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Fellowship of Cosmic Fire

Commentary Semester I Section III

(TCF 45-54)

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Let us briefly consider therefore the correspondence between the greater whole and the unit man and then block out our subject in detail and consider the sections into which it will be wise to divide it.

  1. We think we know man, the microcosm, best (when compared to the other three “atoms” under discussion. This is probably true, and so our opportunity to analogize to other “atoms” from what we ‘know’ of man is probably most a most fruitful exercise.

Fire in the Microcosm is likewise threefold in essence and fivefold in manifestation.

  1. The triangle represents the essence and the five-pointed star, manifestation.

  2. The essential fires are threefold—“electric fire”, “solar fire” and “fire by friction”. The fact that the two lower fires are considered dual produces the five in manifestation.

  3. Five is a number associated with manifestation because it relates to the five ‘Planes of Brahma’, which are qualified by the third aspect and the third ray—the aspect and ray of manifestation.

1. There is Internal Vitalising Fire, which is the correspondence to fire by friction. This is the sumtotal of individual kundalini; it animates the corporeal frame and demonstrates also in the twofold manner:

  1. The internal fires which vitalize are also twofold.

  2. We note that “individual kundalini” is not only a fire related to the dense, liquid and gaseous physical vehicles, but a fire related to the etheric vehicle.

  3. One of the great mysteries regarding the constitution of our cosmic physical plane is why the physical and mental planes should be divided, whereas the astral is not.

  4. We do not know whether higher planes are divided (to the same extent) or divided at all, although activity on the higher three subplanes of, for instance, the monadic is referenced, and maybe this is subtly true of others of the cosmic ethers.

First, as latent heat which is the basis of life of the spheroidal cell, or atom, and of its rotary adjustment to all other cells.

  1. We note the equivalence between the term “spheroidal cell” and “atom”. Usually, in human science, the cell is a much larger structure than the atom. Nevertheless, we have to take notice of how these terms are used in occultism.

  2. We are speaking here of the human atom as a “spheroidal cell”.

  3. But are we speaking of the atoms within the human body, or the human body as a “spheroidal cell”? If man, as a whole, is considered a “cell” or “atom”, we must question wherein lies the rotary motion of man—at least on the dense physical level.

  4. Maybe we are not aware of the slow rotation of the physical body or of the etheric (which is said to appear “static”).

  5. The words “rotary adjustment” is significant. Probably the various rates of rotation found from one atom to another are really adjustments. As atoms adapt to one another, it would seem that they would change their rates of rotation. We are always being told how a “wheel” spins faster during its new cycle.

  6. Probably as we human atoms meet other human atoms our rotary spin is either hastened or slowed.

  7. Yet is seems rather clear that there are certain fixed periods to, let us say, the rotation of an astral, a mental or a causal body. These periods of rotation are likely to be secrets of initiation.

  8. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. As individuals we are ‘in our own whirl’. Modulations and moderations are required of us for cooperative living.

    2. Unless there is rotary adjustment there will be no spiral cyclic motion.

    3. We cannot move together unless we adjust to each other. Much of this kind of adjustment is the adjustment of the tempo of one to the tempo of another or others.

    4. We are to adjust to the group as a whole and to each other.

    5. Is rotary adjustment an adjustment of a vehicle to another vehicle?

    6. Venus (prime planet of the soul) is imposing rhythms (as the soul does) upon the entirety of humanity. The Masters still belong to humanity.

    7. The Four Races are related to the rhythms of Venus. The point is—we could find the rhythms of the different part so the body, and also there are rhythms of the different parts of humanity.

    8. We are like elementals who are changing into devas.

    9. Consider in this matter of rotary adjustment, the mystery of the planes rotating East to West, and the rays from North to South

    10. The main point in this discussion is the necessity for rotary adjustment. We have all to adjust our rhythms, adjust our periods (period of rotation), to the rhythms and periods of others and of the group as a whole.

    11. We might call this type of adjustment ‘harmonic adjustment’, for it preserves harmony within the whole.

    12. A chord of music is a miniature hierarchy. A chord played in tune represents an harmonious, hierarchical relationship of frequencies.

    13. A chord is an integrated system. The most important chord for humanity to consider consists of

      1. The base note of matter

      2. The perfected third of the personality

      3. The dominant fifth of the soul

      4. And the higher note of the monad, an octave above the fundamental

    14. The base note of matter sounds always—according to our vibratory level. That note constantly sounding is our present condition.

  9. As the text is difficult to read and assimilate, a discussion arose on how shall we proceed in class, and what our methods might be? Several options were offered.

    1. Read straight through and keep going.

    2. Read and elaborate but do not explore the elaborations.

    3. Read and elaborate and explore the elaboration within a limited time frame

    4. Elaborate and follow the elaboration with unbounded enthusiasm.

Second, as active heat or prana; this animates all, and is the driving force of the evolving form. [This must connect with the Rising Sign] It shows itself in the four ethers and in the gaseous state, and a correspondence is here found on the physical plane in connection with man to the Akasha and its fivefold manifestation on the plane of the solar system.

  1. We are speaking only of the first five subplanes of any seven-subplane system. The gaseous subplane (whether cosmic gaseous {i.e., the mental} or systemic gaseous {i.e., literally, the gaseous} is listed as the fifth for it somehow conveys etheric energy to the densest two subplanes {i.e., liquid and earthily dense}).

  2. How is the term Akasha being used here?

    1. In a more generic sense as representing the first cosmic etheric plane and the four subplanes below it (including the cosmic gaseous) or

    2. as the substance-energy of the monadic plane, manifesting through the five lower systemic planes beginning with the atmic (“Aetheric”) plane immediately ‘lower’ than the Akasha?

  3. In order to preserve the correspondence, the first of the options would have to be chosen. We have seen earlier that the use of the term “Akasha” is not always localized to the second subplane, yet it often is.

  4. Just for a balancing point of view (and even though the correspondence would not work out numerically) this paragraph could be seen as confirming the association of the Akasha with the monadic plane, for Akasha has a fivefold expression (including the atmic and four lower planes).

  5. When Akasha is used in relation to the second subplane, one can see that the second subplane substance-energy could be conceived as ‘animatory’ since, through the number two, it would correspond to the soul, the animator.

  6. To be animated is to be stimulated by soul.

  7. Soul is reflected in the ether and the etheric body is like the soul in that it is an animator.

  8. soul/personality = etheric body/dense physical {liquid, earthily dense}

  9. The gaseous subplane, though technically part of the dense physical of the Logos or man, acts as a kind of mediator between the two.

  10. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. Another extended analogy or ratio suggested itself. Rising Sign/Sun Sign = Active Heat/Latent Heat = Etheric Body/ Dense Physical = Soul/Personality = Uranus/Saturn = Sun/Moon = Life/Death = Solar Angels/Human Soul = Evolution/Involution.

    2. A five-pointed star can be interpreted as symbolizing the four ethers and the gaseous subplane. This star could be considered inverted, thus revealing the manner in which vitality reaches the denser levels—via the gaseous subplane.

    3. If the gaseous is below the ether how do you make an equivalence?

    4. We may think of the gaseous subplane as the pivot point between the really dense physical nature (liquid and earthily dense) and the four ethers/

    5. The gaseous subplane allows the vitalization of the lower two subplanes. The mental plane (which is the gaseous systemic plane) thus facilitates the vitalization of the astral and physical planes

    6. Because life begins on etheric levels, one is only ‘half alive’ when you can think (but only think).

    7. Manas, in general, is a soul function, which connects two extremes.

    8. Man does not live “by bread alone”. For our vitality we are moving from bread to breath

  11. The following tabulations should offer some clarification of the structure of the subplanes.


1. Hearing 5th gaseous

2. Touch, feeling 4th first etheric

3. Sight 3rd super-etheric

4. Taste 2nd sub-atomic

5. Smell 1st atomic


1. Clairaudience 5th

2. Psychometry 4th

3. Clairvoyance 3rd

4. Imagination 2nd

5. Emotional idealism 1st (TCF 188)

  1. In relation to the first five subplanes, notice the implied division between five and two. On the astral plane, the lower two subplanes (the 6th and 7th) are off-limits.

  2. Because active heat animates, it is related to the animating factor (the soul).

  3. Again, active heat is seen as a “driving force” in relation to the form. This relates active heat to the energy of “progress onward” and “driving forward through space”.

  4. When studying esoteric astrology, we learn of the “driving energies” of the Rising-sign, related to the soul. Following the analogy, the driving energies of the Rising-sign will have a relation to the etheric body as well.

