.             What is clear is the One About Whom Naught May Be Said (as that term is used here) is different from the “group” of our solar Logos (and its informing Life. The solar logoic “group” is a lower aggregation included somehow within the being of a Super-Cosmic Logos—the One Who sounds the Word here discussed.

83.             There is also the possibility, and it cannot be immediately dismissed, that the One Who sounds the Word is only the Cosmic Logos Who includes within His being the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One.

84.             The phrase “One About Whom Naught May Be Said” has (as we will discover from the contexts in which it is used) two or even three levels of meaning:

a.      A Cosmic Logos

b.      A Super-Cosmic Logos

c.      Our Galactic Logos

85.             To these levels we could add others, until finally we truly reach the ONE about WHOM absolutely nothing (true) may be said.

86.             VSK calls to our attention: “Referencing chart Evolution of Matter, TCR 56, we note the 6th Tanmatra caused the outpicturing of the ‘Agni-tattvic’ plane”.

87.             It should be noted that this chart refers only to the cosmic physical plane.

88.             Could a correspondence to this outpicturing also refer to cosmic levels?


This fifth principle is the distinctive coloring of a particular group of solar Logoi on the causal level of the cosmic mental, and is the animating factor of Their Existence, the reason of Their manifesting through various solar systems, and the great Will-to-be that brings Them forth into objectivity.


89.             We are speaking of a “particular group of Solar Logoi on the cosmic mental” plane. Is the “group” of Solar Logoi to which our Solar Logos belongs?

90.             It is probable (because Sirius is so close to our Solar Logos—only 8 ly away) that our Solar Logos belongs to the same group of Solar Logoi as Sirius does. But is it a group in which the fifth principle and ray are prominent?

91.             Sirius is likely to be the leading star in this group, thus, this group has been called by thoughtful theorists the “Sirian System” (as opposed to the Logos of the star, Sirius, which is hypothetically simply a part of the “Sirian System”).

92.             We know that the star Sirius in informed by a Solar Logos closely identified with the principle of manas, in this case, cosmic manas.

93.             Perhaps the quality of the “Sirian System” (taking its coloration from its hypothetically leading star, Sirius) has much fifth principle and fifth ray in it?

94.             If we hypothesize that the group of Solar Logoi to which our Solar Logos and the Solar Logos of the star, Sirius, belongs, is much qualified by the fifth principle and fifth ray, we would have to correlate this hypothesis with the thought that the Cosmic Logos of the Sirian System may well correlate with the cosmic solar plexus center of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. We seem, here, to have a prescription for kama-manas.

95.             This seems a difficult correlation until it is remembered that the solar plexus center (though it expresses the sixth ray as do all solar plexus centers) is nevertheless the fifth center numbering the chakras from above.

96.             So, perhaps, these two hypotheses can be reconciled—namely, a cosmic solar plexus center which is associated with the fifth principle and fifth ray. Or perhaps, not.

97.             It may be that the our solar system is not a member of that group of Solar Logoi Who are particularly qualified by the fifth ray. If not, we would wonder why DK is meaning that group here.

98.             We are speaking of a group of Solar Logoi, the coloring of which is closely related to the fifth principle. Let us correlate what is said of this particular group of Solar Logoi on cosmic mental levels:

a.      It has for its distinctive coloring the fifth principle

b.      The fifth principle is the animating factor of Their Existence

c.      The fifth principle is the reason for the manifesting of the members of this group of Solar Logoi through various solar systems.

d.      The fifth principle is the great Will-to-be that brings the members of this group of Solar Logoi forth into objectivity.

99.             We could be saying that the Cosmic Logos that works through the Seven Solar Systems of Which Ours is One, is largely colored by the fifth principle.

100.         With this must be reconciled the idea that our particular Solar Logos is very astral-buddhic in nature and may not have much of the fifth ray, per se, and is only now working on cosmic mind.

101.         If this set up has merit, then each of seven constellational systems representing the seven chakras in the One About Whom Naught May Be Said, may be dedicated to the expression of a particular principle, and the principle and the chakra number may correlate.

102.         In other words, the group of seven solar systems which represents the sacral center of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said will be the group through which the sixth principle (numbering from above) will express—this principle will be cosmic kama (through we could also call it the second principle if we numbered from below).

103.         VSK offers some fascinating thoughts on color:

a.      “Likely colours for the fifth plane and principle and mind are the dual Indigo-Blue, and complements Yellow or Gold, and Orange, the colour of flame. We can consider it the colour out-pictured in the air, the blue of day and midnight. The yellow gold is the fire of the exoteric sun and reflected moon as it divides the sky into north and south. Like abstract and concrete.

b.       We can think of these two colours also as ‘flames in the sky’, the ‘agnishvattas from heaven’ who embody the colours of fire in the vast plane of mind, the sky.

c.       The Fifth principle is that which the Second Ray uses and is most emphasized in the second solar system. Hence, the Blue of the Second Ray, tied to the Indigo-Blue of the abstract and concretizing mind.


Manas has been defined as mind, or that faculty of logical deduction and reasoning, and of rational activity that distinguishes man from the animals.


104.         We have here a preliminary definition of manas.

105.         Man has—

a.      Logical faculty

b.      Deductive faculty

c.      Reasoning faculty

106.         Animals do not (or if so, only in embryo).

107.         These faculties structure the relations between ‘presentations to consciousness’.

108.         Animals do not consciousness know how one set of circumstances leads to another. A rational human being using reasoned deduction and induction learns the causal relations between one set of circumstances and another. A human being learns ‘what leads to what’.


  Yet it is something much more than that for it underlies all manifestation, and the very shape of an amoeba, and the discriminative faculty of the lowest atom or cell, is actuated by mind of some kind or another.


109.         We are given an extension of the meaning of manas. We are told that manas—

a.      Underlies all manifestation

b.      Is responsible for the kind of discriminative faculty to be found in the lowest atom or cell

110.         So manifestation and discrimination are two factors to be associated with manas when it is understood more broadly.


  It is only as the place of that discriminating cell or atom within its greater sphere is apprehended, and recognised, that any clear conception will be gained of what that coherent rational inclusive mentality may be.


111.         To what sort of entity does “that coherent rational inclusive mentality” belong? It seems to be the mentality expressed within and by the “greater sphere”, rather than that pertaining to the “discriminating cell or atom”, for the words “coherent”, “rational” and “inclusive” are mentioned, which hardly seem relevant to the low level of manas expressed through a discriminating cell or atom.

112.         VSK would have us note that “the use of the phrases like ‘discriminative faculty’, ‘discriminating cell’, ‘coherent rational inclusive mentality’, all are echoes of the fifth ray”.


2. Manas is electricity. 21

21: Electricity:

..."We know of no phenomenon in nature—entirely unconnected with either magnetism or electricity—since, where there are motion, heat, friction, light, there magnetism and its Alter Ego (according to our humble opinion)—electricity will always appear, as either cause or effect—or rather both if we but fathom the manifestation to its origin.


113.         It is fascinating to consider that electricity is the “Alter Ego” of magnetism.

114.         The term “alter ego” is used in esoteric astrology in relation to the pairs Earth and Venus; and Pluto and Mars. Venus is the alter ego of Earth and Mars is the alter ego of Pluto.

115.         That one of the pair which is usually called the “alter ego” is generally higher in its development.

116.         Can electricity (the alter ego of magnetism) then be considered as a more developed phenomenon than magnetism? A strange question, really.

117.         In this excerpt electricity is referred to as both cause and effect in relation to motion, heat, friction and light.

118.         When electricity flows, magnetism is generated. We also know that magnetism can induce the flow of electricity.

119.         With both electricity and magnetism we have the fundamental relations between things (a relation to be understood at a foundational level).


  All the phenomena of earth currents, terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity, are due to the fact that the earth is an electrified conductor, whose potential is ever changing owing to its rotation and its annual orbital motion, the successive cooling and heating of the air, the formation of clouds and rain, storms and winds, etc.


120.         The following phenomena are due to the fact that earth is an electrified conductor with an ever changing potential due to its:

a.      rotation

b.      its annual orbital motion

c.      the successive cooling and heating of air

d.      the formation of clouds and rain, storms and winds

121.         These phenomena are:

a.      Earth currents

b.      Terrestrial magnetism

c.      Atmospheric electricity


  This you may perhaps find in some text book.  But then Science would be unwilling to admit that all these changes are due to Akasic magnetism incessantly generating electric currents which tend to restore the disturbed equilibrium."


122.         We are considering a number of changes associated with Earth processes. A. P. Sinnett is saying that they are all generated by “Akasic magnetism incessantly generating electric currents which tend to restore the disturbed equilibrium”.

