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Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester I Section IX

(TCF 93-97)

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3. The prana of forms.


It must first be pointed out that forms are necessarily of two kinds, each having a different place in the scheme:


Forms that are the result of the work of the third and the second Logos, and Their united life.  Such forms are the units in the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms.


1.                  Forms which are not yet self-conscious are the combined creator labor of the Third Logos and Second Logos.

2.                  Are there forms which pre-exist the beginning of the mineral kingdom? If so, they do would be the work of these two Logoi.

3.                  Are there deva forms which arise from the cooperation of only these two Logoi?

4.                  Remember when speaking of Logoi in this way, we are not discussing either Solar Logoi or Planetary Logoi, but (when confining ourselves to our solar system) to the third, second and first aspects of our Solar Logos (responsible, respectively, for the first, second and third “Outpourings”.


Forms that are the result of the united action of the three Logoi, and comprise the strictly deva and human forms.


5.                  It is easy to understand why man, a self-conscious being, (in order to exist) requires the creativity of the First Logos as well as the Second and Third Logoi. Why should this be the case for all devas? Or are only the self-conscious devas thus created.

6.                  One answer might be that the devas represent the law, and the First Logos is the carrier of Will and Law.


There is also the still simpler form embodied in the substance of which all the other forms are made.  This matter is strictly speaking the atomic and molecular matter, and is animated by the life or energy of the third Logos.


7.                  Usually “form” is related to the work of the Second Logos, but it correct to say that the tiny atom of substance and more complex molecules are, indeed, forms.

8.                  These tiny building blocks result from the work of the differentiating and separating work of the “Third Logos” at the “First Outpouring”.

9.                  All this is detailed in the map below.


[Page 94]




[Page 95]

In dealing with the first group of forms, [produced by the united work of the Second and Third Logos] it must be noted that the pranic emanations given off by units of the animal and vegetable kingdom (after they have absorbed both solar and planetary prana) are naturally a combination of the two, [solar and planetary prana] and are transmitted by means of surface radiation, as in solar and planetary prana, to certain lesser groups of devas of a not very high order, who have a curious and intricate relationship to the group soul of the radiating animal or vegetable.


10.             Another analogy is given involving still lesser groups of devas. We are dealing here with the “pranic emanations given off by units of the animal and vegetable kingdoms”.

11.             These emanations are a combination of both solar and planetary prana.

12.             The lesser group of devas receive the “surface radiation” from groups of animals and members of the vegetable kingdom.

13.             We note that animals and vegetables evolve by means of a group soul.


  This matter cannot be dealt with here.  These devas are also of a violet hue, but of such a pale color as to be almost grey; they are in a transitional state, and merge with a puzzling confusion with groups of entities that are almost on the involutionary arc.42,43,43a


14.             We are presented with obscure intricacies.

15.             We are not to confuse these devas of a grayish-violet hue with the violet devas who transmit planetary (and solar) prana to man.

16.             If there are “entities” on the involutionary arc, then there are certainly forms of life on that arc. The Second Logos (in combination with the Third Logos) builds such forms.


(42: Involutionary Arc is the term applied to the first part of the evolutionary process.  It covers the "path of descent," or the coming down of Spirit into ever denser matter until the lowest point is reached, the point of densest concretion.  The latter half of the process is called evolutionary and marks the ascent or return of Spirit to its emanating source, plus the gains of the evolutionary process.)


17.             This definition of the “Involutionary Arc” is very straightforward. There are, however, some puzzling intricacies and many questions about the nature of involutionary beings.


(43: "The Three Outpourings.  In the diagram the "symbols of the three Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams of influence from them descend into our system of planes....They represent in due order what are commonly called the three Persons of the Trinity....It will be seen that from each of them an outpouring of life or force is projected into the planes below.  The first of these in order is the straight line which descends from the third Aspect; the second is that part of the large oval which lies on our left hand—the stream which descends from the second Aspect until it has touched the lowest point in matter, and then rises again up the side on our right hand until it reaches the lower mental level.  It will be noted that in both of these outpourings the divine life becomes darker and more veiled as it descends into matter, until at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognise it as divine life at all; but as it rises again when it has passed its nadir it shows itself somewhat more clearly.  The third outpouring which descends from the highest aspect of the Logos differs from the others in that it is in no way clouded by the matter through which it passes, but retains its virgin purity and splendour untarnished.  It will be noted that this outpouring descends only to the level of the buddhic plane (the fourth plane) and that the link between the two is formed by a triangle in a circle, representing the individual soul of man—the reincarnating ego.  Here the triangle is contributed by the third outpouring and the circle by the second...."—The Christian Creed, by C. W. Leadbeater, pp. 39, 40.)