  5. Active heat, in this definition, is correlated to the number five, for it includes the energy of the four ethers and their immediate vehicle of expression—the gaseous state.

  6. Akasha is related to sound. The second ray expressed through the “Word” and Vishnu is the Divine Singer.

This fire is the basic vibration [the fundamental, a pedal tone] of the little system in which the monad or human spirit is the logos, and it [Page 46] holds the personality or lower material man in objective manifestation thus permitting the spiritual unit to contact the plane of densest matter. [It seems that ether holds the lower material man in objective manifestation, or is it both types of fire—latent and active?] It has its correspondence in the ray of intelligent activity and is controlled by the Law of Economy in one of its subdivisions, the Law of Adaptation in Time.

  1. When DK says “this fire is the basic vibration…” is He talking about “Internal Vitalising Fire” (i.e., interior fire) or about active heat or prana?

  2. If He means active heat/radiatory fire, then we have to ponder what it means for this type of heat/fire to represent the “basic vibration of the little system”. It would mean that “latent heat” is not the basic vibration, yet, somehow it seems that it should be (having ‘come over’ from the first solar system and being, therefore, basic).

  3. From another perspective, however, it would make sense that “this fire” means “active heat” as it is active heat which permits the spiritual unit to contact “the plane of densest matter” (in which is found “latent fire”.

  4. Internal Vitalising Fire” as a whole has a correspondence to the ray of intelligent activity. It would also be reasonable to consider the entirety of “Internal Vitalising Fire” as the “basic vibration” of man’s little system.

  5. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. What is a logos? A divine entity.

    2. What characterizes it? Synthesis

    3. When searching for the meaning of “logos”, what thoughts come to us?

      1. A focal point

      2. A “speech, word, reason”.

    4. The term “logic” is related to “logos”. What can we learn about the nature of “logos” from contemplating “logic”?

      1. Mental coherency

      2. Order,

      3. Consistency

      4. That which “makes sense”

      5. That which is demonstrable and provable.

    5. The concept of “logos” is relate to ideation, to the conception of patterns. The patterns conceived must be reasonable, logical and beautiful

    6. From this perspective, an Archetype is a ‘reasonable Word’.

    7. The Creator, creates through a Word which the Creator both speaks and is.

    8. Vishnu is associated with the systemic plane of archetypal pure reason (a reason more pure than that found upon the buddhic plane).

    9. Vishnu, Pure Reason, Sound, Akasha and Logos must be interrelated.

    10. The Universal Logos creates Cosmos. More truly, the Universal Logos becomes Cosmos.

    11. We discover logos within us when pure reason is achieved. We have to intuit the Logos. Through intuition we realize ourselves as logoi

    12. No man commeth to the Father except through me.” In this case the “me” is the Christ Principle (pure reason). Another way of saying this is that no man commeth unto the Father except through the intuition (Christ Principle, pure reason). It is the intuition that apprehends the Father.

    13. The basic vibration of our little system is what note? FA

    14. Lower notes are created by higher notes, just as higher notes arise from lower notes as partials or harmonics. The highest tones in cosmos precipitate as lower tones. This is a sonic mystery.

    15. It might be said that through the process of emanation, the highest tones become tones which are progressively lower in their frequency. Tone of low frequency are experienced as ‘low notes’

    16. The term “spiritual unit” (as presented in the section above) can be interpreted as the monad.

    17. What Fire and what Ray rule the “Far Country”—the plane of densest matter? The Primordial Ray and the lowest fire—Fire-by-Friction.

  6. Can the Law of Adaptation in Time be considered the third subdivision of the third law?

Other Laws subsidiary to the Law of Economy

1. The Law of Vibration, dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. By knowledge of this law the material of any plane in its seven divisions can be controlled.

2. The Law of Adaptation, is the law governing the rotary movement of any atom on every plane and subplane.

3. The Law of Repulsion, governs that relationship between atoms, which results in their non-attachment and in their complete freedom from each other; it also keeps them rotating at fixed points from the globe or sphere of opposite polarity.

4. The Law of Friction, governs the heat aspect of any atom, the radiation of an atom, and the effect of that radiation on any other atom.” (TCF 219)

Qualities of Rotary Motion:

1. Separation, or the repulsive effect,

2. Momentum, or the interior effect,

3. Frictional, environal effect,

4. Absorption, the receptive or attractive effect, (TCF 157)

  1. According to the interpretation which sees “active heat” as “this fire”, we could say that active heat arranges the contact of the human spirit with densest matter (earthly, liquid and gaeous), but is not the fire of densest matter itself.

  2. Note this subdivision of the Law of Economy—“the Law of Adaptation in Time”.

    1. Suitable change at the “goal-fit” moment

    2. To do the right thing at the right time”

    3. If the adaptation is too slow or too fast, there is friction and ill-fittingness.

2. There is next the Fire or Spark of Mind which is the correspondence in man to solar fire. This constitutes the thinking self-conscious unit or the soul. This fire of mind is governed by the Law of Attraction as is its greater correspondence. Later we can enlarge on this. It is this spark of mind in man, manifesting as spiral cyclic activity [cyclic impulsions of a heightening frequency], which leads to expansion and to his eventual return to the centre of his system, the Monad—the origin and goal for the reincarnating Jiva [Divine Pilgrim] or human being. As in the macrocosm this fire also manifests in a twofold manner.

  1. Note the equivalence between “Fire of Mind” and “Spark of Mind”.

  2. Remember the idea that the “spark of mind” is the presence of the Solar Angel in man, and the Solar Angel, we remember, is an agent of the “Fire of Mind” originating on the cosmic mental plane.

  3. Like the Divine Ray, the “fire of mind” is governed by the Law of Attraction.

  4. We should consider that the “spark of mind” relates to the higher mental plane and the soul and not to the energies of the concrete mind expressing on the lower four subplanes of the mental plane.

  5. There are cycles of soul impulses, which may be related to the spiral cyclic activity of the spark of mind. The Solar Angel (via the “spark of mind”) influences its “shadow man” rhythmically.

  6. Reincarnation is a major influence of the “spark of mind in man”, and the Solar Angel induces incarnation.

  7. What are the times of the cyclic impulses of the soul? On a daily basis? A monthly basis or bi-weekly basis, coordinating with the full moon and new moon? On a yearly basis?

  8. To study the subject of white magic, one must research the soul’s meditation and the impulses it sends to its “shadow man” through that meditation.

  9. The “reincarnating Jiva” is that part of the monad which descends into lower matter. The Jiva is really the “pilgrim” going forth into a “foreign country” (to use the terminology of the story of the “Prodigal Son”.

  10. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. With the addition of the Solar Angel in our thought process, the quality of the process changes dramatically.

    2. This dual thinking process is called Contemplation—in it we slip into the thought process of the Solar Angel (at least to some extent). Meditation occurs under the influence of Virgo (and it can be done as a strictly human thinker or in the light of the soul). But such meditation not yet a dual thinking process until Libra (harmonizing dualities) becomes influential.

    3. Libra ruled contemplation. In contemplation, our thinking becomes, to a great measure, the Solar Angel’s thinking. I am being thought.

    4. This reminds one of the dynamics of the Tao. In contemplation it can be said that “I am as much being thought as thinking.”

    5. Participating in the meditation of the soul is full contemplation.

    6. Scorpio happens’! The highest ruler of Scorpio is Mercury, which in Scorpio eventually functions as the intuition bringing illumination. Then, the Solar Angel has dominated the human thought process. There eventuates victory, and the end (through intuition) of Mercurial illusions.

    7. The spark of mind forces spiral cyclic motion.

    8. Because the spark of mind is within us, and because it emanates from the cosmic mental plane, we all have a touch of the cosmic mental within our nature.

    9. Solar Angel invests itself in animal man of the Earth-chain (and in transplanted lunar man from the Moon-chain).

    10. The spark of mind is as much of itself as the Solar Angel can ‘put down’ into the soil of primitive man to accelerate the growth of man’s form without destroying it.

    11. We may consider death as too strong a touch from the soul. Interestingly, the magnetic planet Jupiter is involved in death.

    12. From this perspective, the Akasha, Sound and the Note of Death, and Vishnu the Singer should be investigated for relations)

    13. Death is both a magnetic event and a “Great Adventure” The Tibetan speaks of the “eternally, lovely secret of death”. (relating it, thus, to the second ray

    14. Death is related to the breath of the soul, and thus to the Law of Periodicity and to the second aspect of divinity (not only the first)

    15. Could our incarnational life be considered the rhythm of the breathing of the Solar Angel?

    16. Through the Solar Angel, the egoic lotus has been created. The touch from the cosmic mental plane emanate from the Egoic Lotus of the Solar Logos (located on the first subplane of the cosmic mental plane). Man and the Sun.