123.         We have, then, the idea of electrical current as a means of restoring disturbed equilibrium. There is definitely a relation between electricity, the third ray and the sign of equilibrium, Libra.

124.         When we speak of “Akasic magnetism” are we talking of the Akasha to be associated with the second etheric sub-plane, or the sub-atomic sub-plane? Perhaps. It does not seem likely that we are speaking of the second or akashic sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane—i.e., the monadic plane.


..."The sun is neither a Solid nor a Liquid, nor yet a gaseous glow; but a gigantic ball of electro-magnetic Forces, the store-house of universal Life and Motion, from which the latter pulsate in all directions, feeding the smallest atom as the greatest genius with the same material unto the end of the Maha Yug."—Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett,


125.         VSK suggests: “Some one of the scientists among the group may wish to review the basic statements here in terms of veracity to current thinking”. Lyn? Jose?

126.         This description of the sun, though more than a century old, seems to refer to it in terms of the fourth ether, with which most electrical phenomena with which we are familiar are to be associated.

127.         In fact, we seem to be dealing with what, in TCF, is called “active fire” or “radiatory fire”.

128.         We note the manner in which the term “universal” is used, and realize that it relates to our solar system—our particular “universe”.


The fire of Mind is fundamentally electricity, shown in its higher workings, and not considered so much as [Page 311] force in matter.


129.         Here is an important equivalence between Mind and electricity. We see that there are higher and lower forms of electricity. This is definitely to be borne in mind.

130.         Mind is electricity in some of its higher workings; normal electricity is force in matter—but even so may not be entirely divorced from Mind.

131.         Mind (we might way) works through the electro-magnetic aggregation of the contents of consciousness.


  Electricity in the solar system shows itself in seven major forms, which might be expressed as follows:


132.         Every one of the seven sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane is an electrical phenomenon. Let us ponder on this.


Electricity on the first plane, the logoic or divine, demonstrates as the Will-to-be, the primary aspect of that force which eventually results in objectivity.  Cosmically considered, it is that initial impulse or vibration, which emanates from the logoic causal body on the cosmic mental plane, and makes contact with the first cosmic etheric, or the solar plane of adi.


133.         We note how in the discussion of Manas we are immediately led into a discussion of electricity.

134.         We are given a technical definition the first type of electricity as it appears on the first sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane (our logoic plane).

135.         The electricity of the first cosmic physical sub-plane demonstrates as the “Will-to-be which substands that force which eventually results in objectivity.

136.         So there are three things here to be considered:

a.      The Will-to-be

b.      That force producing objectivity which the Will-to-be substands

c.      Objectivity itself.

137.         It would seem that the Will-to-be substands the fifth principle just as the first ray substands the fifth.

138.         VSK asks: “How might this be related to Son of Necessity?”

139.         The electricity of the first cosmic physical sub-plane is emanated from the cosmic mental plane, presumably from the solar logoic causal body.

140.         We see the manner in which that which for us (focussed as we are on the cosmic physical plane) is Will and a demonstration of the first aspect, really has its origin on the level of cosmic mind. We have seen this before when seeking the practical origin of the fifth fire (of Spirit)—the fire above the two material fires and the two mental fires.

141.         This first type of electricity must naturally be connected with the first Creative Hierarchy or Divine Flames who express through the “Sea of Fire”.

142.         We could say that this first type of cosmic electricity is the Sea of Fire.

143.         We will see that different types of motion and dynamics are associated with each of the types of electricity representative of the various sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane.

144.         We will have to research the electrical condition of the particles or constituents of the “Sea of Fire”. Its electrical nature would seem very “positive”.


Electricity on the monadic plane demonstrates as the first manifestation of form, as that which causes forms to cohere.


145.         Where is “Form” (in the Platonic sense) to be found. Some might look for it much lower than the monadic plane, but we are given to understand that the monadic plane is the origin of form. We might say that on the monadic plane the ‘noumenon of form’ originates.

146.         Form, per se (and as it appears on the monadic plane) is that which causes forms (note the plural) to cohere. We might consider that the noumenon of magnetism (as relevant to the cosmic physical plane) appears on the second or monadic level.


  Matter (electrified by "fire by friction") and the electric fire of spirit meet and blend, and form appears.


147.         What is the usual relation of matter to “fire by friction”? Matter is “electrified” by “fire by friction”! Matter, per se, is not fire by friction.

148.         Two types of electricity (the first and third types) produce, it seems, the second type which is responsible for the production of form.

149.         When dealing with the first, second and third sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane, we are dealing with archetypal planes, planes which are causal to all developments in the four lower worlds.


  Form is the result of the desire for existence, hence the dynamic fire of Will is transmuted into the burning fire of Desire.


150.         The number six is implicated in the “desire for existence”. This six is related to the one of the logoic plane.

151.         The “dynamic fire of Will” is ‘sub-standed’ by the “desire for existence” (which we may consider as emanating from the cosmic astral plane, though its source is certainly much higher).

152.         We learn that dynamism is transmuted into burning. This transmutation is occurring in the reverse direction, for the “dynamic fire of Will” pertains to the first or logoic plane, and the “burning fire of Desire” pertains to the second. We are dealing with a kind of ‘downward transmutation’ or a ‘manifestory transmutation’.

153.         Without form there is no way for the desire for existence to be fulfilled.

154.         The “burning fire of Desire” makes existence in form possible.


 I would call attention to the choice of those two phrases, which might also be expressed under the terms:

Dynamic electrical manifestation.


155.         The first Creative Hierarchy is “dynamic” in expression, and (we may infer) very positive—electrically.

156.         The second Creative Hierarchy is “burning” in expression. This “burning” relates to purification, which is that shamballic quality associated with the second ray, even as destruction is associated with the first ray and organization with the third.


Burning electrical manifestation.


157.         We must remember that we are speaking of electricity: the first type of “dynamic electrical manifestation”; the second type of “burning electrical manifestation”.

158.         We might ask how is dynamism related to the Will, and “burning” related to Desire and form?

159.         Dynamism is related to the “Divine Lives” or “Divine Flames”—the member of the first Creative Hierarchy. Desire/form is related to the “Divine Builders” who are the “Burning sons of desire”.

160.         The property of “burning” is usually associated with the number six and Mars. It is unusual to see it associated with the number two, but then the second systemic plane is really the sixth, from another perspective.

161.         The “Sea of Fire” describes the first systemic plane, but “burning” describes the second.

162.         The property of “burning” in some way preserves the coherence of the seven archetypal “forms” found on this plane. That which would conduce to homogeneity is burned away and prevented from reducing the distinctive “forms” to oneness (as may be found in the “Sea of Fire”).

163.         This type of “burning” is magnetic. The “burning” burns away all but the intent to manifest in specific ways through specific forms. The “burning” preserves distinctive archetypal forms, promoting their purity and coherency by destroying that which would compromise their purity and coherency.

164.         VSK says the following: “Notice that here follows a long section dealing exclusively with the manifestation on the second subplane, the monadic. The third plane, the atmic, is addressed much further down. This section of study, S3S10, covers only to the third subplane of the physical.”

165.         We shall advance in our understanding by gathering a number of related ideas.

Here on the second plane, the sea of electrical fire, which distinguished the first plane, is transformed into the akasha, or burning etheric matter.


166.         At first we spoke of the “dynamic fire of Will” being transmuted into the “burning fire of Desire”. Now we speak of the same process in terms of transformation. A first sight, the term “transformed” seems more appropriate.

167.         We have an important process: the “sea of fire” is transformed into “akasha”.

168.         Akasha is defined as “burning etheric matter”. We note that the matter is cosmic etheric matter. Akasha relates most intimately to the second systemic plane as does “burning”, and the second systemic plane is a cosmic ether. Hence, the phrase “burning etheric matter”.

169.         We might ask, “Does the matter of the ‘Sea of Fire’ burn”. Apparently not in the same way.

170.         The “burning” on this second plane seems a process of purification by means of which the matter related to the archetypal forms there found preserves its magnetic purity so that it can cohere in the appropriate types of archetypal forms.

171.         We will have to remain alert for other possible meanings of “burning”. Usually the process of burning reduces to essence. On the second plane there are seven distinct types and so, perhaps, seven types of essence (preserved in distinction, perhaps, by burning).


  It is the plane of the flaming Sun, just as the first plane is that of the fire mist [Page 312] or the nebulae.  This idea will be easier to comprehend if it is borne in mind that we are dealing with the cosmic physical plane.


172.         We would not know what to think of such a statement in relation to the cosmic astral plane, for instance.

173.         We are given an important distinction. The “fire mist” does not suggest form; the “flaming Sun” does suggest form.

174.         The “Sea of Fire” is ‘pre-formal’. On the monadic plane, we can imagine that seven Suns abide as seven, primary or archetypal forms.