18.             The important thing to note in Leadbeater’s description of the Three Outpourings is that the Third Outpouring descends unobscured by the levels of matter through which it descends.

19.             The circle and triangle seem to be missing from the diagram. The triangle will represent the threefold monad (and is, thus, directly related to the Third Outpouring. The circle is said to relate to the Second Outpouring, and is the ‘circle of form’.

20.             The triangle within the circle is a symbol for the soul of man within the causal body.

21.             We note that the Third Outpouring descends no lower than the buddhic plane. The buddhi plane is still one of the planes of life, and is not part of the threefold dense physical nature of the Solar Logos.

22.             There is a hint within this fact that the purity of the monad can be met first on the buddhic plane (and especially at the fourth initiation, which discloses the buddhic plane to man in a way not possible when the causal body existed).

23.             Sometimes the monad is called atma-buddhi, indicating its presence within the two highest planes of the spiritual triad.

24.             Should the monad be contacted by means of the higher mind, such contact will be mediated and less direct, for even the higher mind is considered but the gaseous part of the dense physical body of the Solar Logos, and into that body the monad (per se) does not descend.


(43a See S. D., I, 98, 99, 100, 103. 

1.  The root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortality.  Every atom in matter was impregnated with the life of the Logos.


25.             Presumably, this impregnation refers to the Third Logos and the First Outpouring.


2.  The ocean was radiant light, which was Fire, Heat, Motion.  These three are the subjective life manifesting objectively.  Fire:  The essence of the first Logos.  Electric fire.  Spirit.  Heat:  Duality.  The essence of the second Logos.  Solar fire.  The Son aspect.  Consciousness.  Motion:  The essence of the third Logos.  Fire by friction.  Matter.


26.             The “ocean” here mentioned appears to be the ocean of all matter within the ring-pass-not of a Solar Logos.

27.             Fire, Heat and Motion are interestingly distinguished and these distinctions should be remembered.

a.      Fire in relation to the First Logos (Third Outpouring)

b.      Heat in relation to the Second Logos (Second Outpouring)

c.      Motion in relation to the Third Logos (First Outpouring)

28.             Fire is essential.

29.             Heat relates to the duality which frequency represents. Wave motion is involved.

30.             Motion is the rearrangement of pattern in space. It indicates change of relationship. Motion and change are inseparable.

31.             Below we are given a tabulation which makes the Trinity clear in relation to the Macrocosm and Microcosm.



First Logos                    Fire       The will to live or to be.                           Electric.

Second Logos               Heat     Duality, or love between two.                   Solar.

Third Logos                   Motion  The fire of mind, the relation between.      Fire by friction.

                                    This is the subjective expression.

32.             The highest form of Will is the “will to live or to be”.

33.             We note that the concept of “heat” involves the dynamic of attraction between two. Two attracted units feel “heat” for each other.

34.             The Third Logos is seen here as a relating agent (almost a Second Logos function). Mind, however, is a relating agent.

35.             There is often an interchangeability between the second and third aspects in some tabulations. An example of this is the idea that the Mother is both the second and the third. The Son, as well, is the third in sequential order, who becomes the second.


The Sun                                    Will or power.

Venus-Mercury                          Love and Wisdom.

Saturn                                       Activity or intelligence.

            This is the objective expression.

36.             Although the Solar Logos/Sun is given as a primarily second ray being, we can see how, as the veil for Vulcan (one of the chief planets of will) it can be considered as a representation of the first ray and of the First Logos.

37.             As the central star of our solar system, the Sun is all-powerful.

38.             Venus and Mercury can easily be seen as the representatives of Love (Venus, Christ) and Wisdom (Mercury, Buddha). Other planets such as second ray Jupiter and second ray/sixth ray Neptune can also be associated with the Second Logos and Second Outpouring.

39.             Saturn is always associated with the third aspect of divinity thought it has much of the first aspect associated with it.



The Monad                    Electric fire        Will or power.

The Ego                        Solar fire           Love and wisdom.

The Personality              Fire by friction    Activity or intelligence.

                        This is the subjective expression.


40.             The microcosmic parallel to the first chart is here given.

41.             The Monad, Ego and Personality are the correspondences to the First, Second and Third Logoi.



The mental body            Will or power                 Fire.

The astral body              Love-wisdom                  Heat.

The physical body          Active intelligence          Motion.

                        This is the objective expression.