    17. The breathing pattern is universal. You find it in all kingdoms—for instance, the vegetable kingdom. Perhaps even minerals ‘breathe’.

    18. Breath is essentially an exchange of energies¸ or substances and is essentially ruled by Mercury.

    19. One must study Gemini, Mercury, and the Breath.

    20. The utilization of the antahkarana is also a type of ‘breathing’. The ‘breathing antahkarana’ is related to Mercury, Gemini and Aquarius.

    21. Can we consider that the “spark of mind ours”? It was suggested that it is, as if, ours ‘bestowed from the future’. The mental ability equivalent to the spark of mind is inherently ours, because we are monads.

    22. The spark of mind is as a ‘solar entity’ anchored within our fields. It is, very plainly, the Solar Logos within us.

    23. The mental unit is lunar and relates to the number four. The mental unit is not the spark of mind.

    24. The mental unit is an evocation of instinct. Its placement suggests that it is evidence of the arrested development of the mental process. On the Moon-chain it was a steadily rising center of mentality seeking to approximate the manasic permanent atom. If the Moon-chain had not been interrupted in its development, that approximation might have occurred.

    25. In transplanted Moon-chain humanity, the mental unit had definitely reached a considerable degree of development. In Earth humanity, the mental unit was a far more incipient center.

    26. From the Solar Angel via the spark of mind, beneficent cyclic impulses go forth. When the personality receives them expansion of consciousness occurs. Such Solar Angelic impulses are progressively higher than previous ones--over time.

    27. It was suggested that one must no always importune the Solar Angel. It needs time to attend to its own affairs.

It shows as that intelligent will which links the Monad or spirit with its lowest point of contact, the personality, functioning through a physical vehicle.

  1. The “spark of mind” is a bridging fire.

  2. Here the “lowest point of contact” is considered the personality (as a whole). The etheric fire/radiatory fire permitted the spiritual man to link to “the plane of densest matter”. The “spark of mind” permits the spirit to link to the “lowest point of contact”. Interestingly, however, the personality is directly related to “physical vehicle” just as the soul is to the astral, and the monad to the mental.

  3. Refer to the Macrocosm as follows: “Finally are to be found [Page 39] the fires of the cosmic mental plane, which are the fires of the cosmic ray of will.

  4. We note that mental fire has its definite will component. The monad, generically, expresses through mind.

It likewise demonstrates, as yet imperfectly, as the vitalising factor in the thought forms fabricated by the thinker.

  1. We are speaking here of elemental fire.

  2. We are speaking of the ‘lower’ division of the fires of mind, remembering that in all “atoms” the fire of mind is twofold.

  3. The lower mental fire which involves or expresses through fire elementals which are more lunar than solar.

As yet but few thought forms, comparatively, can be said to be constructed by the center of consciousness, the thinker, the Ego.

  1. What transpires below is about the two “thinkers”. There are also three if the spiritual triad is included.

  2. In the case of DK’s sentence immediately above, the “thinker” is the disciple in touch with, aligned with, identified with his Ego.

  3. There are two kinds of thinkers. Soul on its own plane is a Thinker. But man in touch with his soul is also a thinker. Both types of thinkers are here discussed.

  4. Man the Monad-in-extension (on the plane of the triad or within the causal body) is a thinker. The Solar Angel is a supervisory Thinker (a master and initiate of all degrees) adding its impulses to the thought of man as thinker.

  5. The Solar Angel does not need to assist the man as thinker, once that man is established within the spiritual triad. This occurs at the fourth degree.

  6. Even if the Solar Angel has his highest point on the cosmic astral, at least part of his influence is within the man.

  7. The soul or Ego (as the term is often used, when it does not mean the Solar Angel) is human consciousness (within the causal body) plus a fragment of solar angelic consciousness which influence the human consciousness. The solar angel animates and vivifies the causal body. It is responsible for the causal body’s rising from a relative lifelessness to animation. Within the attentive ministrations of the Solar Angel, the causal body would not be indwelt by an “inner spiritual fire”.

  8. All individualized men have causal bodies (not only those who ‘received’ the causal body in Lemuria.)

  9. When the soul is the Thinker (with a capital “T”) it is the Solar Angel who is the Thinker.

  10. When man thinks as a soul, he is the thinker, working from within his illumined lower mind, or better, from within the causal body (after the third degree), and is strongly influenced by the thought of the Solar Angel.

  11. Man as thinker-in-the-causal-body is most related to the third degree.

  12. When I (man) have achieved the power to think within the causal body, I am growing into the thought of the Solar Angel as Thinker. I am successfully blending my thought with the Solar Angel’s thought.

  13. The soul (who is, in the white magical process, Rule I) in meditation deep is the Solar Angel.

  14. So we are considering

    1. The ‘Big Thinker’ the Solar Angel

    2. The ‘little thinker’ man still thinking on the plane of concrete mind (and much affected by desire)

    3. And a ‘transitional thinker’: man growing into the capacity to think within the causal body and thus to become identified with the thought generated by the Solar Angel as Thinker..

  15. When the disciple is blending with the Solar Angel’s thought, he is becoming type of thinker superior to what he was when he could only think as a man on the lower mental plane.

  16. The third degree initiate contemplates, the merging with the causal body.

  17. The contemplating one slips out of his own meditation into the meditation of the Solar Angel in contemplation. It is the soul as Solar Angel that originally contemplates. The one who is achieving the state of contemplation is merged with thought of his Solar Angel the ‘Greater Contemplator’.

  18. The two successive states (correlating to Virgo and Libra are:

    1. thinking within the lower illumined mind (Virgo)

    2. and thinking within the causal body merged with the thought impulses and presence of the Solar Angel. This is called contemplation.

  19. The fire of the spiritual triad is not exactly the same as solar fire (through the ray of the spiritual triad and the ray of the causal body are the same—EP I 168-169).

  20. Solar angel stimulates heart and “thinking within the heart”; thinking within the triad stimulates the heart in the head and is still more impersonal.

  21. Disciple as thinkers are sometimes inspired and sometimes not. The degree to which the mental unit is infused by the energies found within the causal body (animate as they are by the presence of the Solar Angel) determines the degree of inspiration of man’s thought.

  22. When the mental unit is further animated by the spiritual triad, the inspiration will change in quality and intensity.

Few people as yet are in such close touch with their higher self, or Ego, that they can build the matter of the mental plane into a form which can be truly said to be an expression of the thoughts, purpose or desire of their Ego, functioning through the physical brain.

  1. Here the term “Ego”, with a capital “E”, means the Solar Angel and a Thinker who is autonomous from man-as-thinker.

  2. The Ego/Solar Angel does, indeed, function through the physical brain, because the “spark of mind” actually has a point of implantation within the brain. In this way, symbolically, Venus/Mercury (soul-infused mind) is anchored in Saturn (the brain)

Most of the thought forms at present in circulation may be said to be aggregations of matter, built into form with the aid of kama-manas (or of desire faintly tinged with mind producing thus an admixture of astral and mental matter, mostly astral), and largely due to reflex elemental action.

  1. There are five (seven) categories of thinker:

    1. Kama manasic thinking in the lower mind (mostly colored by desire-kama)

    2. Thinking in the lower mind, rationally and objectively. This is purposeful but not necessarily inspired. Dry. Keeps distinctions. Still in the lower mind, and there almost exclusively. (Not yet illumined—can be intelligent)

    3. Thinking in the lower mind but with some response to the illumination coming from the soul. First transition. Raja yoga. Thinking within a mind held steady in the light. Unitive thinking begins to enter. Influenced by the “Son of Mind”

    4. Thinking within the causal body, in the presence of one’s own best qualities and virtues. One begins to be a soul. Beginning to change our identity. Beginning of supra-personal thinking. In the presence of one’s own accumulated ‘personal’/individual wisdom.

    5. Merging contemplatively with the thought of the Solar Angel—thought which is not gathered from one’s own experience.

    6. Intuitive thinking within the spiritual triad (More via the Will aspect.) Wholeness and pure reason, inclusive reason.

    7. Atmic thinking- Thinking within the Plan, Law and Purpose (Mind that is the Law)

  2. A discriminative study of these types of thinking should help us become more discerning with regard to the thinking process. Discernment is related to recognition; discrimination is related to separation.

  3. In thought as simply “aggregations of matter”, caused by “reflex elemental action”, the dimensions of purpose and plan are missing. Such thoughts come together under the impulse of desire. They are kama-manasic thoughts and not pure thoughts.