175.         VSK advises: “Reference Chart XII, page 1230. The lowest plane is the Kosmic Plane. It is, in this case numbered “7th Kosmic Plane”. Remember the physical is both the number one and seven, but always at the base of our charts”.

176.         The Sun is naturally associated with the second ray, with akasha, with “burning”, with the “burning sons of desire”, and with the seven distinctive types of archetypal forms. On this we may ponder with profit.

177.         The second systemic plane is certainly a solar plane, even though ruled by Virgo. Virgo then is related to “burning etheric matter” and to the “akasha”. One would think these terms more characteristic of Leo.

178.         Leo, while normally related to the Sun, animates that Creative Hierarchy which is associated not with the Sun but with the “fire mist”.

179.         Subjective nebulae can be considered to exist in the “fire mist” stage. Perhaps the “seven Suns” in a pre-formal stage exist there.

180.         The fact that this Sun is a “flaming Sun” should be remembered as it relates the Monad to the “Divine Flame”.


Certain things take place on the second plane which need realisation, even if already theoretically conceded:


181.         We have no choice but to work on a theoretical level, given the present limitations of our human minds.


Heat or flaming radiation is first seen.


182.         Again, “heat” is usually associated with the number six, but the second planet is the sixth plane from another perspective.

183.         “Heat” is also considered “spiritual energy”, which fits, since we are considering the monadic plane.

184.         “Flaming radiation” characterizes the Monad, and presumably, all the archetypal forms found on this second plane.

185.         The akasha sounds; it burns; it has heat; it flames forth in radiation.


Form is taken, and the spheroidal shape of all existence originates.


186.         The spheroidicity of form relates directly to the influence of the planet Jupiter as it relates on this plane to Virgo (the “Mother”).


The first interplay between the polar opposites is felt.


187.         Apparently this is not the case within the “Sea of Fire”.

188.         Since the monadic plane (resonating to the number two) is the first planet of duality, it is natural that polarity would appear on this plane. (This still leaves unanswered the nature of the electrical manifestation on the first or logoic plane.)

189.         The seven ray streams are divided into masculine and feminine qualities.


Differentiation is first seen, not only in the recognised duality of all things, but in differentiation in motion; two vibrations are recognised.


190.         The appearance of “differentiation” accords well with the discriminative capacity of the sign Virgo, which rules this plane. Virgo, we know, is an analytical sign possessed with the power to divide.

191.         We do not know what two types of motion appear here.

192.         The two vibrations, however, can accord with the masculine and feminine qualities informing the hard line rays (masculine) and the soft-line rays (feminine).

193.         There can be no differentiation into seven unless duality is operative.

194.         The numbers two and seven both relate to this plane which is the seventh from one point of view and the second from another. It is also the sixth from still another.


Certain vibratory factors begin to work such as attraction, repulsion, discriminative rejection, coherent assimilation, and the allied manifestation of revolving forms, orbital paths and the beginning of that curious downward pull into matter that results in evolution itself.


195.         Let us tabulate these vibratory factors for clarity of assimilation:

a.      Attraction

b.      Repulsion

c.      Discriminative rejection

d.      Coherent assimilation

e.      Revolving forms

f.        Orbital paths

g.      The Downward pull into matter.

196.         We note that there are seven factors listed, which tempts one to correlate them with the seven rays.

197.         We recall that on this second plane, the numbers two and seven are closely related.

198.         We note that all these factors are “vibratory factors” which suggests that they are correlated to the mathematics of frequency.

199.         Again, we have the implication that within the “Sea of Fire” in the “fire mist” stage, these vibratory factors are not operative.


The primary seven manifestations of logoic existence find expression and the three, with the four, commence their work.


200.         Every type of monadic plane will have seven archetypal forms upon it.

201.         The word “primary” is important; it is a hint that we are dealing with the monadic level of expression, for the monadic ray is the “primary” ray. Interestingly, seven is a “prime” number—divisible only by itself. All the first four odd numbers are.

202.         This gives credence to the idea that there are seven types of Monads, though only three of these types are major (and perhaps relate more to the “Sea of Fire” than to the “Akasha”). We cannot say that the “Sea of Fire” is entirely formless, otherwise the three Logoi could not be focused thereon.

203.         We are told of “the three with the four”. Clearly in this context, the four are subsidiary to the three.

204.         The division of seven into a three and a four gets its start on the monadic plane.


The seven wheels, or etheric centres in the body etheric of that great cosmic Entity, of Whom our solar Logos is a reflection, begin to vibrate and His life activity can be seen.


205.         This is an extremely occult statement.

206.         There are seven vortices of force (monadically comprised) on the second systemic or monadic plane.

207.         Of what type of cosmic Entity is our Solar Logos a reflection? A Cosmic Logos? Or a Super-Cosmic Logos?

208.         If man is a truer reflection of the Solar Logos than the Planetary Logos, then perhaps the Solar Logos is a truer reflection of the Super-Cosmic Logos than the Cosmic Logos. Hypothetically, one level is skipped.

209.         We are being told that the monadic centers are really as etheric centers to some great Being.

210.         Speculatively, it could be examined whether:

a.      The foundational chakras of the Planetary Logos would be found upon the higher mental plane (in the egoic groups)

b.      The foundational chakras of the Solar Logos would be found upon the buddhic plane

c.      The foundational chakras of the Cosmic Logos would be found upon the atmic plane

d.      The foundational chakras of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said would be found upon the monadic plane

211.         VSK Advises: “Look again at the chart on TCF, 56, and trace the lines of energy that flow from the triangle above into each of the Cosmic Planes. How might that chart help bring the list above alive?”

212.         VSK asks: “Is there a discrepancy between the type of emanating energy and what plane it manifests upon? For example, the sixth Tanmatra as influx to the fifth cosmic plane, and the seventh Tanmatra into the sixth or cosmic astral – with the lowest, Cosmic Physical Plane, a type of vestigial tail from the originating ganglion?

213.         VSK muses: “That gives a whole new meaning to the tail wagging the dog! Siriusly!”

214.         VSK advises: “Note there are seven points in this list. Does each relate or have resonance to a subplane as well?”

215.         May it be suggested that while this chart of Tanmatras may have a higher correspondence related to the cosmic astral plane, it seems to depict occurrences on the cosmic physical plane? This could be debated, one supposes.


We are at this juncture considering the manifestations of electricity on the different planes of the cosmic physical plane, or on our solar systemic planes.


216.         When we get into intricate detail, it never hurts to be reminded of the major theme of our enquiry.


  Hence, all that can be seen in manifestation is fundamentally physical electricity.


217.         Physical electricity is electricity as it pertains to the cosmic physical plane—which is physical.

218.         The term “manifestation” as used in a cosmic context, is usually related to the cosmic physical plane and not to the other cosmic planes.


  We have seen that the primary manifestation is that which vitalised, tinctured, and pervaded the matter of space, thus embodying—in connection with logoic manifestation—that which is analogous to the vital heat, activity and radiation of a human being, [Page 313] manifesting on the solar physical plane.


219.         This “primary manifestation” seems to be correlated with the First Outpouring which is Fohatic.

220.         Through it come vital head, activity and radiation.

221.         Vital heat, activity and radiation all seem justifiably related to fire by friction.


Certain electrical phenomena distinguish a human being, only (as they have not been expressed or considered in terms of electricity) the analogy has been lost sight of.


222.         We are being told that electricity is far more pervasive than we imagine and that many phenomena regularly noticed in relation to  a human being are really electrical phenomena.

223.         We have moved from a discussion of cosmic electricity as it is manifesting on the cosmic ethers, to electrical demonstration in relation to a human being.

224.         All of the following are electrical demonstrations in relation to a human being.


These demonstrations might be considered as:


First, that coherent VITALITY which holds the entire body revolving around the central unit of force.  It must here be remembered that the entire manifestation of a solar system consists of the etheric body, and the dense body of a Logos.


225.         “Coherent VITALITY” is an electrical demonstration. Based on what is described below, we could consider VITATLITY is as electricity in its first aspect.

226.         We learn that vitality is cohesive and relates the point in revolution to its nucleus.

227.         We have a confirmation that when the term “solar system” is used, it usually does not extend beyond the cosmic physical plane. In other words, it concerns only the physical body and etheric body of the Solar Logos.

228.         It may be that “coherent VITALITY” can be related to the atomic sub-plane of the etheric plane, where man is concerned.