42.             It is important for disciples to distinguish between mental fire and astral heat. Fire, per se, leads to detachment and reduction to essence. Heat, as here understood, leads to joining and merging.

43.             To distinguish heat from motion, we might think of heat as vibration within a sustained pattern. The concept of motion requires no concept of pattern. Motion is foundational to heat and heat derivative from motion.


Physical body.

The brain                       Monad              Will or power.  Electric fire.

The heart                       Ego                  Love-wisdom.  Solar fire.

Lower organs                 Personality        Active intelligence.)


44.             Here the brain is said to correspond with the Monad, but the Monad also has its seat within the heart.

45.             So there can sometimes be a reversal when considering heart and brain. In the heart is life—the monad. The soul (second aspect) is also anchored in the brain.

46.             There are many ways to divide the human body according to the Law of Correspondences and many have validity. Our task is not to become fixated on any one form of division as the only way.


[Page 96]

In dealing with the second group, [involving all three Logoi] the human form transmits the emanative radiations to a much higher grade of deva.  These devas are of a more pronounced hue, and after due assimilation of the human radiation, they transmit it principally to the animal kingdom, thus demonstrating the close relationship between the two kingdoms.  If the above explanation of the intricate inter-relation between the sun and the planets, between the planets and the evolving forms upon them, between the forms themselves in ever descending importance demonstrates nothing more than the exquisite interdependence of all existences, then much will have been achieved.


47.             The principle to emerge from this paragraph is the “exquisite interdependence of all existences”.

48.             Just as the animal and vegetable forms transmitted (via surface radiation) pranic emanations to grayish-violet type of deva, human forms transmits their emanative radiations to “a much higher grade of deva”, “of a more pronounced hue”—though the specific color is not given.

49.             Human emanative prana is then transmitted, but these higher type of devas, principally to the animal kingdom.

50.             In such pranic transmissions between higher and lower kingdoms, close relationships between such kingdoms is demonstrated.


Another fact which must also be brought out is the close relationship between all these evolutions of nature, from the celestial sun down to the humblest violet via the [Page 97] deva evolution which acts as the transmitting transmuting force throughout the system.


51.             The Tibetan is stressing the reality of the close interrelationship between all forms of life.

52.             The “humblest violet” (though its color) is actually related to the Sun.

53.             The function of the deva evolution is given. Throughout the solar system (and probably throughout any system) this kingdom serves as the “transmitting, transmuting force”. This may tell us something about the “feminine” in relation to the “masculine”.


Lastly, all work with fire.  Fire internal, inherent and latent; fire radiatory and emanative; fire generated, assimilated and radiated; fire vivifying stimulating, and destroying; fire transmitted, reflected, and absorbed; fire, the basis of all life; fire, the essence of all existence; fire, the means of development, and the impulse behind all evolutionary process; fire, the builder, the preserver and the constructor; fire, the originator, the process and the goal; fire the purifier and the consumer.


54.             This description of fire, its types and processes is an excellent summary of all that has been taught in the preceding pages. All the many processes are succinctly encapsulated.

55.             To test ourselves, we might take each of these categories of fire and seek to name the processes to which they apply:

a.      Fire internal, inherent and latent

b.      Fire radiatory and emanative

c.      Fire generated, assimilated and radiated

d.      Fire vivifying, stimulating and destroying

e.      Fire transmitted, reflected, and absorbed

f.        Fire the basis of all life

g.      Fire, the essence of all existence

h.      Fire, the means of development and the impulse behind all evolutionary process

i.        Fire, the builder, the preserver and the constructor

j.         Fire, the originator, the process and the goal;

k.      Fire the purifier and the consumer.

56.             This, indeed, is a synthesis on the nature of fire.


  The God of Fire and the fire of God interacting upon each other, till all fires blend and blaze and till all that exists, is passed through the fire—from a solar system to an ant—and emerges as a triple perfection.


57.             The processes of fire guarantee the emergence of a “triple perfection”.


  Fire then passes out from the ring-pass-not as perfected essence, whether essence emerging from the human ring-pass-not, the planetary ring-pass-not or the solar.  The wheel of fire turns and all within that wheel is subjected to the threefold flame, and eventually stands perfected.


58.             All that can be names in our solar system (and all the other larger systems) is fire. The essence is fire and all entities are distinct forms of fire.

59.             Every entity is essentially a “wheel of fire”, and that wheel must turn.

60.             All is subjected to the threefold flame which is, yet, one flame.

61.             The. Conclusion: ‘Fire perfects’. There is not way to perfection except through fire.