  4. Who is thinking if the thought process is not to be a reflex action? May we say, it is the mentally illumined disciple aligned with the higher Ego/Solar Angel?

  5. How many centers are involved in the various thought processes? Higher centers have to be involved in thinking if it to be more than the aggregating of thought matter under the impulse of desire.

  6. We are to use certain higher chakras during thinking process in order to avoid the kind of thought which is simply a reflex action. Energy follows thought.

  7. Note, then, the different foci which may be involved in different qualities thinking.

  8. Practically, we do not want to let our mental elemental ‘do its own thinking’, as the aggregations produces will be illusory and will not reflect the Plan. We (the disciple aligned with the Ego/Solar Angel) want to guide and direct the mental elemental in the creation of thought which can reflect the Ego/Solar Angel.

  9. Maybe we should try to differentiate some terms concerning the subject of soul.

    1. Soul is consciousness per se, the faculty of sentiency.

    2. The soul can mean several things, so one must be aware of the context in which this word is used.

      1. The Solar Angel

      2. That type of consciousness which is focussed within the causal body

      3. The human soul, not only in the causal body, but present on the lower mental plane

      4. The blend of consciousness cased by the union of high form of human awareness and Solar Angelic presence. In this case the term “soul” would be equivalent to the term “Ego” in the second definition immediately below.

    3. The term “Ego” can mean

      1. The Solar Angel as an autonomous entity

      2. The combination of human soul within the causal body and the energy presence of the Solar Angel as it animates that causal body. Thus “Ego” can mean a kind of ‘composite being’ formed of the presence and consciousness of both man and Solar Angel.

      3. Ego can also mean the spiritual triad considered as a higher form of soul or consciousness.

      4. EGO can mean the monad itself, the true center of “I-ness”.

These dualities of expression are:

  1. Here is a summary of the four types of energy with which we have been dealing. They are not given in order, for the higher energy precedes the lower. Nevertheless, the nature of the four divisions is very clearly explained.

[Page 47]

1. Active fire or prana. [Etheric fire and vitality, driving the dense physical form (earthly, liquid and gaseous).]

Latent fire or bodily heat. [The fires within dense matter, heating it]

2. Mental energy in the mental body. [Self-engendered fire, the fifth principle]

Purely mental thought forms, animated by self-engendered fire, or by the fifth principle, and therefore part of the sphere, or system of control, of the Monad. [The fires of lower mind]

  1. The wording relating to the mental fires is, perhaps. a little ambiguous. Are the higher mental fires listed first or second? The answer is probably that they are listed first in order, because the first listing concerns “energy” and the second listing “thought forms”. “Energy” relates to solar fire or higher mental fire, and “thoughtforms” to the forms build by the mental elemental.

  2. Self-engendered fire” is the fire of the soul/Solar Angel. It is ‘soul-fire’ and relates more to the true Self. The elemental fires are somewhat ‘distanced’ from the Self and cannot be said to be “Self-engendered”. There is a line of connection from monad, to the higher mental fires, to the higher internal fires (i.e., the radiatory fires).

  3. We learn that that which occurs within the lower mental body and is animated by the self-engendered fire of the fifth principle is also subject to the control of the monad which, generically, expresses through the mind/mental elemental just as the soul expresses through the astral body/astral elemental and the personality through the physical vehicle/physical elemental. The five is subject to the one, as the Tetraktys reveals (point one in the Tetraktys being directly above point five)

  4. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. There is an equivalence between Solar Fire and Self-Engendered Fire. (Not engendered by something other).

    2. In dealing with Self-engendered fire we are dealing with the dynamics of what we usually call the “Higher Self”.

These form an esoteric quaternary which with the fifth factor, the divine spark of intelligent will, make the five of monadic manifestation—manifestation in this case connotating a purely subjective manifestation which is neither altogether spiritual nor altogether material.

  1. Devas clothe essence. Robes are devically constructed “Garment of God”. The Whole universe is a ‘Devic Robe’—One Flame is that which is clothed in Fire. One Flame is naked and the fiery clothing covers it.

"The seven brothers are all the children of the same Father, but the elder three partake of the Father's nature. The younger four resemble the Mother. The three elder sons go forth into the universe of stars, and there they represent the Father. The younger four go forth into the universe of stars and show the nature of the one the Father loved." (EP I 351)

  1. Again, as in the case of the Solar Logos, the quaternary formed is first viewed from the esoteric perspective.

  2. Symbolically, the pentagram stands between the triangle and the square. The pentagram is subjective and relates to consciousness. The triangle is of the spirit. The square is of personality and matter. These figures are reflected in astrological charts used by the Masters.

  3. The term “intelligent” is attached to will because we are still largely focussed in the lower two and a half planes of the seven cosmic planes (or from some another perspective, on the lower three cosmic planes).These lower two and a half (or three) are the sphere of intelligence, cosmically considered. We are not yet speaking of pure will, cosmically considered.

  4. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. Triangles are symbols of spirit and squares of form. In their relation we have the ‘aspectual’ three and the ‘attributive’ four.

    2. The following quotation from EP I makes this clear.

    3. "The seven brothers are all the children of the same Father, but the elder three partake of the Father's nature. The younger four resemble the Mother. The three elder sons go forth into the universe of stars, and there they represent the Father. The younger four go forth into the universe of stars and show the nature of the one the Father loved." (EP I 351)

    4. The One Flame is Root of Man and Deva. Man inhabits the Robe. The Devas make or become the Robe.

    5. Devas resemble the Mother. MAN resembles the Father—and both come from LIFE.

    6. There is One Flame; then it ‘Sees’ itself, and you have Spirit/Matter. Spirit comes MAN, and from Mother/Mulaprakriti, comes Deva—both resolve into the ONE FLAME—Spirit-Matter as One.

    7. In normal life—Fathers and Daughters are related, and Mothers and Sons.

    8. Through Saturn, the triangle is man and the five-pointed star is numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

3. Finally there is the Monadic Flame Divine. This embodies the highest vibration of which the Monad is capable, is governed by the Law of Synthesis, and is the cause of the forward progressive movement of the evolving Jiva.

  1. The Jiva is monad journeying and returning—the ‘experiencing monad’. Part of us waits for the rest of us to return. (Story of emanation, and the Prodigal Son).

  2. Apparently the monad is also capable of lower vibrations. Really, the monad is Self-extended through all the lower dimensions and in those dimensions is experiencing various vibrations.

  3. Within what we usually call the monad (focussed, we are told, on the second systemic plane) is the flame which is the real monad. We may ponder whether the essence of the monad (here called the “Monadic Flame Divine”) is not more related to the “Sea of Fire” than to the “Akasha”. There is reason for thinking it is.

  4. In this solar system (the second or fifth), the Monadic Flame Divine is still closely associated with the “Fire of Mind” on the mental plane (the ‘Fire of Soul’). This is not yet the solar system ‘of the monad’.

We now come, in due course, to the point of merging or to the end of manifestation, and to the consummation (viewing it monadically) of the great cycle or manvantara. What shall we therefore find? Just as in the macrocosm the blending of the three essential fires of the cosmos marked the point of logoic attainment, so, in the blending of the essential fires of the microcosm, do we arrive at the apotheosis of human attainment for this cycle.

  1. Apotheosis in this case is the fifth degree. Just as the monad achieves the fifth degree in the “manvantara”, we were wondering whether the solar logoic Monad achieved the fifth degree in this “Mahamanvantara”.

  2. The number 25 (according to SDP) is the number of the fourth ray, and humanity is the kingdom most related to the fourth ray. It may be that in a generic period of 25,000, 000 years, one becomes a Master. The suggested span would date from Individualization.

  3. In this solar system, the number five marks attainment. In this solar system, fulfillment comes in the form of a five-pointed star? Will fulfillment in the third (next) solar system demonstrate as a seven-pointed star?

  4. Points Emerging from Group Discussion:

    1. Does it make sense that the number five characterizes the climax of the second cycle? All this development is under Sirius which is largely characterized by the second and fifth rays. The number five rules all cycles on the second ray.

    2. Two and five together signify the union of love (two) and light (five). Venus, Sirius, and Raja-Yoga are to be related.

    3. We have the completion of the five pointed star in the second solar system.

    4. Five-pointed star is symbol signifying the transition from the three to the two.

When the latent fire of the personality or lower self blends with the fire of mind, that of the higher self, and finally merges with the Divine Flame, then the man takes the fifth Initiation in this solar system, and has completed one of his greater cycles.13

  1. Note that one of the fires of mind (related to elemental activity) is still found within the domain of personality.

  2. Note also that the “Divine Flame” relates to the first aspect of divinity whereas the “Divine Ray” is the second ray and relates to the second aspect.