229.         It would seem that we have transferred our discussion from the cosmic ethers to systemic (or solar) ethers.

230.         From the perspective here presented, vitality relates to the first ray.

231.         The first aspect is the life aspect, and vitality is life.


Second, that radiatory MAGNETISM which distinguishes man, and makes him active in two ways:


232.         Radiatory MAGNETISM is an electrical demonstration. We could consider it electricity in its second aspect.

233.         From the perspective here presented, magnetism relates to the second ray.


In relation to the matter of which his vehicles are composed.


234.         This type of magnetism may be thought of as relating to the sub-atomic systemic ether—man’s second ether.

235.         Again the sign Virgo (ruling matter, in general) is implicated, because Virgo is associated with the monadic plane, and thus with that sub-plane which on the etheric-physical plane corresponds to the monadic plane.

236.         The matter is held in coherency by magnetism.

237.         Just as ACTIVITY, described below, is related to the physical plane, so MAGNETISM may be related to the astral. Is VITALITY, then, related to the mental? The higher three systemic planes are inversely reflected in the lower three.


In relation to the units which form his group.


238.         In the life of man, magnetism relates on a group level, holding in coherence the units with which a man may be associated.


Third, that ACTIVITY on the physical plane which results in due performance of the will and desire of the indwelling entity, and which in man is the correspondence of the Brahma aspect.


239.         “ACTIVITY” as here described in relation to man is an electrical demonstration. We could consider it electricity in its third aspect.

240.         ACTIVITY is related to “performance” or that demonstration through form of the will and desire of the indwelling entity.

241.         Just as ACTIVITY pertains to Brahma, so MAGNETISM pertains for Vishnu and VITALITY to Shiva. In VITALITY is the idea of life, which pertains to the first aspect of divinity.

242.         Another name for VITALITY is “fohatic impulse”. Fohat and Brahma are closely related.


These three electrical manifestations—vitality, magnetism, and fohatic impulse—are to be seen at work in a solar Logos, a Heavenly Man and a human being.


243.         We have been dealing with three kinds of electrical manifestation.

a.      Vitality—‘Shivic’

b.      Magnetism—‘of Vishnu’

c.      Activity or fohatic impulse—“Brahmic”

244.         All three types of electrical demonstration are to be found in relation to the three types of ‘atoms’ we are principally considering: the Solar Logos, the Planetary Logos and man.


 They are the objective manifestations of the psychic nature, which (in a solar Logos, for instance) we speak of in terms of quality, and call will, wisdom, activity.


245.         We are still very much considering the physical plane—whether the cosmic physical plane or the systemic physical plane.

246.         The three electrical demonstrations—vitality, magnetism and activity—can be understood as related to the three highest ethers of either the cosmic physical plane or the systemic physical plane.

247.         The true psychic nature pertains to the astral plane. Just as activity correlates to the etheric-physical plane, so magnetism correlates to the astral and vitality, apparently and interestingly, to the mental (for the mental body is very much responsible for the vitalization of the etheric body).

248.         We have noticed in these studies that, depending upon the perspective, the first and third aspects are interchangeable. In this case, “vitality” and “activity” could relate to some similar planes—interchangeably.

249.         The analogy is interesting. In the psychic demonstration of a Solar Logos, the three aspects are called will, wisdom and activity.

250.         Vitality is the outer expression of will; magnetism is the outer expression of wisdom; activity is the outer manifestation of fohatic impulse. Here, then, is a correspondence and not a reflection.

251.         The psychic nature is always discussed in terms of “quality”. The physical nature is to be discussed in terms of appearance. The spiritual nature (above the psychic) is to be discussed in terms of “life”.


Therefore, it should be noted here that the first three planes of the cosmic physical plane—the logoic, monadic, and atmic planes—are of prime importance and are the basic planes from whence emanate the secondary four;


252.         The four always come out of the three. This is so in the case of planes and also in the case of rays.

253.         When dealing with will, wisdom and activity (or fohatic impulse), and vitality, magnetism and activity, we have been dealing with factors which relate to the higher trinity and not primarily to the lower quaternary (except through reflection or correspondence).


 in other words, the first three cosmic ethers embody in a literal sense those three Entities whom we know as Mahadeva, Vishnu, and Brahma.


254.         These Entities may be considered Raja Deva Lords (from one perspective) since we have been talking about electricity in relation to the sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane.

255.         Mahadeva and Shiva are equivalent terms

256.         One sevenfold listing of such Entities might be the following

a.      Mahadeva—Shiva

b.      Vishnu

c.      Brahma

d.      Indra

e.      Agni

f.        Varuna

g.      Kshiti


  In a similar sense these Three find Their densest objectivity in the three physical ethers.


257.         The higher three (expressive on the three cosmic ethers) find their densest manifestation on the three highest ethers of the systemic physical plane

258.         Mahadeva corresponds with the first systemic etheric sub-plane (the atomic sub-plane), and all first ray constellational and planetary sources.

259.         Vishnu corresponds with the second systemic etheric sub-plane (the sub-atomic sub-plane) and all second ray constellational and planetary sources

260.         Brahma corresponds with the third systemic etheric sub-plane (the super-etheric sub-plane), and all third ray constellational and planetary sources


  The lower four manifest during evolution, but are eventually synthesised into the higher [Page 314] three.


261.         The “lower four” consist of one ether and three more physical demonstrations—gaseous, liquid and dense.

262.         There will come a time when dense physicality will be absorbed into the ethers, and the lower ethers will be absorbed into the higher.

263.         If we learn exactly how this process of absorption works on one level, we can analogize to others.

264.         Learning how the systemic ethers are absorbed may tell us something about how the synthesizing planets absorb the lesser planets.


It should be also remembered that on all the seven subplanes of a solar plane a process, in connection with electrical phenomena in etheric matter, will parallel all the processes on the major planes.


265.         This is succinctly stated.

266.         The four highest ethers are directly reflected in the four solar ethers (systemic ethers).

267.         The two kinds of electricity parallel each other. The electrical demonstrations in the cosmic ethers are directly reflected in the electrical demonstrations in the systemic ethers.


  This is easily to be seen on the mental plane, for instance, in connection with Man.  Theoretically, the absorption of all faculty by the causal body, and the discontinuance of all enforced objectivity in the three worlds at the close of the synthesising period is conceded.


268.         The causal body is to be found on the second ‘ether’ of the systemic mental plane. That ether, ruled by the second ray, demonstrates the qualities of absorption, magnetism, coherence and is Jupiterian in nature.

269.         This mental ‘ether’ (the second) is also akashic (from one perspective) and hence the origin of the “Word of the Soul”.

270.         We can extrapolate to the kind of absorption which must occur on the monadic plane since it is the second cosmic ether.

271.         “Enforced objectivity in the three worlds” is of two kinds; one pertains to particular, individual incarnations. The other, and greater, pertains to the entire process of reincarnation.

272.         After every incarnational life cycle, there is an absorptive period, and for a time, a discontinuance of enforced objectivity.

273.         After the entire cycle of incarnational life, there is a much more significant absorptive period and a permanent discontinuance of the enforced objectivity with respect to the eighteen sub-planes. “Objectivity”, of course, is a very relative term. The entirety of the eighteen lower cosmic sub-planes are actually objective from the perspective of Beings Who have Their causal bodies on the cosmic mental plane.

274.         Between every incarnation there is a synthesizing period. As well, just before the destruction of the causal body, there is a far greater synthesizing period which relates to the unfoldment of the synthesizing petals of the egoic lotus and which gathers together and synthesizes all that has been garnered during the long evolutionary pilgrimage of the Monad into the lower three worlds.

275.         Absorption always pertains to the second level of an etheric plane—whether viewing the case systemically or cosmically.


On the other planes it is not so obvious.


276.         Yet it is inferred that such an absorption or synthesis does occur.


 On the buddhic plane, the Builders on the evolutionary arc, or a large part of the deva evolution, undergo a paralleling synthesis.


277.         The buddhic plane is much related to devic life.

278.         A large part of the deva evolution can be called “Builders on the evolutionary arc”.

279.         We are discussing ‘absorptive synthesis’ in relation to different planes and sub-planes.

280.         If we follow the analogy, it can be presumed that this devic synthesis occurs in relation to the higher three sub-planes of the buddhic plane.

281.         Nothing is said of the highest two sub-planes of the buddhic plane. To the third sub-plane the quality of idealism is related.

282.         Probably, we could analogize from the highest of the mental sub-planes (“response to group vibration” and “spiritual telepathy”) to at least infer the quality which would be found on the highest of the two buddhic sub-planes. What do we think?

283.         In ascent, both man and deva are synthesized.


  On the physical plane a mysterious synthesis in connection with the "spirit of the Earth" is undergone, and the first three ethers are related to him in a way as yet little understood.


284.         The higher three are always the synthesizing three, just as the synthesizing planets are always considered a higher three in relation to the many Planetary Logoi.

285.         Presumably this synthesis related to the “spirit of the Earth” is a relatively primitive synthesis related to monadic essence and elemental essence.

286.         That the first three ethers of the etheric physical plane are related to the “spirit of the Earth” is reasonable considering how identified is this being with the third aspect.

287.         In this section we have been dealing with three types of electrical demonstration in connection with two types of ethers. Most of the focus has been on the second or magnetic type of demonstration.


We might sum it up thus:

First, the balancing of electrical phenomena, or the achievement of synthesis in connection with Man, transpires on the three higher levels of the mental plane.


288.         Balancing and synthesis are here equated.

289.         The idea of balance relates to the Libra, through which the third ray comes. The third ray is related to the three higher levels of the mental plane, the abstract mental plane—though only the first sub-plane of the systemic mental plane is truly abstract.

290.         The factor of synthesis always, we see, is related to the trinity, the three.

291.         With respect to man the individual, the causal plane is the plane of synthesis. All that man has been in the lower three worlds is eventually synthesized on the causal planes, and especially on the third and second levels.

292.         In relation to the any second sub-plane, we are dealing with equilibrised electricity, which it neither positive or negative.

293.         The higher mental plane is the domain of the soul which is the equilibrizer and, therefore, related to Libra.

294.         VSK queries: “Why the three higher levels of the mental and not the lower four?”

295.         May it be said that we have constantly been speaking of synthesizing trinities in relation to the higher three sublevels of various planes. The number three is, in this context, synthetic.


Second, a similar process in connection with a Heavenly Man transpires on the three higher subplanes of the monadic plane.


296.         This is an important analogy. Man and the Heavenly Man, are in this instance, separated by three planes with regard to parallel processes. The three highest levels of the systemic mental plane are three systemic planes lower than the three highest levels of the systemic monadic plane.

297.         The three major types of Monads are related to the three higher sub-planes of the monadic plane.


  Viewed in a larger sense it takes place on the three major planes—the atmic, buddhic. and manasic—just as in the three worlds of human evolution—the physical, astral, and mental—the synthesising process proceeds on the higher of the three involved.


298.         We remember the special connection of the Heavenly Man (whichever Heavenly Man it may be) to the triadal levels.

299.         There seem to be several analogies here. The atmic, buddhic and manasic sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane may be reflected in the higher three systemic sub-planes of the systemic mental plane.

300.         As well the higher three sub-planes of the monadic plane are reflected in the atmic, buddhic and manasic systemic planes:

a.      The first sub-level of the systemic monadic plane (home of first ray Monads) is reflected in the systemic atmic plane

b.      The second sub-level of the systemic monadic plane (home of second ray Monads) is reflected in the systemic buddhic plane

c.      The third sub-level of the systemic monadic plane (home of third ray Monads) is reflected in the systemic mental plane.

301.         All this is another way of saying that first ray Monads have a special connection to the systemic atmic plane. This is confirmed in The Rays and the Initiations (cf. 310-311)

302.         Second ray Monads are connected to the systemic buddhic plane.

303.         Third ray Monads are connected to the systemic mental plane

304.         VSK queries: “Why is this in connection with the Heavenly Man, specifically?”

305.         May we suggest that the Heavenly Man always has an important resonance with the monadic plane just as the individual human being has with the mental plane?


Third, in connection with a solar Logos (within the system and not considering His cosmic synthesis) the three higher subplanes of the logoic plane see His final absorption or abstraction, and the three planes of the three Logoi are similarly concerned.


306.         This is another important quotation.

307.         The first, second and fifth planes are therefore involved in the absorption of these three entities.

308.         The cosmic synthesis of a Solar Logos must necessarily involve the cosmic planes. The process of that greater synthesis has a dim reflection on the logoic level of the cosmic physical plane.

309.         It is clear that in this section we are talking about ‘less than cosmic syntheses’—i.e., only those which pertain to the cosmic physical plane.

310.         The logoic plane pertains to the Solar Logos and to the three Logoi—the Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva of our solar system.

311.         Absorption or abstraction mean an end (for these great Beings) of physical incarnation.

312.         What are the “three planes of the three Logoi”? DK seems to be telling us of a process related to the logoic, monadic and atmic planes which may well be the center of focus for the three Logoi that surround our Solar Logos (cf. TCF 1238)

313.         Perhaps, on each of these three cosmic physical sub-planes, an absorption goes on in relation to the three Logoi (expressing the three aspects of the Solar Logos).

314.         This would mean that the absorption for the second Logos (within the threefold expression of the Solar Logos), would have some aspects parallel to the absorption process undergone by a Planetary Logos.

315.         There are two ways to view this: either the three Logoi work on the higher levels of the logoic plane as does the Solar Logos, or the three Logoi have a special relation to the three higher sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane—atmic, buddhic, manasic. Both may be true.


It should here be carefully borne in mind that we are dealing with electrical matter, and are therefore concerned with cosmic etheric substance; all matter in the system is necessarily etheric.


316.         We are reminded of our subject: “electrical matter” which is “cosmic etheric substance”.

317.         Our higher four planes are, therefore, all, necessarily, “electrical matter”.

318.         DK says even more however—that all matter in the solar system is “necessarily etheric”. Is this suggesting that even what we call “dense matter” (the matter of the three lowest systemic planes—cosmic gaseous, cosmic liquid and cosmic dense) is etheric—for, from the perspective of the Solar Logos, the twenty-one lowest sub-planes are material rather than etheric.

319.         We judge from this that all matter within the entire cosmic physical plane is both electrical matter and etheric matter—though, usually, only the matter of the highest four sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane is considered cosmically etheric.

320.         Over and again our thoughts will revolved around what has been called the “mystery of electricity”.


  We are consequently dealing literally with physical phenomena on all planes of [Page 315] the system.


321.         The terms “physical” and “etheric” are sometimes considered equivalent.

322.         Physical phenomena are necessarily electrical phenomena and, even, so it is suggested, etheric phenomena.

323.         When dealing with the subject of electricity, we are dealing with physical phenomena—i.e., the phenomena of the cosmic physical plane.

324.         The term electricity is especially connected with the third or material aspect of divinity.


  In time and space we are concerned with units of different polarity which—during the evolutionary process—seek union, balance, equilibrium or synthesis, and eventually find it.


325.         Electrical interplay depends upon the fact that there are units of different polarity. The whole story of electrical interplay depends upon the quest described immediately above.

326.         That which we call electricity cannot exist outside of what is here called time and space. In time and space polarity exists.

327.         DK seems to be saying that units of different polarity seek the Libran state characterized by union, balance, equilibrium (all Libran words) and synthesis (which is also related to the trinitarian nature of Libra.

328.         Electricity (like time and space) is dependent for its existence on bi-polarity—the existence of units of different polarity. Without the cosmic process of Self-division, therefore, there would be no electricity.

329.         So ‘Self-division into a bi-polar state’ is the root cause of electricity.


  This electrical interplay between two units causes that which we call light, and thereby objectivity.


330.         Notice the very close connection between light and objectivity.

331.         Objectivity (the universe) is light.

332.         The relation between Father and Mother is electrical interplay.

333.         The Son arises through electrical interplay.

334.         Light=matter=objectivity.


During evolution this demonstrates as heat and magnetic interaction and is the source of all vital growth;


335.         Electrical interplay (during evolution) results in “heat and magnetic interaction”. We can judge that the emergence of the “Son of Light” (the universe) is equivalent to the emergence of “heat and magnetic interaction”.

336.         Heat and magnetic interaction are the source of “all vital growth” but, ultimately, it is electrical interplay which is the source of all vital growth.

337.         Without the interplay of the poles there would be no heat, no magnetic interaction, no vital growth.


at the achievement of the desired goal, at union, or at-one-ment, two things occur:


338.         We are speaking of the desired result of electrical interplay.


First, the approximation of the two poles, or their blending, causes a blazing forth, or radiant light.


339.         This is the union of male and female, of Father and Mother, of the first aspect of divinity and the third.

340.         We are not here speaking of the initial interplay which produced the Son. We are talking about the final stages of the interplay between the poles in which the poles merge and blend. During the universal process the poles interplay, but they do not become as one until the conclusion of the process.


Second, obscuration, or the final disintegration of matter owing to intense heat.


341.         We can wonder whether it is matter, per se, that disintegrates, or whether it is the form into which matter was moulded that disintegrates.

342.         From a certain perspective, matter is indestructible.

343.         But disintegration is not destruction. Matter is integrated into form, and it is this integration which dis-integrates.

344.         It is clear that when Father and Mother not only come together but actually merge and become one, intense heat and light are produced.

345.         Consummation is demonstrated through a display of heat and light.

346.         On a still deeper level, we may also be discussing that deeper process which returns matter as we know it (i.e., differentiated Mulaprakriti) to homogeneous Mulaprakriti—Mulaprakriti proper.