(13 These terms, Lower Self, Higher Self, Divine Self, are apt to be confusing until the student apprehends the various synonyms connected with them. The following table may be found helpful:

Father Son Mother

Spirit Soul Body

Life Consciousness Form

Monad Ego Personality

Divine Self Higher Self Lower Self

Spirit Individuality Personal Self

The Point The Triad The Quaternary

Monad Solar Angel Lunar Lords)

  1. In all of these triplicities we have the representation of the number eight. 1 + 3 + 4.

  2. Every term in the first column is a one. In the second column every term can be represented by a three. In the third column, we are dealing with a four.

When the three blaze forth as one fire, liberation from matter, or from material form is achieved. Matter has been correctly adjusted to spirit, and finally the indwelling life slips forth out of its sheath which forms now only a channel for liberation.

  1. We are talking of the fifth initiation.

  2. Full illumination occurs with the dissipation of the clouds following the explosion at the fourth initiation.

  3. The sheath is this case is all vehicles in the lower five worlds.

  4. Although we are here most probably speaking of the liberation which occurs at the fifth degree, real liberation from matter occurs at the sixth degree, when the monad is liberated from the five ‘material’ worlds of Brahma.

  5. When speaking of consummations, we must be aware of which consummation we are discussing. The consummation described here seems to go beyond the fourth initiation (which is the first great consummation). Yet the fourth initiation is not ruled by the pentagram, and the fifth initiation is.

[Page 48]


To continue our consideration of the fires which sustain the economy of the visible solar system, and of the visible objective human being, which produce evolutionary development, and which are the bases of all objective efflorescence, it must be noted that they demonstrate as the sumtotal of the vital life of a solar system, of a planet, of the entire constitution of active functioning man upon the physical plane, and of the atom of substance.

  1. We continue with a discussion of the objective fires.

  2. There are four atoms: Solar Logos, Planet, Man, Atom.

  3. This little paragraph is a summary of the subject under consideration.

  4. The word “economy” is deliberately used, is related to the third aspect (functioning under the Law of Economy), and suggests ‘energy-balance’. Balance is a quality of Libra, a constellation transmitting the third ray, and closely related to the third aspect and to the third cosmic law, Law of Economy..

  5. The “Will-to-Evolve” is the third ray aspect of will. We are dealing here with fires connected to the third aspect of divinity.

  6. An “efflorescence” is a flowering. There is “subjective efflorescence” as well. Objective efflorescence occurs through a personality. Subjective efflorescence occurs in relation to the soul dimension. Is the full efflorescence of the egoic lotus an objective efflorescence, a subjective efflorescence or a combination of the two?

  7. Immediately below we engage in a useful summary of the main points of the study to this point.

Speaking broadly we would say that the first fire deals entirely with:

a. Activity of matter.

b. The rotary motion of matter.

c. The development of matter by the means of friction, under the law of Economy. H. P. B. touches on this in the Secret Doctrine.14 [14: See S. D., I, 169, 562, 567, 569; II, 258, 390, 547, 551, 552.]

  1. The purpose of rotary motion can be expressed as ‘total and sufficient exposure in relationship by means of repetition’. On the outer plane, quality cannot be transferred from one entity to another entity all at once. Rotation ensures a gradual transfer and proper assimilation of that which is transferred.

  2. Friction” is an external mode of relating, but until true subjective relationship is possible, friction at least provides for engagement and exchange.

  3. Because there is always movement there is friction.

  4. When thinking of friction, we may think of Darwin and the “Survival of the Fittest”. A rising of forms and consciousness is produced because of the friction.

  5. Friction relates to relationship which is produced through the meeting of externalities, ‘outer meets outer’. Later ‘inner’ can relate to ‘inner’ through the Law of Harmony and solar fire.

  6. Fire-by-friction is the fire active in the personality.

  7. The class offered examples of fire-by-friction.

    1. Pressure inside the Earth.

    2. The impacts of Vulcan and the fires of volcanoes

    3. Within the mineral kingdom, “sparks fly” when fire-by-friction is active. Abrasive outer contact may produce sparks.

  8. The fires generate by fire-by-friction are objective fires. They are active in the ‘World of Effects’.

  9. Psychologically, people can experience these fires as stress and “burn out”.

  10. If only fire-by-friction existed then there would be only rotary motion, and no real unfoldment and progress. There would, however, be some form of stabilization for rotary motion stabilizes.

  11. The world always has all three fires operating simultaneously

  12. The Swastika (or “Whirling Cross”) is the symbol of Fire by Friction.

  13. Fire-by-friction operating incessantly and alone would destroy the form. Solar fire sustains the form.

The second fire, that from the cosmic mental plane, deals with:

  1. Below we are dealing with the effects of the second fire.

  2. The origin of this fire, even with respect to entities of lesser scope such as man, is the cosmic mental plane. Notice that when dealing with the fires which animate the microcosm, their cosmic sources are still given.

  3. Solar fire turns the process from the horizontal line towards the vertical line.

a. The expression of the evolution of mind or manas. [The Will to Evolve is the third ray aspect of the Will]

  1. How does mind evolve? May we say, ‘by discovering, understanding and creating archetypal arrangements in the non-archetypal worlds’?

  2. The fire of mind is behind the evolution of mind.

  3. The following ideas deal with the capacities of the evolved mind:

    1. An evolved mind can work with complex contexts

    2. An evolved mind has facility with language

    3. An evolved mind can:

      1. Develop Intelligent Will (higher mental function)

      2. Vitalize thought processes (which occur in the lower mind).

      3. Build thoughtforms.

      4. Correlate

      5. Reason through logic, and thus see the truth.

      6. Remember

      7. Plan/Anticipate

      8. Bridge

      9. Organize/Arrange

      10. Discriminate/Critique/Discern

      11. Originate and create. Master Morya calls creation the Power of Combination.

      12. Abstract

      13. Translate

      14. Interpret

      15. Understand

      16. Penetrate

      17. Relate cause and effect.

      18. Live scientifically (as well as intuitively), thus manage life successfully.

      19. Intuit (A higher aspect of mind is intuition.)

      20. Think for itself! Generate thought independently.

b. The vitality of the soul.

  1. Considering soul as a state of consciousness.

  2. Can there be souls with high and low vitality? There can certainly be consciousnesses which are acute or dull.

  3. With soul, here, we mean human consciousness within the causal body.

c. The evolutionary expression of the soul as it shows forth in the form of that elusive something which brings about the synthesis of matter.

  1. DK speaks of an “elusive something” which promotes the “synthesis of matter”. At this stage of human development, the soul aspect is certainly elusive.

  2. Soul provides the coherence of form and its growing synthesis.

  3. Soul integrates matter. Soul “pulls things together”.

  4. Soul is cosmos (order and beauty) and matter is chaos (random, purposeless relationship).

  5. Matter refers to lower three planes. The action of mental fire /soul upon matter leads to the integrating of the personality.

  6. The order in the unfoldment process of the causal body is controlled by the mental fire.

  7. Points Emerging in Group Discussion:

    1. The group discussed “Cain and Abel people”. It was wondered, “Could this mean those human beings who have the “spark of mind” (the “Cain People”) and those who do not (the “Abel People”)?

    2. It was stated that there are groups of people representing Cain races—such as Gnostics, Cathars, Theosophists. The Cain people say “God is in you”, but not knowing God, the Abel people say “God is outside you”. It is a question of God within and God without, God Immanent and God Transcendent. This is the battle in the world today. Symbolically, Cain and Abel are fighting today.

    3. When Cain ‘kills’ Abel, it is the promise that enlightenment will ‘kill’ Ignorance. Soul ‘kills’ personality.

    4. Vul-cain’ will kill Mars; will kills desire; Cain will always kill Abel--eventually

    5. In some traditions, Cain is related to woman. The Soul (symbolized by woman) kills personality.

As the two merge by means of this active energising factor, that which is termed consciousness appears.15

  1. DK is suggesting that consciousness appears as the two fires of mind and matter merge.

  2. Elsewhere, the appearance of consciousness is said to arise through the merging of spirit and matter.

As [Page 49] the merging proceeds and the fires become more and more synthesised, that totality of manifestation which we regard as a conscious existence becomes ever more perfected.

  1. Consciousness is perfected as the fires of mind and matter become ever more synthesized.

d. The operation of this fire under the Law of Attraction.