This can be seen in connection with man, a Heavenly Man and a solar Logos, and their bodies of objectivity.


347.         Again the process applies in relation to the three types of entities we have been studying


  In man this polarity is achieved, the three different types of electrical phenomena are demonstrated, and the light blazes forth, irradiating the causal body, and lighting up the entire sutratma, or thread (literally the Path) which connects the causal vehicle with the physical brain.


348.         What is said here is really technical and important.

349.         Is there a suggestion that the interplay between the energy of the first mental sub-plane and the third mental sub-plane causes the release of light and heat found in relation to the second mental sub-plane (i.e., the destruction of the causal body)?

350.         The sutratma is the “life thread”. One aspect of the sutratma functions in relation to incarnating man. This aspect connects the causal body with the physical brain. It is an aspect utilized by the Solar Angel when individualization first takes place, for the initial work of the Solar Angel focuses first within the causal body and then within the physical brain of man.

351.         What are the three different types of electrical phenomena? We have been studying them under different names:

a.      Vitality, magnetism and activity (or fohatic impulse)

b.      The electrical demonstration of the first ether, the electrical demonstration of third ether and the result of their interplay, the electrical demonstration related to the second ether.

c.      From another perspective, we have the electrical demonstration of the first aspect interplaying with the electrical demonstration of the third aspect, producing the electrical demonstration of the second aspect

352.         When the causal body is irradiated, the sutratma also lights up. This sutratma will have to be used even after the destruction of the causal body, for the life aspect needs to be connected to the physical brain in the life of an Arhat who physically survives his fourth initiation (or in the life of a Master who became so in the same incarnation as He took the Arhat initiation). Even a Master creating a mayavirupa needs the sutratma to connect to the magically created physical brain.

353.         What we have been understanding is that the creation of the causal body is the result of electrical interplay, and the destruction of the causal body (at a much later date) is also a demonstration of electrical interplay (in fact of the merging of the positive and negative poles).

354.         We can infer that the atomic triangle (related, one would think, to the third sub-plane of the mental plane) and the manasic permanent atom related to the first sub-plane, are involved in intensive interplay at the time of the destruction of the causal body.


  Then disintegration or destruction ensues; the causal body vanishes in a blaze of electrical fire, and the real "man" or self is abstracted from the three world-bodies.


355.         The fiery blaze which consumes the causal body is, in this reference, called “electrical fire”. It is fire caused by the intimate interplay and merging of the poles.

356.         Such intense electrical interplay is the secret of abstraction.

357.         The real man is that which informs the causal body.

358.         We can judge that all spiritual progress is the result of electrical interplay. All arrangement and re-arrangement in cosmos is an electrical process.

359.         We also can judge that the Rod of Initiation promotes this electrical interplay through the proper stimulation of polar factors within the candidate.

360.         The abstraction of the self from its sheaths arises through electrical interplay.

361.         VSK states: “The Sutratma is the ‘thread Path’, connecting the causal vehicle to the physical brain. Hence the literalness of ‘playing with fire’ with certain practices.”


So will it be seen in the body of a Heavenly Man, a planetary scheme, and so likewise in the body of the Logos, a solar system.


362.         The analogy continues.


The difficulty in apprehending these thoughts is great, for we are necessarily handicapped by lack of adequate terms,


363.         Our science has not proceeded sufficiently far to give us the necessary terms. The processes to which such terms should apply have also not been clearly delineated.


 but the main ideas only are those I seek to deal with,


364.         A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is complex. In all this complexity we sometimes forget that DK is really presenting only the main ideas of the sciences He is elucidating.


 and the one we are primarily concerned with in this division is the electrical manifestation of magnetism,


365.         We are now in the second portion of the book—the portion that deals with the fire of mind (higher mind particularly) and with the mental expression of the second aspect of divinity.

366.         TCF deals almost exclusively with electrical phenomena.

367.         Magnetism is an electrical phenomenon—an electrical phenomenon pertaining very much to the second aspect.


just as earlier we dealt cursorily with the same electrical phenomena, manifesting as the activity of matter.


368.         Activity, we have seen, is also an electrical phenomenon—an electrical phenomenon pertaining very much to the third aspect.

369.         The first part of the book dealt with the fires of matter. Another way of saying this is that it dealt with the electrical phenomena which demonstrated as the activity of matter.

370.         Now we are in a portion of the book which deals with the electrical phenomena which demonstrate as the fires of mind and the manifestation of magnetism.

371.         From this perspective, mind, as here defined, is magnetic. To entertain this thought helps an individual move from a focus strictly within the lower mind to one that re-polarizes within the higher mental plane.


Therefore you have: [Page 316]

1. Activity....electrical manifestation of matter.

2. Magnetism...electrical manifestation of form.

3. Vitality....electrical manifestation of existence.


372.         We have here a straightforward tabulation, but some illuminating points of view are being offered.

373.         That “Activity” relates to the electrical manifestation of matter is straightforward.

374.         “Magnetism”, we realize (first appearing on the monadic plane) relates to the manifestation of form, and it is on this plane that form first manifests.

375.         “Vitality”, we learned, is related to the life aspect, and the term “existence” is, in this context, is another name for life.

376.         In this section of the book we are dealing with mind, magnetism and form. These three ideas go together and are related to the “burning fire of Desire”.

377.         In the earlier portion we were dealing with matter and activity.

378.         In the next portion we shall deal with vitality, life and existence. (related to the Will-to-be and the “dynamic fire of Will”).


This is literally (as pointed out by H. P. B.)22 [SDI 567 II 258] fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire.


379.         The electrical manifestation of matter is “fire by friction” or activity.

380.         The electrical manifestation of form is “solar fire” or magnetism.

381.         The electrical manifestation of existence is “electric fire” (not electrical fire) or vitality.

382.         We are trying to put a number of ideas together so that they remain associated in the mind of the reader.

383.         What the Tibetan says in one place must be brought into relation with what He says in another.


Fire by friction is electricity animating the atoms of matter, or the substance of the solar system, and resulting in:


384.         Fire by friction is a type of electricity. Electricity is the animator and animates the atoms of matter.

385.         We are to remember that the three fires are electrical.

386.         The following are the results of the work of fire by friction:


The spheroidal form of all manifestation.

The innate heat of all spheres.

Differentiation of all atoms one from another.


387.         Much of what is described immediately above was described in relation to the monadic plane, whereon spheroidal forms were produced and whereon differentiation first occurred.

388.         The following quotes were taken from text appearing earlier in this section and relate to the monadic plane. We see how close is the relation to what is described as the result of fire by friction.

Form is taken, and the spheroidal shape of all existence originates.

Differentiation is first seen, not only in the recognised duality of all things, but in differentiation in motion; two vibrations are recognised. (TCF 313)


389.         On the monadic plane, “heat or flaming radiation” also appeared, which correlates, as well, with the description of the result of fire by friction.

390.         In a way, the energies and forces expressed throughout the cosmic physical plane are, cosmically considered, all fire by friction.

391.         It is safe to say that all three fires are, in some ways, active on all planes of the cosmic physical plane.


Solar fire is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms, and resulting in:


392.         We have just been told that fire by friction is “electricity animating the atoms of matter”.

393.         Now we are told that “solar fire is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms”.

394.         The three fires, we must constantly bear in mind, are electrical. That is one of the main points to grasp from studying the present section.

395.         If the phenomenon of electricity is based on bi-polarity, then so is the phenomenon of fire.

396.         Solar fire produces the following:


Coherent groups.

The radiation from all groups, or the magnetic interaction of these groups.


397.         Radiation and magnetic interaction are considered equivalent.

398.         When magnetism exists, radiation occurs.

399.         Where radiation exist, does magnetism occur?


The synthesis of form.


400.         We might call the production of the synthesis of form the production of the wholeness of form.

401.         Solar fire is the electrical demonstration producing coherency.

402.         The sequence produced could be considered as follows:

a.      Coherency,

b.      Unity,

c.      Synthesis.


Electric fire is electricity demonstrating as vitality or the will-to-be of some Entity, and manifests as:


403.         Fire by friction is “electricity animating the atoms of matter”; “solar fire is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms”; “electric fire is electricity demonstrating as vitality or the will-to-be of some Entity”.

404.         It is important to associate the “will-to-be” with vitality. When the will-to-be ceases, vitality also ceases, and the animation of form ceases. We say that one has lost his “will-to-live”. Then, what we call “death” ensues.


Abstract Being.




405.         Interestingly, synthesis was mentioned in connection with the second form of electricity, but it was the “synthesis of form”—not the synthesis of life of consciousness.

406.         “Darkness” and “Abstract Being” are equivalent terms. To these, unity must be added in equivalence.

407.         It would seem justified to say that “electric fire” results also in synthesis.


408.         A useful  table from the above paragraphs compliments of VSK:




Fohatic Impulse






Fire by friction

Solar fire

Electric fire

Intelligent purpose

Archetypal Form

Initial activity

Atoms of matter or substance

Congeries of atoms

Will to be of some Entity

Spheroidal form

Coherent groups

Abstract being

Innate heat

Radiation and magnetic interaction




Synthesis of form



409.         Naturally, this table should be pondered carefully, because it brings many ideas together into a coherent whole.

410.         One of the most important learnings that arises in this section is that fire is electricity and electricity is fire.

411.         Specialized electricity is specialized fire.

412.         Fire is polarized just as is electricity.


We have seen that electrical manifestation on the first plane caused initial vibration, and on the second its activity resulted in the archetypal form of all manifestation from a God to man, and an atom.


413.         Here we are summarizing the effects of electrical manifestation on the cosmic physical plane.

414.         Archetypes are to be found on the monadic plane—akashic plane. It is, in terms of the cosmic physical plane, the “archetypal plane”.

415.         But the monadic plane is also the plane of “archetypal form”.


On the third plane which, is primarily the plane of Brahma, this electrical force showed itself in intelligent purpose.


416.         The atmic plane is primarily the plane of Brahma.

417.         The atmic plane is the plane whereon “intelligent purpose” is demonstrated.

418.         Atma, then, is primarily, “intelligent purpose” (a blend of the first and third rays).


  The will-to-be, and the form desired, are correlated by intelligent purpose underlying all.


419.         This is a synthetic statement:

a.      The first plane is animated by the will-to-be

b.      On the second plane the “form desired” is produced

c.      On the third plane, the will-to-be and the form desired are correlated by intelligent purpose.

420.         It is clear that the third ray is a ray of correlation and coordination. Vitality and form are coordinated by intelligent purpose.


  This intelligent purpose, or active will, utilising an instrument, brings us to that most difficult of metaphysical problems, the distinction between will and desire.


421.         We note the equivalence of “intelligent purpose” and active will. Note that in each of these dual terms, one term relates to the first ray and one to the third.

422.         A most difficult problem, indeed!

423.         It is of value to realize that Desire as conceived on the cosmic astral plane is manifested as Will (as conceived on the cosmic physical plane).

424.         Desire is relational; Will is centralized and self-contained.

425.         When that which is desired is centralized within the one who has desired, the one who has desired becomes the one who wills.

426.         Will is the end of outreach (for the sake of acquisition) and the beginning of radiation for the sake of impact.

427.         Will (at least temporarily) ‘has what it needs’.

428.         Yet it is almost inconceivable that that will can manifest without association with some measure of desire, and desire without some measure of will.

429.         VSK suggests a similarly most difficult question is embedded in the relationship of the first ray and the sixth ray, especially in regard to their relationship to the colour red and blue.

430.         VSK continues: “Red is the colour of the water of life’s blood, that which is vitality and desire. These vitality and desire bodies are hot blooded and cold blooded, as a key factor in mammals. Blue and Red are both associated with both the first and the sixth ray. (i.e., the first or logoic plane is that of the Solar or “Blue” Logos. In the second solar system, the Second Ray is ‘in the first place’, so Blue is number one; Christ as King”.

431.         VSK further states: “We can also consider the relationships of this first and sixth ray and the will and desire conundrum, to the third ray, the Sixth Cosmic Path, and the movement of the sacral to the throat”.


It is not possible [Page 317] here to handle this delicate subject, save simply to point out that in both will and desire, intelligence or manas is a fundamental factor, and must be recognised.


432.         This is perhaps a surprising statement.

433.         It is as if desire cannot be fulfilled without manas, and will cannot be directed without manas.


This permeating principle of manas—colouring as it does both the will aspect and the desire aspect—is the cause of much confusion to students, and clarity of thought will eventuate only as it is realised:


434.         We are learning something about the pervasive factor of manas.

435.         If will is to be intelligent; if desire is to be intelligent; then manas is required.


First, that all manifestation emanates, or is electrified, from the cosmic mental plane.


436.         We have run into this idea before. DK does not follow the impulse which produced our solar system beyond the cosmic mental plane—at least, only rarely.

437.         Even that which we call Will has, for purpose of His discussions with us, its origin on that plane.

438.         All manifestation in the three lower worlds begins, for practical purposes, with the systemic mental plane. Analogously, the lower eighteen cosmic sub-planes originate from the cosmic mental plane.

439.         We are being given a relationship between emanation and electrification. The implication is that emanation may be an electrical process, arising from the interplay of electrical poles (i.e., arising from electrical interplay).

440.         In this discussion we are relating the permeating principle of manas to the will and desire aspects.


Second, that the Universal Mind, or the divine thinker, is the intelligent Principle which makes Itself known as the Will-to-be, Desire or Love-of-Being, and that active intelligent purpose which animates the solar system.


441.         We are rising no higher than solar logoic manas. Everything which we call Will within our manifested solar system, is derivative of this “intelligent Principle”.

442.         The Universal Mind relates to the mental processes of the Solar Logos and is the threefold Mind animating this Second Solar System.

443.         These three originate in the Universal Mind:

a.      The Will-to-be

b.      The Desire-to-be or the “Love-of-Being”

c.      Active intelligent purpose (the third aspect) animating the solar system.

444.         In this discussion we are continuing to relate the permeating principle of manas to the will and desire aspects.


Third, that Maha-deva, or the Divine Will, Vishnu, the Wisdom aspect, or the manifested "Son of Necessity," and Brahma or active purpose are the sum-total of intelligent consciousness, and are (to the manifesting cosmic Entity) what the mental body, the desire body, and the physical body are to man, the thinker in the three worlds, functioning in the causal body.


445.         DK is repeating the idea that the Universal Mind or the intelligent consciousness of the Solar Logos lies behind all that we call the mental body, the desire body and the physical body of our Solar Logos.

446.         It makes sense that in this second solar system, we do not (in our discussion) rise above the cosmic mental plane, for this is the solar system of the Son, Whose major center (at this time) is the solar logoic causal body on the higher cosmic mental plane.

447.         We see that the three major aspects of divinity, cosmically considered, are focussed respectively in the mental, desire and etheric-physical bodies of the Solar Logos.

448.         VSK would have us note that the desire body of the cosmic Entity is as a manifested “Son of Necessity”. Analogously then, so is our own astral body.

449.         VSK proposes what she calls an “advanced idea”: “We understand the point of evolution of the Solar Logos and His polarization on the cosmic astral plane. This emphasis may also assist in the problem of first and sixth ray energies being apparently confused in terms of will or desire. This is to say that the Solar Logos’ Purpose is our desire. So the ‘red’, the life and blood of Him, associated with the number one, is the same as our desire, giving life and blood, the desire of the sixth. They are intimately related.”

450.         VSK proposes another “advanced idea”: “We begin by referencing EA 34-35. Pisces is the Creative Hierarchy of the third subplane of the cosmic astral. It carries the second and sixth ray, the blue-indigo and red-rose. This is the Third Kumara, the ‘Saviour King’ on the plane that the causal body of the Solar Logos has focus upon (yes?). This sixth cosmic plane is the seventh cosmic plane’s ‘primary’, or impulsing ‘first aspect’ (relatively speaking). So again, ‘our will is God’s desire’—Vishnu’s desire. The Fish is the Saviour King. The causal body is on the 6.3 cosmic plane—Pisces.”

451.         I would ask VSK why she states the focus of the causal body of the Solar Logos is upon the third sub-plane of the cosmic astral plane? Is that focus not upon the first sub-plane of the cosmic mental plane?

452.         I would also ask why the Third Kumara is referenced. If the Kumara referenced is Sanat Kumara, He should be either the First Kumara or the Fourth.

453.         I find the other ideas here proposed sound.

454.         VSK also states: “Saturn and Mars are also highlighted here by resonance to three and six—according to ray and scheme number. Thus are associated green (Saturn, ray three) and red (Mars, ray six), the colours of the solar plexus, of vitality.


We must not forget that the causal body contains the three permanent atoms or the three spheres which embody the principle of intelligence, of desire, and of physical objectivity.


455.         This is true whether we are speaking of the causal body of a man, a Planetary Logos or a Solar Logos.

456.         DK makes this point to show how the principle of Intelligence (embodied in the causal body) is really, for practical purpose, the origin of—

a.      The Will-to-be

b.      The Love-of-being

c.      Intelligent purpose.