  1. The Fires of Mind pattern the universe according to the “Fixed Design”.

  2. They organizes and make beautiful. They are responsible for right building and right patterning.

e. The subsequent result in the spiral-cyclic movement which we call, within the system, solar evolution, but which (from the standpoint of a cosmos) is the approximation of our system to its central point. This must be considered from the standpoint of time.16

  1. Solar evolution” proceeds in a spiral-cyclic manner.

  2. When considering the movement of stars and planets:

    1. Rotary motion causes rotation on an axis

    2. Spiral-cyclic motion is related to revolution around a center according to the Law of Attraction. Colloquially, an often heard statement is, “My life revolves around you”.

    3. Progressive motion is related to the movement through space on a straight line towards a destined goal

  3. The “central point” of our solar system may be considered the “Central Spiritual Sun” around which our system revolves. From one perspective this is said to be the star Alcyone in the Pleiades. Note that it is revolution that we are discussing, related to the second fire.

  4. The central point of the Solar Logos can also be considered its monad, the “Central Spiritual Sun” from an intra-solar perspective.

  5. Do you recognize spiral cyclic movement in your own life?

    1. There are often tests similar to earlier tests, though on a higher turn of the spiral.

    2. In spiral cyclic motion, same and different are combined.

    3. Spiral cyclic motion promotes a change in perspective in point of view.

    4. Tradition has to do with rotary motion. Habit is rotary motion.

    5. Spiral-cyclic motion preserves tradition, but enlarges our understanding of it.

    6. Examine the things in your life that have stayed the same and those things that have changed. Perhaps in doing so, rotary motion can be distinguished from spiral-cyclic motion.

    7. You cannot escape Solar Evolution. All develop, even those who apparently do not. Everyone moves along in heightening spirals.

(15: In the Study of Consciousness Mrs. Besant says (page 37): "Consciousness is the one reality, in the fullest sense of that much-used phrase; it follows from this that any reality found anywhere is drawn from consciousness. Hence, everything which is thought, is. That consciousness in which everything is, everything literally, "possible" as well as "actual"—actual being that which is thought of as existent by a separated consciousness in time and space, and possible all that which is not so being thought of at any period in time and any point in space—we call Absolute Consciousness. It is the All, the Eternal, the Infinite, the Changeless. Consciousness, thinking time and space, and of all forms as existing in them in succession and in places, is the Universal Consciousness, the One, called by the Hindu the Saguna Brahman—the Eternal with attributes—the Pratyag-Atma—the Inner Self; by the Parsi, Hormuzd; by the Mussulman, Allah. Consciousness dealing with a definite time, however long or short, with a definite space, however vast or restricted, is individual, that of a concrete Being, a Lord of many universes, or a universe or of any so-called portion of a universe, his portion and to him therefore a universe—these terms varying as to extent with the power of the consciousness; so much of the universal thought as a separate consciousness can completely think, i.e., on which he can impose his own reality, can think of as existing like himself, is his universe.")

  1. It can be questioned whether the ultimate Reality should be considered consciousness, per se, though consciousness is surely one of its aspects.

  2. A very great question arises: “Is the ABSOLUTE conscious?” It is hard for the human being to conceive of that which lies ‘beyond’ or ‘above’ consciousness, yet throughout the Teaching there are intimations that there is such a something/

  3. We find here an important philosophical/psychological definition of a “universe”.

(16: Universal consciousness, manifesting as consciousness in time and space, as Mrs. Besant so ably expresses it, includes all forms of activity and spiral cyclic evolution from the standpoint of cosmic evolution, and in terms of absolute consciousness, may again be rotary.)

  1. What is being suggested is the rotation of the entire universe considered as a kind of ‘ultimate cosmic atom’.

The third fire deals with:

a. The evolution of spirit.

Practically nothing can at this stage be communicated anent this evolution. The development of spirit can be only expressed as yet in terms of the evolution of matter, and only through the adequacy of the vehicle, and through the suitability of the sheath, the body or form, can the point of [Page 50] spiritual development reached in any way be appraised.

  1. Spirit” cannot (at this time and in this solar system) be considered in itself only.

  2. From another perspective, we might say that in this ‘system of consciousness or of the soul’, spirit can only be considered in terms of consciousness. In terms of sound, this is like saying that no true “A” can sound—only an “O”.

  3. Yet, it is interesting to consider that spirit evolves. The “Ray of the ABSOLUTE” (which is essential spirit), however, does not evolve, but the consciousness caused by the immersion of this Ray in matter (even in very rarefied forms of matter) does evolve or expand.

  4. Can we reasonably suggest that pure being cannot evolve? That it simply is?

A word of warning should here be interpolated:—

Just as it is not possible upon the physical plane for the physical vehicle fully to express the total point of development of the Ego or higher self, so it is not possible even for the Ego fully to sense and express the quality of spirit. Hence the utter impossibility for human consciousness justly to appraise the life of the spirit or Monad.

  1. Thus, anything we infer concerning the spirit is the merest hint concerning its reality. We have to assess ‘our’ position, vis-à-vis spirit, with true humility.

  2. Yet, spirit has a quality just as the monad has a ray. Spirit (as we normally discuss it) is not to be considered as ABSOLUTE REALITY. The ABSOLUTE REALITY (known in cosmos as the Ray of the ABOLUTE) has no quality. Rather it is all possible cosmic quality and more.

b. The working of the flame divine under the Law of Synthesis—a generic term which will be seen eventually to include the other two laws as subdivisions.

  1. Synthesis” is inclusive of the two other cosmic laws—the Law of Economy and the Law of Attraction. Both subsidiary laws contribute to the purpose of ‘whole-making’ presided over by the Law of Synthesis.

c. The subsequent result of forward progressive motion—a motion which is rotary, cyclic and progressive.

  1. DK is reminding us not to conceive of “forward progressive motion” as non-inclusive of the earlier two types of motion. Spiral-cyclic motion (of the second ray) includes the rotary motion of the third ray; “forward progressive motion” drives through space that which is already moving spiral-cyclically, and rotorily.

  2. Each successive aspect includes foregoing aspects. In numerology, the one includes all other numbers.

The whole matter dealt with in this Treatise concerns the subjective essence of the solar system, not primarily either the objective or spiritual aspect.

  1. This, despite the great detail given in this book re the objective aspect. The “spiritual aspect” in this case relates to the monad or spirit. DK is saying that A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is a book primarily about solar fire.

It concerns the Entities who indwell the form, who demonstrate as animating factors through the medium of matter, and primarily through etheric matter; who are evolving a second faculty, the fire of mind, and who are essentially themselves points of fire, cast off through cosmic friction, produced by the turning of the cosmic wheel,[refer to Stanza III, TCF 15] swept into temporary limited manifestation and due eventually to return to their central cosmic centre. They will return plus the results of evolutionary growth, and through assimilation they will have intensified their fundamental nature, and be spiritual fire plus the fire manasic.

  1. We are dealing with the Entities with which A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is principally concerned.

  2. They are for clarity in tabulation form:

    1. Entities who indwell the form

    2. Entities who demonstrate as animating factors through the medium of matter

    3. Subjective lives

    4. Entities who are evolving the second faculty, the fire of mind

    5. Entities who are “points of fire, cast off through cosmic friction, produced by the turning of the cosmic wheel…”

  3. Is DK talking about the Solar Angels, or man the monad? Or both, and still other Entities? A number of different kinds of subjective entities are dealt with in TCF.

  4. Monads are “points of fire”. This symbolical description of the origin of the monads will repay deep study. It has amazing implications. The sparks cast off, however, remain undetached.

  5. A general principle to emerge is that friction causes sparks.

  6. What is the cosmic wheel? A galaxy is one such wheel. The wheel of the solar system is another. A Planetary Logos also manifests as a turning wheel.

  7. We imagine a rotating wheel and flying sparks. The type of force involved in the casting off is centrifugal force. The sparks one day return to their origin by centripetal force.

  8. What is “cosmic friction”? What is the resistance which causes the friction? When created wheels turn in space (mulaprakriti) is friction caused? Are the sparks, as it were, imbedded in the wheel (as potential entities) before it begins to rotate? Does the centrifugal force caused by rotation, then begin to cast them off?

  9. We may well be looking at the physics involved in the origin of the monads

The internal fire of matter is called in the Secret Doctrine "Fire by Friction." It is an effect and not a cause. It is produced by the two fires of spirit and of mind (electric and solar fire) contacting each other through the medium of matter. This energy demonstrates in [Page 51] matter itself as the internal fires of the sun, and of the planets and finds a reflection in the internal fires of man. Man is the Flame Divine and the fire of Mind brought into contact through the medium of substance or form. When evolution ends, the fire of matter is not cognisable. It persists only when the other two fires are associated, and it does not persist apart from substance itself.