457.         The first, second and third aspects, as they express in the lower worlds of manifestation are centralized (as are the members of the atomic triangle) within the causal body of the entity concerned. This is important to realize. The Center of Intelligence contains the three aspects of divinity, in their lower expression.


  Always must the analogy be held between the threefold Logos and threefold man, and definiteness of thought and of concept results when the one likeness between these is pondered on.


458.         DK seems to be telling us that when we think of man we should think of the larger Beings Who encompass him.


  Man is a unit, functioning as a unit in the causal body.  He is a triplicity functioning under the will aspect, or mental body; under the desire or wisdom aspect, the astral body; and under the activity aspect, the physical body.


459.         The same point is being amplified.

460.         Man’s being within the causal body is as a “unit” or unity.

461.         But emanating from and embodied within the causal body is a functional triplicity related to each of the three major aspects of divinity.


  He electrifies or vitalises all three bodies or aspects, unifying them into one, and bringing about—by means of the Intelligence He is—coherency of action, simultaneity of purpose, and synthetic endeavour.


462.         Man has the function of electrifying the three bodies through which he manifests in the lower worlds.

463.         Electrification is vitalization. In this way, electrification is related to the first aspect of divinity as is vitality.

464.         Man like the Solar Logos is principally Intelligence. By means of this Intelligence of Mind underlying the three bodies of expression man—

a.      Unifies the three bodies into one

b.      Produces in the three bodies

                                            i.            Coherency of action

                                          ii.            Simultaneity of purpose

                                        iii.            Synthetic endeavour

465.         All this is to say that the One Who is Intelligence underlies the three, which on a lower turn of the spiral, are Will, Love and Intelligence.

466.         VSK queries: “And what do we know of the causal body of the Solar Logos? What are the permanent atoms within it? What are the best equivalents in relation man’s causal body and permanent atoms?

467.         Planetary Logoi can be as chakras to the Solar Logos of as permanent atoms. Permanent atoms embody principles and chakras are vortices the original cause of which is monadic impulse.

468.         In one way, permanent atoms are of a higher order than chakras, as there are many chakras and few permanent atoms.

469.         To discover the three members of the solar logoic atomic triangle, would be to discover three planets which must be consumed in fire as the Solar Logos reaches His fourth initiation.


[Page 318]

Finally, therefore, it is apparent that, no matter from what angle we study, the threefold Logos (or His reflection, the microcosm) through the Manasic principle, intelligently reduces matter to form, and utilises that form for the fulfilment of the will, desire and purpose of the indwelling Existence; this principle can be seen underlying all three aspects.


470.         Here is another useful summary.

471.         What does the manasic principle do (whether the manasic principle of the Solar Logos of or man)?

a.        It intelligently reduces matter to form

b.        It utilises that form for the fulfillment of the will, desire, and purpose of the indwelling Existence.

472.         In other words, manas brings forward the fulfilled expression of will and desire.

473.         The manasic principle underlies all three aspects—in their lower expressions.


There is no need here to point out the different triplicities which can be built up on the basic idea of Spirit and Matter, linked by Intelligence.  This has often been done.


474.         The key here is that Intelligence is the link. Intelligence then, is as the second aspect, because the second aspect is the link between the first and third aspects.

475.         VSK states: “While there is no need for DK to take the time to point out the triplicities, a ready ability to be able to turn any scheme into a triplicity is invaluable in studying His works.”

476.         A master chart of the major triplicities should be created. One need only compile the many such charts which DK has offered.


I but seek to emphasize that INTELLIGENCE is the main quality of the Logos; that it shows as will, as desire or wisdom, and as activity; and that the reason for this is due to the work earlier accomplished by the cosmic Entity,


477.         The Solar Logos has already mastered Intelligence to a degree through His experience in the past solar system.

478.         This is, perhaps, the principle reason why Intelligence underlies what we usually call will, desire/wisdom and activity.

479.         The Primordial Ray (associated with Divine Intelligence) is presently the strongest ray, although the Divine Ray is in process of strengthening.

480.         The causal focus of the Solar Logos on the cosmic mental plane is a combination of Primordial Intelligence and Divine Love. The third and second aspects are combined.

481.         Interestingly, although our Solar Logos has mastered Intelligence, He is still manifesting through an astral-buddhic system and is not yet polarized on the cosmic mental plane.

482.         As is true of the unit man, intelligence is not the same as mental polarization (which demands a mind infused by soul light). The analogy is clear in relation to the Solar Logos.


 involving cycles which have passed into the dim mist of retrospect, even from the angle of vision of a solar Logos.


483.         We are being given something of the perspective of the Solar Logos. Even for Him, the period during which He developed Intelligence seems distant; His focus is not there.

484.         It is interesting to note the equivalence of “desire or wisdom”.

485.         VSK brings in another of her extensive correlations: “Again, note resonance to third subplane of the Solar Logos, the 6.3; the 7.3, our Atmic plane, is the culmination of the five worlds of human evolution. The activity aspect of intelligence is our goal, in terms of ‘being human’. This is the effect side of the strength of the third aspect, third subplane, third Ray, Third Kumara, Pisces, being the ‘first of the ‘Liberated Lives’, and the key of the cosmic astral, which is what most immediately impulses us. (i.e., the cosmic Entity’s desire body or solar logoic causal body).

486.         VSK continues: “Pisces is a synthesizing sign. Five is the synthesis of man, as manas. Manas, in this second system (or ‘world period’ specifically, according to the EA 34-35 table) we have a Piscean system, with a cosmic astral causal focus), is using man. Christ uses Jesus.  Two uses six. Jesus uses the Jewish Race. Six uses three.”

487.         VSK is bringing many factors together and expanding the range of our consideration.

488.         Since we are speaking of the principle of Intelligence, the number three is frequently mentioned, and as a result we take note of the resonance between the cosmic planes considered from the point of view of their third sub-plane.

489.         These thoughts may seem fetched from afar, but pondered upon they can induce unitive apprehension which is the gateway to pure reason.


This developed manasic principle is the intelligent purpose that is bringing about at-one-ment on each plane of the solar system in connection with the subplanes.


490.         When DK mentions manas, the mention of purpose is never far away.

491.         We are emphasizing the fundamental importance of Manas or Intelligence, underlying all we usually differentiate into the various aspects of divinity—especially the three.

492.         Manas expresses through all three aspects. Here it is emphasized that it is both intelligent and purposeful (relating it to the third and first aspects respectively) and that it brings about at-one-ment, which shows that is a factor of cohesion, thus relating it as well to the second aspect.

493.         Without the functioning of the manasic principle there would be no “at-one-ment on each plane of the solar system in connection with the sub-planes.


 It will eventually bring about the synthesis of all the planes, and thus bring the cosmic physical plane, as a unified whole, under the complete control of that cosmic Entity Who is seeking expression through that threefold manifestation we call a solar system, or the body logoic.


494.         So we are to gather that manas produces synthesis—especially (in terms of this discussion) in relation to the cosmic physical plane.

495.         When the cosmic physical plane is synthesized, and the sub-planes are at-oned, then the cosmic Entity (the Solar Logos) will have complete control on this lowest cosmic plane.

496.         In other words, for the Solar Logos, there is no mastery of the cosmic physical plane without the assistance of Manas, considered as impulsive of all processes in on the lower eighteen cosmic sub-planes.


On this third plane that intelligent principle demonstrates as coherent activity, either systemic, planetary, or monadic, and also as the triple vibration of spirit-matter-intelligence, sounding as the threefold Sacred Word, or electricity manifesting as sound.


497.         We are speaking of electrical demonstration upon the atmic plane which is the third sub-plane of the cosmic physical plane.

498.         Manas as the “intelligent principle” has a special resonance with this third plane of “intelligent purpose”.

499.         On the atmic plane the “intelligent principle” demonstrates in the following ways:

a.      As coherent activity (with the emphasis upon the word activity) since we are dealing with the third plane and the third or activity aspect.

b.      As the sounding of the AUM—which is a triple vibration derived from the union of “spirit-matter-intelligence”.

c.      It is the threefold Sacred Word that sounds on the atmic plane.

d.      On that plane electricity manifests as sound. This is distinguished from the sounding related to the Akasha (or second plane) because of the factor of manifestation, which is not evident on the monadic plane.

500.         VSK comments: “It’s rather beautiful to think of it this way—this Piscean Christ as Cosmic Christ. So literal.”  

501.         VSK suggests: “The Sacred Word, the AUM, can be conceived as ‘beginning middle and end’ (as reflected in the palate as well as obviously in the construction of the word). It’s like a time ring-pass-not. In some way, by utterance, the AUM puts in vibration the ‘past=present=future’. The AUM causes occult manifestation: 1,3,5,7.  It is so clear how the rays of abstraction, then, are 2,4,6.”