  1. Fire by Friction” is an effect.

  2. We note that fire-by-friction requires matter for its generation. But fire-by-friction is the fire in matter and not matter itself.

  3. Matter is Mother and, as pregenetic substance, pre-exists the three Fires and so does “Flame”.

  4. It is as if Matter (pure and pre-genetic) is the reflection of Pure Being, the Flame. A symbolical diamond is created, with Flame atop, Matter below, and the three fires between.

  5. Man as monad is man as “Flame Divine”. The monad is essentially flame.

  6. Here we learn that the fire of matter only comes into existence through the blending of the first and second fires and is completely dependent for its existence on these first two.

  7. All three exist—spirit/mind/matter. We are talking about creating the internal fire of matter in matter which already exists.

  8. We have to distinguish between fire in matter, and matter itself.

  9. A brilliant definition of Man is given: “Man is the Flame Divine and the fire of Mind brought into contact through the medium of substance or form.” This is Man conceived as the product of fires and substance.

Let us now briefly recognise certain facts regarding fire in matter and let us take them in order, leaving time to elucidate their significance. First we might say that the internal fire being both latent and active, shows itself as the synthesis of the acknowledged fires of the system, and demonstrates, for instance, as solar radiation and inner planetary combustion. This subject has been somewhat covered by science, and is hidden in the mystery of physical plane electricity, which is an expression of the active internal fires of the system and of the planet just as inner combustion is an expression of the latent internal fires. These latter fires are to be found in the interior of each globe, and are the basis of all objective physical life.

  1. The important fact is repeated that the internal fire is both latent and active.

  2. The internal fires are “acknowledged” because they are more objective. The fire of mind is not yet acknowledge.

  3. Physical plane electricity is connected with “active internal fires”; “planetary combustion” is an expression of “latent internal fires”.

  4. If we want to have good examples of the two internal fires they are given:

    1. Active internal fire—solar radiation (and electricity)

    2. Latent internal fire—inner planetary combustion.

  5. Sometimes when using unfamiliar terms, it is important to have practical examples at our disposal.

Secondly, we might note that the internal fires are the basis of life in the lower three kingdoms of nature, and in the fourth or human kingdom in connection with the two lower vehicles.

  1. This is an important association—the various fires in relations to the kingdoms of nature.

  2. The three lower kingdoms of nature are built by the Second Logos, but the internal fires (associated more with the Third Logos) form the basis of these kingdoms.

  3. The human kingdom has a number of vehicles—the lower two would normally be considered astral and physical and are ‘irrational’.

  4. In this context, because we are not dealing with astral fire, the lower two vehicles must be considered as etheric and dense physical (in its densest, liquid and gaseous sublayers)..

The Fire of Mind, when blended with the internal fires, is the basis of life in the fourth kingdom, and united they control (partially now and later entirely) the lower threefold man or the personality; this control lasts up to the time of the first Initiation.

  1. The “first Initiation” means, in this particular context, the third initiation, for after the third initiation, the Fire of Will emerges into controlling prominence.

  2. To have the fourth kingdom in completeness, the Fire of Mind is necessary.

  3. The personality is not yet completely controlled by either the fires of lower mind or the fires of higher mind. For some human beings this control is emerging, and for those who are soul-aware, the fires of higher mind are assuming control.

The fire of Spirit finally, when blended with the two other fires (which blending commences in man at the first initiation), forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. As evolution proceeds in the fifth or spiritual kingdom, these three fires blaze forth simultaneously, producing perfected consciousness. This blaze results in the final [Page 52] purification of matter and its consequent adequacy; at the close of manifestation it brings about eventually the destruction of the form and its dissolution, and the termination of existence as understood on the lower planes. In terms of Buddhistic theology it produces annihilation; this involves, not loss of identity, but the cessation of objectivity and the escape of Spirit, plus mind, to its cosmic centre. It has its analogy in the initiation at which the adept stands free from the limitations of matter in the three worlds.

  1. One enters the fifth kingdom at the first initiation—on the Fixed Cross.

  2. But if the mention of the first initiation (in this paragraph) is a continuation of the previous paragraph, then we are speaking of the third initiation.

  3. We do notice (whether it is significant or not) that the term “Initiation” in the first paragraph is capitalized, and in the second paragraph appears as “initiation” (uncapitalized). We cannot presume that the Tibetan was aware of all significant capitalizations, but in this case the capitalization seems indicative.

  4. The blending of all fires commences at the first degree and is revealed at the third.

  5. Spirit begins to impose itself (on soul levels) at the first degree. Vulcan and Pluto are first ray planets active before the first degree, and they are first ray planets of imposition.

  6. Man becomes conscious of the Fire of Spirit only at the third initiation.

  7. The Fire of Spirit is active in relation to the soul (the subjective man on the higher mental plane) at the first initiation.

  8. Annihilation” means there is no necessity to return to physical incarnation.

  9. When is Nirvana? At the fourth degree, there is no need to return. The atmic plane is called the “nirvanic plane”. At the sixth degree, on starts the Endless Way, of which Nirvana is but the beginning. I think the Buddha achieved the sixth initiation. There are higher and lower Nirvanas. Nirvana can be considered the ‘cessation of suffering’.

  10. The shifting of Hierarchy to the buddhic plane may, in general, correspond with the period in which humanity is to take the first initiation.

The internal fires of the system, of the planet, and of man are threefold:

  1. These are summary statements relating to three types of “atoms”—systemic, planetary and human.

1. Interior fire at the centre of the sphere, those inner furnaces which produce warmth. This is latent fire.

  1. Note here DK’s geology. There can be fire even if the Earth is hollow. (TCF 897)

  2. The “Hollow Earth Theory” was (in modern times) first promoted by Master H, or at least, through certain writings which purport to be from Master H. DK seems to be confirming this theory.

The microcosmic resemblance to the great Life of the planet is seen in the fact that both forms are but outer sheaths or frameworks, sheltering an inner "vault"; both forms are hollow, both have their negative and positive extremities, their poles, so to speak, and internally much proceeds affecting the outer evolutions.” (TCF 897)

2. Radiatory fire. This type of fire might be expressed in terms of physical plane electricity, of light rays, and of etheric energy. This is active fire.

  1. All three types are active radiatory fire.

  2. For clarity, let us tabulate the three forms of radiatory fire:

    1. Physical plane electricity

    2. Light rays

    3. Etheric energy

  3. These energies represent the dynamic aspect of internal fire.

3. Essential fire, or the fire elementals who are themselves the essence of fire. They are mainly divided into two groups:

a. Fire devas or evolutionary entities.

b. Fire elementals or involutionary entities.

  1. Up to this point we have been subdividing internal fire into two categories—active heat and latent heat. Now there arises a division into three.

  2. This would create a triangle of manifestation, and seems correct. Perhaps each of the three basic types of fires will be threefold-eventually.

  3. From one comes two; from the second another arises. (cf. DINA II 518)

  4. Does “essential fire” relate mostly to some kind of deva or elemental manifestation?

  5. Is was asked: do fire elementals who are the essence of fire create (with their bodies) both latent heat and radiatory fire?

  6. Is was suggested that the term “elemental” is used to include both evolutionary and involutionary beings. This must, of course, be researched.

  7. What do we mean by the “essence of fire”? Can one see it? Are we talking about the soul quality of fire? It was suggested that research be conducted on salamanders.

  8. Motive determines the quality of the elemental. There are positive thoughtforms and positive elementals, negative thoughtforms and negative elementals.

  9. We must decide which of these devic and elemental beings are evolutionary or involutionary. This will not be an easy task as there are many discrepancies in terminology.

  10. DK seems to discriminate immediately:

    1. Fire devas are evolutionary

    2. Fire elementals are involutionary

Salamanders, those little fire elementals who can be seen dancing in every flame, tending the fires of the hearth and the home, and of the factory. They are of the same group as the fire spirits who can be contacted deep in the fiery bowels of the planet. [latent, involutionary]

Fire spirits, latent in all focal points of heat, who are themselves the essence of warmth, and can be contacted [Page 67] in the heat of the bodily frame, whether human or animal, and who are likewise the warmth terrestrial. [latent, probably involutionary]

The Agnichaitans, a higher grade of fire spirit, who form a vortex of fire when viewed on a large scale, such as in volcanoes and large destructive burnings. They are closely allied to a still more important group of devas, who form the fiery envelope of the sun. [latent, evolutionary as they are devas]

The pranic elementals, those minute fiery essences who have the ability to permeate the texture of the human body, of a tree, or of all that may be found in the human, vegetable and animal kingdoms, and who blend with the fires of the microcosmic systems. (TCF 67) [active, involutionary]

Certain of the deva kingdom who may be described as ensouling certain of the great light rays, and Who are in Themselves the essence of those rays. Other forms of such elemental lives and of deva groups might be enumerated, but the above tabulation will suffice for our present purpose. [active, evolutionary] (TCF 67)

Later we will elaborate on this when we consider the Fire of Mind and deal with the nature of the thought elementals. All these elementals and devas are under the control of the fire Lord, Agni. When considering Him and His kingdom the subject can be taken up at greater length.

  1. There is often a discrimination between elementals and devas; deva usually means a higher form.

  2. The term “deva” means a “god” or a “shining one”.

We might here point out, however, that our first two statements concerning the internal fires, express the effect that the fire entities have upon their environment. Heat and radiation are other terms which might be applied in this sense. Each of these effects produces a [Page 53] different class of phenomena. Latent fire causes the active growth of that in which it is embedded and causes that upward pushing which brings into manifestation all that is found in the kingdoms of nature. Radiatory fire causes the continued growth of that which has progressed, under the influence of latent fire, to a point receptive of the radiatory. Let us tabulate it thus:

  1. Something extremely important is said in the first sentence. Earlier two times of internal fires were described:

    1. Interior fire at the center of the sphere—latent heat

    2. Radiatory fire

  2. We are now told that these two types of fires are effects that “fire entities have upon the environment”.

  3. In other words, “essential fire” is primary fire, and the two effects of this fire, in the environment, are latent heat/latent fire and active heat/radiatory fire

  4. Two fundamental terms emerge with which to describe two fires:

    1. Heat

    2. Radiation

  5. Two important and succinct definitions are given:

    1. Latent fire: “Latent fire causes the active growth of that in which it is embedded and causes that upward pushing which brings into manifestation all that is found in the kingdoms of nature.”

    2. Radiatory fire: “Radiatory fire causes the continued growth of that which has progressed, under the influence of latent fire, to a point receptive of the radiatory.”

  6. Yet the essential fire of the fire entities is primary to these two.

  7. Can it be that on each of the three levels of fire, (internal, mind, spirit), there will be one fire that is essential, and from which the other two derive?

  8. In radioactivity come the secrets of initiation.

  9. Radioactivity relates to the power of the nucleus of the radioactive form of life—mineral, vegetable, animal, man. A radioactive man is an initiate.

Systemic or Macrocosmic: The solar Logos or The Grand Man of the Heavens.

  1. Another term used for the Solar Logos is the “divine Heavenly Man” (TCF 590, EP I 59)

Latent or interior fire produces the internal heat which makes the solar system productive of all forms of life. It is the inherent warmth that causes all fertilisation, whether human, animal, or vegetable.

  1. As an important mental peg, we can say that latent/interior fire is the case of fertility (in all forms of life).

  2. Latent fire, then, is very rotary, and causes reproduction.

  3. Through latent/interior fire forms of life evolve into objectivity.

  4. Note how the words “latent” and “interior” go together.

Active or radiatory fire retains in life and causes the evolution of all that has evolved into objectivity by means of latent fire.

  1. Active fire—

    1. sustains life

    2. and causes evolution.

  2. Something has been brought into objectivity by latent fire; active fire keeps it alive and causes it to evolve.

  3. What is said here can form valuable “mental pegs” to help us differentiate between the functions of latent/interior fire and active/radiatory fire.

Planetary, or the Heavenly Men:

  1. We will not, at this time, differentiate between the terms “Planetary Logos” and “Heavenly Man”

What is laid down anent the system, as a whole, can be predicated of all planets which in their nature reflect the Sun, their elder brother.

  1. Note that the Sun is the “elder brother” of the planets and not their “father”.

  2. In The Secret Doctrine the Sun “Martanda” and His six brothers come to birth simultaneously.

Human, or the Microcosmic Man:

Human latent fire, the heat interior of the human frame causes production of other forms of life, such as—

1. The physical body cells.

2. Organisms nourished by the latent heat. [Many organisms, i.e., bacteria, living within us]

3. The reproduction of itself in other human forms, the basis of the sex function.

  1. Well described here is what “latent fire” and “heat interior” mean to the human being.

    1. Production of physical body cells

    2. Nourishing of organisms found within man

    3. Physical life’s reproduction of itself in other human forms—the basis of the sex function.

Human radiatory, or active fire, is a factor as yet but little comprehended; it relates to the health aura and to that radiation from the etheric which makes a man a healer, and able to transmit active heat.

  1. What human radiatory fire or active fire means to a human being:

    1. Fire of the health aura

    2. Radiation and transmission from the etheric body

  2. The healer transmits active heat; this is the secret of his effectiveness.

  3. Note that although the transmission is radiatory, what is transmitted is heat.

It is necessary to differentiate between this radiation from the etheric, which is a radiation of prana, and magnetism, which is an emanation from a subtler body (usually the astral), and has to do with the manifestation of [Page 54] the Divine Flame within the material sheaths. The Divine Flame is formed on the second plane, the monadic, and magnetism (which is a method of demonstrating radiatory fire) is therefore felt paramountly on the fourth and sixth planes, or through the buddhic and astral vehicles. These are, as we know, closely allied to the second plane. This distinction is of importance and should be carefully recognised.

  1. The term “Divine Flame” essentially means monad, or the ‘essential monad’

  2. We note that the “Divine Flame” is formed on the second plane. Shall we say that the form for the Divine Plane is created on the second plane, but that its truer origin lies in the “Sea of Fire” as the “Sacred Stone”? This will bear much pondering.

  3. The Jiva is to be considered as the reincarnating entity. Jiva is the undetached spark hanging from the Divine Flame by a fine thread of Fohat. The Jiva is considered “divine spark” (thrown off, perhaps, by “cosmic friction”).

(88: In the Secret Doctrine, the Sons of Mind are spoken of as flames. In Stanza VII, 4, "These are the three-tongued flame of the four wicks. The wicks are the sparks, that draw from the three-tongued flame shot out by the seven flames. The spark hangs from the flame by the finest thread of Fohat."( TCF 206)

  1. This selection from the Secret Doctrine is extraordinarily pregnant with meaning.

    1. The three is again separated form the four. The flame is threefold, and the wick (relating to matter) fourfold.

    2. The “seven flames” shoot out the “three tongued flame” which burn the “sparks” which are “wicks”

    3. The threefold monad can be considered the “three-tongued flame”.

    4. The “seven flames” are greater Creators from which the monads descend.

    5. The term “sparks” can have more than one meaning

      1. Sometimes it can mean the monad itself

      2. Sometimes it can mean the Jiva that goes forth or descends from the monad.

  1. Prana is not magnetism. Prana is etheric.

  2. Magnetism is astral (in its lowest aspect) and comes from the Divine Flame on the monadic plane, and descends through buddhi on the fourth plane and the astral nature on the sixth plane.

  3. The monad is combinations of rays one and two; magnetism is induces by both rays one and two.

  4. The Factor of Synthesis is also a combination of rays one and two.

  5. Below are two explanatory paragraphs showing magnetism as related to the first and second rays.

Magnetic Action” related to First Ray

Owing to the fact that the Law which governs the Hierarchy is the second systemic law, the Law of Attraction, students are apt to think that magnetism is a second ray quality. They are right in so far that all the systemic laws are expressions of the life of God through the medium, at this time, of the second ray, which makes our solar system a second ray system. All other laws and qualities (for a law from the divine angle is the motivating, qualified agent of the divine will, as understood in Shamballa) are related to the second ray as it manifests through our planetary Logos. Nevertheless, magnetic action is more closely allied to first ray functioning than it is to the second ray, and is an aspect or quality of the Law of Synthesis. It was this magnetic power of the first ray to which the Christ referred when He said "I, if I be lifted up (The Ascension Initiation. A.A.B.), will draw all men unto me.” (R&I 376)

  1. It should be stated that the Law of Synthesis is not exclusively a first ray law, having in it much of second ray influence.

  2. When the first and second rays fuse and blend, synthesis is the result.

Magnetism related to the Second Ray

It might here be useful to point out that magnetism is the effect of the divine ray in manifestation in the same sense that electricity is the manifested effect of the primordial ray of active intelligence. It would be well to ponder on this for it holds hid a mystery. (TCF 44)

Having, therefore, made the above statements, we can proceed to take up somewhat in greater detail the interior fires of the systems, microcosmic and macrocosmic.

  1. Here the term “interior” seems to relate to both latent and active heat. In other places, the term “interior” refers only to latent heat.